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Extent of the West Virginia
Disaster Still in Doubt
Estimate of the Property Loss Vary
From 1500000 to 2500000 All
Wires Aie Down and Information
Comes In Slowly
Minefield W Va Juno 25 Details
of the terrlblo flood In the Pocnhontnn
Flat Top region nrc slowly drifting
Into this town which Jh situated 26
miles south of tho Bceno of the wrecked
monies nnd fully benr out tho fears
early entertained as to the havoc
wrought by the storm Fifty dead
bodies havo been found ThoiiBiindB of
people are homelesB nnd It Ib fenred
ninny nro without food or nt tho boBt
with only food enough to last n fow
days Tho work of ontnbllBhlng rail
road commuulcaltlon la being pUBhcd
with vigor There Is little hopo of
vending tho sufferers Biiccor until rail
road connection Ib ngulu renewed
Men nro at work clearing awny tho
debris and ravcrlng tho hodles of
tho dead Tho dend are being aug
mented hourly
Property Loss Placed at 2500000
Estimates of tho property Iobh In tlo
Hooded district are growing largci
and tho lending officers of tho Norfolk
and WcBtern road fix tho damngo to
railroad property between Cooper and
IVlvlnn W Vn at 1000000 Thlfl
covcrfl a territory 25 miles In length
nnd the same officials consider that
tho damage to the property of tho coal
operators of the field will far exceed
this amount Tho total loss Is now ap
proximately estimated at 2500000
Tho recovery of bodlOB In tho laBt
24 hours has not amounted to many
he reason assigned Ib that tho corpses
of tho missing aro hidden In mam
moth piles of dobrls The llBt of miss
ing and reported drowned Is 249 It
will probnbly never bo known how
mnny havo perished
Hundred Miles of Track Destroyed
Over a hundred miles of track be
longing to tho various coal operations
arc practically a total loss Tho rallB
nro bent nnd twlBted llko wires The
force of tho flood Ib better understood
when It Ib explained that by reason of
a long fill nnd n log nnd Iron brldgo
tho water was dammed up When UiIb
obstruction gnvo way It let down n
great flood on tho villages and mining
cnmpB below
Issues Appeal for Aid
Governor Whlto has Issued nn ap
peal to tho cltlzenB of West Virginia
for contributions to aid sufferers by
tho flood In tho Flat Top region Tho
governor BtatcB that while ho has no
definite Information It la evident that
an appalling calamity ban visited
that region yet aid will be required to
care for tho Hick and destitute and
caro for tho dead
In response to a message from Gov
ernor Nash of Ohio asking whether as
sistance would ho needed Governor
Whlto replied that ho hoped for defi
nite information from the stricken re
Klon tomorrow but the suffering
would undoubtedly be great
Deaths In Elkhorn Region Number 75
ltoanoke Vn Juno 25 Tho follows
ing short statement by one of the gen
oral officers of the Norfolk nnd West
ern railroad summarizing tho Hood
Bituntton in tho light of the lntcst ills
patches wub given to tho Associated
Tress Restoration of tho telegraph
lino develops that tho damage by tho
flood through tho coal Holds was exag
gerated Tho loss of life will not ex
ceed 75 and tho damngo to property
Including repairs to tho railroad and
coal operations will not exeded 500
000 It Ib the expectntlon that tho rail
way will get a lino through tomorrow
Story of an Eye Witness
E H Stewart n furniture denier In
this city waB In tho midst of all tho
storm and traveled on foot nearly tho
whole of the route devastated When
the train on which Mr Stewnrt was
traveling from tho north reached Viv
ian W Va about 9 oclock Sunday
morning water already covered a largo
portion of the yard and the trainmen
knew that no further progress could bo
made The train was placed at tho
lilghest point In tho yard Rain was
coming down in torrents and whllo
In the train Mr Stewart saw about 30
cars washed out of the yards and car
ried away by the rushing torrents
largo trees uprooted nearby whllo
nouses bridges furniture went whin
ing by in the water As the flood in
creased the water cut a channel on tho
other side of the train leaving It be
tween two 6treams Then It was de
cided to take out those passengers
who wished to leaye the train and a
rope was attached to the platform of
