The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, February 22, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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Mnjor Crofont OrlKlnntro the M XV
tl Compniiy IMUIiik n Limit Iclt
Wn nml Inctilrntnlly Tnk In m
Lawyer Friend
Copyright 1000 by C n Il
The grand promoter snt nt Ills desk
Jn his olllco with n wandering look on
Ills fnce nnd -10 cents In change spread
ont before him He lintl been counting
that change over nnd over nnd figuring
how ninny times the -8 he owed his
landlady the 12 ho owed his tnllor
1hc -1 he owed his lmtter nnd the 75
lie owed vnvlons other people would go
Into that 40 cents lie wns still nhout
It when he henrd n step on the stnlrs
3t wns the step of nn nggresslve innn
As It enme nenrer It betokened the step
cf n determined man As the door wnn
burst orcn wlthoiit preliminary warn
Ing the innjor recognized the fact that
he wns face to fnce with a clrcuin
Btnncc For one brief second his knees
weakened nnd he caught his breath
with n gasp Then he wns on his feet
with hnnd outstretched nnd n smile on
his fnee nnd saying
Bless my soul but If you hnd been
two minutes later I should have been
on my way to your olDcel Come lu
come In
I didnt know as you would remem
ber me dryly replied the visitor as ho
looked around the ofllce
What Not remember Thompson of
Thompson Thompson nttorneys nt
law I You must be joking My dear
man Major Crofoot never forgets the
face or nnme of n friend You more
thnn any other man In the world have
been in my thoughts for the last three
days nnd as I remarked 1 was about
to start for your ofllce Thompson
shnke hands again
I havent time rrplled Thompson
Look here major bills against you- to
the amount of 200 hnve been put Into
our hnnds for collection You promised
1o pay that old board bill two months
ngo I want to know what you arc go
ing to do
Do my dear Thompson Why Im
going to give you n check in about ten
seconds for the whole Indebtedness
You could hnve had your money long
ago If you had given me the slightest
ihlnt Major Crofoot has n good mem
ory but how can you expect him to
ikeep track of shillings when he is
dealing in thousands of dollnrs
I heard you were promoting a lit--tie
said the lawyer as he waited for
the check
Ten companies formed In the last
4hree months my boy and the
eleventh just ready to be Incorporated
Grand aggregation of over 300000000
capital thus far nnd every company
ibound to pay at least SO per cent divi
dend What do you suppose Ive got
on hand now
I cant Bay and as Im in a hurry
you may fill out that check
Tho biggest scheme of all the no
plus ultra whispered the major with
a flourish of his right arm I expect
ed to stop at ten but this scheme
came pushing along and I hnd to take
It up Its the richest of them all
Itll pay 100 per cent profit from tho
very start In a week from now tho
Standard Oil company wont be on
But Im here about those bills
My dear Thompson walk with me
IVhen I wns hard up you wero one of
the few who did not lose confidence In
my Integrity The man or woman who
trusts Major Crofoot never regrets It
I might not have picked up this elev
enth scheme but for you I wanted to
let you In I wanted to reward you
for your faith In me Thompson my
boy sell out your law business give
It away get rid of It before night
I want to know about those bills
Bald the lawyer as he came to a halt
Tho last and best scheme of all
continued the major as he got hold of
his arm again in the Musical Wash-
hoard company organized on a capital
of 20000000 The Idea Is strictly orig
inal with me Washboard rune n music
box while you rub Music box can be
placed in the laundry parlor kitchen
or even the next house May arrange
later on to have em connected with
drug stores kindergartens nnd public
schools Twenty four tunes In tho box
evenly divided between sad and lively
As the washerwoman rubs away at
one of your colored shirts the music
box strikes up Comln Thro tho Rye
She changes off to a Bheet or pillow
Blip nnd you hnve Ilome Sweet
Home with variations Thompson
ehake hands
