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    Till' NOHFOI/K N'KVVS : KH1UAY. ( XTOI'.HI ! IS , 11)01. )
m.m Is thorp no Mil lint lip ihoulJ say ,
"Thin siul thus only uoulil I have ( lie teat"
For ulivlhir lying r lin ami bountiful ,
C1a | > ltiK thp earth In lo\c or throning back
The unllc of lip.ncn from waves of ninctlijit ,
Or win I her , frriheneil by tuny winds ,
It bears Die trade and naxlci ot the worlj
To ends of u e or item activity ,
Or whether , lailird by trinpritii , It RVC | xvajr
To fury , howls and roars
At all ltd rocky barriers , In wild lust
Of ruin drlnki the blood of HvliiR thlnRi
And strews Hi wrecks o'er leagues of dctolatt
chore ,
Always It Ii ( he wa , and men bow down
Uctorc Its \ait and \arlcd majesty.
Bo all In vain will tlmorotu ones cway
To N't thp metes and bounds of liberty , j
Kor freedom Is Its own eternal law.
It makes its own conditions and In jtonn '
Or calm ullke fulfills tlio unerring will.
I/ct us not then despise It when U llei
Will it a deeping Hun , while u twarin
< M iniallfhe ' 'Uls hovers round Its bend ,
Nor doubt It vvlitn In mad , disjointed tlmci
It shakes the tonli of turor und Its cry
Klirllls o'er the quaking eartli and In the tlam
Of riot and war we see Its nvvful form
HIby the smllold where the crimson BT
Iv'ngs down Its grooves the Knell of shuddering
kings ,
For alvvajs In thine eyes , O Liberty.
Blilnes high light whereby the world Is saved ,
And , though tliou slay us , wo will trust In tlicel
-Jol.n Hay.
' *
Not every Apache can get his 1111 of
blood before sun tip und his 1111 of mes
cal before nnon. , Yet Coyote 'I'bat Illtes
had managed to achieve both those de
lightful ends , and of all the happy sav
ages on the Colorado desert he was the
most riotously , tmmiltuously happy.
With what keen delight ho had drawn
his sharp blade across the throats of
Jose Sanchez and his wife after he had
Btolen Into their wagon In the gray
dawn , and what thrills of joy shot
through his breast when be silenced the
yells of their two little children with
the butt end of their father's own rllle !
And then , when he had taken what
gold was III' the Mexican's bag , what
mescal was In bis demijohn , and had
Ktrapped Jose's rather loose titling car
tridge belt about his sun brown belly ,
with what tierce pleasure he stole away
from the scene of Ids bloody work and
with the Mexican's rllle on his shonl
der had wandered far down the dry
nrroyo , sipping from the demijohn the
stupefying Juice of the agave from time
to time until he felt that he was grow
ing drowsy !
Then he had dragged his uncertain
way along until lie bad come to the
railroad track. lie stared stupidly at
the bright steel rails and looked up at
the humming wires in an awed sort of
way. lie would like to lie there be
hind the rocks , he thought , until some
one should come along the track and
then try a shot at him with his newly
acquired weapon. The demijohn was
growing light , and the rifle was grow
ing heavy. Well , It was getting toward
noon and rather warm even for an
Apache , and he would lie down in the
shade of the rocks over there and rest.
The humming of the wires Is a sooth
ing sound , and no sooner had his head
touched the earth than sleep took a
mighty bold upon him and wiped out
his realizing sense of joy , as sleep has
a way of doing with everybody that
has anything to be joyful for. And so
he lay. with the rltle by his side and
his unspeakably hideous face turned
up toward the blue that arched the
It was quiet there nnd restful no
sound save tlio music of the wires.
Stay ; there were other sounds , but they
came some time after Coyote That Hltes
had thrown himself upon the sand and
gone off to the land of Nod. TJjey came
faintly at llrst and mingled with the
murmurlngs of the wires. Surely they
were the voices of children.
