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Man Who Shipped Body as His
Own Makes Confession.
Newell C. Rathbun , Held at Louis-
vllle , Admlto That He Conspired to
Beat Insurance Company , but De
nies Giving Poison.
Louisville , Nov. 13. Newell C. Rath-
bun , who , according to the police , has
confessed that ho planned to defraud
an Insurance company out of $4,000
by pretending that a corpse shipped
to Little Rock was his own body , has
admitted , according to the authorities ,
that the man who accompanied him to
the hotel in Jefforsonvllle , Ind. , and
was found dead the next day was
Charles Goodman , who Is said to have
come from Kvansvllle , lud.
Chief of Detectives Sullivsn and
Coroner Coota of Joffersonvllle Inter
viewed Rathbun yesterday. Ho list
ened , as one by one the circumstances
Were laid before him by Chief Sulli
van. According to the officers , Rath-
bun suddenly sprang up and , walking
hastily to a window , looked out for n.
few minutes , then turning like an an
imal at bay ho faced the crowd of men
in the room and asked In a shaking
voice : "What Is the punishment for
offenses of this kind In Indiana ? Does
the death penalty exist there ? "
"Never mind about the penalty ,
Rathbun , " said Captain Sullivan ,
"what we are Interested in is the
name of the dead man. "
For a moment Rathbun looked at
the group of faces before him and
then he said : "You are on the right
track. Goodman is the name of the
dead man. I met him in front of the
Salvation Army hotel and determined
to keep him drunk for several days
K and then fix him. "
Here he stopped and then said :
"If I should make a confession It
would be printed in the papers and
would turn the people against me. "
He then lapsed into a sullen si
lence , bnt finally said : "I admit
everything except that I killed Good
man. I meant to kill him and kept
him drunk for the purpose , but he
died of alcoholism , and I was not
forced to make way with him. "
When questioned further lie denied
\ having given Goodman laudanum ,
and said ho would have made Use of
chloroform. He then refused to go
back to Indiana without requisition
papers. *
Other Crimes Than Shepard Murder
Laid at Ward's Door.
Deadwood , S _ . D. , Noy. 13. The
'sheriff of Lawrence county has made
another important discovery in the
cabin of Ward , convicted of the Shepard
ard murder. The sheriff went there
to search for evidence that might lead
to the finding of a man who disap
peared from this city suddenly about
two years ago. The man was witl
Ward a great deal of the time am
when he disappeared Ward statei
that the man had gone to Alaska
Sheriff Doten found in Ward's cabli
a trunk belonging to the missing man
in which there were a number of let
ters addressed to his relatives. The
sheriff has the letters in his posses
sion and he intends to look into the
matter thoroughly. In one of the
rooms of the cabin ths sheriff found
three boxes of dynamite , which Ward
may have stolen , there being about
150 pounds of it In all.
The body of Kirk Shepard , the second
end brother , has not yet been found ,
but it Is suspected that it has been
Juried some place in Ward's garden.
Kills Himself on Wedding Day.
Logansport , Ind. , Nov. 13. Elmer
Montgomery of this city , while dress
ing himself for his wedding last even
ing , shot himself through the temple ,
dying within a few minutes , without
assigning any cause for his act. Mont
gomery was to be united in marriage
to Miss Edyth Thomas , a pretty young
woman of this city , Miss Thomas is
prostrated by the news of her sweet
heart's death and his terrible deed
is more of a mystery to her than to
any one else.
Human Bodies In Fargo's Refuse.
Fargo , N. D. , Nov. 13. The remains
of two persons were found on the city
dump , just north of the city. One was
almost a skeleton , while the other
was in a horrible state of decompo
sition. There was no clothing on
either or means of identification. It
is believed the remains had been used
for dissecting purposes. Authorities
are Investigating.
Kansnn's Death 'Creates Suspicion.
Topeka , Kan. , Nov. 13. Edward
Edwards , an old soldier who was a
private in company H , Ohio volun
teers , was found dead in a wagon at
the Highloynmn Implement com
pany's sheds. Ho cashed his pension
check Friday and Is said to have been
drinking heavily since , but there are
strong evidences of foul play.
