The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, March 22, 1901, Page 12, Image 12

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By Woalhorby Ckosnoy and Alick Monro
carTiiHJtrr ltoo nr wnATiticnnr cttiwmnr Ann amok wunno
tLLuunununtt nr iu a ouUlta
- s wv
riiArTKii xix
The dny pnsscd nml nfter It numl of
tlu nielli Imt JilMt before tlnwn llio re
llof which 1 linil io1hhIim1 eiiiiuv
Umlit onver f llio darkness Aloe lintl
landed Ills lniivy loml of men from
Onlloy Island on the west ulinro of tbo
luirbnr tiwii to Its outrnucc lint out of
hIrIH of the Spanish sentinels nt tlm
caves mouth Then lie returned to
Shelter Island nml took ofT Inn IVniro
ny nml the others whom we hud left
there The two parties Joined nml
liaullnjr their bout up IiIkIi nml dry
nmrehed with silent Imsto round the
luirbnr till they eninu to the Hut before
llio cuve Here leaving the otherii it in
bushed In the thlekut Job TrultiUlon
nml Alec rrnwled tlirotiRlt the jrrnsH
nml stalked the sentinels who ns their
fancied Recurlty hnd itiiulu them cure
Icbb were easily surprised nml sllenc
cd Then the rest of the party came up
nt n run and formed n circle round tltn
mouth of the cave
The Spaniards hearing ho noise
camo out to discover Its cause but nft
cr some three or four of them had fall
en In the scunio they drew back again
Into the darkness Alee thereupon
Hworc thnt he would smoke them like
ho many Hitches of bncott If they Rave
hi in nny more trouble and at the
threat they surrendered nt discretion
After they had been dlsnrmed nml
plnced for security together with the
Galley Island prisoners In a conven
ient hIbIo of the cave a small party
wns left to guard them nml the rest
uniting themselves with the captives
arquebuses made their way to tbo
Temple hill to relievo ub
Completely shielded by the thick un
dergrowth and by the darkness they
Their fancied security had made than
were nblo to surround our lieslegera
and cover them with the arquebuses
before they ntndo their presctico
known The first Indication which Don
Snttcho and his crew had that they
were trapped was the call to lay down
their nrnis and surrender or they wero
nil dead inon and the gallant don see
ing the light of his own watch fl e
glinting on steel barrels nil around
him cured neither to parley nor to
light but did ns he was told And by
so doing he probably saved many lives
both Spnnlsi mid English
The long struggle was over nml now
the tdnves had become masters ami the
masters slaves The Spaniards had lost
not n few more men In the Html skir
mish nt tho cave for there were bitter
nml relentless swords against them
but except thnt the man called Bnm
had died of his wounds on Shelter In
land and lay burled there no more 15ng
llsh had fallen There were 12 of us
left nnd each man ready and able to
fight like n bulldog If need be We hnd
many wounds but as the poorness of
our recent entertainments had kept us
all spare of body natures unaided sur
gery would soon heal thorn for It la
only when men nro full tlcshed ami hot
blooded that wounds bring fever iu
their train
Our prisoners wero 122 all told nnd
to nrrnnge for the snfest manner of
disposing of them a council vns held
as soon ns all hands had rested houo
Tho old innn whoso prophecies hnd
brought him great respect was fleively
nnxious to kill them nil forthwith nnd
most of the men the older ones espe
cially wero Inclined to agree with him
Ylllle Trehallou however would not
hear of It He had recovered hut skin
enp nnd now rubbed It fore and nft
ncross his bald pate with fierce energy
while ho spoke
No no old man said he Its HI
counsel you be giving us this time Ill
kill Spaniards with you lu hot blood as
long as I can stand an never ask for a
finer sport but to butcher them de
fenseless nn unresisting Isnt uu Hug
llsb sailors Job at all Its a common
hangmans work thats what It is nn
Willie Trehallou haint going to sully
hook or fist by doing It On tho high
ueas he added retlectlvely I grunt
you Its different There you can blind
fold a prisoner nn leave the gangway
open nn then if so ho chooses to march
overboard why It balnt your fault an
