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Oh If only thone who lore ui wfk
Would but Ull ui while w lira P I
And not wait until llfet Journey
KmtiHl U bcforo they Rite
The unlit w huncrrril titer
Tcmler wordt we longed to hear
Which we lUlened or hut vtlnly
Por many i weary year I
There la much of pain and norrov
All must hear and lctr alont
Yet how helpful li the tutiahlnt
Of t cheery look tnd tonel
How It brighten up llfet pathway
And dlapeli the thadowt grim
And restores our shattered Idols
nhlrh wc built In daja now dim I
Then bestow your sunshine freely 1
Let It shine from out your eyct
Let It speak in warm hand premium
Let It breathe In heartfelt tight
Let It cheer the fainting spirit
Of tome brother in distress
Let It thrill our jarring voter
With t note of temlemcu
For In tmlni fellow mortal
We beat serve the Father too
And in lightening their burdens
Ourt grow light tnd fade from rlew
And t Bjinpatlictlc nttura
That vibrates to othert needs
It t bit of loda own sunshine
Quickening to noble deeds
Anne II Wheeler In tlotton Transcript
A Country Girl Found It but It Was
J Not as Charming as She Had
4 Supposed t
I Oh TrlBcIlla stilrl softly to herself
over nml over It Is like a fairy story
it la all Just like a fairy story
p And Indeed It had come to pnss aa
unexpectedly and delightfully as do
wonderful Improbabilities in the world
of enchantment
Prlscllla was 17 For tho last nlno
years she had lived In the old frame
farmhouse on Dry creek It was a
pleasant enough place the square green
farmhouse half hidden from the road
by a grove of native timber A great
Seven Sisters rose straggled up to
Prisclllas bedroom window and nodded
Its pale pink blooms there every sum
mer The aunt and uncle with whom
he lived common kindly people with
a marvelous capacity for sustained la
borgave her limitless love Beyond
skimming the cream and keeping the
beat room In stiff and dustless order
Prlscllla had little to do Indeed her
good relatives considered her too fine
for heavy tasks They were proud of
her She was straight slender and
graceful Her hair was silken and yel
low as the tassels of the corn which In
July encompassed them In undulating
eeas of gold Not all the winds of the
prairie could destroy the pure fairness
of her complexion She had laughing
gray eyes a straight nose and lips
bright as geranium petals Unhappily
the spirit of discontent was hers Sho
knew that there was another world
than that in which she lived a charm
ing and enchanting world She had
memories of a city homo where there
jwere books and pictures where clever
people assembled and sweet music re
sounded She had never overcome her
resentment to certain country ways
Eating at the same table as the hired
hands was a hardship to her Her
nncle and aunt would have been pux
Eled at such foolish pride They had
never dreamed of a separate table for
themselves But now her whole life
was to be different and delightful
It happened back at the old farm In
Illinois her aunt told her My sister
wasnt much older than you are now
when the handsome young artist came
sketching down our wny Mother took
him to board He was always sketch
ing and painting We thought he was
just a nice poor young man He foil
deeply In love with Alice It was only
after they were married that we learn
ed he was the son of proud and wealthy
people in the east Ho wrote home the
truth and was disowned then and
there His father said be did not want
to hear from him alive or of him
dead Harry took his young wife and
went to the city to earn his living
JThey were doing well and had a com
fortable homo when your mother died
Harry couldnt live without her He
fretted himself 111 He brought you to
us It was hero he died My how
bappy It made Elihu and mo to have
you never having had a child of our
own I And now a sharp quiver com
ing Into the loved voice when wo
were thinking you would marry Willio
Lester who worships tho ground you
walk on comes this
Her right hand brought the letter It
held down on tho other with a savage
Blap Brown old hands they were en
larged and made unlovely by much
toll Prlscllla took the letter and read
It through for the dozenth time
My Dear Little Olrl After all thet yetrt your
grandfather hit relented I know the memory of
our boy has been ever with him You are to
come to us We hive a great detl of money ti
