The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, March 01, 1901, Page 12, Image 12

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By Woathorby Ohcsnoy and Alick Munro
corrnioirr lncn irr WBAtiinnnT ciiiwmtT aiu amck muiiuo
iuajitiiationu in it a ixmirAd
- It II l tjj
- - -
- X M
OiiAlTitu XV Uonlinuiut
I asked you Jtint now to build mo n
idilp tlint would talco mn nway from
this iNlnnil mul you roftmod Well
pcnortR tliiro nro coiiHeqiioncoB to tlint
refusal mid I tun roIiik lo ncqiniliit
you wltli t hum You may think I hIiiiII
punish you todny Itut hucIi Ih not my
plnn 1 niu simply going to lot you en
Joy tho sljht of 11 nmii ilrownliu ly
Blow Inches In1 foro your Iyis In ordur
tlint you inny tin vu tin opportunity of
obncrvliiK what peculiarly iinploas
nut exit from thin world Hitch n death
Ir Tomorrow I shnll iiriiIii hhIc oiio of
you to servo 1110 If In Bplto of the los
non of tmlny ho rtfiiHOH the rent of you
uluill son him slowly chokid ly tlio ris
ing waters Tho next tiny I h1iii11 try
another mid so on It will bu Interest
ing to see how tunny timed 1 hIiiiII hnvo
to repent thlH pleasing Rpeotaelo hut
prny do not hurry yourselves to come
to a iIocIhIoii Tho Island sonorof Ih a
plonsnnt one mul I rIhiII not be dis
tressed If my play nIiuiiIU run oven for
ten nights It Ih a UiouHund pities that
the audience will necessarily ho dimin
ished hy one at caeh performance
Ad los sonoros
Anil with that he Htrode nwny Home
of the other Spaniards lingered awhile
nnd then followed him and the rcat to
the number of perhaps -10 lit a tiro nnd
prepared to see the tragedy to Ub cIoho
When the kindly shades of night bo
Kan to Htenl over tlio Island we crept
from our eyrie A bush covered Blope
led from the cliff down to tho beach
noino hundred yards or so from where
tho prisoners stood and down this wo
ncrninblod avoiding carefully every lit
tle twig that might betray us by Its
snapping mid forcing our very breaths
to conio lightly lest they should stir
the Icn vcr and give the alarm
The breeze had dropped the air was
heavy and still and the gabble of the
Spaniards voices came to iih softly
through the silence A slight mist had
blotted out the stars above and the
only light we had was the lit fill glare
of tho bonllro It burned dully for the
most part giving out dense clouds of
Hiuoke that rolled slowly upward till
they were lost In the dark night but
every now mid then some one would
give the logs a stir and the darting
Humca would for a moment send a lu
rid radiance over the whole scene
There In the creek wo could seo Wll
Ho Troliallon with the waters already
Up to his chest and his smooth bald
hcnil shining like a mirror In the Hash
ing Ill flight Round the tiro were
grouped the Spaniards chatting mid
Smoking mid standing out dark rgHlust
the uncertain blaze were the ten forms
of the bound Kiigllshmeu
To cut the prisoners bonds without
nt the same time drawing from them a
shout of surprise was work to make
the least nervous lingers tremble Alee
crept up to the llrst mil whispering to
him not to move a linger till he was
told cut the cotds thai bound him to
the tree I went to the second and had
Just drawn my knife across the llrst
cord when one1 of the Spaniards whose
enrs were sharper than those of his
fellows heard what ho thought were
auspicious sounds and strolled up to
foo what was going on Motionless we
stood as tree trunks and though ho
peered curiously Into the thicket he
could not see us for nt that moment
fortunntely the tire wns burning dim
He was only half satlstled though so
he sat him down within a fathom of
the feet of tlio man I had been engaged
upon mid there remained
Ilenvens how slowly the leaden inlu
utes dragged themselves nwayl Time
had never seemed so long before Kv
ery now nnd again when the laughing
y talk of the Spaniards lulled 1 could
bear the monotonous lap lap of tho ris
ing tide which told that Wllllo Tro
ballons respite was growing every mo
ment more fatally less 1 could see
lilm too when the dancing firelight
fell upon the waters ami though his
ptolltl face showed no sign of fear still
bis solitary eye roved tlio shore
lngly backward and forward looking
for the help which It might be would
not come In time The suspense was
Suddenly a voice from beside the tiro