Sure They Have "Bossle" Francis.
DCS Molnes , Nov. 13. The police
yesterday arrested a colored man who
they assert is "Bossio" Francis , the
negro wanted at Independence , Mo.
The police seem to be confident that
they have the right man. Ho fits the
Killed In Street Duel.
Paul's Valley , I. T. , Nov. 13. At
Hart , 30 miles east of hero , James
White , a Chlckasaw Indian , and Will
iam Miller , a prominent cattleman ,
engaged in a street duel. Miller was
shot dead and a bystander seriously
Its Repl > to Dickinson's Note Ex
pected to F'romlse All He Asks.
Sofia. iHilgarla , Nov. 13.-Consul
General Dickinson of Constantinople
ha supplemented hla verbal repre
sentations by a note In which ho roca-
pltulatcB the history of the abduction
> y brigands of Mlns Ellen M. Stone
nml her companion , Mine. TtiUUn , and
the steps tuken to. obtain her release
and reminds the foreign minister of
Us promise to give every assistance ,
lie noten limtuncen where the nttltudo
of subordinate officials has not ton-
'ormod with this assurance. Finally
Mr. DtckiiiHon repeats his demand for
the noninterference of the govern
ment In the negotiations.
The government's reply , according
to the opinion expressed In official
circles , will sot forth that whllo hofll-
Latins to establish the precedent that
the government give protection < o bri
gands In treating for the ransom of
captives , In the present case involv
ing the safety of two women , the gov
ernment , as an act of courtesy and hu
manity , will comply with Mr. Dickin
son's request.
Captured by Pursuers Near Cottonwood -
wood Falls After a Battle.
Kansas City , Nov. 13. Three more
of the 20 fugitive convicts Irom Kort
Lcavenworth prison were captured at
Bazar , near Cottomvood Falls , Kan. ,
late yesterday afternoon by penlton-
tlary guards after a light , in which
one of the convicts was shot.
The captured men are Gilbert Mul
len , Frederick Robinson , mulatto , and
Sol Southerland , Indian. Soiitliorland
was wounded , but not seriously. lie
was also shot whllo making his escape J
from the prison last week. None of
the guards was Injured. Only nine of
the escapc'd convicts are yet to betaken
taken and the whole country is on the
City Still Holds Bravely Out Against
the Rebels.
New York , Nov. 111. Passengers ar
riving last night on the steamer
Orizlba confirm the report that the
city of Panama lias not been taken
by the rebels. Among those who ar
rived were St. C. Hunt , agent of the
Panama Steamship line at Panama.
Mr. Hunt said things were quiet v/hen
lie left that city , Nov. C. The reports
as to the danger of the city falling
have been much exaggerated , lie said.
"Tho Iowa was at Panama when we
left and the Maclilas at Colon , with
sufficient force to protect the foreign
interests. The rebels have been care
ful and have not molested American
property. "
Igleslas' Arrest Still a Mystery.
Washington , Nov. 13. Governor
Hunt of Porto Rico has cabled to the
president his report on the arrest of ,
Santiago Igleslas , the representative
of the American Federation of Labor ,
whose arrest on a charge of con
spiracy as ho landed at San Juan a
day or two ago , was called to Presi I-
dent Roosevelt's attention by Samuel
Gompers , president of the Federation
of Labor. The report Is withhold for
a time. Whether Igleslas is still In
custody or has been released since
complaining of his detention is not
known here.
Trouble on Indian Frontier.
London , Nov. 13. It Is reported
here , says the St. Petersburg corre
spondent of the Dally Telegraph , that
Jehand Khan , who fled from Afghan
istan on the death of the ameer , has
been making trouble on the Indian
frontier. He gathered several hun
dred followers and attacked an Af
ghanistan post of 200 troops , com
manded by All Alikbar , near the fron
tier , losing one officer and nine sol
diers killed. The British authorities ,
according to the report , then arrested
AH Alikbar , while Khan fled to Kurran
Dunning Nurses Blame Physician.