Had the red beast been awake he
might have imagined that they were
the haunting voices of the wee Mexi
can childre/n whose blood be bad BO
ruthlessly shed that morning , but he
heard them not. They were very far
from being ghostly voices anyway ,
those tones that now piped forth so
merrily as Dubs and Gay trudged down
the line. They were walking to the
scoop out along the roadbed , not on the
track , for that was forbidden.
There were other things that were
forbidden , too , and one of them was
straying so far away from the station ,
but Dubs was "taking good care" of
his three-year-old sister , nnd In the
pride of his six full years he was equal
to the care of half a dozen such as Gay.
" 'F on'y had sum matches to build n
fire wlv , " sighed Dubs , "I'd burn off
vese prickles Jus * like vc Injuns does. "
"O-ohl" came suddenly from under
Gay's sunbonnet. "Wot a dat ? "
"W'y , it's a Jug ! " And Dubs left the
"toonles" nnd started toward the pile
of rocka where lay the Coyote's demi
john and where also lay the Coyote
The two trudged up the little slope ,
nnd Dubs grasped the handle of the
demijohn , only to let It drop again nnd
spring back quickly with Gay In his
arms , for he had caught sight of the
Coyote , and he was smitten with a sud
den desire to go home.
lint he saw the Indian did not move ,
nnd so he suddenly became very brave ,
lie was certainly sound asleep and no
more to be feared than papa when he
lay on the lounge In his midday repose.
Then , too , Dubs was quite sure he was
n "worky" Injun , like the Yaquls , who
shoveled nnd picked on the railroad ,
and so his mind became wholly at case.
The Coyote's cartridge belt , which
had been so loosely strapped , had fal
len off and lay by his side. There were
a hundred very Interesting bits of brass
sticking In It , nnd the children soon
had these scattered all about In the
wind by the snoring Coyote. In the
( scramble for her share of the Innocent
toys Gay let one of them drop ou the
Co.votu'o leg. Perhaps the mescal's In
fluence was on the wane , for a big
brown knee was thrust quickly up from
the sand and a big brown hand clutch
ed the Ugly knife at the Coyote's side ,
but the hand fell and the noble red
man snored on.
Dili * tried on the cartridge belt and
became an Indian , all but the Indis
pensable knife , and he concluded to
borrow that from the sleeper ,
lingers had lost their grip on the buck-
horn handle.
"It's blgger'n mommlo's butcher
knife , ain't It , Cay ? " the young snvago
asked as he grasped the handle of the
devilish looking blade. "Now , you 'tand
over vere , and I'll get 'hind vis wools.
Veil you turn along , I'll Jump out and
kill you. "
Gay demurred.
" ( ) h. It's on'y make b'leve. Vese
kind o' Injuns don't kill nobody. " And
he stuck a contemptuous linger toward
the Innocent Coyote. "It's on'y 'Paohcs
'at kills , an' vey's none yound here ,
inommle says. I'm a 'Pacho , so you
better look out. "
It was a dubious sport for Gay , and
when It came to the killing part she
screamed lustily.
"You've woked him up an * 'polled It
all , " said Dubs In a tone of accusation.
"Now he'll want his knife. "
Sure enough , the Coyote That IMtes
did shake his brown legs and arms
quite vigorously , but the hist two big
swallows of mescal held him down.
So , after turning over and burying his
hatchetllke face In the sand , he lay
quiet again.
When lie had thus turned over , was
brought Into view the rllle , which had
! i < en coticeiiled by his dirty blanket.
Dubs eyed the weapon with covetous
eyes. Ho could not withstand the temp
tation of feeling It all over , standing
It up on Its butt and trying to shoulder
It , but this last feat he conld haidly
I'ccompllsli. Just what it was that
kept his lingers off the hammer and
trigger and prevented a sound that
would surely have brought the Coyote
to his feet with a yell , I am sure I can
not tell , but Dubs played with that
fascinating weapon nearly an hour ,
\\hllo Gay poured sand over the car
tridges , hiding nearly all of them from
view ,
Hy this time the sun's rays were on
the long slant , and the children were
very hungry. Hy this time , too. the
Apache was growing restless , for the
mescal had nearly lost Its grip upon
him. A train thundering by. or. much
loss , a "swift" brushing against his
black foot , a spider dropping on Ids
leg. or even a big lly bir/.zmg at his
car any of these would have set his
demon force Into play again.
