The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, February 22, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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The Jiopt oik l4cuas
Now Ib tlio io llmo to InvoRt In Ne
braska realty It will never ho cheaper
Colonel Roosevelt linn finished 11b
linnt nnd tlio ovorwoikoil fnlco reporters
and onrtooniRtH of tlio yellow journnlH
will to allowed a season of rest
Hovcntron cltloiiB of Fairmont wont
to Washington in i linncli Wednesday
Whon thoy hnvo hud tlmo to make com
pariROiifl botwoon that Rtato and No
brnska thoy will probably flock back
Rnbouau tho Berlin electrical expert
states thnt within eight or ton yoarfl
people will Ihi ablo to circumnavigate
tho globo in twenty two days Tlio
world 1h getting pretty Hwift without a
An Omaha girl wub nrrcBted tho other
lay for attempting Riilcldo and Rontonced
to jail for throo days with a promiflo of
JIO dnyfl if bIio again ninth a liko attempt
-Had Hho succeeded sho would havo been
Kent tip for lifo
A Chicago jndgo nays that women aro
too imaginative Some niou believe
that judicial knowledge in not nocosBary
to reach that determination howovor
yon seldom hear of one Roeing HuakeB
unless thoro are snakes
If ono of tho Oudahy kidnappers Ib at
lost captured ho may provo of groat
sorvioo to tho public by making it otnrn
ally ImpoBBible to Hpring fako stories
concerning his palR by dlRcloHiug a fow
facts regarding tho myatorios of tho
A Kearney county man has ooon
judged insane because ho imaginos hlui
Bolf to bo tho wealthiest and wiRCRt man
living Tho latter is qulto a common
malady especially whon it oomos to
politics but tho writer almost onvios
liim tho combination and particularly
tho first uamod hallucination
Tho GonRorvntlvo is struck with tho
inconsistency of tho populist leadors
who while claiming that their peerless
presidential candidate was defeated in
1BD0 and 1100 with 0 O D ballots paid
for by tho republican party insist that
tho oloction of United Statos Bouators
should bo tnkon out of tho corruption of
tho legislatures and thrown into tho cor
ruption abovo reforred to
Tho troubles of tho stamp clerk in
franco aro soon to bo over according to
a late dispatch which states that a slot
machine is beiug porfectod that not only
soils tho stamp but licks it and placoB it
on tho envolopo whon a coin is droppod
into it One of tho machines prints the
stamp diroctly on tho envelope Such
an invention is in keoping with the
modern pace and will probably bo in
general uso somo day
Tho third anniversary of the blowing
tip of tho Maine iu Havana harbor was
appropriately observed at Havana yes
terduy Tho portion of tho wreck nbove
tho water was decorated with laurelB
and in tho Protestant and Catholic
churches momorlal services wore held
It is fitting that tho anniversary should
bo obsorved and especially fitting that it
should be observed at Havana The
calamity will be one long to be remem
bered and it will be hard to forget by
Nebraska representatives in congress
propose that a branch government mint
hall be established in Omaha This is
all right and Nebraska i eople in general
will be pleased to see Omaha thus fa
vored But Omaha has been quite liber
ally and frequently recognized by tho
government mid as there aro other towns
in the state some of which havo an am
bition to secure government buildings
why would it not bo well to secure ap
propriations for these buildings and have
Omaha wait if any niuBt for a few
A man in Tennessee has inventod a
process for staining lumber while it is
yet in tho log The sip is extracted
from tho log and the staining materials
are forced in by hydraulic pressure
The result is lumber that is stained
evenly nil the way through It may bo
worked up into furniture and give
practically the same results as natural
wood of the same color It is expected
that this will offect a considerable
change in tho manufacture of furnituro
from the cheaper grades of lumber
State Journal
Considerable fun is being poked at
Editor Bryan because he credited a well
known poem on the American flog to
Francis Drake instead of Joseph Rod
man Drake It is likely that about
three fifths of those who laugh at the
