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Armed Creeks Preparing to At-
v tack Town of Bristow
Aliprul lu niamitlillril Klcinnnt to Unite
I Acalniit tho SoIdlrm CJovernur llioun
i tr the Heiitlnolcft Apiiculu for llilii lu
llu Council t Ilrnitli Hill
Muskogee I T Ian The Crook
tiprlsliiR Is growing to dangerous pro
Marshal Bennett hus just reoolvcd a
telegram from Hrlstow I T announc
ing that 000 nrmod Creeks Htatloued
two miles from thorc are prepared to
nttack tlto town and pleading for pro
tection from the marshal Marshal
Bennett and Agent Shoenfelt are
swearing In large numbers of deputies
whom they are forwarding to the
eeene of trouble It Is now feared
they will reach the town too late and
the mayor of Bristow has been In
structed to swear in ull the men neces
sary to protect the town Holdlers are
being hurried from Fort Heno to tho
seat of the trouble Indian Agent
Khocnfelt will ask for more help as
it Is found that one company of cav
alry cannot handle the situation for
the Indians are dividing up Into bands
of 100 Marshal Bennett with six dep
uties Is about to leave for Eufuala
where Crazy Snake was seen yester
day and will attempt his capture The
Snake band Is within three miles of
Jlrlstow and are reported to have
whipped white men The Dawes com
mission are fearful for the safety of
their party of appraisers headed by
llepresentatlve Ilackbust of Leaven
worth Kan and who are in the
Wetnmpka district Nothing has been
Leard from them for two days
Choctaw Uprlalnt
South McAllster I T Tan 25
Yesterdays reports of a Choctaw up
rising are fully continued Scouts
sent out from this city last night re
port that the dlssatistied Choetaws
have a number of the Creek Snakes
among them nnd they have been
iuletly organizing and arming for
eome time They call themselves the
Choctaw Snakes They comprise all
those Indians who nre opposed to al
lotment and the conflict is between
them and the treaty Indians While
non citizens are not in danger It is
stated that the Snakes have planned to
destroy nil the railroads In their na
tion by burning bridge nnd section
houses on a preconcerted night They
have deposed Governor Duke and Is
sued an order to all citizens to cense
leasing or renting to whites The
llrst offense they -will punish with 50
lashes they say ears will be out off
for tho second offense and death for
the third They have organized and
have lenders In every Choctaw county
and claim to have a membership of
United States Marshal fJrady has
rent the leaders word that arrests will
follow the first violation of the law
N no matter what may be the result He
has wired the department for permls
lou to fiwenr In special deputies and If
this Is granted he says he will be nble
to handle them and will not ask for
There Is to be n meeting of the ftdl
bloods Saturday and the marshal says
he will attend It If he erm nnd give
the Indians a talk The Indians nre
riding over the country In bands of
five or six serving their notices 5en
rral Superintendent Harris of the
Choctaw railway who was here last
night from Little Rook has enioined
rspecial watchfulness tinon all em
ployes of the line In the Indian Terri
Indian Art Recruiting
Muskogoe I T Jan 25 The fact
that General Lee has ordered a de
tachment of cavalry from Fort lteno
to the scene of the Indian uprising in
the Creek nation has aroused the
Creeks to a grenter degree of de
fiance and they are seuding out light
horsemen al lover the four tribes ter
ritory appealing to the dlssatistied to
join them against the soldiers Gover
nor Brown of the Semlnoles has ap
pealed to the authorities here for aid
for a number of his tribe threaten to
join the Creeks nnd it Is expected that
within 24 hours they will number over
aOOC armed Indians all of whom will
be compelled to swear allegiance to
their cause and stand In defense
gainst the soldiers
Marshal Bennett und Indian Agent
Bhoenfelt have marshaled their forces
of deputies and Indian police together
and have ordered them to go to Brush
11111 located ten miles west of Checo
tah where the Indians are In council
They also carry message from these
government officials stating that ir