youve no cnll to bring tho ship to uu
waBtc time In picking him up Hut this
that you be wanting us to do old man
lb murder
Ob bo hoi Ah ha laughed tho
old man What dainty gentleman
have we here Why Willie Thehallon
you with a face molded out of a Port
lngale orange by four stroke of a
marline spike you with a bodjr
t -
cale and graceful as n side of beef
von thnt have lost n hnnd and an cyo
lu Moody warfare with thcHC samo
gentle Spaniards for whom you plead
so prettily nre your feelings become
so nice and llnnlklug that vou blench
and turn sick like n girl nt the thought
of a don or two dancing the devils
hornpipe on eniply air Is that you
Willie Trehallon
Aye renlled the boatswain sullen
ly thats me If you like n fighter
with tho best o you but never u mur
Whntl cried the old man nngrlly
Will you never lenrn Ilnvo not their
benthigH Jalllngs Rtnrvlngs cursings
iiiniln you ruffer enough yet Tender
hearted maiden thnt you nre you will
let the wuhph regain their nest onco
more nnd then youll wonder that they
come out with fresh venom In their
tails to sting you ngnln Come Job
tell this dainty undo of yours bow
you served tho wasp that senmed thnt
purple near icross your forehead
Crushed un said Job with a grin
Ever n fool was Job muttered his
uncle to the rest of us nn now he
turns fools evidence
Job chuckled nnd the old man broke
out Into his weird unearthly laugh
Oh ho hot Fools both do you say
my pretty boatswain Well perhaps
It Is so ib here fool by birth I
fool by Spanish torture nnd yet both
of us nt times wiser by tunny a long
fathom than every tnnn of you Never
scoff nt fools my mnsters The em
peror of the Indies has n fool for his
viricr and a motley coat rules half tho
courts of Europe Ah ba hat Listen
to me now At times I can be the niail
dest merriest cleverest fool of the lot
I can Jest for you rule for you cast
omens for vou prophesy for you nnd
all without sight of star or burning et
mystic charm but now I do none of
these He hauled himself pnluful
to his feet rnd looked round upon them
with a gesture of frightful menace
No I bid you Blay Slay these cursed
Spaniards front commandant to cabin
lad And if It be a crime on my bend
be It Slay
Ills voice rose to n shriek at these
last words and his listeners shrank
back nnd shuddered when they met his
Aye he went on If It be murder
I care not Look nt theso legs like two
guarled and crushed old willows Ev
ery bone lu them has been crushed by
Spanish tortures See these distorted
arms knotted like a conjurers hand
kerchief On 7e on this body senmed
with tlre8cnrred with whips and pinch
ers Aye I nut a poor cripple now but
n short score of years ago 1 could have
thrnshed big John Topp there as easily
ns he could trouuee mo now with his
little linger What could give atone
ment for these hurts And yet I do not
bid you torture these Spaniards In like
kind but only slay them Slay them
Slay them And then then
An what then old man asked the
Then exclaimed the old man
fiercely make me your captain and I
promise you gold beyond your wildest
dreams I will lead you to Mauoa
Thero arose a torrent of voices as he
finished speaking Sonto declared that
Captain Ireland was our leader ami
thnt the old mans words were treason
others that they tinted the very name
of tho golden city nnd wltllo a few
called upon tho old man to sny more
the rest pressed Alec to speak I Join
ed my voice to these last and by out
Bhotttlug the others gained silence
My lads he said there Is not one
of us here who has cause to love the
Spaniards least of all I who havo
lost a father nt their hands but let us
not sully our souls with their murder
No no we can do better than that
we can make them useful Wo have a
safe prison for them In tho cave and
they shall bo our slaves As for Mn
uoa many of its who sailed to these
seas In tho Bristol Morchnnt have
spent years In the search for It al
ready and the prospect of continuing
the quest does not tempt us Hut Span-
Ish galleons and plate ships litter the
main like Islands In an archipelago
and every one of them contains treas
ure Now my plain Is to make these
our qunrry for from them a stout Eng
lish ship- can reap revenge and pluuder