blunder didnt know before the point
was raised whether Joseph Hodman
Drake or Kill Nye was the author
nevertheless it is somewhnt astouishiug
that tho man who claims to be tho
center of ull American patriotism and
the intimate of all patriotio statesmen
and authors should muke the error that
iu othors would be excusable
The vote of the electoral college re
sulted iu President McKiuley reciving
JM2 and Mr Bryan 165 the president
having 1117 votoR more than Bryan or
nearly a two thirds mnjnrity This Ib
a gain for MoKlnley of 21 votes ovor tho
voto of 1801 and of courso a loss to
Bryan of tho Ramo nurnbor Mr Bryan
doos not appear to bo tho least bit dis
heartened by tho showing howovor
and ifl ilumiug himself for the third
battlo with tho probablo intontion of
reducing bin Bupjmrt I0 or 10 moro
votes and succopsfully retiring all hopes
of his parly May ho bo successful iu
getting tho next nomination is tho wish
of many ropubllcaiiB who aro oxcusablo
for bollovlug that ho is catty
Tho San Francisco Call truthfully re
mnrkn that it is rarely in this country
and at this time that tho editor of a
country paper receives Justice olthor at
homo or abroad The valuo of his work
for tho community is not appreciated
ovon when tho work itself is rccognixod
lie is of the claRH of prophots who aro
without publio manifestations of honor
either in their own county or olsowhoro
Ho is expected to servo his party his
friends anil all tho industrial charitablo
and holiday enterprises of tho county
without reoomponRo nud his neighbors
gonorally deem it a favor to him when
they pay him for his paper
If Secretory of Agrlonlturo Wilson is
buccohhbuI iu demonstrating that tea
cau bo grown on UnitodStntos terri
tory thojrpooploj will havo cause to
regret that thoy have spout so nmoli
money abroad whon it might havo boon
expondod for a homo product Then
tho secretary might havo prevented all
that trouble accruing from tho Boston
tea party had ho boon au official at
that time but in tho light of recent
ovonts it is probably just as well that
ho wasnt Black tea grown in South
Carolina last year undor tho secretarys
supervision is said to havo been superior
to tho imported articlo and somo of it
sold on tho markot for 1 a pound Ex
periments will bo continued this season
Mark Twains latest joko Ib printed in
a communication to tho current nurn
bor of tho North American Roview
Mark says that if Dowoy after he had
smashod tho Spanish fleet at Manila
had just set up a notico on tho beaoh at
Oavito warning tho Filipinos to do no
damago to othor peoplo in tho Philip
pines and notifying nil othor nations to
beware of disturbing the archipologo in
any way on pain of a liokiug by Undo
Sam nnd thou sailed- away without
stopping to coal up or answer any ques
tions tho United States would havo
boon rovorod today as tho lovolest headed
nation that ever carried a flag As it is
however tho fat is all iu tho fire and we
aro disgraced boyoud recovery State
Tho polico of Philadelphia recontly
made a raid and gathered in i0 slot ma
chines Tho machines were submitted
to on examination aud it was discovered
that all but ouo were fixed to win
steadily and tirelessly for the proprietor
Stnuigo as it may seem tho one
honest machine was taked from tho
most disreputable joint of the lot One
of the officers said that he could stand
for an oven break on a gamblo but
when it comes to a fixed machiue
steadily committing potty larceny ho
drew tho line If it is discovered that
slot machino proprietors generally fol
low tho Philadelphia plan the small
gambling dovices are likely to provo ex
ceedingly unpopular oven among the
Almost any woman would like to bo a
United States senators wifo It is an
honor to be a factor in Washington
society lifo and othor honors are plouty
Not overy woman could have her name
and picture published in connection
with a popular brand of soap for adver
tising purposes as a number of senators
wives havo recently done Thoy are
too unimportant Mrs Allens name
and Mrs Thurstons name and picture
aro among thoso honored by the soap
manufacturer Nebraskans have rea
son to be proud of the fame bestowed
on their fair representatives May they