Hut the children could not wait for
such demonstrations as these , though
why It did not occur to Dubs that tin.
Coyote's ear needed tickling with a
grease wood twig the Lord only knows
The wind was up , and the wires were
murmuring louder than ever. The wet
ones had sported In the black shadows
long enough had played with the fangs
of the deadly serpent until they were
tired and their stomachs were empty
So they set off on a trot for home.
Just as they turned the bond am
came In sight of the low roof of tht
station a "dust devil" swept by the
rocks where lay the Coyote That Hltos
He jumped to his feet , grasped his
empty sheath , gave a mad whoop am
started about In feverish rage. There
was his knife , half covered by the
sand , and there was his rltlo , far fron
his side. Here was the cartridge bel
empty , and all about him in the sam
were countless little footprints.
A bewildered look stole over his fact1
but It passed away when his eyes rest
ed on the ojnpty demijohn. The ex
presslon that replaced It was one of do
monlacal ferocity , and the lust of
slaughter lay heavily upon him. Hut
the cartridges where were they ? lit
saw Gay's mound of sand and , kicking
It , gave n grunt of delight to see tht
brazen capsules that were hcatturot
right and left by bis foot.
lie picked them all up , grunting over
each one. Filling the belt and grasping
his rifle , he started off In the direction
In which the small footprints led. Like
a bloodhound , he chased along tht
track. Ills eyes scanned the plain a
every turn , and his breath was hot am
strong. Hut when he turned the big
curve and saw the station he knew tlia
he was latt too late and he gave a
grunt of disgust and was off like tht
wind over a side trail that led toward
the sunset.
In the low roofed station house the
mother crooned to tired little Gay , ly
ing so soft and limp in her arms. She
looked out over the desert , saw the sun
touching the tips of the solemn giant
cacti with purple dots , saw the prickly
pear shrubs holding their grotesque
arms above the great sweep of sant )
that ran down to the low horizon and
felt the Inspiration of the scene , as she
had often foil It before , for the desert
1ms n beauty that Is all Its own. She
knew that other women In the great
cities and In the cool , green valleys
might pity her In that desolate spot ,
but she felt that she needed not their
pity. Dubs came and leaned his head
against her arm where she sat , and lit
tle Gay nestled down with a tired sigh.
Yes , there was much , she thought , for
which to be thankful.
And In truth there was.
MUM ami Wninnn.
The human animal tlnds In the oppo
site sex the greater part of his and hoi
mental life. The arts rose out of sex.
When man ceased to capture woman
he cut n reed and blew a tune to win
her , and It was not until he had won
her that he began to take an Interest
In tin1 tune for Its own sake.
Physical Intimacies are but surface
emotions , forgotten as soon an they tire
satlsllcd. whereas spiritual Intimacies
live In the heart. They are part of our
eternal life and seem to reach beyond
the stars. Geort'e Moore'K "Sister Te
resa. "
If I'tniy .Mnn fit u lit Ai < iMiiiiillili 131-
tlirr of 'I'lu-Ni * liiim | llil < ' Tlilnun ,
lie Cinilil CIIIINC "OnWiMoli of Miil-
< -r 11 ml tinCriihli of Wurliln. "
If you oonltl ImtiKtiio an I'lirlliworin
trying to run the Nlnpini Kli'otrli1
LlglitliiK' niul I'tiwiT TnuiHinlwsloti
works , you would have soini1'aliit Idea
of tlio I'npnclty of the Kivnti'st liuiiian
genius that ever lived to run the visible
universe. That IH probably why the
wisest of us Is nut pcrmHted to un
derstand the Dual secrets of nature.
