The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, January 11, 1901, Page 10, Image 10

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Alt 1 A ShurU is on tlio nick list
J N Huntliok was n pnoscngor this
turning for Oiunhn
J K lloovor of llnttlo Creek wan n
kity visitor Inst night
Dr V A Lour Is In from Mntllmm to
nttcml tho meeting of tlio medico
Jeo A Kocohlg returned Inst night
Jjffroiu a visit with rolntlvos nt Miulison
Tlio nuunnl crop of lro for tho cold
Alorngo is being harvested and garnorcd
Dr A Ii Muirhcml of Wlnslito is ono
of tho physicians meeting at tho Ox nurd
Geo N tools has placed a telephone
iu tho Christian Science reading room
Editor 1 K Martin of tho Hattlo
Crook Kiitcrprlso had buslines in Nor
folk last oroning
Miss Hilda Wuohtor returned to Fre
mont yesterday nftor a short visit with
Miss Clara Schrani
John Froythalor is laid up with a
badly spraluod nnklo tho rosult of a fall
Wednesday night last week
Invoicing is tho popular past lino in
whioh tho mnjorlty of Norfolk mer
chants aro cugagod at tho prusout time
Tho Norfolk friends of Mr and Mrs
H T Whlto of Omaha will Ikj pleased
to loam that they have a now boh a fow
tdays old
II L Spuuhling district deputy grand
innater of tho I O O 1 has gonu to
tMudison to instnlltho otllcers of that
Joilgo tonight
Tamio Whoaton who has boon visit
iug his grandparents Mr and Mrs JE
Simpson rot uracil to his home in South
Omnlm this morning
Commissioner J J Hughos came
down from Hattlo Crook lust night and
this morning went to Madison to attend
n meeting of tho hoard
Miss lonrl Koochig Hpont Saturday
iu tho city tho guest of Miss Kthol Long
Sho was onrouto from Cedar ltiipids
Jown to her homo in Mudisou
Miss Motta Koeuigstoin has gouo to
Omaha to tako a six months courso in
lmslnoss college and will muko her
homo while- thoro with Mr aid Mrs
ax P Owen
1 J Koouigstuiu is removing his
oiHoo today from rooms iu Mast block
to rooms iu roar of Oltizons National
bank building formerly occupied by
Prod H Froo
Lovelaco Spoeco and Halo tho throo
alleged Hattlo Crook hog tioves woro
nrraiguod Saturday at Madison pleaded
not guilty nud woro bound ovor to tho
district oourt
Sadio McGough 21 yoars of ago diod
iu this city yesterday of tuboronlosis
Tho remains woro takou to Nowcnstlo
oa tho uoou train for interment a
brother having como ovor to arrange tho
W A Homlobon has received notice
from Armour Co of South Omnlm to
eloao his house on Wednesday afternoou
and placo crape ou tho door on accouut
of tho funeral of Phillip D Armour
whioh tnkes placo iu Chicago tomorrow
Dr Alexander Young of Arcadia
Valley county has beou appointed by
Governor Dietrich ns assistant physician
at the Norfolk hospital for tho iusano
Dr Young studiod medicine iu Chicago
for live yoars and for a short time lec
tured beforo medical students in that
L Stoddard Taylor representing tho
Privato John Allen company whioh
baa a dato hero for tho 15th in in tho
city iu tho intorests of that attraction
He is profuso in his praises of tho com
pany oud is confident that tho peoplo
of Norfolk who atteud will bo highly
II P Buhmon cashier of tho Citizens
State bank of Crestou and cousiu of tho
youug man who lost his lifo hero Now
A Tears moruiug was In tho city today
oubusluoss HeBtatesthat his cousin
carried lifo insurance to the amount of
3500 in favor of his father 3500 of
which was iu ono company and 1000
iu auother
John Just of Battle Creek received
very severe injuries yesterday nt that
place during a runaway His team
started to run and to Bave himsolf ho
jumped from tho wngou the result
being a broken leg The limb was so
badly broken that portions of the frac
tured bone protuded through tho flesh