one of the cars and to a tree on the
bank Among the passengers was a
lady who with the assistance of sev
eral men was gotten safely to the
bank A number of men had narrow
escapes from drowning in making the
There was a let up in the rain and
the flood subsided about noon and at
1 oclock Mr Stewart and another pas
senger left tho train and started to
the next station Keystone five miles
distant Much of the track and several
bridges had been washed away and the
trip wbb made with great difficulty a
portion of the way on the track and
the balance on the bluffs along the
Mr Stewart EayB he saw a number
of corpses along tne route Dut ooes
not think more than 40 persons were
drowned When he reached Keystone
about 3 oclock he found that a num
ber of buildings bad been washed away
and it was estimated that along the
whole route of the Etorm between 200
r jcBnMxrifvs i
and SOO liouncn had boon carried
awny but tho occupants of many of
them had escaped to tho IiIUb He saw
one very largo building go down with
the flood Most of tho buildings bow
ever wcro small nffnlrB Tho coke
rompnnlcB lost heavily on bridges nnd
At KnnlB tho depot wbb washed
awny nnd when Mr Ftownrt icft tho
safe had not been found Ho walked
from Keystone to KnnlH nnd wnB taken
from there to Minefield Mr Btcwnrts
6tntenient can bo relied on as being
a truthful Btory of the flood nnd tho
most complete statement so fnr given
An official telegram from EnnlB Bnyn
tho water came In a wnvo and so sud
den Mint peoplo could not get out of
the wny of It The water roflo to a
height of bIx foet In 30 mlnutefl
J W Crotty n flrcmnn on the Nor
folk nnd Western road received a
message from Ulucflold that IiIh father
mother ono sister two brothers nnd
with hor two children
wore lost In the flood nt Keystone
CrottyB people lived In tho center of
tho town A neighbor of tho Crottyo
who cBcaped the flood Informed Mr
Crotty nt Minefield Ihnt ho saw tho
Crotty house move off In tho waters
Body of HIb Son Id Take to Cleveland
for Interment
Now Haven Conn June 25 At 730
last evening tho body of Adelbcrt S
Hay who wuh killed by a fall from a
window of tho Now Haven houso early
Sunday morning wnu started on the
Journey to Cleveland where the fu
neral nnd Interment nro to take place
In the pnrty accompanying tho body
wcro Hon John Hny Mrs Hay mother
rt ttin ilonil mnn 4rin Xflattna l lntr liln
Two Killed and Forty Injured In a
Wreck Near Pittsburg
Pittsburg June 25 Tho north bound
pnssenKer train on the llttsburc nnd
rTln cIIa eoliinlAil pnnetcla it flfiQ
Cloudburst Descends Upon Po
cahontas Coal Fields
Town of Two Thousand Inhabitants It
6wept Away Two Hundred Lives
Lost l the Loweet Estimate Prop
cry Lost Rivals Johnstown
TtliififlMil W Va June 24 Thin irr
Air 1 lia III1 I I1
Prominent d
Bisters nnd Clarence Hny a younger j
Reach Six
Mtb and Misses Hay reached New
Haven nt 530 and were driven direct
ly to tho Moscly residence on Wall
street Thero mother and father met
After the sad greetings Colonel and
MrB Hay with their daughters Helen
and Alice and Clarence the son en
tered tho quiet room where tho dead
lay For a few minutes only they re
mained and then tho casket vAis closed
to bo opened no more All the mem
bers of the family went through tho
trying ordeal calmly Secretary Hay
had apparently recovered In a largo
mensuro from tho prostration of tho
previous day
Immediately after tho closing of the
casket tho body was taken to the rail
road station
nun turn jubi ulxu viniivu ujr u uuuil
the extent of which In all probability
will equal or exceed that of Johnstown
in 1889 so far as tho lots of property
Jb concerned Early yesterday morn
ing a heavy downpour of rain begnn
accompanied by a severe electric storm
which violently Increased In volume
nnd continuing for several hours This
continued throughout tho cntlra day
nnd night and whllo tho storm has
abated the lowering clouds would In
dicate another terrific downpour at any
moment Many mllcB of tho Norfolk
nnd Western railroad tracks bridges
nnd telegraph HncB nro entirely do
etroyed and communication Is entirely
cut off west of Elkhorn bo that It la
impoBslble to learn tho full extent of
the loss of life nnd property but offi
cials of the coal operations located In
