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    TIIK NORFOLK NEWS : HUIUY , Al'UTST 10 , 1001.
\V. N. 11U81C , 1'tiblicluir ,
K\et ) ilftj rxriM't SHIRT. Hjr carrier
IS cent * . II ) mull i i yen jn.OO.
Tim Jmin nl , i > tntilUlicd 1811.
Kvoty 1'rlilny. HT mnl. i > or > enr Jl.'iO ,
Kutnrml nt the rnttoltlen nt Norfolk , Nob. nt
cunil clnn mutter. _
TeU.lintif t rdltorfnl Hrimrtmoiit , No. I2
llutliioii Olllco ntiil Jot ) Itnoinn , Nn , S22.
Republican State Convention.
Tlin rri > l'ln\Mi [ < > t llinitntonf NVIirniilin
lin'iiliy rnllcil to moot III cnmntmim nt tun
nmlltorlnm In tlio city o Mnro'ii , Noli. , on
\YiMliietilnr. AuKtut IK , Mil , nt 2 o'clock In tlio
ntt rnoiin. Cor ilio tuiriiocodf plncliiK In iioiiiln
ntlcm rnnillilnlcn lor tlio ( olliixvinu ulllcoi to IKI
ml'il for nt thA next i'tinrnl uloctlmi tu lie
lio'il In tlio ttiitu of Nalitmlin on isovonilmr ft ,
Ono JiiilRa nt 0 a mipromn court ) two rotnnt *
of the unlvflfMt ) ( it ihonlnluuf Nohrmkn , mid
for the Unlit nc turn < > f Mich ether ImMnri-n ne
mny rPKiilnrl)1 coimi tioforn mid convautlnii ,
Tun Imili of roproeontntlou of the ( moral
coniitlon In until ciiiitontHiiiliHU ' tlioiilo
cn t Mr Him , John V. Nwlilt for prndilmitlnl
n'octor nt llio rcKiilnr olfollnu hold on NIHCIII
borfl , UKJO , Kil "no ilMwnln for uncli 100
Mitoo or iniijor fnictlou tliorrnf , m ciiKt for tlin
Mild John K. Nv blt. nud ( inn doln nln nl ln' 4
for ouch comity fill I iiiiimftliiiininiit ontltlut
tlinroxoriilniutitlcK to U' < > ( olImjIiiK rot > reioi.t-
ntioii lu Mi'd ' coiixiiiitlont
out thortmt from nncli county L < > i < nrmlttn > l to
ciift the full \oto of Uio county roptwouluil bj
thoiu ,
QNotico In horohy K\ | II tlmt onch of tlm in on
nnmhnrn I vonnlorlnl illntrleln in the sliito IH to
i > nU'ct n innmbar of the utiito commltt"0 totor\o
for n tflrin of t\u > j oura ,
( KluniMl ) H , C. Lisim\
( jhnlnmin Itepublicau hlnln rn < rnilttt > ,
Secretary ,
Rcpublicnn County Convontion.
The ropuhliciiii electors of Mndiixm count ) ,
Nohrntikii , nro roquntlod to einid ihdoKiilos from
the * otirnlotlUK | ) r c nrt to mont in lonvnii
tlou nt Miiillmin , Nohriitikit , AUK. 21 , 1101 * , nt 2
o'clock p , m. , for thu puriioi-liiK of nolortilif !
2 doloKiitne nnil iiltiiruiitn ilnlojntoa to nttoud
the ruiiiibltcun ntnto cinnontlon. to tin hnM at
hlucolu , AiiKUBt 2s , lHlnnd ! ) 'or thu trniiBiicllou
of Mich othnr huHlnori1 < I9 innj lie In ordnr.