Dr Frank Salter of this city was sum
uioned to assist in reducing tho fracture
Tho injured member was given careful
attention with the promise of hoaliug
The Bixth annual sessiou of tho V
panors oi the Uxuard hotel A
number of doctors of thn Kiuiinm
aro in nttendauco nud a deep interest
Deiug taueu m tho program Tlio
liorn Valley Medical society is
held this afternoon aid evening in
lowing are the out-of-town physicians
iu attendance J M Aldeu Pierce-
A Long Madison A L Muirhead
wiuBtae ii u Kindred
Grove W F Conwell Neligh B
uay jonu ts Summers
Omaha J P Gilligau ONeill J
wnuams wayne w K Sum
wesi Iomt
The Madisou couuty mortgage record
for the post year makes a most gratify-
jng showing of advancement along
financial lines and is a lit subject for
congratulation Thero wore Mod 1820
mortgages amounting to f 715 82 1 12
175 woro rcleohod which aggregated
1200lMi7J whioh indicates tho pay
ing of debts to thn amount of nearly
hnlf n million dollars or iu exact lguros
1551102 in excess of now debts con
tracted Thorn woro lllod 1170 chattels
amounting to MKSaoitll IlU wcro re
leased nmounting to t5t351H28 City
mortgages filed woro 151 amounting to
1011501 188 roloahed amounting to
J207ltil 1 17 Farm mortgages filed lium
bored 05 nmouuting to 10070118
IStl were releasod amounting to 111-
Tlio Muslo Students club mot last
evening nt tho rosidouco of Mrs John
H Hnys on Norfolk nvonuo with a
goodly nnnilior in attendance Sovoral
woro oloctcd to membership nud a largo
number of applications for momborshtp
were filed for futuro consideration
Tint business details being finished a
musicnl program followed in ohargo of
Mrs Hays vice president who prosidod
over tho mooting iu tho nbseuco of tho
president Tho program wiib ample and
ably oxocutod by nil tho participants
showing Norfolks musical talent to bo
abreast with tho tiinoB Tho ouly re
gret is that a larger audienco could not
havo boon in attondanco to loud on
couragomout in tho olTort to advance
tho causo of music Thoohiof attraction
of tho ovoulng wns coutorod upon Mrs
Hays papor Tho History of tho Bal
lad which botrayod oxhaustlvo prep
aration showing tho historical progress
of tho ballad from prhnltivo origin to
classical form
According to tho Oitizou Vordigro is
starting in tho now yoar with an unou
vlablo record for accidents At tho
Torpin grain elevator Wednesday Hoink
Klluot was turning tho drlvo whool of n
gnsolino ongiuo preparatory to starting
It nud just nt tho moment tho onglno
took tho motion his arm slipped through
tho drlvo wheel and wnB frightfully
crushed tho llosh boiug torn nud tho
bones of tho arm protruding 1 fo was
takou to Omaha with tho hope of saving
tho mombor but it wns found on his
arrival that amputation was necessary
and tho arm was accordingly ampu
tated On Christinas day Mrs Aoheu
bock was catohlng a turkoy for dinner
when she slipped and badly Bprained
hor anklo As luck would havo it Dr
Macombor of Norfolk was attending a
neighbor and wns called in It is un
derstood that sho is getting along nicely
Tho last chapter relates to Frank
Studeny who almost took a hogs placo
iu a tub of boiling water Ho was help
ing his father butcher aud had tho mis
fortune to slip his right leg goiug into
tho tub of hot water lie had on lnco
shoos aud when they wero pullodoff tho
skin of hiB leg and some of tho flesh
caino oil with them
A reliublo citizen is authority for the
statomout that tho omnipresent and
much wanted Pat Crowo of Omaha
who caused a boy to becomo worth his
weight in gold and is in turn now worth
almost his weight In tho samo valuable
motal was iu Norfolk Saturday night
This same reliable citizen was awakened
about a oclock Sunday morning from
n uight umrish slumber with tho con
