The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, February 22, 1901, Page 12, Image 12

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H Wt i - tKl 2
giw wiij
WiiIuj up luck whispered Aloe
nudging mo While youve Ihmmi sleep
ing tho buiiIIh tmvo ninth tip heir
tnluds t creep out f tliilr shells
Bee here they gol And lie pointed
to pome linlf Heme of men who were
limiting their way down to n limit
which lay drawn up on the lieaeh A
Jng of rock almost eoueealiMl It and It
Vina only when wo Haw the point for
which tho men were milking Hint wo
cniifTht slghl of the heat at all
What Hlmll we doV hhIiI I Call
the other two fellowH and have at them
nt once
No use We might niiimigo that
armful hut no douht there are plenty
more where hey came from Wo
should Hlmply he running Into their
Are we to lei them wander ahotil nt
their own rweet will Look I Those
fellows are off toward tho carrackl
Cnnt help ourHolvcH that I can ace
So youll JtiHt have to lot your valor
Blminer quietly old hotluadl
Wo shall have n score or two of
them up here pig hunting for their
dlnncrfl directly
Yes they wont he content to patrol
tho Hhlnglo down there like ho many
harmless crabs
Then lets get to our raft nt once
and hack to Galley Inland Theres no
plunder to be made out of Hioho fe
Iowa ho whores the use of uieddlluu
with thorn
riunder Jack 1 do believe youre
tho most thoroughgoing rascal of a hoii
thief iiH over deserved short shrift and
n fathom of runty chain
Hard words AlccI I retorted hotly
Hut true words though none but
your sworn shlpmntc ilared havo UHod
thorn Hnrkl Whnts that
There arose from below n sound
which caused us to prick our eara tt
their sharpest angle A body of men
had emerged from the cliff leading
pome prisoners with them and one of
the latter was singing an IQugllsh sea
song The words came up to us dis
tinctly through the clear morning ulr
Pall away
lurk aiy
r hauler I Clink I
Cither all the lahiahlrs you ran
Come hack
Nothing lark
Thunlor Clink 1
Scatter all the money like man
111s mates Joined In the chorus with
all the recklessness of men who know
that they nro In too tight a place for
their conduct to matter The guards
however seemed to think the merri
ment untimely and did not spare their
buffets and one of them catching the
principal singer a whack on the hem
that knocked his cap oT exposed to
view a smooth shining scalp that was
us hairless as a mirror
By nil thats surprising its Wllllo
Trehallon said Alec In a whisper
Sure enough but how did he got
On the carrack of course but not ns
n willing prisoner Ill go ball lust
lienr how lies cursing Confound the
foolish fellow why cant he keep his
tongue inlet now that hes In their
hands We shall bee hlm knifed be
fore our eyes In a minute We must let
hlm know were here
And up from among the slender fern
fronds arose the peevvhlt neewlilt
of a plover
Willies solitary eye glanced for u
second at the knoll on the low cliffs
edge ami then he hurst out again
Into his song as cheerily as If he woi
seated on an Unglish tavern bench
Presently the cortege came to a
standstill and three armored Span
tnrds seating themselves on bowlders
motioned for the prisoners to be drawn
up in lino before them
A court martial I whispered
One of the Spaniards began to ad
dress the prisoners in Hugllsh and It
seemed to ine that his voice was
strangely familiar
Traitorous curs wild he do you
make full confession Come you dog
there you with the crippled eye and
the crippled hand you who worst mis
used your trust do you speak for your
Meaning me Dou Uglyface quoth
Willie Trohalion with uurutlled compo
Measure your words said the
Spaniard angrily
Aye with a lead line not with a foot
rule I haint going to stint language
Just because youve promised to hang
me In an hours time 1 tell you plain
to your yellow teeth that I plumped
tho carrack on them rocks o purpose
I could him fetched her lu through the
fair channel an brought her up to snug
anchor within a cable o this very spot
au that without losing a spar or carry
lncr away a shred o canvas Hut So
nor Spaniard 1 didnt choose Au If Id
got her ngaln with a tine reef on the
