The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, February 08, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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vuintnohl liw ll if iidow
who set It down by the sideboard MIks
Weld saw that It would not be very
dllllcult to step from the chair to wliat
was designed as tho front part of the
sideboard upon which she could walk
across and then descend by the other
chair on the far side
That shu should bo Invited to per
form such a feat seemed to her only a
natural sequence In this nightmare ad
venture It was unreal but not more
so than the preposterous appearance of
nil these people whom she knew Just at
tho moment when their preseuce was
least desirable and In the last place In
the world where Bhe could have expect
ed to llnd them It simply couldnt be
true It must be some sort of a dream
it4 S
Tlip Idiii of ftoliiB all nlono to n Imoli
clorH iipnrlniiiits nave Miss Weld n
feeling of liiipniiirlcty It Is true that
she was jolnj only as far as the door
ami her iTiainl was of humidlnto and
grant importance also slio had known
tho young man slncu hif Ihlldhood and
Bliu expected to marry him soon though
tho engagement was not oviii snspcci
d by thilr frliMids
In spite of these considerations slio
felt like a lawbreaker as slip approneh
01 the building in whtpli Morton had
Ills rooms She was viry much afraid
that some one would hco her and slio
dodged Into the hall so hurriedly that
enn cajik hastily upov a onocr OF MEN
she nearly collided with a man In over
alls who was coming out with a bucket
of whitewash
She knew at once that he must he the
Janitor and she was afraid he might
sternly lmjulru what she wanted there
at half past 10 In the forenoon On the
contrary he did not even look sur
prised whereupon she was angry with
him ami more than ever convinced that
she was committing an Indiscretion
She felt a Impulse to stop
and tell this man her errand that she
had just learned that Mr Mortons best
friend was In a peck of trouble that
fehe had every reason to believe Mr
Morton to be totally unaware of It and
that Bhe knew that Mr Morton would
bo heartbroken If he should miss the
chance to proffer Instant help at such
a time
Avoiding this absurdity by a strong
effort of common sense Miss Wold hur
ried up the first Hlght of stairs It was
a crazy old bulldlug that had once been
a great residence The lower part had
recently been remodeled In the Inter
ests of trade and the upper part for
studios and bachelor dens Its tenants
escaped all restrictions and formalities
There was no one to care about their
manners or morals no one to receive
tho cards of visitors or aid or hamper
them In finding whom they sought
As she reached the foot of the second
illght of stairs a mans head that had
not known brush or comb that morning
was suddenly thrust out Into the hall
and a stentorian voice cried Edward
Yes sir responded the janitors
colored assistant looking over the ban
ister rail above
Miss Weld had been so startled that
she had run up the second stairs as If
for her life otherwise she might have
perceived that there was something go
ing on in the hall above and might have
turned back As It chanced she came
hastily upon a group of men some of
them in shirt sleeves and all talking at
They blocked the passage that led
rearward to Mortons door Miss Weld
know where his rooms were She had
been In them several times with other
young people and adequately chaper
oned She remembered that the hall
narrowed running backward from tho
stairs and that Mortons parlor door
was the one on the right at the end of
this little corridor
She thought to pass the group of men
but Instantly perceived behind them n
more serious obstacle It was a largo
sideboard of antique design Miss Weld
perceived at once that the men were
moving It Into the suit beside Mortons
The door of those apartments was open
and the young lady caught a glimpse
of tho tenant enveloped In an enormous
bathrobe She had a slight acquaint
ance with this gentleman but she had
no Inclination to meet him under these
circumstances It seemed better to
wait until the sideboard should be
moved in and the door closed
Therefore Miss Wold dodged back
Just as the gentleman started out to
wnnl the hall She knew that he had
not seen her and he could not do so If
she remained In the shelter of the wall
that curved around with the stairs The
sideboard would prevent his coming
out and she would have to wait only a
few minutes Uelng somewhat exhaust
ed by the stress of her emotions she
sat down In a niche that had been In
tended for a statue having first spread
u newspaper over Its dusty surface
Why lu blue hades dont you bring
the thing InV Inquired tho owner of
the sideboard
Its stuck sir replied one of the
Miss WPld heard this with despair
If tho sideboard were going to make
any trouble she could not wait for It
Surely Jt would be better to go away
and Mild a messenger ofllce
Slip reflected with pleasure that tho
shipboard would keep Morton lu his
rooms indeed there was not much
danger of his going out She knew hii
habits and had counted upon them lu
coinlrjL thorp The young mini was a
writer of stories and the forenoon was
his principal work time From t oclock
till 1 as he had told her he was nearly
always chained to his writing desk
The young lady ran down the second
Illght of stairs and Just at the bottom
of them slip became aware of a famil
iar voice below It was the olco of
Mrs 1 pland Powers a person of great
foclal consequence and one whose good
opinion Miss Weld greatly valued
I cant let her see nic here cried
the girl Why shes here herself heav
en knows and Its none of my business
Hut she simply mustnt see me
She ran nimbly up the stairs again
The rear hall was still barred but the