TlionoMirnl proclncls nro cutitlod to rnpro
fontntion IIB follows , tlin niiportioiimxiit Ixilnt ;
Imeod < m the vote cnet for \\llllniii KIcKlnlnj
for ( irvulilout nt tlio oloct'on ' of No\omlwr itth
UKX ) . titiiiiK imndolKKiit" nt lnrii ) foremtli Mitiim
Iirocluct , and oun dulok'nto for ouch t\\ont >
% 1PK or ninlor fmo'lnii tlinniof
"Nnrfo'lk- ' "
Kirtt wnnl R \\nrnonillo
Hncondnrd 1 Union 7
Third \\iinl 12 l' In inw 8
Fourth \\nrd 4 Srboolornft . . . . S
Ontnido H Kmnriok
Vnlloy 4 Sltoll I'rmk 12
Boor Creek 3 Knlninnzoo 4
JolTprton 11 ( Jroen Onrilun S
llro\o 4 MiuliBon , outBlilo , 4
IllKhlnml 4
Miidlpoii City 10 Total . . , K2
ll it rocomnieiuli'iT tlmt pr cluct prlmnrlci-
l > o hold < m Bnturdn > , AUK. 17 ; tlmt no proiiot
Iw nlloNNcd hiul tlmt di < lvKiitoB prucent cnist the
full \otnof the dok'K'nU'm.
Sccretury. Chnlrnmn.
The ropnblicauB of Nobrntkn are Imr-
inouious and with a stroug caudidato
and good organisation will win over the
fneionietB it : the buprcino judgeship con-
tcbt this fall.
The World-Herald has very sensibly
subordinated its calamity wnils and
.pessimism ami is standing tip lor Nebraska
braska magnificently oven thongh the
Btnto is afllictod with a republican ad
ministration and the country suitors u
similar embarrassment. The leading
democratic daily of the state has un
doubtedly found that the people wore
in no mood for dire tales of woo and
recognized the fact that the optimists
were winning glory and renown while
the pessimists wore rapidly being
lowed in the gulf of oblivion.
Tlio Fall Kntcrtninnient.
THE NEWS is terry to acknowledge
that it was probably the innocent cause
of injury to Norfolk , It has urged tome
sort of entertainment for the people this
fall and for several years past with the
belief that it would bo of advantage to
the town. Other buBluegstuterests have
beeuiu opposition , evidently believing
that bnch an entertainment would result
ill more harm thaugood. Their view maybe
bo correct and this paper does not wish
to question it but THE NEWS went so far
as to promise its readers that such an
entertainment would bo hold and be
lieved it was warranted in doing so by
the enthusiastic manner in which other
business meu and citizens took hold
The probability of Norfolk entertaining
was given state-wide circulation and
many people planned to attend , appar
ently glad that Norfolk was about to
arise and meet the demand required
from the metropolis of the most fertile
section of the state , The promoters
took hold of the matter as though they
had the support of the majority of the
business men and citizens , but shortly
afterward the men with wet blankets
on the uri'ini with variotiH ob
They WITO cnjolcd and ar-
itH ohitiigfd to milt thulr idi'itn '
but tlmy llniilly not thulr foot down ,
nqtmuily mid mild Hint tlmy would aid no
Hitch tmlcrprlNo. Tlioy wore moil who
Hhould lnivo boun luadtirH in the move
ment but I hey were opposed and that
settled it. The furmcrH and working
people who cniinot allord to go out In
search of plcafturo wore denied It at
homo are not even to bo favored with
ball K'tnu's ' they can attend. Tholr olti
duty and pleasure will bo to attend to
buHlness. The promoters were certainly
sincere In catering to the amusement of
this clnts of people tlu-y didn't contemplate -
template Injury , but benolltto the town.
Perhaps they wru not proceeding In
the right dlncttoii but any of them
would have been glad to hnvo been
placed right by thoho who know all
about it but ref tiHcd to attend the meet
ings and express an opinion.
It is positively known that farmers
and others Imvo been complaining about
the apparent holflRhnuBS of Norfolk ,
Tlmy have for several years boon of the
opinion that the business men Imvo only
cared for their money without oir riug
un attraction to draw them here and
nutku thorn feel that thuir companion *
ship IH dt'sirablo. True , there is base
ball now , but few fanners euro to como
lit mnl urn IliK L'mno nnd onlv tllORO
town puoplo who have time to spare are
permitted to enjoy the amusement , and
it has tlio appearance of a more or loss
Holllsh unjoymont. It Is very good as
far aw It goes but something of broader
Hsopo Is undoubtedly required. The
way tlio people como In to sco a small
clrouHiMovidunuo that they are in iv
mood to bo entertained and if Norfolk
will not entertain others will. Souio of
them have money and will spend it
wh ru they llnd the best inducements.
