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The Norfolk Hetu
W. N. UUHK. 1'ubllnnor.
KMnlilltlifiit. iv-sl.
j tlnr oxrpjit Snmlny. lly rnrnor t > or
, 15 cmiti > . II ) mnll | mr yonr. IJ * CO.
WKIKI.Y : M\vs..iotMiN.\i. : .
Tlin.tiiiirnn1 , cMiilillrlinl ! 77.
Kvery 1'rlilny. Hr tnMl i > nr jrnr , $ I.M ) .
Ktilorpil nt Ilin I'oMoMIco nt Norfolk , Hol > . , IIP
ppcoiul rlnri innttnr.
Killlorlnl Drimrtmnul , No. 22 ;
ll Jill ) Iloiiiiip. No. S22.
For -Imluo ( if tlio Huir niQ Court -
a. II. HumuiiK
I'or lW tit > o ( tlm Btnto UnlxorMtj
0. J. KUNHT . Utirnlii
II. I. , Ootit.l )
Republican County Convention.
Tim ropulillcmi alnrtnrn nf Miullpnti roiuily ,
Nnlirnhl.ii , urn rpiiioilml ) to HUH ! ilolpuntit * ( rum
llinnnrnUotitiK prrr note to moot lu rimtnii.
Him nt lUttlo Crook , Nolirntkii , Snit | 21W \ .
nt 11 o'clock ii. in. , lor tlio iniriKiM ) n ( iiliicinu
liiiioiiiliinllon oun riiuilliliilo for ouch of tlio
fnllouliiK olllci'n
County IrnitKiirnr , ronnty clorlf. comity Juilun
rniuity tiit < OMiitoiiilniit. roiuity f Inn I II , count )
mrvojor , ronut ) roronar. c tinty coiniuU
loner of llm Hccoiiil ilintHct. Aim for tlm
trnimiclkm of tucli Oilier Imilmum UK may lie
In orilnr.
Tlm fOMirnl iirpcinctH urn imtltloil to r | tro
condition IIH follow * , tlm ii | > tuirtlonmmit lining
IIIIUM ! on tliiMiitnciifl for William KIcKlnlnj
for iirwlilntit nl tlio nlnrtlon of Novninlmr ( Jill
WO , toning oniiliil Kiitii nl law forimiih voting
lirpclurl , mid onii ilulivuto for ouch l\Mint >
or nuitnr ( mrM'tn lliornof
_ _
tK itiuoimmmiluil linn intuMiiui iirmmriitf
tin hnlil on Hntiinl ) , Snit | , II ; Hint no iiroilnf.
( HI nllouml Mini Hint iliili'Kiitoti im-cmit cnt > t tlm
full \olii of tlm iluU'uiitinn ,
Sucrt'tury. C.liulrmiui.
The rain will favor those who con-
template planting trees tliiH fall.
PerhapH it would not bo safe to Hti\t (
tliiH early in tlio game that next season's
crop is assured.
The county fair opium at Madison
Tuesday and will nlVord the people ot
the county a flno opportunity to form
now nc'.tinintnncoH and renew old ones
Everybody should bo there at least one
The United States continued to fnrn
ish proof that it is in the real estutt
business. The government has dispose !
of 200,000 acres during the past fiscal
your. It's transactions arc at such
prices nnd so enormous that individual
dealers cannot hope to auccessfully com
The prohibitonists uoinlilntod foi
judge of the snjiromo court , " \V. Bert
Clark of Ashland and for regents Mrs
S. M. Walltor of Lincoln and A. Al
Dilworth of Johnson county. What
' kind of a campaign the party contem
, 't plates is not stated but the loaders will
probably endeavor to see that thn votes
polled for the candidates exceed in num
ber the delegates attending tlio conven
An exchange contains a lengthy arti
cle on "tho curse of prosperity. " Then-
is a cue for the fusion papers that have
found it impossible to deny that there
is prosperity. They should now pro
ceed to show that republican good times
area curse to the people and therefore
undesirable. At the EIUUO tiuio they
should bo careful that such arguments
are not convertible to the nso of the
trusts and corporations as an excuse for
bearing down a little harder on the
Ancient Protection Argument.