Chicago , Nov. 13. Mrs. Kate Green
and Miss Mae Shea ; the attendants at
the Dunning asylum charged with
neglect and underfeeding Insane wom
en committed to their care , denied
yesterday before the county civil ser
vice commission that thpy had de
prived the patients of their meals , and
put all the responsibility for the treat
ment of the patients received on the
shoulders of Dr. Clara Ferguson ,
formerly physician In the asylum
but now In Europe. The commission
ers reserved a decision.
Merrlam on Retired List.
Washington , Nov. 13. Brigadier
General Henry C. Merriam was placed
on the retired list today on account of
age. His present command , the Department
partment of the Colorado , will bo as
sumed temporarily by Brigadier Gen
eral .JC. Bates , commanding the De
partment of the Missouri. It is expected
pected that Major General Arthur
MacArthur , about the 1st of : January
will be assigned to command the De
partment of the Colorado.
Freedmen Take Up Finance.
Pittsburg , Nov. 13. Yesterday's 009-
slon of the Freedmen's Aid and South
crn Educational society of the Moth
odlst Episcopal church was devotee
principally to the consideration of the
annual appropriation bill. Last year
the conference asked $251,950 and re
celved $114,537. This year the conference
ferenco ask $300,000 and will receive
$131,000. Bishop James N. Fitzgerald
Attorney Anderson Again on Trial
Denver , Nov. 13. The third trial o
Attorney W. W. Anderson , clmrgei
with shooting T. G. Bonflls and P. H
Tamoau , proprietors of the Post , witl
intent to kill , was begun yesterday.
At the two previous trials the Jury
failed to agree upon a verdict.
Dublin and Yorkshire Flooded
and Wrecks Strew Coast.
Lightship Is Run Down and Crew of
Sixteen Is Drowned Many Ships
Imperiled In the Storm Three Ves
sels Founder.
London , Nov. 13. A tromondoiiR
Btorm , with torrontu of rain , IH HWOOP-
ing the north of Britain and IrNuuil.
There have been Horloutt ilooilu In
Yorkshire. Several of the miburlm of
Dublin are Hooded and olnowlioro In
Ireland great damage has boon done
by Hoods. Several fatal accldoutu
have occurred and railway communi
cation Is delayed. In some parts of
the country the rain has continued
for 3i ( hours. The gale Is still raging
unabaU'd along the coast. i'teportH
continually arrive of | casual
ties , especially on the Northumber
land coiiHt , where the Htorm Is extremely -
tromoly violent.
Three vessels were driven ashore
I at the entrance to the Tyno. Four
Hinall vessels have boon wrecked In
the vicinity of Suiidorland and an
other has been wrecked off llartlo-
pool. Altogether nine pornoiiH wore
drowiu'd In tliono dlmiiUorH. The
lighthouse on Siinderland pier has
been washed away.
The mall boat Nerd ran down the
lightship off the now Dover pier. The
crow of the lightship , 1C persons ,
were drowned. The Nerd him gone
ashore at the foreland , but. her pas
sengers are snld to bo safe.
The gale in the Irish channel Is the
Boverest known In many years. Five
vessels have been wreeked in Kings
town harbor , which la strewn with
Alaskan Const Storm-Swept.
Port TowiiBiMid , Nov. 18. Tlio
coast of southeastern Alaska contin
ues to bo swept by storms , according
to reports brought by the steamer Al
Kc , which arrived from Skagway.
Strong1 winds and snowstorms have
prevailed almost continuously during
the jmst two weeks and there Is much
floating ice In the channels.
Lake Shipping Damaged.
Detroit , Nov. 13. A telegram re-
celved here yesterday states that the
steamer Porter Chamberlain and con
sort II. J. Webb are on tlio rocks at
Dortch Island , Georgian bay. The
crows are safe , but the vessels are In
bad shape. Reports from various
lake portB tell of great damage to
chipping by the galo.
Girls In Fifth Story of Burning Build
ing Have Thrilling Escape.
