The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, January 11, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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Hidden ly Uuk nJ dint they lit
Lndcr Hie fpiclous cues
and broken and ill awry
tlio Mwi of TratJ Rone b
Jiit itiooint depth rcrcUrt
Leather bound hooka of l dchrn
With yellow and well Irajed Icavti
Chirfl telling of tliltiKi dhluc
A rraikcJ decanter cnlaheled Wlae
Under the gloomy eatti
A tiny cricket a broken chair
A brlndle cowhide trunk
A tlranjrc old tine ao rough and squira
Killed with ruty cooklnpt ware
And other kitchen Junk
A little cradle rude and plain
How fancy round It wear
The tale of mother Joy and pain
That all these tleetliiff years had lain
Under the gloomy catca
And so to each poor castaway
Home tcndii faiiry cleaves
The gentle olcc that ot did aay
Oh rave It ct another dayl
Under the apaclous eae
II II Itlchardson In Boston Courier
i The Romance
01 a Lost Nickel
4 And How It Got Into
tho Possession of Its
Kiffhtful Owner
By W R Rose
1 He had conic to Cleveland to accept
the offer of an extensive manufactur
ing concern They wanted a first class
chemist they were about to conduct
extensive experiments Rupert Pratt
had been highly recommended by east
ern experts and they engaged him It
was an excellent situation with a line
salary and the certainty of liberal re
gards If the experiments ho was con
ducting turned out winners He liked
I1I3 position he liked the city and yet
lie was lonely
Ilupcrt Pratt was slow at making
Irlends He had uever overcome a nat
ural shyness In all tils school career
bo possessed but oue strong friend
They had parted the day after they
took their degrees If Tracy Grant had
remained with Itupert under the same
roof shnrlug tils thoughts and aspira
tions It would have been different
But when Tracy left him Itupert slip
ped back into his hermit ways He
studied he experimented he took long
-walks and rides But he made no
friends and his heart hungered foe hu
man companionship
Early in November he had occasion
to visit the cast end One of the offi
cers of the company was convalescing
from a long Illness and had expressed a
desire to hear the bright young chemist
describe to him the results of certain
important experiments he had been
conducting Itogcr boarded the Euclid
car at Erie street late in the afternoon
and found It pretty well filled He took
a scat about the middle of the car and
drawing a letter from his pocket pe
rused It with great interest It was
from Tracy Grant from Hongkong
iWhere Tracy had secured through the
Influence of English friends a position
as manager of an exporting house It
was a bright cheery letter and it did
Rupert good
1 Let me know when you finally set
tle down tho writer said You tell
me you have an excellent offer from
the west Have you accepted It And
where Is it You dont write half
enough about yourself dear boy I
particularly want to know where you
are going because my little sister has
Just finished college and is to reside
with our aunt and it is possible that
you will become acquainted a consum
mation devoutly to be wished
1 The car stopped and Itoger was
aware that a young woman had come
aboard He looked up and found she
was standing In the aisle beside him
It was only a hasty glance that he gave
ijjcr but he was aware that she pos
sessed a face that was strongly attract
ive and that her eyes were perhaps
the tenderest and the brightest he had
ever seen Ho crumpled up his letter
and quickly rising offered her his seat
She accepfed It with thanks A mo
inent later she hnd deftly crowded up
the two women who occupied the seat
and made room for Itupert As she
pointed to the vncant place he noticed
that she looked at him a little curious
ly It was a ladylike scrutiny but
Itupert found it confusing
1 A moment later the conductor came
up the aisle Itupert hastily felt In his
pocket and passed out a nickel The
young woman handed the conductor a
dime That official promptly returned
tlier the nickel which Rupert had Just
given him and which he had retained
In his hnnd As It fell In her neatly
gloved palm Rupert started and turned
pale He recognized the coin It was
this dearly prized pocket piece tho pock
et piece Tracy Grant had given him
jwlth the alleged Hindoo hallmark ou
one side which meant according to
Tracy I am never lonesome and
that In turn meant according to Tracy
jthat the talisman would always attract
