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Chinese Plenipotentiaries Affix
Their Signatures
InTltftllnn la Trausfor Xogotlntlons From
Peking to Washington llool Not Mrrt
With KnTur auil President McKlnlry
Withdraws lropoiltlou
Pnrls Jun 11 Ah the result of In
quiries lit authoritative quarters tlio
Associated Press 1h given the follow
ing statement In regard to tlio Chinese
The Chinese pleulpoteutlarlesslgued
the Joint note yesterday thus con
cluding the preliminary stage of the
It was added that this Important
tep was insignificant compared with
he difficulties to be met with between
the powers themselves whose clashing
interests will have full play in the
coming discussions The United
States proposnl to shift the sent of the
negotiations finds no favor in the Ku
rpjiciiu chancellories
President Withdraws OffeA
1 Washington Ian 11 As some of
the foreign powers do not look with
favor upon the proposition of the
United States recently made as to
the withdrawal of certain features of
the negotiations from Peking to Wash
ington or some other capittK and
ether powers hesitate to decide the
question the president has deemed it
advisable to withdraw the proposition
and has directed the diplomatic repre
sentatives of the United States abroad
to so Inform the different governments
Native IteporU Say They Believe They Can
Defeat the Allied Army
Peking Inn 11 A China mu from
Sian Fu where the court is at pres
ent says that within the city 85000
Chinese troops are drilling continuous
ly and the majority of them are armed
with modern rifles He says that the
feeling of the people there is bitterly
anti foreign and that they believe they
can meet the allies in open fight and
defeat them
The ministers are considerably as
tonished over the Chinese grant to
Russia of a concession north of the
Pel Ho at Tien Tsln as large as the
British and French concessions com
bined The grant according to the
Russians was made voluntarily for
services in endeavoring to bring fcbout
peace The ministers think that the
concession constitutes good pay when
considered In addition to the annexa
tion of all Manchuria
Von llnnlow Bargain With Agrarians
Berlin Ian 11 Indications in
crease that Count von Buelow has
really effected u bargain with the
agrarians and the protectionist manu
facturers the latter guaranteeing the
passage of the canal bill uud the im
perial chancellor guarantees an In
crease lu the duty on cereals to 5
marks A number of papers assert as
much but only the most extreme rad
ical Journals declare war ou Count
von Buelow because of the alleged ar
g Clone Call for Miner
i Moberly Mo Jan 11 A landslide
tor cave In occurred at Santiago mine
six miles from here entombing GO
men The main entrance to the mine
which is on the tunnel plan was com
pletely stopped The mine wus en
veloped In total darkness and the en
tombed miners had to crawl and feel
their way to a small entrance or air
tunnel nearly a mile from the main en
trance where the cave In occurred
I ortuuately no one was seriously hurt
Graveyard Insurance Swindlers
1 New York Jan 11 Believing thut
they were the victims of graveyard
insurance swindlers officials of the
Colonial Life Insurance company of
America located In Jersey City yes
terday cnufeed the arrest of Thomas
Martin editor of a Union Hill N J
newspaper William Necker nn under
taker In Union Hill and Thomas T
Kelly a pugilist who until recently
was an agent for the company
1 Need Federal Supervision
Chicago Jan 11 Judge Tuley de
livered nn opinion declurlng the uncon
stitutionality of the amended state
statute permitting public grain ware
housemen to handle their own grain
in their own ware houses In render
ing the decision Judge Tuley declared
that the elevator houses wcro now
of such importance to the grain trade
that they should come under federal
i Funeral of Lieutenant Ilarber
Canton O Jan 11 The body of
lieutenant J S Barber nephew or
the president reached Canton yester
day accompanied by the young widow
who made the trip from Hong Kong
China The funeral services and lu
terment will be held today President
and Mrs McKlnley sent n beautiful
floral tribute from the white house
Passengers ltrsiued After Great Sufleiing
Odesfea Jan 11 The police firemen
tud physicians have rescued 470 pas
sengers from five trains which have
been snow bound for several days
after enduring the greatest sufferings
A force of 4000 workmen Is clearing