the stricken district have sent out mes
sengers to Elkhorn tho termlnuB of
both telegraphic and railroad
nlcatlonB nnd havo received a report
that a conservative cstlmnte as to the
loss of life will easily reach 200 A
number drowned are among the most
May Hundred
Lnko Erlo railroad known as No 23 tically the entire town being washed
was wrecked at Monacn 26 miles from away This town Is the principal one
PittBburg last evening Two persoiiB
were killed three fatally Injured and
40 others were moro or Icsb hurt
Tho dead William J Cunningham
fireman Lowery Dlack bnggngemas
Fatally Injured Mrs Loin n Per
kins Cleveland abdomen punctured
by splinters Mrs James Lee Wash
ington r Pa hint internally Mrs Jef
A dispatch from Ronnoko says tho
Iobb of life will probably reach 500 or
GOO and possibly this number will bo
swelled when fuller details are ob
The PocahontnB coal Held Ib located
in a basin with high mountain ranges
on either Bide Elkhorn creek flowing
through the center of the baBln which
ranges from one fourth to ono mile in
width From Ennls W Va to Vivian
Yard W Va a dlstanco of ten mlleB
miners cabins coal company commis
saries and coke plnntB line this basin
Elkhorn creek being fed by numerouB
small streams coming from the moun
tain Bide rises very rapidly and this
water spout came so suddenly that
the entire basin between the two moun
tain ranges waB flooded and before the
terror Btrlcken peoplo realized what
was upon them they were carried
down by the flood which swept every
thing In its path Tho little town of
Keystone with a population of about
2000 Beems the greatest sufferer prac
in the Pocahontas coal fields and is
located near Its center It was to a
great extent headquarteis from which
the mining population purchased sup
plies and was also the only place in
tho field where whisky could be pur
chnbed At this place there were some
12 to 15 snloons all of which were
washed away The report comes that
the mining population are now occupy
feison Cnrse Reaver Pa badly cut lug tho banks of the streams below
nnd bruised catching merchandise and barrels of
Tho train whllo going nt vory fast whisky and beer as they float down
speed ran into nn open switch at Mo
nacn and the entire train went over an
embnnkment some 23 feet high Every
enr was turned over two of them going
over twice
Board of Directors Picks Forest Park
as the Place
St Louis June 2G At its regular
monthly meeting the board of direct
ors of tho Louisiana Purchase Expo
sition company unanimously adopted
the report of the executive committee
which had selected tho Forest park
site as Its choice for tbo location of
the Worlds fair to bo bold in this
city In 1903 A resolution was then
passed empowering the executive
committee to report tho result of the
boards action to the national commis
sion for ratification
President Carter and other mem
bers of the national commission have
Btated ail along that they would defer
largely to the Judgment of tho local
Worlds fnlr management In the mat
ter of the site nnd it is not thought
that there will bo any delay In tho rati
fication of tho action of the local di
gieat number of the coal and coko
plnnts tlnoughout the Pocahontas re
gion aro piactlcally destroyed and are
in some instances entirely washed
awny Owing to the very high water
which has flooded the region and pre
vented communication anything like
a correct estimate of the loss of prop
erty Is Impossible but from the best
information obtainable the loss to prop
erty will easily reach 2000000
Passenger train No 4 of the Norfolk
nnd Western railway reached Vivian
about 830 a m met the flood and
was unable to proceed further The
waters reached such a depth that the
coaches had to be abandoned the pas
Bengers being rescued by means of
ropes strung from tho windows of
coaches to the topB of remaining coke
ovens some distance away Between
Elkhorn and Vivian a distance of ten
miles 100 cnrB are said to he washed
from tho tracks and many of them
were carried down the streams
A rough estimate places the number
of bridges washed away between Dlue
fleld and Vivian Yards a distance of
28 miles at from 15 to 20 and from
present Indications It will bo Impossi
ble to get trains through to Vivian and