the Indians will lay down their arms
nnd Bubmlt to arrest that they will be
treated with every courtesy and be
consulted lu the settling of their griev
ances Some fear that this move Is
not a wise one while others are say
ing It Is what the Snake band has
been contending for and the Indians
ore wllllngto compromise
The cavalry ordered from Fort Reno
will arrive over the Choctaw at ITold
enrlllc Rnd will mnkc an overland
charge Into the nation
May IIuvo IJcen Kidnaped
Atlauta Gu Jan 25 J T Patter
son has asked the police to find his
sou Alonzo Patterson a
boy who disappeared from his homo lu
this city last Tuesday Mr Patterson
believes his boy has been kidnaped
The family of Hass Krnaer who Is be
lieved to have been kidnaped two
wcekB ago from the leorgla school
of technology have given up hope of
ever seeing him again
St IouU Votlcrmmi Shot In tho Arm ami
Trimmer tat Auj
St Louis Jan Lo ore daylight
yesterday morning 1ollce Sergeant
James Hickman of the mounted dis
trict had a pistol duel with a horse
thief that he encountered in the west
ern city limits and was severely
wounded In the left arm Tho robber
escaped though It Is thought he was
badly wounded The sergeants horse
received two bullets In the neck and
another from tho robbers revolver
went though the olllcers cape Two
horses that the robber left behind were
retained by the police
Sergeant Hickman arrested the
horsethlef about r a m As they were
proceeding to the police station the
roliber suddenly drew a revolver and
shot Sergeant Hickman In the left
nrm which stopped a bullet Intended
for his heart An exchange of shots
followed until both weapons wero
emptied and then the two men came to
close quarters clubbing guns Hick
man almost had his man overpowered
when his strength gave out from the
loss of bljod and tho robber escaped
Mr Nut Ion Mi cts lliifiiacloun Wife or ft
Saloon Kciur nt Kiitd prlorMlrror
SlURihcr I HoiHcnrhlpptMl
Enterprise Kan Jan 2 A street
tight between women led on one sldo
by Mrs Carrie Nation the saloon
wrecker with a following of V C T
U women and on the other by Mrs
John Schilling wife of the manager
of the snloou wrecked Wednesday
who was backed by a dozen women
who championed the saloons was en
acted here yesterday
As a result Mrs Nation swore out
warrants against Mrs Schilling and
her husband and Mrs William Din
ner charging them with assault nnd
Mnyor Hoffman swore out a warrant
against Mrs Nation charging her with
disturbing the peace All were ar
rested and taken before Judge K B
Holt They were roleased on bond
The fracas was started by Mrs
Schilling At 10 oclock Mrs Nation
In company with Mrs C B Hoffman
nnd some other Womens Christian
Temperance union womon entered a
store two doors away from William
Shooks saloon which Is still unmo
lested Mrs Nation apparently to
give him warning that she would at
tack his place sent for Shook He
complied but before ninny words were
exchanged between the two she was
assaulted by a crowd ot women par
tisans of the saloons who had organ
ized since last nights raid and hud
been nwnltlug the threatened destruc
tion of the saloon property A gen
eral fight between the women ensued
during which a woman heavily veiled
rained blow after blow upon Mrs Na
tion with a horsewhip Men drawn
to the scene became interested spec
tators but offered no aid to either
side Quiet was restored only when
the police Interfered Mrs Nntlon
was badly bruised
Mrs Nation left last night for Hope
Kan where she will hold a meeting of
the temperance women this afternoon
From there she will go to Kansas City
Knn tomorrow nnd will begin the
usual operations there There nre
two Joints In Hope nnd the liquor peo
ple there nre terror stricken at the
knowledge of her coming
CliuuCaiiqiia Superintendent ICIi ctnl
Beatrice Jan 25 Hew C S Dudley
of Chicago was elected superintendent
of Instruction of the Beatrice Chuutau
qun for the ensuing year
The Cuban constitutional convention
Thursday began the draft of the consti
tution recently submitted by the cen
tral commiUee
Arrangements have just been com
pleted whereby all the corrugating
plants in Ohio have been put under