leo Id up helm an risk 40 drownings
fn welcome So Don Miguel you can
wrap that lu your clgarlllo an smoke
Don Miguel said Alec with a gasp
I knew I had heard the voice before
Yes Its Inezs father said I gloom
Then wed better not allow our
selves to fall into his hands There are
old scores against us and Dou Miguel
la not the man to forget to wipe them
off God help Willie Trehallonl
w JSuahl said I Uett Bueakla
By Woathorby Ohcsnoy and Alick Muiiro
oorrnmirr torn nr wieAiimnmr oitnnrKT ano aijck muniio
lUAhaiiATiOHH nr u a uouitah
sx M
again Listen
Willie Trehallon appeared to lie en
Joying hltus lf down there on tho
beach He was by nature a talker
and his HtiMeot seemed to have In
spired hlm wllh eloquence The Spin
lards did not Interrupt htm hut It was
little safety that I argued from their
Seven months agotie Don Miguel
said Willie you lured me an thoso
other lads aboard yon craft at La
luayra an gave us fair promises 1
was to be pilot they a crew to show
your own lubbers how to furl a sail au
splice a rope au for n reward we was
to he given our liberty au net aboard
the llrrfl English craft that was brought
vttliln hall Wo labored willingly nn
like fools trusted to n Spaniards prom
ise Wo overhauled all your running
rigging set up all your standing rig
ging again altered your canvas an
made your carrnck a seamans ship
Instead o a soldiers as she was afore
An then how did you treat us Wo
hud to lie on tho deck nil through tho
glass like so many wlllocks with no
shelter from tho rains an no shade
from the sun au If there was anything
o a son the spray drenched us through
an through at every dip she gave LIko
dogs we was given tho dirty dishes to
lick after your Idolatrous stomachs
were satlsllcd
Aye aye Don Miguel cried tho
boatswain his voice rising almost to a
shriek ns he hurled out his string of ac
cusations You can frown nn stump
your foot nn put your hand to your
sword hilt but you cant deny the gos
pel truth o what I say If we did well
you thanked us with curses If ill you
blessed us with blows Then when a
small brig Imve In sight an drawing
near Hew a Plymouth ensign wo mnde
bold to remind you o your promise
Hn ha ha Wo might have saved
our breath A Spanish promise A
Castlllan oath ISnsy made both o
em nn Just as ensy forgotten You
sneered at us an said wo were doomed
to everlasting captivity Then you
bade us bear arms against our country
men forgetting maybe that we wasnt
born south o tho Pyrenees We re
fused You Hogged us with leaded
whips clapped us under hatches stilled
n trllle nearer the brig au then feel
ing your courage ooze away went bott
ship like a Illy llvered coward that you
a e au ran In under the guns o La
Gunyra where she werent able to get
at you
Don Miguels sallow face turned livid
nt the taunt and I expected to see hlm j
run the boatswain through on the spot
for a sharp tongue Is a weapon which
more often than not turns Its point
back on hlm who uses It With a vio
lent effort however he restrained him
self ami the present let tho squat
square mariner alone evidently reserv
ing hlm for a woim fate
Have your say out to the full he
said with an angry gesture There
will be n bitter repayment when you
have done
Thank you Senor Jack Spaniard
replied Wllllo Trehnllon coolly but It
seems to me there haint much more to
say When Ive called a villain both
liar an coward 1 dont think I want
to add anything else Other black
words would fall white on hlm after
Do you know what I shall do with
Hang me said Willie with a con
temptuous shrug of his broad shoul
You think so replied the Spaniard
with u cold xinlio Maybe before lomr
youll hope so too Hut a ropo would
not pay oue tithe of my debt It will
require- a far slower death than a mere
dance on nothing I shall have a post
let Into the sand yonder at low water
You will be lashed to it The tlood be
gins to make about sundown and thero
will be live hours for you to regret th
loss of my ship In before you draw
your last gurgle I have often heard
you boast that the sea and you wero
old friends and that many Is the pleas
ant tussle youve had together In which
the sea lias been beaten Well you
shall have oue more duel together and