man whom she feaicd was no longer
visible She stood looking over the ban
ister railing until she saw Mrs Powers
on the second Illght then she rushed
to the third
She must stop somewhprpsald Miss
Weld to herself 1 will keep ahead of
her If 1 go to the roof
But glancing up the third Illght she
Miw standing at the head of It Mr
Graham Douglass and Mr Hertle Mol
lis both well known to her and the lat
ter farfanied as a bearer of tales It
was simply Impossible to meet tliPin
Par rather would she face Mrs Pow
ers who at least might be silent about
the encounter
The jjirl was leaning upon the ban
ister rather limply when Mrs Powers
reached the top of the stairs The ma
tron seemed not In the least surprised
Jood morning Amy she said
These stairs are perfectly dreadful
arent they
Aud she passed on Amy had no time
to wonder at this calm and convention
al greeting Her business was to get
out of that building at the earliest pos
sible moment Again she essayed Illght
only to be halted by the horrifying
spectacle of Mrs Warner Hurton and
tho two Hayes girls In the hall below
Dollle Hayes was sitting on the second
step of the stairs and the others were
standing before her
To be seen by those people was sim
ply Impossible The fact that she had
called upon Mr Morton might better be
published in the newspapers with pic
Amy dodged back just In time to es
cape being seen aud In doing so she
came Into collision with the janitors
assistant Kdward
Will you please see If Mr Morton Is
luV she whispered
No maam he aint In replied the
black man lu an equally cautious tone
but hell be right back and if yohd
like to wait In his room Ill let yoh lu
But how can I get by that thing
she said pointing to the sideboard
As she turned to do so she encoun
tered the gaze of Its owner Mr James
Ormuud who had exchanged his bath
robe for an artists velveteen Jacket
and seemed otherwise to bo sufliclcntly
clothed though only his shoulders and
head were visible He was leaning over
the lower part of the sideboard some
what lu the attitude of one of Rapha
els cherubs
I dunno said the colored person
but pears to ine yoh might climb oher
wld a chppr
Quite possible quite possible said
Mr Ormuud Good morning Miss
Weld Just wait a moment and Ill
get a chair two chairs In fact
He run Into his parlor and reappear
ed with the necessary furniture One of
the chairs he passed across to Edward
The sound of voices below let her
know that her friends were nduinelng
upon her SMic sprang up Into the chair
and thence to the sideboard Hehlud It
she saw safely
Just then there was a ripping sound
apponipanled by a great Jerk upon her
sklits Thpshopk turned her half round
and slip sat down upon the higher por
tion 1f the shipboard In a iiuinncr that
was ridiculously easy
At this moment the round face of
Dollle Hayes appeared In her Held of
Why Amy Weld she exclaimed
What lu the world are you doing up
there Y
Perluipq the remark of Mrs Ieland
Powers may have been lingering In
Amys brain and have unconsciously
shaped her ridiculous reply
These stairs are so tiresome she
said 1 1 Just stopped to rest
Well you selected a nice place said
Dollle What was the mutter with tho
It Is wonderful how readily sntau
Mipplles a lie for any human cicattircs
Ordinarily Amy Weld was the most
truthful of women yet at this Juncture
she found no dllllculty lu uttering a
large and shameless falsehood
1 was sitting lu the chair she said
when a lnvrld mouse run out of lie
wall and frightened me nearly to death
So 1 Just Jumped right up here
She gently disengaged her dress from
the nail which had caught It and step
ped down by means of the chair The
mention of the mousp frightened nil
question of veracity out of the minds
of the other ladles They ran toward
the next Illght of stairs but as they
reached the bottom lturtou turned and
Of course youre here for Signal- He
vanlnls concert
Amy thought she saw the woman
glance buekwurd over the shipboard in
the direction of Mortons door so she
hastily replied
Why of course Ill come right
along with you
She had remembered Signer Itevu
nlnl and his habit of giving forenoon
ret Hals for his fashionable pupils and
their friends She had not the pleasure
of the slgnors acquaintance and had
not known that his studio was In that
building but she accepted that fact
with relief and plodded up stairs lu the
wake of Mrs Hurton
The large room at the front of thu
house was well tilled with society
pie At the door SIgnor Bovaninls
man In something like livery was
acting as usher and Amy perceived
with horror that the fellow was accept
ing a ticket from each of the Hayes
girls Mrs Hurton already had hers In
her hand
I Im afraid Ive left my card at
home said Amy
Never mind responded the elder
woman SIgnor Hovanlnl will remem
ber you
I will call him said the polite serv
ant leading Mrs Hurton away and
leaving Amy standing at the door of
that room which seemed to be tilled
with eyes great staring eyes all
turned In her direction
Of course the slgnor would remem
ber He would recall with absolute dis
tinctness that he had not sent any
card to Miss Weld of whose existence
he had never before beard
The wages of sin Is death mur
mured Amy shutting her eyes and
leaning against the door Jamb half
fainting Ill never survive this
Slio was aroused by a voice close to
her ear It was the ebony assistant
janitor who spoke In a stage whisper
Mr Morton has come he said And
Dollle Hayes just within the door
laughed aloud
At this extreme moment when It
seemed to Amy that the eyes of a uni
verse were upon her Morton himself
appeared coming up tho stairs four at
a time Quick as thought he had taken
her hand
Now it happens that Morton Is a
very handsome man endowed by tiu
ture with many graces of manner and
with dignity enough for four kings It