So she should put In one fellow
Hut captain we havent got that
same stout ship
Wo have hands sirrah replied
Alec and somo of us brains besides
Tito wrecks will afford both material
nnd tools nnd we have plenty of cap
tlvo labor to make the work light
There are artificers among us nud I
myself have somo knowledge of tho
shipwrights craft and so I say let us
collect our plankings nt once and begin
to set up the stocks on which to lay a
keel lias any one of you a better plan
to offer
To ha coutfuuoJ next Friday
A Widows Love Affair
Receives a eetbock if she has offen
sive breath through constipation bil
iousness or stomooh trouble bnt Dr
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troablos clean the system sweeten the
breath banish headache best in the
world tor liver kidueys and bowels
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uty HR
Shocking Deed of an Insane
Mother at Coldbrook Mass
Ijjt Undid nn the HnU nmt Minn Tries lo
Tli Hit Own I II ly fill Hue n Drcp
IhkIi In Her Tliruit With u lluitr lltlt
Will IIi mh ur
Coldbrook Mass March 22 -Mrs
Llzzlo Nariunoro while In a fit of
Insanity yesterday killed her six chil
dren lit her home a farm house half
a mile from this village and then tried
to take her own life The children
three boys and three girls ranged
from 10 years to a babe of 10 months
nud their lives were taken by the
mother with an axe nml a club She
laid the blood drenched bodies on the
beds two on one bed and the other
four on a bed In another roc in and
then attempted to take her own life
by cutting her throat with a razor
When discovered she was In the bed
on which the bodies of four children
were lying Although she cut a deep
gusli In her throat nnd suffered the loss
of much blood It is believed she will
Kmnk Narnmore tho husband nnd
father left his home at the usual hour
yesterday morning to go to his work
tit a sawmill and at that time his wife
did not attract his attention by noting
strangely When lie reached tho house
he was prostrated with grief by the
loss of his family Each of the chil
dren had evidently received several
blows as their heads were terribly
bruised and blood was scattered In nil
directions Mrs Nnramore had evi
dently made preparations for the deed
ns the doors were all locked and barred
with sticks of wood She appeared ra
tional this morning and displayed signs
of sorrow for the deed she hud com
mitted although she Is unable to give
nny reason for killing the children
Murders III Three Children
Wntervllle Me March 22 Jacob
Dearborn of Clinton murdered his
three children yesterday with uu use
nt their home In that town
New Commumlur Is Chosen Tor Depart
ment r the Missouri
Omaha March 22 General John C
Hates now iu command of a force
of volunteers In the Philippines has
been ordered to return to the United
States and relieve General Merrinni in
command of the Department of the
Missouri He will sail within a week
nnd will probably be at his new post
In Omaha by the latter part of April
He will be accompanied by General S
B M Young who Is to assume com
mand of the Department of Califor
nia vice General Shafter retired
General Hates Is no stranger In Oma
hn As colonel of the Second Infantry
he spent a number of years hero sta
tioned at old Fort Omaha leaving
with his regiment when that post was
ubandoucd for Fort Keogh
Chicago Grain nnd Proviiloiu
Chleigo Mu it h HI A bicuk of 00c in
May pork wns the feature on Yhungc to
dny This commodity cIommI 51c lower
while lunl clomnl n slmdp nnd ribs 57Vi
liluher YcMtordnys serious war talk wns
mirontlrmeil nud thin hud n doirsilne ef
fect on wheat which closed nt n decline
of fto Corn closed Uu nud oats Uc lower
Closing prices
Whent Murch 75c May 70Vi70c
July Xc
Corn March tV Msy nnd July
Outa March Sliiy 24Je
Pork Miucb JluYJO May 1035 July
Iurd Mnreh JTM Muy 7S7W July
787Mi Sept 7ltt
UllM Murcb T7uSt777W May 7732
777W July y707W Sept 770
Cuub quotations Nn red wheat iVM
77V4u No 3 red wheat 7237ny4c No 3
spring wheat 072700 No a hard wheat
72ytfi733 No 3 hnnl wheat 70372He
No 2 corn No a mm SOVVR IOc No 2
outs aVMiae Nn white oats 2820c
No 3 white oati 27M28Wc
