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All Arc Finally Agreed en
I Terms of Joint China Note
Note IVlown Count Von Hueloirn Otitllnu
Closely the Only Kxeeptlon Heliis In
the Introiliirtory Cluun Sujlne That lht
l leiuunit Arc Irrevoeulilo
London Ded 13 The negotiations
of the powers In regard to the Joint
China note wore concluded satisfactor
ily yesterday nil agreeing to the condi
tions Identically as outlined by Count
von Riiclow the imperial chancellor of
Germany Nov lit with the exception
of the Introductory clause saying thu
demands are Irrevocable which la
The Chinese government Is required
to pay heavy indemnity the death of
Prince Tumi Is Insisted upon and tho
Tnku forts must be razed totheground
Tho Peking correspondent of the
Tally Mall wiring yesterday and con
tinuing the report of the agreement
ns to the collective note says that a
committee of representatives of tho
powers has been chosen to regulate tho
conferences with the Chinese plenipo
Iowu Agricultural Cu11i ro Tiro Came n
Change In thu riunt
Ames la Dec 13 No attempt will
be made by the- trustees of the Iowa
Agricultural college to rebuild the
building partly burned last Saturday
morning The board of trustees so de
cided A committee was appointed to
nppeur before the executive council
Saturday and ask thutxthu college bo
given 20000 out of the 35000 statu
providential fund and if this is allowed
the board will put a temporary roof
over the remains of the old central
building so that it mny be used tem
porarily for dormitory and classrooms
The board Is determined to abolish tho
dormitory system but will do it grad
ually An effort will be made to havo
the new engineering hall costing lr0
OOO com Dieted next September The
legislature will be asked to erect a
new central building
Investigation shows that theloss of
botanical specimens is much larger
than nt first estimated Out of S0000
specimens which it bnd taken 10
years to collect more than no000 were
burned Inflicting a loss of 10000
I Klin on Harlem liunk
New York Dec 13 The run on the
Tlarlem Savings bank One Hundred
and Twenty fourth street and Third
nvenue was continued today When
the bank opened there were 20 men
and women in line waiting an oppor
tunity to get into the bank At 1 p
m the bank was crowded with de
positors waiting to get their money
It was evident that there were as
many persons In the building as could
be paid off up to closing time so the
doors were closed All who were In
the building were paid off
Venezuela liuys GouldH Yacht
New York Dec 13 George Goulds
eteam yacht Atulauta after long ne
gotiations has at last become the prop
erty of a South American republic
Venezuela however Is the purchaser
of the yacht instead of Colombia Pos
session was formally transferred to
the Venezuelan consul general In this
city yesterday when Napoleon Bolet
Peraz special commissioner for his
government paid 125000 to Mr
Goulds agents
Drafting Cuhun Constitution
Havana Dec 13 There has been no
cession of the Cuban constitutional
convention for eight days The com
mittees ure diligently preparing draft
constitutions on the basis of the cen
tralized form of government with rad
ical changes in the existing regime
It is thought that the ilnal draft may
be ready for review by the United
States congress during the present ses
Irlnli Convention Jletolution
Dublin Dec 13 Resolutions appeal
ing for funds from America and else
where to be used against jury pack
ing and for tho propagation of the
Irish language were adopted by the
Irish national convention The con
vention adopted resolutions favoring
the abolition of landlordism and In
viting Messrs Thomas Sexton and
Michael Davitt to return to parliament
Ton nuelow Makes Denial
Berlin Dec 13 In the relchstag yes
terday the Imperial chancellor Count
von Buelow referring to the com
plaints of the non reception of Mr
Krucer here repudiated the suggestion
that the governments action was due
to any wish or proposal from the Eng
lish court or government to the em
peror or to himself the chancellor
Morrlion Cane In Jury Hand
Eldorado Kan Dec ll Judge
Redden finished his argument in the