I wont do It I came here to notify
you that these bills must be paid at
once or you will be haled Into court
Its a hummer my boy Its a suc
cess from the start Costs nothing ex
tra for the music you know While
on are hiring a woman In the laundry
for a dollnr nnd a quarter a day shoa
furnishing music for the pnrlor freo
grail Put n bcdqullt on tho wash
board and you can hear the strains of
The Old Oaken Bucket from gnnet to
cellar Let tho woman tackle a table
cloth nnd everybody goes dancing to
the tunc of Maggie Murphys Home
Drug stores can hnvo It nt a slight
rost for their pntronn and public
fchools neednt pay a cent
dub Music by the box Thompson
dont miss It Dont throw n good
thing over your shoulder I want to
take you In I hnve taken you In Yoti
nre to be secretary of tho M W C nt
20000 a year
Thats all wind bluntly oxclnlmed
the lawyer and It wont work Will
you draw mo a check for 200
Isnt It a wonder thnt somebody else
didnt strike on the Idea whispered
the major as he patted Thompson on
the shoulder The wnshboard haH
been known for 200 yenrs What was
easier than to make friction run n mu
sic box to soothe the sorrowful lull
tho nlllng or enthuse the discouraged
It would have saved thousands of lives
nuuunlly prevented thousands of sui
cides nnd yet no one thought of it
Thompson shake hnnds Its the sec
retaryship at 20000 a year for you
nnd Ill get -you r0000 worth of stock
nt ground floor figures Months ngo
when 1 wns hard up and couldnt pny
n bill of 7 yon put your hand on my
shoulder In n brotherly way and said
you had every confidence lu my fliinn
elnl Integrity Do you Imagine Ive for
gotten that Thompson Not by the
grave of my grandfather 1 never think
of It without the tears coming to my
Do you want to be sued for these
nccouuts demanded the lawyer when
he could got In a word
And your rewnrd for trusting me is
this continued the mnjor the salary
of 20000 Is only n starter Ill doublo
It after the washboards get Into the
mnrket The 50000 In stock will pay
you 25000 a year in dividends nt the
very least and perhaps double that
nnd there you nre You can safely put
your first years Income down nt 05
000 Is that enough Thompson If
not just sny tho word and Ill odd
20000 to It Meanwhile
Meanwhile 1 want no more of your
Meanwhile my dear secretary of
the M W C I owe 200 You have
the accounts to collect Just mnrk em
collected nnd Ill pny In tho 200 to
hold your stock Always have to have
n deposit as evidence of good faith
you know If It was anybody else Id
demand n certified check for 10000
Thompson go home nnd throw youi
lawbooks out of the window
Ill be hanged If I dot I want to
Throw your lawbooks out of tho
window dissolve the partnership and
then take your position as secretary
No hurry for n day or two but dont
wait too long I want to get tho arti
cles of Incorporation through as soon
ns possible and patent the idea Good
by Thompson goodby
But I want that check protested
the lawyer as he was pushed out
And the washerwoman rubs nnd
tho box plays on replied the smiling
mnjor Well have 50000 washboards
plrjying Yankee Doodle nnd Home of
My Soul before the month Is out nnd
If you want 15000 iu advance on your
salary and profits send your boy
mound nnd Ill fill out a check Good
by Thompson goodby nud remember
to keep mum till our patent is secur
The door was shut and locked and
there wns grim silence for five min
utes Then the major heard threats
and vows nnd muttcrlngs and some
one went slowly down stairs
M Quad
Growing Mateliea
The Belgian artisan spends his lei
sure In a very curious mnnner He
keeps a special cock for crowing and
the bird which can outcrow its fellows
hne reached the highest pinnacle of
perfection The mode of operation Is
to place the cages containing tho roost
ers in long rows for it appears that
one bird sets the other off crowing A
marker appointed by the organizers of
the show is told off for each bird his
duty being to note carefully the num
ber of crows for which It Is responsible
In the same fashion as the laps are re
corded in a bicycle race The custom
ary duration of the mntch Is one hour