Chicago Live Stock
Chicago March 8
000 liicludliiir 200 Texuua Htoern Htromr to
lOo higher butchers toek xteady to atrong
goon io prune aieers niKKuuW poor to
medium t7VifllH Mockers nnd feudert
27yHt cows 270jN40 heifers 27B
470 caiiner1 f2OtMtfn3 bulla 2C0a
4W enlvoH strong HBoaoOO Txns fed
steers 400rt000 Texna grant steers 340
6400 Texas hulls 25037V
today 10000 tomorrow 13000 left
over 2500 active Rftloc higher top CIS
mixed and butchers 58V3015 good to
choice heavy IIOoV301S rough heavy
383Q5ftt light f5R5a507tt bulk of
sales 00ao07W Sheep Itecelpta 12
000 sheep steady to btrong lambs about
steady good to choice wethers 471300
fair to choice mixed 450fro80 western
sheep 475C500 yearlings 477310 un
tlve lambs 47Vsjri40 western lumbs 310
Kansas City Tlvn Stook
Kansas City March
2300 natives 300 Tenuis M calves gen
orally 10c higher native beef ulcers 430
500 stockera nnd feeders 1003000
western fed steers 4 33C310 Texans and
Indlaus 3838490 cows 323R42S heif
ers 350486 canners 22 310 bulls
300S4dO nalves 4000000
8500 10c higher top 600 bulk of
ales 380300 heavy 500000 mixed
packers 5803390 light 5505824
pigs 500SSO Sheep Receipts 4200
itroug western lamb 3003550 western
wethers 450000 western yearlings
47Vu5I0 ewes 1002450 cults 273
South Omaha Live Stock
South Otuuha March 21 Cattle Re
ceipts 2100 strong to 10c higher native
beef btet rs 4004540 western steers 380
0400 Texan steers 3 231100 cows ad
heifers 11X2 15c higher 330440 canners
200tt3t stockers and feederB 32547B
calves 3302700 bulls stags etc 279
S4sa Il0B3 naclDts 4300 active lOo
higher heavy 382Ml87Vi mixed 380
jjB82y4 light 575ft380 pigs 500fiTO
bulk of sales Q60ft383 Sherp Ileeelp s
nOOO strong uctlvc yearlings 4T030WJ
wethers 4254C5 ewes 37SQ423 com
mon and stock sheep 3793300 Iambs
Keiuarkubls Cures for liheuiuatltiii
Vindicator Rutberfordton N O
The Editor of the Vindicator has had
occasion to test the efllcaoy of Chamber-
Sores ana Ulcers
That old sore or ulcer which liai been a source of pain worry nnd anxiety to you for
five or ten years maylw longer doesnt heal because
you are not using the proper treat
tnent but arc trying to cure It with salves nnd washes While theae arc soothing and relieve
pain to some extent no real permanent good can cotne from their use because the disease
Bttartstih5atoacsvsr an
A Gunshot
nml rnnriiiflril In nk It n t lnl Ti - i
trouble and forced the txilqnn mil nt ntv hlnrul soon nrterwariUthcKorc
m9c ussz
Strikes a Itlch Find
I was troubled for seveial years with
chronic indigestion and nervous de
bility writes F J Green of Lancaster
N H no remedy helped me until I
began using Electrio Bitters whioh did
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run down women No other medioino
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Good Advice
The most miserable beings in tho
world are those Buffering from Dys
pepsia and Liver Complaint More than
seventy five per cent of tho people in
the United States are aftlictod with theso
two diseases and their effects r suoh ns
Sour Stomach Sick Headache Habitual
Costiveness Palpitation of the Heart
Heart burn Waterbrasb Gnawing and
Bnrning Pains at the Pit of the Stomach
Yellow Skin Coated Tongue and Disa
greeable Taste in the Mouth Coming
up of Food after Eating Low Spirits eto
Go to yonr Druggist and get a bottle of
August Flower for 75 cents Two
doses will relieve you Try it Get
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A Good Thine
Germau Syrup iB the special prescrip
tion of Dr A Bosohee a celebrated Ger
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Coughs Colds and all Lnug troubles of
the severest nature removing as it does
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the parts in a strong and healthy con
dition It is not an experimental modi
oine but has stood the test of years
giving satisfaction in every case whioh
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y roo
have perfect me of the leg which was swollen nnd very stllT for n loun time
is in iuc uiood mm lar ncyomt me rcaclt of external applications
a sore nenis promptly wlicn the blood is in good condition but ftovon if it is diseased Th