A uuiubur of surrounding towns have
their fairs and Fourth of July celebra
tions every year and they are gainers
by them , without qnobtion , but It has
been hovoral years since Norfolk has
provided anything o.xcopt a circus and
these tnko out about as much money as
they leave. In the opinion of many this
lack of public enterprise is killing Nor
folk It needs an awakening and will
not prospur to its fullest extent until
all buslnesf inuu and citizens unlto on
some project or series of projects that
will show it Is not altogether solllsh and
Third.W.ird Caucus.
The republican electors of the Third
ward , Norfolk , are hereby called to
moot in caucus at the city hall at
o'clock Saturday evening , August 17 , to
Delect 1 delegates to attend the repub
lican county convention to bo held at
Madison on Saturday , August ' - ' I.
J. 13. SiMi'fcOX ,
First Ward Caucus.
The republican olectoVs of the First
ward , Norfolk , are hereby called to
moot in caucus at the oity hall at S
o'clock Saturday evening , August 17 , to
select six delegates to attend the republi
can county convention to be hold at
Madison on Satmday , August 21.
W. A. IlRMuno ,
Second Ward Caucus.
The republican electors of the Second
ward , Norfolk , nro hereby nailed to
meet in caucus at the city hall at b
o'clock Saturday evening , August 17 , to
soloot 7 dologatcs to attend the republi
can county convention to bo hold nt
Madison on Saturday , August 21.
C. St. P. M. & O. Railway Cheap Ex
August 1 to 10 inclusive round trip to
St. Paul and Minneapolis JJIU5 , to Dn-
luth , Superior and west Superior $18.85 ,
to Mankato | 7 20 , to Kasoto $7.40.
August 11 to Ul to above points one
faro the round trip , plus $2.
All return tickets good to Oct. 31.
When the plato is furnished THK
NEWS will supply engraved cards at 75
cents for 00 , or $1.00 for 100.
Utah nit Idenl Clliimte.
The first white man to sot foot on
Utah soil , Father Silvestro Volez do
Escalanto , who reached the great Salt
Lake on the S8rd day of September , 1770 ,
wrote in his diary : "Hero the climate is
so delicious , the air so balmy , that it is
a pleasure to breathe by day and by
night. " The climate of Utah is one of
the richest endowments of nature. On
the shores of the great Salt Lake espe
cially and for fifty miles therefrom in
every direction the climate of climates
is found. To enable persons to partici
pate in these scenic and climatio attrac
tions and to roach the famous health ,
bathing and pleasure resorts of Utah ,
the Union Pacific 1ms made n rate to
Ogden and Salt Lake Oity of one faro
for round trip , plus ? 2.00 , from Missouri
river , to be in effect June 18 to 80 inclu
sive , July 10 to August 80 inclusive.
Return limit October 81 , and $30.00 for
the round trip on July 1 to 0 , inclusive ,
September 1 to 10 inclusive.
Proportionately low rates from Inter
mediate points.
For full information , call on or ad
dress P.Y. . JUNEMAN ,
Order your engraved visiting cards at
THE NEWS office 100 cards and plate
fl.CO ; CO cards and plate f 1.
' Dnttlo Greek.
I'rof. M Q. Doering boarded the train
for Sioux City Wednesday.
I'etcr Fitch of near Norfolk was up
hero on business Wednesday.
Win. 1 lawkins of Meadow Qrovo was
down to our burg Wednesday.
John Wade and family were visiting
hero Wednesday with relatives.
Fred Pratt of Plercocounty was trans
acting business hero Wednesday.
Pat. Klolty and fnmllv of Tiltlon wcro
visiting here Sunday with the O'Neills ,
Sheriff Losoy and Olovo He6vos
were over hero from Madison Monday ,
Hush Anderson of Antelope county
was visiting here with friends Wednes
T. L , White , who sold his drug store
lately is assistant in the Citizens State
bank ,
Owen and George O'Neill and F. E.
Martin were visiting the county capital
QllntouiSmitli and Major Snuro of
Miullson wcro trausActing business hero
Mr. and Mrs. O cor go Stapouhorst of
Norfolk were visiting here Sunday with
Wm. Low of near Norfolk was shak
ing hands here with his many friends
Wednesday ,
Albert Koovort and family of Etnorick
were vislthig hero Sunday with the
Wariuko family.
Grandma Owen Wndo of Norfolk was
visiting here from Saturday till Mon
day with relatives.
