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Columbia Wins Decisive Vic-
i tory Over Shamrock II.
, Yankcc Bent Beats Its British Rival
by Two Minutes and Fifty-Two Seconds
ends Actual Time In Elghteen-Knot
Breeze Over Thirty-Mile Course.
Now York , Oct. \ . In a
whole sail breeze , which heeled the blR
cup contestimtH down until thulr Ice
rails were awash In the foaming seas ,
Herreschoff's white wonder , the Co-
lumbla , yesterday heat Watson's Ilrlt-
Ish creation , the Shamrock 11 , over a
triangular course of 30 miles , by two
minutes and flt'ty-two seconds actual
tlmo. With the 43 seconds which the
Irish sloop must allow the American
boat on account of her larger anil plan ,
the Columbia won the second race by
3 minutes 30 seconds. The fastest
race ever sailed in a cup contest , it
was not only a royal struggle from a
spectacular point of view , but It was
absolutely decisive as to the merits of
the two racing machines. There Is
not a yachting sharp who witnessed
the race who Is not firmly convinced
that the defender is the ablerwboat ,
blow high or blow low , beating , reachIng -
Ing , or running , and that Sir Thomas
and his merry British tars are doomed
to return home empty handed.
Again the ancient piece of silver ,
which was brought across the west
ern ocean 50 years ago , is safe.
Again American supremacy In marine
architecture has been vindicated. Sir
Thomas has been wishing for a breeze
that would bury Shamrock's lee rail
and yesterday he had It , Just as he had
a similar breeze In the concluding
race two years ago , when Columbia
in a driving finish beat the first Sham
rock over six minutes.
Breeze Was Strong and True.
The wind yesterday was strong and
true , blowing around 18 knots out of
the northwest , and at every point of
Bailing , except perhaps running before
the wind , In which the defender has
already taken the measure of the dial-
t longer , the Yankee sloop proved her-
abler than the Watson model.
From the tlmo she crossed the starting
line , one minute and thirty-four seconds
ends behind the mug hunter , until sno
picked up and passed the Irish boat ,
three miles after rounding the second
mark , Columbia's pace was faster and
ehe behaved better than her rival.
Reaching for the first mark , ten
miles down the Long Island shore ,
with the wind abaft the beam , she
gained 22 seconds. In the closer reach
for the stake she gained 30 seconds ,
and In the thrash to windward on the
leg home she gained exactly two min
Exciting All the Way.
Not , perhaps , as thrilling as the re
markable contest of last Saturday , yes
terday's race was , nevertheless , stir
ring from start to finish , and as a
marine spectacle It could hardly have
been surpassed. It was an ideal Octo
ber day at sea. There was Just enough
frostlness to clear the atmosphere and
make the whole course visible from
shore. The breeze from the land piled
up little swells , but It was strong
enough to whip the froth out of the
racing waves until It whitened the face
of the sea. The tall , canvas-clouded
racers heeled as the wind smote them
I ) until their crews could with difficulty
'ccop their footing on the slippery , slop-
'Ing decks and the spurting spray was
tossed 30 feet high as they shook their
lean noses free of the foaming crests.
On the thrash to windward their decks
were a smother of white and fountains
of foam circled away from their grace
ful bows.
Barr's Shrewd Trick.
The Yankee victory began with the
etart , when the crafty Barr , by a sys
tem of maneuvering , convinced his ad
I ( versary that he was trying to cross
i r. the line first. Captain Sycamore
promptly took the bait and , rushing
Ills boat Into position , sent her away
almost In the spoke of the gun.
Thereupon Captain Darr , having ac
complished his purpose , tacked about
tack of the line and held off for more
than a minute. Then with a flying
Etart ho went over Just before the
handicap gun was fired. Some of the
patriots were disappointed until the
experts explained that there was no
windward berth In a reach where the
boats could lay their course straight
for the mark and that the position
astern , where Darr could keep his eye
on every move of his rival , was the
commanding one. Ho could watch
Bycamoro llko a hawk , knowing that
ptvhon the gap between them was closed
the race was his.
1 For the first 13 miles no human eye
could tell which ship. If either , was
aining , so closely were they matched.