Morrison murder caso last night after
having spoken seven and one halt
hours He was followed by Captain
Joseph Waters who made the closing
argument for the state He made an
eloquent plea and spoke four hours
At the conclusion of the arguments
Judge Shlnn Inst ucted the jury not to
becin Its deliberations till morning
Blaii Into an Open Switch
Olean N Y Dec 13 Two men were
killed and a boy injured so seriously
that he will probably die In the wreck
ing of a passenger train from Oil City
on the Western New York and Penn
sylvania railroad The dead are Jo
seph Kltltl engineer and A Patter
kou firemau The train ran into mi
pen switch
nu ipi
Louisville Dpi- 13 1 YtstcnlnvH ses
sions of the American Federation of
Labor apparently disclosed the fact
tliat there will lie little or no opposi
tion to the re election ot Stmiuol Gout-
tests resulted In decisive triumphs for
the ideas advocated by Mr Goiupors
Max Hayes of Cleveland led the oppo
sition In both Instances but the battle
did not at any time become personal
or bitter One of the resolutions was
to limit the term of the federations
president In future to two years The
other provided for the election of the
olllcers of the body by the Initiative
and referendum instead of a vote In
mass convention on the last day of the
nnnual session as prevails at present
Uuth were defeated The contest for
next years convention appears to llo
between Milwaukee and Sornnton Pa
BIurrliMin lury In Still lar Troni
HUtui heil ly
the Delay
Eldorado Kan Dee III At 10
oclock last night luilgo Shlnn again
sent the Morrison jury to bed direct
ing them to resume deliberations on
the case at 830 this morning
The work of this jury Is very hard
and if they do not set sleep 1 am
afraid they will become 111 he ex
Apparently the jury is far from an
agreement Miss Morrison does not
appear to lie anxious While she be
lieves her chances of vindication are
lessening by the delay she is still
hopeful and her face bears no evi
when the communication
was In the court room
munication from the jury was re
ceived but not given out for
tion by Judge Shlnn Some of tbn
prisoners relatives were with her con
uinutly The malls brought her mora
than yee dozen messages bidding her
hope and retiring her of the confi
dence of others in 4r innocence
AlRer Trlpiieil hy a UurRlar
Detroit Dec Hi General Uussell A
Alger ex secretary of war was quite
badly shaken up by a burglar in ids
home on West Port street The gen
eral was n wakened by some one
prowling about in his residence and
started to investigate The burglar
tripped him up and escaped The gen
eral fell heavily but sustained no In
jury An investigation showed that
300 worth of silverware hud been
Ship TuruH Up Surely
San Francisco Dec lit The Amer
Flratliorn Bona
Does the firstborn have the best of It
from the start According to Profess-
or Axenfeld all the men of genius nr
firstborn sons lie says that eminent
persons can also t the second or third
children of a family but a fourth fifth
or sixth child will never be a great j
light After a sixth child the rest may
again become men of talent
Piofessor Axenfeld quotes these
names of firstborn sons or only chil
dren to prove his theory Luther
Schopenhauer Francesco dAsslsl
Catherine de Medici Guizot Dante
Raphael Leonard da Vinci Peruglno
Lulgl Gonzaga St Benedict Charle
magne Alexander tho Great Boccac
cio Confucius Heine Goethe La
Bruyere Arlosto Campauella Moham
med DAIembert Shelley Christine of
Sweden Goldlnl Cantu Buckle Huf
fon Talleyrand Milton Byron Leo
parrtl Mollere Carlyle and Rossini
Beethoven Michael Angelo Rous
Beau Cuvler Pascal and Garibaldi
were second sons
Stuck tu IIIn Innt
When It comes to a battle a horse
shows no fear of death no sign of be
ing overconi by panic In all the wild
tumult of the bnttles roar A horse
in one of our batteries In the Murfrees
boro fight whs hit by a piece of shell
which split his skull so that one side
was loosened Tho driver turned him
loose but when he saw the team he
had worked with being driven back
for ammunition lie ran to his old place
and galloped back with the rest When
an olllcer pushed him aside to have
another horse put In he gazed at the
