The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, November 30, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

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The room Ii coty
Ami dArk
The curtalm sway to Mid fro
In islot19 roy 1 mttk
The Iok tlanici flutter and How
Ior I tte the Maze
In it coKIrn hare
In each tvlmlow pntie nwlrl and blow
Where It tlilhimrrs
And Ifann
Where It gUmmm
And gleams
One hlare in U pane irIowj
Six Halo btarrt in ilx little pnnn
Thouch hut one on the tile I knuw
One fare In he Ior Ire llfiht
In a reierle beams ami alilnrjj
One ate in the In Ire bright
U mellow In all its lines
And then theres the selfsame far
ASinllc III cli iliinc lit pane
A beam with the wlnrontc graca
Of a tender lotc r train
h Six Utile faces
In six little panes
Klx little tracts
All In a tow
Jr Mx little traces
And ii little face
Though only one at my hearth I know
When loves Ores smoldcrinc low
My fancies like window panes
Hellect with her smile dllne
llie RnilitcM that tenda the slirint
- Her face tliit sentters all woe
With Its iharm that nocr wane
Is hundreds of facts
With hundreds of Rractfl
In amy n panes a row
Though hundreds of grace
And hundreds of faces
In fancys window grow
Only one face
With Its matchless gTace
At the hearth of my heart I know
K K Munklttrkk In Harpers Weekly
I An Hii lis loiii i
Translated mid adapted by Sir
win Arnold
1 From the lnRimilng nnd In nil njjos
people of every sort have loved stories
about nnimiils and especially when the
creatures themselves eon verse What
else makes the secret and most attract
lve charm of Mr Itudyiml Kiplings
ljungle Hooks and what else causes one
of our poets with such impatient faith
to exclaim
I shall not ask Jean Jacques Rousseau
1 If birds confabulate or no
Scheherezade herself in The Thou
sand and One Nights docs not hesi
tate to Interrupt the How of her roman
tic nnd fantastic tales with some re
markable stories about animals though
these seldom or never are given in tho
current versions of the book On the
one hundred nnd forty sixth night of
the Immortal work she says to the sul
an and to her sister Donyazade If
iyou have admired the history of King
how much would you
not like to hear tho birds and beasts
discourse Ky Allah cries the sul
tan that would be delightful and so
the Inexhaustible racontouse of The
Thousand and One Nights tells an en
itnlnlng story of the wilderness which
Is perhaps as old as anything In Lok
man or ilCsop and may have given
to La Fontaine himself ideas although
by channels unknown to the great
Frenchman 1 will shorten one curious
apologue of the kind here chiefly by
drawing from the translation which
Dr Mardrus lias made of it in French
out of the Arabic text Thus runs the
antique Arab fable
It came to me O lord of fortune how
once on a time a peacock nnd peahen
were living in peace and happiness on
a beautiful island in a lake apart from
all troubles and the island was cover
ed with fruit trees and blossoms and
they were very happy But one day
there Hew thither a wild goose in great
trepidation with fluttering wings and
wild cries to which the two birds bade
kindly welcome nnd asked the cause of
its fright
Ah whimpered the goose I am
still sick with terror I have seen n
man an Ibn Adam Allah deliver us
all from the Ibn Adnm
Calm thyself the peahen said Be
Ibn Adam ever so terrible he cannot
disturb us here protected as we are by
the water
Most beautiful lady the goose re
sponded you do not know Ibn Adam
He can make the flsh come to him out
of the sea and the hawks and eagles
tfall down from the air Feeble con-
temptlble ugly as he Is ho can tamo
the huge elephant himself and take his
big white tusks away to make cups
and ornaments But I will tell you
what I have seen and why I dread tho
Ibn Adam
I was still flying from the evil vision
I bad seen of a man not daring to stop
for food or drink when I saw at the
entrance of a cavern a young Hon with
a red mane of lordly demeanor who
also observed me and bado me ap
proach asking my name O prince
of lions I said I am a wild goose of
tho race of birds Why dost thou
tremble so wild goose he Inquired