called out rope you rascal come and
Join In n madrigal
Tepo rose stretched himself heaved
a pebble playfully at one of the bound
men mid went
1 Ab tho first words of tho watchers
madrigal rose round the tire I drew my
jknlfc across the second mans thongs
Alec loosened the third man and 1 the
fourth nnd then a blazo of summer
lightning flashed through the sky and
for a moment lit up tho smooth shin
ing head of our boatswain whoso chin
was now belug lapped by tho buugry
There was a shout Some prying
Spaniard had spied us in tho brief glare
of tho lightning flash The madrigal
ceased In the middle of a bartfud then
r confuslon
That telllnlr llchtnlncr flash came
Just a moment too soon and put an cud
to any bopo of surprising the Span
lards by a rush from tho darkness The
other Blr Englishmen were released as
fast as our swords could cut their lash
ings and the band of ua raado for thu
Interrupted songsters round the ire
jl jrortunately for usxjfew qf
In ids were a lined and lierore our fierce
onset they gave way nt Hist like a
flock of frightened sheep The ten
prlHoiiiiH had scleil whatever weap
ons they could lay their hands on
swords daggers logs of wood even
mid were hacking ami buffeting right
ami left like maniacs Hut the Span
lards began to rally and as the alarm
spread re enforeements came Hocking
f i oin the cave And those of course
were fully armed
We were In a tight place
UI act lackl I heard Alec shout
Loose Willie Tiehallon and then run
the boat down Tho rest of us will
keep these mosquitoes back Quick
though for the lives of us all
Hitting out right and left I got clear
and waded Into the water but It was
a full minute before I managed to set
our old boatswain adrift He waH sob
bing like a hysterical schoolgirl In his
excitement and team of sheer Joy were
chasing one another down the furrows
of bis cheek
I cant stand Master Toppl ho
cried as the last thong which held him
up waa severed Tho water has inailo
my legs as limp as pack thread Leave
mo nn save your own skin Its no
use my trying I must Just drown In
my own depth o water Ilut thankee
kindly all tlio same
Not yet Wllllo Youre heavy but
not too heavy for Jnck Topp to carry
so well Just rldo you out of It He
sides the water will help to keep you
With that I hoisted him on my back
holding him with my left hand and
keeping my sword arm free
We did not gain the boat without
trouble and my sword streamed afresh
before wo reached her In went Willie
plump on to the floor boards like a
sack of grain and desperately I strain
ed every muscle to get her nlloat Inch
by Inch It was done while the fight
surged nearer and nearer to us Every
man of the English was far too busy
to come and help me but nt last I got
her Into four feet of water Hushing
back 1 Joined In the furious battle
shouting to our lnds to gain the shore
as each man could
One by one they scrambled Into the
boat nnd the Spaniards followed shoul
der deep Into the water Hut they
could not touch us there Two hands
were lopped off its they clung to the
gunwale and then a few vigorous
shoves with the paddles took us Into
deep wnter
Hasta manana Seuor Don Miguel
del Cassainaro late of Whitby sung
out Wllllo Trehallon raising his round
head with a great effort above the gun
wale ami then we shot Into the shadow
of the opposite shore out of sight of the
Spaniards and lay on our oars to count
heads and examine our damages There
were Kl men in the boat Where were
the other two
Davy Grllllths Is gone snld one of
the men 1 seed Im with a foot o
smoking steel showing through hla
back bent out tho brains o the chap as
put It there
Joe the Cooper Is killed too said
another He nn the Spaniards cargo
lutendaiit fell foul o one another an
wrastled on the ground The don had
a dirk Joe nothing but his bare hands
The don carved Joes hide Into a fish
ing net mi Joe tore the dons throat
out wl his teeth
It was a warmish corner while it
Aye an wese all more or less
scrntted Youve a rib there peeping at
tho Htarllght
Thats so An youve a nasty hole
In that nether arm
Tim there has half an ear shredded
away an Jau PeugonyH countenance
lu opener than ever natur made It
Wheres tho little eordwatuer
Sorely wounded poor Ind Hes ly
ing senseless here by Wllllo Trehallon
lu the bilge This here clip on bis head
