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Woman at Dakota City At
tempts His Life
Mr Stella WurtmnliiirRor Kutnra Hli Of
IIcp Anaortu Tlmt County Own Her mid
Attempt to Collect by lorcu ufAruii
Her Arrest Follow
Sioux City Mnroli JO Mrs Stolln
walked la the olllcc
of County Clerk Coolie C HUle at Da
kota City Neb yesterday and de
manded that lie give her an order for
money she alleged the county owes
lie refused and she whipped out a
gun and lired The bull tote olt a
suspender button and Just grazed
Bllles Hush The woman was over
powered by County Attorney J J Mc
Allister and placed under arrest
County Judge Dlmers held her to
the grand jury under bonds oi 2000
and she Is In jail The Dakota county
authorities have been trying to get rid
of her for some time They got her
as far as Omaha a few days ago but
she returned
Mr Lllllc Knox or Itonton Shoots Herself
With Itovolvcr
Benton Neb March 20 Mrs Lllllc
Knox wife of J T Knox of this place
attempted suicide by shooting herself
at thu home of Mr Orrln Galbralth
two and one half miles south of this
place yesterday The act was com
mitted with a revolver the bull pass
ing between the heart and lungs and
will probably prove fatal Mr and
Mrs Knox have been residents of this
place for two years A month ago
Mrs Knox said she was going to re
tire and went to her room then bun
dled up part of her wearing apparel
divided their savings left Mr Knoxs
hare on the dresser with a note say
ing she had left him and took her de
parture through a window Since that
time she has been making her home at
Mr Galbraiths
JB Reducing Federal Kxpcnse
Des Moines March 20 The collector
of Internal revenue for the southern
Iowa district has received an order
to reduce expenses on and after April
1 to the amount of 5000 a year and
to effect this saving he has dismissed
the traveling deputy one local deputy
In the collectors office and the stamp
sellers it Ottumwa Creston Keokuk
and Muscatine The starap doptitied
at Des Moines and Burlington remain
for the present Complaint has bqen
made frequently that the servlco was
crippled because of Insufficient help
and this reduction makes the situation
still worse A similar reduction is to
take place in the northern district
Hmnuno Society Plan
Des Moines March 20 The annual
meeting of the Iowa Humane society
was held last evening In Des Moines
and the old officers re elected B P
OHanlon of Milwaukee the national
organizer was present He has been
engaged In organizing branches In va
rious cities of Iowa and reports much
progress and general interest in the
work The society Is planning to se
cure new legislation which will ex
tend the authority of the society over
the entire state and enable it to ac
complish much greater good
Life Convict Commits Sulcldn
Leavenworth March 20 Taylor
Cook a life prisoner from Osborne
county committed suicide in his cell
in the penltentinry at Lansing yester
day Taylor used the wire employed
to tie up his bed and a sheet fasten
ing them to a hook in the celling arid
kicking a stool from under him Since
Ills incarceration In 1809 Cook has Im
portuned every governor to sign his
death warrant but all refused At
one time he was an Inmate of the in
sane asylum
North Carolina Jurists Acquitted
Raleigh N C March 20 Chief
Justice Furches and Associate Justice
Douglass of the supreme court of
North Carolina who after being pre
sented for Impeachment by the house
of representatives on Feb 25 have
been on trial at the bar of the senate
elnce March 14 were yesterday ac
quitted on the live counts In the ar
ticles of Impeachment by a vote of
27 for conviction and 23 for acquittal
Thirty four votes were necessary to
Rnnlan Refuse to Remove Flap
London March 20 The Dally Mafl
has received the following from Tien
Tsln dated yesterday Colonel Mc
Donald has politely asked the Russians
to remove their flags from the British
portion of the disputed territory whore
they were placed after a mutual evacu
ation had been agreed upon The Bus
Blans flatly declined It Is understood
that tho question of an arbitration to
the title of concession has uot been
