The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, February 15, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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    rhe Norfolk euus
W tt UU8B rubllrtjor
KMftbllMiml 1KH7
rRtnri ilitT ntxntti HntulnT Itfrnrrtnr unr
look 1 cont lljr tnnll cr ycur fitVO
ft Newt otnlillMiiHl ISM
Tlio loirnMTMflHHicl mi
Krery Frlilnjr lljr mull per yrnr IM
ntorod nt tlin rotliilllcn t Norfolk tyeb n
mtd clftta mnttnr
Tolojilione No 82
fonug uinn como went Nebraska in
Iho legislators aro Homowlint mount
lis Why dont thoy xprini u scuba-
by electing pomo RoiiiiUirs
Ity politics aro about to warm up
democrats nro nlrondy In tho Hold
a call and tho republicans nro mov
ports of fronlc election bets have
at ooaRod to como in An oxchuugo
thnt a domoornt in Kentucky but
ifo ugaiuRt a farm ttmt Dry nn
Ibo oloctod Tho republican wou
tor liviug with tho rcmilt of bin
n wook in offering to wogor tho
against n Durlow knifo that tho
ls in tho north
kary Utt of tho Oniahn coinmur
lb is preparing n memorial to tho
id Bonnto to bo by thorn ndoptcd
rardod to congress in tho
rigatlou Tlio proposition is of
Merest to Nubraska and tho west
ory thlug possible should bo done
Into to congress thnt tho pooplo
i of tho benefits to bo secured
ly to tho itato but to tho outiro
said that Marie 1 latum ohalrnian
republican nationnl cominltfoo
upon tho election of seuatorR by
publlcanleglHti ors of Dolownro
Bku and Oregon Secretary Heath
Itod as saylug Hauuais
utorosted in Nebraska for thoro
Lothing pootlo iuhnviug tworopub
sonators from that stnto Tho
nan oxorclBOH IiIb well known
Fgy by not declaring for any of tho
Idatos If tho report is true and
luatonkas tho power to forco au
tin thoro aro many pooplo of tho
rwho will wish him well
brntirDlotrhih hiiiI SUIT to raillalpiiU
In Irvtldvutliil luiUKiirnlloii
flncoln Fob ir Governor Dietrich
his staff will leave for
In Feb 18 to piirtlelpntc In tho
idcutlnl inauguration ccremonleH Gen
eral Managor Iloldregc of tho Burling
ton has offered tho party the unc of a
special car which will be attached to
Burlington train No 2 at Lincoln
The South IMatte members of tho
tnff will Join the governor at Lincoln
nil tho North Platto delegation will
Join the parry at Oninhn From Chi
cago they will Journey to Washing
ton over the Pennsylvania line ar
riving March 2 While In Washing
ton Governor Dietrich and hW party
will have quarters at the Hotel
Italelgh No arrangements have been
made for tlicreturn trip but It Is piib
able that the KtafT will not attempt to
return In a body
ebrakn Kepubllcani Remain Dtolilnl on
tho SouatorshlpnCaucui Ailjourna
Until Mumlny Night
Lincoln Feb 15 Five ballots were
taken for United States senators at
the Republican caucus last night with
out result When adjournment ruitte
It was with the genet nl understanding
that it be until next Monday night
The fifth ballot follows Thompson
30 Melklejohn i0 Cuirle 21 Hln
haw 7 Hoscwnter ir Martin 10
llnrlnnU Crouitbc 0 Kiukaid U ltlci
ards 1
On the senatorial vote yesterday
Ilall returned to Hosewoter Andrews
changed from Crounse to Melklejohn
Wilkinson went from Currio to
Thompson while Mlskell who has
been voting for Thompson und Kose
water -was Absent
The vote
DerRe 5
CroutiBC 4
Carrie 18
JInlner 4
Klnkatil i
Melklejohn 31
Murtln 10
Itotewnter in
Thompson T H
Marlnn 2 Thompson W II J17
Ulualinw U Scattering 3
Death fur Kidnaper
The senate Thursday pawned by n
unanimous vote the nntl kldnnplnj
Wll It provides for tbree degrees or
punishment for the crime of kidnap
ing the death penalty or life impris
onment at the discretion of tho court
for kiduaping when ransom is a
manded and the victim Is threatened
with death or injury a maximum sen
tence of 20 years when ransom alone
Is demanded and from three to seven
