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The Norfolk Weekly News Journal
Reorganization Measure Passes
Its Last Stage In Congress
f mute Adopts Confrouio ltcport on tlio
11111 by u Voto or lit to 2l Seerul Ito
publican Ho unto in Voto Willi Democrats
Aitlusl tlio ltnpoit
WuHlilngtou Vcb 1 After an event
fill legislative experience twglnnlng
with the prcsont session ntitl covurlng
nbout two inonthH the bill for the re
organization of the United States
Army piissod lta last stttEu in congress
ttnd now goes to the president for his
signature The final step was taken
lu the scnute where by a vote of 113
to i5 the conference report on the
bill was agreed to The lioftvs of rep
resentatives already hnd agreed to the
report The conference report was
kept before the senate constantly yes l
terday even the shipping bill kIvIhj
way Opposition to tho bill continued
to bo vigorously expressed Teller
making an extended speech in
clsin of the war department and of
the measure In general An opposi
tion doveloped on the Republican sldo
to tho measure based on the alleged
freedom the conforeos had used In In
troducing new provisions
I On the final vote several Republican
senators voted with the Democrats
Against the report The vote in de
Yeas Alclrleh Allison nurd Clnpp Cul
leui Defooe TJopow Dillingham Dolltvar
Klklus KnlrlianKt Fo raker Fostor Frye
Hannn Hitwloy Kenn Kylp Ilndsuy
Lodge McKnory MorRiiii Nelnon lorldny
JMott Conn lroctor Quurlt Sewpll
Shotip Simon Stewart Thurston Wt
wore 33
Nnys Allen Bacon Unto Berry nutlor
Chandler Chilton Cluy Cockrcll
on Gttlllncur Hiilo Hoar Jones Ark
Krnncy McConian McCumhcr Mnllory I
Martin Pnrrn PntHirpw PrtH llnw
llns Teller Vost 25
The shipping bill was discussed dur
ing the latter part of the day and
Bonie progress wus made on amend
ments A speech by Rawlins Utah
against the bill was in progross at tho
close of the day Chandler announced
that a night session would be moved
today to udvauce the bill to its Until
I Iloiiao Fusses Fortification Hill
I Washington Feb 1 The house
yesterday passed the fortifications bill
nud made good progress on the post
office appropriation bill During tho
general debate on the former bill Ian
liam delivered a notable speech on tho
future of the Democratic party on
wiilfh he made a strong plea for unit
ed Democracy and counseled tho bur
ial of the hatchet and the welcoming
back of those who in the last two pres
idential campaigns have declined to
support the nominees of tho party
Many amendments were offered to tho
postoffice appropriation bill in the In
terest of various claims of postoflico
employes but they all wont down be
fore points of order by Loud who was
In charge of the bill
Committee to Look Into Charges Made by
Governor Lee
I IMerre S D Fob 1 Governor Her
reid sent to the sonate the names of
J P Foster of Bangor for stato vet
erinarian und I W Goodner of Pierre
nnd I N Aldrlch of Milbank as mem
bers of the board of regents of educa
tion The senate judiciary commit
tee proposed a joint resolution for an
Investigation committtco to consist of
three members of the senato and four
house members to investigate all
charges made by Governor Lee in his
message against tho heads of different
Institutions and members of the board
of charities and corrections The com
mittee Is to be granted full powors of
I Farmers Full 1roves Fatal
I Bloux Falls S D Feb 1 Word
reached here of what Is rumored to
have been a murder near Garretson
O J Aassen a prominent farmer liv
ing three miles south of Baltic was
thrown from his buggy at a point
seven miles from Garretson sustain
ing Injuries from which ho died be
fore a doctor reached him Ho leaves
a wife and two children The sheriff
and coroner have gone to the scene
The report is that Aassen had quar
reled with some one who was riding
with him and that he was assaulted
and forcibly thrown from tho buggy
I Myrtle Intimity Is Fatal
I Deadwood S D Feb 1 Myrtle
Btanley of Central City a raving ma
nlac died here yesterday A week
ago W C Stunley her father who
was separated from his wife 17 years
ago came to Deadwood and endeav
ored to coax his daughter Myrtle to