Altgeld Helps Iluuecy
Chicago March 20 In the presence
of 3000 who filled every pause in his
speech with cheering John P Altgeld
last night from tho Auditorium stage
fervidly denounced tho administration
of Mayor Carter II Harrison Altgeld
pleaded with the Independent Demo
crats and his other hearers to support
Judge Hanecy and the entire Repub
lican ticket In the city eleciton next
Noli SIpIo In orlcil soclctv
The Norfolk Weekly News Journal
Condition Not lnorulili for Civil ioMiru
iiient In Mulil Irotip
lolo Sulu March 21 The Philip
pines commission sailed lust night for
Isabel Island of Hazllan ltefore leav
ing the commission hud a long consul
tation with Major Sweet the American
commander at Unto and Dhul Kar
achi the strongest chief or the Stilus
who usually opposes the sultan
Any measure of civil government In
Sulu appears Impossible at present
The customs of vassalage servitude
and polygamy prevail There Is no
law except the Koran and that Is not
always followed The Macros and
Chinese desire a cessation of military
rule In loin but the conglomerate char
acter of the population and the uncer
tainty as to those without the waits
render this Inadvisable Military of
lleecs consider the treaty unnecessary
and an Impediment to progress
The news of the capture of Aguln
aldo was received here with great
gratification by the members of the
commission and the Tutted States
troops The rejoicing was Increased
by a report of the surrender of Capls
trano In northern Mindanuo
Kltuntlon lit Miirnelllen
Marseilles March 2 The Improve
ment In the strike situation continues
The city is resuming In some respects
Its ordinary nspect About 11000 men
are at work on the quays
Wen l Sclli Aikoii Slur
Gcdar Ilnplds In March 2 George
K Wenig has sold Aegon Star 211
to W M Fisher of West Liberty Tor
0000 ca sli The horse will be entered
in the Grand Circuit
Men Sentenced In Couuertlon Willi Ooubcl
Assaislnntlnii to Ito Allouid
Another Hearing
Frankfort Ky March 20 The court
of apoals yesterday rendered deci
sions granting new trials in the case of
ex Secretary of State Caleb Powers
sentenced to life imprisonment and
James Howard sentenced to hang as
alleged accessory and principal re
spectively in the assassination of Will
iam Goebel In the decision on the
Powers case the court was divided
on political lines The four Republican
judges united In an opinion which was
written by Judge Durelle and the
three Democratic judges In a dissent
by Judge White All of tho opinions
concurred In holding the indictments
sufficient and also in holding void the
pardon issued to Powers by former
Governor Taylor after the latter had
been ousted from office
Declines to Sleet Mitchell Rut Will Try
to Prevent Strike
New York March 20 A delegation
composed of live men represontating
trade Interests In the Pcnsylvnnln
anthracite coal region with the Rev
B S Phillips of Ilnzeltou acting as
chairman held a conference yesterday
with J P Morgan In his private of
fice The conditions of unrest In the
coal region were set forth In tho
briefest passible form by Father
Phillips who represented the delega
tion to Mr Morgan anil to whom Mr
Morgan expressed his Interest In
their errand and his willingness to
make personal effort to prevent a
strike though lie declined to hold a
public conference with John Mitchell
president of the mine workers
You may rest nssured that I be
lieve there will be no strike re
marked Mr Morgan
Sarah Keruhardt III
rittsburg March 2 Mine Sarah
Bernhardt who was to have opened
an engagement at the Alvln theater
last night was taken suddenly 111
nfter the performance nt Cleveland
nnd is not sufficiently recovered to ap
Given Ilfo Sentence
Buffalo Wy March 20 CharIcs B
Holllbaugh and Eric Btinton have been
sentenced to the penitentiary for life
for the murder of A S Brown a
wealthy stockman They confessed
that they shot Brown and burned his
Rocrs Suiter n Reverse
Capo Town March 20 The British
Inflicted a repulse March 20 on tho
commandoes of General Malan nnd
Commandant Schecper on Sundays
river The Boers fled having lost
10 killed
Eight thousand people died of the