The following mixed argument for
protection , sound money and temper
mice has been discovered by the Ameri
can Economist which says that English
Btntesmon were pretty sound protection
ists two or three and oven four cent
urics ago and that is why England be
came the richest country in the world.
The document from which this was
taken was published in London Ibs
years ago and is an argument against
French competition. "With the "f"
changed to an "b" the argument is not
unlike protectionists sometimes use
nowadays ;
"Tho French did always outdo us in
ly' ' price of Labour : Their commoi. People
live upon Roots , Cabbage , and other
Herbage ; four of the largo Provinces
inblift entirely upon Choftnuts jaud the
baft of them eat Bread made of iJarley ,
Millet , Turkey and black Corn ; fo that
S their Wages ufed to bo fmall in Coin-
parifon with ours.
"Hut of late Yean , their Crown Pieces
.1 being made of the fame Value as ours ,
nnd rais'd from fixty to one hundred
Sols ; and the Manufacturers , Servants ,
Soldiers.Day-Labourers.aud other work
ing people , earning no more bols or
Pence by the day than they did form
erly , the Price of Labour is thereby fo
much leffeu'd that one may ailirm for
5 Truth , they have generally their Work
done for half the Price we pay for ours.
For although Provifious be as dear at
Paris aa they are at London , 'tis certain
that in moft of their Provinces they are
very cheap ; and that they buy Beef and
Mutton for half the Price we pay for it
"But the Price of Meat and Wheat
doth little concern the poor Manufact
urers ; as they generally drink nothing
but Water , and at heft a fort a Liquor
they call Beuerage ( which is Water
paffl'd through the Husks of Grapes after
the wino IH drawn otV ) they favo a great
deal upon that account ; For'tis well
known that our IVoplo fpond Half of
their Money In Drink. "
Dr. Tanner is having a line porch
built on his dwelling.
Howtill A very of Tilden visited with
lolatives hero Tuesday.
John Ott , who lives four miles south
west , is building u new dwelling.
Mr. and Mr. D. A. Gallon went to Ft.
Wayne , Indiana , their old home , Ttu-H-
Fred Kyi , Herman Kyi and A. Schott
were bunineKB visitors in Norfolk Tues
Henry Hilgen and Clus. Langhoop of
Piori-o were visiting hero , Sunday , with
Fred Willis went back to the normal
school at Wayne , Monday , to take up
hiH studies.
MiHH Ada White of Meadow Grove
visited hero Sunday with B. F. lleit/--
man and family.
Mr. and Mrs. JC-PHO Martin are occupy
ing the upstairs of the Hurford build
ing on Main street.
There wcro three children christened
at , the Lutheran church by the Huv.
Mr. Hofman Sunday.
The ball game between llattlo Crook
and WariHTvlllo huro Sunday ended 20
to I in favor of Battle Creek.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hall , who have
been visiting relatives for about a week ,
wont homo Monday to Leigh.
Tlio C.tbons1 State bank of this place
had a new plank sidewalk laid to the
onHt of their building thia week.
Miss Ethel BraiHhor of Oshkosh , Wls.
arrived hero Saturday for a visit will
her undo and aunt , Mr. and Mrs. .loin
S. lirniHhor.
Miss Bertha Kodemeior of Hampton
Iowa , who has been visiting wit !
friends hero for about hix months , wen
homo Tnoudiiy.
Miss Mattie Ingoldsby has gone to the
state normal at Peru to finish her course
and Miss Jennie Ingoldsby went to the
Fremont normal.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Heikofski of
Warnorvillo visited hero Tuobduy with
Mrs. UoikofHki'H parents , Mr. and Mrs.
Gottlieb Honsoloit.
Miss Lir/.io Kans , who has been in
Mrs. H. Hoif's millinery store siuco
January , has boon called homo to
Hampton , Iowa , on account of the sick
ness of a sister.
B. U. Barnes of Groonlc.xf , Kansas ,
arrived Sunday for an extended visit
with his brother , W. A. , and sisters ,
Mrs. Leo Braun , Mrs. S. H. Thatch ,
and his aged mother.
Cyrus Johnson of Stauton county ,
who has boon hero as an expert for the
Duoring harvesters this season , is going
to make this his permanent homo. Ho
and A. M. Lovelace are going into the
pump and tubular well business.
