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Wilhelmina United to Duke
ien of in i
Henry of Meiklenburg
Almpln ItttllglotM Ccruiitiiny Tlion follows
In tlrmite KurU Irooin Moronic 1rlncn
of tho NetliorlittiilnUofililoiiU of Xlio
JlnKUu Aculitliu Luvo Mutch
Ihn Hiilmip Fob 8 Wilhelmina tho
first ruling unoon of Holland vested
day married Duke Henry of
who bucolics Irlnee
Uclnrlch of tho Netherlands The mar
riage was a series of brilliantly colored
pictures but tho severe simplicity of
4he Dutch form of marriage which
iwos followed to the letter In the civil
contract before the minister of Justice
Dr 1 W A Cort Van Dor Linden
find in the old fashioned religious
service In Oroote Kerk gnve It a demo
cratic spirit
A happier surrounding no bride ever
bad The weather was cold crisp and
inspiriting The marriage was a huge
family affair All Holland that could
came to The Hague to participate
IThose who stayed ut their homes in
other cities celebrated with parades
decorations and banquets
Never was seen u more beautiful and
happy wedding The popular belief
is that it Is a love match like that of
Victoria and Albert and this gives a
romantic coloring to the event which
Is generally lacking In royal marriages
The ceremonies were the same sim
ple and unrltuallstlc rites of the He
forincd church by which the humblest
of Queen WUhelmlnns subjects aro
married The venerable pastor admin
istered to the bride and gfoom a cau
tion that their high positions would not
shield them from the common suffer
ings and sorrow of humanity
Queen Wilhelmina made a very win
ning and human bride She blushed
and became confused over the cere
monial with the ring as all brides
ore supposed to do while her happi
ness and pride over tho enthusiasm of
her people were plainly deeper than u
anere matter of form
The scone as the royal couple
stood with clasped hands before the
chaplain in a circle of brilliantly ar
rayed personages Including their rela
tives and people composing the highest
families of Holland and the neighbor
ing German principalities was won
derfully gorgeous the masses of varie
gated coloring rendering more effec
tive the blue gold and white banked
Sip against the walls of the church
1 Last night the populace was like a
multitude of happy children Thou
sands swarmed through the principal
etreets which were nearly impassable
Mowing horns singing the national
hymn following the bands smashing
liats and lanterns Aged housewives
with their husbands from the prov
inces joined hands with stylish city
folks and danced to the music of
street organs There was considerable
mild hilarity Inspired by wine but no
offensive drunkenness
Xtopubllcan Nomination for Governor
Seuini Now to lie Coming Ilia Way
I Des Molues Feb 8 The Indications
ore now that the matter of the nomina
tion for governor on the Republican
state ticket will be practically dis
posed of loug before the convention
neetB A B Cummins will be the
candidate If he will consent to run
A meeting of politicians was hold
liere yesterday utteuded by many of
cue most prominent men in the Repub
lican party and it was agreed that all
factional differences ought to be laid
aside The conference called In Mr
Cummins and -communicated witli
Lim in regard to his willliigness to be
come a candidate provided it could
lie done without stirring up fuctional
fctrlfe Mr Cummins has not yet con
sented to be a candidate but will meet
Ills friends later In the week and is
likely at that time to Indicate what
course he will pursue One by one
the others mentioned in connection
with the office have been disposed of
for various reasons II W Byers of
Harlan had been considered a possible
candidate but he refuses to enter the
fight George M Curtis of Clinton Is
In tho same category The Conger
Idea will not bo taken up unless Cum
mins Is definitely out of- tho race
Ballon of the Ijtnvatter Wonted la
Drawl With Veuezuelani
1 Washington Feb 8 Information
lias been received here of a clash be
tween sailors of tho Lancaster now
at La Guayra Venezuela and tbe
populace of that city From what can
be learned the difficulty Is without any
political significance and in all proba
bility was the outcome of a brawl
between sailors who had been enjoy
ing themselves on shore leave
As a result of the difficulty the Lan
casters men were forced to take to
jthelr small boats and return to the
Bbip It Is understood that tho mili
tary forces were not called on to take
nny part in tho disturbance nlthough
It is possible tho police may hove as
sisted In quelling tho disorder No
fatal catastrophes are reported on
either side
Freight Burnt Into Pauongor Train
Pittsburg Feb 8 A heavy frelcht
train ran into the reur of the Clever
land express on the Pennsylvania
Hues at the Allegheny aVenue crossing
