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Universal Sorrow at Death of
General Harrison
Arrangement for tlln runorM Complrtoil
Many Noted Men Will Atloiul lorinor
Memlicn at llnrrlson tublnnt to Act as
Honorary rail lliiiroii
I liHllunniolls Mnreh The ur
raiiguiniMits lor the funeral of Henja
mln llurrlHon cx itrosliletiL of the
United States have been eompleteil
The body will lie lu state ut the cap
ital tomorrow from 11 oclock In the
morning until 10 oclock In the even
ing and the funeral services will be
lield from the First Presbyterian
church Sunday afternoon at Z oclock
Che ltcv M L Haines olllclattng
The event will not only be one of
national Hignltlcnuce but of Interna
tional Importance Cablegrams are
reaching the family of condolences In
the hour of bereavement General
Harrison was a man of International
reputation and was held In high es
teem throughout the civilized world
The funeral will be attended by
many of the noted men of the United
States 1rcsldcut McKlnley and
members of his cabinet will be liere
Governor Yates of Illinois telegraphed
that he will bo here attended by bis
Htaff Governor Nash of Ohio with his
utaflf will attend the funeral Gov
ernor Durbln sent a notice of General
Harrisons death to the governors of
many of the states and It Is the be
lief that the majority of them will
come The members of General Har
risons cabinet have sent word that
they will attend and It Is the inten
tion to have them act as honorary pall
The railroads have made arrange
ments for a rate of one faro for the
round trip which will have the effect
of greatly increasing the crowds
Many different state and city organ
izations held meetings yesterday and
took action on the death of the noted
statesman C N Kendall super
tendent of the public schools has Is
sued an order recommending that a
part of today be devoted to the life
and services of General Harrison and
that the teachers speak of his life in
connection with the history of the
United States of his service as a sol
dier as a senator and as president of
jthe United States
There Is a feeling of gloom through
out the city the state and the entire
country Flags are at half mast and
buildings arc draped In mourning
While the body lies In state today all
the merchants In the city will drape
their paces in mourning ana business
practically will be suspended
In the chapel of Butler college to
day Prof T C Howe in conduct
ing the exercises referred to the life
of General Harrison The officers
and directors of the Columbia club
met and arranged to participate in the
funeral arrangements
It was stated today that members of
the Columbia club will not attend the
services Sunday afternoon In a body
but will probably take part In the
services today There were a number
of callers at the Harrison home J
Scott Harrison brother of the general
arrived from his home In Kansas City
and another brother Carter B Har
rison will arrive today from his home
at Murfreesboro Tenn Mr and Mrs
McKee arrived yesterday
The casket selected is of plain red
cedar and will bear the inscription on
the plate Benjamin Harrison 1833
The burial will be private
I Japan to Control Chinese Trade
Chicago March 15 Japan will la
tho near future control the com
merce of the Orient She will take
away tho trade of England and Amer
ica In that portion of the globe and
no power on earth will be able to com
pete with her While tho other na
tions are quurrellng over China Japan
will rake the chestnuts out of the
fire So said Alfred Stead youngest
son of W T Stead editor of the
London Review of Reviews Young
Mr Stead is In Chicago with his bride
who was Miss Mury Elaine Hussey of
Cubans Manifest Little Interest
1 Washington March 15 Private ad
Tlces received here from high author
ity Id Havana aro to tho effect that
the Cuban people as a whole are man
ifesting very little Interest in tho pro
ceedings of the constitutional conven
tion and also that it Is not possible
tot any person ut this moment to
forecast knowingly the action of the
delegates upon the pending proposi
tions touching relations with the
United States
Extending Reciprocity Treaty
Washington March 15 Arrange
