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II 1 1 sin
England and Russia Said to
Have Reached Agreement
Anxiety Over the Trncnn nl Tien Tutu 1oc
Not Almte Troulilo Due to Clilnmo Ju
trnmrnt Granting bumo CoiilvsiIoii to
Two Nullum
London March 20 Some of the aft
ernoon newspapers say the Tien Tsln
difficulty has been arranged
The misunderstanding was due to the
Chinese authorities granting the
same concession to two nations The
arrangement enables Great Britain to
proceed with the construction of the
railroad siding hut If Russias conces
sion proves to he earlier than that of
Great Hrltaln the latter Is to acknowl
edge the claims of Russia
The foreign olllce however has no
information tending to confirm the an
nouncement of an arrangement hav
ing been made and the ofllclals are
rather Inclined to doubt that such an
arrangement has been arrived at They
Miy the original concession was given
up by Russia
Tien Tsln March 20 Th excite
ment nnil anxiety here as to the pos
sible development of the Anglo-Russian
siding dispute do not abate A
company of British troops and n com
pnny of Russian soldiers remain en
camped on either side of the trench
looking at each other The Russians
have orders to fire on any one com
mencing work
General Wogaoh says the trouble
was caused by the unwarrantable inter
ference In the affairs of the Russian
concession and ho adds that the sid
ing will not be continued unless be re
ceives orders from his own superiors
Field Marshal Count von Waldcrsoc
Is expected heie soon Roth sides will
appeal to him but they both consider
the matter to be beyond his authority
and will await orders from Europe
Attack on KnglUh Troops Win AgnluAt
Orilum of Their Gcnernl
Tien Tsln March 20 Speaking of
the attack made by a number of ex
cited French soldiers on some of the
members of the British Sikh regiment
Sunday in the French concession Gen
eral Lorno Campbell says it was mere
ly n childish outbieak against the or
ders of their own general who had for
bidden the French soldiers to enter the
British concession The order fol
lowed a request made by General
Lome Campbell after almost every res
ident had complained of the behavior
of the French in insulting women re
fusing to pay for purchases acting
riotously and abusing American and
Kngllsh soldiers
General Voyron the French com
mander recognized that this must stop
and ordered the French soldiers to keep
In their own concession General
Lome Campbell was perfectly satisfied
that General Voyron was In harmony
with himself and anxious to maintain
order Mnior Foote Ninth United
States Infantry says the French sol
diers were frequently abusive to the
American troops who were unarmed
while out on pas while the French
were armed with swords or bayonets
On one occasion an American dis
armed a Frenchman and turned over
his weapon to the sergeant of the
guard explaining satisfactorily his
reasons for the action taken
Lord Crmiliornn iiv s A niln Gerinnn Agree
ment CouccrnH All or Chlun
London March 20 When questioned
us to whether the Anglo German agree
ment applied to Manchuria Lord Gran
borne under secretary of the foreign
office intimated that he thought it
did He quoted a clause from the
agreement whereby both countries
agree to direct their policy towards
maintaining the Integrity of the Chi
nese empire This provision said
Lord Cranborne Is without qualifica
Minister Wu Looks at Ilcturei
Chicago March 20 Wu Ting Fang
Chinese minister who delivered the
tonvocation address of the Univer
sity of Chicago at the Studebaker
theater yesterday visited the Art
institute He spent the time wand
derlpg through the big galleries nnd
halls of the institution commenting
and asking questions of his escort
Previous to visiting the Art Institute
Minister Wu received a delegation of
newspaper men and for 15 minutes
interviewed with them very success
fully He refused to make any com
ments on tho political situation in his
own country either returning evasive
answers or smilingly ignoring the
