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ilill ii tkl m
Senate Disposes of the War
Revenue Measure
SUnawe Commit Ires Atnrndtnrns
iit for Itwity rule la
Xx Niihslllnte ItiJMol I ynNtllit Inrty
oti Military Aiulemy 1 tit 1 litil
Washington Fob 2- Tin Htilpplnq
bill was kept steadily nt ho Trout In
tho senate yesterday mill In order to
further expedite Its progress n motion
mum agreed to for n session beginning
nt II it in today Rawlins iiiiiI I terry
occupied must of the time In specchon
of vigorous opposition Toward tho
close of tlu day a spirited discussion
aviis precipitated by an iimcuilmcul or
tforod by Clay proposing to link tho
Nlenniguun canal 1111 with the ship
ping 1 till The proposition wan strong
ly opposed by Fryo and Chandler m
calculated to embarrass and delay tlio
hipping bill Fryo appealed to sena
tors to penult the majority alter fair
debute to assume Its responsibilities
ns n majority of passing the shipping
linnd In the discussion Insisting that
there should be no limitation of do
tmto Morgan In charge of the Nlon
rngua canal bill cxprcastHi disapproval
of the plan of linking the eaunl meas
ure wllh the shipping bill snylug euch
should stand on its own merlin
Itnnao Pusses Oinnlhii CUlm mil
Washington Feb 2 The house yes
terday passed an omnibus bill carrying
lt claims for stores and supplies
taken by the union ariny during the re
bellion The claims were passed on by
the court of claims nud aggregated
Practically all the bonellela
rles reside In the south Consldernblo
opposition to the bill was dlspla eil
enrly In the day under the leadership
of Mr Cannon the chairman of tlio
appropriation committee but It flat
tened out later and the bill finally was
passed without division The bill tc
nmend the Chinese exclusion act with
a view to preventing the fraudulent
entry of Chinese Into the United States1
xvns passed ns were other bills ot
minor Importance
Phlljlni JHiiiniirn In Hcnulo mill Appto
print Inn IIIIIh In Himiho
Vashlngton Fob 1 The senate will
continue Its discussion of the ship sub
nldy bill during the tjrst half of the
present week with probably Interrup
tions during the morning hour of each
dny There probably will be a move
ment to secure night semiion on the
part of the friends of the shipping bill
tomorrow Other strenuous efforts
will be made to secure u voto upon the
The house will continue the con
sideration of appropriation bills this
week The postollleo appropriation
bill Is not yet completed It will be
followed by the consular and diplo
matic and the sundry civil bill
Washington Feb 5 The ship sub
sidy bill was laid ankle informally by
the senate yesterday to permit consid
eration of the appropriation bills The
chipping bill holds its place and as
the untlnlshed business can be taken
up when the appropriation bills are not
occupying attention
Tlio greater part of the time of the
senate was given to listening to
Kpeech of Bacon on the right of the
uenate to demand Information on tile
In the executive depart menu He
took the position that the departments
re the creatures of congress nnd Unit
tlepnrtmental denial of any demand
for papers on tile wns preposterous
contending that for 100 years there had
been practically no refusal to recognize
thlH right Secretary Longs letter re
garding the Santiago naval lvwHrds
caused a discussion In which senators
upheld their course In this matter
lrorttilliiii lu tlio Homo
Washington Feb f -The houhe yes
terday passed the senate bill to create
commission to adjudicate the claims
of United States citizens against
Spain which the government of the
United States assumed by tho treaty of
Paris after rmvlng amended the bill
no as to refer the claims to the court
of claims Instead of to a commission
A strong effort was made to vote down
tho amendment and pass the senate
1111 but the advocatos of this coursn
were defeated by a majority of tr A
bill was without debate pasnel tn ex
tend the charters of national banks
for nnother period of 20 years after
1502 when the present extension ex
Washington Feb 0 The president
ecut Uiu following nominations to the
Army To be lieutenant general
Lieutenant General Nelson A Miles