viction that something of unusual im
portance wns passiug Ho aroso aud
on looking out of tho window found
that his conviction was correctPat
Crowo and a companion wero passing
nt least he is as thoroughly convinced
that it was Pat as ho woll could bo not
haviug soon him beforo or since Pat
oarried a grip whioh looked as though
it might contain tho fnmous 25000 or
a share of it Tho geutlomen wero
walking along quite leisurly mid tho
conviction wns nt once forced upon tho
reliable citizen that their destination
was Waniorvillo whore thoy probably
moaut to kidnap tho town and mako
tho Union Pacific railroad compnny pay
handsomoly for its return Tho roli
able citizen tried to spring the burglar
alarm but it had been used so constantly
of lato that it was completely worn out
needed rest and refused to work Ho
thou ordered tho meu to stop but they
didnt appear to kuow him and refused
to obey When his wife awoke an hour
Inter she found tho reliable cltizeu sound
asleep with his face glued or frozen
to tho window paue au nngolio smilo
plnyiug over his couutennnco which at
once turned iuto a flerco scowl when he
awoke to tho real facts and ho realized
that ho was uot enjoying tho luxuries
to bo had with that reward money
II uniiiouil Louisiana An Iclenl Heal Ii
uml Winter ICesort
The paBseugor department of the Illi
uois Central Railroad company has just
issued a now edition of Hammond
Louisiana aBa Winter Resort n benn
tiful illustrated folder showing a fow of
tho winter nttractiouB in nud about
Hammond copies of which will be
mailed free on application to the under
For thoso m good or moderate circum
stance uo point iu the south otters such
inducements The cliniato is unsur
passed Tho artesan water excellent
Society almost entirely northern nud
the hotel and boarding house accomoda
tion far superior to auy towu of its size
iu the uorth and nt moderate rates
J F Mubky
Asst Gen Pass Agt 111 Cent RR
Dubuque Iowa
Good fanuB to trade for town property
G R Skjleh
Chas K Crow of Ponca wns a city
visitor yesterday
Mrs O A Harshmnii Is til nt hor
homo iu South Norfolk
Mrs 11 K Hardy is recovering from
an attack of appendicitis
Mary Mills who is in tho employ of
I M Macy is on tho sick list
Hlchnrd Hohrko a Hoskins merchant
wiih in tho oity today on business
Henry Sohmodo mnstor meohanlo at
the sugar foctory has gono to Ames
Tho West Sldo Whist club will meet
Friday evening with Mr and Mrs John
It Hays
L O Mlttelstndtwent to Laurol this
morning on bnsluoES connected with his
lumber interests
Tho newly oloctod oHcors of Morning
lodge No 20 Knights of Pythias woro
installed last ovenlng
T F Mommiuger was horo from
Madison yostorday to attend tho election
at tho Citizens National bank
Jnlgo J F Boyd of Oukdnlo was in
tho city yosterdny on his way from Mad
isou to Wnyuo on court business
It is said that tho mombors of tho Ilel
lormaii family who havo boou suffering
with pneumonia nro slightly improved
A G Hobb is iu tho city exhibiting
DouBiuoros oil gas burners which ho
has ou display nt tho Ahlman bicyclo
Thoro is said to bo coiiBidornblo sick
hobs among tho touchers aud pupils of
tho pnblio schools ou ncconut of
H 13 Adams wont to Madisou today
and will eutortalu tho pooplo of that city
this ovoning with ono of hissteroopticou
Conductor ABklns of South Norfolk
has boon confined to his bod with tho
grip for a low days but is now con
C M Shwouk who was horo to at
tend tho auuual mooting nt the Citlzons
Nationnl bank returned to his homo iu
Toulon 111 toduy
W H Blakomau is iu Omaha attend
ing a convention of implomeut dealers
Ho is stopping at tho Her Grand with
President Jones of tho Piano company
Tho annual meotiug of tho stock
holders of tho Norfolk Nntional bank