ments were made during a call of Lord
SPaunccfote at tho state department
yesterday for the signing of protocols
extending tho time for ratifying the
British West Indian reciprocity treat
ies The formal execution of tho ex
tensions will be mudo in a day or two
and In the ubsenco of Reciprocity
Commissioner Kasson In Florida Sec
retary Hay will probably sign with
Lord Pauncefoto
Mles Starts for Cuba
Washington March 15 Lieutenant
General Miles and party left hero for
Cuba last night over the Southern
Railway After spending two days
at Palm Beach Fin the patty will
embark at Miami for Havana It Is
the purpose of General Miles and Gen
eral Lndlngtoti to Inspect the principal
military posts In Cuba but their Itin
erary will not be arranged until after
their arrival In llnvnna
former lown CaiicreMiiinit ICxplic Very
Suddenly nt Murnliiill Mlrh
Marshall Mich March 1 ludgo
Walter lngalls Hayes of Clinton la
died here suddenly of angina pectoris
nt the home of the lute Chillies T
Gorliant Judge Hayes was born in
Marshall In and attended tlia
funeral of General Gorham yesterday
In the evening he hail been calling on
sonic friends and neighbors and when
he reached the Gorham home he sunk
on a couch complaining of a pain lu
his side lie was unconscious until
relieved by death Judge Hayes prac
ticed law here directly after the close
of the war going to Clinton late in the
sixties Ho was an ardent Democrat
and served In the national bouse or
representatives three terms from
Iowa Ho was serving as circuit Judge
In his home district
Castellano Thrashes IMItor of Paris
Cr nnd Duel I Likely to Uo
tlia Itosult
Paris March 15 Count Bon I de
Castellane thrashed Fernand de Uoil
nys editor of the Figaro yesterday
for stating that he M de Castellane
has betrayed the Deroulede plot on
the occasion of the funeral of the late
President Faure February Si 1809
A duel Is expected
Count do Castellane interpreted a
paragraph In the Figaro as alluding
to him He was acconipnnleil by his
father Martinis de Castellane and a
newspaper friend M Morrcl They
proceeded to the residence of M do
Rodays The count asked to see M
do Rodnrs nnd was ushered Into the
writers study M de Rodays later re
ceived the party in his dressing room
Count de Castellane said
You published in the Figaro this
morning an abominable paragraph
against me
M de Rodays replied that he did
not understand what the count meant
to which the latter retorted hotly
Will you retract or not
To this Mi de Rodays replied by ex
plaining that the paragraph was
courteously couched and that no men
tion was made of the name of Count
de Castellano Then without further
ndo Count de Castellane boxed M de
Rodays ears severely and repeatedly
M de Rodays who was seated re
coiled and M de Castellane followed
him up and slapped his face again
Marquis de Castellane nnd M Mor
rel interposed and protected M de
Rodays from further violence
The Castellane party then with
rockhTllTs HARD TASK
Commissioner Is Trying to Hold Other
Powers lu Check
Washington March 14 Mr Rock
hill special United States commis
sioner at Peking lias not yet been able
to Inform the state department of the
character of the agreement said to
have been reached by the foreign mln
Ibters relative to the basis of Indem
nity claims though he has boon In
communication with the department
on the general subject It Is appre
hended that the final agreement Is
HtUl distant The pursuance of the
punitive expeditions and the Insist
ence of some of the ministers upon
designating more Chinese notables for
execution is regnrded here as sure to
result In the failure of the negotia
tions If persisted In and Mr Rockhill
Is using all of his powers by express
direction of the department to Induce
the ministers nnd military powers to
cease what are regarded as ruthless
and bloody measures
Soldier Wins a CadcUhlp
Beatrice Neb March 15 At the
examination for admission to
West Point military school held
here yesterday Hugh D Schulltz
of this city won the cadetshlp
and Jesse S Lancaster of York wus
named as the alternate Mr Schultz
Is a member of compnny C First Ne
braska nnd served one and n half
years In the Philippine Islands with