the winner being the bird which scores
the highest number of crows In the nl
lotted time A great number of these
competitions hnve taken place In the
Liege district nnd in some cases heavy
bets have been made on the result
Rndishes originated in China where
they have been cultivated for many
centuries and sometimes grow as big
ns a mans head In Germany the old
fashioned country mothers cure hoarse
ness and cough with radish juice mix
ed with sugar candy The radishes of
today have no flavor no character
Formerly their shnrp biting taste made
them palatable
A Jury Room Gem
A gem from the records of a Missouri
court given In nn address by non
William n Wallace 1b the following
lucid verdict In n lunncy case Wo
the Jury Impaneled Bworn nnd chnrg
ed to Inquire Into tho lnsangulnlty of
nezekiah Jones do occur In tho afllrm
Soup n n Orrtu Killer
It has been showu by Koch nnd oth
ers thnt soap Is a mlcroblclde or germ
killer nnd according to Professor Sera
finl soda or potash soap Is quite a good
disinfectant not only because of the
nlknlls but the combination Itself
Heating the water favors tho effect
Resinous soaps are not the best disin
fectants Marseilles soap Is very good
A solution of 3 or 4 per cent kills the
most rcshtlnj microbe Washington
Time j
8 Iodinefs Celebration
I of Washington re
i 1 A- j m m B
Diruiuciy - r
afcjy TV llFL
- -
- v
Z2 t
yf 1
goobas wuz planted n I aln lem git a
gooba standln all de times deys brak
ed de ole fence down n now when
Wnshnms bufday cum n ole mauss
les nil hes nlggas go down t Svnn t
see de sogers a tnachln n de drums
n drummln u de boom bnngln o do
cannons n yo nils gwlne n take
Marine n Looeyfer n Tndgum n
Boots n yo nil up u sez Tdlnc we
cnln gib ole mauss hawgs no Wnsh
nms bufday dolns In wes gooba
patch u yoll hater stny n keepin
Now wha fur I done tnken dat
wuk nter Tndgum done lem root up
leben hills les sos I cd stny home
on Wnshnms bufday I spose Well
I sez tain no fah n yo nil knows
The time wns long befo de wall
Little Iodine Brown was a slave as
were his mother sister nnd brothers
Ills father Velvet Brown hnd been
enabled by n stroke of good fortune to
purchase Ills own freedom nnd 20 acres
of ground nnd his wife Blissful and
her five small children were permitted
by the old master to live In Velvets
cabin Blissful worked at the man
sion encli day and returned to the enbin
nt night while the children worked for
their father to pay for their keeping
Velvet hnd n little hoard of money
which was growing slowly to be used
when n sufficient nniount was saved
for the purchase of BllssfuPs freedom
After mammy was freed a fund wns
to be started to purchase one of the
children Marine the eldest and nil
her little brothers shared Velvets la
bors and worked onrly nnd Into Iodine
the youngest wns but C yenrs of age
and his only tnsk was keeping the old
mnsters hogs from breaking through
the brush fench into the peanut patch
When the hogs came near the fence
snlfflng the air Iodine would rush
from his lair and beat them with a
cudgel until they fled back Into Uie
scrub pine underbrush
The big red razorback called by Io
dine Old Brlcky made many at
tempts to get Into the pennut patch
nnd his persistence wns almost a match
for the boys vigilance
Hot tears hnd coursed In shiny black
rivulets down Iodines fnce In the
morning ns he stood on a stump gaz
ing nfter Velvet nnd Blissful who
were trudging down the lnne toward
the old masters mansion followed by
Mnrine Lucifer Tndgum nnd Boots
on their way to Savnnnnh to witness
the celebration of Washingtons birth
day by the military company of the
city When the disappointed boy
knew that his father was well out of
hearing he shook his fist and stamped
his bare foot upon the stump and
shouted Yor mean Yor mean Yor
But the guardian of the goobers
could not spend much time In hurling
Invectives from the stump Soon he
snw Old Brlcky emerge from the scrub
pines followed by a dozen shotes nnd
then there wns work for Iodine to do
It seemed to hlra that the hogs were
never bo persistent nnd bold ns they