yesterday and both tralitH were
wrecked Only one passenger Henry
Lublang of Now York was seriously
Injured but several sustained slight
imilscs Failure to ling the freight
train Is said to have been the cause of
the collision
Negotiation Not Cloncil llrtuccn M orpin
utiil Crti iuli
New Vork Fob 8 Wall street wise
acres who on Wednesday were loud
ly proclaiming not only that a syndi
cate headed by 1 l Morgan had pur
chased the holdings of Andrew Car
negie in the Carnegie conipauy but
a billion dollar steel trust was to fol
low were somewhat Inclined to modify
their statements yesterday when the
Information was vouchsafed that there
was a hitch In the negotiations ami the
whole deal was off As a matter of
fact that Is running to the other ex
treme What the position uctually Is
Is this
Mr Carnegie Is willing to sell his
interest in Ills company Certain cap
italists some of them interested In
other steel companies have under
taken to purchase the Carnegie hold
ings offered and are now planning to
flnnnco tho undertaking Progress
however Is slow for the difficulties
are many though not necessarily tin
surmountable and thus the matter
stands A purchase may come about
at any time
Fire In tho Iltunlnn lctrolotim 1lnlil De
velop Into u Ilolocauttriaines Aro
Still Ileyoiul Control
St Petersburg Feb 8 A dispatch
to the Hosslja from Baku says that
GOO persons perished in the conflagra
tion there The tlaincs are again be
yond control
It Is feared that the fatalities result
ing from the great petroleum lire at
Baku will reach Into the hundreds
The full extent of the disaster how
ever is not yet known The latest in
formation Indicates that the lire has
been brought under control
The Rossijas Baku special adds that
the police station ten large tenements
C00OO0 tons of mnzout 35000 tons of
naphtha and nil the Uothschild reser
voirs were burned
The Journal of Commerce and In
dustry says Tamouse lake is burning
The mazout caused explosions which
killed many of the spectators
Iowa Mules In Demand
Des Moines Feb 7 The southern
mule buyers are doing good business
in Iowa They are securing large
numbers of mules for market In the
south and also for shipment to South
Africa In Page county one buyer
has shipped out a carload of mules a
week for the last six months He
has been paying as high as 135 each
for good mules
VrcclH a Mine at Charlton
Charlton la Feb 8 A dust explo
slon in one of the Cleveland mlnea
Just west of here damaged the shaft
so badly that operations will be Inter
rupted several days Mose Davis and
Ruce Edwards were overcome but
not seriously injured A similar ex
plosion there three weeks ago killed
Destructive fires throughout Aus
trallti have done great damage to stock
Hundreds of teachers in the United
States are applying for positions in the
A Are In the business section of
Scranton Pa Thursday caused 400-
wou uamage
The resignation of the Italian cab
inet was announced in the chamber of
deputies Thursday
Senator M A Hauna was Thursday
elected a member of Memorial post G
A It of Cleveland
C B Power of Pittsburg was Thurs
day elected president of the now
American Baseball association
The Twentieth infantry which has
been two years in Manila on provost
duty has sailed for Vlgan on field
O Kchvln Jones until last Wednes
day a member of tho Chicago Stock
exchange failed with liabilities or
Uho British government has requi
sitioned three of the Union Castle lin
ers to transport reinforcements to
South Africa
Roy and James McGowan have been
placed under arrest for the murder
of Mrs G G Richards proprietress
or a saioon at uurtervllle Ills
Several orders were Issued at the
war department Thursday looking to
the replacement of the volunteer
troops In the Philippines by regulars
Assertions were made in Wall street
Thursday that the Goulds have bought
enough stock of the Missouri Kansas
and Texas railroad to give them con
Major General Elwell S Otis was
the guest of houor at the annual din
ner of the Society of the Genesee at
the Waldorf Astoria New York
Thursday night
Thomas B Needles of the Dawes
commission Is dangerously sick nt St
Louis where he was called from the
Indian territory n short time ago by
the serious Illness of his wife
President Newcoinb of the Ameri
can Strawboard company Intimated at
me uuuuui meeting uuursuay mat a
Mrs Carrie Nation Talks
Kansas Lawmakers
Bullion Wrichrr TnlU Tliriii Tlicy Hum
Nut Hiiii DolnuI lirlr liitlliilili Italo
Mix ting In IiiIIik Court After Cliiu Bv
Aunliut Hur 1 1 ml lliun 1Uiii1himI
Topeka Fob 8 Clty Attorney
Gregg yesterday dismissed the charges
hold against Mrs Nation for smashing
the Senate saloon on Tuesday Ho
throw till the responsibility for prose
cuting the crusader on the state and
The city has no city ordlnnnce
covering the destruction of personal