Then I related how I had dreamed of
or seen a living man nnd was astonish
ed when he replied I also have dream
ed about the thing you call Ibn Adam
and have beard my father say that It Is
a creature to be distrusted But I havo
never seen one and havo no fear of
Then I spake Oh eldest son of the
Eultan of all animals what glory to
thee If thou couldst rid the earth of the
plague of ronnS How would all crea
tures of the earth and air and water
praise and thank thy valor Thus did
I encourage and flatter the young lion
until he had resolved to go forth with
me and to And and slay this common
So the young Hon paced forth from
bis cave fiercely lashing his back with
his tail I following behind We had
not gone far In company before wo saw
a cloud of dust In the thicket which
drifting away disclosed to us an ass
without saddlo or bridle rolling in the
eund from side to side his four feet In
the air
I At sight of this my young Hon was
Bojnewhnt astonished since he hnd
wandered little outside Ills cavern and
knew nothing of the world but ho call
ed the msh to him and said Thou
senseless object what art thou and
why dost thou In so foolish a manner
roll and bray Y The beast replied No
ble muster 1 nm thy slave nu ass and
hnvo lied hither to escape Ibn Adnm
the man my master The young Hon
said with a laugh Thou art long bnck
ed nnd lusty why shouhlst thou fear
that feeble tiling a ninnV Spake the
donkey gravely shaking his head
Prince of the forest It Is clear thou
knowesl not this creature 1 do not
fear that he will kill me but he does
much worse to me than that While I
am young and strong lie places upon
my back a thing lie calls a pack saddle
fastens round by belly a tight girth
puts an Iron ring under my tall the
mime of which 1 forget though It galls
me horribly and buckles In my mouth
n contrivance of steel which tiiaUes my
tongue bleed and Is called a lilt Then
he Jumps on me and to make me go
faster beats nie behind and before and
if fatigued I slacken my pace he ruins
Upon me the abuse of such shocking
words before all the world that cause
me though 1 am only a donkey actual
ly to shudder If 1 lie down and roll
he also gives way to expressions which
I dare not repent to you being a
prince When I am old he will sell me
to some water carrier who will tie a
wooden yoke on my back and lead me
with skins and pitchers of water until
at last even my patient strength will
succumb nnd I shall die Then lie will
throw my carcass to the dogs and vul
tures Do I not well therefore O my
lord and thou too good goose to roll
myself and rejoice at liberty now that
I am quit of Ibn Adam
Truly I said tilts ass seems very
excusable anil the Hon was for takin
him as a guide to Hnd the man Hut
the nss begged off pleading that he
wished to put a days Journey at least
between himself and ills master and so
he went away his ears cocked for lis
tening In every direction
Scarcely hud the dust of his going
settled down when a beautiful black
horse drew nigh having n white star
like new sliver upon Ills forehead
handsome stately In splendid glossy
condition and neighing loudly On see
ing my friend the lion lie stopped re
spectfully and would have retired Hut
the lion charmed by his exceeding ele
gance and strength cried aloud Who
art thou beautiful anlninl nnd why
dost thou gallop so furiously through
these wilds in seeming terror Irlnce
of the wilderness lie answered 1 am
of the race of horses and your most
humble servant and I gallop so hard
to get away from Ibn Adam
Hearing this the Hon was at the
limit of astonishment and observed It
is shameful of thee to speak thus O
horse noble nnd vigorous as thou art
nbout a miserable being thou couldst
surely dispatch with one kick Look at
me I utn not so big as thou but I
have promised the goose here to rid the
earth forever of this ridiculous tyrant
Ibn Adnm by eating him up entirely
To this the horse made answer Far bo
from thee such untoward thought O
Jungle prince Make no mistake nbout
thy strength and swiftness or mine in
dealing with man In his hands my
vigor Is as water He fastens heel
ropes upon my hoofs and ties my muz
zle up to a ring upon tho wall so that I