Hut gradually It became apparent that
the Columbia was overhauling the flyIng -
Ing challenger. Slowly , Inch by Inch
and foot by foot the white boat gained.
were going at a terrific pace.
Delirious Welcome to Victor.
' 'A few minutes after rounding the
Bccond mark , it was apparent that
the Columbia was footing faster and
pointing hlKhi-r. She went through
Shamrock's lee. llko a quarter horse.
FTho rush of the leviathans on the final
tack was magnificent. Excursion
boats , black with people , gathered
about the finish In a great hurseshoo.
'As the Columbia swept across the fin
ish the din was soul-destroying.
cor < uid steam sirem
walled. dro\\n.ig : the crashes of tliu
bands and the cheers of the people.
The concert of sound WIIH terrllle. I'n-
tll the gallant Shamrock , beaten , but
not disgraced , crossed a minute and
eighteen seconds later , whistles and
Elrens were kept going.
Episcopal Churchmen Get Down to
Work Missionary Offering ,
Snn Francisco , Oct. 4. In conjunc
tion with the opening of the triennial
convention of the Episcopal Church of
America yesterday was a thanksgiving
service In Grace church , at which the
missionary offering of the women's
auxiliary , amounting to $101lit'5 ' , was
presented. It was received with heart
felt expressions of thanks. The ses
sions of the convention were devoted
strictly to business. After the an
nouncement of the standing commit
tees , debate on the proposed amend
ments to the constitution was begun
and continued with much earnestness
until evening. The result of the day's
work was the addition of the first
seven articles which were proposed In
the "general convention of 1898. Ono
of the changes made pertains to mat
ters of church government. Largely
attended meetings of the women's aux
iliary completed the day's program.
Jacob Fisher Shoots His Son John
Dead in Family Quarrel.
Omaha , Oct. 4. Jacob Fisher shot
and killed his son , John , during a
drunken quarrel at Chllds' point ,
South Omaha , last evening. Iloth
father and son fish for a living and
have been camping out on the river
bank. A day or two ago someone cut
Jacob Fisher's tent and last night he
accused his son of the deed. The son ,
presumably in a jesting mood , assorted
that he had mutilated the tent. Without
waiting for any further remarks ,
Fisher senior picked up his shotgun ,
which he had handy , and fired at short
range at his son. The shot took effect
In the left breast , causing almost In
stant death. Fisher is In jail.
Five Persons Said to Have Been Killed
by Apaches.
Albuquerque , N. M. , Oct. 4. Word
was received today that a renegade
band of Apache Indians from the San
Carlos reservation are In the Mogollon
mountains , south of this city , and
that five persons have been killed by
them on Willow creek , near the old
warpath rendezvous of Vlctoro and
Geronimo a few years ago. Marshal
Foraker Is now at Silvery , and will go
to the scene of the killing before re
turning here.
Nebraska Day at Buffalo.
Buffalo , Oct. 4. Yesterday was Ne
braska day at the Pan-American expo
sition. In anticipation of the event ,
Nebraska's governor , E. P. Savage ,
his full staff and a number of distin
guished citizens of Nebraska arrived
hero Wednesday and spent the day at
the exposition. Exercises were held
In the Temple of Music , vocal and in
strumental features by residents of Ne
braska being presented.
Burlington Will Build to Salt Lake.
St. Paul , Oct. 4. The Pioneer Press
says : Semiofficial confirmation of the
numerous reports that the Burlington
will extend from Guernsey , Wy. , to
Salt Lake city has been obtained from
sources generally considered reliable.
It became known yesterday that a sur
vey of the line has been completed
and official announcement that the line
will bo built Is expected within a
Richard Nominated for Judge.
Boone , la. , Oct. 4. At the judicial
convention yesten't y afternoon J. H.
Richard of Hamilton county was nomi
nated on the 14th ballot for judge of
the Eleventh district.
Massachusetts Democrats nominated
Joslah Quincy for governor.
The Dawes commission is In session
at Vinita enrolling Cherokee citizens.
The total enrollment to date Is 3,586.
Copenhagen newspapers revive the
rumors that King Edward is In a seri
ous condition from cancer of the ton
The Belgian coal strike is rapidly
extending to all the coal pits on the
loft bank of the Mouse and has In
volved 10,000 strikers.