the tracks to Odessa Four day mall
fcai beu stalled up
The Norfolk w eekly News Journal
Sannt Committee llepnrli In Douglas
County Contests
Lincoln Jan 11 The senate com
mittee ou privileges and elections sub
mitted Its teport on the Douglas county
contests to the senate yeRterday It
Is lu favor of the coutestees ralulug
their seats
In the contest case of T M France
against A it Oleson the committee
cited the fact that a similar case In
tiie house on which depended the seat
ing of a fusion member had been dis
missed by the Republican contestant
and therefore the committee recom
mended that the case against Senator
Oleson be dismissed and that he be
allowed to retain his seat the report
being adopted by the senate
Hansom used the report an the text
for a bitter attack on Hosewater
Tlio house adopted a minority re
port from the committee on printing
which provided an appropriation of
fOd for furnishing dally to each mem
ber a mimeograph copy of the house
record of proceedings
Philip Kennedy Shot Down lu Ills Offlre
at Kansas City by Woman lie Was
Toned to Wed
Kansas City Tan 11 Philip H
Kennedy agent for the Merchants
Dispatch Transportation company was
shot and killed by his wife Lulu K
Kennedy at his otllce In the New
Ridge building In the heart of the
city yesterday At 5110 p m Mrs
Kennedy uppeared at the entrance of
the otllce and seeing her husband In
side requested him to step into the
hall He had barely passed through
the door into the hall when his wile
opened lire on him with a revolver
shooting him four times and killing
him instantly The woman kicked the
lifeless body of her husband as she
exclaimed Now you will never se
duce another woman
Mrs Kennedy who was formerly
Lulu K Prince married Kennedy
Dec 4 1000 and the grooms action
during the ceremony Indicated that he
was not a willing party to the con
tract The father and brother of the
bride accompanied the couple during
the marriage ceremony
Last Tuesday Kennedy brought suit
to annul his marriage with Miss
Prince He alleged in his petition
that he was forced into the marriage
by threats to take his life if he refused
The girls family claims that she
and Kennedy were engaged to be
he met another young
In love with her He broke
tlie engagement with Miss Prince
they say and the cards were out an
nouncing the marriage with the other
young woman when the father nnd
brother of Miss Prince took a hand in
the affair Miss Bessie Phillips the
girl to whom Kennedy was engaged
now lives In Grand Rapids
KefiiNes to Grunt Liquor injunction
Sioux City Jan 11 Judge A R
Dewey of the Sixth judicial district of
Iowa in a decision just Hied holds
that liquor is a legitimate article of
commerce under supreme court de
cisions and refuses to grant an Injunc
tion against the Adams Express com
pany to restrain it from carrying liq
our The case came up from Wash
ington county where the temperance
league is making a crusade and it
will be carried to the criminal court
Fighter and All Their Friends
Cincinnati Jan 11 In a charge to
the grand jury yesterday Judge Davis
gave Instructions to indict all persons
who may tukc part in any prize fight
In Hamilton county whether as prin
cipals or seconds or who in any way
promote aid or abet the tight No ac
tion of the grand Jury can take place
under this charge however unless a
prize tight takes place
Titus Amendment Upheld
Sioux City Jan 11 Judge Hutch
lii3on sitting In a Cherokee county
case Involving the validity of the Titus
amendment holds that the amend
ment was properly adopted that it Is
valid and that further the officers
elected nt the last general election
are entitled to take their seats under
It This sustains the new amendment
to its fullest extent
Ircsldent Continues to Iniprore
Washington Jan 11 The presi
dents Improvement has continued
There are no complications and hl3
temperature Is normal
Burnliam to Succeed Chandler
Concord N H Jan 11 Judge
Henry K Burnliam of Manchester
won the nomination of the Republican
members of the legislature for United
States senator over William K Chand
ler and other candidates Burnham
won on the first ballot Chandler re
ceived 47 votes Burnliam 108 Con
gressman Sulloway 23 und Henry B
Qulnby 22
Iowa 1olltlcian Dead
Montezuma la Jan 11 non W
H Redman a former representative
from this county and speaker of the
Iowa house In 188S died suddenly at
his home In Newton yesterday He