To be major generals Brigadier Gen
eral Samuel M 11 Young U S A
major general U S V Brigadier Gen
eral Arthur MucArtliur U S A major
general U S V
Colonels to bo brigadier generals
John O Hates Second Infantry U S
A major general U S V Colonel
EJoyd Wheaton Seventh infantry U
B A major U S V George W
Davis Twenty third Infantry U 8
A brigadier general U S V Theo
dore Schwau assistant adjutant gen
eral USA brigadier general US V
Samuel S Sumner Sixth cavalry U
B A Leonard Wood assistant Bur
geon U S A major general U S V
Uobert II Hall Fourth Infantry U S
A brigadier general U S V Uobert
P Tlughes Inspector general U S A
brigadier general U S V George
If Kandall Eighth Infuntry U S A
b r fr W
brigadier general IT S V also
Major William A Kobbe Third up
tlllory h H A brigadier general IT
N V Urlgnillor lenernl Frederick D
Grant U H V Captain T Franklin
Hell Seventh cavalry V M A brlgn
dler general IT S Vl
Tlmjr Wit nl tlin Prrsldi nt
Washington Fob I -Senator Jones
mid the members of the Arkansas del
egation In the house with II I Rom
mel chairman of the Hepubllean slate
central committee ofsArkansas railed
on the president as a body yesterday
nnd presented to hint a handsomely
prepmed Invitation from the state
legislature to visit Little Rock when
be Roes to the Pacific coats in May
n minor character were adopted An
amendment substituting an Income tax
for the war revenue offered by Mor
gan Ala was rejected by a party voto
tl to IIS
Beginning at R oclock last evening
the llrst of a series of night sessions
was held to discuss the shipping bill
The entire session was devoted to a
continuous round of Intellectual pyro
technics Practically every question
that has been or Is likely to be before
the senate wns discussed but little
time was devoted to the pending meas
ure Notable speeches were made by
Tonen Ark and Aldrleh U I The
Arkansns senator was passionate lu
his denunciation of the methods of the
innjority to force the shipping hill to
nn Issue and Aldrlchs response wns
oulte as vigorous lu their defense
From a spectacular point of view the
session was Interesting and the sharp
colloquies and snappy speeches were
hugely en toyed by those on the floor
nnd by the large crowds In the gal
1 cries
Dxbatn tin rwtunirn mil
Washington Feb 7 Debate on the
postollleo appropriation bill consumed
nnother day in the house About two
hours were occupied by Chairman
Loud who was a member of the postal
commission In the discussion of the
Rubjects Investigated by It The re
mainder of the time was occupied In
debate upon the three subjects pneti
mntlc tube service special mall facil
ities nnd railway mall pny Cowherd
Mo championed the appropriation for
Kpoolnl facilities between Kansas City
nnd Newton Kan
Mursun an1 ITU Inrtnor llnth ltclliio to
Talk of CuriiDKln Ural
New York Feb 7 1 P Morgan and
his partner Uobert Bacon declined to
discuss or make any statement what
ever concerning the reports that T P
Morgan Co have purchased Andrew
Carnegies steel properties
A conference was bebl In the Morgan
olllces between Mr Morgan Mr Ba
con President Gary of the Federal
Steel coinpnn President lteed of the
American Tin Pinto company and n
director In each of the National Steel
American Sheet Steel and Amerlcnn
Steel Hoop companies In all of which
Mr Morgan has Interests
TtFciilntlnK Teh plume Ilntt
Knnsns City ieb 7 Mayor Ueed of
this city yesterday signed nn ordinance
regulating the rates of the Missouri
nnd Kansas Telephone company At
present the annual rate for business
telephones Is t0 nnd for residences
18 The new ordinance reduces the
rates to 18 and 10 respectively It
Is believed that the telephone com
pnny will fight the ordlnnnce nnd Its
vnlldlty will probably be decided by
the supreme court The mayor has hi
structed the city counselor to see thnt
the ordinance is enforced Tho pen
nlty for Its violation Is a fine of from
100 to 300
Mother and Son Commit SuloliU
Fostorla O Feb 4 Mrs Jacob Yo
chum aged 50 and hor son William
aged 19 years were found dead In their
bed rooms by tho police yesterday
afternoon They had been missing for
three days and Investigation led to
their dead bodies bolng found with all