General George W. Getty , one of the
heroes of the Mexican war and the
war of the rebellion , Is dead at the fam
ily residence at Forest Glen , Md.
The state board of valuation assess
ment fixed the value of Kentucky whis
ky for the purpose of taxation at ? 10
per barrel for 1901. This Is an Increase
of $2 over 1900.
The engineers at the Pana water
works struck Thursday for an eight-
hour day. The electric light company ,
four coal mines and all the factories In
the city are affected.
The National Cattle Exhibitors' asso
ciation elected II. E. Gentry of So-
dalla. Mo. , president ; G. H. Dawson
of Iowa , secretary , and Morton Lover-
lug of Columbus , O. , treasurer.
Jim Jeffords and Peter Mnher met
at Lancaster , Pa. , Thursday In a Hlx
round go. No decision was given and
honors were about oven , with Jeffords
having perhaps a shade the better of
Martin B. Madden of Chicago Thurs
day made a statement to a personal
friend that ho had withdrawn as a can
didate for United States senator , but
would bo a candidate lor nomination to
congress ln _ 1903
Fanners' ConvcMition Will Urge
Claim Upon Congress.
Dr. Hcston of South Dakota Agricul
tural College Points Out Necessity
for Government Help National Re
sources the Only Means.
Sioux Falls , S. IX , Oct. 4. At yes
terday's session of the Fanners' Na
tional congress , I Jr. J. W. 1 teuton of
the South Dakota agricultural college.
In a paper on "Farmers' Opportun
ities , " discussed the necessity of gov
ernment aid for the reclamation of
the arid hinds of the west. He de
clared that private enterprise had al
ready accomplished all possible to bo
done and nothing further could bo ex
pected until the general government
came to Its aid. lie said that the gen
eral government had received $5- ( ) ( ) ( )
ooo.ooi ) from the sale of western lands
since 1S7. > and thought It not unrea
sonable to ask that $15.000.01)0 ) be ex
pended for ten years In the reclama
tion of lands capable1 of supporting
a population equal to the present pop
ulation of the United States. Ho de
clared that states could not deal with
the problem and nothing could be done
until the general government made
an appropriation , and he urged the
farmers' congress to press the matter
to the attention of congress.
The discussion developed the proba
bility that a resolution will be adopted
In favor of national legislation to aid
In the Irrigation of arid lands of the
At the afternoon session Professor
II. W. Campbell of Kansas delivered
an address on "Soil Culture In the
Semi-Arid West. " Hon. John II.
Brown of Indiana discussed "Ancient
American Forests. "
At the night session "Tho American
Girl and the Homo" was ably present
ed by Miss Bertha Dahl of Laws ,
Minn. Hon. M. F. Greely of South
Dakota delivered a carefully prepared
address on "Farm Home and Life. "
Hossack Murder Case.
DCS Moincs , Oct. ! . The Hossack
murder case from Warren county , In
which Mrs. Hossack Is under sentence
for life imprisonment for murder , will
not be submitted to the supreme court
at this term. The attorneys for the
prisoner filed additional papers In re
gard to the case , denying some portions
tions of the abstract of evidence. The
attorney general will flic a motion for
a continuance In the case and ask that
It be laid over for another term.
Uncle Sam May Send Warships.
London. Oct. 4. "The United
States government is determined to
exact full revenge upon everyone con
cerned , " says the Constantinople cor
respondent of the Dally Tele
graph , "and if anything happens to
Miss Stone it will not hesitate to ask
permission to bring a fleet through the
Dardanelles to get at Bulgarian ports
on the Black sea and to force the Bul
garian government to act against the
Macedonian committee.-
Found Near McKinley Vault.
Akron , O. , Oct. 4. A man , badly
hurt from a gunshot wound , was
found In the tall grass near the woods
at Mogadore , north of Canton , last
night. Friends removed him toward
Cuyahoga Falls before he could be
Identified. It Is supposed he was shot
during the supposed attack upon the
McKinley vault Sunday night. He
and two men who carried him off had
the appearance of anarchists.
Start Monster Power Plant.