new one with a most sorrowful ex
pression In Ms eyes Then he seemed
to realize that tho battle was no more
for him and lie walked away and lay
down and died The officer declared
that it was i broken heart that killed
him Our Dumb Animals
Mternry Hlflleultle
She has been talking about writing
a novel for years said one woman
Yes answered the other but 1
dont think shell ever get It completed
She has followed tho plan of those
authors win study their personal ac
quaintances for types of character
Isnt the method a good one
Not in her caso Wheu her husband
refuses her anything she wants to pu
him In as tho villain and when lie does
as she wishes she wants to make him
the hero It keeps her continually re
writing the first chapter Washing
ton Star
Cushing la Dec 12 Irene Grove
and Julia Dlggerness aged 5 and i
years living near here were drowned
In a creek near their home They wan
dered away from home at r oclock in
the afternoon and two hours later their
todies were fished out of thu creek
ipnnenM Mutter llltlo Strength In It l hi
ilrrntlon f lnlor Convention j VLII III
11 15 Hi
Santa Fc Officials Say It is a
Thing of the Past
per ns president Two proislllons jjyjj THOUGH OPERATORS
tlio votes on which nr retarded as
Third Vim lteilileni llrr NoWles ArtiiU
of the Iliinpiinj Not to llliti Any More
liters lloueer In
list lhey Will Yet Win
Chicago Pee IJ Third Vice Presi
dent Uarr superintendent of the oper
ating department or the Simla Fo rail
way notlllcd all the agents of the com
pany not to employ any more oper
ators as enough men hail been en
gaged to till the places vacated by the
telegraphers who responded to the
strike call Ueferrlng to the report
places with Incompetent operators
President Uarr said
We did write to two schools In Iowa i
asking for competent operators The
men sent us In every instance were
thoroughly examined and will have
to pass another examination when
they reach the places to which they
are assigned We do not want the
old employes to return Their places
have been tilled with competent men
and we will retain them
The strike is practically over and
our business is normal said President
E P Klpley A little delny and some
nnnoyance has been the burden of our
i trouble
Trainmen to Tnlin Action
Denver Dec 12 The local com
mittee of the Urotherhood of Hallway
rrnlntiieii held a secret meeting yes
body Immediately
result will be known today
The new operator at Castle Hock dis
appeared yesterday morning and
later In the dny ho walked into the
station at Redalin eight miles south
of Castle Hock He said that a crowd
of masked strike sympathizers en
tered the station ordered him to hold
up his hands placed a rope arouim
his neck tied bis hnnds behind his
back then inarched him down the
track a few miles east and left him
with instructions to keep on going and
wnnied him not to return to Castle
Nrwtnnni Statement I
Emporia Dec Ui Chairman New
man of the Eastern division of the
Santa Fe operators gave out u state
ment of freight trains run and loads
mil emntles handled through Km-
Irnn shin CSertrudo which put to sea ht The strike oc l
last week from Astoria on its way to cllm1 Doc 8 Cars through Emporia
the United Kingdom and later was re- aveinji tiilv before the strike 710
ported as foundered off the Washing- nflcr tl0 Ktrike 480 Cars ot stock
ton coast with all hands on board liau1jc1 through Emporin Sunday Dec
lost has been sighted oil tins port i 2 for Kansas City 108 sunnay xiee
0 only 13 car
for mnrket
ctnir trnln has been
tlr in
To Iledlente Temple
Rhennndoab In Dec lO The new
Masonic temple will be dedicated here
Dec 12 and extensive preparations are
being made for a grand fraternal cele
bration In which Nebraska City Cres
ton Des Moines and other points will
Ve represented by large delegations of
the order A banquet nt which 400
plates will be laid has been arranged
Colomhian Ileheln Defeated
Colon Colombia Dec 13 Ofilolal
dispatches have been received from
Governor Alban of the state of Pan
ttmn announcing that after a three
days engagement Tumnccu the former
btroughold of the Insurgent movement
was reoceuplod by the government