Klmer Marsh was visiting hit ) brother ,
Oscar , who works at the Junction hotel
at Norfolk , Sunday.
The whole depot platform is moved
nway and the company is putting down
n solid pressed brick platform.
Fred Ftiorst , jr. , took very sick with
cholera morbus Monday , but was walk
ing around again Wednesday.
J.D. Hoover is building an addition
to his dwelling and also putting another
story upon the main building.
Neighbors and friends had a social at
the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Moisiior at Dry Hollow Sunday.
Peter Zimmerman and family wore
visiting on UuH'alo Orook Sunday with
his fathor-in-law , John O. Diukol.
August Wondt , who lives four miles
northeast of town , on the river , is very
blck with kldiioy trouble this week.
Olias. Martin is taking care of his
brother Jesse's store , during his absence
on a wedding tour to the Black Hills.
The old goutlomaii , Henry Bnrch.who
has boon sick for over n mouth , was
ou the streets again Thursday morning.
Burk's Uuclo Tom's Cabin show was
very well attended Saturday night.
Everybody was batisflod with the play
Mis. Julius Olandfc of Mnadow Gwo
was visiting here Wednesday with her
parents , Mr. and Mts. Conrad Werner.
Joseph Mans wont to Clrarwater
Monday for n month's visit with his
grandparents , Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Chas. Hagemeior wont to the Lnth
erau hospital at Sioux City with his lit
tle SOD for trea'iuont for rupture Wed
Otto Eucker and his sister , Miss
Westphal , of Lindsay , wore visiting
hero Sunday with Herman Euckor , a
The Latter Day Saints have been hold
ing meetings here every'iiight for three
weeks in a big tout. Tlio attendance is
very light.
Saturday wo had a splendid shower of
rain again. Some of our farmers claim
that they will have nearly two-thirds of
a corn crop.
Mrs. Mike Endres and children of
Norfolk were visiting here Saturday
and Sunday with her parents , Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Pratt.
Grandma Eva Zimmerman and Mrs
L. F. Merz and children started Wed
nesday for and extended visit with rela
tives at Boscobol , Wis.
Som F. Heitznmu , who has been
traveling for the Champion binder this
season , came home Saturday , having
finished his work for the season.
Chas. Lamport , jr. , was taken down
with typhoid fever last week , but the
dontor broke the fever nnd ho Is on the
way to recovery at this writing.
W. S. Sturgis of Honeoyo Falls , N.Y. ,
arrived hero Saturday for an extended
visit.i.Ho is owner of n nice 100 acres
bouth of Herman Hogrofe's ranch.
Republican caucus of Battle Creek
precinct nt 3 o'clock in Dr. Tanner's of
fice Saturday and of Highland precinct
nt 4 o'clock in Judge Hogrefe's ofllce.
Richard Hodman has bought the Oarr
dwelling on Depot street , south of Hansen -
sen & Ileavis blacksmith shop , of the
Madison Loan and Building association.
Fred Brechlor went up to Mnas &
Brechler's ranch near Inman Sunday to
help at haying. His brother.Georgo , ac
companied him and returned Tuesday.
Mrs. W. B. Fuerst nnd youngest sou
returned Saturday from a week's visit
with her parents , Mr. niul Mrs. Carl
Wolff at Hadnr , and relatives nt Nor
Mrs Wm. Saeger of Fremont , who
has been visiting here with her sister ,
Mrs. Schneider , left Wednesday for
Laurel to visit her parents , Mr. and Mrs.
Julius Hnaho Is oliig to quit his posi
tion hero In the Battle Creek Valley
bank and will bo engaged by one of the
Norfolk banks , Gcorgo Brechlerls go
ing to tnko his place.
The score of the ball game played in
Meadow Grove Wednesday was 11) to 1(5 (
in favor of Battle Creek. When they
tackle our boys they take hold of
the hot end of the poker.
Mr and Mrs. Fred Fuerst drove over
to Pierce Sunday to visit their daughter ,
Mrs. Ohas. Wichmau , and family.
They brought over their little grandson ,
Martin Wlchmnii , for an extended visit.
D Perklnswho lives nine miles south ,
was badly kicked below the heart by
ono of his horses Sunday night. The
doctor says ho is getting along all right
and will soon bo able to bo around again.