wero that morning They gnve It up
after an hours effort howeyer and
wandered bnck toward the mansion
Having then a respite from his In
bor Iodine went over to the three acre
lot where Velvets cow and pigs were
kept This wns a peculiar piece of
ground There were hundreds of de
pressions In the earth where deep holes
had been excavated and partly filled
Many yenrs before a box of strange
nnd old fashioned clothing nrmor nnd
wenpoim wns received at the Savan
nah custom house The owner never
called for It and It was sold nt mic
tion In the box wns nn Iron helmet
upon the Inside of which wns engraved
n full description of the locntlou of
gold nntl Bllver money which hnd been
burled by n shipowner who was sup
posed to have been a pirate nnd iib
there was a tradition thnt the treasure
had been burled In the vicinity the pur
By Julius N Jorgcnscn
Oijimi oM IW liy JiiHtw N Jotvtimn
Iodine Brown sat In n big nest of
gray moss which he had made In a
fence corner outside the peanut field
nnd he muttered nnd mumbled and
scolded Occasionally he would argue
with an Imaginary opponent using all
tho gestures with which he had seen
Elder Berry deliver his sermon on
Itasslln Wld de Hperrlt
Now yo knows well miff said
Iodine to his adversary tint yo aln
n trentln o me right 1 done drib dem
hawgs outn de fiel mos eber sense de
J rV
n iii
3t2iSZa VfOlift
chaser of tho helmet began to search
for tho money A careful survey show
ed Hint the dheetloiis pointed to a spot
In this wild comer of the old masters
plantation and hides weio dug at n
distance of Hi feet north noilhwcHt
funn every tree and stump within ten
neres mound the Indicated spot Final
ly the seai cli wns abandoned When
Velvet ottered to buy some land funn
his former master this wild corner
was sold to him lie had done a deal
of digging for the treasure but had
long since given up the search
Iodine became Interested lu a small
hole which had been tiuidu by some
nnlmal In the side of one of the oxen
valloits and he began to probe Into It
with a stick
The boy had been an Interested spec
tator at the blowing up or slumpH with
gunpowder and he thought ns he peep
ed and poked Into the hole that he
could imike a noise mid celebrate
Washingtons birthday by exploding a
charge of powder In the bunow lie
inn to the cabin and brought out Vel
vets old powderhorn ami began the
preparations for his celebration In
dine knew he would probably have to
suffer punishment but no matter He
must do something to celebrate the
day lie poured Into the hole n copious
charge of powder mid then putting In
a small cane which hnd been boied out
for plpchtcms he filled this with he
explosive nlso Then ho pounded the
earth about the cane until the cnvlty
was tightly closed
After several feints he touched the
lighted match to the top of tho reed
ami inn He had not tnken more than
three steps when the explosion came
He wns thrown to the ground by the
concussion nnd wns nearly covered by
the shower of dirt that fell upon him
He was uninjured however and turn
ed his intention to the hole In the
giound Theie was a little yellow
stieak In the loose dirt nt the bottom
of the hole nnd with n stick he uncov
ered the object which proved to be n
dead chipmunk
Mils be mo ehimunlcs n dlsn In de
hole said Iodine as he began ngaln
to scratch away the dirt Soon he
struck something hard which made a
peculiar hollow sound nnd he took
away more dirt and uncovered a
brown scnly Iron object The urchins
curiosity was aroused and lying fiat
upon the ground he used stick and
fingers to uncover more of the iron
He snw that It was a large round ob
ject with thiee little horns sticking
out like the wrops of hair on Ma
rines head and then he knew whnt It
Old Brlcky came out of the brush
closely followed by the spotted shotes
sniffed the nlr suspiciously and then
trotted straight to the peanut field
fence AIns for poor Velvet Brown Ills
bright dream of the big crop of White
Lady goobers which he expected to
market In the summer wns soon to be
I gwlne t git dis kll outn hynh fo
my mammy muttered the boy for
getful of his trust nnd nil unconscious