live long to recommend many and varied
brands of soap toilet powders aud lo
tions but let client bo ware how they al
low tho uso of thoir names aud faces in
patent medicine ads
Tho state sonate has passed Sonator
Areuds bill desiguod to encourage for
estry in Nebraska by providing that tho
increased value of property by reason of
growing such trees shall not be a subject
for taxation which virtually means
that the trees so grown will not bo
taxed although they will undoubtedly
bo of value Tho bill provides that the
portion of a farmers land devoted to
tree plauting shall bo limited in order
to benefit by the new law and there are
other restrictions aud provisions This
is a small step iu tho right direction
Nebraska is ono of tho Btates most
needing legislation for the promotion of
forestry and friends of the movemeut
will bo pleased to see its popularity
grow uutil the state is converted into a
picture laud of groves aud forests
Duns Roview says Accordiug to
tho olllcial statement exports of broad
stuffs during Jnuuary were valued at
21138003 against 17543081 last
year This is very good evidence that
the American farmer is supplying the
foreigners with considerable eating ma
terial nnd that tho domand for their pro
dnco is increasing rather than diminish
ing It indicates prosperity for tho
producing masses and its inorcaso yoar
after yoar is conohiBivo proof that Mr
Bryan was again mistaken whon ho
paid that republican prosperity was tem
porary Tho great amount of incroaso
Ib certain to drop off somo if it doesnt
all tho breadstufTs will Boon bo exported
but it is not likely that there will bo
any considerable falling off for soveral
yearn to oomo Republican prosperity
Is iu vory good working condition and
tho high water mark may not yet bo
According to tho Citizon tho people of
Tildon with but a fow oxceptlouR were
not nt all ploasod that tho town should
bo given tho notoriety resulting from
tho lato boxing contest Tho peoplo
of tho village nro qulto gouornlly moral
and tho number of persons attending
tho contest is evidence that it did not
turn out a crowd It is presumed that
of the 100 attending not more than 50
woro from Tildon and for a placo that
oan turn out from 1 000 to 1 500 people
to a Fourth of July colobratiou baso
ball game or political speech it is a
small showing Tho sports wore un
doubtedly sadly disappointed also at tho
sizo of tho Norfolk crowd Thoro wore
fow people uot uoarly as many as has
boon intimated who attended tho con
test from bore If a crowd woro really
desired tho contest should havo been
held in Doadwood Now York or somo
othor frontier city whore tho morals of
tho pooplo aro not bo closoly guarded
It is high time for tho north Platto
mombers of the legislature to got to
gether and dooido upon somo man whom
thoy will support for United States son
ator Tho difficulty at Lincoln seems
to bo that there are atogether to
many candidates and particularly does
this apply to tho situation iu the north
half of tho stato Only ono of those
men can bo elected and it is fully time
that ono was determined upon While
wo beliovo tho best interests of tho stato
would bo conserved by the olection of
Edward JRosownter to tho Uuitod
Statos souuto yet if ho cannot mako it
let tho toga fall upon some other good
mau but by all means let the toga fall
After tho north Platto members have
centralized upon somo good man then
thoywill bo in position to talk business
to tho south Platto peoplo and the farce
which has boon enacted at Lincoln day
after day during tho past six weeks will
soon bo onded It iB to the interest of
republicanism thnt the deadlock be
broken and that quickly oven if drastio
measures have to bo adopted to do so
Editor Pont of tho Stanton Register
makes a beautiful defonse of his position
in regard to the proposed joint county
teachers institute It will undoubtedly
surprise some of his renders to learn
that investigation will provo that our
authority for items published is always
tho best obtainable The publisher of
his rival paper Editor Enos has fre
quently differed with him in this regard
and uuy ono with a scintilla of political
wisdom who has read his paper will be