hold yesterday resulted iu tho re-election
of tho old bonrd of directors Tho
board has uot yot hold its annual meet
ing which wnBdoferred to somo future
Week of prayer is being observed by
the Second Congregational church of
South Norfolk Very interesting meet
ings nro boiug held at the homes of the
mombors of the church Thoy will be
succeeded by rovivul meetings at tho
Enough snow fell last night and to
day to furnish a protext for Bleighiug
nud tho pnsttimo has been enjoyed to
some extent by thoso fortunate enough
to own a cuttor or iu possossiou of
sufficient coin to properly influence
the livery man
Tho railroad boys their best girls and
others will onjoy auother dance at thoir
hall at South Norfolk Friday evening
It is a notorious fact that no class of
entertainments are more thoroughly en
joyed than thoso iu which tho railroad
mon participate aud this promises to
be uo exception to tho rule
Lovelaco Speeco nudHalo tho throe
youug meu from Buttle Creek charged
with stealing hogs wero tried and sen
tenced by JudgoBoyd at Madisou yes
terday One was sentenced to a torm
of five yoars in tho penitentiary an
other to a term of threo yenrs while
tho third was givou fifteen months
Burglars ut Bloomfiold last Friday
night entered tho saloons of Geo B Soil
aud II J Klocko robbiug tho safes tills
aud machines Iu tho
formor place thoy secured about 20
while in Klockos snloou they ouly got
between 1 and 5 Tho opiuiou scorns
to be that it is tho work of local tal
At tho aununl meeting of tho stock
holders of tho Citizens National bank
held yesterday tho old board of directors
was re elected aud at the mectiug of the
board afterward tho old officers woro re-
chosen Au examination of couditlou of
tho institution wns very gratifying to
tho stockholders showing n very satis
factory business done
What threatened to be quite a disas
trous lire occurred lust night in tho local
ofllco of tho Western Union Telegraph
company Tho flro in the stovo burned
bo llorcely that the stovo was heated red
hotlall over aud a portion of tho pipe
As Olllcor Kauo was passing ho noticed
the conditions aud saw that tho wood
work near the stove was smoking Ho
found someone with n key to the back
door aud eutered A fow moments
work otlectually removed all danger of
a conflagration and uo nlorm was turned
iu Tho damage wns slight
Col J 13 Simpson received by regis
tered mail this morning n souvenir
whioh ho will value- very highly
It from Lieutenant H K
Love of tho Thirty Second infantry
now serving iu Luzou Philippine
Islands It is a cuuo made of native
wood and carved by a native workman
The design represents a couple of ser
peuts and frogs their bodies being
partly concealed It in very cleverly
executed and the snakes look bo natural
that a person can almost imngino them
crawling Thn only lettering on tho
enno seems to bo in Chincpo and that has
not yet boon interpreted
F 1 Korseubrock was a city visitor
this morning from Columbus
Clara dnughtor of Rov and Mrs J P
Mueller Is quite slok with appendicitis
Mr and Mrs Daviil Kuhn departed
this noon for North WobBtor Indiana
13d Grant today sold two lots on
South Eleventh street to C G Souiors
Cougrossmnn John S Robinson of
Madison is nblo to bo out again after
boiug confined to his homo for ten days
on account of a slight operation
Mrs G B Salter received n telegram
this morning from Dundas Cauadn
advising hor of tho death of her brother
Goorgo Burrows nged 70 years
Dan J Koonigstoiu is now cosily
settled in his now ofllco rooms in tho
roar of tho Citizons National bunk
building aud is now ready for business
A G Hobb who is exhibiting Dens
moros oil gas buruors is located nt tho
Conloy bicyclo ahop instead of at