The schools opened again Monday ,
Prof Vantino , principal of the High
school , is well pleased with the enroll
ment , and the Lutheran school , under
the management of Prof. Dooriug , is
also well attended.
Four graduates of the High school are
teaching , as follows : Miss Nellie Craig
in the Schott school house , Miss Lottie
Knesol in the Bulllngton district , Miss
Lizzie Zimmerman in the Horn neigh
borhood and Miss Mob Bentley in the
Blarkloy school.
Robert Zohner has gene to the
Lutheran college at Addisou , 111. , and
after a two-years' course will bo a
teacher in the Lutheran schools. Al
bert Hofmau went Tuesday to the
Lutheran teachers seminary at Seward ,
which ho has been attending for two
K. , i : . & M. V. It. . U. Chonii KxcurHloiiM.
July 1 to September ; ! 0 , special sum.
mor rates to Utah.
July 1 to August 1)1 ) , special excursion
to Colorado and Utah.
Eveiy day until October ! il , Pan-
American exposition rates to Buffalo ,
N. Y.
Will bo glad to furnish particulars of
above cheap excursions and talk over
routes and connections via the old re
liable Northwestern Line.
H. 0. MATKAU ,
Stood Death Off.
E. B. Muuday , a lawyer of Henrietta ,
Tex. , once fooled a grave digger. Ho
says : "My brother was very low with
malarial fever and jaundice. I nor-
suaded him to try Electric Bitters , and
ho was soon much bettor , but continued
their ube until ho was wholly cured. I
am sure Electric Bitters saved his life "
This remedy expels malaria , kills
disease germs and purifies the blood ;
aids digestion , regulates liver , kidneys
and bowels , cures constipation , dys
pepsia , nervous diseases , kidney
troubles , female complaints ; gives per-
feet health. Only 50o at A. II. Kiesau.
A Pocket Cold Cure.
Kranso's Cold Cure is prepared in
capsule form and will cure cold in the
head , throat , chest or any portion of the
body in 2 J hours. You don't have to
slopwork either. Price 2.r > o. Sold by
Geo. B. Christoph
Helps young ladies to withstand the
shock of sudden proposals , that's what
Rocky Mountain Tea has done. S.lo.
Made by Madison Medicine Co. Gco.
B. Christoph.
Order your engraved vibitiug cards at
THE NEWS ollice 100 cards and plate
$1.50 ; 00 cards and plate $1.
Chief Executive Visits Pan-
American Exposition.
His Speech In the Esplanade Is Heart
ily Applauded President's Day
Draws Record-Breaking Attendance
at the Dig Show.
Buffalo , Sopt. C. PrcHldont's day at
the Tan American t-xpoaltlon ran its
courao under every aiiHplclouH condi
tion and WIIH uttomlud with every
clrcuniHtnnco In Keeping with ita high
Import. President McKlnlcy , with
Mru. McKlnluy by his sldo and sur
rounded by eminent persona of Ills of-
flclal rank In the Hcrvlco of this and
foreign countilcB , faced n vaut throng
of iieoplo In the Esplanade at noun
yesterday nnd delivered an address
that brought forth the thunderous np-
plause of the multitude. Never before
IIIIB such a crowd gathered within
the exposition groiimlH. The pcoplu
were packed In the Esplanade to the
point of Huffocatlon. The president's
refertncoB to the name of Blalno na
the man Inst'paiably ' aHHOclated with
the 1'an-Amt'ilcan movement , the
BtatoMiciitH that reciprocity trcatlea
and trndo nrnuigeinentB which will not
Interrupt our homo production
are In harmony with the uplift of the
tlinoB , that the American people must
build thu Isthmian canal nnd the Pa-
clllc cubic and encourage our mer
chant inarlno service and that isola
tion lu no longer possible or desirable
were particularly well received. The
prosldent'8 progress through the
Ktounda to the Stadium , and thcnct
to the various exhibits of Canada and
the South American exhibits wa one
continuous ovation.
The president visited the grounds
again in the evening to witness the
fireworks , returning to the home of
Mr. Milburn at 9 o'clock. Today the
president nnd about 100 invited gticsta
will visit Niagara Falls.