inclined to doubt his statement How-
over much of Mr Pouts shortcomings
can be overlooked because of the state
ment at the beginning of his comment
that tho editor of Tub News defends
Norfolk in all cases whether right or
wrong Tuk Nbws is proud to know
that it has attained this distinction but
is inclined to speculate as to what paper
would stand up for Norfolk if it didnt
Tub News has endeavored to stand by
its home town sometimes when the work
was up hill and whou the town didnt
seem to stand by it a little bit but that
is not essential to the subject in hand
If Stantons superintendent did not
wish first class accommodations for his
teachers there are numerous small hotels
boarding houses and private families
that could take care of them comfort
ably aud just as reasonably as could be
done in Stanton If Mr Pout doubts
tbat things can bo done cheaply enough
here let him fill his basket with lunch
and apply to either Widamau or Kane
aud he can probably secure accommoda
tions that wont cost him a cent
Filipinos Will Co opcrato
Tho leaders of the federal party in the
Philippines havo served notico on the
insurgent leaders that if they do uot
come in and surrender they will raiso
a native force of volunteers to go out
aud fetch them in Thoy assure the
guerrilla chiefs that they are determined
to put a stop to brigandage and restore
law and order to the islands There is
little doubt if the well disposed peoplo of
the archipelago undertake to act in har
mony with the United States authorities
it will have a decisive moral effect
The antipathy that the federals ex
hibit against the return of the friars
will doubtless attract the support of a
great many of tho common people who
sympathize with the rebellion chiefly
because of their fear of the ultimate
vongeanco of their friar landlords
Tho proposal of General MaoArthur
to the president iu his report to buy up
tho laudB hold by the trustees of tho
frinrs which would be willingly sold at
a fair appraisement tho lanu to bo re
sold to the tenants on easy terms will
doubtless have a good effect in the
samo direction Tho friars hold up
wards of two hundred thousand acres
of arable laud in Cavite province
alone -State Journal
California Ib having plenty of rain
but Kansas is gotting darNation dry
It is said that tho first mosflago to be
signalled to Mars by Nicola Tesln will
bo tho information that tho planet has
oon annexed by J Bull Esq
Tho word Toller soon iu so mauy
banks is not placed there in honor of
Senator Honry M whoso efforts havo
recently boon directed townrd causing
tho bankers to pass out under liis name
15 eotit dollars
Tho British government has paid well
for tho acquisition of tho Trnnsvaal re
public And they do not seem to havo it
vory firmly fixed It is estimated
that tho South African war has ct st
Britain up to this tlmo about fi00000
000 not counting the loss of life limbs
nnd health
Tho Nation orusado in Kansas is got
ting serious At Leavenworth forty
armed peoplo attacked a joint and a
pitched battlo ensued in which a
woman sister of ono of tho jointists
was killed and soven persons wounded
Perhaps tho movement will finally re
sult iu moro deaths and injuries than
cau bo laid nt tho door of King Alcohol
Tho namo of littl Bobble
Ray of Ravenwood West Virginia do
Borves a placo in history Caught iu a
burning home with his throo sisters
aged 4 years a years and six months
ho paved tho two old or ones and re
turned for tho baby when he became
confused aud was burned to death
Tholittlo chaps heroioatt might well
have daunted a brave man
When tho automobilo business gets
dowu to a fiuo point tho railways and
oloctrio linos will bo compelled to make
a new move acooordiug to recont devel
opments It is said that in a race be
tween an automobile and express train
going out from Rome Italy recently
tho automobile was the winner although
it was considerably impeded by traffic
The race was for a distance of 44 miles
The district oourt at Fremont has
given a sovero lesson to would be mur
derers by promptly convicting one of
the murderers of Herman Zahn of
Snyder and making the ponalty death
If the numerous important trials
throughout tho state have as prompt