Cleveland. Nov. 13. A lire which
destroyed M. O. Stone & Co.'s building
Iat -1C and 48 Euclid avenue yesterday
afternoon was attended by the thrill-
ing rnHcue of over a score' of women
and girls , who were employed on the
fifth floor , In Miss Graham's corset
factory. When the flro broke out , " all
the girls made a rush for the flro es
capes and ladders. The flro spread BO
rapidly , however , that they could not
use the flro escapes and It seemed
that many of them must perish. Lad
ders were quickly sent up , however ,
and all but three of the women wore
taken from the windows and carried
to safety by the flromen. Three who
could not bo reached , including Miss
Graham , jumped from the fifth story
windows into nets held by the fire
men below. Miss Graham was fatally
hurt , her side having been crushed In
her spine fractured and an arm
broken. She died at the hospital
Other occupants of the building In
jurcd wore Miss Jcanetto Strattod
who Jumped from the BCCOIK ! story
and sustained a broken hip. She wil
recover. Kato Mulcahy , who Jumitei :
from the third story , received splna
injuries and a broken leg.
M. O. Stone & Co. , shoo dealers
Buffered a loss of about $70.000 am1
the Jewelry firm of Arnstoln Bros. &
Meyer , occupying the second floor
sustained a loss of about $40,000.
Boston Firemen Fight Stubborn Foe
Boston , Nov. 13. A little under
$250,000 was the loss by an all day
flro which started in the seven-storj
granite building at Broad and Frank
lln streets , occupied by the Murphy
Varnish company. A steady rail
helped the flro department. The flro
proved unusually stubborn because o
the nature of the stock. Varnlsl
tanks exploded during the morning
and blazing fluid ran In all directions
on the surface of the water. Abou
25,000 gallons of varnish were burned
Dies at Age of 104.
London , Nov. 13. Lady Cathorlna
Jane Carew , grandmother of the present
ent Baron Carew , died yesterday a
Woodstown , Waterford , aged 104. She
was a guest at the famous Brussels
ball on the eve of the battle of Waterloo
lee and wan a noted beauty at the
court of Louis Phllllppe.
Ten Perish in Odessa Fire.
Odessa , Nov. 13. The Mandlovltch
building , ono of the finest blocks In
Odessa , which include a fashionable
arcade of shops , has been destroyei
by fire. Ten persons perished and 3
others were injured. The damage I
estimated at 1,000,000 roubles.
Orders Millard Hotel Sold.
Omaha , Nov. 13. Judge McPherson -
son lias fllod an order in the fedora
court providing for the sale of th
Millard hotel to satisfy a claim of J
Paul Sorg , the Ohio tobacco king
amounting to about $35,000 for grouni
Directors Agreed Upon by the HIM
and Hnrrlmnii Intercuts.
Chicago. Nov. 13. The Trlbuno
Biiyn regarding the mootlni ; of the
iitockholdorH of the llurllngton road
on Thursday : "It IH underHtood that
11 the 11 dlrootorH have boon agreed
pen by the Hill and Hiirrlmaa Inter-
Hit ) . It can bo utatod that Uiroo of
lie now dlroctont will roproticiit the
larrlman InUmmtH , ono the Hooko-
ollora. ono the Vanderblltti and Iho
ost. will bo on the Hill Hide. It IH
HO stated that there will bo no
hango In the management of thu Bur-
lugtou for the pronont , except that
) . Mlllor will bo elected iiocond vlon
incident to fill a vacancy and he will
10 the traffic director of the 11 111 road ,
vlth lieadquarterH at Chicago.
"The Chicago , Burlington and
Qiilnoy Railroad company , the Mitt-
HOitrl MUCH of the Burlington and the
turllngton and MlHHourl River rail
road In NohniHka will ho. loaned to the
Chicago , Burlington and ( Jiilncy Rail
road company , which will operate all
ho Burlington Hues. "
Takes Up Practice of Law to Carry
Out That Purpose.
IiidlamipollH , Nov. 111. Colonel llun-
Bllll 11. HlllTlHOIl , HOII Of OX-1'rOHldollt
lenjaiiilu Harrison , wan yoHtonlay ad-
nltleil to practice law by Iho Htnto
mil federal oourtB on the motion ol'
'X-Unlted Hint OH Attorney General W.
II. II. Miller former law partner or
ho Into cx-l'roHldoiit I Ian 1mm , anil
State Attorney General Taylor. Col
onel IlarrlHon will open a law olllco
n IndlanapollH.