I nippoat you know We thtil tpend tome of It
ou a trip thread you accompanying ut It you
ucceed In pleating your grandfather yon will be
great htlrett tome day Inclosed you will find
a check to cover your expenses to New York
Tour affectionate grandmother
F Oh wont It be grand to travel and
ee the places Ive read of and hear
beavenly music and wear beautiful
gowns She drew a long breath of ec
etntic anticipation She was too daz
zled to recognize the heartlessncss of
the letter In which she rejoiced She
did not know how cruelly Belflsh wero
her own words Tho grandparents
jwiio had Ignored her existence all these
years now summoned her without a
thought for those Into whose lives sho
had grown She attructed by the brll
lance of the bribe was eager to go
I Grand echoed Mrs Willlts The
lump In her throat pained her Sho
muttered something about the biscuits
for supper and went away
Will LeBter came over that evening
H was an overgrown youa4fellovr
with an nwkwnrd walk a hnndaomo
head and a fresh color lu his tauued
So you are going away Prlscllla I
ho snld
She dimpled and blushed coquettish
Yes Im going away
Yesterday the knowledge that Will
lister loved her would have thrilled
her with delight All that was changed
On tho morning of her departure Les
ter went to Kllhu Willlts with a loolt
In his blue eyes that was half deter
mined half ashamed
Will you let mo drive Prlscllla to
the train he asked
Willlts hooked of nose gray of
beard shabby of attire Irascible of
speech and Just now bitter of heart
was about to Irritably refuse on the
Yes my boy ho said
For suddenly he had recalled a cer
tain dark rainy sweet scented spring
night when he had walked homo from
prayer meeting with her who now hail
been his faithful wife for - years and
had kissed her for the first time
So Lester drove Prlscllla to the train
But It was not until they hnd left tho
farmhouse far behind not until they
hnd whirled through the straggling
street of the little unprosporous town
not Indeed until they were In sight of
tho red roofed depot that he found
courage to speak his mind
Prlscllla you know I love you that
Ive nlwnys loved you yes siuco you
came here a child There is no use In
talking of that now You nre going to
be a tine lady When I shall have fin
ished my two years course In Chicago
I shall be at the best but a semlstnrved
country doctor I felt 1 must say I
love you although there Is no use In
hoping now
No Bhe said softly She colored a
deep delicious pink Im awfully
sorry Willie Everything Is changed
Prlscllla He pulled around In the
scat and was looking down upon her
I wonder If you remember how once
a long time ago you strayed away
from home There had been n storm
You could not be discovered anywhere
The folks were nearly crazy It was I
who found you You were a good way
down the creek You were wet and
hungry tired and cold You wero
scratched by briers had lost your shoe
and were altogether forlorn When
you bbw me you held out your arms
with the gladdest cry 1 ever heard
Oh take me home Willie you cried
I was trying to find tho end of the
rainbow I did take you home and
you slept every bit of tho way with
your little wet head cuddled on my
shoulder Do you know I cannot help
thinking that you are are going to
find the end of another rainbow Prls
No ah no What a cruel prophe
cy She laughed a little nervously
Here we arel The train Is It on
time I wonder
The train was on time The Wlllltsea
were on hand Gaunt and lugubrious
they loomed up on the platform
Dont worry about me Aunt Mary
Prlscllla entreated Ill come to see
you and Ill bring you a real camels
hair shawl and a velvet gown
Never mind them returned Mrs
Willlts huskily But you come
Never mind them come sure
urged Ellhu like an echo
They kissed her Lester held her
hand tight a minute Then the train
was writhing eastward like a great
black serpent
Such a different world was that into
which she went Buch a world of ease
of luxury of artistic delight At first
she was dellciously dazed by It all
The Immense beautiful house the vel
vet laid corridors the trained deft
servants the crested fragrant linen
the tall reddish sideboard on which
the silver gleamed a drift of moon
lit frost the high Jars of aromatic
rose leaves the entrancing gold bonnd
pictures the glowing draperies tho