one management
James Francis Algar for tho past
15 years general agent of the Union
Pacific railroad died Thursday at his
residence in St Louis
Thirty live persons perished In a
hurricane at Herro Norway Jan 22
Sixty boats wero sunk In the harbor
and eight houses blownsaway
Fifteen hundred acres of sugar cane
were burned Thursday as the result
of political friction on Joseph BIgneyH
plantation near Manzanlllo Cuba
The California legislature passed a
resolution Thursday protesting against
ratification of the Jamaican reciprocity
treaty pending before the United States
The senate committee on the Philip
pines Thursday decided to report fa
vorably the bill providing for the
maintenance of u soldiers library at
For the first time lu five years the
great International curling trophy tho
Walkerville tankard was won by
American rinks at St Paul Thursday
the Canadians being beaten by a total
score of 11G to 03
A cablegram received Thursday at
the navy department from Admiral
Itemey at Manila announces the de
parture of the Solace for Guam with
ten Filipino political prisoners de
ported by General MacArtUur
Complete Substitute for House
Bill Reported
Cut Kneeled hv t tin Niimtti Hill Will It
MmllHni Tolmcio mid llucr Miiterlutly
Itvdnivd Many Mump Taint tlvpcalori
Washington Jan 25 Senator Al-
drlch chairman of the senate commits
tec on llnnnco yesterday rcportedtlio
war revenue reduction bill back to tho
senate The committee reports a com
plete substitute for the bill as it
passed the house Senator Aldrlch
made a statement explaining the
changes which are as follow
Stamp taxes repealed Promissory
notes mortgages bills of lading for
export powers of attorney protest
charter party certlllcntes of nil kinds
leases warehouse receipts telegraphic
dispatches telephonic messages pas
sage llckets costing less than I0 ex
press receipts freight receipts bonds
except bonds of Indemnity legacies to
religious charitable literary or educa
tional Institutions
Special taxes repealed Commer
cial brokers
Taxes reduced Conveyances Insur
ance Bunkers capital proprietary
medicines cigars tobacco and beer
The tax on beer Is placed at 150 per
barrel and on tobacco at 0 cents per
The statement says that having nl
ways In view the revenue requirements
of the government the purpose of the
committee has been to repent such of
the taxes IiudommI by tho wnr reve
nue net of 180S as are most annoying
and burdensome to tax payers to re
tain such as would be kept as a perma
nent part of our revenue system or nt
least retained until nil wnr tnxes can
be repealed and to reduce others as
fairly nnd equitably as possible by
some general plan of reduction Pur
suing this general plan It lias been
possible to reduce the Intfes nffected
approximately one half
Taking the estimates of the trensury
department ns n basis the reduction
of revenue effected by the bill will be
nearly S 10000000 n reduction some
whnt less than was produced by the
bill ns it passed the house of repre
Pettlirrevr Makes Sharp Attack on tha
Diiwi CoiuinUnion
Washington Jan 25 The senate
yesterday devoted tho day to the In
dian appropriation bill and made only
fair progress The chief feature of
the debate was a sharp attack by Pet
tigrew on the Dawes commission
which he said was extravagant and
was accomplishing little In the way or
results An interesting announcoment
made by him was that he did not pro
pose to filibuster against any bill The
ship bill was not taken up but today
will witness a speech on it by Depew
It then will give away to appropria
tion bills Frye saying he did not wish
to delay them At the opening the
senate adopted the Pettlgrew resolu
tion concerning the reported deporta
tion of A Mnblnl a citizen of the Phil
ippines to Guam
Naval Hill In Iloiite
Washington JHn 25 The house yes
terday considered the naval appro
priation bill all day and completed It
with the exception of one paragraph
The Item for Increase of the navy will
remain as reported namely two bat
tleships and two cruisers Some op
oposition was manifested to any In
crease of the navy nnd Mr Cannon of
Illinois sounded a note of warning as