questions nsked
Towboat 8 1 nk at Ioulivllle
Louisville March 20 Tho towboat
Transit knocked a small hole in her
hull while going over the falls of the
Ohio yesterday afternoon nnd sank
three miles further down the river at
tho foot of Fortieth street where the
water is just over her boiler deck
She will bo raised Tho crew of ten
men saved themselves by swimming
to a boat the Transit was towing The
boat is owned by J II Hoffman of
Jcffersonvillc Ind
Minor Tight Running Duel
San Bernardino Cal March 20 A
P Klllott manager of the Peacock Cop
per mine and James Neville another
mining man became involved In a
quarrel at Daggett and fought a run
ning duel in the streets with knives
Neville fell mortally wounded and by
standers interfered Klllott was
lightly wounded He was placed in
Emu of S14V lli uitthrd lo
III Wife
lndlannpols March 20 The will of
General llanNoii was tiled for probate
yesteiday He bequeaths to the Union
Trust company as trustee If his wife
shall survive him 125000 to be In
vested the Interest to be paid to her
during the term of her life
At the death of his wife any earned
Interest not paid to her shall become
part of his reslduaiy estate To his
wife he aKo leaves floOOO to his
daughter Elizabeth 10000 lie leaves
10000 to be Invested by the Pulon
Trust company and to nccumulate un
til his grandson Benjamin Harrison
McKoo shall become of age when he
shall have the principal and accumu
lated Interest To his grandchildren
Mary Lodge McKee Marlena Harrison
and William Henry llanlson be
leaves to each the sum of 2500 In ad
dition to other gifts mentioned
Item 10 of the will reads If an
other child should be born to me of
my present marriage 1 give and be
queath to such child the sum of 10
000 If a boy shall be born t me he
shall bear my name ami my sword
and sash shall bo given to him instead
of to my son Russell
Com let Duett In leai enu in Hi Colliery
Strike for Itetter looil mill 1 hh Woik
Hold GmuiW us Hoitngm
Leavenworth Kan March 20 -The
Insunectlou ot the convict niineis in
the state mine shalt at Lansing was
brought to a close at midnight and
the mutinous convicts weie placed in
their cells The Imprisoned guatds
have been ldeascd and aie again
above tho surface
Shortly alter nightfall the warden
and evoi y available olllcer gathered
around the mouth of the mine eacli
man heavily armed Hunger had be
gan to tell upon tile mutinous convicts
and they began to parley with the
warden They sent him word that If
he would piomise not to Inlllct punish
ment lor their action they would sur
render and come up To this the war
den would not consent sending down
woid that the surrender must bo un
conditional the question of punish
ment to be considered later As the
night wore on the warden held a con
sultation with Ids ollicers and it was
decided to attempt a loseue of the
guaids and a No to overawe the con
victs and foice their surrender Se
lecting his mem the warden with I
seven or eight guards entered the j I I
hoist and were soon speeding down-
waul When near the bottom of tno
pit a heavy fusillade was opened the I
shots being tired toward the top of I i
the shaft This took the convicts by
surprise and they hastily lied having
the guards who were soon Joined by
their comrades after which they were
sent to the top The armed guaids
then started after tho convicts and
soon had the rlnglcadeis under arrest
when the others gave in and surren
dered The work of leturning them to
the surface began and before morning
the convicts were behind tho bars of
their cells
IX KoiIujh WiiiiiiiI Siirn Mfiilly
ninlneil With
Paris March 1- M De Rodays who
was wounded last Sunday by the
Count de Castellane in a duel Is
out fever and suffers no pain The
bullet has boon located with the X
rays and will probably be extracted
Christian Scientists are gaining
many supporters In England
The duke of Cornwall and his wife
sailed from Portsmounth for their trip
to Australia and Canada
Carrying nnd collections of malls In
France it is ofllcially decided shall