return with him to his homo at Den
ver The girl sat for three nights
guarding her invalid mother and her
self from imaginary attack from Stan
ley Signs of Insanity developed and
she died raving over her fathers
Talks to Illinois Kdltom
Chicago Feb 1 Members of the
Illinois Press association who are
holding their annual meeting In this
city listened to an address by Lafay
ette Young of the Des Moines Dally
Capital who Is tho guest of tho asso
ciation Mr Young In general spoke
on the position and Influence of the
country newspapers and among other
recommendations advocated the es
tablishment of advertising agencies
lluroprun Drnlnn to llo Shown tlin Atl
vuntiit of tho AinnrUinii lroilurt
St Louis Feb 1 Millers of St
Louis and vicinity hare made ar
rangements for running a special ex
cursion from the lending cities of
Great Ittitatu and the continent of
Kuropo to St Louis and the other
leading milling centers of tho United
States Their purpose Ih to enable
the principal Importer of Hour In
Kuropo to visit this and other mill
ing centers of America lu older that
the Kuropeaiis may become better ac
quainted with the advantages of
fered by American millers A meet
ing was called at which about 150 mill
ers were present Klngstand Smith
of London Knglaud explained the
condition or the Hour trade In Europe
and was enthusiastic In regard to the
proposed excursion He said that
the Hour Importer of the United
kingdom and tho continent are tho
wealthiest and most Influential merch
ants In Kuropo and that the export
flour tiule could be considerably In
creased by bringing these lmpirtcrs
here and cultivating their acquaint
ance He explained that It Is the In
tention to Invite all of tho leading
flour importers of Kuropo to Join tho
excursion which will arrive In New
York about May 1
Bituminous Coiil Operator ami Miners
llolilluE a Confurcnce lowiv nud
Michigan Itarrrd
Columbus O Feb 1 The Joint con
ference of the operators of Ohio In
diana Illinois and western Pennsyl
vania called to ilx the price of min
ing for tho scale year beginning April
1 1001 convened here yeaterday Tho
real work of the conference will begin
today with the appointment of tho
scale committee to which tho de
mands of the miners formulated at
the Indianapolis convention will be
submitted The operators and miners
of Iowa and Michigan will not be
admitted to tho joint conference
That was settled last night by the
committee on credentials after a pro
tracted discussion
The committee being unable to
agree the request was referred to tho
chairman who decided thnt Iowa and
Michigan should bo barred
The only point upon which there Is
absolute unanimity of sentiment
among the operators Is that no ad
vance will be conceded
Forces of Veiicuelun Insurgents Defeated
nnd Lenders Made Prisoner
WilloniHtad Island of Curaeoa Feb
1 Advices received here from Ven
ezuela confirm the reports of severe
lighting probably Tuesday last at
Aguafria in which the revolutionists
were completely defeated and aband
oned their arms and ammunition
Two sons of General Aeosta were
made prisoners
It is also further reported that the
principal leaders of the revolution
were subsequently intiile prisoners at
Carlpe near Matiturn In Venezu
elan government circles It was con
sidered that tho revolution was ended
Clerks Koli and Hum Storu
Houghton Mich Feb 1 Samuel
Abraham a clothing dealer has been
arrested charged with receiving stolen
goods Recently Millers clothing
store burned and Miller was charged
with burning his own store but
Louis La Fortune jaultor of the
block was caught selling clothing
bearing Millers cost marks und con
fessed that St John and Silverman
clerks had robbed Millers store sys
tematically and set it on lire to con
ceal their thefts Detectives claim
to have discovered evidence of a gi
gantic conspiracy covering Michigan
Wisconsin and Iowa for systematic
robbery and disposal of stolen goods
Gandy Gets u Tlallrond
Gandy Nob Feb 1 The special
election on the proposition to aid tho
Callaway Loup Valley nnd Northern
Railroad company in the construction
of a railroad from Callaway In Custer
county tho present terminus of the
Kearney and Black Hills railroad to