points west of there under a week or
acres In the western or unimproved I fa J1 der npof1
Dto tho
portion of Forest park which contains I V B rlf df
between 1300 and 1400 acre and Is KQ hLJi nl aiedfwlth nr
ms3 fod lnd0
tho Becond largest city park In tho vfn ndtwl1thoult
Bcrlbable suffering Is inevitable
country In addition 450 acres ni -
joining on the south and west aro
available This makes a total of 1118
acres or one third more space than
was used by tho Columbian exposition
In Chicago
Strike Situation at Reading
Reading Pa June 25 With a strike
of 2600 Iron workers of the Reading
Iron company and 1000 emnloves of
tUuu wvo uu wutno ouiaii
ings of all descriptions trees tele
graph poles hugo boulders and every
imaginable moving thing that cama
within the sweep of this mighty tor
rent of maddened waters went down
the mountainous district In a seeth
ing roaring mass of debris Dead
bodies could be seen floating along the
valley by those who bad gained a place
n nontiinc miinrav nn ni i of safetv on the hlch hills
city Ib In a state of exnectancv as to I Great damage Is also reported to
what the railroad shop handB will do have resulted in the Clinch valley sec-
today the time set by President Baer
for the shop handB to return or be dis
charged There are no indications of
a stampede and the prospects are that
the fight will be long drawn out with
other interests to be Involved
Dies From Heat on Train
St Joseph June 25 A man who Is
Bupposed to be W B Bradford of
Utlca died aboard a Burlington pas
senger train near thlB city from the
effects of the excessive heat He pur
chased a ticket at Kansas City for
this point and on the way repeatedly
complained of the heat He waB seized
with 8pamB and died within few
tlon which extends south from Gra
ham Va Ten lives are re
ported to have been lost along this val
ley A message reached the Associ
ated Press from Coaldalo W Va 14
miles west of Bluefleld Baying that
there had been an Immense loss of
property and some lives at that point
Details Hard to Obtain
Details of the great Pocahontas flood
are hard to obtain owing to the inac
cessibility of the mining district
wheie the fury and havoc of the angry
waters caused the most appalling loss
of life and property At Keystone the
water began to rise at 9 oclock Sun
day morning and by 11 oclock the
flood had spent its fury and at least
IwothlrdB of tho little city had been
washed wny or demolished It Ib
known that 1G residents of tho north
fide of tho stream lost their lives nnd
at least 50 of those living on tho south
sldo were drowned
At Uurke a suburb of Keystone a
miinlifir nrrt mtablncr ntifl fitt lit ni n rn
ported dead
It Ib now certain that tho total llBt
of tho dead from ono end of the Elk
horn valley to tho other will reach 200
A full list of the names of the victims
cannot he ascertained at this time
Hundreds are missing having taken1
refuge In the mountains to escape the
fury of the flood The list of the dead
eo far recovered and Identified that
it has been posnlble to obtain at this
time are John Lewis and Martha
Morgan white Samuel Poyndexter
Mettle Drown John Bollard Annie
Smith Laura McCoy Nellie Smith all
colored nil of Keystone Ivan Solosky
white and a colored family named
Halrston consisting of mother and
four children at Algona
BodleB nro being covered many
miles down tho stream where they
were washed ashore When it Ib con
sidered that the Elkhorn river Ibbo
small that It If rely furnishes enough
water to flUBh the coke ovens when In
its normal condition some idea of the
extent of the cloudburst may be
formed Tho railroad company now
estimates the damage to Its tracks be
tween thlB city nnd Vivian at over a
half million dollars There is at least
a hundred miles of track bordering
Tug river that cannot be heard from
as there is no means of communication
Intact Communication has been estab
lished as far west as Ennls this being
about one fourth of tho stricken dis
Late reports say that the lower end
of tho coal field between Vivian nnd
Gray suffered severely Fully a million
dollars damage has been dono to coal
and lumber Interests
Three daughters of Coal Inspector
DInsmore are reported drowned at Key
Btone They were alone In their
residence when the flood came and all