nmn Bros as stated iu last evenings
Tho meoting of tho West Sido Whist
club which wns to havo beou held at tho
homo of Mr aud Mrs John It Hays
Friday ovoning has beou postponed un
til farther notice
Dr P II Salter was called to Win
sldo yesterday to oporato on a ense for
Dr Priuglo This morning ho was
called to a consultation with Dr Cherry
at tho samo towu
Mrs Willis McBrido and mother Mrs
J 13 Logau of Ponca enmo over from
Madison last night and this morning
left for Ponca Mrs McBrido will visit
about threo weeks
Sheriff Losoy has offered a reward of
100 for tho arrest aud conviction of tho
thiof who stole a team buggy and har
ness from Aaron Higby near Meadow
Grove Monday night
Tho Norfolk police officers hnvo boeu
advised to keep a lookout for a fellow
who is wanted in Pierce county to
answer to the ohargo of rape The
crimo Is said to have boon committed
somewhere between Plaiuview and Os
Tho following ofllcorB were installed
last night at a meeting of Damascus
chapter No 25 Royal Arch Masons
S W Hoyes acting as installing officer
Bon Barshinger H P L O Mittel
stadt K A H Viole S Dan J
Koenigsteiu secretary S G Deau
treasurer S W Hayes C H G T
Sprooher P S Geo W Box R A
O F W Juneman 3d V J B May
lord 2ud V Tako Hershiser 1st V
J S McCIary Sout
Mis J 13 Simpson received this
morning a very handsome gift from
Lieutenant H K Lovo now serving
with tho Thirty Secoud infantry in the
Philippines It is a tablo cover of na
tive workmanship and very rich in de
sign Tho body of tho cover is of blue
broadcloth aud worked upon it with
groat skill are figures iu gold thread
The design is embellished with small
figures worked iu colored floss silk
Tho work shows a romarkablo profici
ency in embroidery and one is led to
wonder how many days of tedious labor
are represented by tho one article
Mrs Frank Davenport received a tele
gram yesterday morning announcing
that hor mother Mrs T II Martin
wasvory sick at hor homo iu Atchison
Kansas Last evening another dispatch
conveyed tho Bad intelligence that Mrs
Martin was dead and Mr and Mrs
Davenport departed on the early morn
ing train for Atchison Mr aud Mrs
Martin mado Norfolk their homo for
sovoral years previous to their departure
for Knusns and tho news of tho ladys
death will be received with genuine
sorrow nt many homos in this city
The deceased has been nn invalid for n
number of years
Articles of Incorporation of the Rich
ards Ziuo nud Lead Mining company
have been filed with the county clerk at
MadiBou The business of tho corpora
tion is to engage iu a genernl mining
business and deal in mining properties
The property of tho company is located
in Missouri but tho principal placo of
business is Norfolk Tho capital stock
of the company is 1500000 iu shares of
10 Tho board of trusteeB are O D
Jeukins David Richards J A Wiles
E P Weatherby aud B Franklin
Richards Tho property to be developed
is that owned by Mr Richnrds father
of Dick ltlohards who formerly worked
for Asa K Leonard
A public installation of the officers of
Mathewsou post No 109 G A It was
hold in their hall ou Tuesday evening
Captain II O Matrau past post com
mander acting as installing officer
The ofllcers instulled wero as follows
N A Ralubolt commander J W
Bovee sonior vice commander II
Gerecke junior vice commander W
H Widnmnu adjutant J S Morrow
quartermaster A P Childs chaplain
J A Light officer of the day Jas
Rouse officer of the guard After the
installation ceremonies refreshments
which had been provided by the ladies
of tho W R 0 were served and a very
enjoyable timo was passed Mathow
Bon is one of the few posts that are
prosperous while a good many of them
are dying off because of lack of members
nnd enthusiasm Tho retiring com