evidence of suicide by stryclmluo poi
soning Porerty is supposed to have
made them despondent
in i Kim
Thirty Thousand Mounted
Troops Will Be Sent
llrntlinr nf Hour Cniiiiimnder John tlin
lcnen Party In the
Out tlin llallrnad Near Ionrenfo Mnr
giieflloers Captain Imperial Veoinanry
London IVb 7 The following an
iiouueeincnt has been Issued by the
war o t lee in view ot me recent
Ihe president said that If possible be mr nlllvv various dlreetloiiH the
would arrange his schedule so as to
innko a stop at I Idle lloclc
IIIU Iirmiillr Inld Ashln
Washington Feb It The senate yes
terday passed the District of Columbia
appropriation bill and partially oonshl
rred the bill making appropriation
for the support of the West Point mill
tary academy During Hie day the
ship subsidy bill by a vole of the sen
to was formally laid aside and super
seded as uullnlshed business
llutonim lllll In House
Washington IVb 0 -The house yes-
government has decided In addition to
the recently equipped forces for South
Africa to reinforce Lord Kitchener
by IIOOOO more mounted troops beyona
those already lauded In Cape Colony
Recruiting for the Imperial yeomanry
has proceeded so rapidly that It Is be
lleved that 10000 will soon be avail
The Gnzotte announces Uyil Gen
prnl Brilliant has been appointed to
the command of the force being raised
for the defense of Cape Colony
Iourenzo Miirquoz IVb 7 The rail
road lias been cut by the Boers 511 kilo-
bill lours AilO and Teller tool a frjbiy continued discussion of contro 1 metres from here
verted questions In connection with Cape Town Feb 7 A parly of I in
Ititny lltr lnsl mill Widespread tailing
In llin Hiisslnti IloliU
Baku Russian Trmis Caueasla Feb
7 A lire broke out yesterday In the
magazines of the Caspian and Black
Ben company which contained 0000
poods of petroleum The conllngra
ilon resulted In great loss of life and
widespread damage
The Unities spread to other depots
having a capacity of 12000 poods of
naphtha which poured out like a
stream of lava Inundating and setting
lire to the dwellings of the workmen
which were totally destroyed Many
persons perished Twenty charred
bodies have been found ami upwards
of r people are terribly burned Four
hundred families lost everything they
The magazines are still burning nnd
neighboring reservations are In great
danger A pnnle prevails
Eight naphtha springs belonging to
me MciiKoii icnisii ami iaspum com
panics caught lire Fob H
Foriilicn Kiiycijfi Hi fitPo to Spurn the Tlfo
ot Tuiik Ill ItntmiKlrliiro T nuns
Peking Feb 7 At their meeting
this morning the foreign envoys pre-
the postoitlce appropriation bill perlal yeomanry came Into contact nni i delivered to the
Griggs Ga spoke against with the Invaders near Prince Albert Chinese plenipotentiaries containing
tin ii li tf iiiiulnl a i nlntu f tti n iil nfl 1i fn in Pixluiiu mill itn nf11ini mill oninn
1 1 is i in wi Mmitu iuiMlu iwiiiiiu n iiii vir v whiii iniii 14 wiiivii mi nuuiv
n view of forcing legislation lit their men are missing
Washington Feb 7 Two Important
measures wetu disposed of by the sen
ntev yesterday the military academy
bill and the war revenue reduction
measure The former was under cou
Hlderation less than an hour The only
change made In It was the strengthen
ing of the provision against hazing at
West Point
of the afternoon
nue reduction bill was befoi
Rttclioni r Ititpnrt Oprrntloim
London Feb 7 Kitchener In a dis
patch from Pretoria Feb 5 sayR
Smith Diniliti Iiii noi iiplnl Iiil Clmrlsse
Kiearli Is ililvlni linck the eiirmy to Am
Rteriliun liowetK fntcc In tlll aorth of and Huke ru not because they consld
Timlin NClin HIh tiiPti lnmiKoln train of cml 10 nmos iss but because of
iiiiwil niiuiin hi uiiiuuiiiiD
ouitiili 11113
41 t 1
Iksuvi Appi ul to tnH nt
Bloeinfonteln Ieb 7 The Post yea
the substance of the decision arrived
nt last night
The ministers refuse to spare the
life of Tung Fu Hslang on the ground
that they did not consider the clnlm of
the plenipotentiaries reasonable They
allowed the release of Prince Tunn
During the remainder torday published a passionate uppcnl 12 nro ropnnlwl In Iplilnp hb n mnii
session the war fmm 1t wt chairman of the pIoro nf diplomacy on the part of
