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Finds Burden of Maintaining
Frontier Guard Too Heavy.
Reported to Have Suffered Severe DC-
i feat In Tachlra Retires to Mara-
calbo and Is Making It His Refuge.
Advices From Daranqullla.
Caracas , Venezuela , Oct. 11. The
correspondent hero of the Associated
Press la enabled to say upon excellent
grounds that the Idea of a peaceful ,
friendly and conclusive arrangement
between Venezuela and Colombia of
the existing troubles Is not repulsive
nor foreign to Venezuela , It being al
ways understood that Venezuela's na
tional honor will In no way suffer
thereby , and that during the past fortnight -
night this Idea has grown and has
secured Increased following In Carac-
ns , where the possibilities of an aylca-
ble settlement are more or less occupyIng -
Ing public attention.
Venezuela recognizes the fact that
the maintenance of a large army on
the frontier Is exceedingly costly , with
out directly beneflttlng the country.
General Urlbe Defeated.
Colon , Colombia , Oct. 11. An ofll-
clal bulletin , dated from Barranqullla ,
Oct. 6 , makes the following statement :
"flie French steamer Fournel brings
news that General Urlbe-Urlbe was
utterly routed at Tachlra , and arrived
at Maracalbo on the morning of Oct
Boer General Evades the British Cor
don , Crossing Pivaau River.
London , Oct. 11 , The wholly unsat
isfactory situation In South Africa
continues to call out the most severe
criticism. Lord Kitchener yesterday
wired that General Botha has crossed
the Pivaau river , 20 miles north of
Vryheld , which means that he has
again escaped the British cordon.
Thirteen of Kitchener's scouts have
been captured In a Boer ambush.
General Bullor , In a speech yester
day afternoon , complained of the gen
eral criticism , especially In the newspapers -
papers , of himself. He admitted ho
had advised General Sir George White
that It w. ' ld possibly be necessary to
surrender Ladysmltb , but , bearing In
mind all the circumstances of the case ,
he was quite prepared to let the public
judge of the justifiability of the news
paper attack.
Third Year of the War.
London , Oct. 11. The opening of
the third year of the war In South Af
rica today was the subject of edi
torials in the morning papers reviewIng -
Ing the campaign. Although It Is ad
mitted that the reply of Mr. Brodrlck
to the critics of the war ofllce puts a
better face on the situation , the crit
ics are not satisfied. "It is useless to
talk about the great forces employed
and the money expended , " says the
Standard , "unless the government Is
able to expedite the winding up opera
tions. "
Force of Macabebes Compelled to Re
treat After Severe Engagement.
Manila. Oct. 11. A detachment of
the Twenty-flrst company of Maca
bebes yesterday encountered a large
1. force of Insurgents In Llpa , province
. of Batangas. Lieutenant Bean of the
it Macabebes was killed and one of the
force was wounded. The enemy was
strongly entrenched. After t'vo hours ,
lighting the Americans retreated to
await reinforcements.
The Insurgents numbered over 30 (
and were armed with Remington am
Mausor rifles and apparently . hac
plently of ammunition.
The entire police force of Catanag .
province of Tayabas , numbering 11
have been carried oft by the Insur
gents , armed only with bolos. Pro
eumably the police made no resistance
though they were well armed with car
bines and revolvers.
Dietrich Gives His Views.
Washington , Oct. 11. Senator Diet
rich of Nebraska talked to the pros !
dent yesterday about Nebraska ap
polntments and also about the sltua
tlon In the Philippines , whence ho ha
recently returned. Senator Dletrlcl
is of the opinion that civil governmen
Is being extended too rapidly through
out the Islands. He thinks the native
who massacred the company of sol
dlers In Samar were refugees who had
been driven out of Luzon by the mil
tary authorities.
Closing In on Brigands.
Constantinople , Oct. 11. The sur
rounding movement of Turkish an i
Bulgarian troops on the mountain o
Gueltepe , on the Turkish frontier , nea
Dubnltza , has commenced. The presence
enco of Miss Stone and the bandits
on the mountain Is confirmed. The In
habitants of Dubnitza are supplying
the outlaws with food.