other coins to the owners pocket
Cherish It like the apple of your eye
eald Tracy until you meet the girl
iwbo Is to win your love and wear your
name and then have It made Into a
bangle fpr her with Brother Tracys
best wishes
I And here was this precious token of
David and Jonathan friendship slip
ping Into the dainty purse of a strange
young woman What could he do He
must ask her for it Could he summon
up the courage Ho tried He framed
the words he would use He moistened
his tongue
I Then the car suddenly halted at a
cross street nud while his attention
was momentarily distracted the young
woman arose and giving him a bright
look that was so unmistakably friend
ly that It almoBt took his breath away
lighted from the car with the nickel
of conn
It Rupert oftly groaned Tula would
never do The car was In motion lie
hastily strode back to the platform
wad lcapctl lightly to tho pavement
When ho reached tho corner of tho
street down which tho young woman
had turned ho saw hor ascending tho
steps of the second house a handsome
Btoue residence on the west side of tho
Then Ruperts courage wilted again
He turned and walked up the street
He wheeled about and came back Ho
couldnt give up thnt precious nickel
He walked to tho house In whlolt
he hnd seen the charming young wo
man disappear and boldly ascending
the stopR pressed tho bell button A
neat serving maid nnswered the sum
mons Uupert felt In his pockets Ho
hadnt a card with him
1 wish to see the young lady of tho
house he said
The maid looked at him sharply
Something about his appearance must
have softened Iter henrt
Come In she said and 1 will call
Miss Leslie What name please
The name replied Rupert Is of
no consequence Tell her a gentleman
desires to see her for n moment or
two And ho wondered nt his own
The maid disappeared and almost
Immediately a hnudsome elderly lady
with a motherly look came Into the
You wished to see my niece sho
Inquired with n rapid glance that took
In the callers general appearance Ru
pert slightly Hushed He bowed and
I came on a somewhat peculiar er
rand he stammered If your niece
Is the young lndy whom I saw entering
the house a few moments ago she Is
the person I wish to see
My niece entered tho house a few
moments ago said the elderly lady
but she is at the present time engag
ed I Infer that you are a stranger
Can you tell mo the nature of your
I have como madam stammered
Rupert who was finding this ordeal
very trying indeed I have come for a
The elderly lady looked astonished
I would not Infer from your appear
nncc she snid that your circum
stances could be so so straitened
Rupert wiped his forehead
You misunderstand me mndam ho
said I am not asking charity I I
simply want to exchange nickels with
your niece
How very extraordinary murmur
ed tho old lady
It is indeed said Rupert and he
wished himself at tho other end of
Ohio In fact he was just about to
bolt through the hall door when with a
little swish of drapery the young wo
man he hud seen on the car came into
tho room Somehow her appearanco
called back Ruperts oozing courage
He paused and faced her with a bow
Will you kindly listen while I ex
plain this intrusion he asked Then
he hurriedly added I sat next to you
on the car this afternoon In handing
the conductor my fare I Inadvertently
gave him a nickel that I value very
highly It was the gift of a dear friend
now far away This nickel the con
ductor gave you In change I saw and
recognized It as it dropped into your
hand I have come here to beg of you
to permit me to redeem It He paus
ed and the ladles looked at each other
It is quite an extraordinary story
said the young womnn and Itupert
heard her voice for the first time and
a charming voice It was
Just what 1 remarked said the
Just what I am prepared to admit
said Rupert
It might of course be true said
the young woman
It might said the elderly lady
It Is said Rupert He gathered
himself up again If you will take
the trouble to look in your purse you
will find the proof
I will look said the young woman
It will necessitate my going up stairs
She turned in the doorway Did you
say your name was on the coin
No said Itupert there Is only a
cabalistic sign on It
She turned again
Will you bo seated Mr She
paused expectantly
Pratt Rupert Pratt replied the
young man Thank yon And he sat
down As he did so a lightning glnncc
passed between the ladles And then
the younger lady disappeared
There was oue thing in your favor
