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Intervenes in the South Amer
ican Trouble.
Sends Well Equipped Army and Ves
sels of War Against Colombia Evi
dently Intends to DC Active In Reb
els' Interests.
Washington , Sept. G. A cablegram
was received lioro yesterday from an
authoritative source In Callao , Colom
bia , near the Ecuadorean border , stat
ing that Ecuador had Intervened aa
against Colombia with an army well
equipped anil with vessels of war.
Under these circumstances the cable
gram states that It will be necessary
to meet the move of Ecuador by hav
ing Colombian war vessels in Pa'clflc
II waters near the Colombian-Ecuador
The Information In the ? cablegram
\f \ f Is considered clear evidence of Ecua-
I * I dor's Intention to Join forces with the
| > rebellious element on the Isthmus of
[ ' / Panama. Until now Ecuador has
maintained strict neutrality , but thoM
M cablegram received yesterday la-
In. catcs that the first overt move against
; jf Colombia has been made.
Methodists at London Will Not Listen
i to Reading of Archbishop's Note.
London , Sept. G. The ecumenical
Methodist conference unanimously de
clined to hear the secretary read the
nessago of the archbishop of Canter
bury , In which he expressed a hope
that some day the Methodists would
( be united with the Episcopalians , and
I on similar import the message of the
bishop of London on the ground that
they had been addressed to the editor
of a religious newspaper and not to
the conference.
Dr. Leonard of Now York thanked
God for what Great Britain was doing
In South Africa and expressed the
hope that the war would soon end with
the union jack floating.
Ninety Entered In Automobile Race.
New York , Sept. G. When the entry
list for the automobile club of Amer-
X lea's endurance run to Buffalo was
closed last night , 90 cheffeurs had
entered. Cole t el John Jacob Astor
was the last to enter. Altogether
there will bo 150 vehicles In the mile
long procession. The start will be
made from the Automobile club house
at Fifty-eighth street and Fifth'ave
nue next Monday morning at 8 o'clock.
William K. Vanderbllt , Jr. , will make
the trip In a beautiful white vehicle
which ho recently received from
Confesses to Starting Orpheon Fire.
Chicago , Sept. G. The flre which
threatened Tuesday night to destroy
the building in which the Orpheon
theater is located was started by An
ton J. Kalkus , proprietor of a tailor
shop In the building. Kalkus has made
a. confession that ho sot the building
on fire to defraud an Insurance com
pany out of Insurance which ho car
ried. According to the officers to
whom the confession was made , Kal-
1ms hoped to take advantage of a legal
fight over possession of the theater
to ward off suspicion from himself.
Dumont to Try It Again.
Paris , Sept. G. M. Santos-Dumont ,
the Brazilian aeronaut , yesterday
made an experimental captive ascent
In his now airship , ascending 150
metres. On descending he expressed
himself as entirely satisfied with the
Improved machine , and announced
that this afternoon he would make a
formal attempt to win the prize of
100,000 francs offered by M. Deutsch
for a dirigible balloon.
Kitchener to Stay.
London , Sept. C. "I am authorized
to state , " says the Pretoria corre
spondent of the Daily Telegraph , "that
Lord Kitchener is not going home ,
but will finish the task assigned rulra
here. General Lyttleton will replace
General Hildyard , who Is going to
leave. "
Hundreds Dying of Hunger.
London , Sept. G. "Russian newspa
pers are forbidden to refer to famine
conditions In Russia , " says the St.
Petersburg correspondent of the Dally
Mall , "because hunger , typhus and
scurvy have broken out In many dis
tricts aod hundreds are dying dally. "
Czar Fears Anarchists.
London , Sept. G. "A member of the
Russian Imperial eulto asserts that
Emperor Nicholas would have liked to
visit Paris/'says a dispatch to the Dally
Mall from Copenhagen , "but ho has
been dissuaded by his private police ,
who fear an anarchist outrage. "
Ranger Reaches Panama.
Colon , Colombia , Sept. G. The tem
porary scare caused hero by the activ
n ity ot the rebels at Gauton , on the
outskirts of Colon , has passed. Every
thing Is quiet. The Ranger , Com
mander Wells L. Field , arrived yester
day at Panama.
i Charge Holdup to Negroes.
Audubon , la. , Sept. G. C. E. Mcrtz
of Gray was hold up on Main street
yesterday nnd relieved of about $60.
Three negroes attending the fair hero
arrested on suspicion.
President Assassinated While
Making a Speech in Buffalo.