nte An effort was made to
iml commission io n
ro the
ClirlHtlun to surrender
reduce the
tax on bank checks and to piovlde BLLS T0 BE LOOKED INTO
nun iiicgiiipu nun epre is
olioiild bear the burden of the tax on
messages and packages sent The
lliiance committees amendment levy
ing a tax on transactions In so called
their relationship to the emperor nnd
thnt their death might have a serious
The Indict inputs against the entire
Coimnltteo Appoint toInvtlute Two lj0U0VOl to 10 Impossible
AlltKi il Jlinunp iiimurii
Lincoln Feb 7 During the morning
session of the hoiiho Representative
bucket shops modifying the tax on TiioiiKssen seni a eoinuiiimwiuuii io uie
cigars and cigarettes ami providing for speaker and it was read as an
n rebate on unbroken packages of to- ll muouiieuuii oi io umo
bacco In addition to several others of
In It Thomssen asserted that the bills
Speaker Sears expressed a desire to
have the matter Investigated and on
motion of Sprechor he was authorized
spirited discussion arose lu the sen
ate over the effort of Senator Uiinsom
to restrain the chair from reversing
nn erroneously announced decision in
which some very caustic remarks were
ICilntlvo Cnniiilttuu In Mlnfliinrl Agree
to AllUMllI till MlMllCitl Hill
Jefferson City Feb 7 It is an
nounced that as a result of the hear
ing given by the Joint committee on
ways and means of tho house nnd sen
ate to prominent Christian Scientists
the public health eomiulttee will strike
out those paragraphs of the Hull medi
cal bill which are objectionable to
The Hull bill provides for the es
tablishment of n state medical board
which shall pass on the qualifications
of all applicants for medical practice
and requiring each to have served n
two year course at a duly recognized
medical college
Further It Is specified that all per
sons professing to heal the sick or ar
tllcted must undergo this examina
tion The Christian Scientists based
strenuous objections to this elapse on
the ground that It would restrict their
religious belief
South Duliotu Unmarried Senator Iruy
for Thulr 1 renter Kxeniptlnii
Pierre S 1 Feb 7 Capital ro
moral boomers have not yet made any
particular headway
House bills were passed Fixing
grades of punishment for the crime
of perjury mid the wolf bounty bill
cutting down the amount of the boun
ty mid limiting the amount to be paid
in any one year to 5000 Tho house
also passed the senato bill prohibiting
the killing of antelope for ten years
The much amended bill to reduce
exemption of homesteads to 2500 and
personal property to the amount or
750 for married men ami 250 for
single men called out the tight of the
day and was finally passed by a vote
of 24 to 20 Lawson the only bach
elor lu the senate inado nn eloquent
plea for greater exemption for single
Christian Woiken Walt
Philadelphia Feb 7 The delegates
to the conference having for Its object
a national federation of churches und
Christian workers took up the question
of a constitution for the new organiza
tion The drnft presented by nev
Chnrles L Thompson of New York
chairman of the committee on organ
ization did not meet with the approval
of tho majority of tho conferees nnd
tho whole question was referred to a
committee with Instructions to revise
the plan
The ports oX New South Wales ure
the frevst on the globe and In none of
the Autrallan colon Ich are there any
dlsflriiulr ting or differential duties
brother ministers for linil tlio ministers flren
n list of names without specifications
of crimes this might have left many
t l l f i - 1 I-
i loopuoies mi iirmimciir which is now
Unrein Kirk nnd Itnrn Woman lit Kosi
fnril to MnUo Ilrr TullSrrrct
Toledo O Feb 7 Burglars bound
nnd gagged the postmistress at Boss-
ford n suburb of Toledo yesterday
which were radically uutl corioratlou
j Voliliol
the otllce of 150 In stamp
u character had been give to h m
by Uobert U Druebdow and Frank l of flc f tn
ltarber with the request that tuey be I
dvH tho hin lllceof the vnhl
Introduced He said he had vis tea
allos nml I I wm htvldl mntchos ittiilm n t 1
IJllllll UlllLfJllUa wo illlJJUUll I
Druesdows room and had noticed
to lior foot nud she wns struck over
there trunk full of documents he