needs a surgeons needle an pack
thread to calk It sound again
Aye an Sams beside him with a
hole In the ribs Sams doue Im think
Let me bind this rag round your
thigh Master Topp Got that cut In
the last rush did you Youre bleeding
like a pig with a slit weasaud
Captain Ireland uot scratched Tho
wonder otl How did you do It sir
No fault o the captains put In Wil
lie Trehallon for 1 watched him No
fault o them Spaulsh devils neither
He was ever where the blows was tho
thickest an they rained them on him
like autumn leaves iu a hurricane
Good luck armored me said Alec
Come lads out oars again aud give
me one Willie can you manage to sit
up on the stern thwart and steer Ive
shipped the rudder
Aye aye captutul Or row either at
a pinch Im nigh all right again now
though but for Master Topp I should a
had to stop besldo tho post They lash
ings had shrunk so wl tho water that
my feet waa like a dead mans Where
shall I make for captain
You know the Island that shields
the harbor mouth
Yes captain Shelter Island we
called It
Its steep too ou this side but there
should bo a sloping beach to norrard
Make round for thoro and see If you
cant put us ashore Now lads give
way with a wllL
The night waa pitchy dark but the
boafjtfajuu jbUirJL tft ffiHS Ultf
blackness nnd steeled us on an nrrows
course till he made the tlitrack rock
Then healing away a point to the west
waul lie guided us by the direction of
the ocean swell aud by the fanning of
a light westerly breeze which had
again sprung up towaid what he Judg
etl would he the tall of the Island Wo
heard surf pounding upon It before we
hiiw a rock and ill awing on cautiously
Inshore coasted along In search of n
lauding place The tide was Just upon
the top of Its flood mid not an Inch of
foreslioi e could we discover till wo
reached the north end of the Island for
up to that point the coast wits bound
by black rugged rocks thnt shot down
Hliccr Into the water Hut here we came
upon a sloping beach and ran the boat
up ou It getting her three parts filled
In the heavy surf for tho ground swell
was running straight iu However as
the boat did uot get staved ami as the
wetting was lather refreshing than
otherwise we thought ourselves very
lucky In our fortune At any rate wo
were free
Now said Alec after wounds hud
been dressed as well as circumstances
would penult and we had thrown out
weary bodies to rest on a bed of short
dry moss who can make a tracing on
the chart of the future
I should like another cut nt the
dons captain an with u better wenpon
In my hand than a charred wood bil
let said one of the men promptly
nnd a deep voiced assent hummed
round the assembly
They haint got much worth taking
lu that cave o theirs said Wllllo Tre
hallon but there should be tidy pick
ings on the old carrack There were a
gould crucifixion In the after cabin an
a tale was going about that Don ailguel
always carried his private board lu
the locker under his berth
What sa you Jack said Alec to
mo In a whisper
Have at em whenever wo get n
chance I replied briskly
Nosing tho plunder eh old sea
thief he said with a laugh and then
In louder tones for all to bear Im
with you one and nil lu not letting
the dons rest in peace Whats your
plan Willie
Stay hero an recruit till we are
sound replied the boatswain an then
catch them napping some night lu their
cave an smoke them like badgers
I fear said Alec they will keep
too good a wntch to bo trapped like
that Hut with our other lads
What other lads captain asked
half a dozen voices eagerly
Has no one told how we rose on
the Spaniards iu the galley and after
taking her by storm were wrecked
among the breakers
No captain but Its bravo news
How ninny o you are there
Alec gave them an account of all that
had befallen us nnd told them the
names of the lads who were saved
And now he said when ho had fin
ished launch me the boat and Ill
take this fair wind across to Galley is
land and bring them back with me
Hest take a second hand captain
No lie would only bo another to
bring back and the load will he heavy
enough anyway The boat has her
mast nnd sail stowed along the
thwarts and this breeze will hold long
enough to carry mc over
So we ran the boat down waded out
and helped her through the breakers
and then returned to our moss beds