years for plain kidnaping House
members are in favor of the bill and
Jt will be pushed to an early passage
Several new blljs the object of three
f them being to prevent forging of
railroad tickets were Introduced In
the senate Thursday
funeral of Judge Maxwell
Fremont Neb Feb 15 The funeral
of Judge Maxwell was from his homa
yesterday aftomoon Many attorneys
and old acquaintances of the family
from out of town were present The
heavy black casket containing the
body was surrounded by elaborate
floral designs most cousplcuous of
which -was a largo broken wheel from
the Dodge county bar The body wbb
taken to Flattsmouth for builaL
llrporl of rrbrunr Mrntliig lrmr
ItiRtii do After Iho lellniUeiil
remount Tnxim
Mndlfon Neb Fob II WOl At 1
oolock board of county commissioners
mot pursuant to adjournment lresont
John J Hughes Christ Schniitt and It
W Winter
Minutes of last mooting wore read and
on motion npprovod
Complaint of T K Odlorno that ho is
assessed with cltj tax on jHirsonal prop
erty for 1100 whereas lie lives outsido
of elty limits was received Kxatnina
ttou showing that Biuno is trno with
tho exception of his ollloo fumituro tho
olerk wnR instructed to strtko fdbO from
said olty tax
Ferdinand BchuUz making complnlnt
Hint ho in assesBed with city tax on per
sonal property for 1100 whoroas ho
lives outsido city limits and tho sntno
being found trno tho clorlc was ordered
to striko said tax amounting to 5D1
from tax list
On motion tho following bills wore
Fremont Tribune stationery f l70
Stnto Journal Co blank books 1T
Dr J A Long nttondanco on Fuller
ton child 18
F Brinokmnu Sou medioino for
snnto 1 10 10
H H Patterson caro of pauper
Orano 7 l5 npplied on personal tax
fi8l balanoo151
Goo W Losoy jailors foos etofrom
Docombor SO 200
John F Flynu bnlanco duo for labor
on Meadow Grovo dltoh 100
F Jlrinokmnn Son wiill paper etc
Chroulclo printing f225
J J Adams onrpoutorwoilc ftfiO
nppliod on personal tnx
A L Stewart stationery 3o0
W H Widamnn nrrostlng and car
ing for J Wells iiiBauo 0150 nppliod
on porsonal tax -100 bnlanco 511
Gegnor Wetzler painting and pa
pering court house 108155
Ou motion tho following nppoiutmoutB
wore niado
O M UoyleB road overseer district
No 5
Mlohaol Carmody road ovorseor dis
trict No
A W Goldsworthy road oversoor
district No 12
lloury Suudormnu road overseer dis
trict No 23
Joseph Auibroz road overseor district
No 22
Herman Gall road overseer district
No 17
J B Donovan constablo Madison
Jerry Birks constablo Shell Crook
On motion report or Soldiers Relief
Commission was accopted and approvod
showing total amount expended during
tho yoar to bo 48018
On motion Glaus Young was allowed
n warmut ou tho Soldiers Helief fund
for 125
On motion tho following bonds wore
Fred Law assessor Valley precinct
Nicholas Lund justico of tho peace
Battlo Crook precinct
Hy Iliokonbnrg road overseer district
No 11
Geo Brand road overseer district No
Thos Taylor superintendent
J B Donovan constablo Madison pre
On motion board ndjonrned to 7 p m
Board met pursuant to adjournment
On motion board proceeded to oxamine
delinquent personal tax list in order to
Btriko off uucollectablo tax
On motion board ndjonrned to 8 n m
Board mot February 13 8 a m
Proceeded to examine delinquent tnx
Ou motion board adjourned to 1
Board met pursuant to adjournment
Proceeded with work of examiuine
doliuqueut tax list
On motion board adjourned to 7
fBoard mett7 oclock
On motion tho following bills were al
EdwnrdB Bradford Lumber Co
coal for Mrs Carey 7 16
Unas Hamen modioine for Mary
Wood 1025
O W Brnmsalary for January 100
Ohas Fenske bridge work 54 ap
plied on personal tax 1803 balanoo
40 07
W O Elley delivering election 6up
plies 1460 applied on personal tux
J BJDonovan printing 0 00 applied
on personal tax
Ou motion the report of Chna Fenske