a sup-
tho hpiu wth n clu nn1
tmiitil Itriklii bills I
posed were
kicked In the side At noon she be
came unconscious and It Is feared
mny die
to appoint a committee of the to look ARMOURS PAY FOR QUAIL
Into the origin of the supposed hold-
up bills
Five lluuilrml Dollar Fine for Having
IoMMMHlon of u Carload
Lincoln Feb 7 Through B C Eld
ridge of South Omaha the Armour
Packing company yesterday pleaded
gumy in insiice lireen s court to tne
charge of violating tlio state ganm
laws A car of quail was found In
the companys possession last week
and proceedings were begun by local
members of the Fish and Game Pro
tection association On the plea of
guilty the company wns fined 500
which was paid promptly
I milium Itt aily for Trial
Muskogee I T Feb 7 Crazy
Snake mid 17 light horsemen today se
cured counsel to defend them lu the
coining trial They have asked that
trial be given nt once and say that
they can furnish nny amount of ball
It developed here today that several
wealthy citizens have offered to go
ball and furnish money for trial They
will be prosecuted on n charge of con
spiracy and It Is expected that the
trials will be called soon as the Unit
ed Stntes court Is now in session
The steamer Hinpress of China
brings news of n fresh outbieak of the
plague in Formosa
Kliphalet Nott Potter brother of
Ulshop Potter of New York died or
heart failure In Mexico City Wednes
Judge Phillips Wednesday Issued a
decree of foreclosure nnd order of snle
on tho property of the Kansas City and
Atlantic Uallroad company
The queen regent has conferred
Spanish nationality on Prince Chnrles
of Bourbon who Is to mnrry the prin
cess of the Asturias Ieb 14
Julian Acostn chief of the revolu
tion movement lu the Cnrupano dis
trict Venezuela Is a prisoner in the
hands of the government forces
Tho prospect of a combination be
tween the Delaware Lnckawannn and
Western railroad and the Wabnsh
railroad Is being widely discussed In
finnnclnl circles
Secretary Long hns npproved the ma
jority report of the naval construction
board favoring superimposed turrets
and other changes In the batteries of
thp new battleships
Abel Sedlllo a notorious desperado
was killed Wednesday In a battle with
officers nnd Claude Durnn one of tho
most dangerous desperadoes In the
west was badly wounded near Albu
By nn ngreement Wednesday be
tween the heirs of tho Into Albert A
Munger millionaire Chicago philan
thropist all contests to the will be
queathing an estate of 4000000 have
been declared off
As a result of tho heavy rain of the
past two days Merced Cnl Is under
water From three Inches to three
feet of water Is standing in every part
In town Every cellar Is filled and
business Is at a standstill
8 MIBN 11
Snnthorn flrtmtom nnd llrprrarntn
Ihm fliiiitiiirlliiir It InnitKiirutlon
Oretiiiinlea Will He Kluliorule Jix
trn Smuloii Knt Irolinble
Wasiiisqion Fob 0 The southern
senators suddenly find thetubclvcs be
tween the devil nnd the thtp sea and
they have deemed It necessary to hold
a caucus about It
In the beginning the Democrats lu
the senate presented a solid front
against the pending shipping bill that
Is they supposed that they did It np
pears now however that at least six
of the southern senators nre going to
vote for the bill It 1o nppearsand Is
n factthat there Is a great and grow
ing sentiment In the south In favor of
the bill particularly among the cotton
growers of the plantations and tho
business men of the cities This Is evi
denced by a large number of petitions
nnd Indorsements by commercial bod
les by the tone of such authoritative
organs ns The Manufacturers ltocord
of Baltimore anil by private letters re
ceived daily by senators and repre
scntatlves at the capitol These ex
pressions of popular opinion have nat
urally had much weight with southern
On Wednesday news was received at
Washington Unit the Savannah board
of trade had unanimously ndopted res
olutions directing its delegates to tho
maritime conference at Brunswick to
favor subsidies Previously Indorse
ments of the shipping bill hnd been re
ceived from more than 20 other repre
sentative southern business organiza
tions Including the chamber of com