where In spite of our wounds we slept
sounder and more comfortably than
wo bad yet done since first we fell Into
the bauds of the Spaniards many
months ago at the fight by the moun
tain torrent Ah me Many a brave
lad that wat full of life and hope on
that day was uow asleep beneath the
waves Our search for EI Dorado had
uot brought us much luck as yet but
we still hoped And when men have
hope who shall say that any quest Is
To b contiuuoit uext Friday
Chicago Grain and ProvUions
Chlcngo Fob -8 A retrogrcsHlve more
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of the crulii and hog pioduct murkeU to
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covery boliiu from MHJjO under eater
duya una llicures but tlio tutu market
received better support ou tlie dip corn
closing lu higher OMtH uuclunged and
wheat the eiulcst of tho grului Closluu
Wheat farch 74c May 75Tia
Corn March aoe May 40Jie
OuU Feb IMftc Muy
lork Feb S13K5 May 140iij
Iard Mureh 7i7W Muy S742to3743
lllbs May JiojVj ept 7in
Cash quotations No 2 red wheat 7fvH
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Insurgents Attuck Two Towns
Manila March 1 A band of 70
armed Insm Rents raided the town of
Suojr were they killed one native nnd
abducted five At midnight of the
snine day they attacked the town of
Santa Marin burntiii 0 houses The
Insurgents were repulsed by the Amer
icans who had one ninn wounded
one native scout nnd two civilluns
were killed The insurgents retreated
to the mountains closely pursued
Their losses were not learned
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Cannot he Cut Out or
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CoBtiveness Palpitation ofj the Heart
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Itemarknble Cures for Rheumatism
Viudicator Rutherfordtou N O r
Tho Editor of the Vindicator has had
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v Drying- preparations himply devel
op dry catarrh tuoy dry up tho secretions
which adhero to tho incinbrauo and decom
pose causing a fur moro berious troublo than
the ordinary f orm of cntarrh Avoid all dry
ing inhalants fumes smokes and enulTa
and uso Unit which cleanses soothes and
heals Elys Crenni Balm is such a remedy
and will cure catarrh or cold in tho head
easily and pleasantly A trial sizo will be
mailed for 10 cents Ail druggists sell the
50c sizo Ely Brothers 50 Warren St N Y
Tho Balm cures without pain does not
irritate or cause snoozing It spreads itself
over an irritated and angry surface reliev
ing immediately tho pniuful inflammation
With Elys Cream Halm you aro armed
against Nasal Catarrh and Hay Fover
Elys Cream Balm
Easy and pleasant to
nae Contains no in
jurious drug
It is quickly absorbed
Gives Itelief ut once
Tt flinna anl Plnana
Fleals and Protects tlio Membrane Iteptorea tlio
Benses of Taste and Smell Large Szc 60 cents at
jjtSoc 1
gglsts or by mall Trial Size 10 cents by mall
LV BUOTHEItS OU Warreu Street New York
vb m na assr m
THE I G jKlhJk
Well Man
gsof Me
produces the above results In 30 days II acta
powerfully and quickly Cures when all others OIL
joungmen will regain their lost manhood aad old
Den will recover tholr youthful vigor by using
BBVIVO It quickly and surely restore Nervous
pessLost Vitality Impotency Mlshtly IIppi
Lost Power Falling Memory Wasting DiseasMand
U effects ot self abuso or excess and Indiscretion
Which unnts one for study business or marriage It
not only cures by starting at the scat of disease bot
is a great nerve tonlo and blood builder bring
ipg back the pink glow to palo cheoka and re
storing the fire of youth It wards off Insanity
and Consumption Insist on having REVIVO no
other It can be carried In vest pocket By mail
IOOper package or six tor sjsoo with s posi
tive -written iramraotee to ear or refnnsl
the money Book and advise free Andrew
Forsale iu Norfolk Nebraska by
Geo B Ohristoph drungist
Dont Be Fooledi
Take the genuine original
Made only by Madison Medl
cine Co Madison Wis It
keeps you well Our trade
mark cut on each package
frlce 35 cents Nsver sol4
In bulk Accept no substl
tute Ask your druggist
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Anr aiiMris
wim crrccj
pit nfwc TMb
- r
For Sole by George B Ohristoph
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