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Guard was ordered out A company
left on a special Burlington train to
guard the convicts
The warden and his immediate aids
made quick work of removing the
books records and papers of the instl
tution to a place of safety Nothing
else of value was saved from the burn
ing structures
The main building contained the
chapel office library and living apart
ments of the warden and officers
It is rumored that several escapes
nave been made and that the convicts
are getting in an ugly mood but this
report was denied both by the warden
and several of Hie guards
Tluv cntire cell house at the west end
Is destroyed The main center build
lngr Is gone This practically destroys
all the buildings used for the purpose
of a prison
Only Forty five Member Attend the Set
alou Held Lait Night
Lincoln March 1 Tho Republican
senatorial caucus met last night but
with only 45 members present less
than enough to nominate under the
rules and udjourued until next Tues
day The action of lust night is re
garded as tho forerunner of an aban
donment of the present caucus and the
circulation of a new call under
changed rules
On ballot for United States senator
In Joint session Mead transferred
his vote from Thompson to Dietrich
The Lancaster men however turned
the vote of Trompen from Currlo to
Rosewuter Mlskell alio came back
to Rosewator making tho latter 15
tfelklejohn gained Johnson and had
Spencer been present would have
touched 85 as high watar mark Other
changes were of a minor character
Che totals
Allen S0KlDkld 2
Berge Martin B
Croume 8 Melkltjohn 84
uurne 13 Metcalfe 1
ntlner 2
Harlan 3
Harrington 41
IlUuhaw 13
MorUn 2
Itoiewater 10
Tbotnpion D H 38
Thompson W H 11
Wetbereld 2
The senate devoted a greater part
of the day to work In committee of
the whole discussing the manner In
which constitutional amendments shall
urtw Tii iliaHMKtiBiiiH WJJWIUWKi
be printed upon ofllclal ballots
Tho Judiciary committee made nn ex
haustive report lu which the death
knell of many bills was sounded The
cigarette bill which the committee re
ported for postponement was upon
motion to non concur placed ujhhi gen
eral file by a vote which Indicates the
passngo of the bill In the senate
Wife of 1inmlnnnt itptrelrr the VUtlm
of an OtltiHgr
Atlanta Gu March 1 Mrs 0 A
Buchanan wife of a well known Jew
eler living in the heart of a promi
nent residence section of the city and
within two blocks of the governors
mansion was the victim yesterday of
an outrage which has caused much ex
citement in Atlanta She was com
pelled at the point of a pistol held
by u negro who stealthily entered the
house while she was alone to give him
her purse containing 5 Tho negro
then commanded Mrs Buchanan to
cook breakfast for htm and while she
was engaged In tills he stood with
his pistol constantly pointed at her
After the food had been placed on the
table the negro seized Mrs Buchanan
and bound her to a bedstead He then
ate his breakfast When he hud fin
ished he gathered some paper and
plnclng it under Mrs Buchanan aet
lire to It The negro then ran from
the room and jumping through a rear
window escaped Mrs Buchanan
kicked tho burning mass from her and
by soverely wrenching her wrists man
aged to free herself Her condition Is
critical The entire police force and
bloodhounds are searching for the no
Victim to Accident In South McAUiter
and Wolr City Slmfts AII Were
Shot Flieri
South McAlester I T March 1 An
explosion occurred last night at mine
No 5 one mile northeast of tills city
which resulted In the death of three
men and the probable Injury to many
The dead are Stove Dclucas Bristo
Bnrt and W B Welch
All three men were shot fircrs and
had just gone Into the mine to work
when the explosion occurred It is
supposed that the pit was over
charged with gas A rescuing party
Is working heroically to reach tho dead
men but as the force of the shock
resulted in great damage to tho iniue
slow progress Is made
The mine Is the property of the
Osage Coal and Mining company
which Is owned by the Missouri Pa
cific railroad
Weir City Kan March 1 An ex
plosion occurred last night at shaft