can neither run away nor He down
Then he hitches a saddle on me with
two strong girths nnd puts a twisted
metal bit In my mouth with n bridle
that makes me go where he will nnd
being so mounted he forces me hither
nnd thither with horrid things called
spurs that cover my body with blood
When I nm old and weak he means to
pell mo to some miller who will make
me turn the millstones night and day
until I drop Then the knacker will
kill me and bargain my skin nway to
the tanners nnd my long hair to the
weavers who make ropes and bags
Thnt Is why I nm flying nwny from
Ibn Adam
The young Hon was greatly affected
at this and roared out aloud It Is time
Indeed that I cleared tho earth from
such a scourge Tell me friend horse
where can 1 And this thing a man
and the horse replied I ran nway
from him nt noon He Is coming this
way Have a care Just as the horse
was speaking a new cloud of dust In
the desert so alarmed him that he went
off nt a sudden bound nnd we saw ap
proaching a huge camel with long legs
and swaying neck uttering hoarse
grumblings And he too told his tale
of the terrible Ibn Adam and fled away
like the rest
Then all of a sudden there came out
of the thicket a little old man with cun
ning eyes and weather beaten aspect
carrying over his shoulder a basket of
carpenters tools nnd on his head eight
or ten large planks of wood
My lord peacock and my lady pea
hen At sight of this I the goose
could not utter a word to warn the Hon
but was struck dumb with fear Ho
meanwhile vastly amused at the ap
pearnnce of this small withered being
stalked nearer to examine him where
on the carpenter flung himself flat and
said In a humble deprecating voice O
mighty prince and most famous who
dost All the highest place of all crented
things I wish thee good dny and the
blessings of Allah I myself am a poor
creature who entreats thy protection
from the evils of the oppressor There
with he began pltoousiy to sigh nnd
Touched by his tears the young Hon
lowered his proud tone and asked
Who then hath oppressed thee most
polite nud best spoken of nil nnlmnls
even though thou art certainly the ugll
The other answered Lord of all
woodland things 1 am a poor benst
that Is called carpenter and my op
pressor is Ibn Adnm Ah my lord
Hon Allah keep thee from his tricks
He makes me work all day long with
out pny nnd now dying with hunger
1 inn gladly i mining away from tho
place w here he lives
On this the lion wns more furious
than ever The foam fell from his
mouth his eyes Hashed lightning and
he roared loudly Where then Is this
lliii Atlain this father of calamities
that I may smash nud crush him nud
avenge his victims The mini answer
ed Sire thou wilt soon hoc him lie
Is now after me furious nt inning no
one to build him houses The Hon
wild O little benst that goes so 111 on
thy two foolish feet nnd art culled
carpenter What are houses and wlilth
or dost thou wend The man replied
A house Is for rich ones to live In
great prince and 1 am now going with
Pils basket and these plunks to build a
house for the wuzeer of my lords fa
tiler the leopard who desires to have
nu abode where he may shelter himself
from Ibn Adam who Is expected In
these parts
Thereon the young Hon waxed Jeal
ous of the leopard and said to the car
penter By my life It Is an extreme
presumption on the part of thy fathers
wuzeer to build himself a house when
we have none let thee to work at
once and construct me hero this abode
As for the wuzeer let tiltn wall My
lord the carpenter answered l prom
ise to come back when the leopards
order Is finished Ills anger will other
wise be too terrible And then will I
build thee not indeed a house but a
palace But the young Hon being Im
patient did hut pat the man on the
breast with his great paw and down
he went on the sand witli his planks
and basket Thereat the Hon shook
his great Hanks with laughter seeing
the terror of the miserable little fellow
who had picked himself up and began
to get to work full gloomily though
this wns Just what he wonted nnd for
which he had In truth come
Right carefully did the carpenter
take the measure of the lion In length