Gandy resulted in a victory for the
proposition Logan county votes 22
000 bonds In aid of the project The
people here are jubilant and cele
brated the victory with bonfires and
ISiirllutrnine It Qiinrnntlned
Topeka Feb 1 There are 20 eusct
of smallpox at Burlingame a city
south of hero and the entire pluce Is
quarantined The schools ch Irenes
and theaters are closed
Mrs Banks widow of General
Banks died at Walfham Mass
J Ogden Armour was elected a di
rector In tho Chicago Milwaukee and
St Paul road succeeding his father
Flro at Toledo Thursday destroyed
the Dolphin pulnt and color works and
Injured the adjoining buildings Loss
The directors of the Union Pacific
Railroad company Thursday declared
tho regular semiannual dividend of
2V per cont on tho common and pre
ferred stock
The committee In charge of prepara
tions for President McKlnelyu sec
ond Inauguration aro making progress
and aay the event promises to cclipso
any preceding inauguration in display j
nuu cuiuiueieuuus
Property Worth Million and a
Half is Consumed
Utililon In the Wlclco Hot Factory Is
rollowml bv a Costly Cimllii trrit lull
UiiiiiimI Aim Tike In it City lllovlt
Lumber Voids Scorched
New York Feb 1 The explosion
yesterday In the 7 story cigar box fac
tory of W Wicks Co lu KiikI Thirty
first street In which over IK persons
wcie Injured was followed last night
by one of the fiercest conflagration
New York has witnessed lu ninny
years causing an estimated loss of
lr00000 The burned area In gen
eral extent took lu about ono city
block The Wlcke company building
the building abutting It from Tlilrly
Hccoud street and several tenement
houses were among the destroyed
hulltllngH Several lumber ynrds In
the vicinity were considerably dam
aged Tho lire was witnessed by
thousands of people and was the most
spectacular one New York has ever
witnessed Tho panic stricken tenants
threatened were assisted out by tho
The force of the explosion In tho
shaving tower was tremendous The
disintegrated brick work fell on the
engine house crushing It nnd the ex
plosion cracked the big smoke stack -100
feet high Nearly 100 persons were at
work In the factory Three hundred
nnd fifty of them were women A pan
ic ensued
Only a few persons were Injured
none fatally
The lacolxon Iron works on the south
side of Thirty first street also suffered
considerable damage Swift Co
lumber ynrds In the rear of tho Wlckc
building and extending to the river
front were also damaged The table
factory of Theodore Saner was dam
aged to a slight extent and the sash
door and blind factory of Prince Carl
suffered a heavy loss The flames
leaped hundreds of feel Into tho air
and there were but few points In tho
entire borough of Manhattan from
which tho blaze could not bo seen For
blocks away from the lire tho flames
made it so light that papers could be
read with ease
Fire ItreaksOut After Midnight III Ilaso
meat of llouiiliiml Druj Company
Beatrice Neb Feb 1 Shortly ufter
nildiilghtthls morning fire was discov
ered In the basement of the building
occupied by the It 1 lloagland Drug
company and before the flames could
he got under control tho building and
contents were totally destroyed
Hoaglands loss which is fully cov
ered by Insurance Is placed at 5000
The building was owned by Ports Wil
son of Lincoln Numerous tenants of
the upper floors are losers to the extent
of from f 1000 to i000 among
the heaviest lowers being Dr Brash and
Photographer Woods
The new building adjoining the
lloagland store owned nnd occupied
by Begoles fe Vanarsdale Dry Goods
company was damaged slightly This
building was only recently completed
on the site of the old Begoles
Quesada and Nunez advocated the re
store which was destroyed by fire a
few months ago
Principal Playhouse lu Kansas Oily De
stroyed by Fire
Kansas City Feb 1 Fire last night
destroyed the Coates opera house tlio
principal theater of Kansas City
Walker Whiteside and his company
were playing Heart and Sword In
tlio house and had Just concluded the
evening performance when Bonie of
the actors discovered thut the build
ing was afire the flames enveloping
the whole rear part of the theater in