No 3 of the T R Crowe Coal com
pany Two shot fircrs S B Hatfield
single and J W Watklns married
wore killed Watklns was colored
The explosion Is supposed to have been
due to an accumulation of gas The
explosion was terrific tho timbers In
the shaft being torn to splinters The
lower part and top were wrecked
White Star Lluer IIux a Lively Uxporlenoe
at Sea
New York March 1 The White
Star line steamer Teutonic which
reuched port yesterday had a lively
experience on Sunday While the
ship was riding In fuir weather and
going at her usual speed she was
struck by a tidal wave The ship
went down In the hollow of tho sea
and Immediately there was crushing
of Iron work and a mass of water
boarded her on the starboard side
thundering down on hatches and deck
houses The wave broke high up
throwing down the men In the crows
nest and rushed on leaving them
bruised and badly shaken John
Mlchaelson a steerage passenger was
hurled down and caught his foot In
such a way that it was almost com
pletely torn off at the ankle Tho
passengers generally became so fright
ened that they were on the verge of a
Wunta Chineio Negotiation to Proceed
Without More Woodshed
Washington March 1 Special Com
missioner Rockhlll at Peking has been
Instructed to make It known to the
foreign ministers thut tho president
strongly deprecates any action that
will tend to delay or check the present
negotiations there and especially Is ho
desirous that there shall be no further
unnecessary bloodshed It Is confi
dently believed that our commissioner
will be able to secure the support
and co operation of a sufficient num
ber of the other ministers to secure
a cessation of the punitive demands
which It Is believed by officials hero
are not only unworthy of civilized na
tions but threaten to drive the Chinese
to desperation and thereby cause a
renewal of armed resistance on their
Ignored Rio Slgnali of DLtreM
San Francisco March 1 Captain
Tlodgeson of the Fort Point life saving
station notified Major Blakely super
intendent of life saving service that
Mark Ellingsou the guardsman who
was on duty In the lookout tower tho
morning the steamer Rio de Janeiro
was wrecked had confessed to him
that he heard the Rlos signals of dis
tress but paid no attention to them
and neglected to arouse tho station
Captain Hodgeson immediately sus
pended Ellingsou
War Revenue Reduction Bill
Adopted Without Division
Tin on Ititik Olieobt IlomlMory Note
UiircK Kmielnlx TiIiUlupli nud Tele
phone Miiiii4 und Moituitti i Knocked
AliiUe Ctincclout
Washington March 1 An Iintncnso
amount of business was disposed of
by the senate yesterday and not a
single point raised was sharply con
troverted The river and harbor bill
carrying appropriations of more than
was passed without a
word of dissension nud the scuulu
adopted the war revenue reduction bill
without disturbing lu the least the
inlll pond smoothness of the proceed
ings Final conference reports were
made and agreed to on the diplomatic
and consular and the agricultural ap
propriation bills and another confer
ence on the postolllce appropriation
was agreed to Conferences on several
other measures were agreed to The
last hour and a half of the session was
devoted to the consideration of the
civil sundry hill
The house cleared the decks yester
day a number of Important confer
ence roiHirts without much difficulty
Tho final reports on the diplomatic
and consular and agricultural appro
priation bills were adopted The ma
jor part of the day was devoted to the
bill to promote the elllclency of the
revenue cutter service Tho confer
ence report on the war revenue reduc
tion bill proved generally acceptable
to both sides and was adopted without
division Mr Richardson the minor
ity leader acquiesced In It as tho best
that could be done although ho stated
that the minority still believed tho
war taxes should be reduced 70000
The report as ngreed to Bhows a com
promise all along the lines of the bill
tho changes In the present law being
ns follows
War Rnvonue Reduction
Tobnrro Twenty per cent dlnconnt of the
orlclnil tux of 11 cents per pound nt
ncnlnst 2r per cent reduction ns fixed by
the senate nnd none ns t lie hill pnssed the