to the size of our annual appropria
tions and added that with lhe present
appropriation i20000000 would have
been spent on our new navy and We
should stop
Tiiiittiniint Itrcwcr Fate
Washington Jan 25 Adjutant Gen
eral Corbln received a cable message
yesterday from General Mat Arthur in
response to his inquiry as to the case
of First Lieutenant Uichard II Brewer
of the Twenty seventh volunteer infan
try who was reported to have been
burled alive by the Filipinos General
MacArthur says that young Brewer
and Sergeant Schrader of his regiment
disappeared Sopt H last and neither
has since been heard from notwith
standing the most constnnt nnd dili
gent search uid It Is feared they were
murdered by the insurgents
Gardner Get tha Ilare
Sioux Falls S D Jan 25 The
South Dakota railroad commission has
perfected reorganization The strug
gle for appointment an secretary of the
commission between David Bicker
Peter Haas of Siour Falls Frank
Gardner of Sturgls nnd T B Roberts
of Armour terminated iu a victory for
Senator Smith Want Arbitration
Topeka Jan 25 Senator Smith In
troduced a bill In the senate yesterday
providing for the arbitration of labor
troubles The bill provides that a
court of record be established to have
jurisdiction In all labor disputes The
Court Is to consist of three Judges and
possess full common law and equity
WuUon Succeed Sid Kent
Lincoln Jan 25 Governor Dietrich
yesterday appointed G K Watson of
Omaha to succeed Sydney P Kent us
deputy labor commissioner and head
of the state bureau of statistics
Operation on KriiKra Kyi
Ilrecht Jan 25 An operation was
performed on Mr Krugers eyes by
Professors Nelcii unit Dhrcymnns The
operation was perfectly successful
rUouiigrtyh Cotiipanlr Sim Inventor for
Ill each of Contt act Willi Them
New York Jun 25 The New York
Phonograph company has tiled suit for
V 25000 damages against Thomas IM
son iiml Ids various phonograph
companies Including the Kdlsou Plio
ungraph company and the National
Phonograph companies The Ndvlsa
hlllty id bringing the suit was made
tho subject of Investigation and report
liv a special committee appointed Inst
September by Hhj members of the Na
tional Phonograph association In lis
llfth annual convention nt Cincinnati
K Judge Howard W Hayes counsel
for Thomas A Kdlson said The
action Is undoubtedly based on n claim
to territorial right to New York state
on Mr Fdlsons phonographic Inven
tions We are qulle ready to meet It
Tho New York Phonograph company
claims 1 believe to possess the patent
rights for New York on all the Kdlson
Invent Ions rein I lug to the phonograph
since 1SNN and for 15 years after that
date The fact Is that Instead of Mr
Kdlson having violated his contract
he lost between 1 00000 and f 500000
In the deal out of which tills euse has
General MitcArthnr Compel Maulla Kill I or
to Iteliirn to United
imillud an an Incendiary
Manila Jan 25 MacArthur
has ordered the deportation to the
United States of George T Ulce editor
of the Daily Bulletin a marine Jour
nal Kite will sail on the Pennsylva
nia next Monday The order charac
terizes him as a dangerous Incendiary
and a menace to the military situa
Bices offense was tho publication of
allegations Hint Lieutenant Com
mander William Braunersrciilher cap
tain of the port had charged excessive
pilotage and moorage fees per cent
of which lie had kept for himself Rice
came from Bed Wing Minn and was
formerly a member of the Minnesota
Slicrll StroiiK Arrcntrt a Voinifr Man on
Complaint of u Virginia Liveryman
Tecumsch Neb Jan 25 A man
about 24 years old has been arrested
by Sheriff C B Strong on a charge of
theft It seeing that he hired a team
and buggy from the liveryman at Vir
ginia tiage county drove to tills city
and attempted to sell the rig Not be
ing able to dispose of tlto whole outlit
he sold one of the horses to A B
Cooper who in turn sold if to a foreign
horse buyer who was in the city
About that lime word came from
the liveryman at Virginia asking that
his horses and the man be held The
alleged thief had hired another rig
and started on east on the Brownville
road and the oflicers arrested him near