tendency of these old sores and ulcers is to grow worse spreading and eating deeper into the flesh
They nre a constant drain upon the system gradually hut surely ruin the health and sap the very life
A lerson s capacity for work or pleasure is soon lost in the great desire and search for something to cure
S b h makes n rapid and permanent cure of old sores and ulcers and is the only medicine that
docs localise no other can reach deep seated blood troubles Ordinary Sarsaparilla and potash mixtures
are too weak nnd watery to overcome n deadly poison that has taken possession of the blood Do not
waste valuable tune experimenting with them
noinc years ago I wni shot In the IeH leg receiving what I considered only a Might wound It
i elopeil Into a running ore and cine me n great dcnl of pain 1 wni treated by many doctors and
v w uicuics mu nunc iiiu me nny
I had heard S S S ltlclilv recommended
v tritllMHtf SSS tteemeil to Ret rlchl
at the
healed up and wan cured sound nnd well I now
J It McBkavkr Mwrcuccburg Ky
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ir McIical Department is iu charge of experienced physicians who have made
blood diseases a life study If you will write them about your case they will Kindly
lurmsu an lntormaliou or advice wanted without any charge whatever Address SWIFT SPECIFIC CO ATLANTA BA
Iains Pain Balm twico with tho most
rotnnrknblo results in each caso First
with rheumatism iu thd shoulder from
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ton days which was relieved with two
applications of Pain Halm rubbiug tho
parts afllictcd and realizing instant bono
fit and outiro relief in a very short time
Secoud in rhoutuatism iu thigh joint
almost prostrating him with sevoro pain
which was relieved by two applications
rubbing with the liniment on retiring at
night and gottlng up frco from pain
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Its Free If It Fulls to Cure
Hootol tho great pile- cure A pile pipe
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nnder n positive written gaarantoe No
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Bow to Cure a Cold
Dont go to bed Dont stop work
Dont tnko a Turkish bath and render
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monia Krausos Cold Cure in conven
ient capsule form will cure you in 24
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tion It was recommended to me by a
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An Honrtut Medicine for Ia Grippe
Georgo W Waitt of South Cardiner
Me says i I have had the worst
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Mrs O E VanDeuson of Kilbourn
Wis was afllioted with stomach trouble
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bnt none have done me the good that
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver Tab
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Nasal Catarrh quiokly yields to treat-
ment by Elys Croani Halm which is
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faco over which it diffuses itself Druggists
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cents Test it and you arp sure to continue
tho treatment -
n t
To accomuiodato tuoso who nro partial
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i n T1
ClM tue proprjuiurn jiruuaju ucwuuuuum
liquid form which will bo known as lilya
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icinal properties of tho solid preparation
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Nerves Llko a Flntlron
A woman who suffered for threo
years from nervous prostration says two
bottles of Lichtys Colory Nervo Com
pound effected a complete cure Sho
hardly knows today whether sho has
nerves or not as she never feels them
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A Had Combination
A bad oold in bad weather Weoks
Tablets will break
up the combination by breaking up tho
bad oold while you sleep No Cure No
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If you want some just as good I
make it myself remedy try an Imita
tion Rocky Mountain Tea Twill