house The rnte agreed upon will uiijko
the tnx f0 00 per hundred pounds
ClRnrs On those weighing more tlmn
three pounds per thousand the bouso rnte
of 3 per thousand wns retnlned as against
it0 as fixed by the senate and 3t50 as
In the present law On those weighing less
than three pounds per thousand the senate
rate of 18 cents per pounds was allowed to
Cigarettes On those weighing not more
thnn three pounds pet thousand the sennto
aetlon Wine the rate at 18 cents per pound
Ileer The house rate of 1V per barrel
and repealing the Vi per cent discount
was retained
Rankers Capital rresent law retained
Commerelal Brokers Tax Repealed
Certificates of Stock TinnHfeis The rate
of 2 cents for each 1000 Is retained and the
senate amendment Including the trntiHue
tlons of biieket shops was necepted by tho
bouse conferees
Sales of Iroduets at Hvchnnges The sen
nte nmendment exempting the sales of
merchandise In the nctunl course of trans
portation was accepted but the rate of 1
cent for each X100 as fixed by the present
law was retained
Rank Cheeks Repealed In tccordanee
with the house aetlon
Certificates of Oeposlt Tnx repealed
Promissory Notes Tnx repealed
Money OrderH Tax repented
BMW of Exchange Foreign The rate
fixed nt 2 cents for each 100
Rills of Lading for Export Repealed
Express Receipts Repenled
Telegraph Messages Repealed
Miscellaneous Ronda Tax Repealed ex
cept upon bonds of Indemnity
Certificates of Damage and Certificates
Not Otherwise Specified Repealed
Charter Party Repealed
Conveyances Exempted bMow 2B00
above 2f00 25 cents for each JWX
Telephone Messages Tnx repealed
Tnsitrnnee Tnx repealed on all kinds of
Insurance In nccordance with the action of
the house the senate conferees receding
on nil senate amendments
Leases Tnx repealed
Manifests Tax Repealed
Mortgages Tax repealed
Steamship Passage Receipts Exempted
below V0 In value nnd the rate fixed at fiO
cents for each W In cost for that price and
Power of Attorney Tax repealed
Protest Tax repealed
Warehouse Receipts Tax repealed
Proprietary Medicines Tax repealed In
accordance with bouse action the senate
nmendment being disagreed to
Perfumery nnd Cosmetlca Tax repealed
Chewing Onm Tnx repenled
Legacies Law modified so as to exclude
from taxation legacies of eharltnhle re
ligious literary or educational ehnracter
The total rede on nf the revenues as
made by the bill ns ngreed upon will
amount to nbout S41 000000 as ngnlnst a
reduction of tin 000 000 ns It passed the
house and 45000000 as amended In the
The provisions of the hill as ngreed npon
will take effect on the first of next July
Preparing for the Inauguration
Washington March 1 The prepara
tions for tho Inauguration of Presi
dent McKInley next Monday are rap
Idly nearlng completion and without
all signs fall there will be a larger
crowd of strangers present to witness
the ceremony than Washington has
seen In several years Tho general
Inauguration committee has been hard
at work for more than a month per
fecting arrangements and the spec
tacular features of the celebration
as well as the general arrangements
made for the occasion Is on an excep
tionally flno scale
The NOKlolk Weekly News Journal
iiMiY ram
Nebraska State Frison the Prey
of Flames
Conrlct Arn Ituttlml From Thnlr CMU
nuil tho Lincoln Nntlounl Ounril
moncitl to Corrnl Them lu Ilia Irlion
VnrdAlil From Lincoln Arrlos
Lincoln March 1 Klrc which start
ed In the living rooms of the wardon
of the state punitontlnry at midnight
last night destroyed the entire main
building together with the cell house
and other buildings Before the lames
had gained a great headway Warden
Davis gave orders to release the eon
Tlcts from the cells und march them
under guard to the prison yard
and there place them under
double guard The removal was ac
complished safely and without disor
der Extra guards were also posted
on the stockade walls armed with
shotguns with orders to permit no es
capes The origin of the lire is un
known When llrst discovered the
otlicers of the Institution immediately
set to work ull the small lire lighting
apparatus of tho prison Water was
used in abundance but assistance