property but under the laws of Kau
sns the state can prosecute Mrs Na
tion If what she destroyed can be
proven to bo personal property
The city counselor ami an attorney
employed to prosecute Mrs Nation In
the state courts had he continued
sustained his view that she could not
be legally prosecuted by the city and
be therefore unnounccd the dismissal
of the case
Mrs Nation who was sitting at a
table in front of tho police judges
desk cried Amen thank vou Mr
Gregg 1 ulwuys said you had too good
a face to be on the side of sin
Then rising in her seat and turning
about so she could face the women
who had crowded the court room
Mrs Nation began to sing Praise
God from Whom all Blessings Flow
Her followers took up the strain and
the court room was temporarily
turned into a praise meeting
Judge Magraw commanded that tho
disturbance cease but Chief of Police
Stuhl who lias openly favored Mrs
Nations work Interrupted with Go
ahead ladles and sing all you want
to And they did breaking out with
even greater vigor with the words
God be with you till we meet again
Unable to continue business court
adjourned and Judge Magraw left the
Talks to LrghHatiire
Mrs Nation addressed both houses
of the legislature last evening on the
saloon traffic She presented herselr
at the door of the house with the re
quest that she be allowed to speak
The request was voted upon and by
a large majority Mrs Nation was al
lowed to speak Some few voted no
I heard those noes suld Mrs Na
tion as she walked upon the clerks
platform I wondered why theso
people voted that way Why do you
object to my talking But then dont
I know that those noes come from the
liquor traffic
A storm of laughter swept over the
house and It was several minutes be
fore Mrs Nation could proceed
Thank God the noes are In tho mi
nority continued Mrs Nation I
come to you today men as n woman
as o grandmother I come to tell vnn
mayor went to visit lelallves neat
ICininotsburg Ian 127 ami has not been
hoard or since Hi was a business
man and nfier he had boon gone some
time ait Investigation was made of Ills
accounts and It was found that ho
was owing about io0
The Mek Weekly News Journal
our sentiments
Now gentlemen said Mrs Nation
In an earnest tone you can remedy
this condition by knocking out the
clause In the prohibitory law which
gives tho county attorney the right to
summon witnesses but which refuses
mm tne right to compel them to tes
tify You would do It if common mur
derers were running loose why not
do It In this ease
Now men she said I am plend
Ing with you I have been forced to do
this smashing business I nm going
to tell the truth to you you have not
been doing your duty A good solid
vote Is the best thing in the world with
which to smash the naloons You re
fused me the vote and I had to use a
For the State Knratiintnrnt
Plattamouth Neb Feb 7 Colonel
John Heeso of Broken Bow depart
ment commander of the Grand Army
of the Republic in Nebraska and
Major Wilcox of Omaha senior vice
commander were In Plattsmouth yes
terday to learn what arrangements are
being made for tho state encampment
which Is to bo held in this city three
days during tho second week In May
They expressed themselves ns well
pleased with the work the local post
had already accomplished
combination might bo made with the Emmetsburg la Feb 7 The town
outside manufacturers and an nri of rvrrii iu wifin T
JournuiMit wiu tAlifllflJtfULTl OConnor a young man who wai
uin South Dakota lcltlnturo
Wit limit Opposition
Pierre S I Feb S In the sonnto
Sweet moved to have wolf bounty
bill placed on Us passage but lulled
nml tlio bill was placed on the eai
eiular In Its- regular order The sen
ate passed the following house bills
Sewards bill regulating payment of
road tax loaning pormnuont school
fund to conform to iiinoiiilment adopt
ed at recent election tlellnlng legal
weight of spelz at IS pounds allowing
cities of first class to Issue funding
Mr Parnioly Introduced a Joint reso
lution In the house for an ainondinent
to tho constitution allowing cities to
Incur nn additional indebtedness of 10
per cent for the purpose of purchasing
htreet railways light and water plants
The bill Increasing the number of
regents on the board of education ac
cording lo the recommendation of tho
governor failed to got a majority
Senate bill imnronrlntliiL 15000 acres
of laud for the blind asylum and tho
senate resolution giving Governor Lou
his office chair passed the houoe with
out opposition
Whole Top of Mountain IJIowu On ami 87
ltnioiii Killed by Kiplolou
of Dynamite
Chihuahua Mex Feb 8 Several
hundred tons of dynamite stored in an
underground chamber of the San
Andres mine situated In the Sierra
Madrci In the western part of tlio
Rtate of Durango exploded with ter
rific force blowing the whole top o