troops Dec 4 and that the Galtan the j
rebel steamer oas Iteen destroyed
ledeiullon liultiries Inltliilho anil lletcr
emlimi mill Unj
Louisville Dec II Immediately fol
lowing the call to order yesterday
morning the resolutions committee of
tho American Federation or Labor
submitted its report The llrsl reso
lution leconiuieiideil by the committee
was one realllriiilug Us Invoial posi
tion on the Initiative and referendum
which wits adopted by the convention
liy a vote or N2 to till alter consider
able debute
Following In rapid succession were
recommended anil adopted resolutions
requesting support by congress of a bill
for the higher education of Ihe blind
In favor of an eight hour lull for all
postotllce employes to be Introduced
at the coming session of congress and
In Iavi r of municipal ownership of
public utilities
The executive committee reported
tmfavorablv on a resolution for tho
that the company was lining strikers HiimM r n department of com
Deinltv tonlllets In 1iuitriM In Neinly
IJeiy Slnle llntri nnienl Tump
In Ioor touillllou
New York Dec ill Advices re
ceived Ilom various parts of Colom
bia ami continued by passengers who
arrived horn Pamiiua tell of desper
ate lighting In nearly every state The
government troops are In if poor physi
cal condition sniveling from several
forms or tropical fevers
The most desperate lighting is going
on In the department of Uollvar hi
a battle fought at Tolu Vlejo on Nov
2fi the revolutionists lost among 100
terday and discussed tho question of killed and wounded two able olllcers
nldlni the Santa Fo telegraphers by General P Caniaclio and Colonel En-
dence of doubt or fear She passed tlie mnns of a sympathetic stnue it is rlque Piuedo Tim reiieis iodic jou
day iust as she had the one preceding sai tlmt it was practically decided prisoners besides which the govern
hiivp for the brief Interval when she to submit the aticstlon to n vote of the ment force losl 100 In killed Five
If Ibis Is done tne
cannon were also taken by the rebels
From the department of Magdalena
conies the news that General Vargas
Santos president of the revolutionary
government with his force has ar
rived at the port of Hlo llaeha and
established the government there
ElUen mill Mnlai lniiil anil Ilereo anil Me
ICitelieru Irail In Hleyelu Orliicl
New York Dec HI With over 1400
clicked oil in their pursuit of prizes in
the six day bicycle race at the Madison
Square Garden which ends Saturday
seven teams were still represented on
the track at midnight or the begin
ning of the fourth day of the contest
The men have not been able to keep
up the hurricane pace Jumped into at
the outset but they have struggled to
do as much as their strained ami tired
I poria which be says shows the great mIh Wju1 11ow tm
loss the company is sustaining by the rst wo nvs k t l
I or the
lipnil nl Hie
strike and shows the company is ron 1Ut lmv tJT nrc fir ninil
the 140 1 miles and 1 lap reeled off by
the leaders being 12 miles and 7 laps
behind the record for 18
The scores at 2 oclock were Elites
and McFarland 14414 miles Pierce
and McFiicliern14ll4Sliiiaraiil
iJfiRlt 14413 Turville and Gimni
received from -
the Oklnhomn division since the strike
- xnirr lint- thrnuch
was cniien mm - -
freights are running nnrt they nre
hadlv delayed The situation on the
different divisions is practically the
except that we
same as yesterday
gained in some vicinities
rnMDngor Train Crahe Into Frelcht at
Clare One kllleil Three Injured
Olathe Kan Dec 12 A north
bound passenger train on the Atchison
Topoka and Santa Fe crashed Into the
rear end of a north uounu iicikul unm
at Clnre three miles south of this
city yesterday Noble Thomas aged
10 vears of Emporia Kan was
burned to deatli in the caboot e I nom
as father was badly mnngltl the en
gineer and llremnn of the passenger
train were seriously injured and half
n dozen passengers in the caboose
were slightly hurt
The air brakes of the stock train
stuck two miles from Olntlie and tho
freight ran into It Conductor C Nich
olson Of the stalled train says that
when ills train stalled he went hack
to do the flagging He snys Ids train
started He lit a fuse and started for