plague last week In Bengal nlone in
cluding Calcutta Whole towns are
being deserted
A benefit for Billy Rice tho vet
eran minstrel who is ill in Chicago
will be gtyen at the Grand opera
house Thursday
Rivers and lesser strenms In the Gen
esee valley New York are greatly
swollen and considerable damage by
overflows Is reported
A dispatch from Salonica announces
that nine men were scalded to death
by tho bursting of a steam pipe on the
Turkish torpedo boat Shehub
While the German agrarians are
vlowlug with alarm tho adoption of
American food products in tho empire
and tiro striving for an increase In
tho turlff on American grain there
Is a strong feeling In favor of the
cheapening of food prcduvts through
out Germauy
iib 11 i
Nebraska Republicans Elect
Two United States Senators
On Announreincnt of Tliitntpnu With
drawn AntU loin tho Vitiitlliiliil Ne
Inn Contlrini leh tlut
Short Term ami Millard Long
Lincoln March 2 The deadlock
over the Nebraska senatorshlps was
broken yesterday and Governor
Charles 11 Dietrich was elected sen
ator to till the short term of the lute
lion M L Ilayward and Hon Joseph
11 Millard of Oniiiha was chosen for
fie long term In succession of John
M Thurston
This was brought about by the with
drawal of It 10 Thompson W Hose
water and all those who have previous
ly been candidates except Lorenzo
Crounse Crounse with the aid of
the nntls who came Into the cau
cus yesterday morning when Thomp
son withdrew made a light foe the
nomination but the tide set In toward
Millard so strong that It was appar
ent he would win This was made cor
tuln when Cuccle swung In line foe
falm Crounse withdrew and the nom
ination of Dietrich and Millard was
made unanimous
The election of Dietrich nnd Mlllocd
was accomplished In Joint session by
the solid vote or all Republican mem
bers who were physically able to be
present In the Joint session Marshall
being sick
Lieutenant Governor Savage nn
nnuncod tho election with much feel-
lug the vote being as follows
Dietrich short term 70 Millard
long term 70 Allen short term rS
Hitchcock long teem S W IT
Thompson long term 52 Berge short
term 2
Thursday was the day agreed upon
for the conclusion of the legislative
session but It Is doubtful If final ad
journment comes before Saturday
night The docks in the two houses
were stopped last night and the mem
bers simply recessed Instead of nd
Journlng Tho long senatorial dead
lock delayed necessary legislation and
much work remains unfinished
Knil Camo Unexpectedly
The end of the deadlock In reality
came unexpectedly two hours before
the last Joint ballot of tho session was
to be taken Seventy Republicans In
person or by proxy assembled in tho
caucus room of the Lindell hotel to
make what was believed by nearly all
to be a final vain effort to find a solu
tion of the three months bitter strug
gle Seven ballots had been taken
without result on the long term
when the first sensation of the day
came with the appearance of D B
Thompson the short term caucus nom
inee who formally announced his
withdrawal from tho race and sug
gested the name of Governor Dietrich
as his successor Reasonable assur
ance was given that his suggestion
would be rati lied Meanwhile the
North Platte light continued and Lo
renzo Crounse jumped to a prominent
place threatening a nomination at one
time by securing 35 votes The next
sensation was tho announcement of
Bdwnrd Rosewaters withdrawal In fa
vor of George W LInlnger of Omaha
Meanwhile J II Millard had ap
peared as a now North Platte candi
date and ho immediately became a
hot opponent of Crounse for the place
Mr Millards name was prominently
linked with that of Mr Dietrich as
a running mate and from then on the
caucus complexion seemed to Indicate
the speedy nomination of the two
The ten bolting Republicans had en
tered the caucus before Thompsons
withdrawal and It was then a com
plete caucus of the majority party
members Balloting was continued
when Mr Meiklejohn contributed his
mlto to the general upheaval by with
drawing He announced no preference
as to his successor in the fight but It
was understood that Ills action was In