Colonel llarrlHoti , In reply to an In-
inlry , ald : "Thin consummation
of a long clierlHhuil intention IUIH been
laslonod by my own denim and my
father's ( lying WHI ! ! Hint I should carry
out his Intention to fight to the end
the unjust and iiiimllltary treatment
meted out to mo by the war depart
"To do thla RiircoHHfnlly I found It
noeoHKary to have a complete training
In law , and I have , thereforeHluco
my father's midden Blrknoss and
death , devoted all my I line to com
pleting my final studies and oxumtiia-
Lions. "
Oscar of Sweden Sends Special Honor
for Bethany College's President.
LIudRhorg , Kan. , Nov. 13. Largo at
tendance1 marked the closing and
moHt Important day of Bethany col-
lege'H anniversary celebration. Two
great iiK'otlngH were addroKHod by
Governor Stanley , Bishop Von Seheelo
and others. At the afternoon HOBslon
Dr. Carl Swcnnon , proHldont of the
college , was decorated with the Order
of the Northern Star , an honor from
King Oscar of Swollen , conferred by
his representative , Bishop Von
Meet Next at Philadelphia.
Kansas City , Nov. ] .1. Professor
Charles R. Henderson , university of
Chicago , was elected president of the
National Prison association. Philadel
phia was chosen for next year's con
gress , which will meet In October.
Resolutions wore passed urging upon
congress the adoption of a general
parole law and tin Indeterminate HOII-
tenco law for the benefit of federal
Breaks Linotype Record.
Des MolncH , Nov. 13. Dan Tow , a
linotype machine operator Inthe
Dally Capital office , this city , yester
day broke the world's record for
Bpeed. He sot 3,344 lines of non
pareil In eight hours , newspaper meas
ure , equal to 80,944 cms. Estimating
two and one-half touches per cm , ho
touched the keyboard 217.3C' times.
Still Blowing Iowa Safes.
Des Moines , Nov. 13. The bank of
Plymouth , la. , was dynamited by rob
bers last night. The safe , vault and
building were badly wrecked. The
robbers escaped , leaving no clue. This
IB the seventh bank robbery of the
kind occurring In .Iowa within a
The federal council of Germany has
approved the bill embodying the pro
posed new tariff.
The American Sugar Refining com
pany Tuesday reduced the price of re
fined sugar 10 points.
Drillers encountered oil at a depth
of 510 feet In a well about three miles
from Fossil station , Wy.
A swamp flro near Ovanda , a small
town a few miles west of Helena ,
Mon. , is endangering the town.
Fire at Thomas , W. Va. , Tuesday
destroyed C2 buildings and left over
100 families homeless. Loss , $200,000.
A speed of 105 miles an hour has
been attained on an electric railway
between Manlenfclde and Zossen , Ger
The Nicaraguan presidential elec
tion has passed off peacefully. Gen
eral Santas Zelaya has been re-elected
president by a largo vote.
Thomas Sikcs , Sarn Davis and Will-
lam Woodson were killed at Blucfleld ,
W. Va. , Tuesday. They were engaged
in opening a keg of powder.
The Missouri supreme court sen
tenced Albert Garth to bo hanged in
Kansas City and Joshua L. Craft to bo
hanged In Jefferson City , both on Dec.
20 next.
Hon. Henry Clay McDowell has
been selected to succeed Judge John
Paul as United States district Judge
of the western district of Virginia.
Ho is a groat-grandHon of Henry Clay.
Near Marlonvlllo , Mo. , Mrs. Gcorgo
Justice locked her two small children
in the house and went a considerable
distance for water. When she re
turned the house was in flames. The
children were cremated.
Consul General Passes Away at
His Post in Samoa."j M
His Services During the TroUblcoome
Days Before the Partition of the
Islands Moat Notable Ncwa Cornea
by Way of Auckland.