his own train calling out to the stock
men when he saw the collision In
evitable All succeeded In getting out
of the wayenr but one After the
crash the wrecked wayenr caught Ire
and was destroyed and a car of wheat
next to the caboose was also burned
The track was cleared In a few hours
Susceptible Men Her Prey
Elkhart Ind Dec 10 Pretty 23
vear old Lizzie Beers hasconfessedthat
she Iiob been engaged for over a year
In working matrimonially Inclined men
in various distant portions of the con
tinent for sums of money and other
presents by beginning n courtship by
mail and inducing her admirers to send
her cash on various pretexts
J1l 1H1I1 Hllll OLlllUII 11 111
Fisher and Frederick and Kaser and
Ryser 14100
Mn ltrnadhent Fan ml With Ilullet In
Hack or Hrr Head
Dob Moines Dec 13 Mrs Janette
Broadbent a professolnal nurse was
found shot In the back of the head last
night In her room In an apartment
house She may not recover Shu is
not able to tell u coherent story but
claims a man opened her door shot
her and ran away She cannot de
scribe her alleged assailant Her own
revolver was found inside the drawer
witli one chamber discharged
The shooting has attracted wide at
tention because Mrs Broadbent was a
witness in the sensational Richard
son divorce case now on trial and
testified to statements which she al-
leged Mrs Richardson made to her
with regard to Mrs Richardsons rela
tions with a leading professional man
Mrs Rroadbents story led to the sus
picion tlint the shooting might have
some relation to the divorce proceed-
lugs but the police hold to the belief
that It was attempted suicide
Colonial Seerrtary Kepliei to Critic In
II on d of Commons
iondon Dec 11 It has been long
since the house of commons experi
enced a sitting of such intense personal
character as that of yesterday Al
though the occupnnts of the Tory
bench smiled during the attacks it was
evident Uiey felt considerable embar
rassment and the smallness of tho
governments majority considering
McCabe who was assigned to make
his episcopal resilience in Omaha by
the lat general conference of the
Methodist Episcopal church lias been
unexpectedly ordered to South Amer
en to preside over the mission cotifei
enccs In that field
j i
nieree anil Industry and Its action wan
Walclersce Takes Him for Com
muning With Boxers
ruiMri Siilil In lime Heen MnktiiK Ini
liinliiiit CttitiiKi n In nnllltiiiilliltlli
l in- tlllleo Iimuck Chinese Hlilo Hook
li purine Itihmi nl iiiiiti oi
Loudon lee II A special dispatch
lrom Miiiiigliul announces that LI
Hung t luiiih s Mam nu hccictniy Yilo
has been ariesled by order of Ilelil
Marsliiil Count voli iilileisee on the
charge of coiuiiiunUaling Willi the
Loudon Dec Imperial
Isli minister to Peking from May 29
to Sept 20 and consisting largely of
the history of the Hlege of the legations
The Chinese government became
so Intluoueed by the pretensions or tho
HoxerB supernatural powers says
Sir Claude us to actually believe that
It could safely defy the rest of ho
world In fuet the government be
came mad
Ilaueoek HrliiK lr00 Itoillin
Sun Frauelsco Dec ll The trans
port Hancock arrived yesterday lrom
Maullu via Nagasaki with a grue
some cargo It consisted of the bodies
of about lfiOO soldiers who either died
In battle or suocumbed to the ravages
of disease In the Philippines China
Guam and Honolulu This Is the larg
est number of bodies brought home
since the outbreak of the Spnnlsh
Amerlcan war The Hancock will
likely remain In quarantine a lew
days The bodies will b conveyed to
the Presidio ami placed In the build
ings there pending Interment or ship
ment to Ihe homos of the relatives
Wood Itehukea Uaaun Hiir
UUU r -
connection of the Havana Bar associa
tion with Ihe government owing to
Austin Tex Dee 10
governors live neposeu jiinges who
had been removed ror dishonesty
Hitherto the association has sustained
semi ollicial relations with the govern
ment General Wood has notified the
association that there was ample
cause for removing the offending
Judges and that no protest had been
made and no appeal taken
phone exchange was nearly wrecked
yesterday Some one reached the roof