Four Trainmen Are Killed ,
Dubuque , Oct. 11. Two freight
trains collided near Lombard , Ills. , yes ,
terday , resulting In the death of En
gineer Charles Andrews , Fireman
Houren , Fireman Mayhor and Brakeman -
man William Glenn. The other train
men were slightly Injured. All the
men who were killed live In Chicago.
Senator u .i , . . a ° c'o/j- / angc In
Indian Policy.
Jnniostown , N. I ) . , Oft. II. Senator
Quarlea of Wisconsin , a ini'inlicr or
the Inillnn commission , lit an Inter-
low , has announced that a now policy
vould lie adopted In regard to thu In-
Ian. Ho Bald :
" \Vo have boon making an Inspec-
Ion of the various Indian a i'iieles In
lie northwest and have Btudlod the
ndlan question In nil Itn phases for
lie Information of eotiKreRH. Wo vis-
ted the Hod LnUo rosorvatlon and
omul that It contains 231,000 acres of
rand farming land that IB not used ,
'his land , as well as that of ether res-
rvatlons , should ho opened to settle-
nent. The trlhnl relation hoops the
ndlan In a Btato of dependency more
linn anything else and teaches him
lablta of IdlenoBS. Wo purpose to
iroal ; It up and make the Indian who
s ahlo-hodlcd earn his living as well
s anyone else. Congress IB going to
hange the old policy and place thn
ndlans on a. different basis. Wo will
ako care of the aged , the weak and
ho Infirm , but the able-bodied Indian
must do something for a living besides
rawing his government rations. "
Fifth President of Mormon Church
Passes Away In Salt Lake.
Salt Lake , Oct. 11. Lorenzo Snow ,
fifth president of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints , bettor
mown as the Mormon church , died
inoxpoctcdly at his private residence ,
ho historic Dee Hive house , yesterday ,
after an Illness that had been serious
only since Wednesday. The Immedi
ate cause of his death was hypostatlc
congestion , superinduced by aggravat
ed bronchitis.
President Snow's death dissolves the
first presidency , of which ho was the
lead , his two counselors being Joseph
Smith and Rudger Clawson. Until
ils successor Is chosen , which may not
ie until the annual conference next
April , the leadership of the church
will devolve upon the council of 12
apostles , of which body Mr. Smith
s the recognized head. Unless death
should come to him In the meantime ,
Mr. Smith will probably be his suc
cessor. President Snow leaves a largo
family , the members being scattered
throughout the world. All have been
notified of his death.
-ifteen Cars Burned and Two Men
Fa ally Injured.
Now Albany , Ind. , Oct. 11. A rear-
end collision caused a disastrous
'rolght wreck yesterday on the South
ern railway , near Georgetown , ten
miles west of here. Fifteen cars wore
wrecked and burned , an engine demol-
shed , three men seriously and two
'atally Injured and many thousands of
dollars' worth of property destroyed.
In the wrecked train was a car load
ed with dynamite and powder. The
lynamlto exploded and In a moment
the greater part of both trains was a
mass of burning wreckage.
Henry Ernst , the engineer of the second
end section , was badly injured. Ed
Suggs , brakeman , sustained probable
fatal injuries. John Sullivan , the con
ductor , sustained serious internal In-
juries. John Peters was probably fa
tally burned ,
Mrs. Wltwer Being Held for Murder
Pending Result of the Analysis.
Dayton , O. , Oct. 11. Pending an In
restigatiou which will determine
whether or not the charge of murder
shall be preferred against Mary Hello
Wltwer , the suspected wholesale poi
soner , the prisoner la still detained
at Central police station , although
habeas corpus proceedings to secure
her release are momentarily expected
The bodies of Frank D. Wltwor , the
fourth and last husband of the sus
pect , and Mrs. Emma C. Pugh , her sister
tor , both of whom are supposed to
have been victims , were disinterred.
