The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, March 15, 1901, Page 12, Image 12

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flf i i i i i i i i t t - i q
By Woathorby Ckosnoy and Alick Munio
corrotairr iron nr TfitAiiinnnr cueshky and amix muniio
Willie nllowcd thu two Smnlinln to
got linlf wnv tlio hillside uiimoliHl
oil nml lliiMi ho broke out Willi n
Hlirlll laugh vhloli ochocil to anil fro In
the gulliit of tlio HiM piiit anil out
through tin rnugod Jaws In a vtry nil
nmct of discordant houikI In rnlsid a
tllu which slartUil ovimi mo t hough I
now kniW tliu secret of It
The HpunlMils stopped gnzeit at one
another with seaieil fiiccs anil looked
as tliuiiKli the movenient of a leaf
would make ilium turn tall ami lly
Tliilr ears told them I hat the illn came
from the Ktone Herpent hut hen who
ever heard of a Herpent laughing Not
Blnee thu days or Mother Wve had Hiieli
n thing heeti and no plucking up their
courage again they continued on their
way Hut 1 1 thu llrst Hlep the Herpeut
ppoke afresh
In thu best Spanish which Willie
Jrehnllon could muster It called them
Bcurrlle knaves and cowards and n va
riety of other choice names In which
the honlswaln had a true sailors flu
ency and when they were thoroughly
itcared as who would not havo heen In
n like case It hnilo thorn bout ship
and run If they wished to live another
And that theso two doughty Span
iards promptly did thurehy making
WMIo ruh his hook gleefully and I my
two hands for wo thought we had ef
fectually frightened them and nil their
comrades to whom they would tell the
jtalo Into leaving tho hill alone for the
Itut there Is a saying Never put
vnlue on a ship until you havo hroken
Into her trensuro room We had reck
oned without Don Miguel for scarcely
had nnother two hours passed wlusu a
Imml of 20 armed men emerged from
tho hush below The serpent had rout
ed two Would It rout 20 with tho al
chemist captain to lead them
At the head eamu Don Miguel and
with him the handy legged little chap
with the bright steel bassinet whom
wo had seen the day before from Shel
ter Island and a couple of pneea behind
theso two were the rest of the hand
among whom wo recognized tho two
doughty champions whose Hying bnclcs
liail clvcn us a little while before so
much satisfaction
As tho party drew up In tho open
iWUUo Trehallon saluted them with a
shrill mocking laugh which hnd the
effect of making the rank aud tile turu
found as If preparing to bolt But the
two olllcers dealt such henrty buffets
tight and left with the tint of their
hwords that tho fellows hnd evidently
thought thnt the danger or being run
through by the llery Don Miguel was
a more pressing one than that of being
devoured by n more stone serpent
They btood their ground therefore the
live nniuebuslers uuslung their crutch
es nml blew their matches tlio two
bowmen fitted an arrow apiece and
the rest crammed their bonnets well
down over their foreheads ami walled
for they knew not whnt
Come up good senores nil croaked
tho serpents grating voice when Don
Miguel gave the word for advance
Come up and defile this holy court
mid commit any indignity that pleases
you Come ami build your slgnnl fires
on my wall and make my stoaea ring
with your Impious cursing Ha ha ha
riuck up your faint hearts cihalleros
I will not hinder while you work your
wicked wills Hatter down those stones
and hurl them Into the sea If you wish
I will not harass you In tho work but
afterward then ha ha ha
The serpent said no more but tho
pause and the wild yell of laughter
were sufficiently suggestive
The Spaniards stood for a moment
aghast He of the bassinet was appar
ently the most scared of the lot for his
bandy legs shook visibly under him
and his sword clattered to the ground
as he clasped his- hands and began to
call upon the saints to shield him Had
lie been In command every man would
have used his heels as soon as his quiv
ering muscles gave htm strength to do
bo But Don Miguel was different He
Btormcd he cursed he ground his yel
low teeth ho all but foamed at the
mouth In Ills frenzy of ruge and yield
ing to the greater terror of the two