of the exchange building and boring
a hole Into each of the 11 cables en
tering the main exchange poured lib
eral quantities of prussic acid on the
wires which Incapacitated them nnd
effectually stopped an nusmess oi me
exchange The local telephone offi
cials attribute the work to friends of
telephone strikers In other parts of the
sUte as there is no trouble here
Centum of Koothiill Cripples
Chicago Dec 10 A consul of the
crippled has been taken at the Univer
sity of Chicago and at Northwestern
During the brief football season 12 men
wore seriously or painfully injured at
the University of ChlcHgo while at
Northwestern ten athletes received
hurts which put them temporarily out
of the game The Injuries itiuge from
ruptured blood vessels to broku bones
and torn ligaments
There arc more than 40 cases of
smallpox In St Georges hospital Kan
sas City Only one death from the
disease has occurred
Rear Admiral Edward K Bickford
arrived at Vancouver from England
that almost all tho Irish members were Wednesday to assume command of the
absent testified to many abstentions North Pacific squadron
among the conservatives Nothing I The Western Union Telegraph com-
rnallu now nllhul 111 tVin llltfielf ir tl nuiv rmiMI lu tllllt fnV tllft llllHltlT Olid
defense was elicited during the tie- lug Dec 31 the net earnings will be
bate on the amendment proposed by about 1700000 The dividend of VA
Lloyd George but the house was per cent calls for the payment of
fully and almost dramatically absorb- 1217000
ed Mr Chamberlain by narrowing i President Knrllng of the Milwaukee
the Issue to a vindication of his per- road Wednesday announced the ap
sonal honor and Ignoring the ground point ment of W J Underwood to be
that u minister should avoid the causes assistant general maiiHger of the road
even of suspicion msdo a masterly and C A Goodnow to be general su
speech It was a triumphant defense I perlntendent
with an occasional emotional outburst Tho first train will be run through
as when ho disclaimed nristocraUc de- the Great Northern tunnel In the
fcceut for his family cade mountains next Sunday The
itihui Mi cahen Awlcnmrnt I tunnel Is 13200 feet long and the thick-
Omaha Dee lO Blshop Charles C ness of the roof at the thickest place
Is r00 feet
The Lakeview and Ager stage was
robber Wednesday about two miles
from Lakeview Or by a lone high
wayman No passengers were aboard
rCivr moll Miielu wiro rlttit it ml itiwiil
I ml li Acrliiltlllllil tolliKo Ntlstnlll
OIIO Hlliiiiyr
AmoV In Dec In Two huiiilreil
mill liny stuilenlH who were asleep In
their rooms in the main building of Urn
Iowa Agricultural college hail a nar
row escape Sat unlay from u III c that de
stroyed the north wing ol Unit struc
ture Nearly all of them lost their
personal belongings anil bmely god
oil of the building In Ihelr night
clothes The properly loss will
rimouul to tihoul Loooo
The building was lined chlelly as n
iloriultoiy but on Ihe llrsl Moor wen
recitation rooms anil the biitaulenl
museum containing the valuable
Puny Pummel collection whli h In
worth thousands or dollars and Is oiin
or the llnest In America This collec
tion was saved only by Ihe prompt
work of the students who directed
Ihelr eiloils to removlmr tl from thu
edict says the Slianghnl correspond- iUldlug as soon as Ihelr personal
cut of the Morning Tost orders an
exchange of olllccw between the vice
roy of Ihe provinces of Shell SI and
Kan Su and tho viceroy ol Ihe piov
luces of Yuii Nan and Kwol Chou Ihe
object being to get the viceroy out or
Kan Su together with his Kunaneso
troops ho as to give tienernl Tung Ill
llslang a rice hand In Kan Su
Count von Wnlilorseo Is forming an
International commission under a Her
man president says thu Peking corre
spondent of he Morning Post to estab
lish harmonious civil iiiliiilnlMrntloti
and for the collection of taxes and
customs with other duties
This action Is Intended to prevent
friction and to prepare tho way for
the transfer of the administration of
tho city on thu rot urn of tho Chinese
A Chinese bluebook has been Issued
surety was assured II was nearly all
carried out before the lire slopped limit