be conducted on automobiles
Six persons were burned to death
Sunday at Little Caspacade Que as
the resuit of nn oil btovo In the house
of John Gauthler
Adelbert S Hay United States con
sul to Pretoria arrived in New York
Sunday Ho refused to talk concern
ing the South African situation
The latest figures on the lire -which
destroyed the establishment of the
Melncko Toy company at Milwaukee
place tho loss at 152000 with lnsur
ance at 120000
Llgo Taylor was fatally shot by
Robert O Hill at Mount Vernon Ills
Sunday Hill was jealous of TaylorB
attention to Hills divorced wife Hill
gave himself up
Charles Friedman of Brooklyn was
arrested Sunday charged with the mur
der of his daughter Jessie 10 months
old and the probable fatal wounding
of his daughter Helen 3 yean old
Vast Outpouring Pays Last
Tribute at Indianapolis
riftren Tlinunnntl IN I noun Gather nl I lie
Service lit Churrli nnil
Itnuh rreNliltnt Mi Klnlry nml Other
IMntliiKiilohtil Till nil Atliml rnneiil
Indianapolis March 18 In the
center of a hollow square composed of
fullj 15000 of his fellow cltlens the
Xoiniilns of Benjamin Hairlson weie
Fon with her brother Lieutenant Com-
mandor Pinker of the nay and lit
tie Hllnhetli llanlson Tlien came
Sot lutaij I bbott and Mrs Tlbbott
then Mr and Mrs McKee Russell
llanUon initl Mrs Russell llairlsou
then the other iclatives of the dead
e president Directly afler the mem
beis of the family came Piesldent
Mi Klnley and Governor Dm bin and
following them the fi lends of the fam
Twelve mounted policemen com
manded by Captain Dawson led the
vvnv and cleared the street
There were seerul thousand people
ground the Hairlson resilience hh tho
funeral procession nioed away but
the oiovvd there was liislgulllcaut to
that which gathered around the
yesteiday Intcncd In the family lot In
rlrr rTII
Ciown Hill cemetery Cose by the AMMONIA FUMES FATAL
grave weie the menibeis ol his fiunilv I
President McKlnley and other
llors of distinction and the mme Inti
mate friends of Sonerni Harrison
Back a distance of 50 yaids behind
lopes gunidod zealously by a large
force of polite stood with uncoveieil
heads the groat multitude who knew
him not so well as did they who stood
beside the fleshly upturned earth but
who admit ed him full as much It
Is doubtful if any public man at least
In this generation was borne to his
last resting place among so many man
ifestations of lospoot Of passionate
grief thole was little beyond the mem
bers of his family but the tribute of
respect was universal It came from
nil alike from those of his own pollt
leal laith and fiom those who dllleioil
Tio Ilirn I out lii t iiiimiiiI Manner on
llimril sieniner Nn orli Willi h
iheiln Tort Willi Itiolten Shiill
New York March IS The steam
ship New Yolk reached her dock last
night alter a passage in which tho
explosion of an ammonia tank and a
bioken shalt caused loss of life ami
much damage to the vessel
As a result of the explosion 15 men
men weie oveicome by the fumes of
aminonla Thursday last and seriously i
liliwf Pillnil i llil tloillll1 fllnuo fif Iftllll I
Kent and Call Ihigkvlst lesiiltlng la
ter Both victims were hurled at sen
Several others weie coullueil to the
ships hospital for some time and one
was still In the hospital when the
with him concerning what is best for bnp wked
mo nations goon iroin men wno nave
been his lifelong friends and from
those who know him merely by sight
nail to whom he never spoke It came
Irotn Avomen and children from while
and black from all conditions and
kinds of people Theie was no excep
tion anywhere to the oxpiesslon that
the nation had lost one of Its ablest
men and the gteatest man of his gen
ct at Ion in his own state I
By the grave stood the chief
trate of the nation and behind the
ropes were all the street arubs of Gen
eral Harrisons city every grade of
human life In America between the
two was represented in the crowd
ami In them all theie was but the one
feeling that a man had died who was
honest at all times with himself and