out being sick a single day
By a vote of 70 to 37 the Minnesota
house Thursday passed the board of
control bill
Count Casslul again denies It is the
czars purpose permanently to hold
Gus Davis a negro was hanged at
Belleville Tox for the murder of
Herman Schluens a white fanner
On May 1 the International Machin
ists association of America will en
forco a demand for a shorter work
The surrender of the Boer leaders Is
now confidently expected tho terms
being considered as ample and hon
A French torpedo boat sprang a leak
off Brest Thursday and suddenly be
gan to till sinking lu a few minutes
The crew narrowly escaped hi the
Instead of dying from heart disease
as at first supposed W C Sawyer of
New York who was found dead in
bed at tho Wellington hotel Chicago
Is now believed to have committed
n i e n sin
Governor Wells Returns Meas
ure Without Approval
its Mi asure Irtucd lu IMith to tlinlt
Ilotecullnii nt Old rolygumUM Holds
Out Only Iulsn llnpn ol Protect lull and
Is full of Hunger to tint Htutn
Salt Lake March 1 Governor
ells has vetoed the Kvnns bill re
lating to the mnklng of complaiiiLs
nnd commencing of prosecutions In
criminal cases In his veto message
to the senate he says In my opinion
nothing can be clearer than this
bill If passed would be welcomed
and employed as a most effective
weapon against the very classes
whose condition It is Intend d to
ameliorate Furthermore 1 have rea
son to believe Its enactment would be
the signal for a general leniatd upon
the national congress for a constitu
tional amendment directed against
certain social conditions here n de
mand which under the present cir
cumstances would surely bo compiled
with While It may be urged that in
every event tho poor could be niude
to suffer is It not an odious thought
repulsive to every good citizen of
whatsoever creed or parly that the
whole state should thus be put under
a ban Surely there Is none so selfish
and unpatriotic as to argue that this
Is preferable to the endurance of a
few Isolated Instances of prosecution
unbacked as they are by either re
spectable moral support or sympathy
All of us can readily recall the condi
tions of the past as compared with
those of today In the shortest mem
ory still remain incidents of that dis
tressing period shortly before state
hood during which so much sorrow
and bitterness stalked through our
community Of still more recent
date no longer than two years ago
another outburst was threatened
and to home extent was manifested
But us u termination of the first
cutne concession and amnesty and ev
idence of good faith and at length
statehood I yield to no one in af
fection for those of my people who
from the highest motives and beeaubo
they believed In a divine command en
tered Into the relation of plural mar
riage born and reared In Utah my
self u product of that marriage sys
tem taught from Infancy to regard
my lineage as approved of tho al
mighty and proud today as I liuve
ever been of my heritage It will be
granted I trust that every Instinct of
my nature reaches out to shield my
friends from barm and to protect
them from unjust attack But in that
same heart 1 Hud also the solemn
feeling that this bill holds out only
a false hope of protection and that
lu offering a phantom of relief to n
few it In reality invites a deluge of
discord and disaster upon all For
these reasons briefly and Imperfectly
stated and for many others which
might be given at length I am unable
to approve the bill now before me
Advices Jrom Alaska
Victoria B C March 15 News has
reached here from Cape Nome that
during December a rich bar was
staked which was beneath Behrlng
sea and parallels the closest coast for
100 miles up from Snake river Those
who located the claims had to cut
through live feet of Ice to reach the
sand and gravel which was very
rich In the summer the claims will
be totiillly submerged J Densmore
has returned from Kuskokwlm and
reports that his pnrty had a hard
trip having run short of provisions
and had eaten three dogs their moc
casins and deerskins They found no
gold nlthough they prospected the
country thorough Stampedes have
occurred from Nomo to American