llay runiieefolo Tieuty unit Ship Hnhslily
Hill In Seoul War Tint
Hon In Holme
Washington Dec 10 The senato
will continue to give Us attention to
the Hay Iaiiueerote tienly and tho
ship subsidy bill during the present
week Inking up llrsl one ami then tho
other as may suit the convenience of
those who may wish to speak on tho
two measures
Thu program In Ihe house for tho
coming week conleinplales tho con
sideration and passageof Iheleglslallvo
devoted exclusively to the dispatches executive and Judicial appropriation
mi niniii Mcnniiiild former Hrlt blll and the bill for the reduction of
the war revenue taxes On NVedues
day the exercises In coiinecllon with
the centennial celebration of the re
moval or Ihe seat of government to
Washington will be held The legis
lative appropriation bill Is not expect
ed to consume more than two day
at the most probably only one mid tho
lenders expect that Hid remainder of
the week will sutllce o pass the war
revenue reduction act It Ih probablo
that special Interests which do not re
ceive the consideration In tho bill
which they think they are entitled to
will attempt to amend It This Is espe
cially true of Ihe brewing lulerestH
which hope to secure a further reduc
tion of the tax on beer from 1M u
barrel us fixed by the committee to
fLIlfi n barrel In order to secure Ihln
reduction which will amount to about
7000000 that amount or revenuo
must be retained and thine membem
who are working for a further reduc
tion on beer will advocate the reten
tion of the tax on bank checks and ills-
counts Most or the Kcpumicnu mem
bers or the ways and means commit
tee however do not believe n success
ful fight can be waged against an
t li tiinorni
r I- i timil feature of the committees bill
Aiill rolKiny Mil Mml Inr
Wiiuiiiiiitiiii Dec 10 -A mass meet-
tholr action In electing to the board of n WJH 1ll ytrday under tho
auspices of the Womens Intel-demon-
inational union in lln interests of tho
proposed constitutional amendment
prohibiting polygamy in the Untied
States and In all territories under Ita
jurisdiction Dr loslnh Strong pro
sided In an address lie recalled tho
mass meeting held a year ago in tho
same church to oppose the seating oC
Roberts of Utah In the house of
Yireek Telephone Ixeluuiffx ull f
Hie local -
t II 1011 IO COIIgrCSS USK1IIK ll n Klinn
prohibition In all states No action hail
been taken on the request for an anti
polygamy law said Dr Strong anil
the meeting was Intended to press tho
C P Bentley
Clinton In on
hiiiug milling
is under arrest at
a charge of over-is-stock
at Colorado
Springs Colo
The secretary of tho Interior ban
sent to the house of ropi chcn tat Ives
an agreement with the Klamath In
dians relinquishing their reservation
in Oregon
Jubilee sermons were prenched In all
the churches of the Episcopal diocesu
of Chicago Sunday in celebration of the
2rth nnniversnry of the Rt Rev W E
McLarens consecration as a bishop
Tho work of dissecting and tabulat
ing the bids for the new battleships
and cruisers opened at the navy de
partment Is now In progress It Is ex
pected that some little time will bo
taken up
It Is announced that the national
meeting of the Young Peoples union
United Presbyterian church has se
lected Winona hid as the next meet
ing place In 11101 to be held tho secoud
week in August
The anniversary of the accession of
the khedlve says the Cairo correspond
ent of the London Dally Express will
bo signalized by the pardon of Arab
Pasha who will thus be enabled to re
turn from Ceylon
A bridge at Dlfferden In tho Inter
duchy of Luxemburg collapsed as an
express train was passing over It and
the train plunged Into the stream
Five persons were killed nnd eight
were badly Injured
Adnuh Adams Treat died In Denver
Sunday aged 103 years and 8 months
He had long been the oldest living
Mason In point of ago nnd the second
oldest Mason In point of time con
nected with the order
Several relics of Lord Nelson In
cluding his watch and many of tho
medals awarded uini were stolen from
the Grennwlcb hospital Saturday
after the attendants left The polleu
ruble umount of registered mall tukeu uave tnK of tue ihWt
iA kVirli
- Ajn iT