Defeat American Team at Sea Girt
by Twenty-eight Points.
Now York , Sept. 0. The Canadian
and American rlllcmcn had a long ses
sion on the state rllle range at Sea
Girt in the contest for the Centennial
Palma trophy , emblematic of the
championship , and the Canadians
won by a margin of 28 points. The
utmost good fellowship prevailed dur
ing the match , which was very close
up to the last stage. Tlie comlitions
of the contest culled for the use of the
national arm of the country represented
by the teams , so that It was practical
ly a duel between the American Krag-
Jorgensen and the English Lee-Entleld
weapons. The Canadians used ortho-
scoplc sights , while the Americans
had service sights. The shooting done
by at least one of the American team
was u revelation to their opponents.
Many of the Ulster men who saw It
had nothing but the highest praise for
the exhibition given by Lieutenant
Lcizor of Washington , who made the
highest collective nnd best Individual
score In the match , which was shot In
three stages , 800 , 900 nnd 1,000 yards.
The total scores were : Canadians ,
1.522 ; ttnerlcans , 1.494.
Threaten Injunction Proceedings.
New York. Sept. G. A special to
the World from Boston says that
Thomas W. Fnrnsworth , as chairman
of CO American citizens , has sent to
the New York Yacht club a letter pro
testing against the right of that organ
ization to exclude the Independence
from entering the trial races , and
threatening , In the event of the Sham
rock II lifting the cup , to ask an In
junction from the United States court
to prevent the club from turning over
the cup to Sir Thomas Llpton.
Think Constitution the Better Boat.
Bristol , R. I. , Sept. C. The an
nounccment of the selection of the
Columbia to defend the cup was a
great surprise to President II. B.
Hcrreshoff of the Hcrreshoff company ,
but he declined to discuss the commit
teo's action. The news waB received
with great regret In Bristol. It Is
the general feeling here that the Con
stltutlon Is the better boat , and that ul
tlnmtely she would prove herself to
bo all right.
As Viewed In London.
London , Sept. 6. The selection of
the Columbia to defend the America's
cup Is a matter of great satisfaction
to the British press. The chances of
the race are now regarded as even ,
but there Is no disposition to express
overcontldence in the result. It is
generally conceded that the Constitu
tion might still have proved the faster
boat had there been sufficient time for
further experiments and tuning up.
Lord Derby Defeats Boralma.
Hartford. Conn. , Sept. G. A big
crowd at Charter Oak park yesterday
witnessed the defeat of Thomas Law-
son's celebrated gelding Boralma by
C. J. Hamlln's Lord Derby. The race
between these two was one of the
finest of the year and It was only after
five heats had been trotted that the
Boston favorite's colors were lowered.
Best time. 2:001-2. :
Jlmlnez Smashes Record.
Chicago , Sept. C. Two records were
broken at Harlem yesterday , one of
them a world's mark for a mile and
70 yards , which distance was covered
by Jlmlnez , in the third race. In
1:424-5. : In the fourth , Nellie Waddell -
dell covered four furlongs In the Sap
ling stakes in 47 1-5 , heating the former -
er track record of 47 1-2.
Notifies Passenger Association It laNe
No Longer Bound to Rate Schedule.
St. LoiilB , Sopt. G. General Passen
ger Agent Crane of the Wnuash has
notified Chairman McLcod of the
Western Passenger association that
the \ValmnIi no longer considers itself
bound by the ruling of Arbitrator Mar
tin In the matter of rates to bo charged
from Kansas City to Buffalo nnd points
thereof by Its fast mall train via Han
nibal. The Wahush takes the ground
that Its competitors have not ob
served the spirit of that ruling nnd
are not living up to the agreed basis
for rates eastbound from Kansas City.
In Helf-protcctlon , therefore , the Wa-
Hh will charge the differential rate
from Kansas City by Its fast short
line train to Buffalo and points be
yond when circumstances justify It.
Song Rekindles Spark of Reason.