with otheis and whose ability and
character were such as the nation
I could ill affonl to lose
I The weather was unsurpassable
bright sunlight the warm bicath of
spring In every broee and yet in the
nir a touch of winter that brought the I
blood to the cheek and a spaikle to the
Tho services at tho chinch and the
grave were simple in the extiome all
In most excellent taste and like the
proceedings Saturday theie was an
utter absence of friction in every thing
that was done All was well ordered
nnd well performed
Seniles at Hill IIhoii Home
At the Harrison home botoie the
leumliis weie taken to the Flist Pios
bytcrian chinch where the full fu
neral service was held theie was
brief exorcNes for the members of the
family and mine Immediate triends of
General Harrison Possibly lO per
sons were piesent Mrs Harrison did
not appear Inn lemained in her loom
until it was time to leave for the
President MeKinley aoeomnanioil
by Governor Hurbln called at the
house about 1 oclock At about the
same time the members of President
Harrisons cabinet and others contin
ually arrived until the short services
were over The people sat in the par
lors filled tho halls and n number sat
on the stairs while Dr Haynes read a
short passage from the scriptures and
made a few remarks touching the life
of General Harrison as did Dr Nlcol
of St Louis and after a brief prayer
by Dr Haynes the services wore over
The florists wagon backed up to the
front of the house and n few large
pieces were loadinl into the vehicle
preparatory to lacing taken to tho
church Word was then sent to Mrs
Harrison that the time had come for
the body to bo removed to tho church
nnd she at once came down from her
room into the parlor There was a
few minutes of bustle whispered di
rections by the undertaker and his as
sistants nnd n marshaling of the hon
orary pall bearers Into columns of
twos The procession was to have
left tho house at 1J0 oclock but It
was fully 150 minutes later than that
when everything was In readiness
The doors were thrown wide open
nnd the honorary pall bearers who
were General Benjamin F Tracy of
New Yory John Wnnnmakcr of Phila
delphia W 11 II Miller of Indianapo
lis John W Noble of St Louis nnd
Charles Foster of Fosterin 0 General
Lew Wallace of Indianapolis Jndson
Harmon of Cincinnati and William A
Woods of Iudlannpolls camo slowly
down the walk leading to the street
After them came Uio nctivo pall
bearers bearing the casket They were
A L Mason James Whitcomb Riley
Evans Woollen Harry J Mllllgan
Clifford Arrick William C Robbs
Harry S New noward Cale John T
Griffiths Newton B Tarklngton Hil
ton U Brown and Samuel Held
Taken o the Church
While the casket was being placed
In the hearse the honorary pall bearers
Btood to one bldo with bared heads
As soon as tho henrso had moved from
tho front of the house the carriages
came up rapidly and the family and
visitors entered them Tho under
taker apd his assistants held a list oi
tho occupants of each carriage as It
should go in the procession and as
quickly as a oarriago stopped the peo
ple to whom it belonged were ushered
in and it moved down the street to
take Its place in the procession
Behind the casket came Mrs
Colonuliini Ai rekl In Vermont DIniIoach
One r Cum Ilitnl Iowilei In Mull
Slioieham VI March IS Alldaoo
Yoiulette of Canon City Colo was ar
rested in West Rutland charged with
the nun dor of Miss Ida Foshurgh of
this town whom lie came east last
week to marry The case Is one of
the most icinai kable on record
The specific ohirgo against Vondolte
Is that he sent poison to Miss Fos
butgli In a letter and that she took
II on tin- supposition that It would
lelleve her of an embarrassing condi
tion She died Instantly It Is be
lieved the poison was cyanide of po
Vondolte protests his Innocence lie
asserts that he came to Vermont from
Colin ado for the purpose of marrying
MNs Foshurgh and that he should
attempt her life is preposterous
Simpn ted of Theft u TeiineHKci NegieMM l i
Shot to Death
Nashville Tenn March 1S - A ne