Watertown , N. Y. , Oct. 3. The
water has been turned Into the plant
of the St. Lawrence Power company at
Massena , In the northern part of St.
Lawrence county , and started the larg
est power producing plant In this coun
try. Even the Niagara Falls power
plant Is surpassed by this ono , both
in the amount of power produced and
as an engineering achievement.
Suicide at Carroll.
Carroll , la. , Oct. 4. After scores of
threats and two attempts at suicide ,
one by means of parls green , Henry
Fischer , aged 21 years , succeeded In
accomplishing his own death by shootIng -
Ing himself in the side with a shotgun.
He had become engaged In a dispute
with his father and brother and at Its
conclusion young Fischer expressed
his Intention of taking his life.
Not Ready for Colleran Trial.
Chicago , Oct. 4. When Captain
Luke Colleran , chief of detectives ,
was placed on trial before the civil
service commissioners yesterday coun
sel on behalf of the city asked for
a continuance , which was granted un
til Tuesday. The non-appearance of
several Important witnesses necessi
tated the delay. Colleran Is charged
with neglect of duty.
Clark's Wyoming Camp.
Cheyenne , Oct. 4 Senator W. A.
Clark , the Montana copper king , has
located nearly 5,000 acres of valuable
coal lands In the vicinity of Meotcotso ,
on the Grey Bull river , 10 miles south
of Cody , In the Big Horn country , and
will at once open from eight to twelve
mines and ship the product to Montana
and other states In the northwest.
British Suffer Severe Losses.
QclU 4Th latent SoiUU
Urlmn i usually list Hhow that the
UuhtliiK In I lie attack < > n Colonel Ki-lto-
uh'H i innp , ill MoiMlwIII , Sept 11 ! ! ,
piil "ir.ililHh \ \ nlllceni out ol action
Four wrie Killed outright , or died of
\ \ omuls. nin1 2. More wounded. Col
onel KrKi'w'i'li ' was \\oundcd ne\orelj
hut IH ( loinu wulV
Had Served Eleven Months In Nebras
ka Penitentiary as a Man.
Lincoln , Oct. 4.For II moullui the
olllchilH at ( lie Nebraska titulc pcnltcn
llnry have mipponcd tbnt a primmer ,
I Mown an lluii MiiiUn , was a man
The discovery Hint the convH IH a
\\onian and that her real IH
Lcim Marl In. Ian been made by the
prison ph.\silnn | ami became Uno\\u
IIIHI night Shu was nrroHted. tried
iinil com hied at Sprlugvlow , Ke\a
I'aha count > , as n man. a year ago
for horse Hiciillng. lloeontly her cell
mate lutliualed to the guanlH that an
InvcHtlgiitloii uoulil not be barren of
developments. This was niiido when
the prison physician called to attend
her. She has donned WOIUIIII'H clolhen
and will nerve out the remainder of her
three year sentence. She Hoemcd to
take It UH a , | ol < o when the discovery
was made. Her mother lives near
Springvle\\ . she is III ) years of age
largo and coarsely built for a woman
She comes Ironi a ranch country and
was not known by her nearest neigh
bors , I0 ! miles away.
Delegates to Woman's Christian Tem
perance Convention Go on Record.
Omaha , Oct. ! . - By unanimous vote
the delegates to the state convention
of the Women's Christian Temperance
union re-elected their state officers
yesterday at Kount/.e Memorial
church. The ofllcoi-H are as follows-
Mrs. S. M. Walker of Lincoln , presi
dent ; Mrs. Dora V. Wheelock of Su
perior , vice president ; Mrs. Mary D.
llussoll of Lincoln , corresponding sec
retary ; Mrs. Modoru I ) . Nickers of
Beatrice , recording secretary ; Mrs.
Eiisobln M. Cobb of York , treasurer.
During the next year the union will
wage war upon cigarettes. Copies of
the state laws concerning the sale of
tobacco will he posted In public places
and an attempt will bo made to en
force the measures to n letter.
Street fairs have also fallen under
the bnn of the union and an attempt
will bo made to rid thorn of their ob
jectionable features. An attempt will
also be made by the union to do away
with the army canteen.
Charged With Aiding Jury Briber to
Escape at Chicago.