Here Is a jjootl example. Take a rllle
Into a place milllclcnlly far from the
habitations of men ; put the bull on the
ground and support It so that the bar
rel points straight up and pull the trig-
pT. The bullet will leave the uiir//lo
with a velocity of , say. Il.iiiK ) feet a sec
ond. It will rise to an enormous
height , come to a standstill for an In-
( Inlteslmal fraction of a second and be
gin to fall back again. It will ! strike
the earth with very nearly but not
quite the same velocity as It left the
mu//.le of the gun. It would lit * exact
ly the Mime but for the rcHlstance of
the air.
What has happened Is this : The ex
plosion of the powder has changed a
solid Into a gas , and the expansive en
ergy of this has driven the bullet up
ward. In other words. It has for the
time overcome that mysterious force
by which the earth draws everything
toward Us own center.
Hut when the energy of the exploded
powder Is exactly balanced by the pull
of gravitation the bullet falls back. In
the llrst second after Us turn It falln
1t ( feet. In the next Il'J , In the next ( U ,
In the next l'-S , mid so on till It returns
with ever Increasing velocity whence
It started.
Nothing has been lost , nothing gain
ed. The gases set free by the explo
sion of the powder weigh exactly as
much as the solid. Some of the energy
has been used as heat , some In propel
ling the bullet , ii'ravltation , overcome
for awhile , has reasserted Itself. The
sum of matter and force In the uni
verse Is absolutely unchanged.
This Is as true of the quickened beat
of a girl's heart when she meets her
lover as It Is of the march of the plan
ets and suns through the tlelds of space.
Kvery atom of matter , every unit of
force , throughout the universe Is con
stant , external and exactly balanced ,
and the whole strength and genius of
humanity could not Increase or dimin
ish them by the slightest fraction.
Now , let us imagine what would hap
pen If man could make that bullet
Ktrlke the earth with greater or less
force than It left the mu//.le. of the gun.
Ho would cither have Increased or de
creased the total of universal energy ,
and In either case he would have
thrown llrst the solar system and then
the whole universe out of gear.
The earth and all the other planets
would begin to revolve In dlirerent or
bits. The sun , with Its family of worlds ,
would alter Its path round the un
known center about which It revolves.
Then world would be hurled against
world and sun against sun , and stars
and planets would be reduced to the
llamlng gases from which they cooled
Into solids and liquids before time be
gan to be.
.lust the same catastrophe would hap
pen If man could either create or en
tirely destroy a grain of sand on the
seashore. The balance of the universe.
In which swing stars and planets ,
whose weight is inexpressible In human
figures ( this tiny world of ours weighs
G,000 , < XX > ,000.000,000,0 < )0,000 ) tons ) , is In
finitely more delicate than that which
the chemist has to keep in an airtight
case and at an even temperature lest a
breath of air should throw It out < f
Thus the destruction or creation of a
grain of sand would change the orbit
of the earth round the sun. In the
one case it would be drawn closer and
closer to the sun , perhaps after thou
sands of revolutions to be swallowed
up In llery ruin. In the other case It
ivonld gradually leave the sun and year
by year wander farther away into re
gions of space where human life would
be Impossible.
The result of the dislocation of such
a stupendous system , which has work
ed with unfailing exactitude for count-
lesa ages , Is , of course , utterly beyond
the Bcope of human Imagination , and
yet such n Beeming trifle as the creation
or destruction of a single grain of sand
might , ami probably would , plunge It
Into utter chaos and rulu. Pearson's.
IIU Ability.
"And how IB my old school friend
RiniBon getting onV" said the man who
had returned to uls native chy after a
long absence.
"Oh , he's doing first rate. "
"But he was such a bright boy we al
ways expected he would display espe
cial ability. "
"Well , I don't know that he hasn't
displayed especial ability. "
"I never hear him mentioned In con
nection with any of your elections. "
"No ; that's just the point , lie has
shown ability to go ahead quietly and
build up a business. He doesn't have
to run for olllce. " Washington Star.
She You don't love mo as much as
you did or you would have stayed lon
ger last night.
Ho Hut you Insisted on my going.