gio woman named Bailie Crutehllold
who lived near Rome Smith county
was murdered last night by a mob
1 that visited her homo about midnight
She was taken from her cabin and
carried to a bridge over Round Lick
Cicok Her hands having been tied
behind her she was shot through the
head ami her lifeless body was thrown
into the ciock
The coroners Jury returned a verdict
that she came to her deatli at the
bands of unknown parties She was
suspected of looting a pocket book of
120 which had been lost
Arapahoe llronn of Wyoming freniikteit
After Itelni llnlehereil
Cheyenne Wy Maich 38 Arapa
hoe Brown one of the wealthiest
stockmen In northern Wyoming was
murdered lu cold blood and his body
partially destroyed by fire last week
The scone of the fiendish crime was
on Powder river at a lonely ranch
house many miles from the nearest
habitation Brown left Buffalo a
week ago to go to the ranch to look
after some stock that he was ranging
on shares with two men The two
gland on points In a lri round boxing
The lumber ynrds and saw and plan
ing mill plant of John B Ransom
Co in West Nashville Tenn were de
stroyed by fire Monday Loss 110
000 insurance 11R000
W C Irvine of Omaha lies been ap
pointed manager of the Franklin Live
Stock company whose range Is lo
cated in the Belle Fourcho and Black
Hills country of South Dakota
A theft of 1000 worth of diamonds
from Edwards Sloan Wholesale Jew
elers and a throat to kidnap the
young son of George II Edwards un
less 1000 was paid immediately for
the return of the gems Is a story with
which the Kansas City detectives are
wrestling The boy is being guarded
l l 1 u it m jur i
Roclc Island Passenger Ditched
Near Grand Junction la
oofi Hull SupiioMi il to lime CniKeil llin
lliiler I mill Wii lliiiinlni nt Inlt
Sneiil Whrn the Aiililinl Itfiiruil
Three Com hi lo Into Dili h
Grand Junction la Marih 1
Chicago Roik Island ami Im uio pus
Hoitger 1 1 ji til No 2 mn 111 bound was
v looked jiesloiilny two miles Itoiu I his
plate I he tendei the mall uir and
tin eo passenger coaches went Into the
ditch turning on their sides and me
now llng In a shallow pool of water
The locomotive icmalned upon the
ti nek A stole or more of the pas
sengers wete Inliiiod sexcial of them
being seriously hurt The Injured
Cella Wobble Raton la arm biok
en condition serious
Mis Hall Stum I la scilous
C B Grant Foil Dodge supoiln
teiideut of Mason City ami Foil
Dodge inllwaj serious
lalil MeKean Poineioy la Holl
oas Internal Injuries
A M MeKean Pony la foot
C A IllillelT Dos Mollies slight
V L McNeill Foil Hodge hint
nboitt head
Loo Yoik Hes Moines back hint
W 1 Phillips noe bioken
1 L McCiKik Dos Moines cut our
oe not serious
I W Yoenin Dos Moines biulsed
Fred Bnllen Hes Moines leg hint
William Ballautiiie Hes Moines arm
cut buck hurt
F A Luther Giaml Juncllon hint
Rlohaiil WIH70 face cut
Several otheis whose names could
not bo leainod were mme or less pain
fully Inlured
The tialn was running at full speed
when tho accident occurred A loose
rail is supposed to have caused the
v rook
Strangely enough all of tin train
men escaped serious Injury and they
wllh tho passengers who weie not
liadlv hurt lent Immediate aid to the
Inlured Rlehaid Wlllvo nf Gin ml
Junction i an back to the depot here
for assistance Five surgeons woie
sent to the si one of the wieok on
hand ears The passengers who woro
loss seriously Inlured walked buck
to this city and thoo who were unable
lo walk were brought In on a
sti etcher improvised bv connecting the
two hand cars with a farm gate
nailed fast
Iloinlinntotil Aifiilnit Hither the Ahliot
or Ioril Drrliy
Boston March 10 Thomas W Law
son accepts the pioiiosltlon of Mr
Scannell owner of Tho Abbot for a
race for the sum of 250000 He sug
gests conditions agreeable to hlin
The communication which Is of con
siderable length iev lews the icliisal
of Mr Scannell to match The Abbot
against Boialnia Mr Lnwsou In bos
iiccentaiico I will accept his
proposition to rate Boialma against
either The Abbot or Lord Derby for