from tho city lire department was
called for and a steamer and hose cart
wore dispatched In response to a tele
phone messuge At 140 a m tho city
Are department arrived and began
throwing water on the walls The
flames had gained too great headway
however and the firemen directed
their efforts to saving some of the re
mote shop buildings By request of
the wnrden Chief of Police Lloagland
sent all available policemen to aid In
preserving order Later as an addi
tional measure of safety Lieutenant
Governor Savage acting lu the ab
sence of Governor Dietrich inxesponse
to the suggestion of the warden or
dered out the local company of state
The los to the state Is over 300000
The penitentiary cost 312000 orig
inally and there have been additions
and Improvements since The number
of Inmates averaged 400
I Progress of the Flame
The fire started from an unknown
cause in the kitchen of the upper story
In the main building near the cell
house at the west end
The flro was discovered by Warden
Davis himself shortly bofore midnight
he being aroused by Hie crackling of
flames and smell of smoke
The alarm was immediately given
convicts guards and employes
aroused The convicts were ordered
to clothe themselves and lu their pris
on garb marshaled into the huge court
yard to the number of nearly 300
under the espionage of a score of
armed guards patrolling on the top of
the wall surrounding the court yard
The emergency guard of the peniten
tiary system was quickly at work with
lines of hose but these proved Inef
ficient and a telephone message sum
moned the Lincoln lire department
All efforts to save the great stone
building were unavailing The con
victs were hustled out into the yard
armed extra guards stood sentinel on
the walls and the Lincoln National
TnrkUh Troop Ordered to Frontier
London March 1 An lmnerlul Irade
orders the concentration of t0000
Turkish troops on the Rulgarlan fron
tier near Krustendlt says the Con
stantinople correspondent of the Dally
Mall This measure Is taken on the
advice of the ministry of war owing
o agitations la Macedonia which is
assuming the form of brigandage on a
huge scale
Orimgn It U or U Fulling
Ondtsehorn Cape Colony March 1
Uenetal Dewet It Is olllelnlly assert
ed having failed to cross the Orange
river at naltorspoort 1m hurrying to
Henfonleln by the way of Ielrusvlllo
The Orange river Is fulling fst
liidlnu lninrndi Shot to Ii tli liy Moll
at llulilenvllln
Holdenvllle 1 T March -Johnson
Miller a full blood Creek Indian
was shot to dealh by a masked body
of men Miller was under arrest for
the murder of Herbert McDade lie
5mis arrested yesterday near WVtuinku
and brought here pending u hearing
before tho United States coiytnls
sloner The ollleers fearing trouble
hcerelly convoyed their prisoner out
of town two or three tulles and lodged
nt the farm house of Robert Stewart
At a little after midnight about -10
armed and masked men forced an en
trance Into the house disarmed tho
guards and began shooting at the
prisoner at Mhort range Tho prisoner
eseuped from the house by Jumping
through n Hereon door and lied across
the yard clearing a four foot picket
fence at one leap running 100 yards
where he was overtaken and his body
filled with lend More than a dozen
bullet holes are to be seen In his body
Miller was a desperado and had com
mitted three cold blooded murders
within six mouths besides numerous
Three Other Badly Injured anil
gir Train Horned n ltnult of Colli
Ion Near MoKnaport ln
Pittsburg March 1 Two dead
three badly hurt and a passenger
train burned Is the result of a head
on collision between a passenger train
and a local freight on tho Pittsburg
and Charleston railroad at Coal Vul
The dead Frank White engineer
Milton S Thompson mall clerk
The Injured J Shaver fireman
badly scalded and bruised Charles
Stroud haggagciuuHter bruised and
burned and Michael Kullck Schoeu
vllle passenger back hurt
None of the other passengers woro
hurt beyond minor cuts and bruises
Immediately nfter the collision tho
passenger cars took tiro and were de
stroyed only one car escaping Tho
trains iti collision were tho Uniontown
jcpreis south bound and tho leal