creek In Kougrock nnd Norton Sound
where rich strikes have been made
Cilrli Threaten to Use Force
St Joseph March 15 The state
ment made by tho John S Brlttnln
Dry Goods company to the effect that
the strike of tho girls In the overall
and shirt making department of the
factory had been settled Is denied by
500 of the striking girls They were
patrolling the streets today Inter
cepting any girl who was expecting
to enter the factory to apply for work
and ufter explaining their side of tho
controversy the nppllcuut for employ
ment generally refrained from enter
ing the building Tho girls say they
will use forco to compel the firm from
recruiting their help Tho labor unions
of the city are very active lu behalf
of tho girls
Lutheran College Quarantined
Grlnnell lu March 15 The Lu
theran college at Jewell Junction has
beeii quarantined on account of small
pox Several students escaped before
the quarantine was declared Be
cause a doctor diagnosed smallpox as
Cuban Itch tho people of Hartwick
In Powesholk county hnvo been wrest
ling with the dlsense since Tanunry
and the disease has been spreading
all over the country The schools and
churches of Brooklyn have been
closed nnd the disease has invaded
Iowa college at Grlnnell A strict
quarantine la now In force
Opens Up Whole Referendum
Pierre S D March 15 The su
preme court yesterday grunted un or
der to show cause lu the caste of the
new members of the bourd of
I ties autl corrections appointed under
the law enacted nt the hist session re
organizing that board anil the dale
ot hearing was set for Match liS This
hearing will he of the utmost lui
pot lance as Mie whole question of the
referendum will be opened up by It
Illinois Ctmtriil mud Nut llnvest ei u Itoiids
III niinlilhH Out
Clllengo March 15 The Record
Arrangements for extensions and
double tracking work this year nre
being muilc by the Illinois Central
company Plans for much extension
work are being considered also by the
Northwestern company They call for
a line from Sioux City to Movllle la
a distance of twenty tulles a line
from Sioux City to Cenlervllle S 1
a distance of fitly live miles a line
from Sac City to Algoun In a dis
tance of sixty live miles a branch
from Wntersuieet to Mass Clly Mich
which will afford an outlet over the
new Copper Range road to Houghton
and a Hue from llermosa to Keystone
S I a distance of fifteen miles
KrltrliiRrtrs Column Coullnrales All Horses
lu Albany District nnd Knglniul
Must Toot tho Hills
Adelaide Cape Colony Murc h II
commando is now work
lug northward and has eluded three
British columns it passed here on
two sides of the town without at
tacking Yesterday evening a Boer
patrol captured four native scouts
and shot three of them Krltzingers
men have carried off all Uie horses lu
the Albany district for which as
they were registered Great Britain
will have to pay XI 0000 The raiders
wore civil to the Inhabitants of the
district though they cointnandered
the hordes and food They did not In
dulge lu the wanton ilistriicllon of
properly and lu many cases offered
cash for the food they obtained
President lliis ir thn Southern TuclHe
KuspoiiHlhlo Tor the Statement
Sun Francisco March 11 Charles
M Hays president of the Southern
Pacific who has just returned from
the east said in an Interview
I do not thing the Union and Cen
tral Pacific are to be merged As to
the Southern Pacific closing the Og
den gateway to all lines save the
Union Pacific tho rumor Is all bosh
He added that while the Union Pacific
will liavpa voice In Southern Pacific
affairs It relations with Its other
connectioi wli continue undisturbed
K Dickinson general manager of
the Union Pacific road left here today
In a special cur for a tour of Inspec
tion over the coast division of the
Southern Pacific
Horses Sleet Heath In a File
Valley Neb March 1 1 The large
barn and granaries of Whltmore Bros
ut this place were burned to the
ground yesterday morning Ten head
of horses confined In the basement of
the barn a large amount of grain and
numerous wagons and buggies were
consumed involving a loss of 510000
partly covered by Insurance The
lire started from the explosion of a