said the elderly lady with a friendly
smile Lena our maid never admits
suspicious looking strangers Tho fact
that she let you in Is greatly to your
Rupert laughed
It may bo to my credit ho said
and yet I have never been prepared to
admit that there was the slightest sug
gestion of a suspicious character in
my general appearance At the same
time I will acknowledge that I have
felt during the last quarter of an hour
as much like a confidence man as It is
possible for an innocent youth to feel
And then the young woman reap
It Is too bad she said but just as
I was entering my room my purse drop
ped to the floor and scattered the coins
In every direction Your nickel must
have hidden itself with great care be
cause I failed to find it
Rupert hastily arose
Im very sorry to have put you to
all this annoyance he said and Im
especially sorry that I have been una
bio to prove the honesty of my purpose
In Intruding upon you Good after
One moment cried tho young wo
man I havent given it up yet 1
will make a more thorough search and
you must call again
Come tomorrow evening If you arc
not engaged Bald the elderly lady
Rupert stammered that It would be
a pleasure and a moment Inter wu
hurrying down the street to catch a
car lie felt btrnngcly exhilarated
Sho certainly was a remarkably
ty girl And somehow the remem
brance of her looks softened tho
thought of the ordeal through which
he had Just passed
Ho called the next ovcnlng and found
that tho precious nickel was still un
discovered Miss Leslie had been too
busy to make the promised search
And yet Itupert stnld on through tho
evening nnil there hnd never been an
evening In all his recollection that
could compare with It When he start
ed to go the elderly lady suggested
that he might like to como up Sunday
evening nud accompany them to
church And the bnshful Itupert ac
cepted the suggestion without a mur
On the way home from church on
one never to bo forgotten evening tho
elderly lndy had suddenly startled Itu
pert by Inviting liliu to dlue with Miss
Leslie and herself
And so Itupert enjoyed the most de
lightful meal that ever was eaten but
the nickel did not turn up
Pretty soon he began to call without
being specially Invited and after a lit
tle while he never alluded to tho nick
el Sometimes ho felt quite dazed by
his good fortune and by the remark
able assurance ho displayed In accept
ing It Yet he wns a shy lover still
He asked no questions ho took every
thing for granted much as If ho were
living through a delightful dream and
feared ho would awaken If he moved
Why It was a fact that ho didnt even
know the lovely girls full name Sho
was Miss Leslie to him ns to tho house
hold and he could invent many delight
ful names to call her when ho waa
not at her side
One evening It might have been six
weeks since tho memorable day lie
lost tho nickel ho wns with Miss Les
lie In tho little reception room at Mrs
Morgans for that was the elderly
ladys name
Suddenly tho sweet gray eyes looked
up at him
I have found the nickel said tho
gentlest of voices
Hnve you cried Rupert Then his
voice changed Really he went on
I dont believe Im half glad over Its
recovery It brought me such wonder
ful luck you know tho day It disap
Then you do not want It she soft
ly questioned with a blush
I am not as anxious about It as
was replied Rupert
Then said the gentle voice why
not give It to me
Rupert stnrtcd
If I dared he muttered
Dared what asked the young wo
To Ruperts ears it sounded like n
This is madness he murmured
He caught Leslies hand Will you
bo my wife
She dropped the veiling lashes over
the bright gray eyes
I I accept tho nickel she stam
mered and blushed as she said it and
gave him the other hand
A little later she drew him toward
the mantel
Rupert sho said youro the vic
tim of a mild conspiracy I knew you
that very first day I knew the nickel
I told auntie who you were
You knew me cried the dazed Ru
I knew all about you through Tra
cys glowing praises I am Leslie
Grant Tracys sister
What cried Itupert sinking into a
chair Tracys sister Then you
knew about the nickel
I knew all about It said Leslie de
murely And then too we had your
photograph Look here
Sho reached behind tho clock and
drew the portrait Into sight
Rupert gazed at It with a dazed ex
Well put a frame of gold on It he
On your portrait laughed Leslie
No said Rupert solemnly on the
nickel Cleveland Plain Dealer
The Gentle Dotc
I am almost afraid to say that tho