mander H M Roberts has served tho
post efficiently and satisfactorily iu that
capacity for tho paU two years
Oclumbns Journal Lifo iu tho
Klondike dosent beem to bo so bad
after all Hour is only 10 a sack corn
meal 35c n pound 6ugar 25c and every
thing olso iu duo proportion After tho
hardy pioneers shall havo settled down
to thoir regular gait and business gots
duly started Alaska will bo ono of our
best possessions It is coming nlong
faster than pooplo generally givo it
croditfor Its area of 577I00 squaro
miles has shown a marvelous develop
ment tho past ton years and from pros
ont indications tho next ton will oven
far outrival that Tho old rulo of rnpld
aud permanent development bolng In
ratio to tho extent of tho coast lino of a
country will doubtless npply to this
portion of Undo Sams domains Its
const lino of moro than 8000 miles is
ovor two times tho coast lino of tho
United States on tho Atlantic and Paci
fic exclusive of Alaska It Is perhaps
a littlo early yet to consider schemes of
emigration to thiB now gold region for
tho coming soubou but tho probability
Is that Nebraska will furnish a Rood-
sized colony this yoar
J It Halo of Battle Creek was in
Madisou Monday
L M Johnson of Shell Creek had
business iu town Wednesday
W II Johnson of Schavland Johusou
Co wns down from Norfolk Monday
Tho county commissioners mot Tues
day in regular sessiou for settlement
with tho different county ofllcers
Frank Horst wont to Omaha Tuesday
to bo gone sovoral days buying machin
ery aud hardware for Horst Bros spring
John Sutherland hns purchased a part
of W O Elloys livery stock ond is now
serving patrons at tho old Losoy bams
on Second street
Mrs Brannion has discontinued her
boarding Iioubo ou Depot street An
thony Robinson and wife will begin a
boarding house in tho same building
Contractors Adams and Erwin have a
largo force of men at work on the in
terior of the now school house pushing
the work to completion us rapidly as
H P Buhmau of Creston was in
town Monday on his way to Norfolk to
look after tho belongings of his cousiu
the lato L P Buhman who was ac
cidontly killed New Years eve
Tho wero several applications for
superintendent of poor farm before the
commissioners this bid of Tom Taylor
of Battle Creek being accepted at 195
per year Taylor furnishing all help
Judge Boyd held a short ReBsion of
district court Tuesday and sentenced
Speece Hale and Lovelace for hog steal
ing Lovelaco is tho oldest of tho three
but on nccouut of turning states evi
dence wns given but 15 months Chas
Speeco who is 32 years old on account
of having a wife and child was let off
with 10 months while Will Hale nged
19 was given 80 mouths Doubtless tho
heutences would not have beeu bo severe
had the threo not attempted to break
jail one night last week Sheriff Losoy
bad given them tho privilege of tho en
tire jail room but upon hearing a sound
something like a rat scratching ho in
vestigated and found a placo dug away
from tho insido wall leaving only one
thickness of brick Since then they
havo boon kept in the colls
County Clerk Bauch has compiled a
statement of tho expenditure for 1000
District aud county court 8187 05
Jailers fees boarding prison
ers etc 848 00
Blank books stationery etc 1600 00
Poor farm nud paupers 1 410 1
Wolf scalps 340 00
Coal for court house and jail 412 50
County commissioners 200 40
Bridges 8414 30
Road work 3529 40
County printing 721 35
Insane 454 75
Soldiers relief 200 00
Extra help iu clerks ofllco 129 00
Work on delinquent tax list 137 70
Assessors 2104 80
Fees on state cases 100 55
Eleotions 1 154 90
Janitor 100 00
County superintendent 1200 00
Couuty attorney 800 00
Agricultural society 444 00
Road scrapers and plows 390 75