euclrinan stood his ground
Miserable coward yelled Don Mi
guel at his lieutenant What do you
Tho Covll said tho bandy legged
man taking off his bassinet aud wiping
tho perspiration from his brow with
the sleeve of his doublet
Tho devil you poor fool Wueros
your wit Is not tho devil clever be
yond all human learning
Aye surely Wo bcliovo so replied
the other crossing himself devoutly
Good Theu how do you account for
his speaking such villainous Spanish as
came from up yonder Full half of tho
words were not understandable and In
those which did bear some faint resem
blance to Castlllau Ihero was or my
ears deceive me a strong flavor of the
barbarous English tongue Bah Don
Saucho youre little short of a pol
Hard words Don Miguel jyid I may
call upon you to prove them said tho
other sullenly
Do It then My sword Is ever ready
to back up iny tongue But drat follow
mo up this steep and If I seo you be
have as a man against the Eugllali
iff v
I 1
- - V
devil whom I will unearth for you per
haps 1 will take back part of what hint
been said Forward
And up they enmo with all their fol
lowing The seipout sent down a per
fect ruin of warnings ami curses but
they were not to be stopped again
Well said I when from sheer lack
of breath Wllllu Tieliallou had ceased
his outcry theyve got tho better of us
mm 1 fancy Dun Miguel will soon
find thu eiitianco to our snails home
What are wo to do Willie
Theres two ways o getting nt a
snails body Master Topp replied
Willie sontentlously One Is by boil
ing the shell mi the other Is by crush
ing It Don Miguel can do neither
A pinch of salt or u whiff of smoke
will make him show his horns
Don Miguel haint able to get nigh
us to plant tho salt leastways I pities
thu man as tries to come up them
stairs an as for the reek they may
build as big a tin as they like below
but we shall always bo able to get
fresh wind at tho chimney top here
And with our store of bananas we
can stand a consluorable siege on short
rations Ilxnctly so But I was not
thinking of our own skins I was fig
uring out how wo might manage to
trap Don Miguel and now 1 think I sou
a way You noted a small dark cell
just ut tho foot of tho stair leading up
here Well my plan Is this You stay
where you are and Ill go below and
hldo In that cell Dou Miguel will en
terIt ho doesut come of his own ac-
T y
At the head came Don Mlauel
cord Ill venture to send him a hull of
Invitation he will pass me aud go up
the stair Then I shall step out and
deal with all who try to follow and as
two men cannot advance abreast It will
bo an easy enough task As for the
senor commandant wo hnve lilui be
tween two swords aud ought to bo able
to take him alive
Master Topp said thu boatswain
painting with hook and forehead your
brains sharneulnir rlclit wonderful
The first jacket o honest ale that wets
my lips shall be drained to your health
But he added eagerly let me till the
cell an hold tho lower alley
No It Is my plan nnd so my choice
You havo the post of honor for It will
ho yours to tackle Don Miguel and a
tough customer youll find him But do
not kill him Willie If you can avoid
Hm Im thinking I shall thrust
guard platu deep Master Topp You
would yourself If youd suffered oue
half o what I have
Still spare him Hes of more worth
to us alive than dead at present Aft
erward 1 stopped Great heavens
it was of Inezs father that I was
speaking tints
Aye afterward growled Willie
Afterward Master Topp Therell be
a bitter reckontug when Captain Ire
laud comes You may lay your last
tester on that But In the meanwhile
Ill thrust us daintily as tho dou will
let me
I picked my way down the windings
of tho passago in tho serpents body
with the intention of finding out what
tho Spaniards were doing up abovo aud
If possible of enticing them to come
down from tho wall and attack me In
the narrow path But when I reached
tho entrance I heard tho voices of Dou
Saucho and a couple of others just
above me so I crept Into the cell to Us
He first of all suggested to the sol
diers that they should go first but they
hung back aud seemed Inclined to
argue tho question Now tho chasm
was far too uncanny for tho bandy leg