trace of them Ib lost
Relief committees left here at day
break for the stricken region
Declared Unconstitutional by Judgs
Smith at St Paul Neb
St Paul Neb June 26 County
Judge Smith has declared the Nebras
ka curfew law unconstitutional A
week ago four young women daugh
ters In each Instance of prominent
families engaged in a night charivari
All were grown but of an age which
brings them within the provisions of
the curfew ordinance They were ar
rested and detained not for disorderly
conduct but for being out late Habeas
corpus proceedings were begun with
tho result that the law has been de
clared Illegal and the girls ordered re
leased An appeal will be taken to
the higher courts
Fatal Quarrel Over Town Lots
Guthrie O T June 26 As a re
sult of a quarrel yesterday over town
lots in Addington in Kiowa Indian
reservation R S Castleberry shot J
M Wambold president of the National
bank three times the balls entering
Wambolds stomach inflicting mortal
wounds Castleberry then turned his
gun on Horace Addington who was at
tracted to the scene by the shooting
and shot him in the shoulder inflicting
a dangerous yet not necessarily fatal
wound Castleberry surrendered to
the marshal
New Trial for Mrs Botkln
San Francisco June 26 The case
of Mrs Cordelia Botkln under life sen
tence for the murder of Mm Eliza
beth Dunning of Dover Del was
called In the superior court yesterday
for the purpose of fixing the date for
a new trial recently granted by tho
Btate supreme court After some legal
sparring the case went over till next
Saturday when a date for trial will
be determined
Lone Wolf Denied Special Appeal
Washington June 26 The court of
appeals yesterday denied the motion
of Lone Wolf and other Kiowa and
Comanche Indians for a special ap
peal from the decision of Judge Brad
ley refusing an Injunction against the
secretary of the interior and other offi
cials to prevent the opening of tho
Kiowa lands The court held that
the case did not justify a special ap
Murders Mistress Kills Hlmseif
Poplar Bluff Mo June 26 Stephen
Clark a gambler while in a Jealous
rage last night killed his mlstreso
Pearl Clark a handsome woman 2S
years of age and then stabbed nlm
self inflicting a fatal wound Clark
stabbed the woman in the back with a
butcher knife after which he beat out
her brains with a hatchet
Lowers Worlds Record
Salt Lake June 26 In a special
ten mile motor paced race on tho
Salt Palace track last night between
Vaugban of Los Angeles and Chap
roan of Atlanta and the Turville
brothers of Philadelphia the worlds
record was broken the race being won
by Vaugban and Chapman In 1715
Big Gusher at Red Fork
Denlson Tex June 26 What is
eaid to be the latest oil gusher yet
struck in the southwestern field was
brought in yesterday at Red Fork
Creek nation north of Denlson The
oil spouted 400 feet In the air It is
still gushing and is wasting in great
Jumps Into the Ocean
Glasgow June 26 The captain of
the Anchor line steamer Furnessla
from New York June 15 which arrived
here yesterday reports that Richard
Walke a lawyer of West Virginia
jumped overboard June 20 and was
Second Cloudburst Completes
Work of Destruction
West Virginias Devastated District Is
Again Under Water More Than
One Hundred Dead In Initial Disas
ter Eight Millions Damage
Bluefleld W Va June 27 Another
dcstrucUve storm visited the flood
swept district last night and whllo no
loss of life Ib yet reported the dam
aito to nroDcrtv has been great The
work dono by the largo force of menj
repairing the damage of last Satur
days flood has been destroyed In many
places Details are hard to gather
for the communication destroyed by
Saturdays flood has not yet been re
Roanoke Va June 27 Word was
received hero last night at a late hour
confirming the lepurt that there had
been another heavy tall of rain In tho
West Virginia coal fields The intelli
gence received here says another
Btorm haB occurred and that
hontns Ib damaged moie than last Sat
urday All railroads ate threatened
Williamson W Va June 27 Thero
Is no longer any doubt but the list of
dead the result of the receut flood
will exceed 100 PartleB reached here
Inst evening from the upper end of the
flooded list let bringing the first au
thentic intormation received from the