road overseer district No 7 was audited
and approvedshowing balance on hand
of 40
Ou motion the clerk was ordered to
instruct superintendent of feeble minded
institute at Beatrioe to transfer balauce
credited to M L Davis account to no
count ofAlbert Wcod and to remit
1060 to make the 40 fee for ensuing
On motion board proceeded to select
sixty names from which jurors shall be
drawn for March term of district court
as follows
Noifolk precinct J F Redman R
Stitt JohnKost Burnhard Grant P
W Hull Henry Uecker O D JeukinB
1 L llcmlx O F Ilaano Win
Lehman O W Lomotil W K Spencer
Paul Brnmmuud Thomas Hight L
Buckendorf August Pligor II G
Uruggomaun ICrnest Hirth
Wnrnorvlllo W II Boyd August
Vnlloy J II Massmann Fmnk
Battlo Crook Thomas Wndo Sam
Kent sr Ficd Brechlor Geo Zlmmer
Doer Crook S A Molfny Donnts
Sullivan jr
Burnett M T Brown B II Bnkor
John Brosler J R Dow
Grove A E Bontloy A W White
Kmeriok Ed Austin F II Palmer
Schoolcraft Simon Flnuegnn F K
Hlglilaud Lanranco Wells Frank
Falrview Henry Snndormnn Phil
Union Alfred Dover A A Bloy L
W Lyon
Madison F P Prince J G Cleve
land O J Roovos Wm Broon J H
RlBor Aug Litko J L Grant
Greon Ganlou Henry Mauror jr
Daniel Knnpp
Kalamazoo Josoph Stibloy Ohas
Slioll Crook G Vaago J M Strand
L M Johnson R Pry or
On motion board adjourned to 8 a m
Board mot Fobrnary ll at 8 a m
Proceeded to oxamino delinquent tax
On motion board adjourned to 1
Board mot nt 1 oclock
Proceed to examino dollnquont tnx
Ou motion tho following bills were al
H W Winter salary 7700
John J HnghoB salary 7570
O Schmitt salary 00 10
Gust Kaul Bitlary for January 35
Job Severn morchaudio forL Shnpo
2500 applied on personal tax 3150
bnlanco 344
On motion tho following resolution
was adopted Whoreas it appears from
tho records that thoro is a largo amount
of delinquent porsonal tax duo tho
county bo it Resolved thnt tho county
treasurer bo and ho is hereby coin
mandd to proceed nt once to tho collec
tion of all delinquent personal tax and
to issno distress warrants ncoording to
law All exponso inenrod In tho collec
tion of deliuquont taxes shall bo paid by
tho person owing tho tnx as tho law
provides thnt No demnnd for taxes
shall bo necssary but it shall bo the
duty of ovory person to attend at tho
treasurers ofllco and pay his taxes
And if any person neglects to so nttend
and pay his taxes the treasurer is di
rooted to lovy and collect the same to
gether with tho pounlty and coBts of col
Ou motion board adjourned to March
18 at 1 oclock Phil Bauch
County Clerk
lion b Thin
We offer one hundred dollars roward
for any case of catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hulls Catarrh Cnre
F J Chunky Co Props Toledo O
We tho undersigned have known F
J Cheney for tho last 15 years and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in nil
bnsinesB transactions and financially
able to carry out nuy obligations mado
by their firm
Wkst Tkuax WholeBaloDruggists
Toledo O
Waldinh Rinnan Makvin J Whole
sale Druggists Toledo O
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken intern
ally acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system Price
75o por bottle Sold by all druggists
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lowest rates Elkhorn Building and
Savings association T E Odjornb 8eo
How to Cure Grip
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Chamberlains Cough Remedy as di
rected aud a quick recovery is sure to
follow That remedy counteracts any
tendenoy of tho grip to result in pneu
monia whloh is really the only sorious
danger Amoug the tens of thousands
who have used it for the grip not one
cose has ever been reported that did not
recover For sale by the Kiesau Drug
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and gentle easy to take and pleasant in
effect use Chamberlains Stomach aud