"And If y < u had loved me you would
not have goue. " Detroit Free 1'ress.
Greatness Is to take tlio common
things of life and walk truly among
them. Olive Sehrelner.
Kindness gives birth to kindness and
love to love. Mine. Necker.
Modern AilVITInlnu.
A little over half a century ago It
\viis uiUMldercd beneath the d.gulty of
inat'y substantial concerns to adver
tise beyond the Insertion In the news
papers of an occasional business card.
Some of the experiences of that time
show how recently advertising , an we
know it. hail developed.
A retail hard\\are house In an east
ern city once found Itself possessed of
ten times the number of articles of a
certain kind that It had Intended to
buy. As they had been ordered espe
cially for a new hotel and were of a pe
culiar design , there seemed to be no
way of disposing of them except at a
merely nominal sum.
One of the younger men connected
with the concern offered to "move
them" at a fair price provided he lie
pcrmllled to advertise. The sugges
tion encountered much opposition , bid
llnally a small sum was set apart to
carry II out. Tin1 advertisement was
drafted In an atractive ! way , and the
people soon began to buy the new arti
cle , riually the house was obliged to
scud to tin1 manufacturers for more.
When I lie next season's I rude opened ,
the member of Ihe.llrm who ( mil most
opposed the experiment whispered to
the \oung man that he hud better
write out a few notices "and put them
In the papers. "
From such beginnings the advertis
ing practice1 IIIIM come. Thousands of
dollars art1 now spent not only In ad
vertising Itself , but In devising clever
ciitth words , Ingenious phrases and II
lustrations which will slick In Hie
memory of the reader as well as new
general methods. Voiith's Companion.
i ( ( mill S IMV.
For four plump quails provide four
oysters , four lablespnonl'iils of butler
three large eiipl'uls of ox tall soup or
rich stock , two small glasses of port or
niiiilniii. two tahlcpooiifuls of onion
vinegar , the same of India relish and
mushroom caichup , celery salt , white
pepper and four slices of crisp , brown
toast. Leave tlu1 quails whole , slmplj
opening down tinbreast. . Put the but
ter In a frying pan over a hot tire and
when brown lay the quails In the pan.
Cover and cook ten minutes. Turn and
cook ten minutes more. When browned
on both sides , add the soup or slock ,
wine , catchup and relish. When It
bolls again , add celery salt and pepper
to season and thicken with a table
spoonful of Hour we1 ! up in cold water.
.Stir It gradually until It bolls. Turn
each quail on Its back and Insert an
oyster. Cook live minutes and servo
on slices of toast with the liquid poured
over all.
A Crrnl SIiinil Wnro ,
A great storm wave1 Is peculiar to cy
clones. At the center of the disturb
ance the mercury in a good barometer
may be lower by three Inches than that
In a similar Instrument on the verge
of the cyclone. This Is owing to the
diminution of atmospheric pressure
consequent on the rotation of the air
wheel , and as nature abhors a vacuum
the sea In the vortex rises above Its
usual level until equilibrium Is restor
ed. This storm wave advances with
the hurricane and rolls In upon the low
land like a solid wall. In the "nckcr
gunge cyclone of 1S7G the storm wave
covered the land at the eastern end of
the Cadges delta at heights varying
from ten to forty-live feet , as measured
by marks on the trees. One hundred
thousand lives were lost on this occa
sion. Chambers' Journal.
Tlirj Poiiml OnPall. .
During a spell of particularly hot
weather a well known baronet came
across three workmen engaged on a
job on his estate. One of llu-m remark
ed , as workmen not Infrequently do ,
on the dryness of the Job. Tin1 heat
had perhaps extended Itself to the bar
onet's temper. At any rate , lie turned
away , with the reply : "If you are
thirsty , you know whore the well Is.
You will lind a pail there. "
Thinking over his remark a little lat
er , It Hashed across the baronet's mind
that be had given orders for three bottles
tles of champagne to be put Into the
pall and lowered Into the well to cool
for dinner. He hastened to the well
and discovered three empty bottles !