M. L. Thomson's fine dwelling will bo
completed this week. Mr. Hogrefo's
renidcnco will bo finished about three
weeks later. There isn't n homo in
Norfolk finer built nritl finished than
these two dwellings. If you come up
you can judge for yourself.
Last Sunday the Lutherans held read
ing sermon in their church. Rov. J.
Ilofman was absent to attend n mission
feast held by Rov. Holm's congrega
tion near Orestou. lie returned Mon
day. Next Sunday the Lutherans hero
will hold holy communion services.
Henry Koottor of St. Charles , Mo ,
arrived here Friday for a week's visit
with his son , Charles , who lives 7 miles
north of town , Mr. Koottor says wo
are to bo thankful for what wo raised
hero. In his part of the country they
have raised scarcely nnything.
The ball game between Battle Creek
and Madison Sunday ended with 18 to C
in favor of Battle Creek. After the
ball game there was a 100-yard foot race
between May how of Battle Creek and
Phillips of Madison. Mayhew beat by
about 12 feet. Madison lost the purse.
Next Sunday our team will go over to
Madison and play them nt homo.
Republican Caucus.
The republican electors of Norfolk ,
outside precinct , are hereby called to
meet in caucus at the city hnll nt 2
o'clock Siturdny afternoon , August 17 ,
to select six delegates to attend the re
publican county convention to bo held
at Madison on Saturday , August 24.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Madison
county , Nebraska Juliana L. Olesou ,
plaintiff , vs Mary A Smith , defendant.
Mury A. Smith , the nbove named do-
fendaut , will take notice that on the
29th day of July , 11)01 ) , the above named
plaintiff filed a petition in the district
court of Madibon county , Nebraska ,
agaiust you , as defendant , the object
and prayer of which are to have can
celled nnd satisfied of record , n certain
mortgage on the northeast quarter die
I'l ) of bection twenty-four (21) ( ) in town-
snip twenty-three (23) ( ) north , range
three ( ! 5) ) wo t of the 3rd. P. M Madi
son county , Nebraska , dated September
28th , 1&95 , duo in about thrro years from
its date , and made by plaintiff to W. II.
Bucholz , guardian , but which said mort
gage , since September , Ib97 , has been
and is now owned by you , aud the same
has been fully paid by the plaintiff.
Yon are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 16th day of Sep
tember , 1901.
JULIANA L. OLESON , Plaintiff.
Iloail Notice.
To all \vhom"it may concern : The
commisbipuor appointed to locate a road
commencing on the north side of a draw
nt the northwest corner of section
eighteen (18) ( ) , township twenty-one (21) ( )
north , range (1) ( ) , west of Gth p. m. in
Madison county , Nebraska , running
thence east two (2) ( ) miles , passing
around on the north side of n bend in
Union crook in the Eouthwest quarter
of section seven (7) ( ) , township twenty-
one (21) ( ) , rnngo one (1) ( ) , nnd terminat
ing nt the northeast corner of section
seventeen (17) ( ) , township twenty-one
(21) ( ) north , range one (1) ( ) , west of Cth p.
m. , has reported in favor of the estab
lishment thereof , nnd all objections
thereto , or claims for damages , must bo
filed in the county clerk's ollice on or
before noon of the 17th day of Septem
ber A. D. , 1901 , orsnch rend will bo es
tablished without reference thereto.
County Clerk.
Itond Notice.
To nil whom it may concern : The
commissioner appointed to locate n rend
commencing nt the southwest corner of
section twenty-nine (29) ( ) , township
twenty-tour (24) ( ) north , range one (1) ( )
west of Oth p. m. in Madison county ,
Nebraska , running thence north ono (1) ( )
mile and terminating at the northwest
corner of section twenty-nine (20) ( ) same
township and range , has reported in
favor of the establishment thereof , and
all objections thereto , cr claims for dam
ages , must bo filed in tbo county clerk's
office on or before noon of the 24th day
of September A. D. , 1901 , or such road
will be established without reference
thereto. PHIL BAUCH ,
County Clerk.
Iloail Notice.
To nil whom it mny concern : The
commissioner appointed to locate a road
commencing at'tho northeast corner of
section five (5) ( ) township twenty-four
(24) ( ) north , range two (2) ( ) west Cth p. ni.
in Madison county , Nebraska , running
thence south three (3) ( ) miles and termi
nating at the southeast corner of section
seventeen (17) ( ) , township twenty-four
(24) ( ) north , range two (2) ( ) west of flth p.
ui , has reported in favor of the establish
ment therof , and all objections thereto ,
or claims for damages , must be filed in
the county clerk's office on or before
noon of the 17th day of September A. D.