The vital organs of both bodies wore
removed , placed In sealed jars and
turned over to Professor Howard , a
chemist , who will make an examlna
tlon for traces of poison.
President Snow of the Mormon
church died at Salt Lake Thursday
Rhode Island Prohibitionists se
lected a state ticket , headed by WiU
Jam E. Drlghtman for governor.
The legislative committee of the Na <
tlonal Grange has issued an address
to congress asking legislation on many
The Indian bureau officials estimate
that the number of cases of smallpox
on the reservations throughout the
west Is between 100 and 150.
Hon. D. B. Henderson , speaker o
the house of representatives , made
one of the principal addresses at a
Republican meeting In Manchester , la.
Thursday night.
Ernest Soton-Thompson , the note < :
writer on wild animals , and John Goff
Colorado's famous guide , have been ar
rested In Rio Ulanco county for vlo -
lation of the game laws of Colorado
Automobile world's records from on
to six miles were broken Thursday a
the Empire City track by Henri Four
nlor , accompanied by W. K. Vandor
bllt , Jr. The fastest mile of the six
was made In 1:01 : * 4-5.
News has boon received of a fire on
the Contra ) Pacific railroad at Em
grant Gap , In which 2fiOO feet of snow
sheds wore burned , causing an esti
mated loss of $40,000. Several loaded :
freight cars were also burned.
Rain , Wind and Lightning ; Unite
in Doing Damage.
Cattle Swept Away and Corn Crop Del
uged Wind Also Wrecks Buildings.
Havoc In DCS Molnes Public Li
brary Kansas Has a Tornado.
Shcnandoah , la. , Oct. 11. A violent
storm , accompanied by ono of the
heaviest rains of this season , struck
Mils place at 4:110 : yesterday afternoon.
Several buslnerta buildings were par
tially wrecked. The big chicken pack
ing hoiiso was badly damaged. Thereof
roof of the electric power house was
blown away and the city was In total
darkness. The Humeston and Shenandoah -
doah roundhouao was badly torn. A
heavy rain has been falling Incessantly
alnre 4:30 : and the streeta In town are
Hooded. In the country the roads -aro
broad , running streams. The river IB
several miles wldo and pastures and
flelilB are Hooded , BO that cattle are
lost and corn destroyed. The railroad
tracks are covered with water and
tratllc Is nearly at a standstill. It Is
the heaviest rain and most violent
storm known hero In many years.
Havoc In Des Molnes Public Library.
Dos Molnes , Oct. 11. A heavy rain
storm deluged Dos Molnos last night ,
beginning about C o'clock and continu
ing through the early part of the night.
The rain was accompanied by the
sharpust thunderstorm of the year.
Thn Pnntrnl Prnuli vl orlnn nlmrnll ( n
he heart of the city , was struck by
Ightnlng and damaged. A building In
, vhlch Is situated the city library was
ot allro by lightning. The damage
lone to the books , chiefly by water , Is
great. Our Circle hall , occupied by
i Jewish club , was In the tipper story
nd was damaged about $5,000.
Tornado In Kansas.
Clifton. Kan. , Oct. 11. At 6:30 :
j'clock last night a tornado passed
wo miles south of this city , doing
much damage to buildings. The path
if the storm was about 80 rods wldo
ind everything was swept before It.
V ague reports of casualties are com-
ng In.
YtcCalla Sent Word That Spanish Fleet
Was Not at Clenfuegos.