scene of disaster The party jUBt
rived consisted of Judge Doollttle
Judge Flourney of Charleston and
Ellas Hatfield These gentlemen left
Vivian Sunday morning Judge
little said that wcrdB could not de
scribe the scene of devastation be 1
tween Vivian and Davy It was a
tidal wave from a cloudburst and
swept everything before it In the
track of Its course everything is gone
At Vivian the water came roaring
down the mountain sides in monster
waves and people who attempted to
flee to the hills for safety were washed
hack and carried away by the raging
current of the Elkhorn Fifteen per
sons are said to have been drowned at
Eckman At Keystone the loss of life
waB great Probably 30 persons per
ished there Mothers and babes were
Bwept away by the raging current
Btrong men battled for their lives with
out avail in many instances
On Dry Fork the loss of life Is ex
ceedingly great Bodies are scattered
all along the stream many of which
will never be identified v
The loss of property by the flood on
the Elkhorn and the Tug rivers Is now
roughly estimated at from 5000000 to
Lightning Bolts Strike Several Houses
Panic Among Picnickers
Pittsburg June 27 The storm
which struck Pittsburg and vicinity
yesterday was of short duration but
terrific in power and disastrous in ef
fect Tho lightning and thunder was
practically continuous for about 30
minutes the wind attained a velocity
of 30 miles an hour and there was a
heavy rainfall In two minutes of the
time 015 of an Inch of water fell One
woman Mrs Alice Lester was killed
instantly by lightning and several
other persons may die from the same
cause Numbers of houses and
churches were struck by lightning
Tie waters rushed down the hill
sides at Homestead and literally en
gulfed the town The extent of the
damage done there Is the worst In the
history of the town and will reach
many thousands of dollars Besides
the numerous houses that were
wrecked four iron bridges of the Mo
nongohela Street railway were washed
At South Avenue park a picnic party
composed of 1200 persons 700 of
which were children gathered In the
dancing pavilion for shelter from the
Btorm Lightning struck a tree within
eight feet of the pavilion and set fire
to the pavilion The picnickers were
panic stricken Women and children
and even men gave way to their
fright Fortunately the heavy rain ex
tinguished the flames and though a
large number of the party were more
or less hurt in the panic none was
Eerlously injured
A similar panic ensued at St Jo
sephs parochial school on Mount Oil
ver where commencement exercises
were being held The hall was filled
with children and their parents when
lightning Btruck the building tearing
a portion of the roof away Pande
monium reigned for a time but no
fatalities resulted
I From all surrounding towns reports
are coming telling of the widespread
damage done by the storm all reports
uniting in saying that it waB the se
verest known in years
Attempt to Destroy Remaining Wlnf
Is Thwarted by Prompt Discovery
j Lincoln June 24 The remaining
wing of the Nebraska penitentiary
buildings one of which was burned last
March narrowly escaped destruction
last evening from a fire started malici
ously Governor Savage and Warden
Davis say by convicts employed in the
broom factory Prompt discovery al
lowed the flames to be quenched in
their lnclplency and the damage is
nominal An investigation in the
broom factory showed that a candle
had been lighted and so placed that
after burning itself about half way
would communicate to a mass of broom
corn The nozzle of the hose bad
been plugged but the pressure waB so
strong that the water removed the ob
struction and the fire was quenched
Prlghtful Accident In the Cupola Rocm
of a Chicago Foundry
Chicago Juno 27 Caught in
streams of molten metal which poured
Into tho cupola room of tho soft
foundry department of the American
Car and Foundry company yesterday
seven workmen were frightfully
burned three of them fatally
The explosion of a dynamite shell
which had been placed In the cupola
with scrap Iron caused the accident
When the shell had been heated it
burst breaking the walls of the cupola
the molten metal streaming forth In
nil directions Not one of the men in