Miscellaneous 981 85
Total 31308 19
Clerk Bauch also reports 90422 as
surplus foes of his ofllco to bo turned over
to the couuty treasurer This is much
tho largest amount ever turned in by a
Mr Dave Hopkins wns u Meadow
Grove visitor Sunday
Arch McDonald is sufleriug with a
severe attack of the grip
W A Witzigman and little daughter
Kutherino Bpeut Sunday iu Norfolk
Some of tho youug people attended
the Eocinl ball in Battle Creek last Fri
day eveuiug
Mr nnd Mrs Tom McDonald of Til
deu wero the guests of Wm McDonald
and family lost Sabbath
Miss Gertrude Wade returned to
L jsaggLiiy
Meadow Grovo Sunday evening to re
snmo hor work in tho schools
CJnito a iininlHT of young folkq drovo
to Tihhii WcdneMlay evening to attend
the daiifH given at that plum
Principal Walter Pilgr r returned to
Meadow Grovo last Sunday ovoning
nftei n two weeks visit at Norfolk and
Tho markets Butter 15 cents eggs
lOconts corn 20 cents bnrloy 35
cents oats 18tf cunts wheat 54 cents
rye 33 cents
Mrs Owon Dugnn of Chadron arrived
in this city Wednesday ovoning for a
short visit with her parents Mr and
Mrs James Clark
Miss Anna EvaiiB who has been visit
ing friends and relatives in this burg
for tho past few weeks returned to her
homo in Norfolk Wcducsdny
The houso of Truman Olen who lives
four miles south of town wns destroyed
by flro last Sunday night All tho
furniture iu tho lowor story of the houso
was saved
Miss Mabel Sturgeon loft Thursday
for au extended visit with friends anil
relatives at St LouiB Mo Beforo re
turning sho will purchase hor stock of
spring millinery goods
Ed Crooks dray team indulged in a
spirited runaway last Monday morning
After runniug threo or four blocks thoy
wero brought to a standstill just south
of tho track No material damage was
done to either tenm or wagon
A very bold thoft occurred last Mon
day night at Aaron Higbeos placo fivo
miles uorth of town Tho thieves re
lieved Mr Higbeo of ono of his best
tennis a buggy and harness The direc
tum in which tho thieves weut is not
known as thoro was a high wind nnd
their trnil was covered with sand
You Should Know Almut Funning Iu c
Corn is king but other grains aro suc
cessfully rnised nnd you can buy land
ohenp nlong the Fremont Elkhoru
Missouri Vulley railroad
Write for particulars to
J H Gahlk
Traveling Pass A t
D3u r
Or to J R a
Gen R eu xput
mhliu Neb
itrnnn yrauiy to ntm cHan S
CpuUU man or woman to look
nfter our growing business in thiB
and adjoining counties to act as
manager and correspondent work
can be doue at your home Enclose
self addressed stamped envelope
for Diirtioulurs to II A Shprmnn
General Manager Corcoran Build- f
ing opposite United States
ury Washington D C
SrtS G4
Dr Humphreys
Specifics cure by acting directly upon
tho disease without exciting disorder in
nny other part of tho Bystem
I Fevern Congestions Inflammations 25
Wormi Worm Fevor Worm Colic 25
3 Teething Colic Crying Wakefulness 25
4 Diarrhea of Children or Adults 25
7 Cough Colds Bronchitis 25
8 XeuralgIo Toothache Faccacho 25
Headache Sick Headache Vertigo 25
1 0 Dyspepsia IndlgestlonWeakQtomacb25
11 Suppressed or lalnfiil Periods 25
IU Whites Too Prof use Periods 25
13 Croup Laryngitis Hoarseness 25
14 Salt niieuni Erysipelas Eruptions 25
IS KheuiiiatlsniItheumatlc Pains 25
10 Malaria Chills Fever and Ague 25
10 Catarrh Influenza Cold In the Head 25
SO Whooping cough 25
ST Kidney Disease 25
2H Nervous Debility 100
30 Urinary Weakness Wetting Bod 25
77 Grip Hay Fever 35
DraS016 840
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Koenigsteins Pharmacy
Corner 5th and Main Sts
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Trade Marks
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