merce Produce Exchange and board of
trade of New Orleans the Foreign
Trade association and Merchants Ex
change of St Louhs the chamber of
commerce of Uielimond the boaids of
trade of Noifolk Litlle Uock and Tar
boro the Southern Industrial associa
tion the Live Stock Exchange of Fort
Worth the Alabama State grange and
the Kentucky Millers association the
Southern Industrial association nud the
Southern Cotton Spinners association
The effect of such a combined ex
pression of southern sentiment Is visi
ble in the house of representatives as
well ns lu the senate Uepreseutatlve
Grosvenor of Ohio says that there are
at least ten or a dozen southern Demo
cratic representatives who will vote for
the bill and thnt these votes combined
with the solid Republican vote will
give the bill a large mnjorlty lu the
In the sennte It wns noticed that soon
after the action of the Savannah board
of trade had been made public Senator
Cloy of Georgia came to the front with
amendments to the shipping bill limit
ing the period of the subsidy to ten
years and reducing the maximum rate
of speed for receiving compensation
from 18 knots to 10 knots This would
indicate that under the conditions
which he names Senator Clay Is after
all In favor of the proposed subsidy
He says that his opposition to the
measure arises from his belief in free
trade nnd yet he allows that there Is
no use In trying to make this country
adopt a free trade policy because even
when the Democrats are In full power
a very considerable number of north
ern Democrats who are protectionists
always side with the Republicans on
questions relating to the tariff and
similar matters and thus always de
feat tree trade legislation
A pleasant little episode brightened
up the debate in the senate on Wednes
day nnd secured for Senator Turley of
Tennessee a reputation for humor In
the course of his speech against the
bill he took occasion to paraphrase
Senator Fryes appeal for the bill In a
tone of good nutured satire Senator
Turley referred with pathos to his re
ceut attempts to secure a small appro
priation for the Washita river or rivu
let and remarked If I could ouly get
that appropriation we would have
Amerlcnn ships laden with American
commerce and Balling under the Amer
ican Hag navigating from that river to
every port in the world and peuce nud
civilization would be greatly benefited
thereby This sally vastly amused
the senators and no one more than
Suuator Frye himself
Unusually elaborate preparations are
on foot for President McKiuleys sec
ond Inauguration It will be an Im
pressive affair unless one of our March
bllzznrds should decide to take part In
It The whole community Is mixed up
In some way with the preparations If
a small by should hurl a snowball
nowadays it Is an even chance that he
would hit a member of an inaugura
tion committee An Immense crowd of
outsiders Is expected and the owners
nnd lessees of eligible rooms aud win
dows are looking forward to the acqui
sition of great riches
There hns been n good deal of talk
about an evtra sesslou lately but the
best Informed congressmen believe thnt
there Is nothing In It The tnlk started
from repoits that the administration
wished some speedy legislation regard
lug the Philippine and the Cuban con
btitutlon As to rue Philippines how
ever the general opinion 1s that the
president has sufficient power to con
trol them for the present as he pleases
aud there is u growlug doubt among
congressmen as to whether this eouu
try has any right to Interfere with tiP
I Cuban constitution j b U
iK r
Important IHirotrry I Mnilo by n lows
Creston 1ft Feb 7 State Senator
Clark of lnge county has made publlo
n way to beat the twine combine At
n fanners Institute he displayed a
piece of twine nnd a piece of rope
resembling a good quality of hemp
These he explained were mnde from
velvet weed or nbiitllon which grows
rankly on almost every farm nnd has
been considered useless
The discovery that tho weed could bo
thus utilized was made by D I Weir
n farmer living near Clarinda Mr
Weir discovered the strength of tho
fibre of the weed about two months
ago He picked up n few strands from
the ground after they had lain there