loose masses of cut flowers the univer
sal air of aloofness made up the en
vironment of Ideal existence
Then her grandparents were such
charming old aristocrats Money could
never have mude them First cen
turies before were blood and breed
ing The advantages which money
could buy had supplemented these
They decided that personally Prlscllla
was perfection Masters of music of
dancing of languages carue dally and
tho polish of accomplishments was
added to her store of fascination
Abroad her grandparents wero de
lighted with the sensation she created
With her natural Intelligence stimulat
ed to the utmost her fresh young
beauty set off with Parisian toilets she
was quite the moat bewltchlug crea
ture society hod seen for a long time
Sho wrote regularly to the old couple
on Dry creek She enjoyed her life
heartily At Itomo its current was
changed She fell In love with a sing
er whoso superb voice and face of
brigandish beauty had taken the musi
cal world by storm Old Calvin Why
land frowned on the affair He took
his granddaughter away Do Lalenler
followed obtained an Interview Car
ried away by his earnestness his per
sonality his passion she promised to
marry him Her grandfather heard of
it questioned her
Ask him cried the old man ghast
ly with rage If he wants you or the
money he believes you will Inherit
Never shu replied with scorn I
shall never so insult him
A fortnight later Mr Whyland
caught tho Roman fever and died
When his will was opened It was
found to bear the dato of his Interview
with his rebellious grandchild After
a certain share to his wife all his
estate was left to a distant branch of
his family Prlscllla was penniless
She took the news lightly She had
Adralna love lie beard the rumor
He came to see her
Yes she answered htm It la
tru 1 Lao been disinherited
lio roan Ho look up his hat Ho
bowed profoundly
You nre the sweetest woman In tho
world Miss Whyland but 1 must say
She stnretl at him In bewilderment
All at once comprehension complete
and terrible cnuio to her Sho was
You mean
That I In your expressive tongue
ntn a scoundrel Forgive me If you
can Goodby
Then he was gono
Tho spirit of spring was abroad Tho
newly turned furrows In tho cornfields
were Mack nml moist Lines of tender
green dellued tho hollows In the scar
red earth Everywhere was tho subtle
sense of awakening everywhere tho
wholesome familiar smell of green
things growing Tho trees along the
creek had burst Into myriads of
brownish buds Once In awhile sound
ed the contented note of the meadow
lark from Its nest lu tho prairie grasses
Ill be glad whtu the young chick
ens nre lit to fry Mrs Willlts was
saying She leaned forward to lay the
circle of biscuit dough sho held on tho
bubbling contents of the big Iron pot
Not but that a fiit old one does mako
a good potplo My How Prlscllla rel
ished my potple The dear child whos
She turned sharply A woman stood
Just without the open door a stately
and beautiful woman She was gown
ed In soft fawn color and tho hat ou
the golden hair was n mass of change
able purple bloom Sho held out little
gloved hnnds
Aunt Mary Dont you know me
For an lustnnt tho woman by tho
stove stood still motionless enraptur
ed Then she rushed forward Sho
swept the radiant vision Into her
breathless embrace Sho had not known
such happiness since the rainy sweet
scented spring night when Ellhu hnd
kissed her on the wuy homo from pray
er meeting
I am not rich Sho waa laughing
and sobbing her lips Becking repeated
ly tho wrinkled old cheek 1 dfd not
even bring you tho velvet gown
Grandpa died you know and
Im rich Im rich quavered the
old woman Ellhu hurry
Heres our little girl
Prlscillu did not at first recognize tho
gentleman who came to call on her a
few days later as that handsome self
possessed bearded man Will Lester
She learned much of Dr Lester during
the months that followed and tho tales
that were told her did credit to his
head and heart
One night he ventured to speak of
her again as he hod that distant morn
ing ou the way to the train which was
to carry her out of his life
But now ho concluded I speak
and hope May 17
Listen she said You must know
all first
She told him the frank and full truth
From the orchard came driftiug up to
them a thousand vagrant delicious
scents and fireflies flashed around
them like incarnate words of love
I think she ended in a queer