the sum of S250000 although I think
It Is more than any hoi so should race
for upon the following conditions
The race to take place In September
over an association track which I will
name the gate receipts which I guur
nntee will bo 25000 to be given to
charities 25000 to be deposited upon
signing of articles of agreement which
must be signed on or before March
21 25000 to be deposited July 1 and
the remainder the night before tho
race all deposits to be forfeited by
tho horse not coming to the wire moo
have boon alrostod at Buffalo day I agree to give to the two char-
charged with tho murder and the au
thorities are probing the matter thor
Stemming Title orJupnncie Inupir
Seattle March 18 United SUitei
Immigration Inspector Lavln arrested
11 Japanese who came from Victoria
B C by steamer and lodged them In
jail The men were healthy and h itl
the funds required by the statute but
were taken before a board of inquiry
on Hie ground that they were liable
to become paupers The board uphei
Itorherrllrr Sella to Steel Trntt
New York March 19 J P Morgan
St Co have confirmed the statement
that the Lake iron mines railways and
lake transportation lines owned by
John D Rockefeller nro to lie taken
by the United States Steel corpora
The Great Northern official circular
signed by J J Hill announcing the
terms of the issue of tho 2r0001000
in new stock was Issued Monday
At the National Sporting club Lon
don Monday Harry Harris of Chi
cago defeated Pedlar Palmer of En
Itlos all my winnings either by lacing
or forfeiture The nice to be best
four In seven
IluielopineiitH in Turf Wnr
Cincinnati March 10 There was an
other development in the turf situa
tion today At a meeting held in Cov
ington last Saturday the four members
of the American Turf congress who
wr e recently expelled from that body
reorganized All the books iccords
nnd funds wore seized nnd Assistant
Secretary Dillon ousted from his- old
position and a new body of officers
elected On the arrival of Secretary
Dillon nt the turf congress office he
announced thtt he would continue to
do business n an official of that body
on tho ground that the action taken
by tho minority last Saturday wns
For in rleht Club league
f5t Paul March 19 The committee
of tho Western League mngnatos
which has been struggling with the
circuit problem since last Saturday re
ported in favor of an eight club
league shutting out Louisville and In
dianapolis Denver Colorado Springs
St Paul Minneapolis Kansas City St
Joseph Omaha and Des Moines are
osMircd places in the league
BoMlim Hurl With Kazrri
Cheyenne Wy March 18 Two
soldiers of the Twenty third Infantry
stationed nt Fort Russell quarreled
over a woman and both are in the
hospital covered with wounds The
men tlrst came to blows then used
razors and slashed each other in a
frightful manner
Iteiluood Grove to Ho ln n ncil
San Francisco March IS The- grove
of giant redwoods in the big basin
in Santa Cruz county will be pre
served A bill appropriating 250000
for its purchase has boon approved liy
Governor Gage The grove will be
converted luto u state park
llnrnliiK of tli rhriinlii Iliiillehlliiry tin
Hi Mill of ii riot
Lincoln March IS II has been dts
ooxeieil Hint the lecent Hie ill I lit state
peiillonllniv was the losiilt of a plot on
the pin I of loiivlcts lo accomplish n
wholesale prison delivery The plot
has been i evented by one of tho con
victs concerned
Ills story Is thai several of the eon
vletH placed a bticl tilled with kind
lings and shavings near the woodwork
of the kitchen whoie the lire Inoke
out I ho i audio was lined to bum
Hie shavings aflei the men had rotlied
The Hie o ciirrod Just iih the plotter
had planned but an iiiifoioiieon clr
ciiuisliinie pievoiileil the delivery
The men had learned that Deputy
Waul ii Rowers an Inexperienced
man was to have charge of the
totitiaiv on the night thev hud chosen
Thov thought he would become ex
cited and release them as soon as the
lame commenced to spread But
Bowoi s was called out of tho city