a few minutes The company lost
their wardrobes and scenery being
obliged to flee from their dressing
rooms Tho firemen were helpless to
check the flames and directed their
chief attention to the Coates hotel
diagonally across the street and the
largest hotel In the city Wind
blew great showers of cinders upon
tho hotel the guests were notified of
their danger and some left the house
but It was not damaged The theater
block Is a total wreck Loss 150000
llusliiess Iortlon of Aburcromblo N U
Wiped Out by Fire
Fargo N I Feb 1 The business
portion of Abercromble 30 miles south
of here was destroyed last night by
lire which Is reported to have been
started by an overturned lamp in a
muchinery house Botli the telegraph
and the telegraph wires are down
but messages from adjoining towns
state that the lire was controlled after
11 business houses had been de
stroyed These Include the hank post
oflico Milwaukee depot elevator and
two implement warehouses three
general stores drug store and tele
phone exchange The loss is placed at
from 80000 to 00000 with less than
10000 insurance There was no lite
Crusade Against Drue Stores
Topeka Feb Mrs J A Mc
Henry editor of tho Searchlight
printed ut Howard Kan lu tho Inter
est of temperance Is In town ready
for a crusade on tho drug store
Appiotc OiKiuliilloii or rillplmis Mtinle
I pul Ooiel iiiiients
Manila lcb 1 The act organising
municipal government In the Philip
pines was passed by the Itillcd States
toiniulsslou yestcnlay after the atlop
tloit of amendments Including a pio
Msiou dlsunlllylug fiom voting and
holding olllie any person who alter
April 1 Is in arms against or aiding
llioso opposing the rutted States au
The power to review election Irregu
hultles Is transferred from the gover
nor of the province to the election
Judges A provision Is added for re
turns and ic cords of births niurrlngcH
and deaths The presidents symbol
of olllce Is designated as a gold
headed tassel cane
The cabled statement that tho
movement toward PtntexInntlMin In
tint Illll I I til I
kiiii ir in ir imiii twin
Ishlng rapidity Is exaggerated Tlio
Methodists Presbyterians Kplscopal
Inns and British and Anifrlcan socle
ties have worked in Manila and Its vi
cinity for two years and the member
shin of the four Molhnillsl ihIhmIihii
lu tfll I I I - I IWii I
in inn in u runriiii uiiirv in iwmi
the Presbyterian mission Iuih a na
tive membership of
rnc Agxnt Said to lime Horn Kxnoutod
on i dor or Couoi nl
DliiniKO IMIurs
Cape Town Feb 1 The Boer at
tack oa the Moeksliurg mines resulted
In damages amounting to 100000
Four or live hundred Moers recently
evaded the British patrols reached
Benoiil and attempted to destroy tlio
mines Some fighting resulted and tho
Boers were beaten off carrying nway
most of their wounded and leaving two
wounded behind them The British
captured three prisoners One Briton
was wounded
The commissioner at Kroonstad re
ports that Andrles Wessels one of
the peace envoys was shot at Klip
fonteln Ian 28 by orders of General
He wet
Duo Kolilier Tumbles Dead Dow n Stairs
Other Is Cnplui cl
San Frnnclso Fob 1 Ktlward Hall
a barber shot aim killed a burglar last
night lu a lodging house at VS1 Tay
lor street after nearly losing his own
life Hall who lives in the house went
to his room which was opened by ono
of two men who were engaged in rill
ing the apartment The burglar In
stantly drew a revolver and pulled
the trigger The cartridge railed to
explode Hall grappled with tho man
securing possession of the pistol Tho
other burglar then rushed toward
hlin In nn attempt to secape Hall
fired at him as he reached the door
The bullet entered his brain and lie
crashed headlong down the stairs fall
ing dead at the bottom Tho other
burglar was captured
Duke Henry at Tho llnuo
The Hague Feb 1 Duke Henry of
Mooklonburg Schwerin wiioin Queen
Wllhelmina will many made his for
mal entry Into the capital last even
ing wearing the uniform or a Dutch
general In thanking the various otll
clals who welcomed him he spoke the
Dutch language Knormous crowds
displayed the wildest enthusiasm
Tho duke drove io the palace where
Queen Wllhelmina awaited him In tho
Tun Allies of Warships