Washington , Oct. 11. Just before
ho Schley court of Inquiry adjourned
yesterday Judge Advocate Lomly In-
reduced Lieutenant J. H. Holdon ,
ormorly watch officer on the Scorpion ,
as a witness. Lieutenant Holdon
signed the entry in the Scorpion's log ,
iving the particulars of the receipt of
a message for Commodore Schley from
he Eagle , which that vessel had
) roiight from Captain McCalla on May
19 , 189S , when the ( lying squadron ,
hen boitnt for Clonfuogos , foil In
with Captain McCalla's sub-squadron ,
which had Just left that port. The
government had sought to show by
: hls message Commodore Schley had
icon notified that the Spanish fleet
was not In the harbor of Clenfuegos ,
and Commander Southerland of the
Eagle had testified that he had mega
phoned to the Scorpion that there were
only a torpedo boat and several can-
nonl i os in that harbor. Captain
Lomly told the court that the log of the
Scorpion did not show the receipt of
the message In tills form , and that ho
was prepared to admit that the evi
dence did not carry that message to
Commodore Schloy.
Other witnesses of the day were
Lieutenant Commander W. H. Sheutze ,
who served on the Iowa , and Lieuten
ant A. W. Grant , who was on the Mas
sachusetts , who testified concerning
the general campaign of the Hying
squadron. Lieutenant -Edward F
Lelper concluded his testimony began
Situation at Colon Still Serious.
Kingston , Jamaica , Oct. 11. The
British steamer Barbadoan , which ar
rived hero yesterday , brought further
refugees from Colon , Colombia. They
say the situation theie Is still serious
that trade Is entirely crippled and that
they left Colon In order to avoid com
pulsory military service. They ad <
that a couple of days ago the rebels
commenced to attack a town near Co
Ion , but desisted owing to an orde
from the commander of the Unltei
States gunboat Maehlas. Another at
tack on Bocas del Tore Is feared.
Work Not Yet Begun on New Vessels
Washington , Oct. 11. Work on fou
battleships , the Virginia , Nebraska
New Jersey and Rhode Island ; two
armored cruisers , the South Dakota
and the California , and three protoctei
cruisers , the St. Louis , Mllwauke
and Charleston , the contracts fo
which wore let during last winter , ha
not begun yet , according to the repor
of the naval bureau of construction
made public yesterday , showing th
progress of the work on the vessels o
the navy.
Costly Blaze at St. Louis.
St. Louis. Oct. 11. Fire totally destroyed
stroyed the building and contents o
the St. Louis Cereal Sugar company ,
In Gratlot street , early this morning ,
with a loss estimated at $150,000.
The St. Louis Candy company , adjoin
ing , suffered a damage by smoke and
water of about $10.000 on building and
Animated Controveisy Over the Quci-
tlcn in Convention ,
Han I'VanclHco. Oct. II The trlen
nlil : convention ol the ICplm otnl |
I'litnvli of America accnmpllHhed mm h
routine work yoHtcnlay , but made Ill-
tic progress toward illHpimlnn of the
raium on marriage and dlvnnnlilili
ciiiiitup In committee of the w mle In
the huime of deputies. The popular
Interest In the subject wax e\ld < IK eil
li ) the crowded galleries. The fourth
nnil tiuml Important section of thu
iiion , which was adopted liy the
Islmpn , piactlcally forbidding the
uirrluKo of divorced persiuiH , was not
'ached. That the spirit of the Hunt
union amendment to the cntmtltutlon
lernilttliig iiiodllled forms of worahlp
till lives despite defeat , wan Hhown
> y the presentation In the IIOIIHO of
pputlt'H of a constitutional amend
tent couched In almost Itn exact Ian
tinge The. prlncliui } change Is the
doptlon of a resolution that no form
f worship allowed tiliull bo In conlllet
llh the canotiB of the church. It
as referred to a committee
Rev. E. D. McDonald of Ma.isaehu
etts. who presented the proponed
mendment , created quite a sensation
) > declaring In the course of hltt ro-
larks that he did not consider online
Ion necessary as a celebrant of holy
The house of bishops devoted mont of
lie day to consideration of the quail
cations of various persons who are
eslrotiB of filling the vacant mission-
ry bishoprics.
There was a missionary conference
ast night at Trinity church , the BOB-
Ion being devoted especially to the
vork In China and Japan.
General Wood Makes Favorable Re
port of Conditions In Island of Cuba.