Liver Tablets Price 25 cents Samples
free Every box guaranteed For sale
by the Kiesau Drug Co
35 To the Ainerleau Sumiuerlan4
The Union Paciflo has authorized a
sottlors excursion rate of 25 from Nor
folk to California February 10 to 26th
March 5 13 10 20 Pullman ordinary
sleeping cars are run daily via the
Union Pacific to California These
cars are the most commodious means of
travel for large parties intending set
tlers homeseekers hunting parties
Full information cheerfully furnished
ou application F W Juneman
Bad to Conquer or Die
I was juBt about gone writes Mrs
Rosa Richardson of Laurel Springs N
0 I had consumption so bad that tho
best doctors said I could not live more
thau a month but I began to use Dr
Kings New Discovery and was wholly
enred by seven bottles nnd am now stout
and woll Its an nnrivalod life saver
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that Roatol tho great pilo remedy will
euro tho piles A pilo pipe freo with
onch package Wo noil it ou positivo
written gnnrautoo No Cure No Pay
60o Samples froo Klosan Drug Co
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Never Had nCnld
since I began carrying a pnokago of
KrattHo8 Cold Ouro CnpsulcB in my vest
pocket I tako ono whonovor I feel a
cold coming on Its onsyi Price 25c
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lets Wo will cheerfully refund tho
pnrohaso price if it fails to enro Price
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fund you your money if you nro not
satisfied after using Chamberlains
Stomaoh nnd Liver Tablets Thoy ouro
disorders of tho stomnch biliousness
constipation and hendacho
cents Samples free
Price 25
HherlfTn 8le
By virtue of a decreo directed to mo
from tho olork of tho distrlot court of
Madison county Nobraskn on a judg
ment obtained in tho district court of
Madison county Nebraska on tho 20th
day of Novembor 1000 in favor of Elsie
Desmond as plaintiff and against Wil
liam Slothowor Sybil A Slothower
J H Logeraau Fred Haass Hannah
Goodrich J J Goodrich Amelia M
Bogle and W H Eudorly as defendants
for tho sum of ono hundred nnd five
dollars 105 and flfty throo 68 cents
nnd interest nud costs taxed at 1858
and accruing costs I have lovied upon
tho following ronl estate taken as the
property of said defendants to satisfy
said decrees to wit
Lots one 1 and two 2 nnd lot throe
of Osborns subdivision of lot ono 1
in block twolvo12 of Haasos suburban
lots to the village of Norfolk Nebraska
Lot tbreo of the above described to be
sold separate
And will offer tho samo for sale to the
highest bidder for cash in hand on the
23rd day of Fobrnary A D 1001 in
front of tho enst dcor of the court house
in Madison Nobraskn that being the
building wherin the last term of court
wub lipid at the hour of one oclock p
in of said day when nnd whore due
attendance will be given by the under
Dated this 22ud day of Tnnuary 1001
Geo W Losey
Sheriff of said county
Kntlmiito of Expeiittes
The county commissioners of Madison
county Nebraska at their regular meet
ing iu Jnuuary 1001 made the follow
ing estimato of expenses for the ensuing
Couuty iuBtituto fund 125 00
County superintendent salary 1400 00
County road fnnd 7500 00
County bridge fund 10000 00
Couuty printing 1 000 00
County olerksalary as clerk of
board 500 00
County attorney salary 050 00
Commissioners pay and mile
age 2300 00
Cnre of paupers 2000 00
Bounty on wild animals 800 00
Fuol postage and express 1300 00
Jailors fees 1200 00
Books stationery and supplies 1800 00
Janitors wilnry nud assistants
to county officials 2500 00
Election expensos 2100 00
District court and jurors 7500 00
Assessors pay aud mileage 3000 00
Insane fund 850 00
Soldiers relief fund 500 00
Poor farm expenses 1000 00
Aid to Agricultural sooiety 700 00
Furniture and repairs on court