Oinahn , Sept. 0 , I p. m. It is reported
hero that President McKinley was shot
twice while making a speech tit Buffalo
today. The report states that the
wounds will probablv nrovo fatal , al
though the president ia still allvo. The
assassin is under arrest.
Further particulars arc expected
every moment.
Omaha , Sept. 0 , 4:15 p. in. The
latest report is that the president in
dead. Ho was shot twice through the
stouiaoh. He was making a speech at
the Oathodral of Music.
John Kempley of Fort Dodge Loses
the Proceeds of His Farm Sale.
Los Angeles , Cal. , Sept. C. Flvo
packages of $100 bills , amounting to
$29,000 , wore stolen yesterday from a
trunk in a cottage at Long Deach , a
seaside resort 20k miles from this city.
The money was the property of John
Kompley , who came to Long Beach
from Fort Dodge , la. , five months ago ,
accompanied by his wife and married
daughter , Mrs. Hannah Wonders.
Kempley concluded to sell his 240-
acre farm in Iowa ami remain In south
ern California. Ho had concluded the
bargain with Dr. O. L. Woodworth
and a deed was delivered to the doctor
upon the pa > ment of $29,000. The
money had been placed In a trunk.
Nominations Made at State Conven
tion at Des Molnes.
Des Molnes , Sept. C. The Socialist
party of Iowa met in state convention
yesterday and nominated the follow
ing ticket : For governor , James Baxter -
ter , Hiteman ; lieutenant governor ,
W. A. Jacobs , Davenport ; , Judge of
supreme court , A. F. Thomplbn , Con-
tervlllo ; railway commissioner , H. C.
Mlrfdlebrook , Rock Rapids ; superin
tendent of public Instruction , E. E.
Stevens , Burlington. Fifteen coun
ties were represented by 18 delegates.
The platform endorses that of the
United Socialistic party adopted at
Indianapolis , July 29.
Ordered to Washington for Conference
With Schley's Attorneys.
Washington , Sept. C. Telegrams
were sent by the navy department
yesterday to about 15 of the witnesses
asked for by Admiral Schley in the
coming court of inquiry to proceed to
Washington for a conference- with the
admiral's attorneys. These witnesses
are located nearly all in the east ,
mainly Newport , Philadelphia and
New York. After the conference they
will return to their respective homes
and will be ordered to Washington
again when Admiral Schley's attor
neys are ready to call them before the
Norwegian-Danish Conference.
St. Paul , Sept. G. The Norwegian-
Danish Methodist church , embracing
a territory from the Allegheny the
Rocky mountains , formally open l its
22d annual conference yesterday at
the Norwegian church. Bishop H. C.
Fowler of Buffalo presided. Rev. H.
G. Tolefoson delivered the address of
welcome , which was responded to by
Presiding Elder O. L. Manson. One
hundred ministers from Illinois. Iowa ,
Nebraska , Michigan , Minnesota and
the Dakotas and several hundred lay
delegates are in attendance. The
conference commemorates the 50th
anniversary of the Norwegian-Danish
church in this country.
Hay Fever Association.
Marquette , Mich. , Sept. G. The first
annual business meeting of the North
western Hay Fever association waa
held here yesterday. The session was
opened by a short address of welcome
by President Roe , following which
the reports of the officers were read
and approved. Old officers were ro-
Roosevelt In Vermont.
Burlington , Vt. , Sept. G. Vice Presi
dent Theodore Roosevelt arrived in
this city yesterday afternoon by spe
cial train from Proctor , where ho was
the guest of United States Senator
Proctor at luncheon , after speaking
at the state fair at Rutland yesterday
"Russia is said to be arranging a
settlement of the Franco-Turkish
The pictorial history of the Spanish
war will not be ready for publication
for a year or more.
The summer homo of Mrs. George
William Curtis at Springfield , Masa. ,
was destroyed by flre.
Opinion Prevails Agreement
Has Been Reached.
Amalgamated Advisory Board Draws
Dead Line on RcporVvhi nnd Noth
ing Positive Is Obtainable Shaffer
and Williams Are Absentees.
Plttsburg. Sept. G. The prevailing
opinion in I'lttHburg IB that the great
BU'cl strike is practically Bottled , but
absolutely nothing positive can bu
lunrncd Iroin olthur sldu to the con
troversy. The day was spent by the
Amalgamated advisory board in secret
conference behind doora Hint were
guarded closer than ever before. The
newspaper "dead lino" was drawn
most efft'i'tiially. When the final ad-
JourmiHMit for the day ciunc , nt about
G:3j : ( p. in. , those who had been Insldo
headquarters refused to nay a word
In answer to Insistent questions , or
volunteered no statement.