the room escaped the white hot metal
Tho victims Thomas Cusack fore
man of the cupola room died on way
to hospital Frank Baleen Bkull frac
tured and entire body burned Michael
Bmentak entire body burned by metal
both legs broken Charles Brown
scalp wounds and burned about body
Frank Dledo arm broken and burned
about face and head William Burke
body burned John SefetV body
burned and leg broken
Thousand Laborers at Rochester Grow
Riotous and Defy Authority
Rochester N Y June 27 Striking
laborers numbering 1000 had a brisk
encounter with the police In which
11 polcemen and 20 strikers were In
jured The rioters set out as several
times before to drive off the laborers
who were at work on street Improve
ments At Mill and Commercial
Btreets they encountered 50 laborers
employed by the Rochester Gas and
Electric company in digging a trench
and advanced on them and drove them
from the trench The workers Bought
refuge In the power house of the com
pany and the police undertook to dis
perse the mob A volley was fired
over the headB of the strikers who in
turn assailed the policemen with
bricks BtoneB shovels and pieces of
wood After hurling their missiles the
crowd dispersed
Death Comes to Quincy Ills Young
Man and Woman After Quarrel
Quincy Ills June 27 The bodies
of Frank C Forrest and Louise
Strothoff were found In the road five
miles from here early yesterday For
rest who was well known In Quincy
had quarreled with Miss Strothoff and
later had leceived a note asking him
to diive out to her home and see her
He went accompanied by John Dltt
mar During the evening Forrest and
the girl took a walk and that was the
last seen of them until their bodies
were found half a mile from the house
Whether he or she did the shooting
Is not known
Charles Holmes Prefers Chance to Get
Killed to One for Penitentiary
Plattsmouth Neb June 27 A tele
gram from Sheriff Wheeler at Albia
la states that Charles Elmer Holmes
who was arrested in Chicago and being
brought to this city to be tried on the
charge of perjury in connection with
the case of stealing brass from the
Burlington shops here had escaped
by jumping through a car window of
train No 5 He was handcuffed at the
Looks Like Denver Thug
Denver June 27 Charles Griffin
about 35 years of age who claims to be
a switchman Is In jail charged with
having attempted to assault a woman
at a lonely spot on Thirty first street
near a bridge over the Platte river
Griffin was lodged in jail and the po
lice declare that his description tallies
perfectly with that given of the man
who made a murderous assault on
Miss Celestine Coleman last Monday
night and also with that of the Cap
itol Hill Thug
Dowieites Driven Out of Evanston
Chicago June 27 Four Dowieites
who went to Evanston to hold an open
air meeting last night were hooted
down rotten egged jostled about the
street and finally driven out of town
The mob numbered hundreds of peo
ple The police seemed unable to cope
with the crowd No arrests were
Hung Jury Is Predicted
Eldorado Kan June 27 At a late
hour the jury in the Jessie Morrison
murder case had not agreed upon a
verdict and a hung jury Is generally
predicted Judge Alkman allowed the
Jurors to eat supper at 6 oclock but
sent them back to the jury room Im
mediately thereafter
Young Corbett knocked out Oscar
Gardner In the sixth round of what
was scheduled as a ten round go be
fore the Denver Wheel club Wednes
day night
William Grundman an old man was
fatally shot at Winona Minn Wed
nesday by his son-in-law Joe Camp
bell who later shot out one of his eyes
in an attempt to commit suicide Both
will probably die
The grand Jury at Chicago Wednes
day indicted former Deputy Coroner
John C Weckler for malfeasance in
office the specific charge being that he
conducted a false Inquest on the body
of Miss Marie Defenbach
Secretary Grimes of Oklahoma Wed
nesday issued a charter for the Okla
homa Colorado nnd Chlclasaw Rail
road company capital Btock 60000
000 It Ib to run a line of road 1000
mlleB long from Denver to Fort Smith
The arrival Wednesday of the trans
ports Thomas and Buford brings near
ly all the volunteer army homo from
the Philippines There are yet to ar
rive the Indiana with the Forty-second
regiment and the Kilpatrlck with
the Forty third