It will be curious to see which of you
comes out tho imihter this time
And now he continued turning to
the other ten prisoners can nny of
you tell me how far wo arc from tho
Happen u hundred league happen
two replied oue fellow grullly
Ah Bald Don Miguel looking keen
ly at tho speaker And will you un
dertake to build a small craft from the
wreck of my carrack to tako some of
us there to seek assistance I promise
you your liberty and a capful of gold
pieces each If you will
No you blasted cur I wont
growled out the fellow May my fin
gers be withered to the bono If they
over halo rope for you again nud may
my eyes drop out of their sockets If
they ever see to drivo a nail for you
except Into your cotllnl Thats my
answer and you wont get a different
ouo from any lad here And theu ho
spat contemptuously and relapsed Into
His mates nudged one another with
their bound elbows and burst Into a
leather luuged cheer of approbation
Thats It lads 6aug out Wllllo
Trehallon Stick to It never give
way an these uusallorly lubbers will
Uavb to leave their bones ou the In
VB - - - - V V 11
land the devil their tnnstjr
conies to fetch them away In a Ilnmlng
chariot o brimstone
Hut nt this point at a Hlgn from Don
Miguel the guards led off our poor Kug
llsh lads out of sight Into n cave wo
supposed -and ns two or three Span
lards showed Hlgns of wanting to scnlo
the cliff we retreated to the covert
where we had left our two men In It
we lay close all the rest of the day
The time vns one of plans and plots
of doubts nml dllllctiltles but though
we whispered together lohg and ear
nestly yet so still did we lie that the
pinrakeets perched boldly In the
boughs nbove us and preened their bril
liant plumaie In the sun as though
their nearest enemy were many miles
away Great velvet winged huttorllles
ns large as linnets fluttered past our
eyes ami mr qultocs bit our half naked
bodies but never a thought had we for
butterlly or mosquito for our minds
were busy r id anxious
Willie Trehallon mint be rescued
somehow said Alec for tho fortieth
time even though It costs us our Uvea
to do It And the rest of us eagerly
assented for our old boatswain was a
favorite with us all
The scorching sun above us nrchlng
his bra7cn course In llery splendor be
gan at last to verge toward the distant
wavy water line The dancing air grew
cooler nud was freshened by a welcome
breeze from the sea Cautiously we
drew out from among the plantains
nnd looking sharply nround to mnke
sure that no oue spied us crept all
four back to the knoll nnd once more
peeped from beneath tho graceful fern
The tide had not yet turned nnd n
couple of Spaniards were fastening a
stout stake In a hole which they had
scooped beneath the outermost of the
ripples They laughed and Joked over
tholr work ns though It were some holi
day diversion and every now nud then
gave the post a shake to try whether It
was secure
When they had finished one of them
must needs lenn his back up against
the wood nnd pretend In pantomime
Down thcu brought Willie Trehnllon and
laxhed nlm to the stake
that the tide was rising around him
nnd to Judge from the shouts of laugh
ter which proceeded from unseen ob
servers under the cliff his companions
found something Intensely humorous in
this grewsome clowning
Presently thero was a shout that the
Hood was beginning to make and down
they brought Willie Trehallon and
lashed hlm to tho stake The other ten
Englishmen were made fast to the out
lying trees of a thicket that ran down
to the edge of the beaclu and when
they wero all secured Dou Miguel ouco
more addressed them
To hs continued nazt Friday
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nnd uiitM u hIuhIc lililicr IidvIsIoiid Honed
a Hluule to ViiTjL doinc vied Closlni
Wlumt Keb
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spiliiR wheat nifiiTiv No 2 haul wheat
7Ljfi74ic No i hard wheat HVMWiH
No - canli corn ttllic No It cash corn
t8c No L yiiyivr corn 8iiite No 2
cash oat JSfjIc No whltu oati 28
No 3 white oats 2USfiHi
Clilcac IIvh Stuck
Chleaso Keb 0000
Including iO Tciaua xterrn Mteady to
strong butchers stock and Tcans alow