Chicago , Oct. 4. Four men , three
prominent attorneys and a well known
railroad detective , were Indicted yes-
terdfiy on the charge of conspiracy In
aiding and abetting Bailiff James
Lym h , Indicted lor attempt , il Jury
bribing , to escape. Tno men indicted
were Attorneys Alexander Sullivan ,
counsel for the Union Traction com
pany , successor to the West Chicago
Street Hallway company , ngalnrt
which corporation the suits were orig
inally brought ; Edward Maher , Fred-
crick St. John and George P. Murray ,
chief of detetctlves for the Illinois
Central Railroad company. The In
dictments are said to have been made
on the evidence of Lynch , who re
turned Tuesday , and. It Is said , turned
stale's evidence. Lynch was arrested
In December. 1898 , charged with offerIng -
Ing a bribe to Juror Chris Hawtho'ne.
who was serving In a personal Irjury
Big Company Cuts Prices in Territory
Where It Is Produced.
New York , Oct. 4. The Journal of
Commerce says : President H. O.
Havemeyer of tlie American Sugar Ke
nning company was at his office this
week for the first time since his ill
ness and It has been learned that ono
of his first official acts was to author
ize one of the most spectacular reduc
tions In refined sugar prices that has
ever before boon made. This was the
reduction announced in Tuesday's dis
patches. It applies only to the sec
tions of the country In which beet
sugar competes.
The cut in price at Missouri river
points was to 31-2 cents per pound
'net for granulated. On Tuesday the
net quotation was 5.03 cents. In other
words , Mr. Havomeyer has authorized
a cut slightly in excess of 1 1-2 cents
per pound.
More Linemen Go Out.
Chicago , Oct. 4. Advices from near
ly every town of Importance In north
ern Illinois are that the linemen arc
out. All construction work Is at a
standstill. No acts of violence or cut
ting of wires have been reported , how-
over. The linemen at Elgin arc the
latest to quit work. Though satisfied
with th wages and hours , they obeyed
the gcnei-al order to n man and nro
now den nndliig an Increase of 50
cents a day. An effort will be made to
day by Chairman F. M. Job of the
state board of arbitration for arbitra
tion. A sympathetic strlko on the
street railroad lines and against the
electric lighting companies Is also
threatened ,
Shaw Speaks at Indianola.
Indlanola. la. , Oct. 4. Governor
Shaw made his first campaign speech
nt Indlanola last night. The governor
devoted much of his tlmo to national
iHstics. touching briefly upon the ques-j
tlou of taxation and promising in a' '
later address to submit observational
which will cover every phase of this' '
subject. I
Norfolk ,
The Citizens National Bank.
Cnpltnl , $50,000. Surplus , $5 ooo.
Buy ntiit mill niclmimn < > n thin ro'intrj nii'l nil imrtH tit Kur < ii > Hiirtu Umrin
Illreclnri < un. VHMI'H ' , W II. JUII.NHON , iun llu imi < V , HiuANrii ' . i
' ? *
a Ivors < - \ . ' * - stiii" M.n . ' , IHTV.
The Piano Husker and Shredder. The Jones Hay Rake. s >
The Jones Lever Under , The Janes Mower.
Jhe Jones Steel Header , The Jones Reaper.
ThiH machine haw unlimited capacity , weighing ( JtOO : pounds ; will handle all
tr o corn t.'iut can hi ) delivered to It. It shn d tht ) fodder perfectly , leaving the
ear uninjured. It ban 2.7 , ' knivcH on the Hhred'lHr-heiid ' which PIIHH the shredding
Hpaco 3,000 times each minnte This mnchino will Im on exhibition nt the Piano
headquarters wnst of the Oreightou depot in Norfolk , Nubr , on and after Sep
tember 30th.
W. H. BLAKEIYIAN , General Agent ,
Piano Manufacturing Comparv.
-C - SEE
The Norfolk Building and Loan Ass'n '
C. B. DURLAND , Secretary.
. . .
Union Pacific K. R. Co.
Oregon Short Line K. W. Co
. ,
OreK < m& Navigation K K. Cci
One Hundred and Fifty Miles Along the
Columbia River by Daylight.
14 Hours Quicker to Portland V'a '
F. W , JUNEMAN , Agent.