WanliliiKton. Nov. 13. A cable
gram received at the iituto department
yoHlerday from Auckland , New /.mi-
land , annouiieoH tJio death at Apia ,
Samoa , on Oct. 17 , of Luther W. On-
horn , United Htnlou consul general at
Mr. Ofiborti wan born In New York
and appointed to ! IH ! preiiont , poHt
from NobraHha July lt ! . IS',17. Tlnm
ho wan the principal roproHoulallvo of
( ho authority of Iho United HlJitmi In
the Samoa group In the troiitleiiomo
diiyn before Iho partition and It up-
poared that. he. alone , of all the for
eign roproHontnllvoH at Apia nrouned
no opposition. Ho obtained tlio coiill-
iletico of the natives and the other
roproHoulatlvoH of ( ho foreign powern.
In addition to ! IH ! pout at Apia , Mr.
OHlmrn wan aliio eoiimil general at.
MnhunloHii , the capital of Iho Congo
group "I' iHlundii.
Judge OHlioni had applied for n
leave of iilmi'iico , In order thai ho
might revlHll NolmiHku , ami wati
grunted 7T > dayn , but an ho would have
had to upend uO dnyii of that In going
anil coining from the InlandH , ho de
clined ( o accept and remained at hhi
pOHl to dio.
Forest Firco in Mloaourl , Arknnnns
and Illinois Do Great Dnmanu.
St. LoulH , Nov. 13.- According to
dlHpatehoH received here , forotit 11 rim
aru raging In the vicinity of Red Hud
and Alto 1'ami , | ) | H. ; 1'ophir HlnlT ,
Mo. , and Sedgwlck. Ark. North of the
first named plnco the woodH iiloni ;
Black creek ami Rlchland crock but-
tomii , are on lire and the fnrmmi are
fighting hard to have liiolr IIOIIICH.
Farm property In the vicinity of
Alto Pass , IllB. , IH In great danger
Irom foroHl HrcH , which are raging
In the timber west and south of then- .
Dense Hiuoko envelops the whole terri
tory. The townspeople turned out
last night In resjionno to thu country
pooplo'H call for help and are Htronu-
oiisly fighting the encroaching llanum.
Rain dually checked the foreiit fires
at Alto 1'aHH. The farmerH In the
neighborhood are woin out from
guarding their property am ! fighting
flro night and day.
Forest ( Iron have broken out Bouth
of Poplar Bluff , Mo. The Bky IH cov
ered with doiiHo volumcH of Hinoko and
great damage to property IH feared.
Hunters who have boon driven In on
account of the Intense heat and Hinoko
report deer , wolven and other game
fleeing north to OHcapo the flro.
Americano Secure Control.
London , Nov. 13. An American
syndicate has purchased 1,000 HhurcH
of the Hamburg-American steamship
lines through a Vienna bank , says the
Berlin correspondent of the Dally
Mall. The purchaser Is thus enabled to
demand at the next meeting a re-
vlBlon of the articles of the aHHoclii-
tlon In ItH own favor. There Is a general -
oral feeling here that the American
danger to European shipping la mure
serious than had been supposed.
Nearly Drowns While Being Baptized.
Thorntown , Ind. , Nov. 13. Miss
Minnie Coddlngton , near this place ,
whllo being baptized by a minister of
the Christian church , In some way
slipped from his grasp and narrowly
escaped drowning. She was rescued
by the bystanders , and the minister
and physicians restored her to con
sciousness after two hours of hard
Start War on Rag-Time Music.
Chicago , Nov. 13. A call was sent
out from the Chicago Federation of
Musicians asking for the united ef
forts of all musicians in the United
States to make a fight on music of
the rag-time variety. The local union
declares that rag-time composition Is
"Immoral , obscene , degrading and tin
worthy of production. "
Off for W. C. T. U. Convention.
Chicago , Nov. 13. The national offi
cers of the Woman's Christian Tem
perance union left yesterday for Fort
Worth. Tox. , to attend the 28th annual
convention of the organization. In
the party were the president , Mrs.
Lillian M. N. Stevens ; and the vice
nresident , Miss Anna Gordon.
Carnegie Increases Donation.
Pittsburg. Nov. 13. Just \jforo the
clOBo of an all-afternoon meeting of
the board of trustees of the Carnegie
Institute yesterday , Andrew Carnegie
fiurprlscd and delighted the members
present by the announcement that ho
had decided to increase by $2,000,000
his already largo donations.
Land Grant College Convention.