good to pi line steers 400tr0l poor to
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40fMT4S0 Texas sheep 2XJXtI native
lambs 1S0Q25 wvktern lumbs 3003
Kansas City II to Stock
Kansas City Keb Jl Cattle Receipts
2000 natives 1000 Texans 100 calves
Mockers and feeders steady beuf steers
ami cows closed weak to 10c lower natlvo
beef steers 44M7ff5S Blockers and feed
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South Omaha Ilva Stock
South Omaha Keb 21 Cattle Receipts
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stacrs 300476 cows and helftis easier
30OJ400 canuers 200210 stockers
and feeders tlrra 32534 M calves 400
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mon and stovk tUcep 2003 5 Uuibaj
These unwelcome visitors usually appear In the spring or summer when the blood is tnaldnp an extra effort to freo
tlf It t 1 -
whatever for this scrrice
jistii Hum uiu iiiuuy uiqiunuca mai nave nccummaieu miring inc winicr nioiuiis
Carbuncles which ate more painful nnd dangerous come most frequently on the back of the neck
eating great holes in the flesh exhaust the strength and often prove fatal Boils nre regarded by soma
people ai blessings and they patiently nnd uncomplainingly endure the pain nud inconvenience under
the mistaken idea that their health is being benefitted that their blood is too thick anyway and this U
Natures plan of thinning it The blood is not too rich or too thick but is diseased is full of poison and
unless relieved the entire system will suffer The boil or carbuncle gives warning of serious internal
troubles which nre only waiting for a favorable opportunity to develop Many an old sore running ulcer
Mr R M Irntt Care S C write
1or twenty yeari 1 was sorely
nfllkted with ImjIIh nml carbuncle
caused ly Impute Mood it U iuiHs
ilblc to describe my suflcrliii part of
the time being unable to wot t or sleep
Several tloctoMt rented me audi tried
all the so cniled blood remedies tail
nothing seemed lo do me any rooiI
DurltiK the summer of tSSS I was pet
tutted to tty S S S nml after taking
ev ernlloUfcs was entirely cured b ml
hate lintl no return of these painful
pesta up to the present time
A Qtinlnt ICpltniiti
The epitaph by It assumption of accu
racy Is often delightfully humorous I al
ways enjoy for luMnucc thU one which
is to he found 1 uudcistuml at Williams
pint Lycoming county Pu At the top
of the gravestone there Is n rude carving
indeed how could it In anything hut
rude of a hoy innocent of clothing be
ing kicked by u hore arranged for the
put pose Then the epitaph follows
Sacred to the Mommy of Henry Har
ris Horn Juno lith 1SB1 of Henry nnd
June Harris his wife Died ou the of
May lSi by the Kick of a Colt in his
bowel peaceable ami quiet a Friend to
his Father uud Mother and respected by
all who knew him and went to the world
where hotses cant kick where sorrow and
weeping Is no more Rochester Post
Kx press
Stntlannry Yonth
Rich Father My daughter is too young
to get married She Is only 18
Impecunious Lover I know sir but I
have waited patiently for years and ska
doesnt seem to get any older Judge
Ilioiinionla Crtii l P rev r1i tea
Thisdisonse always res alt b from a cold
or au attack of the grip and may be
prevented by the timely use of Gham
borlains Cough Remedy That remedy
was extensively used during tho epi
demics of hi grippe of the past few years
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How to Cure Grip
Remain quietly at homo aud take
Chnmborlaius Cough Remedy as di
rected and a quick recovery is sure to
follow That remedy counteracts any
tendency of the grip to result in pueu
monia which is really tho only serious
danger Among the tons of thousands
who have used it for the grip not one
case has ever been reported that did not
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Hail to Coniiinr or Die
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tit v iinti i inc h miil oi a ncgiccicii noil
Keep the blood pure nnd it will keep the
skin clear of all the irritating impurities that
cause these painfn disfiguring diseases
S S S cures loils and carbuncles easily
ami ncrmancniiv nv remiorcini nimfritiir nml