When the meeting was over , It was
learned for the first tlmo that Presi
dent Shaffer had not been with his
colleagues during the afternoon BCS-
Blon. Secretary Williams also disap
peared shortly after the adjournment.
It was learned that at the request
of the conciliation committee Mr.
Schwab agreed to extend the tlmo for
the acceptance of his offer to this
evening. The advisory board of the
Amalgamated association will meet In
Plttsburg today to consider Mr.
Schwab's proposition. This , tt is un
derstood , differs from Mr. Ptyrgan's
proposition In only that It stipulates
the mills which the United States
Steel corporation had succeeded in
opening as nonunion mills should re
main nonunion , the company being
unwilling to abrogate the contracts
It lias made with the men now at work
In.tilioso mills.
The only approach to a statement
of the condition of affairs was made
by Trustee Pierce , who said it was Im
possible to accept the proposition
made by the steel corporation , as by
doing so some of the members of the
Amalgamated association would suf
fer. "It would bo unjust to our mem
bers , " said Mr. Pierce , "to accept such
terms. Wo have made no counter
proposition and still insist on the
terms made and are willing to arbi
trate. The commltteo that visited
President Schwab had no authority
from the Amalgamated association to
eettlo the dispute. The members were
acting on their own responsibility.
Ttyo strike is In the same position to
day , as It was before the conference
was held in Now York. The local sit
uation Is practically unchanged , but It
is in better shape than it was last
weak. We have made some gains and
are still confident that we will win.
It will be impossible for the combine
to operate its plants satisfactorily
without the aid of Amalgamated
men. "
Mr. Pierce would not say that all
negotiations had been broken off , and
his intimation that the association IK
willing to arbitrate would indicate
that all has not been abandoned.
Aside from the mysterious confer
cure , there was nothing much of a
startling nature transpired in this
city. The steel officials claim a \ > \K \
gain in the addition of 225 men at the
National Tube works at McKeesporl
making the total number nt work G25 ,
and accessions at the Pennsylvania
Tube works and Continental Tube
plant in this city. The strikers offset
this by claiming that the Demmlei
tin mill could not be started yester
day , as officially scheduled , because ol
the lack of men.
The only trouble reported from any
district yestor Bas that from Canal
Dover , whcreTMnnager Kl ! " the
Bheet steel njpttf vaa knocked down
nnd narrowly escaped severe treat
ment at the hands of a party of 'strllo
Advices from Canal Dover , O. , say :
"The attempt to operate the mills at
this place has been a failure. Two
mills started three days ago. Last
night the flres v ro drawn. The com
bine has darned for some \days to
have enough men to operate at least
four mills. The strikers have denied
this and declared Mt would bo impossi
ble to run the mills with the men in
the mills at present. It was learned
that there arc GO men within the mill
enclosure. "
May Refuse Carnegie's Gift.
Sharon , Pa. , Sept. 6. An offer of
Andrew Carnegie to place a plpo or
gan In the Central Presbyterian
church at New Castle Is meeting with
bitter opposition and serious trouble
In the congregation Is threatened.
The gift may bo refused. Mr. Car
negie offered New Castle a free
library some time ago , but the proposl.
tion met with so much opposition that
the matter was dropped.
Ophlr Sails for Quebec.
St. Vincent , Capo Verde Island * .
Sept. G. The royal yacht Ophlr. with
the duke and ducl."ss of Cornwall and
York on board , escorted by the British
cruisers Diadem and Nlobe , sailed for
Quebec yesterday.
Prominent Lawyer Dies.
Boone , la. , Sept. G. Hon. R. F. Jor
dan died yesterday from the result of
burns received Monday while attemptIng -
Ing rescue the family horse from a
burning barn.
Wloonslti Tosvn Hno a aixty Thou-
and Dollar Fire.
. .loffriHdu.VH. | . . Sept. li.Flro whlth
Htnrlod In the plant of the \Vlni untUn
Mniiufai lining company ainl whldt
thivuti'iiiMl to di'Htioy the whole town
wan milidiicd lunt night niter running n
IOHB of ifiHi.OOO , which IB only partially
covered by liibiiranco. The principal
IOHCM-H uro the WlHc-oiinln Miiuufiicl
urlng company. St. Mnry'ii c hiirch ,
William Hoc-Koran and O. J. Kt-lHlion
Btelner. A number or otliern miflVreil
smaller IOHHC'H. The ( Ire WIIH Hpread
by binning llrobriindii lioliiK blown
over I ho town by u Htrong wind The
cltl7.oiin were panic Htrleken and help
was Hummoned from adjacent towns
Wreck nt Dallas Kills One Man and
Destroys Twenty Horses.