favor of Mr Millard
M II Illnshaw then announced his
retirement Francis Martin followed
and nil tho former candidates were
then out of the way save Crcunse and
Nominations Are Made Unanimous
Four ballots were speedily taken
On tho first Governor Dietrich was
nominated almost by acclamation
Harlan receiving a few votes Two
more disclosed a closo light between
Millard and Crounse the second ballot
showing 32 to 34 In the formers fa
vor Then the third was taken and
Millard had gained a considerable fur
ther lead It was then moved to name
him by acclamation and this was done
on tho fourth ballot
Mr Thompson determined upon Ids
withdrawal yesterday Tho Repub
licans who have opposed him had some
time ago offered to lot Jilm name both
Bonutors if ho would stop out of the
way Dietrich was his choice The
Thompson men nlso were tho ones who
voted for Millard
Both Thompson and Roscwnter made
addresses to tho caucus in withdraw
ing their names
The caucus adjourned nt 1030 and
an hour and a half later Its action was
ratlfled at tho joint convention of the
legislature Nows of the caucus action
hud become generally known and there
was tremendous crowd In the hall of
tho house when the ballot was taken
J The proceedings however were do-
void of great excitement Follow
ing I he formal election of I he two nom
inees committees were appointed to
apprise thoin of the action of the legis
latum Mr Mlllurd being In Omaha
tJovecnoc Dlelclch alone appeared and
thanked the members for the honor
conferred paying tribute to wl at he
K jld was the parly loyally of D W
Who the Senator Ave
Jexeph II M II In t tl wni hum In lliiinllloti
Ctiiiiidii In Itftil nail iii mi to NehriiNlii
nt tlio tiu of U yearn since whhli lime
IiiIiiIhIiimmi ii Itwldrnt of Onmlin lie Ik nt he
heml of he liniiliii Niitliinnl hiiliU which It
one of the tuiKesl tlnuiiiliil liiitltullnim In
the Mute uf Nchriiskn He win appointed
Mnlilcr of the hunk In Jiiniimy isil nml
lias heen with It ever nluer He tins n
yearly Income of 1iMi0 lis president of
the concern Ills wealth Is rated lit over
half a million ilollnis Mr Mlllardu ae
nualiitiinco I cciihIvc all over the went
find from the fact that that he has always
heen cut pi Islni he lull valued a popular
ity that Is a credit to him riithteen yean
nio Mr Millard was a candidate for Pulled
States senator hut lifter n hard fought
contest was defeated hy ieneral Iliailes
I Mniiilemnn lie was one of Hie di
rectors of the rnlnii Iaclllo before Ita renr
KMiibnl Inn
Monitor Italics Henry Dlelilch was hum
nt Aurora Ills lie will he tH years of
nc Nov UH net lie begun hard work at
the age of II and nt the ace of left
the public schools Ills education was
learned chlellv In the school of experience
In the winter of IS with Mill In his
pocket he started for the lllack Hills Two
years later he located tho fiimnus Aurora
mine In another year he sold his Interest
to Hrowii Tlinuih Donilwond banker
This irnve lilin the money to start huslness
life with He returned to Aurora wns mar
lied ami then cniue to Hastings Nidi where
he has hecen cniaieil In Inistuccs enter
pilses ever luce Wlirp he received the
nomination for coventor last Cll he was
president of the Herman National linnk of
HiisIIiiks He Is reported to he worth
0 IhIO or JllOmif Tin senator Is n will
ower with hut one child n daughter 0
years of aie Ciilll last fall Mr Dietrich
had never lieen a candidate for any public
livery Member of Coinmlll en on Ititlallnm
With the Culled States Submit a
Kcpoit of Ills Own
Havana Match 12 The meeting
held yesterday by the committee on re
lations of the Cuban constitutional
convention wns not harmonious
lach of tin five members offered a
different copoct Senor Juan Gual
betio rniucz who was appointed a
fortnight ago to prepare one submit
ted a report of great length rejecting
the I Mutt unioiiilnienf particularly
clauses III VI VII and VII I Senor
Silvela reported In favor of leaving
the question of relations to the future
government but afterward voted In
favor of the report submitted by Senor
Senor Vllluendas reported in oppo