Graf He was brought back and land
ed In the county Juil He gave his
name ns 101 1 McBiide He was taken
hack to Virginia to answer to the
charge of horse stealing
I on a Vuterlmirle ICleit Ofllrfira
Don Moines Jan 25 The Iowa State
Medical Veterinary association yester
day adopted resolutions severely crit
icising the action of the federal gov
ernment for the nlleged Indiscrimliintc
distribution of vaccine among cattle
men who do not know how to properly
use It Otileers were elected as fol
lows President P O Cuto Forest
City vice presidents S II Kingery
Creston P Malcolm New Hampton
secretary and treasurer J D Brown
llaukriipted lir Employe
Fort Dodge In Jan 25- II S Mln
nick a prominent grocer of this city
Hied petition In bankruptcy yesterday
Creditors have claims against him
to the amount of -1000 He Is In
debted to several banks of the city for
large sums Mlnnlck claims that he
has been systematically robbed by em
ployes to the extent of aboul 2500
The case Is creating n sensation ns
Mlnnlck was considered a wealthy
man and his failure was totally unex
Congressman Neville of Nebraska
continues to improve and is rapidly
ulnlug strength
The coffee war between the Arbuckle
and Woolson Interests has reached the
Ohio supreme court
The Cleveland and Pittsburg flyer
left the track near Pittsburg Thurs
day Knglueor Hooland was fatally
By nn explosion of hot metal at the
lSelluIre O steel works Thursdny
Thomas Murphy was burned to a crisp
and four others seriously burned
Dr It A White iu a spoech before
the mldcontluent congress of religious
at Chicago Thursday declared against
the subsidizing of great Atnericau uni
versities by millionaires
Fred Lawrence entered a saloon at
1023 Clark street Chicago Thursday
night and after remarking that he
would give an Imitation of how they
do things in Kansas proceeded to
smash up the tixtures lie was ar
The NoRFiiy Weekly News Journal
no tilt i til piII
i I
This Kind of a Man
DocHtit Unowthc dlllcrcucc between good lumber and poor
lumber Any old slulV would suit him Hut our stock wasnt
bought for Midi follows aft him It was bought for the most
particular men In the coiiinuinlty If you happen to bo one
of those particular chaps and want some extra nice lumber
heres the place to got It Prices Low as you get anywhere
twi i iiMiti mitfoiul
VT 1 1 w lW II HlCIIOI IrcKiililit
IXI ill I mf UXAN1KI Illilt Vlro lmiilimt
J JlffjtV K W JTZ
National Bank
Capital 10000000
Surplus 2000000
Does a General Banking Business
Buys and Soils Exchange
Interest Paid on Tlmo Deposits
Drafts and Money Carders Sold on any Point In Europe
A General StcamBhlp and Foreign Passage UuslneHB Transacted
SEE 5-
The Norfolk Building and Loan Assn
C B DURLAND Secretary
Exclusive agent lor the Celebrated Sweetwater Bock Spring Coal the
best In the market
Scranton Bard Goal in all sizes TELEPHONE Ol
Tried Them
Boons Iowa Dec 14
No tongue cn tell what I have riidurrd
In the past ten years with my mouthlysick
nea While luHering untold akiniy a
friend called and recomwrmlrd Wine ot
Cardui I sent for a bottle and Ohl what
relief After the flrit dose I beKan to feel
better and have had no pain alnce
1orKlTlc In rfa rqulttiiK ci lal
mtri tluni atldrru glrliik ytniioiit
UdudurJip OktiUnMiH
nvmaBiu unaiianuosa irnu
Wine of Cardui not only cures but It acts AT ONCE Here is x case
of ten years standing and yet one single dose nude the sufferer feel better
and stopped the pain The Wine goes straight to the seat of the trouble
It acts directly upon the menstrual and genital organs Its action b not
violent and it does not force a result It simply gives Nature that little
assistance that the sufferers system lacks A single disorder in the
feminine organs spreads many disorders all over the body and when the
Wine cures the source all the other ills vanish as a matter of course A
woman can be her own physician and cure herself at home Local ex
aminations are largely things ot tne
past the obnoxious custom is no
longer necessary Wine of Cardui
is the only perfectly safe and sure
vegetable wine made to day for
the cure of female troubles
Druggists sell Large Bottles for 100
ulyj z ro M f ii 1