Dalian , Tex. . Sept. ( i. A Texas and
Paellle freight train crashed through
a Gulf , Colorado and Santa Fo IUIHHOII
ger train at the crossing of the l\\o
ronclH here yesterday. The comblita
tion buggnge nnd express ear wan cut
In two ami the body of Mall Clerk
Jackson of Waco WIIB found burled tin
der the eub of the freight engine ,
whleh WIIH badly wrecked. The two
freight cars loaded with IIOI-HOH nnd
mules were demolished , killing nbout
20 of the iiiilinalH. None of the pua
BOIIKCTH WIIH hurt. The cnime of the
wreck Is not known.
Four Men Injured by Destruction of
Ranch Building Near Benkelman.
BoiiKolmnii. Neb. , Sept. G. Reports
from the country show that Wednes
clay night's tornado was worm- than at
flrHt reported. Farm hoiiHeB weie
wrecked and cropH damaged. At the
J. n. Reynoldn ranch n number of men
who had been tliroBhlng took refuge
In the BtnhloH. Kvery building on thin
place was toin to pieces and four
men were Injmod. ns follows : James
Manse , probably fatally ; Richard
Plgg , seriously ; John and Jacob Phil
lips , Bltghtly.
Are Running Down Every Clew In the
Cotton Belt Train Robbery.
Texarknnn , Ark. , Sept. G. The nix
men who robbed the Cotton Belt train
at Eylau are Ktlll at large. The blood
hounds which were taken to the
scene wore of no service , UB the trail
was dead. News reached hero that the
agent at Red Water , BOVOU miles below
the scene of the robbery , shot a man ,
who is believed to bo one of the ban
dits. The entire country Is swarming
with officers , who are running down
every clew.
Fourteen Passengers Injured.
Cleveland , Sept. G. Two suburban
electric cars , going in opposite direc
tions , crashed into each other InsU
night near Chagrin Fnlla nnd 1-1 pas
sengers and the crows of both earn
were more or less seriously injured.
A. H. Bailey , agetl 70 years , of Cleve
land is thought to bo fatally hurt. A
misunderstanding of orders is said to
have caused the accident.
Burns to Water's Edge.
Muscntlno , la. , Sept. G. The Cnngi-
val City Packing company's new boat
Urania burned to the water's edge
hero last night. A number of Burling
ton excursionists were on board , re
turning home from Davenport , but all
escaped. The Urania was valued at
Preferred Death to School.
Atchlson , Kan. , Sept. G. Rather
than go to school , 15-year-old Archlo
Jaquay , son of A. E , Jaquay , commit
ted suicide yesterday. The boy re
belled at going to school and when
his parents Insisted , ho secured a 38-
caliber revolver and shot himself.
Albert Morris was shot and killed nt
Coffeyvllle , Kan. , by John Nelson , his
- - .
King Edward of England has been
warned that excitement may seriously
affect his health.
Sheriff Earl was knocked senseless
by an unknown assailant In his ollke
at Appleton , Wls.
A census bulletin shows that mnlos
predominate in North Dakota , Ohio ,
Oregon nnd Oklahoma.
The Tarrant Foundry company is
preparing to move irom Chicago to
Aurora on account of strikes.
Japan resents the alleged out
rageous treatment of women by Amer
ican quarantine agents M Honolulu
The British trades congress is to
make an inquiry regarding responsi
bility of unions to employers for losses
caused by strikes.
The National Association of Profes
sional Baseball Leagues was organized
at a meeting In Chicago Thursday of
the 11 minor league presidents.
Eight ( students of the Northwestern
Military academy left Chicago Thurs
day for Washington in automo
biles , the purpose being a test of
horseless carriages for military pur
The Pacific dredge boat operating on
Moose creek , near Salmon City , Ida .
was blown up by the bursting of a
boiler. Superintendent Dunlap was
killed and four other men were seri
ously Injured.
The St. Louis German Methodist
Episcopal conference , comprising Illi
nois , Missouri , nnd Iowa , opened Its
23d annual session at St. Louis. Bishop
Walden of Cincinnati will preside
throughout the conference.
The Citizens National Bank.
Cnpltnl , $50,000. Surplus , 85,000.
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