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ache Capsules They will prevout pain
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A Horrible Outbreak
Of large sores on my little daughters
head developed into a case of scald head
writes C D Isbill of Morgan town
Tenn but Buoklens Arnica Salve
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cure for eczema tetter salt rheum
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Night Was Her Terror
I would cough nearly all night long
writes Mrs Ohas Applegate of Alex
andria Ind and could hardly get any
sleep I had consumption so bad that
if I walked a block I would cough
frightfully and spit blood but when all
other medicines failed three 100
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nually Boschees German Syrup waw
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lago in the civilized world Threo doses
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75 cts Got Greons Prize Almanao
Kiesau Drug Co
Sherlfl Sale
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of a venditioni exponas issued by Ohr
Schnvland clerk of tho of tho distriot
court of Madison county Nebraska
upon a decree of foreclosure rendered in
the district court of Madison county
Nebraska on tho ninth day of April
1100 in favor of T C Oannon as plaintiff
and against John E Olney Charlotte
E Olney Charles E Olney et al as
defendants for tho sum of two thousand
thirty one dollars and 40 cents
200140 with interest thereon at the
rate of 10 per cent per annum from
April 91900 and costs taxed at two hun
dred and eighty two dollars and seventy
three cents 28273 and accruing costs
I will offer the following described
real estate heretofore appraised under
and by virtue of an order of sale to wit
Lots fifteen 15 and sixteen 10 in
block six 0 of tho town of Norfolk
Nebraska for palo to the highest bidder
for cash in hand on tho 10th day of April
1001 at tho hour of 1 oclock p m of
said day in front of the east door of
the court house in Madison Nobraskn
that being the building wherein tho
last term of court was held when and
where due attendance will be given by
the undersigned
Dated this 8th day of March 1901
Geo W Losey
Sheriff of said Countr
To Cure a Cold While You Sleep
Take Weeks Break-Up-A-Cold Tab
lets We will cheerfully refund the
purchase price it it fails to cure Price
25 cents Kiesau Drug Co
In all Its stages thero
should bo cleanliness
Elys Cream Balm
cleanoe soothes and heals
the diseased membrane
It cures catarrh and drives
away a cold in the head
Cream Balm Is placed Into the nostrils spreads
over the memurano and is absorbed Relief ia Im
mediate and a cure follows It is not drying does
not produce sneezing Large Slze 60 cents at Drug
gists or by mall Trial Size 10 cents by mall
ELY BROTHERS BO Warren Street New Yerlc
a an
srvsim maun
wkpvl UB 9k
IV si jrjiifj
I nuc rTiiHnil
orAii V
lon i
Well Man
of Me
produces the above remits In 30 day II acta
powerfully and quiokly Cores when all olhecs fstl
Young men wlU regain their lost manhood and oM
men will recover their youthful vigor by ovine
BEVIVO It quiokly and surely restarts Nenoaa
ness Lost Vitality Impotensy Nightly Flfirlfms
fpotPowsriraning Memory Wasting Diseases and
all effects ot self -abuse or excess and Indiscretion
which naOtsonaforatndybuslnesaormarriica It
not only enres by starting at the seat of disease but
Is a great nerve tonio and blood builder bring
ing back the pink slow to pais cheeks and re
storing the fire of youth ft wards off Insanity
and Consumption Insist on having BEVIVOiM
other It can be carried in vest pocket By mall
100 per pscksge or sis tor Soo with s posi
tive -written smarantee to ear or raraa4
the money Book and advise t roe Address
Porsale in Norfolk Nebraska by
Geo B Ohristoph druggist
Dont Be Fooledi
Take the genuine original
Made only by Madison Medi
cine Co Madison Wis It
keeps you well Our trsde
mark cut on each package
Price 35 cents Never sol4
In bulk Accept no substl
tute Ask your druggist
VB t
arc puaris
Antn CFfrcTV
ortvenv PHYSKtMs
For 8ale by Ge ge B Ohristoph
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