great amount of kind feeling sympa
thy and regard bestowed upon doves
In general is wasted upon the unde
serving To all keepers of doves and
pigeons the pugnacious disposition ex
hibited by birds of this class Is well
known although the means of Inflict
ing injury upon each other Is some
what limited In consequence of tho
comparative want of weapons Not
being nrmed with clnws spurs and a
powerful beak like most gallinaceous
birds they not only do battle with a
somewhat weak bill but strike each
other with the wing Joint Tho heavy
blows thus Inflicted by the aid of tho
powerful pectoral muscles would per
fectly astonish any one who received
it and although they seldom kill each
other they are prone to quarrel fight
and keep up n very determined dis
agreement Bartletts Wild Animals
In Captivity
Where the Gemi Came Front
A speaker at a Sunday school teach
ers meeting touched upon certain
things a child should bo taught and
said tho teacher ought to be very sure
that tho child understood its lesson
giving the following story as an Illus
A teacher asked a class for a defini
tion of the word Jewel The answer
came quickly A Jewel Is a gem The
teacher not being sure thnt they knew
what a gem was questioned them fur
ther What Is a gem Then there
was silence Flnnlly one little girl
piped up Gems comes from gem
Now suld the speaker If a child
thinks a Jewel Is a gem and gems come
from gem pans tho childs Idea of the
lime when he cometh to make up bla
Jewels will be a very peculiar oae
Reading ITerald
i i i
Will lln IIaIiI from tin Imlrlo Arnnua
lloinn Tomorrow Altai nnou R
unltia lo Lit J n State
Chicago Inn S funeral of the
lute Philip 1 Armour will bo held nt
1 oclock tomorrow afternoon at the
home 21 in Prairie avenue Those
who desire to look upon the face of
air rmour win no given the oppor
1111111 1 ARMOUR
Utility prior to the funeral The body
will Ho in state at the Armour home
from I a in until noon
While tho holding of the funeral
from the house will necessarily re
strict tho number in attendance nil
of the Armour employes In Chicago
who number thousands will be In
vited to view the body during tho
morning hours
Itov Frank W Junsnulus will
preach tho funernl sermon Tho burlnl
will be In the family lot at Gracolnnd
and the pnll bearer will be business
associates of the deceased On the
dny of the funoral all of tho plants and
ofllces of tho Armour company In Chi
cago and other cities will be closed for
the entire day
Taylors Onie Ciiiitluuml
Frankfort Ky Ian 8 The cases
of ex Governor W S Taylor ox-Secretary
of State Charles Flnluy Retry
Howard and John L Powers charged
with being accossorles bofore tho fact
to the murder of William Qoehel were
called In the circuit court yesterday
and continued until the spring term
none of them Iwlng In custody The
case of W II Culton Green Golden
and Wharton Golden was also con
tinued It Is not belloved the grand
jury empaneled yesterday will re
turn nny additional Indictments In con
nection with the assassination
Forum Secretary Hon Illnn at III Horn
In WaukKn From Ineuinonla
Nebraska City Tun 8 News of the
death of Carl Morton at his home In
Waukegan yesterday camo as a great
shock to this community The cnuse
of his death was pneumonia which
he contracted only a few days ago
Carl Morton wns born in this city
85 years ago He was tho youngest
son of former Secretary T Sterling
Morton He resided here until last
April ut which time he removed to
Waukegan to tako charge of the Unit
ed Stnfos sugar refinery Up to this
time ho hnd been general moungor of
the starch factory here and was Inter
ested In other local enterprises IIo
leaves a widow who Is a daughter of
Robert Payne of this city and two
rtulciiles nn tlm Street
North Platte Neb Jan 8 A man
supposed to be 1L L Prouty of Des
Moines from papors found on his per
son jumped on the cast bound passen
ger train here yesterday ran though
the Pacific hotel and south two blocks
bought cartridges at a hardware store
and went out upon the street and shot
himself through the head The doc
tors say he cannot live Papors in his
pocket show that he was discharged
from St Lukes hospital San Fran
cisco Jan I tills year The conductor
reports that he became Insane on the
One liullrt Out On Itoiiiulna
Fremont Neb Jan 8 The doctors
tried to get the bullets that were shot
Into William Ithea by the posse that
captured him as ono of the bandits
who killed Herman Kuhn at Snyder