the mountain off and destroying a por
tion of the village of miners there
Eighty seven men women and chil
dren were killed and many others In
jured None of the men In the mlno
were seriously hurt Anion tlio
killed were Herman Lcnliman super
intendent of the mine nnd his family
1 he government has ordered an olll
clal Investigation of the accident
Involve SovithI Million
Lincoln Feb 8 A motion lo quash
bill of exceptions was filed in the su
preme court by the attorneys for the
appellees In the celebrated Mills will
contest case from Falls City The ac
tion Involves several million dollars
and a favorable ruling on tho motion
would be a big victory for tlio several
contesting heirs who appealed from
the decision of the district court
Mailtli nml Home Kllln II 1 lit
Holdrege Neb Fob 7 The death
of A It Potter living some ten miles
from this city occurred yesterday
from the effects of being crushed by n
horse The animal was crazy with tlio
cornstalk disease and crushed Mr Pot
tor against the side of the stall In
dicting Injuries about the liver
II KbrIiik In St Cloud
Minneapolis Feb 8 A telephone
message from St Cloud Minn says
a big lire is raging In that city The
West hotel and other buildings have
been destroyed
Plague prevails In every part of In
dia except the central provinces
Great misery prevails at Para Bra
zil on uccount of a long continued
Dispatches from Buda Pesth assert
that 30 people were killed in a riot at
Maros Vasorhely
Muny gendarmes wore wounded
while attempting to disperse strikers
at Mervllle France
At Thursdays session of the Cuban
constitutional convention General Kl
vera tendered his resignation
Hon It W Steele tho first terri
torial governor of Colorado lies at tiiu
point of death at Colorado Springs
Part of the Oriental powder mills
at Newhall Me was demolished by an
explosion Thursday Two employes
were blown to atoms
In an explosion of natural gas at
the residence of Theodore Hosonbliisli
at Canton O Thursday Mr nnd Mrs
IloseiibluHh were terribly burned and
died a few hours later
Marshal Bennett who Is In tho field
with deputies ami federal troops near
Kufuula I T has arrested 21 more
members of Crazy Snakes band This
makes f0 arrests In this baud
The rumor afloat In Chicago that
the packing Interests of Armour Swift
and Nelson Morris were to be con
solidated with a capital of lrt000
000 wus denied by all the puckers
The 8 story building at Harrison and
Cunal streets Chicago owned by Ed
win Foss burned Thursday The ouly
tenants were two small manufacturing
concerns most of the structure behg
unoccupied Loss 7r000
Five women followers of Howie the
faith cure leader Invaded two drug
stores in Milwaukee avenue Chicago
Thursday and managed to destroy
considerable property In ono of the
stores before they could bo ejected
Whllo Marshal Gus II Crouch and
rollceman John McGlasson were at
tempting to arrest Clem Ferguson and
Les Taylor at Metropolis Ills Thurs
day the marshal wus shot and killed
and McGluHson slightly wounded
Both men are now In Jail
Is painfully evident on a good ninny farms in this seotion espe
cially in winter This should not be and nicicd not bo if you
who are shy on sheds will tnko the trouble to run in ami iihIc
our prioes Wo lmvu it good ntook of common boards plenty
good enough for sheds that wo will noil you nt u very low
price At our prices it is cheaper to own sheds than go without
VT - 11- W II IIUOHOI ProMlilnnt
IXfllTflI JT lALKXANDlCH llliAIt Viuo Prmifilim
lUf IUIjIy - w mT
National Bank
Capital 10000000
Surplus 2000000
Does a General Banking Business
Buys and Sells Exchange
Interest Paid on Tlmo Deposits
Drafts niul Money Orders Sold on any Point In Europe
A General Steamship and Foreign Passage MunlnesH Transacted
w Hnuaiuuz
-222 GKEfc AJOsT
G30 JLj 111
Exclusive agent lor the Celebrated Sweetwater Rock Spring Coal tho
best In the market
Scranton Hard Coal In all Hizes TELEPHONE Ol
Tried Them
You can leave the Missouri River after breakfast today on
arrivo California sooner than if you loftyostorday via any other train
v H Im bbj HI sy
in regal splendor can bo made
tho celebrated Union Puciflo train
This train runs via tho Overland
Route tho established route across
tho coutiuout It has perhaps the
most finely equipped cars in the
world There aro Doublo Drawing-
Room PiUnoe Sleopers broad vesti
buled Cars throughout Buffet Smoking and Library Cars with Barber
Shops and Pleasunt Reudiug Rooms Dining Oars meals being served
a la carte and every delieaoy is provided Tho cars aro illuminated
witli tho famous Pintsoh Light and boated with steam A notable
feature is that safety perfoct comfort and spoed aro all included
Only Two Nights
Missouri River and San Francisco
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