1901 , or such road will bo established
without reference thereto.
County Clerk.
National Bank
Capital , $100,000.00
Surplus , $20,000.00
DOBS a General Banking . Business j ,
* -
- - - - 1
Buys and Solla Exchange.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Drafts and Money Orders Sold on any Point In Europe.
A General Steamship and Foreign Passage Business Transacted.
| C = > S * * * * 1 * JTT
lac - . -
Exclusive agent lor the Celebrated Swcotwater Hock Spring Coal the
best in the market.
Scranton Hard Coal In all sizes. TELEPHONE 61.
gARNES & TYLER , j J. "
Attorneys nt Lmv ,
Norfolk , Nebrasln
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon
Oillco , Citizens Nntlonnl Dank Bnllding.
Toloplioue 101 ,
Snultnrlura nnd Itoeldeuco , Mnin and IStb St
Tolopbouo 9 ,
Norfolk , - - Nebraska
H.J. . COLE ,
Olllco over Citizen's National Bank , lieeidonci
cue block uortb of tougregatiounl church ,
Norfolk , - - Nebraska
Fashionable Dressmaker.
Up stnire In Cotton block , over Banm' ' etort
Firet-clnee work gunnmtoeiJ.
Norfolk , - - - Nebraska
Ostcopathic Physician ,
KooniB over Hnjefc' Jewelry House. Norfolk.
Attorneys at Law.
Rooms 10 , H nud 12,11 net block.
Norfolk - - - Nebrnsto
Undertakers nnd Embainer ] ,
Sessions Blk. , Norfolk Ave ,
Norfolk Nebraska
, - - -
City s Scavenger ,
Water Closets andlGessIPools Gleaned.
Leave orders nt BraaEck'BjjCoal Office ,
For Plumbing. Steam Fitting , Pumps , Tanks
Wind Mills
And 11 work in till : line call on
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Firet door South of THE DAILY NEWS Office.
Road Notice.
To all whom it may concern : The
commissioner appointed to locate n rene
commencing nt the southeast corner of
the northeast quarter of section 4 , town
ship 23 north , range 1 west of Oth p. m.
nnd running theuco west 100 rods more
or less intersecting with public roadi
known ns the Norfolk nud Mndison am
Norfolk nnd Battle Oreek roads , nnd
terminating nt n poiut not fnr cast of
southwest corner of said quarter section
in Mndison county , Nebraska , has re
ported in favor of the establishment
thereof , and nil objections thereto , or
claims for damages , must be filed in the
county clerk's oillce on or before noon
of the 10th dny of October , A.D. 1001 , o
such road will be established withou
reference thereto. PHIL. BAUCH ,
County Olerk.
p. E. & 19. V , R. R. , is the best to an
from the
North of Nebraska
= TV ij
Plumbing and Steam fitting
First-class Work and
Reasonable Prices.
O f
Shop in the old Laundry Building on *
South Fourth St. f
TELEPHONE : : NO , 33.
Osteopathlc Physician.
Office Room * , i and a , Bishop Block. f"
Diseatot , both ncuto nud chronic , successfully - ,
ly treated without the ute of druKB or knife. I
\\ill bo nfsisted in mj'olllco by my uifo , Stolln *
HonRlnnd. All calls promptly tine\\ercd at
jour rcBidencoor nt my oilico. '
Office Hours : j
9:00 : to 12:00 : a. m. i:3o to 4:30 p. m. J
Manicuring ,
Shampooing ,
Rooms on North Ninth Street. '
L. L. REMBE , 4
Practical Plumber
and Steam Fitter.
Agency for the Myers Force and
Wind Mill Pumps.
Prices Right.
Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Work
First door West of Post Olllco
James Richards , M. D.
And Expert Refrac-
. . . .
„ - Examination of the eyes
FREE to pntlonte nnd patrons. Ofllco 1104
Fnnmm St. , Omaha , opposite Fnztoa Hotol.
W , 0 , Hall's Barber Shop ,
Sale and
Boarding Barn.
Horses Bought and Sold on
Braiucri Avenue >
ad Third St. "HUNt