rotting since last summer nnd found
them very strong They were separat
ed Into threads as lino ns the best of
hemp He endeavored to secure a pat
ent but found that a discovery of that
nature could not be patented A nm
chlno for making it could be patented
but the use of the weed for making
twine and rope must be left free to
Dowl lto Woini n Jo on Itumpnj nt Chi
cago Attiieklng Drug Moron lu
Ihieu of Saloons
Chicago Feb 7 Crying out thnt
drugs were the agents of the devil a
half dozen followers of Dowle tho
faith cure healer adopted tho tactics
of Mrs Nation last night and wrecked
a number of drug stores on the Wosc
side In some instances there were
hand to hand lights with the druggists
Armed as they were with pitchforks
umbrellas and canes the women camti
out the victors In nearly every en
counter wherever they went Tho
women who went In a well organized
band were of middle age and wcro
well tlressed
Drug stores belonging to B Lowon
thal F Fourche L Mzrak II Llmer
inan and II O Shapiro were wrecked
by the cniaders The women finally
separated after being driven from oua
store ut the point of a revolver
rtliiiui In Session
Indianapolis Feb 7 The supremo
tribunal of the Knights of Pythias met
here yesterday Those present aro
John II Alexander Leesburg Va
chief justice Edward A Graham
Montgomery Ala J E Ililscher St
Paul Minn nnd Howard Douglass
Cincinnati associate justices C E
S Neal president of the board of con
trol of the endowment rank is also
Arkansas Women Begin
Poplar Bluff Mo Feb 7 At Dal
ton Ark a small town across the state
line from here five members of the
Womens Christian Temperance union
attacked two blind tigers in true
Nation fashion All the bottles of
liquor were smashed the contents of
kegs were poured into tho streets and
fixtures were demolished
Topelia Orgniil7ntion Known as Homo Da
fenders Holds 1rlvnto Meeting
Topeka Feb 7 Mrs Nation made
no effort to give tho jointlsts a second
surprise yesterday They will not be
caught napping again and there were
guards at the various places before
daylight but Mrs Nation and her band
of determined women did not appear
Chief Stahl made a round of the places
last evening warning the keepers of the
Joints to close and Sheriff Cook did
the same and while they made a pre
tense of closing there was a way to get
In at most of the places
There wns n meeting at the Congre
gntlonal church last night of theHome
Defenders but the greatest secrecy
was observed
Beatrlco to Have the Woodmen
Beatrice Neb Feb 7 The annual
camp of the Woodmen of the World
for the district comprising Nebraska
North nnd South Dakota Kansns and
Oklnhoinn will be held In this city
next week beginning Tuesday for
two dnys session Officers will be
elected nlso four delegates to the na
tional convention of the order to be
held in Columbus O In May next It
Is expected that 300 delegates will bo
After Iejlon of Sioux City
Sioux City Feb 7 On motion of the
county attorney the Indictment against
Frank Peyton tho self confessed mur
derer of John E Robson of this city
was qunshed yesterday Peyton wns
Immediately rearrested anil turned
over to Sergeant Nolte of the SL Louis
police force as a fugitive from Justice
Peyton wns arrested in St Louis for
robbery nnd there confessed to the
Sioux City crime
Ship anil Crew tost
St Johns N F Feb 7 It Is stated
that a mnrlno dlsnster hns occurred
off St Johns within the Inst 48 hours
A qunntlty of wrecknge belonging ap
parently to a large vessel drifted
nshore near Torbay seven miles north
of St Johns It is believed that ship
nnd crew hnve perished and indica
tions point toward the schooner Chal
lenger from Cadiz ns the likely vessel
Can Kzamlne tlio Hooks
Columbus 0 Feb O Tho Biipremo
court yesterday refused to grunt a
stay of execution of the Lucas county
circuit courts decree in tho caso of
the Woolson Spice company et al vs
John Arbuekle et al The circuit court
ordered tho Woolson Spico company
to permit John Arbuekle who had so
cured some of the companys stock
to examine Its books
Candidates for the roynl Irish constab
ulary must b nominated by the lord lieu
tenant through a member of parliament
The limits of age arc 21 to 20 iuiulu
belfht 5 feet inches