and conclusive a finish outlaws will bo
vory much discouraged in fact oven
now tho number of burglaries and rob
bories seems to havo greatly diminished
John Bull is too slow when brought
into competition with American work
men A company of British bridge
builderswanted 60 weeks to put mater
ial on shipboard for tho construction of
80 bridges on the Uganda railway in
South Africa while an American com
pany offered to construct tho bridges in
40 weeks Tho St Louis Globe-Democrat
well says The American woik
inan gets the best wages in the world
and richly earns thorn
Iu free trade England according to
late returns there aro 8015471 paupers
in Scotland 07947 and in Ireland 97
587 supported at an annual cost to the
public of 07000000 The paupers of a
country are something to its discredit
although they cannot bo entirely elimi
nated It should be the aim of every
country however to have ns few as pos
sible Every able bodied man and wo
man should havo an opportunity to
make their own living and if they will
then not improve it they should be given
a harder name than pauper
An excAango springs the following
which is endorsed in all its phases
Ono bright friend came in the other day
with what he thought was a conun
drum Why is a newspaper like a
woman Because it has to have some
one to run it Because both have to
be known to be appreciated Be
canso both are good advertising medi
ums Because it sometimes changes
its dress and tells tales The correct
answer is Because every man should
have one of his own and not be running
after his neighbors
Vice President elect Theodore Roose
velt passed through Omaha yesterday
afternoon on his way east from his
bunting trip in Colorado He iB feeling
well after his outing and iB now ready
to put all his magnificent energy into
the duties which lay before him He is
still denounoing the stories sent out by
the string writers concerning hiB ter
rible struggles with wild boasts while
on the trip He says that with one or
two exceptions he was in no danger
and he dislikes the publicity that has
been given the stories concerning him
Jt will not be long now before the
flowers will bloom in tho spring tra la
when it is to be hoped that many miles
of rotten sidewalks in all parts of town
will be promptly couderaued by the city
couuoil and new ones ordered to take
their places Aud after tho order has
been issued let us also indulge iu the
hope that all summer will not be re
quired to have it cirried out There
aro sidowalks doing 6orvice in Norfolk
today that should have been consigned
to tho kindling pile five years ago It
is high time an effectivo campaign for
better walks aloug both sides of overy
street be orgauized
Governor Dietnoh has extended an
invitntlon to all of his predecessors in
office to dine with him in the execntivo
mansion on Washingtons birthday
TIiIb Is a happy thought and tho occa
sion will doubtless bo ono of rare social
enjoyment It sorvos also to bring to
mind tho important nnd interesting fact
that overy governor of Nebraska Binco
tho stato was admitted is still alive with
the slnglo excoption of David Butlor
wherefore it mny bo concluded it is not
tho paltry 2500 a yoar tho office pays
but tho guarantee of longevity
aud health that inspires so many aspir
ants for tho governorship Fremont
Value of Rect Sugar Factories
Tho groat value of tho boot factories
to Colorado cannot bo estimated by tho
paltry dollars which tho invested capital
iu tho building nud machinery add to
tho taxnblo assets of tho stute which ns
compared to other interests directly
arising from the location of a sugar
pant iu auy community is insignificant
to moution As a safe criterion wo can
refer to Otero county which has wel
comed two factories in tho post year at
a probablo cost of two million dollars
which has been listed upon tho county
tax lists But lot us look farthor
These two refineries havo brought to tho
county at least four thousand now poo
plo who hnvo boou enrolled ns bona fido
residents Tho forming and agricultural
lauds havo been enhanced in value at
least thrco million dollars Tho busi
ness and commercial interests of the
oonuty have boen quickened by tho in
creased capital which has been placed