Denver , Sept. G. Miss Elizabeth
Damme , the demented musician who ,
prior to her loss of reason , acquired
fame on two continents , Is on the road
to recovery In the Arapahoe county
hospital , through the chance visit of u
musician , who , in an adjoining room ,
sang several airs from "Tho Bohemian
Girl. " From that time dated her re-
coveiy. The doctors are giving her
close scrutiny , as they cannot under
stand that after a year's Incarcera
tion the spark of reason should be re
kindled In such a strange manner.
Baseball Results Yesterday.
National League Boston , G ; St.
LnulB , G. Now York , 1-7 ; Plttsburg ,
15-in. Brooklyn , 3 ; Cincinnati , 2.
Philadelphia. 7 ; Chicago . American
League Chicago , 4-7 ; Washington ,
3-9. Milwaukee , 2 ; Boston , 4. De
troit , 9-2 ; Phlladolpln , 11-9. Cleveland ,
3 ; Baltimore , 1. Western League
DCS Molnes , 10 ; Omaha , 0. St. Joseph ,
4 ; Kansas City , 5. St. Paul , 5 ; Min
neapolis , G. Colorado Springs , 3 ; Den
ver , 5.
Japan Anxious to Fight Russia.
Indianapolis , Sept. G. Bishop John
McKIm of Toklo , Japan , bishop of the
active foreign missions of the Episco
pal church , Is visiting his brother here.
He said : "Japan Is exceedingly anx
ious to fight Russia. Of the people of
the mikado's realm nlnetcen-twen-
tlcths are eager to fight and if it were
not for Japan's foolish pride about
borrowing money she could win in a
struggle with Russia. "
Chicago Great Western Statement.
Chicago , Sept. G. At the annual
meeting of the Chicago Great Western
railway held hero yesterday all the
old oIHcers were re-elected. The an
nual statement for the year ending
June 30 shows : Gross receipts , $7-
013,801 ; operating expenses , ? 4S31-
Strikers Use Winchesters.
Earllngton , Ky. , Sept. 6. The tipple
of the Carbondale Coal company was
flred Into yesterday , some 30 shots
being flred. The shooting was done
with Winchesters. Two railroad
trestles wore burned last night , de
stroying the connection of the Crab-
tree nnd Carbondale mines with the
main line of the Illinois Central. The
mines are closed for want of men.
' Several residents in the vicinity of
Mound City , Ills. , report having seen
a wild man In the woods between that
town and Beech wood. He flees at the
sight of other human beings , and Is
sold to have outrun fleet horses ridden
by pursuers.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Madison
county , Nebraska Juliana L. Oleson ,
plaintiff , vs Mary A. Smith , defendant.
Mary A. Smith , the above named de
fendant , will take notice that on the
2'Jth day of July , I'.KH , the above named
plaintiff liled a petition in the district
court of Madison county , Nebraska ,
against you , as defendant , the object
aud prayer of which are to have can
celled and satisfied of record , a certain
mortgage on the northeast quarter ( ne
ki ) of section twenty-four (24) ( ) in town
ship twenty-three (23) ( ) north , range
three (3) ( wect of the flrrt. P. M. Madi
son county , Nebraska , dated September
2Sth , 1895 , duo in about three years from
its date , and made by plaintiff to W. H.
Buchol/ , guardian , but which said mort
gage , since September , 1897 , has been
and is now owned by yon , and the same
has been fully paid by the plaintiff.
You are required to answer said peti
tiou on or before the Kith day of Sep
teiiiber , 1001.
JULIANA L. OLESOX , Plaintiff.
Road Notice.
To all whom it may concern : The
commissioner appointed to locate a road
commencing at the southeast corner of
the northeast quarter of section 4 , town
ship 2,1 north , range 1 west of Gth p. in. ,
and running thence webt 100 rods more
or less intersecting with public roads
known as the Norfolk aud Madison and
Norfolk and Battle Creek roads , and
terminating at a point not far east of
southwest corner of said quarter section ,
in Madison county , Nebraska , has re
ported m favor of the establishment
thereof , and all objections thereto , or
claims for damages , must be filed in the
county clerk's oillce on or before noon
of the Kith day of October , A.D. 11)01 ) , or
snoh road will bo established without
reference thereto. PIUL. BAVOH ,
County Clerk.