house and jail 1000 00
Interest on court house bonds
between Madison and Union
preciuot 600 00
Sinking fund for same 400 00
Battle Creek village jail bond
nnd interest 150 00
PinL Bauch
County Clerk
SherHrs Snln
By virtue of a decree directed to me
from the oUrk of tho district court of
Madison county Nebraska on a judge
ment obtuiued in the district court of
Madison county Nebraska on the ninth
day of April 1500 in favor of T O Can
non as plaintiff and against John E
Olney Charlotte E Olney Charles E
Olney Jeremiah Olney and George H
Niahols as defondants for the sums of
one hundred and twenty dollars and
sixty seven cents and two thousand and
thirty one dollars and forty cents and
costs taxed at 12 1013 and accruing costs
I have levied upon the following de
scribed real estate taken as the property
of said defondouts to satisfy said decree
to wit
Lot six C in block one 1 of the
town of Norfolk to satisfy tho said sum
of 12067 and costs lots fifteen 15
and sixteen 10 in block six 0 of the
town of Norfolk to satisfy tho said sum
of 203140 and posts all in Madison
county Nebraska
And will offer the same for sale to the
highest bidder for cash in hand on the
28th day of February A D 1001 in
front of the east door of the court house
in Madison Nebraska that being the
buildiug wherein the last term of court
was held at the hour of 1 oclock p m
of said day when and where dne at
tendance will be given by the under
Dated Jaunary 26 1001
Geo W Losev
Sheriff of Baid County
Pneumonia Can be Prevented
This disease always results from a cold
or an attack of the grip and may be
prevented by the timely use of Cham
borlains Cough Itemedy Thnt remedy
was extensively used during the epi
demics of la grippe of the past few years
aud not a tingle case has ever been re
ported that did not recover or that re
sulted in pneumonia which shows it to
be a certain preventive of tnat dangerous
disease Chamberlains Cough Remedy
O A IjOIKAHT Prksidknt
LHO lASKWALK JAss t Cabdibb
The Citizens National Bank
Capital 50000 Surplus 5000
liny and oll oiclinno on thU country 1 ml all parts of Knropo Fnrm Lonns
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ALL ORDERS aro filled promptly and with care
Our goods aro FIRST CLASS in every particular
We know precisely what is wanted by our custom- X
We aim to Give you the Best Value
for Your Money
Sonth side Main St botween 2d nnd 3d Tolophono 41
The Norfolk Building and Loan Assn
C B DURLAND Secretary
haB gained n world wido repntation for
its oures of colds aud grip For salo by
tho Kiesau Drug Co
Notice to H ridge Contractor
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids
will be received at tho county clerks
ofllce at Madisoni Madison county Ne
braska until 12 oclock at noon standard
time March 18 1001 for tho erection
and completion aud furnishing of ma
terial and labor for alii pile nnd iron
bridges to be built during the year 1001
according to the following specifica
tions to wit
1 All wooden bridges to rest on
three piles nt each bent to bo driven to a
Lsolid foundation nnd bent to be of
lougth required by county board piles
to be white oak or red cedar not lesB
than ten inch top all piling to be sound
proportionate nnd freo from windshake
and objectionable knots
2 All caps to be of two 3x12 inches
in white oak to each set of three piles to
be bolted on two sides of piling with 7 8
inoh bolts and washers to washer each
pile and nuts ou end piling to be on in
side All piles to have a tenou of
inch to rest upon -
3 All piling for caps to be sway
braced with 3xG white onk or 3x8
white pine and to be securely bolted to
ond of cap and at each intersection with
piling with inch bolts inch wash
ers Ends of joists and caps to be cov
ered with the same material as flooring
and to be even with top of floor