Friday night A TJ callbor bullet was
taken from his left leg back of the
knee It was found Imposslblo to get
the bullet that was lodged in the apex
of the right lung There were no tie
velopments In the case
llellnvue Numea Indicted
New York Jan 1 The grantl Jury
reported to Fudge Cowing luto yester
day afternoon handing up Indictments
against Clinton Marshall J It Dean
and Kugeuo Davis tho Ilollovuc
nurses for manslaughter In tho first
degreo in the killing of Louis HUllard
After llllllards death It was found
that several of his ribs were broken
and It wns alleged that he received all
of his Injuries in Rellnvuc hospital
Mrs Vina Grady white was brutal
Jy murdered nt her home in Ztmesvllle
O Monday by Adrian Madison a col
ored barber
The explosion of an oil lank Monday
started a blaze which destroyed most
of the business portion of Syracuse
I ml Loss 50000
Tho car department building of the
Southern railway shops nt Princeton
Ind was destroyed by lire Monday
The loss Is estimated at 30000
Dr George Taylor Stewart was Mon
day appointed superintendent of
llellovue hospital New York with
power to remove any doctor or nurse
Frederick K Itittmau recently ap
pointed auditor for the war depart
ment vlco Frank Morris who was
klllfd by Samuel McDouald assumed
lila uovr duties Monday
1 IL
To make a Fortune The Opportunity may not
Come Your Way Ajpain
Twentieth Century Parmer
Offers a Number of Mnmilflccnt Vvlrcn to tliose who
will net n4 Agents
And 20 Other Cash Vvlrcs rant lug from 500 to 25
Tlin TWENTIETH OENTU RY FARMER lo published by Thfr
Heo Publishing Company of Onmhn and Is nn agricultural and fam
ily inngiulno of unusual merit There arc department for every
ineniber of tho family special articles by men of known reputation
and Illustrations will bo a prominent feature
Wrllo for sample copy and ask for parllculurs concerning lln
prizes g
be sent to you one year for
Daily News Job Department
Thousands of Men and Women can have the
best of health if they will but take the greatest
Kidney and Liver Remedy known to the Medical
Cramers Kidney and Liver Cure
Doctors prescribe il in their practice A few symptoms
A sovoro pain or aching in tho small
of tho back
A tired exhausted feeling
A dosiro to urinate frequently
An unusual desire to nrinnto at night
An annoying scalding or burning
sousation whilo urinating
o An inability to mako oven ordinary
An abundance of pale or scanty
A dopoBib of red or whito brick diut
or albumen in tho urine which is oasily
dotooted by letting tho urine stand for tv
fow hours
Tho abovo aro a fow of tho principal
symptons of this droad malady in its
first and socond stages Its third stage
is almost complete exhaustion and leads
to tho straight and narrow path of
Hrights disoaho
Read this Testimonial
OMAHA Dec 10 1000 I fool it my duty to write to you in regard to yonr
Kidnoy Cure I rocoived tho samplo bottlo which you kiudly sunt mo and I felt
relieved after taking it I have since takuu throo bottlos For nearly six years L
have had kidnoy troublo At times my back hurt mo sol could hardly walk
straight I had frequent onlis to urinato Boforo taking Cramers Kidnoy Cure
wns up from two to ivo times a night and now I dout have to got up nntiL
morning I cannot say enough for your medicine that is why I choorf ulljr
writo this and also give you portrait I have rocommonded it to my friends and
have also given them your papors OARL H MAIIQTJARDT
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a bottle by express propaid Insist on having Cramers Kidney Cure Tako no
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You can leave tho Missouri River after breakfast today on
arrive California sooner than if you left yesterday via nny other train
in rogal splendor can be made
the colobratod Unicu Pacific train
Tliis train hiub via tho Overland
Route tho established route across
tho continent It has perhaps the
most finely equipped cars in the
world There are Double Drawing-
Room Palace Sloopers broad vesti
bnlod Cars throughout Huflot Smoking and Library Cars with Barber
Shops and Pleasant Reading Rooms Dining Oars menls being served
a la carte and every delicaoy is provided Tho cars are illuminated
with the famous Piutsch Light and heated with steam A notablo
feature is that safety perfect comfort and speod are all included
Only Two Nights
between v
Missouri River and San Francisco
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