in circulation Tho slipshod custom of
careless agricultural methods has beon
abandoned and tho theory of intense
farming has been almost universally re
sorted to
The value of an acre of laud depends
on the amount of cash it will pay
its ownor each yoar ond its value
can not legitimately rise above
this basis Here is where the great
profit in general comes in from the es
tablishment of tho factory and the grow
ing of sugar beets Land which has
heretofore produced when cultivated in
ordinary farm crops of alfalfa and grain
from 7 to 10 per acre net to the owner
is capable of producing when properly
grown to sugar beets from 50 to 70
per acre besides giving pormanent em
ployment to at least four times the num
of laborers Hence wo can see in tho
starting of overy factory the solution of
two great problems the increase of
land values and the maintenance of a
fourfold greater population Sugar City
Uncle Sum Wants Ponies
Omaha Feb 19 The Department of
the Missouri is advertising for 20
short stocky cow ponies which It Is
understood are to bo sent to the Phil
ippines for mountain climbing Ac
cording to the stipulations the ani
mals are to be not more than 146
hands high well broken to saddle and
having good action and conformation
Tiro Transports Kn Konte
Washington Feb 19 General Mac
Arthur has informed the war depart
ment that the transports Hancock and
Kllpatrick left Manila yesterday for
the United States The Hancock has
the Thirtieth volunteer infantry on
board and the Kllpatrick carries 400
sick soldiers
Kllli IIU Stepdaughter
Nebraska City Neb Feb 18 Hall
Frninpton a colored man quarreled
with his wife last night and attempted
to kill her His stepdaughter a girl
of lr took the part of her mother
when Frunipton turned on her Reized
a shotgun chased her a block shot her
In the head and then beat her bruins
out with the stock of the weapon
Frunipton is In jail with a stronp
guard us there is some talk of lynch
lootlthlrity Itcast Attack I In Keeper and
Fatally Wuunda Illut
Indianapolis Ind Feb 10 Albert
Neilson aged 15 years employed as an
animal keeper at the zoological garden
in this city was killed by a Bengal
tiger yesterday He entered tlie cage
in which the tiger wus confined and
was attacked by the benst A terri
ble utruggle followed in which Neilson
wus torn in a hundred places Redbot
Irons were thrust into the blood
thirsty animal but not until soven
bullets had been fired into Its body did
It release its hold on the victim Neil
son was dragged from the cago more
dead than alive and was hurried to the
city hospital where he died as ho waa
being carried in Tho tiger was not
fatally wounded Neilson lived nt
Tiquu 0 and had been employed by
the zoo company three years Ho
was in charge of the lion cubs and it
is supposed opened the tigers cage by
South Dakota Icllature
Pierre S D Feb 21 Proceedings
of both houses
yesterday lacked an en
tertnlnlng feature the house postpon
ing until Feb 20 action on reconsid
eration of the motion to expunge the
wolf bounty record without
any strug
gle A bill was Introduced In tlio house
by Browne repealing the seed grain
luw Several minor bills were also
Trial of lr Kennedy
New York Feb 20 In the trial of
Dr Kennedy charged with the murder
of Dolly Reynolds tho attempt to
prove an alibi for Kennedy went on
yesterday and moro witnesses Bworc
thnt they had seen the accused man on
Stuten Island ut the hour when ac
cording to the prosecution he was
leaving the Grand hotel where Mie
murder was committed
H 1
iil -
Punishment Demanded by En
voys Will Be Inflicted
Count tod Waldersces Menace of Hostile
fMnre tint an Instantaneous effect Upon
the Kmperorrrrpnratloni for the Ex
pedition Continue
Peking Fob 20 rrlnce Chlng and
LI Hung Chung have received a tele
gram which virtually means thnt tlio
Chinese will comply with all tho de
mands of the powers although they
Ktlll desire Information on a few
minor details The foreign envoys
look forward confidently to absolute
conipllnnce by tomorrow at tho latest
Prince Chlng nnd LI Hung Chang
have been greatly worried by the prep
arations for the expedition Into the In
terior nnd they havo strongly urged v
the court to yield pointing out that