shaky little voice that Ive found as
you said I might the end of another
rainbow Willie
He opened his arms and gathered her
into their shelter as he had done that
night on Dry creek when ho found her
a little helpless frightened child
You remember it love that old
story Thank God dear heart ho
said In his voice lnflnlto thankfulness
Infinite Joy The storm Is spent tho
darkness over Chicago Tribune
Tiro Ftiblea
Charles and William wore partners
In a small way In the commission busi
ness When tho war broke out Wil
liam went to the front but as Charles
had an unclovwho was a congressman
be went to Washington and did impor
tant work for some contractors
After the war William camo home In
dusty blue clothes and was a hero al
though he was 0 In debt He found
Charles not only engaged to tho pret
tiest girl in the place but with his
pockets full of ready money
It Is pleasant to know that republics
are not always ungrateful
David was a fine old merchant Ho
waa a deacon a solid man and univer
sally respected The civic reform club
urged upon him to run for mayor and
the committee informed him that he
would be pretty nearly unanimously
elected ne weakly consented and the
respectable element was delighted
They ran against him an unknown
person named Michael a retired saloon
keeper He was an Ignorant man but
be knew a good deal about machines
When they counted tho ballots It
was discovered that Michael had been
elected by a majority of 2203 to 168
David felt very sore and Is still won
dering how It happened
Stories like this should demonstrate
that success consists In knowlug how
to succeed Life
How Conirreaa Spring W Named
When John Taylor Gllman a member
of congress visited the log houses
which chiefly constituted Saratoga In
Its early history ho was accompanied
one day ou a hunting ramble by a
young son of the woodsman with
whom he boarded When they return
ed to the cabin the boy enthusiastical
ly shouted Oh ma weve fouud a
new sprlngl
Who fouud It ho was naked
Turning to the distinguished law
maker the little fellow admiringly ex
claimed Why tho congress
And to this day the iiume hns clung
to one of the most celebrated of the
Bprlngs which mude the place a sani
tary resort long beore It became tho
leat of summer fashion Ladles Home
toTeuty flvn Irish Momliem of the Until
of Cnimnoii Il etnnt Htront Itrsiilutliins
Uniioiiiicluit tho Smith African War
AUupteil lloitlry llurreil Out
Dublin Dec lJ Delegates to tho
number of several thousand represent
ing county councils borough corpora
tions district councils branches of the
United Irish League and kindred bod
ies met yesterday In national conven
tion In the Dublin rotunda to recreate
the Irish party
loli n Redmond who presided Knld
it was the parliament of the Irish
poople Seventy live Irish members
of the house of commons were present
and several priests were on the plat
John Dillon amid cheers proposed
a resolution to the effect that the
South African war was entered upon
in pursuance of n conspiracy to de
prive two free nntions of their liber
ty In tho Interests of miners and cap
He read letters from Boer generals
giving Instances of the alleged brutal
ity of British soldiers In South Africa
and also the death notice of a Boer boy
of 8 In the camp nt Port Kllznbotb
whose father hnd refused to surrender
and whose homo was blown up with
dynamite According to the notice
the child and his mother were de
ported hundreds of miles and fed upon
pen soup Tho lads death Mr Dillon
described as cowardly murder
Intensely excited by Mr Dillons
speech the assembly broke forth Into
fierce cries and protests agnlnst the
conduct of tho war Tho resolution
was adopted unanimously and the con
vention ordered It telegrophed to tho
president of the Afrikander bund
William OBrien offered a resolution
excluding Timothy M Ilcaly from the
parliamentary party
Timothy narrlngton who was fro
quently Interrupted snld that If the
action of the delegates plunged the
country Into the vorter of despair fut
ure generations would curse the con
vention and those who participated
In It
Mr OBriens resolution was adopt
ed only 25 hands showing against It
The convention then ndjourned until
Pnnlo Among Clillilreil
Chicago Dec 12 Fifteen hundred
children fought and struggled and
crushed to escape the fancied horror