of the raid upon the field Ho was
soon nble to move the kettle nnd a
poor and badly used up kettle It wns
Iodine soon realized that his prize was
of little value Then lie bethought
him of the other chipmunk nnd turned
ngaln to the hole His eyes bulged out
with surprise ns he snw another ket
tle smaller than the first standing up
right In the ground It was not empty
like the other but was filled with yel
low and black pieces of money
De plts money shouted Iodine
ne tried to lift the kettle from the hole
but he hnd not strength to move It
Running to the well he brought the
drinking gourd filled it with gold mid
carried It to the house Trip after
trip ho made often saying Now wo
cn buy mammy now we cn buy mum
my fm ole mnuss until he had all the
gold and silver piled In n heap upon
the bed A big yellow piece tumbled
from the pile nnd Iodine Btruck It
bnck nnd snld Gl bnck dar Ole
Brlcky And then he thought of the
peanut field nnd the old red razorback
nud the shotes nud he rushed out of
the house and n round to the hog pas
ture Faint nud sick nt heart he saw
the hogs In the ruined field
Casting aside all thought of Wash-
lugtons hlrthda1 and the pirates gold
Iodine seized his club and made war
upon the hogs Ills work done ho
tin on himself Into his mossy nest nail
wept and willed upon the hogs all
the abusive woids his tongue could
frame In no other way could he re
llcc IiIk conscience and the fearful ap
prehension of what would take place
after Vehet letutued
When the sun had gone Imlf uay
dovMi the western sky he saw Velvet
and Blissful and the ehlldieii leluru
lug Ills heart almost stopped beat
lug mid he could not haulsh fiotu his
thoughts the big black strap which
hung upon the cabin wall As his
ther and mother came up the lane lo
dlue ran out to meet them with team
streaming from his ees
Oh pappy he cited de hawgs
dun gut In de gooba patch n dey et
up inns all de hills I con n hope It
pappy I con u hope It But I dun
foitti de plts money Yo aln gun I
whoop me Is yo pappy
Vehct looked Into the field and a
storm of wiitth swept over his face
Yo trltlln rapscallion he shouted
Wha fur yo dun go dlggln rutin fur
plts money n le dem huwgs eat up
my goobas Go lu de house ills In
stumps Ill show yo how t dig fur
money wP my laha shop
The Irate father strode Into the call
In unmoved by Iodines tears mid en
treaties Blissful lingered by the pea
nut Held Her heart bled for the little
truant Hearing no outcry she soon
began to wonder If the strap could
have been lost Presently Velvet up
peared lu the cabin door and shouted
Blissful Rtlssrul Gum heah lion
ey Yos flee Yos ft eel Idlne dun
foun de plts money sho miff Ouin
In heah ehlllum u gl dou n on yo
knees n frank do tod To his iiiusslful
Blissful rushed Into the cabin close
ly followed by the children They felt
of the money nnd held It up In hand
fills mid poured It back upon the bed In
heaps of fieedom nnd comfort and
Joy Their ears drank In the sounds
of Its sliding and rolling mid clinking
as they would have drunk In music
from the harps of paradise
Old Brlcky led the held again
through the brush fence mid they
rooted and smacked their Jaws over
the feast of nuts but they woic all un
heeded for to the Blown family the
day of Jubilee had come
In n short time a black piocesslou
was on the match fioin the cabin to
yos rnrKi vos iiiicr1
the mniision At the icar was Hoots
preceded by Tndginn Lucifer Marine
and Blissful lu the lend wan Vchcl
wheeling n barrow iu which were piled
the silver and gold and the kettles
while crowning the heap sat Iodine
with sparkling eyes of living Jet nnd a
row of white teeth visible fiom ear to
The amount of money taken from the
ground by Iodine wns a little more
thnn 10000 a great fortune to this
humble family Blissful and the chil
dren were purchased from the old mus
ter n good roomy house wns built and
more hind added to the farm Good
stout fences were built about the place
and Old Brlcky needed watching no
A red letter nay greater than Wash
ingtons blrthdny or the Fourth of
July a day to be marked by the Brown