was perfectly amazing how his pres
ence solved tho situation All the wom
en In the slgnors studio wero looking
enviously at Amy and no longer with a
question The slgnor came hurrying up
and greeted his dear friend Mortou
nnd then ho ushered the two Into the
best place ava liable
Everybody settled down quietly Mr
Morton nnd Miss Weld had come to the
concert that was all
I came to tell you about Ernest liar
grave Amy whispered and Ive had
mieh an awful time
It was splendid of you to come hu
replied I wouldnt have missed know
ing for anything In the world but I
Just happened to hear about him early
this morning and Ive been with him
ever sluce
Irt lnlior llnllil Ntli n
Snll Imli r AnuTliftn IIiik Ill
lluittrrn Arc llliitkluu llitaliicnn lu
lip Si mite
Wasiiiniiion Feb 1 Delegates rep
resenting labor organisations me
drifting Into Washington for the pur
pose of Interviewing their setmtoiH and
representatives leganllng their position
towaul the shipping bill It has been
pointed out to a few supposedly In
dlflcrciit or hostile congressmen by
these labor delegations that the pas
sage of the shipping bill is di sircd by
the labor organizations of the country
not as a political or us a partisan but
as an Industrial meiiHiue These men
talk plainly and generally very tersely
They me quoted as having said that of
com se some one must make money out
of ships If there aie any to be built In
this country and that no sane man
with capltrl can be expected to Invest
lu them unless lie Is pretty sure of get
ting his money back with fair Interest
The spokesman of onp delpgatlon Is
thus quoted he having been asked by
his representative If he was willing to
subsidize the Standaid Oil company to
cairy Its oil across the oceau If that
company will build Its ships lu the
United States and place American olll
cers seamen and tlremeu on board of
them Instead of building them In Eng
land and putting Germans and other
foreigners In command of them with
foielgners making up the crows as
they now do of course I shall be will
ing to spp a reasonable subsidy paid to
the Standard Oil company enough to
make good to that company the loss
It will bear from building ships at high
er cost at home and of running them at
higher cost under the American Mag
What we want Is work and It doesnt
matter to us whether the Standard Oil
company or the United States or an
Individual ruiulslips it We expect to
get wages enough for our work to
make It worth our while to expend our
energies at It and we expect the peo
ple who put their capital Into ships will
receive a return upon their Investment
uk good as labor receives for Its work
The senate Is beginning to dispose of
public business with a trltle more ce
lerity than It has shown during the
piecedlng six weeks of the present ses
sion With but one month remaining
heroic the close of the spnslou und a
dozen appropriation bills yet to be act
ed upon as well as the river and har
bor Improvement bill the war tax re
duction bill the Grout oleomargarine
bill to say nothing of pension legisla
tion private bills and the like It will
be clear that the situate Is likely to be
pretty steeply Immersed In Its public
dut leu every legislative day that still
The house takes up nnd disposer of
Its work with Its accustomed aplomb
Nothing dlstuibs the serenity of Its
progiess Hills come up are fairly and
reasonably considered aud are then
peremptorily brought to a vote The
man who would attempt to filibuster in
the house would be like the late la
mented Hilly Patterson He wouldnt
know who struck him In the senate
they do things quite differently be
cause there the filibuster Is the king
pin tliut Is to say the most dlsagree
able and obnoxious man In that branch
of congress is by the conseut of his
agreeable aud genial associates allow
ed to say what shall and what shall
not be passed through the upper branch
of congress The warped and pervert
ed even If honest views of the fili
buster In the senate Is the standard
by which public business Is measured
Some little fear Is being expressed by
the friends of l ulia that a year Is like
ly to elapse after the Cuban constitu
tion has been adopted before It can re
ceive such consideration at the hands
of congress as to result In releasing
that island from further American con
trol The constitution will be in shape
for submission to the United States al
most Immediately after congress has
adjourned and unless there is an extra
session called and It Is generally
agreed that the president will not call
an extra session the Cubnn constitu
tion will go over until next winter and
meanwhile the Cubans will be neither
Independent nor contented Cubans
ought to be able to console themselves
with the reflection that however un
fixed their present status may he their
material condition Is infinitely better
than It was before the United States
took the yoke of Spain from off their
If congress adjourns without passing
the shipping bill the foreign shipping
lobby will be fortified with another
200000000 taken from the American
people and which can bo applied to re
newing the opposition to American
shipping in the next aud all other con
Senator Ilanna Is perfectly Indiffer
ent to the abuse heaped upon him by
the free trade newspapers of the coun
try which abuse finds its source of in
spiration among the foreign shipping
Interests and their Washington lobby
Thp maritime congress being held
this week in Hruuswick Ga Is but
nother evidence of the deop solicitude
for American shipping Inter
ests by southern business men If it
does not favor government aid for the
jpbulldlng of our shipping In the
trade It will be the first southern
organization of business men that has
refused to do to J I M
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