4 All joists to be northern white
pine 3x12 sized at each end outside
joists to be bolted to cap nt eaoh end
with inoh bolts and inch wash
ers All bridges to have nine lines of
joists well lapped on caps all joists to
bo bridced with 10 peuny wire nails
5 All flooring to bo 3x12 northern
white pine or oak and to bo spiked to
joists with G0 penny steel nails at each
intersection of joists
0 Railing to be 8J feet high above
floor posts 4x6 northern pine all bolted
to outside stringers with two inch
bolts nnd washers except end posts
which shall be bolted to piling lapping
two feet on ench corner pilo cap of
railing to be 2x0 with 2x0 on inside
under cap hub rail 2x0 and guard rail
3x6 all white pine and to be woll spiked
with 30 penny wire nails
7 All railing to be painted with two
heavy coats of Venetian red and boiled
linseed oil All iron work on steel
bridges to be painted with two heavy
coateB of graphite paint
8 AH bridges must be of fourteen
feet roadway nnd bids must state price
per lineal foot
Proposals will also be received for
steel and combination bridges fourteen
feet roadway supported by concrete
pier with inoh steel case thirty to
forty two inch diameter Bids must
state size of pier and price per lineal
foot and if built on piling to state
length and kind of piling and price per
lineal foot for piling
Proposals will also be received for a
steel bridge to be built across the North
fork river at the foot of Norfolk avenue
in the city of Norfolk with concrete
and steel piers 24 feet roadway
All Didders are required to accompany
their bids with plans and specifications
of their work and a certified oheok of
100 to be forfeited if contractor fails to
make contract or file an acceptable bond
within fifteen days from date of letting
The board of county commissioners
reserve the right to award separate con
tracts for pile bridges combination
bridges and steel bridges also the right
to reject any or all bids
The party awarded the contract will
be required to give a good and sufficient
bond conditioned for the faithful per
formance of tho contract with at least
one surety resident of Madison county
Nebraska 6aid bond to be arproveby
the county board
Dated this 20th day of January 1001
Potl Bauch County Olerk
Reblnding Old BookB
and Magazines
Nxt Deans Paint Store fith St
Iron and Brass Works
AU kindi of machines Jroma lawn mowerto
a printing preen eucceaafully repaired Hot air
team aud hot vtatar beating Bpocial atten
tion siren to Boiler and Kagine Repairing
Opp Paiewalki Implement House
llBH 3ip mm
j jilIIIj jjHet til
For Bnlo nt
W D Halls Barter Shop
Practical Plumber
and Steam Fitter
Agency for the Mrers Force and
Wind Mill Pumps
Prices Right
Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Work
First door West of Post Office
Invites you to Compare Prices
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Peas per can 5o
Corn per can 80
Java Coffee best per lb 15c
Oat Meal per lb 2Kq
Soap 10 bars 26c
1 pound can Baking Powder 20c
Best Prunes per lb 8c
Blueing 4c
Soda per lb 3c
Starch per lb 3s0
Crackers per lb 74CO
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Pearline per package 4o
Rice per lb 7c
Lamp Chimney 4c
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iteware and Crockery which we are
selling very cheap
One of the best cottages on the west
Bide Five rooms and bath Barn and
good outbuildings and fine lawn
Corner lots Kxl22 sonth and east
front Will be sold at a bargain on
easy terms
320 acres of good improved land nine
miles north of Norfolk in Pierce ooun
ty 2i0 acres cultivated good buildipgs
A small payment down and balance at
6 per cent interest on 10 annual pay-
ments will receive this bargain at
2000 per acre
Four of the best residences in Nor
folk on the west
good farm land
side to exohange for
f -1