ged don to cuter himself so ho settled
matters by sending off one of the men
for the superior officer while he him
self plucklly remained on guard with
tho other
Presently Don Miguel came and
Mianplng out a few caustic words
about poltroonery cowardlco and the
like dropped sword In hand through
tho opening and strode aloug tho alley
It would havo been easy to run hhn
tlimncrh us bo riassed had I been so
minded but hoping that Willie Treha
lion would tako him at his leisure and
with a reasonably whole skin I lay
quiet und let him pass
His followers trailed on leisurely
enough and their leader must have
climbed tho greater way up the stair
before I stabbed tho first of them The
second played me a couple of passes
and by the time he rolled over uon
Saneho who came next was In full
tilirlit down the passage I sped after
him but ho was too quick for me aud
Hriranir un amoui Ms fellows Tue
demonstrations ngnlusl me but uot a
hero of them would accept n civil Invi
tation to como down and have It out
man to man
It was Just like n hoar pit I was the
bear at the bottom who could not get
at the yapping hounds abovo without
being slain while they did not daru to
descend nnd bait me And so seeing
that one of them hnd unslting his ar
quebus and was fixing Its crutch nnd
blowing his match for a shot I left
thctn to amuse one another and went
to sto how Willie Trehallou had fared
with Don Miguel
Their struggle must have been a
short one for when 1 enmo up to tho
chamber In the sunkos head I found
the Spaniard lying on the tloor with
tho Rquat llguru of tho boatswain
perched on his stomach The victor had
a bare brown foot on each of his ene
mys arms while In his only hand he
held with significant Intention Dou
Miguels own Jewel hllted inlserlcorde
It was a most refreshing sight
You hu back soon Master Topp
said Willie without turning his head
We have Just this very minute decid
ed who should Hit uppermost
At this the Spaniard drew back his
lips In an evil smile showing two rows
of yellow teeth that protruded outward
like a calfs aud I thought his faco the
most devilish and fearsome my eyes
had over fallen upon Then as If sud
denly recollecting himself he closed his
mouth smiled nml lay before us a pale
perfect Apollo Tho suddenness of the
chauge sent a cold shudder through
me It smacked so much of magic Tho
boatswain too was plainly not a little
disconcerted for ho set to work
scratching his bnrc shining poll with
the hook a sure sign thnt he was puz
zled and presently Btill without tak
ing ills eye from the prisoner lie rap
ped out
Best kill him at once Master Topp
for fear of accidents
A flicker of fear passed quickly over
the Spnnlards faco at the words but
It was only a flicker nnd In an Instant
It was gone
You hear Don Miguel said I
Have you any plea to urge why we
should not kill you
No ho said shortly no plea that
you would consider adequate
I knew of ono which he might have
urged with bucccss but ns he evident
ly did not at present recognize me It
was not the time to remind him of
Whitby nnd Vigo
Then senor you do not shrink from
Quleu snbe
Would you promise us Immunity
from hurt if wo set you free
No I will not for you would mock
me If I did Aud ho added fiercely
my word shall not bo held up to the
scorn of any one
This reading of my thoughts and In
tentions took me back somewhat but
after a moments pause I asked If he
would give his word not to attempt to
attack us or to escape supposing that
I ordered the boatswain to release him
from his present uncomfortable dur
Yes senor I pledge my honor so
far he answered carelessly so I bade
Willie rise He did so after some de
mur and very unwillingly
Tho Spaniard gazed at mo sullenly
and persistently and as I began to feel
eerie and uncomfortable under his
stare for I feared tho evil eye nnd
those black orbs were baneful I told
Willie that I had something for his pri
vate ear With a bow to the prisoner
which considering that I was long un
used to movements of courtesy was
passnble enough I led the way down
stairs and Willie followed carrying
Don Miguels sword nnd dagger tucked
underneath ills right armpit Some 20