of denth by fire last evening at a
Punch and Judy show In Turner hall
There was no spark of flame In tho
building but the cry of a startled
youngster was tnken up and Instnntly
tho gntherlng of little ones was In n
panic Fully a hundred of the boys
and girls were swept from tholr feet
and trampled on aud crushed agnlnst
tho walls anil balustrades of the stnlrn
Others leaped from tho gallorles In the
hnll nnd fell In the midst of tho strug
gllng muss below Almost miraculous
ly only n few wero hurt beyond severe
De Mnlnet Thuater Kuril
Dcs Moines Dec 12 For the second
time the Auditorium theater was vis
ited by fire yesterday but fortunntely
this time was not destroyed It was
being used as n vaudeville thenter and
the Are which originated In the vicin
ity of the stage consumed most nil
the scenery tho properties of tho per
formers and did considerable damage
to the structure Itself The damage
was Butllelent to necessitate tho clos
ing of the house for somo time
Where Duukarilt Will Meet
Lincoln Doe 12 The Hneciitl com
mittee appointed by the Dunkunl
church to decide at what point lu Ne
branka the annual national conven
tion next May uliull Ik held adjourned
lnnt nlirlit without announcing the
name of the winning city It is re
ported that the committee yesterday
was divided between Lincoln and
IlantliiKH nnd thnt Lincoln tlnally won
out oontlnjent ou Its meeting the re-
Btamluril Oil Not In Contempt
ColumbiiH O Dec 12 Tho Btiprome
court yesterday dismissed the con
tempt proceedings against the Stand
ird Oil company The court was
tquully divided
w e aiilhan
Is due to nn nrld poison which gnlm necesi to the blood through failure of the proper
iBiiuuuiy on mm Keep uic system cicuroi nil niornui elide tiiiUler nils jhXsoii
grout romody to RiifTorors and cannot any
much lor uranium
Insist on having Cramers
pies mailed free by addressing
iAfl Excellent Opoortunitv i
E Direct from tho Factory faud I null 3
them ut CIiIiuko IrlrttH
i What Are They i
American nnd Imported
China Silks nnd Fine
P Do not forgot that I have 3
E a fine line of PIANOS and 3
okuans see tnem wnen
E purchasing a Scarf
Tho Norfolk Piano Man
Distorts Muscles
Scatters Nerves
Stiltcns Joints
through the general circulation is deposited in the Joints mtisolesntiil nerves causing tho most liitentcpnin
Kucumntism iiiiv nuiiCK wllli si c n ftiiinieii rsq ami severity
active jKsrson helpless and licd ridtlcn with dlstottcd liti
developing with slight wnndcriui nidus iust sevetc enoi
i i i v i
us to I mica win a rw nnvn n nenitiiv
Ihnlis anil nhattcicd nerves or it muy be slow lu
tioiieh to make one f el uncomfortable the ten-
iiuucy in mien rasiM is u gmw worse nun iitinuy Dccotuc chronic
Like other blood diseases Uheuumtism is often inherited ami exposure to dnmp or cold wnnt of proper
food insitflicient clothing or anything calculated to impair the health will f tcquciitly cause it to develop
in early life hut more often not until middle nge or Inter lu whatever form whether acute or clmAiic
tXLi Rheumatism is Strictly a Blood Disease
nml no liniment or other external tteatiuent can lciuii the ttonhlc Ncilhei do the preparations of potash
and mercury and the various tuiuctnl salts which the doctois always ptem nljc cine Rheumatism but
ruin the digestion and bteuk down the constitution
A remedy which builds up the general health nud at the same time tills the system of the poison Is
the only safe and ccitain cute for Rheumatism S 8 S made of mots herbs and luirkn of wonderful
solvent purifying properties attacks the disease in the tight wny nud in the tight place- the blood and ouickly neutralizes
the ncid and dissolves all poisonous tlciiositN stimulates nud iciufotces the ovet worked worn out oigitnn ami clears the system
ui nn liimcnmiy nccumiiinuuus n - - cuieu permanently nun tnorotigliiy ntui keeps
the blood in a pure healthy state
Mr J O MnllevtJtW iMh Street InillnnntiolKiiiil for rlulilrrn mnnllii vni nolrttlMy nllllc tecl
with HlietliiintUni lir was tumble to fcrilol tltcti lilnnclt Hooton unld III cusr vui Impelm i Mr hint
ttlol fifty hrci itcMtltlotn Hint fileinls luiil glvm liini without tlie llnlitrt icllrf A few Ixittlri nf
S S S cured tiitii iicrnmiiriitly nml lie Iuin never Imclu tlieiiiuiitli puln ulin r Villi tmh live yrniiiiKU
Wc will scud free our special book ou Rheumatism which should lie in the hands