otherwise the dismemberment of Mi
empire was probable
The foreign envoys had given the
Chinese authorities eight days In which
to Issue satisfactory edicts The court
promptly agreed to Inflict the punish
ments demanded
London Feb 20 Tho Renter Tele
gram company has received the fol
lowing from Its Peking correspondent
dnted Feb 10 Tho German BritiRh
and Japanese legations notified tlie
Chinese thnt the nllles were preparing
tin expedition townrd Sinn Fu In Mm
event of the court persisting In its
present unsatisfactory attitude regard
ing the punishments
Thereupon the Chinese plenipoten
tiaries wired -urgently to Sinn Fu coun
selling Immediate compliance nnd
pointing out that now there was only
the question of the death of n fow per
sons really deserving such a fate
while the advance of the nllles would
mean the donth of thousands besides
causing the powers to trent China wltn
greater harshness than If a settlement
were arrived nt without further mili
tary operations
Five thousand British troops have
been warned to prepare for the re
sumption of operations
Conner Protests to Ministers
Washington Feb 20 During tho
cabinet meeting yesterday a cablegram
from Minister Conger was submitted
referring to the proposed military ex
pedition in China under command of
Count von Wnldersee It disclosed
the fact thut our minister hnd pro
tested to the ministers council ugainst
hostile movements of this character
but that his protest hnd failed to re
ceive consideration tho other foreign
ministers taking the ground thnt they
had no authority to influence military
operations one way or the other
Addressed tho Commons In Irish
London Fob 20 In the commons
yesterday Thomas OConnell National
ist member for West Kerry began to
address the house in the Irish lan
guage and the speaker cnlled him to
order after he had spoken three or four
sentences reminding him that to
speak Irish was an unknown practice
lu the house of commons Mr OCon
nell continued to speak In the Irlsti
tongue greatly to the delight of tho
Nationalists around him Tlie speaker
finally stopped him peremptorily
rress Action on Cnnul Trenty
London Feb 20 Ambassador
Choate saw the secretary of state for
foreign affairs the marquis of Lann
downe yesterday nnd discussed the
Chinese question nnd the Nicaragua
canal matter Mr Choate was in
formed thnt both these features would
be fully discussed at a cabinet meet
ing to be held Beb 22 and Lord Lans
downe hoped to be able to communi
cate to Mr Choate something moro
definite immediately after the meet
Expedition to lie a Large One
Shnnghui Feb 20 A special dis
patch from Peking snys Feld Marshal
Count von Waldersees expedition to
Slan Fu will comprise 15000 men
British Germans French and Italians
It is understood that If tho expedition
starts it will act as a guard of honor
to the emperor on his way back to
Peking It Is rumored that tho allies
will simultaneously operate In th
Tariff Fulit Not Considered Serioui
London Feb 20 The tnrlff war
with America is uot considered Berlous
In official circles says the St Peters
burg correspondent of tho Dally Mail
as it is hoped that before Russia
begins reclprocntice meusures the re
spective Increuses In duties will bnve
counteracted one another For this
reason Russia has postponed making
reprisals for 14 dnys T raising of
the duty on grain would be of advan
tage to Russia as against Germany
Pugilists Hound Over
Chicago Feb 20 Pugilists Ruhlln
nnd Martin were held to the grand
Jury yesterday In bonds of 750 each
for engnglng in a friendly boxing ex
hlbltlon at a local theater Frank Hall
who mude the complaint ngnlnst them
was arrested charged with witnessing
a boxing contest nail wbb alsrj hold
to the grand Jury In the sum of Bo
Advocate Tariff for Kovenue
London Feb 20 Tho Dally Mall In
view of the necessity of raising money
for the war in South Africa still In
full blast ndvocntcs a tariff for rev
enue purposes which it says differs
ntlrelv from a nrotrctlvn tariff
lAeleluiu to Mako Heprlnls
London Feb 20
The Brussels cor
respondent of the Morning Post says
Reprisals for Americas Imposition of
a countervailing duty on Belgian sugar
re reported to be imminent