st6ps below he halted but I bade him
go farther still for I wished to bo sure
that we were out of earshot of our cap
Now Willie I said when we had
nearly reached the bottom why this
gloom Our fortune could not have
been better
No replied the boatswain slowly
but we might have made a better use
o It
Prove that
I had my steel at yon rascals throat
an you made me stay It was the re
Understand mo I said sternly I
wont have Don Miguel Injured while
he Is In my bauds If for no other rea
son because he cau be made to serve
Aye answered Willie scornfully
that he can Weve left him up there
alone an he can send a hall to Don
Saneho to tell him how matters arc
Whos to hnder him slnco we dont
seem to want to Pho Master Topp
Dyou think our bird wout chirp to his
mates when hes got the chance
I hope so
You hope so Why Master Topp
you must bo bewitched That baudy
legged llttlo dou will havo another
scoro o men up from tho cave before
you can wink
Let hlui We can hold our snails
house against them
But not against starvation Tho
bananas Is about done already an Id
liefer tacklo a leather scabbard than
the skins
How Is the wind Willie Or has
your sailors eye deserted you along
with ybur other faculties Come tell
me what you read In the sky up aloft
thero when you wero sitting on the
dons stomach
The boatswain shot a look of per
plexity at me nnd then his eye bright
ened He began to seo my drift
Chopped round gently to tho cast
ard he answered promptly Swell
going down an big clouds floating high
rn unbroken A murky night coming
A murky night coming on Yes and
what about Captain Alexander Ireland
and tho lads with him Will he sleep
through that murky night think you
Or will tho boat leave Galley island
on tbo Instant that darkness falls 1
whole crowd theu made threatening tell you WHJle TrehaUoiij my sworn
rnntntrlntl nirxxl TnUnti tll tilot ilcfrrndlntr nnd ilixttriirlivff of nil diseases OS it vitiates anil COtTUptfl the entire SVStem
I Ml i t f r lint 1 - lli tiAl tnii1t m wl iirnnt lnnia it
MnTW IceMniit
pomcry Aln willed
1 Several year iiko I
wan ItiocuUittil vrltll
lolvti liy n ilUcfrned
inline who Infected
my Imtiy nml for lx
loiitf cnrs I suffered
untold mltiery My
liody win covered with
otci nnd ulcers Sev
eral jiliynlclnris treated
me mil nil to no jur
ikhc Tliemerciirynnd
jmtioti they nnve me
Iteeliied to ndd fuel to
the nwful flnmc which
wns devouring inc
lrlenili ndvlsed me to
try S S S I hcRntitnk
liiK it and improved
from the Unit nnd a
complete nnd prrfect
wni the resuU
iiic nrsi sore or nicer is ioiiowcu oy tunc rcu pimpics uu iuc iwiy iuuuyi uiuiuutwiucsurc mo
glands enlarge and inflame copper colored splotched npiear nnd hair nnd eyebrows fnll out These are
some of the milder symptoms they increase in severity finally attacking the vital orgaus the body 1
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shipmate will be at tho caves mouth
before thu midnight glass has turned
and It seems to me that hell find his
task an easier one If half the foo Is sit
ting round the snail shell Why man I
schemed for It
An you wero right Master Topp
snld the boatswain half vexed at find
ing himself In the wrong I vow you
be right after all
And with that wo went aloft again
he to resume his Interrupted sleep be
side Don Miguel whom wo found ly
ing down In tho shelter of tho snakes
teeth nnd I to tako the watch
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ness Lost Vitality Impotency Nightly Kmlaslona
Lost Power Falling Memory Wasting Diseases and
all effects of self abuse or excess and indiscretion
which unfits one for study business or marriage II
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tlve -written arnarantee to cure or ranuMl
the mosey Book and advise free Address
Forsale in Norfolk Nebraska by
Geo B Ohristoph druggist
Dont Be Fooledi
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Take the genuine original
Made only by Madison MedU
cine Co Madison Wli It
keeps you well Our trade
mark cut on each package
Price 35 cents Never sold
In bulic Accept no substl
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For Sale by Ge ge B Ohristoph