Washington , Nov. 13. The 15th an
nual convention of representatives o
"land grant" agricultural colleges
and United States experiment stations
throughout the country began hen
yesterday. Almost 200 men proml
ncnt in the study of ngrlcultura
science were present.
Rate War In Prospect.
Chicago , Nov. 13. The Chlcr.c
Milwaukee and St. Paul road has ti
augurated a ten-hour passenger trail
schedule between Chicago and R
Paul. It Is said that all the other
Paul lines will follow suit and that I
all probability a rate war will rci
Chlcntjo Judge Flndo Two of Them
Guilty of Contempt.
(1hlrnio ; , Nov. 111. On the o.hargo of
contempt of court , ludn ) ; llaiincy no.ii-
lenceil Andrew W. Lawroncn , man
aging editor of llearnt'H Chicago
American , ( o four dayn In the county
jail. Tin. iicntmico of II. H. Canflald.
who wrote the article objectionable to
the court , VVIIH fixed at 30 dayn In jail.
Judge Iliiuecy declared that the CHUCK
agaliiHl W , R. lli'iirHl , owner ; Homer
Davenport , cartoonlnt , and Cluro
llrlKKii , IIHO | a carloonltit , would pond
until Hiich time an thoHo roHpondcntn
rould be brought Into court by the
nhorlff. Kornior Governor Altgold ,
one of the couiutel for the ronpond-
cnlH , entered a formal exception to
the diiclHlon.
When Momini. Caiiflold and Lawrence -
ronce appeared before Judge Hanecy
ready for commitment to the county
Jail , the court announced that Inan-
iiiuch an he iimlonilood Judge Diinno
had liiimeil a writ , of habeas corpiui
before the men were Hontoneod ho
would take no action In the matter
until that writ had been vacated. It
wan decided , however , to hold the
writ. In 4iheyance until the commit *
nient piiponi have been made out ami
tlio men delivered Into Iho ciiHlody of
the Hlierirf. Thin will probably bo
done Friday.
Scalded Patient ID Dead.
IIiiHtlngH , Neb. , Nov. I , ' ! . Wnyno
Pavilion , ono of the patient u l.rami-
furred recently from tlio Anyhim for
Incurnhlo Insane at. Norfolk to the
nlmllar Iniilllullon hero and whotm
hack wan ncalded Monday morning
whllo i wo employoH were giving him
a hot. bath , died yeiitorday of hyntoro-
lluil HiMiril Tin-in All.
Mrn. Hi ypecl ; ( In the midst of her
readliigi Here IH an Item which B.'iy.s
that there are mon ? than U.'O.OOO words
In the lOtigllsh language.
Mr. lleimypccli-YcH , my dear ; no
I've heard I'uck.
A Rood looking ' . ,
lioriniitnil poor look
IIIK liurnimit H HIM
worm kliul of u coin-
not only fnnkni Dm Imrwwi nml thn I
liomii liink iK'ttiir , lint iimVrfl llin M
loiitlicr nofl nml iilinlili' , imtnllln ron-1
illllou la luMtiwlcn mi long
f , mil orillniirlly woulil. j
( j/ / Poll .ftri'lutn In ctnill |
iltil * by
Your ,
Horse a
Chance !
Itrt "iniiii-iiili-il fnr ( lilMfrn nnd
Inv.iiul lin , . il , IM i. y niul
liuumliiin utaic iciunc | i
At all Reliable Grocers
"One Is Quick to ±
Suspect Where
One PI as Suffered : :
Harm Before. "
Perhaps there are some busi11
ness men in this town who have ; I
tried advertising and found the j *
results unsatisfactory.
If so. something was the
trouble. Contracting for space
in a newspaper is not enough.
When secured the space must
be used to advantage. . A con
vincing story should be told.
A plant will not grow unless it
is tended. An impression can
not be made upon the purchas
ing public except by careful ,
persistent work.
Many merchants err grievously in be
lieving that time spent upon their ads
is time wasted. No time can be made
more profitable.
We believe the advertising
columns of this paper can be
used profitably by any one who
seeks to reach the buyers of
this community. We will gladly
aid any one who desires to try
it or who is trying it and is not