was a candidate for the nomination
for secretary of state before the last
Republican state convention
Liner Ashore In a Perilous Position
Loudon Jan 11 The Anchor line
steamer Ethiopia Captain McKeurle
which left Glasgow today for New
York via Mobile is ashore on Holy
island lu the Firth of the Clyde She
U in a bad pwltloa
nn to
Two Thousand Filipinos Sign
Appeal to Senate
Senator tlatrUy Protests Against Publica
tion of the PaperltepreseutatlTn Cuth
ui an Charges Hirer and Harbor Com
mittee With Partiality
Washington Jan 1 Considerable
progress was made yesterday by tho
senate with the army reorganization
bill but the final vote on the measure
seems to be as fur off as ever The
proceedings were characterized by sev
eral sharp colloquies some of which
were of u decidedly personal charac
An appeal wns presented by Teller
Colo from more than 2000 persons
In Manila urging the United States gov
vernment to cense Its operations
against the Filipinos The appeal la
for Independence Hnwley Conn
made a vigorous objection to Its publi
cation He declared that It was a
treasonable denunciation of the gov
ernment uud uu attack upon our sol
Consideration was concluded of Ihc
committee amendments as to the army
reorganization bill and the senate
took up the amendments proposed by
Individual senators The amendments
for the appointments of Generals Wil
son Lee and Shafter to be ninjor gen
erals and retired precipitated an ex
tended and on the part of Pettlgrew
a bitter debute The amendments
prevailed however despite the oppo
Hirer and llurbor Bill DiscussedHep
burn Attacks tlio Measure
Washington Jan 11 The general
debate on the river and harbor bill con
tinued iu the house until 4 oclock
when the death of Representative
Clarke N II was announced and
the house adjourned out of respect to
his memory The features of the de
bate yesterday were the speeches of
Cuahman Wash and Hepburn la
The latter has been a persistent oppo
nent of river and harbor bills for
years and he attacked the bill all
along the line in his usual vigorous
fashion Cushmans speech was
unique ne was In favor of river and
harbor appropriations nnd his com
nlaliit was due to the fact that the
members of the committee according
to his Ideas had located the bulk of
the appropriations In their own states
nnd had given scant consideration to
the needs of other states especially
to the Seattle ship cunal In his own
Cushman illustrated his remarks
with a scries of carefully prepared
charts lie criticised several of the
individual members of the committee
In breezy style nnd became engaged
In half a dozen very spirited en
counters before he concluded
State Y M C A Co i volition
Des Moines Jan 11 -The date for
the state convention and petathalon
contest of the Young Mens Christian
association of Iowa has been llxed for
Feb 14 and 18 nt Burlington It will
be a sort of winter Bchool of methods
for the Young Mens Christian asso
ciation worker and among tlio speak
ers will be John R Mott college sec
retory of the internntlonnl committee
President MacLean of the State uni
versity I K Brown state secretary of
Illinois S D Gordon chnlrman of
the Ohio evangelization movement
13 M Hamilton railroad secretary In
ternational committee Frank W Ober
L A Culbertson ana others
Printers Arbitration Agreement
Indianapolis Jan 11 The arbitra
tion agreement between the Interna
tional Typographical union and the
American Newspaper Publishers asso
ciation has just been made public
The object of ihc agreement and tho
purpose for which both bodies are
working Is the prevention of strikes
pending the hM Moment of differences
arising between members of the al
lied printing trades and members of
the Publishers association
Doimturt Mte Tor Illirnrjr
Dubuque la Jan 11 Frank I
Stout lias donated tho site for the 0
000 free public library building to be
erected by Andrew Carnegie The
people have already voted the sup
port tax and the Young Mens Library
association founded in 1855 will do
nate Its subscription library of 17000
volumes Its cash balance of 7000 and
its interest in an unsettled estate
Mr Nation Before hiiiirinn Court
Topeka Jan 11 Mrs Carrie Na
tion who wrecked a Wichita saloon
will appear before the Miprome court
iu this city next Monday on a writ of
habeas corpus She is at present de
tained in the Wichita city Jail under
an alleged smallpox quarantine
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