of every aulTcrcr from this torturing disease Our physicians have iniulr blood and skin
diseases a life study and will give you any information or advice wanted so wide them
fully and freely about your cnse We mako no charge whatever for this service Address SWIFT SPECIFIC CO Atlanta 6a
Several Thousand Delegates
Attend Lmblin Convention
Tho Norfolk Hloyolo Men Proprietors
Miiiiiifncttirmn lolibom nml Dimlnrn In
Bicycles Sundries Parts nnd Repairs
Aitmiejr for Wiiltlniin Minuifnrt urltiK Vh Orlnnt lllryelim Urn Klnntl HtroiiKnsl
nml Knttimt IIIirIii in tint World Wo nlxo limnlln tho Anno World Trihiitin llnnho
Hjoinimm Putt no nnd our own tun Ito oltlior elm In or clinltilonH wlilnli will ho known i
tho AMtiiim Hiindnln
Wo do Repairing Promptly and Reasonable
Any person who is siilTcring wilili Imduiolio causutl by
kidney hrouhlo alooplossnoss or a desire to urinate often dur
ing the night can he cured if they will use J rumors Kidnoy
Cure For urinary and hhulder troubles it is without doubt
the acme Kidney cure on the marked If you have weak kid
neys commence taking it at once Nino tenths of female
troubles are traced to dhe kidneys It is pleasant to tako It
brightens you up gives you ambition drives away that slug
gish fooling gives you strongth and makes you foel like a
difforont person Testimonials from people who have used
Cramers Kidney and Liver Cure
Hit Cate Wns Bad One
Omaha Juno 10 IMO Crnmnr Jhntulmil Co
Alluiny N Y Onntlninnn Your rnmnily for
kidnny trouble witli wlilrli ImilTnroil fornovnrul
yonrK Kuviimo mich rollof Hint 1 full in duty
iMiuiid to nddrnHH you lliit InttortoKiiy that 1
do not think thorn Ih ii mndlcinn today thnt
niiuilH Itfor complnlntH of tlm kidnnyH My
eimn wnn u bud ntio with novnro pniiiH ill Urn oh
In fant I hnd no much diHtroHS thnt I wuh oftnu
compoUnd to hiy nwnkn iiIkIIh Hnnltur your
romody nitvnrtlHuil nxloutlvoly I wuh Induced to
try it Aftor tho iin of n fuw bottles I mn iiKiiti
in jmrfoct linnltb nml Imvn to tlinnk your won
derful romody for it I hIiiiII recommend it to
nil my frlnndt linvlnn thtx diro trouble
Itnxpoctfully youth
No Other no flood
Mr Hancock 2120 Hnmiltoii wlient Omnhn
BnyH ho Ihik tried ninny remndiiw for kidney
euro but until ho tried OnmorH ho fulled to
Hnd one to kIwi him relief Hint nftor uhIiu
CrninerH ho foil likn u now man
It Mads Him a ttw Man
JnmnH KicliiirdHoii ir connoctod with the
HicliiirdKou DniK Co Oninlm Biillerod Kreally
with kldnoy trouble He liko thoiinnndti of
otherH nftor ubIiik Crnmor a Ih cured and n now
mini once more tin it Klnil to recommend huh
Invigorate the lllood
ALdlANY N V March 12 IMO Crumor
Chemical Co It Iihk boon on my mind to
toHtify to tho benelltn wo have IimI from tho utn
of your uiinciunllod kidney romody My fattier
hiiHHulTorod from kidney troiiblo for Homo lime
Thin winter lie tried your romody nnd found it
nil and more to him than il promiHixl Ho will
continue to unci il and fouln certain of an entlni
euro I luivo iiHod it myHolf with iuoxproHHibhi
roaultH I fool my wholo Hyutoin entirely nmo
valod T find UiaUmndlen eurliiK kidney dUoum
it nlno iiourinboH and lnviornto Hie blood
Wo aro novor without il in our family
Wat Much Run Down
OMAHA July 12 IjOO r wan n sufToror with
kidney complaint Very much run down ami
thoiiKht it wuh nil up with mn fora while I
heard of CramorH aud with n few hottlon I wan
entirely cured I recommend thin remedy to
all who aro sick aud need a wood kldnoy rmra
Mauairor Wontoni Car Horvicu AHHcicialiou
The Hots Mrdlclnr
AlillANY N Y May 31 IW Oramor Chonv
leal Co Albany N Y t can cheerfully roo
ommend your kldnoy romody an tlm Ihihh mnl
icino for kldnoy complaint The content of
two hottloH Iuin curod mo and I have onlonvl
llvo iHiltloHto Ih Hiiullomy mother-in-law who
Ih nulToriiur from kidney trouble
Youth truly
2 Contral Avo Albauy N Y
Take no substitute Sam-
Daily News Job Department
Missouri Pacific Ry
Iron Mountain Route
To certain
poiuta in
PLUS 200
October 2 and 10
ON TUESDAYS November ti and 20
December 4 and 18
Final Limit of Tickets 21 Days
Stop overs will bo allowod within
transit limit of fiftoon days going after
reaching first houiescokera point eu
For further information or uilvortUloK mat
ter nddrotss uny iiiU of tho company or
Southeast Cor 14th and Doulaa 8ta