building up the blood nnd ridding the system of all accumulated wuste mutter
S b S is made of roots nnd herbs which act directly on the blood nnd all poisons no matter
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JIICHtloii AiiMWnretl
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est snlo of any medicine in the civilizod
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tors wore scarce and they seldom honrtl
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Flower to cloaii out the systom and stop
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aches You only need a fow doses of
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l Grlppo Otilckly Cured
In the winter of 1898 and 1899 I was
taken down with a severe attack of
what is called la grippe says F L
Hewett a druggist of Wiufield 111
The only medicine I used was two
bottles of Chamberlains Cough Remedy
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Does It Iay to UiiyClieitp
A cheap remedy for coughs and colds
is all right but yon want something
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sovero nud dangerous results of throat
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mate Yes if possible if not possible
for you then in either cubo take the
only remedy that has boeu introduced in
all civilized oouutrles with success iu
severe throat and lung troubles
BoBchees German Syrup It not
aena tor our uooic on Ulooil and Skin Pleases frae Address The Swift Snpnlfln fin Atlanta 6a
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Headache Causes
Headache is usually oaused by living
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ciso mental strain excitement or ma
laria Krausos Headache Capsules
quiokly cures the most severe cases and
leaves tho head clear and cool Pricd
2 c Sold by Geo B Christoph
Working Overtime
Eight hour laws are ignored by thoso
tireless little workers Dr Kings New
Life Pills Millions are always at work
night and day curing indigestion bil
iousness cont tipation sick headache
aud all stomach liver and bowel
troubles Easy pleasant safe sure
Only 2oc nt Kiesau Drng Cos store
Cold Cure for Ilusy People
Many people neglect a cold because
they say they have no time to attend to
it Krauses Cold Curo is a remedy
which cau be taken without danger
while performing your daily duties and
will relievo the most aggravated casos
in 21 honrs Price 25o Sold by Geo
B Christoph
Elys Cream Balm
Easy and pleasant to
ase Contains no In
jurious drui
It is quickly absorbed
Gives llellef at once
It Opens and Cleanses
me nasal iastaies
AIUts Inflammation
Heals and Protects the Membrane Restores tho
Senses of Tasto and Smell Large Size 60 cents at
Druggists or lr mall Trial Size 10 cepts by mall
ELY BUOTUK1W 00 Warren Street New York
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Well Man
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the 7 -no of Me
produces the above results In 30 days It acts
powerfully and quickly Cures when all others fall
Xoung men will regalo their lost manhood and old
men will recover their youthful vigor by using
REVIVO It quickly and purely restores Nerrou
ness Lost Vitality Impotcncy Nightly Emissions
Lost Power Falling Memory Wadtlng Diseases and
ail effects of Bolt abuse or exceFsand indiscretion
which unfits one or study business or marriage It
not only cures by starting at tho seat of disease but
la a groat nerve tonic and blood builder bring
ing back the pink slow to palo cbeeka and re
storing the flro of youth It wardB off Insanity
and Consumption Insist on having REVIVO no
other It can be carried in vest pocket By mall
10O per package or six lor BOO with posi
tive written guarantee to core or raraod
the money Hook and advise free Address
For sale in Norfolk Nebraska hj
Geo B Christoph druggist
Be Fooledi
Take the genuine original
Made only by Madison Medi
cine Co Madison Wis It
keeps you well Our trade
mark cut on each packuge
Price 35 cents Never sold
In bulk Accept no substl
tute Ask your druggist
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Arics crrtcti
For Sale by George B Christoph