To nil whom it may concern : The
commissioner appointed to locate a road
commencing at'the northeast corner of
section five (6) ( ) township twenty-four
(24) ( ) north , range two (2) ( ) west Cth p. m.
in Madison county , Nebraska , running
thence south three (3) ( ) miles and termi
nating at the southeast corner of section
seventeen (17) ( ) , township twenty-four
(24) ( ) north , range two (2) ( ) west of Oth p.
m. , has reported in favor of the establish
ment therof , and all objections thereto ,
or claims for damages , must be filed in
the county clerk's cilice on or before
noon of the 17th day of September A. D.
11)01 ) , or such road will ho established
without reference thereto.
County Clerk.
+ * ; I
AUGUST 20,1901.
Our Second Invoice of Jthe |
I New Fall Creations received |
: | today. They are worthy your |
i | inspection.
< > '
* * + *
. . , .
; W. H. HDCHOLZ Proelilont. .
Norfolk ALHXANDKIt E. W. ZUTZ , Caehior. HEAIl. Vice PrealdttU
National Bank.
Capital , $100,000.00
Surplus , $20,000.00
Does a General Banking Business ,
Buys and Sells Exchange.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
DraftB and Money Orders Sold on any Point In Buropa.
A General Steamship and Foreign Passage Business Transacted.
A. BEAU , F. P. I1ANLON. F. J. 11ALE , W. U . BOOHOfcZ , WM. ZDTZ
Exclusive agent lor the Celebrated Sweetwater Rock Spring Coal the
best in the market.
Scranton Hard Coal in all sizes. TELEPHONE 61.
The Norfolk Building and Loan Ass'n
C. B. DURLAND , Secretary.
KoHil Notice.
To all \vhouijit may concern : The
commissioner appointed to locate a road
commencing on the north side of n draw
at the northwest corner of section
eighteen (18) ( ) , township twenty-one (21) ( )
north , range (1) ( ) , west of Cth p. m. in
Madison county , Nebraska , running
thence east two (3) ( ) miles , passing
around on the north side of n bend in
Union creek in the southwest quarter
of section seven (7) ( ) , township twenty-
one (21) ( ) , range one (1) ( ) , and terminat
ing at the northeast corner of section
seventeen (17) ( ) , township twenty-one
(21) ( ) north , range one (1) ( ) , west of Cth p.
m. , has reported in favor of the estab
lishment thereof , and all objections
thereto , or claims for damages , must be
filed in the county clerk's office on or
before noon of the 17th day of Septem
ber A. DM 1901 , or such road will be es
tablished without reference thereto.
County Clerk.
\Vheu yon want a pleasant physic try
the new remedy , Chamberlain's
Stomach nnd Liver Tablets. They are
easy to take and pleasant in effect.
Price 25 cents. Samples free at the
Kiesan Drug Co.
Chas. Roplogle of At water , O. , was
unable to work on account of kidney
trouble. After using Foley's Kidney
Cure four days ho was cured. A. H.
Itoiul Notice.
To all whom it may concern : The
commissioner appointed to locate a road
commencing nt the southwest corner of
section twenty-nine (20) ( ) , township
twenty-tour (21) ( ) north , range one (1) ( )
west of Gth p. in. in Madison county ,
Nebraska , running thence north one (1) ( )
mile and terminating at the northwest
corner of section twenty-nine (20) ( ) eame
township and range , has reported in
favor of the establishment thereof , and
all objections thereto , cr claims for dam
ages , must bo filed in the county clerk's
otllco on or before noon of the 24th day
of September A. D. , 1001 , or such road
will be established without reference
thereto. Pi"L BAUCII ,
County Clerk.
Osteopnthlc Physician.
Office Room , i and 3 , bishop Dlock.
Dleontee , IxHh ncuto and chronic , successful.
ly treated without the ueo of druss or knifo. I
will bo iitsibted in my olllco by my wife , Stella
HonRlniid. All culls promptly answered nt
your residence or nt my oillce.
Office Hours :
9:00 : to 12:00 : a. m. i:3o : 104:30 p , m.
Manicuring ,
Shampooing ,
TELEPHONE No , 447 ,
Rooms on North Ninth Street.
W , 0 , Hall's Barter Shop ,