What he said this time Is not reported.
London Truth.
Sin I'roiiiotem.
Ilia Batanlc majesty announced that
lie Intended taking a much needed va
Some surprise being expressed at this
action , he explained :
"Well , I've fixed things BO that the
trolley motormen will refuse to stop for
passengers when they are In a hurry ,
and I guess that will keep things going
until I return. " Baltimore American.
The War of tlio World.
Ilorton You used to tlilnl : Hember
was u great friend of yours. 1 notice
lie never offers to help you now that
you need help.
Snobel No ; but , then , you must not
forget how free lie was to offer me as
sistance when I didn't need It. Huston
Not Anxlotii to Meet Him.
"Jinks has had a burglar alarm put
In his house , with a sons' In every
room. "
"lie wants to be sure to know about
the burglars ? "
"No ; lie wants the burglar to be sure
to be alarmed. " Philadelphia Hecord.
Some Clrln.
Some girls , when asked to elope , are
like Ice. At llrst they are cold and n
pulse you ; then they melt and run
away. Whitewater ( Kan. ) Independ
Tile Settlement.
Joneson Did your fathtr-In-law set
tle anything on you when you married
his daughter ?
Hanesou Yes ; the rest of the family.
Tlinl , wo iiro nmslniilly unnviiitf in Iho nH of
making Kino Photos , ami our products will al
ways bu foiintl to I'lnlirnro Iho
IMCostA.xtie.tio Xdo
niitl Noui'.sl Sl\ , Irs in Cimls and Kinish. Wo also
carry a line line of Moldings snilalilo for all
kinds of framing.
Makers of Harvesting Min'hinory.
The Piano llusker and Shredder , The Jones Hay Rake , * ? >
The Jones Lever B nder , The hnes Mower ,
.The Jones Steel Heider , The Jones Reapsr ,
N , r&iM/roS e : ,
This miichme has iinlimileil ciim | < itv. un l me i' : ; nu pmindh . uill handle nil
I ) e corn ilnit enn be debven-d to M It sim iN tinlondi r perfrn Iv , hniving the
cur uninjured It. linn . ' . , , ' knives mi I In- shred li-i head whirl ) pnh > - lie Hhiedding
spnce ' , ' , not ) limes each minute Tin * machine will be on exhibition ul Iho Piano
headquarters west of the Crcighton depot in Norfolk , Nchr , on und after Sep
tember X'Uth.
W. H. BLAKEmAftJ General
. . , Agent ,
Piano Manufacturing Comparv.
There is a Best
in Everything.
Cwnjdflr catalogue
HliDwmj ; over 3M ( )
pii'iniiiiiiN that may
Hfciiri'il by Raving
wnippi'iH , ftitnihlicil
frt't ' ' .
muni ri'ipii'Bt.
Si'iiil your iiaiiiu on
a ( Kihial cai > l , and
weill mad ) on the
South Omaha , Nib.
fliamnnil "C" Soap /or mil
all Grocert
Anynnanpndtne ankctrh nml drucrlptlnn nmr
qiilcklr lururtiiln our opinion free whether mi
Invention IH protmlily imtontnhln. < ' < imninnlr .
lloim trlctlyemit(1ontUI. ! Handbook on Patents
i n-iit Jrrn. olclent nppncy for nvrurluir milentn.
Patents tiiken through Munn A to. receive
1 tprcM mllct , without charge. In tlio
i Scientific American.
' A tmnilnomely IHnntrBted woeklr. I.nrcfKt rlr-
dilation of nny nrlunlldc Journal. Ternm , 13 n
year : four months , f 1. Bold bjrtill ne > dejier ] .
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lirancli Office. (26 ( K HIWashington. . U. C.
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Lost TowerFalling Memory. Waetlc * Diseasesand
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not only cure * by starting at tlio wat of disease , but
iaagrcat nerve tonlo ami blood Imtldrr , bring
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Qeo. B. Ohrtstoph , druugiBt.
MONEY Refunded. ?
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