rilini to any further action regarding
the matter by the convention Senor
DeQuesada In his report accepted the
Ilatt amendment with the proviso
that the establishing of coaling sta
tions should not interfere with the
Internal government of Cuba nnd that
the United States should be given a
right to Intervene according to the
treaty of Paris only when the Cuban
government should be unable to pro
tect life nnd properly Senor Tam
ayos report wns In line with the Piatt
amendment allowing the United
States to nia e Cuba a base of opera
tions in case of war In return for
which the United States should guar
antee he permanent Independence of
Cuba but should not Intervene except
nt the request of the Cuban congress
Members of the convention said that
they would report next Monday
Camp of Foil Kalllhas Captured After a
Sharp Fiifht
Bathurst Gambia West Africa
March 2 Tho camp nt Manduni In
Gambia of Fodl Kallibas the old
slave raider who recently attacked a
French post killing several French
soldiers after a sharp fight In which
Fodl Kallibas himself wns wounded
and l0 of his followers wore killed
or wounded Fifty prisoners were
taken The French had 112 soldiers
killed nnd seven wounded The camp
at MandanI was strongly barricaded
with a stockade three feet thick The
French shells exploded the powder
magazine Inside the stockade
ShorliiBo In Iarnnll Imttolllne
Iowa City la March 20 Dr L K
Stewart United States postofllce In
spector of this city reports a discov
ery of 12000 unaccounted for In the
money order department of the Parnell
la postofllce in his visit to that of
fice The postmaster went to some
of his friends and secured the amount
needed to make up the cash In the
showing on the books
IamiciiKur Train Collide
McLnln Ills Marcji 120 Iu a colli
sion between two Chicago and Alton
passenger trains Kngluecr Temploton
of Bloomlngton was Instantly killed
Tho passengers and other trainmen
escaped with a severe shaking up
Both engines wore partially demol
ished nnd travel wns delayed about
throo hours
Tho president still lacks one name of
completing the St Louis exposition
The marine hospital service has ad
vices from Vera Cruz Mexico saying
thnt yellow fever Is reported on the
Isthmus of Tchunntcpec
It Is olllclally announced that nt a
secret consistory to bo held in Rome
April 15 Archbishop Martinelll will be
raised to tho cardlunlate
The number of congressional callers
nt tho white house Is dwindling each
day showing thut the statesmen are
leaving Washington for their homes
National Bank
When Your Plowing is All Done
Youll wnnt a good dry plnrso to store your plows for tho senROii
together with all other high priced machinery Hay I Whats
tho mill tor with building a now sited Wu havo just what you
nued Its choan too n lot of nice common boards Thoyro
not the best in tllo world Thoyro plenty good enough though
and mulct up In cheapness whatever they lack in quality
Ichii I mi Ii aiMitraiu
V II IIPCHOIZ ronlilnnt
AlKXANDKIt IIKAK Vlco Ironldoal
Ii W VTA Uimlilor
Capital 10000000
Surplus 2000000
Does a General Banking Business
Buys and Soils Exohango
Interest Paid on Tlmo DoposltB
SLIi ati Money Ordors Sold on any Point in Raropa
A General Steamship jind ForolKn Passage Business Transacted
ill CQm JL I
Exclusive aent lor the Celebrated Sweetwater Rock Spring Coal the
best In the market
Scranton Hard Coal in all sizes TELEPHONES 61
Tried Them
fiO TO
WOHalls Barter Shop
For llmnliiDg Steam Filling Pumps Tanks
Wind Mills
And all work In this lino call an
First door South of Tub Dailt Nbwb Ofllcs
Suits mndo to order and in tlis latest style Rs
palriuK neatlyjilono Shop on South FourUi St
lonthnf Iluum Droh
NO 33
James Richards M D
And Expert
i tionist
Kznminntion ofUtooyu
imiek to patients nnd customers Ofllca liOi
la ni am St Omaha opposlto Iaxton Hotol
Telephone Ko 417
Rooms on North Ninth Street
Practical Plumber
and Steam Fitter
Agency for the Mrcrs Force and
Wind Mill Pumps
Prices Right
Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Work
First door West of Post Office
Sale and i
Boarding Barn
Horses Bought and Sold on
Bratuch Avenue
ad Third St