Washington , OcL 11. The war do-
artmcnt has made public the annuiil
eport of Major General Wood , com-
minding the department of Cuba lor
he last Hscal year. General Wood
ays the general conduct of the Amor-
can troops In Cuba continues to bo
xcollent and , as heretofore ; com-
lalnts against them from civil author-
ties and Individuals are extremely
are. The total number of deaths of
ifllcerB and enlisted men during the
-car was 67 , a percentage of loss than
. .26. Yellow fever has now boon al
most driven from the Island , owing
o the energetic war on the mosquitoes
and the sanitary precautions adopted ,
lowovor , during the last summer
Ivo olllcora of General Wood's staff
vere taken 111 with yellow fever and
hree of them died. Among the head
quarters employes there were 48 vie-
IniB of yellow fever , with 11 deaths.
General Wood devotes a good part
if his report to a statement of the re
sults of the tests of the artillery In
ortllU at Ions left by the Spanish and
'summarizing these , he says : "The be-
mvlor of the guns and carriages was
athcr better than was expected by
he artillery olllcers. "
American Board Raises Over $100,000
to Wipe Out Debt.
Hartford , Conn. , Oct. 11. The re-
> ort of the committee on missions
prepared by the Rev. James L. Barton ,
orelgn secretary , was a feature of
yesterday's session of American board
of commissioners for foreign missions.
At the night session , after President
'apen had given the annual address on
A Million Dollars for Foreign Mis
sions , " Rov. Dr. Sparks Cadman began
an effort to raise $102,000 to wipe out
the debt of the board. After $1,000
or $2,000 had boon faiibscrlbod It was
asked If an unconditional gift of $1S ,
000 recently received by the board
could not be applied to the debt. Col
onel Hopkins , the vice president of the
board , said that the prudential com
mlttoo would do BO. The thousands
came in very fast after that , and $1' . " .
000 was pledged In one lump , provided
that the full amount be pledged. At
11 o'clock , after two hours of great
excitement. President Capen an
notinced that every dollar of the debt
had been wiped out. This was greetei
with the singing of the doxology.
Union Veteran Legion Elects.
Gettysburg , Pa. , Oct. 11. The bus !
ness sessions of the Union Voterai
Legion were hold yesterday. Among
the prominent speakers at the meet
Ings were General W. W. Dudley , ex
commissioner of pensions , and Cor
poral Tanner. Chicago was chosen a ?
the next place of meeting and the fo ]
lowing ofllcers were elected' Na
tlonal commander , J. Edwin Brown
Washington ; surgeon general , C. W
Stowe , Sallna , Kan.
President Roosevelt has remove (
from ofllco General Hays , the reglste
of the land ofllce at Burns , Or.
It has been determined at the wa
department to send troops to the Phi 1
Ipplnes to take the places of thos 1s
whoso term of enlistment expires.
Newmark Isaacs , who was seriously
burned by a powder explosion at West
ern Military academy. Alton , where itu >
was attending1 school , died of his In-
puries Thursday.
The Western Flint Glass Manufact
uring company of Eaton. Ind. . was
granted a temporary restraining order
to protect their property from btriKlug
union glass workers.
Bruises on the face and body of Ed
ward J. Colby , the Inventor who died
In Kankakee hospital for the insane ,
led to an Investigation by the police
department of Chicago.
/I /
Tonis &P
. A. MJlK.Uir. W 11 JOIINHON , . , „ „ , , . > , . .
The Citizens National Bank.
Cnpltnl , $50,000. Surplus , TJ ooo
liny Hint null nicliiuix" un ( lux ruuiilrj a nl nil piutx of Kurnl > " Hitrin l.imtm.
Director * . - ( ' , AHMDH. \ \ .
JOII.NHON , I HAH - > Im not , ' Vt IKIAAMII < . M
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: ( > iubur 20th.
W. H. BLAKEMAN , General Agent ,
Piano Manufacturing Comparv.
< SEE "
The Norfolk Buildinc and Loan Ass'n '
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