and Deputy Will don Mnlntic the old
est man at the prison was left In
charge When tin 111 t broko out be
refused to unlock tho colls until the
day guards had boon called and it
deadline established
Mnlll llnllillllK ill rilUlltll J tnnMiiiiril
Willi liix ol rUcniuu
Kllliil ill nil Injmeil
Plllsbuig Maich 18 During Hie
piogicsM of a Hi yesteiday at the
corner ol Diupiesnu Way and Fort
Unci Ilieman William Miller lost his
life and tlneo others were badly hurt
The piopeily Iims will be fully 2r0
IHK well instiled
Geoige 1 Snvdor lioscmaii Harry
Gi iliith laildi iiiiaii and II 10 Schcck
ler hosetiinii ate lu the hospital In
lather bad shape but all will leoover
The lire bloke out In the boiler mom
of the Hiram W Fiouch companys
hair fell lat lory Just opposite the Ex
position main building From the felt
facility the Humes Jumped across the
stieet and in a very short time the
Imposition building wan burning
fiercely All the llreiiiou could do heie
was to prevent the lliiinos spreading
After haul work this was accom
plished and Mnchiiiciy hall with Its
valuable eonteiils was saved
The main building was a complete
wrick Two lumber yards adolnlng
the lilt factory soon succumbed Gal
higher Hanker lost 1000000 feet of
lumber and Henry Honk ItriOOOO feet
of valuable haul wood Three small
dwellings near Hie lumber yards wore
dfstiov oil but so lar as known all the
Inmates escaped William Miller and
his lellovv llreineu weie victims of n
live who
Tonrlnli Villi at liiikHom Hie Flu
Wiuppeil in lilunlirt
Palatka Ila Maich IS The Pull
man sleeping oars Tahiti and Rimer
on a Ilaiit system tialn lioin Tampa
to Jacksonville weie completely
burned yesteiday at Buffalo Bluff
seven miles from tills city The sleep
ers weie tilled with sleeping tourists
and so quickly did the lire spread that
theie was practically no time for sav
ing clothes or valuables The train
was run to Buflalo Bluff where the
burning cars weie shoved Into a sid
The 17 passengers Including several
women in the burning cats wore hur
iletl Into the other sleepers ami made
as comfoi table as possible Blankets
wore loaned to those who had lost
clothing and they remained wrappetl
lu these until Jacksonville was reached
One man lout his trousers and sev
eral men were minus their coats Tlie
women lost the majority of their wear
ing appaicl The railroad officials had
the measuies of the passengers taken
for clothing drosses shoes etc and
they weie quickly supplied Loss
ISlnrn nt Kaunn
City Hiin VljuterloiiH Origin
Kansas City March 18 Flro de
stioyod all of the buildings In the
block bounded by Fifth and Sixth
streets and Kansas and Scott avenues
in the Armourdale district of Kansas
City Kan at midnight
Two tires started simultaneously In
two Joints one of which was located
at Fifth and Kansas avenue and the
other at Sixth and Kansas avenue
ami both flies spread to adjoining
buildings nnd destroyed eight dwell
ings nnd a livery stable The con
tents of all the buildings Including
six livery horses were destroyed The
causes of the fires are unknown The
loss Is estimated at 50000
Italian Stjuailron to Greet Ioubet
Rome March 18 The Italian min
ister of marine Admiral Morln de
elded yesterday that the Italian squad
ron to go to Toulon to greet M Loubet
president of France shall consist of
14 vessels including six Jlrst class
battleships nnd shall be divided into
two divisions the first under commnnd
of the Duke of Genoa and the second
under the commnnd of Rear Admiral
Cottellettl Tho Duke of Genoa will
give an official luncheon to M Loubet
on board the battleship Lcptuito
Crulaer riilluilolphla Hot unit
Snn Diego Cal March 18 Tho
milser Philadelphia has returned
from her cnilbe in South American
waters going as far bouth as Val
paraiso It Is expected that the battle
bhlp Iowa will tall for Paget sound
tomorrow She will go into the dry
dock at Bremerton
lie Id Itlvt r llreuUa tp
Plone S D Maich IS Tho ice
on the river broke up here Saturday
and is running out quietly with no
jiercepUOle rise lu the river