Cowes Feb 1 A glittering cres
cent of light stretched last evening
from Cowes to Portsmouth It con
sisted of ten miles of warships tho
pick of tho British Fronch and Ger
man navies These lie at anchor
ready to take part In todays ceremon
ies when the navy will pay a last trib
ute to tho sovereign whose reign was
marked by tho greatest naval progress
In the history of the nation
II libber Trust Announces Cut
Chicago Feb 1 The United Stntes
Rubber company will put In effect to
day a cut of 18 per cont on all Its man
ufactured goods It Is declared the In
ependent companies will meet tho re
duction The circular announcing
the companys plan was Issued on
Wednesday but was kept a secret In
tho hope of surprising the rival con
corns Rival houses were well ac
quainted with the plan
Whisky Snlesmaii Sent to Jail
Topeka Feb 1 The people of Wav
erly Kan are up In arms against the
joints Yesterday in that place a
whisky salesman representing a Kan
sas City firm was arrested for taking
orders for whisky Ho was con
victed nnd fined 200 nnd GO days In
jail Ho expects to be released on
habeas corpus proceedings
Tallin f Ittiislou Money
Ottumwa la Feb 1 A law point
which Is of exceeding luterost to pen
sioners throughout the nation Is raised
in a suit brought here in which Hon
Calvin Manning Is plaintiff and Coun
ty Treasurer John II Spry and Wap
ello county are the defendants The
question is can pension money bo
Kansas Kdltor lu Session
Topeka Feb 1 The editors of Kan
sas lu besslon here urged nn appro
priation of 50000 for n Kuusas ex
hibit In the Pan American exposition
at Buffalo The editors also de
cided that they would have an excur
sion to Buffalo next uuniasr
VnGjt IOBMisMSmLiMtflsal3LujlJfiJusftjKmMM on i iimii wucmkihi JJwjR
i VSiAJCSsHfAXiBlswAljHIWTBilsKBlLassnssBsasKinRFrLiri
H Its bad enough to pay too muuh for what lumber you buy DH
H but when you come to use tho stull and tlutl it ti couple of B
sssl iriuloH worun I ban ll looked in tho iiile von ato einiclil n eomliur HH
HB and a golng sure enough Our lumber Is as good as is mado It Pfl
BH Is honest lumber every hoaid strictly tin to gtado Always VaB
m glad to hIiow you anything you want mid tell you tho price IH
BBBBMBflrSJaflflciii hmiit frToTiiBEijyMnlBBMssiMolLr
liiANIllt lliAlt Vint Wiimliluut
W IT iishlor
National Bank
Capital 10000000
Surplus 2000000
Does a General Banking Business
Buys and Soils Exchange
Interest Paid on Time Deposl Is
Drafts and Money Orders Sold on any Point In Kuropfc
A General Steamship and Foreign Passage HusIiichh TriuiHiioted
The Norfolk Btiiidin and Loan Assn
C B DURLAND Secretary
I 1 3
00 i
1 Exclusive agent lor the Celebrated Sweetwater Rock Spring Coal the i
nest in mo umrKCb
Scranton Hard Coal in all hi tea TELEPDONK HI
Tried Them
Crowning Virtue
Beltov Mo July 17
For yers IsuHercd terrible pains erery
month anil my doctor told me I could not
be cured except by an operation I frit I
could not submit to that and was so des
poudent I had given up all Hopes of u euro
My husband Insisted on my trying Wineol
Cardut and at lat thank God I did try It
Last month I did not h ive a pain and did
all my work which I had not douo in seven
I s Lr
Modesty Is the crowning virtue of American women It Is the trait
that all mankind admires A modest woman is the most pleasing of all
created things Because of this becoming virtue thousands of women
prefer to suffer untold miseries rather than confide their troubles to a
physician and to even think of submitting to an examination is revolt
ing They cant get their own consent to an operation Wine of Cardul
permits sensitive women to retain their modesty With it they can cure
female troubles in the quiet of their own rooms If special treatment
Is required they can write to the Advisory Department of the Chatta
nooga Medicine Co and their letters will be promptly answered by
For ad vice In cae s rrqulrlne special
directions adJrrss trtTlnxstiiiiitoiiis
U4Wldilrlpl ItMlUTTiMHJUl
women trained in tne cure 01
womanly weaknesses and irregu
larities There should be no hesita
tion Delayed treatment means a
chronic condition The longer
postponed the harder to cure