family with a white stone wns that
upon which the old mnstcr drove to
Savannah In his finest carriage ac
companied by little Iodine whose
bosom swelled with pride ns he
thought of his Itnportnncc and con
templated his beautiful suit of store
clothes They drove to a bank nnd
there the mnstcr Invested 2000 In
government bonds nnd deposited them
to the credit of Iodine and his guar
On the banks of the Ogecchec near
Eden lives n prosperous colored man
the owner of n large farm and the fa
ther of a bright family of girls and
hoys Among his most treasured pos
sessions Is nn old kettle on which the
following words havo been painted
Washington Iodine
- f s
Was it Lord Beaconsfleld who ns
Mr Disraeli was once twitted with
being the exponent of a policy of
sewage According to Sir William
Preece no loftier subject can occupy
the nttentlon of man nnd according to
him also nn ancestor of the great pre
mier Moses to wit wns the greatest
Bnnltnry engineer the world hnd ever
known nnd the book of Leviticus
wns n treatise on hygiene
The Jew wns the healthiest and long
est lived type of humanity and the
doctrines of Moses could be summed
up ns the obler ts of sanitation today
namely It pure nlr 2i pure water 3
pure food Ji pure soil 5 pure dwell
ings mid til pure bodies Pure nlr he
snld wns to be found In luiitic nsy
linns jails and workhouses I nt not In
our churches theaters railway car
riages or dining rooms even the din
ing room of your dearest friend
Chambers Journal
i u
r rr T r ju7ii i f is
rrwiiM An F
stIglano maLli HULL
Dr Humphreys
NieelllcH cure by acting illro tly upon
Ilin dimmHo without oxeltlng disorder in
any oilier purl of tho syslom
Nil CUIIICH rutrict
I Irrr imKrfllloim liillnmnmtlorn lfi
1 Wiirum Wnrin Vnwr Wnriii Colle It3
l iVrllihiv CiillcCrj InnWuHiifiiliiivn SfTi
l lllnrrlim nt ClilMrrii or Ailultn
7 4iiili Cnliln llrmu liltlA Itt
H Nflurnlgln Timtlimlin Kiicimclui Uii
tl llrnrinrtip Hlrk llciuliicliu Vurllrfo UTi
I O Dyprixln lnillKitlnWinklItmiiuhJAi
1 I Huiprril or lnlnfiil IVrltiJn Ji
Ii WMlra Too Irnf urn lVrlmln
1 I Croup lifiryiiKlllii lloiiriiimniu i
14 Stnlt llliriiiii KrMitnHniitlimn iT
IB lllimuMHtlmn llliuiinintla Pnlnii Al
10 Miilnrlft ChlllR 1ovnr ami Akui VTi
1 0 Cnliirrli Infliiiiim UoliI 111 tlio llniut Jfi
uo whiHuingroimii ir
li7 HIlirv DUrniH ii U
ItnMlttv tOU
iO Irliinry Wrnltiirmi WoUIjikIIoiI VUV
77 rli liny Kevcr 2
Dr lluiiiiliriri Mnnnnl iitnll Dtsotuot lit jciar
liriiKKlit or MiiIIimI Krro
Hold lij ilmuKlxtM or omit on rxiiliitot ortru
lIimiiilircyH Mitl Cil Cor Wlllluiu John Ktk
Niiw York
Thade Marks
Copyrights c
AnyonnnonilliiK iinkntrli nml doiicrliitlon mnv
nnlcklf nnnirtnlii our opinion freo wliollmr hii
Inviiiitlon In protinliljr iintiinliitili Ciiiiitiintilcit
tloiinHtrlctljrriiillilmitliil Iliinillionkon Intimt
Mlil f run oIiIomL iifronoy for mm initio iminntfl
1nlimtn tiiki n tlirotmli Aliitin V Co recttre
rjvelnl notice without tlmrm In tlio
Scientific Emericait
A tinnilHomnlr llluntrntril wiM kly lnnr t rtr
riilutlon of nny Hcliiiitllln Jminml JlirniH tz a
ynnr four nioiitlm fL Hold by nil iiuwHlfnlirt
MUNN Co3CtBfoaIwa New York
Urnucli Olllto ir K St Wnnlilinilon 1 C
of Chicago ask your local ticket agent ti
mute you between Omaha Jiid Chicago
via the
tho shortest lino between tho two cities
Trains viu this popular road depart from
the Union depot Omuha daily con
necting with trains from the west
Magnificently equipped trains palace
sleepers and free reclining chair cars
Dining cars and buffet library axuSl
smoking cars All trains lighted ly
elootricity For full information about
raUs eto address
F A Nash
General Western Agent
II WHowkm IMMFaruamSt
Trnv Frt Pass Agt Omaha
Missouri Pacific Ry
Iron Mountain Route
To certain
points iau
PLUS aoo
Feby 5th nnd lJtb
ON TUESDAYS I March Oth uud
April 2nd and 10th
Filial Limit of Tickets 21 Days
Stop overs will bo allowed within
trmiBit limit of fifteen days going after
renohiug lirfit liomesoekers point en
For fiirUmr information or nchorttVnfr max
ter intJroMi nny iikmiI of tliuccuiuuyor
BouthMut Cor Htb and Douglas 8te
K siU