freight coming toward Pittsburg Tho
local was standing on n siding deliver
ing freight at tho time For somo
reason as yet unexplained the express
Instend of keeping to the main track
shot off Into the siding and telescoped
the other train All of the victims
were on the express train which car
ried betweeti fil and 10 passengers
Mr Niifion Vllt MoukjuriW
Kansas City March 1 Mrs Carrin
Nation reached Kansas City yesterday
nml left last flight for Topeku Dur
ing the afternoon she visited the 15x
change building at the stock yards
in company with her brother 7 V
Moore who In a live stock dealer here
She was followed by a large crowd
of brokers and cattle men and busi
ness was suspended temporarily
Emperor William Hat Close Call
Berlin March 1 About noon Em
peror William had a nnrrow escape
from serious Injury while crossing
Untcr don Linden when his carriage
came into collision with an electrlu
car near the Schloss The emperor
was thrown against tho side of the car
riage and slightly bruised
Iteetl Not the Right Negro
Indianapolis March L The negro
Doc Itced was ugalu taken to the
Darter home in Irvingtou and after
carefully scrutinizing the prisoner
Miss Darter declared he was not her
assailant He was then released from
Ilotha Named Cnnilltlnna
London March 1 The Dally News
says We learn that Commandant
Ilotha offered to surrender on certain
conditions and that pour parlies arc
In progress It It probable that Mrs
Hot ha brought proposals from her
husband to Lord Kitchener
Judgo Ilnrzoll has succeeded In dol
ing the pool rooms at Madison Ills
George McKndden was given the de
cision on a foul In the eighth round
over Dal Hawkins ut San Francisco
The trial of Jesse B Davis a Belle
vue hospital nurse accused of the
murder of Louis It Hllllurd an Insane
patient closed Thursday and tho Jury
rendered a verdict of acquittal
James J Hill has started to grade
his railroad from Marcus to Republic
giving that mining district an outlet
by way of Spokane Tho first work
In being done near Cuscado City on
tho United States side
Tho joint session of tho scale com
mittee of tho coal miners and operat
ors of Illinois came to an abrupt end
Thursday when the operators re
fused to longer entertain the demands
of the miners scale
Rev F V Emerson pastor of the
First Christian church and Dr M
R Mitchell were arrested Thursday on
a state warrant charging them with
being accessories In the smashing of
the Curtis cold storage pluut In North
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H Who thinks ho knows n bargain in lumber when ho sees It Do H
H you Imagine that you would recognize t genuine snap if you M
H were to moot it facn to face If yon do wo want to sou you M
B next tiuio you want somo lumber Wo have more and bigger fl
H bargains In lumber stowed away in our yard thnn any other B
concern around hero Want to sue em Jomo in
I or
Tried Them
W H IIUCHOr Pronlilont
National Bank
l W UT Vishlor
Vlco rroaldnnt
Capital 10000000
Surplus 2000000
Does a General Banking Business
Buys and Sells Exchange
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
Drafts and Money Orders Sold on any Point In Europe
A General Steamship and Foreign Passage Business Transacted
Exclusive agent lor the Celebrated Sweetwater Rock Spring Coal the
best In the market
Scrantou Hard Coal in all sizes TELEPHONE 61
You can leave the Missouri River after breakfast today on
arrive California aoonor than if yon loft yoatorday via any other train
in regal splendor can be made
the celebrated Union PaciQo train
This train runs via tho Overland
Route tho established route across
tho continent It has perhaps the
most finely equipped cars in the
world There are Doublo Drawiug
Room Palace Sleopers broad
buled Oars throughout Buffet Smoking and Library Oars with Barber
Shops and Pleasant Reading Rooms Dining Oars meals being served
a la carte and evory delicaoy is provided The cars are illuminated
with the famous Pintsch Light and heated with steam A notable
feature is that safoty perfect comfort and speed are all included
Onlv Two Nights
Missouri River and San Francisco
Forjrime Tables and full lafortnatloa call on