lantern lu the hands of Arthur Dun
ham an employe of the firm He
was In the hay loft nt the time and
can ascribe no reason for the explo
sion of the lantern for It came with
out nny warning Dunham escaped
without Injury From the hay which
burned rapidly the lire quickly spread
to the entire barn
Tito Millers Killed
Galena Kus March 15 Georg
Murray and William Chestnut min
ers were killed ut the Badger com
panys mine five miles north of here
todny An Immense slab of dirt fell
on the men killing them Instantly
It has been decided to open the Pan
American exposition at Buffalo on
May 1
Frank E Corbett speaker of the
Montana house of representatives
died In Butte Thursday of pneu
W II Mobley of Hon
John II Reagan Thursday committed
suicide at Houston Tex by taking
Ralph G Batemnn killed his sweet
heart Klla F White at her home in
Norwood Mass Thursday und then
committed suicide
Col Charles F Humphrey who has
boon chief quartermaster with Gen
eral Chaffee In China has been or
dered to the Philippines
George Weaver of Canal Dover O
out of employment Thursday shot his
sleoping wife to death then killed
himself leaving severi orphaned chil
In a premature explosion of n blast
at tho Citizens coal shaft near Spring
field III Thursday Michael Mohan
was killed mid John Myers fatally
The California supremo court Thurs
day granted a now trial lto Mrs Cor
delia Botkln who was convicted of
the murder of Mrs J P Dunning In
tho summer of 1808 and sentenced to
life Imprisonment
Prof K FInley Johnson secretary
of tho law department of the Univer
sity of Michigan announced his Inten
tion of accepting tho appointment to a
supreme judgeship lu the Philippines
tendered him a few weeks ugo by
Presldeut McKlnley
IX f
olk Weekly News Journal
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HVriH IIB jfWVtf JtU iMmBssssM sssssfl
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sssH HE rUlsfn I sVSisPssssFlssssss2sH SSSH
lssssl sssM A- sssKsfrMV JHflllKVlrHI B
V Make Out a List of What You Need V
M In tho way of Lumber and Building Material B
M Then coiuii in and lot un tell you not how much M
M but how iittmc it will cost you Wo can really BAVJ
B miiko you n vory low price on any kind of n bill M
H Lower perhaps thiiu you can get elsewhere H
H Thoros mi question about thn quality wo ollor H
AMAANDKIt IIKAIt Vlou Proaldont
K W UT Ciislilor
National Bank
Capital 10000000
Surplus 2000000
Does a General Banking Business
Buya and Soils Exohangc
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
Drafts nnd Money Orders Sold on any Point In Europe
A General Stcamslilp and Foreign Passage Business Transacted
1 COAL i
ss sGf IAI3Sr
Exclusive agent lor the Celebrated Sweetwater Rock Spring Coal the
best in the market
Scranton Hard Coal in all sizes TELEPHONE 61
Tried Them
The Norfolk Building and Loan Assn
C B DURLAND Secretary
Railroad and Business Directory
Fremont Elkhorn Mo Valley
Omaha Pastpnger B 05am
Chicago Exprots 1210pm
Chlcnuo Kiprws Jpm
Omulia Passenger 13i0pni
Mack Hills nxpras 740pm
Vonllgro iBBSungor 12i0p m
Yonllffro Accommodation 9 -00 am
Hlack Hills Kxprosa 12 20pm
Vercllro lassoDKPr BOSam
Vordigre Accommodation 720 pm
The Chicago and Mack Hills Express arrives
and departa from Jnnotiou depot The Oraalin
and Yerdlgre trains arrivo ami depart from city
depot II J Matuad Agont
Union Pacific
Columbus Accommodation 880 p m
Omaha Donyoraud Pacific Coast 11 -00 am
south abmvb
Columbue Ace mmodatlon 10110 pm
Omaha Jcnvor and PacIHccoast 900pm
Conuocts at Norfolk uith P K M V going
west and north and with the C St P M O
for Kiuts north and east
V V Junkman Agent
Chicago St Paul Minneapolis
Bionx City and Omaha Passenger tiJ0am
Sioux UtyPaesengnr 100 pin
west abkivk
Bionx City Passenger 1035am
Siocx City aud Omaha Passenger 730 J m
Coanecta at Norfolk with P K LI V goiug
wool ami north and with Uie U P or points
tluUy except Sunday
Fine Watch
Over Knum Bros Store
Spanoop OuslmiD
Boots and voes
Repairing Neatly Done
Contractor and Builder
1 1 7 Fourth Street
Flour and Peed
411 Norfolk Arenua
Cheapest and Best
Norfolk Avenue
Ali Wobk Guauantked
ICor IlruQ6ch avo aud 1th St
The Norfolk Horsesboer