and breadth and In height and soon he
had erected on the sand a solidly built
box with n narrow entrance lie had
so driven the nails that the sharp
points all came through Inside nud he
had left a few small holes for draft all
which being llnlshed he respectfully In
vited the lion to go In The lion ob
jected that the door was too low Quoth
the carpenter Bend down thy prince
ly back O sovereign master and so en
ter Once inside my lord will Hnd
room enough On this the Hon crouch
ed and wriggled his body within tho
construction leaving his tall outside
but tills the carpenter quickly curled
up and stuffed In along with the rest of
him afterward hastily closing the door
with a plank and nailing It down
Thereupon the hapless Hon tried to
burst the walls but the sharp points
of the nails pierced bis skin in a hun
dred places so that he became covered
with blood and mad with pain nnd
roared forth Wretch of a carpenter
what kind of n house hnst thou made
for me nnd what are these points that
pierce me The man with a voice of
triumph replied It Is Ibn Adams
house and those are the nail points of
Ibn Adam Dog of the desert thou
shalt learn now whether Ibn Adam
little feeble nnd ugly as he Is cannot
get the better of thy ferocious force
nnd lordly greatness
Uttering tliese terrible words the
little old man kindled a torch swept
the chips up all round the box und set
it on lire And thus I the goose
speechless with surprise and conster
nation beheld my noble companion
consumed alive and dying the most
dreadful death while Ibn Adam the
man went off laughing to himself with
his basket of tools London Tele
The Method of Collection nnd In-
pcctlon 1reventa Free Hides
The chances of evading fares on the
street cars of Oprmuu cities are very
slight When a passenger steps on a
car the conductor immediately aaks
where he Is going nnd then prepares
his ticket which serves nlso ns a re
ceipt for the fore The preparation of
a ticket consists only In detaclilug It
from a block and punching It or mark
ing It with a pencil
This process Involves much more
work than the simple process of ring
ing up the fares as conductors do in
America but tho task Is lightened by
the fact that only a certain number of
persons are permitted to ride on a car
at the snme time The number of sit
ting nnd standing places Is plainly
marked on each car If a car Is de
signed to carry 30 persons no more
than 30 persons will be permitted on
that car at the same time When any
thing in Gcrniuuy Is forbidden It is
settled once for all
In order that every person who rides
shall get the prescribed ticket Inspect
ors are employed who spend their time
in ascertaining whether the conductors
are doing their duty These Inspectors
step Into the cars and auk the passen
gers for their tickets They note the
number of the tickets and whether they
correspond with the stubs retained by
the conductor The clerk who gives
out the blocks of tickets to tho con
ductors notes tho number of the upper
most ticket and at the return of each
block collects from the conductor who
returned It as many fares as there are
tickets detached
The rate of faros varies from 2h
cents to fi according to the distance
Small children nro carried for one half
fare and any one for the sum of 250
may secure a ticket which entitles him
to ride as much as ho wishes for ono
month When a car Is full the con
ductor displays a placard bearing the
word Occupied Chicago Hecord
lie WnrM of II
Jack Tom Im in a terrible fix Im
engaged to three girls
Tom Well thats not exactly a crime
Jack No thats the worst of It If
It were I could go to prison aud havo
some peace
Iidtietonnncid jioUoii which cuius access to the blood tlmnijh fniltiie f the proper
orgnus to enn y olT nnd keep the system clear of nil morbid effete mutter This ooison
Distorts Muscles
SMaiim Nerves
Stiffens Joints
tluoiieli theicneiiu i itciilntion is delimited in the joints muscles nnd tictves cnusim t lie most intense pain
Ulieiiiiiiilisiu tuny iitlnck uttli mich MidtleiinesH nnd seveiilv us to make within it few dnvs n henlihv
active m isuii iicmicss nun ten in li en with distoiteil limbs and slintteteil iteives or it may he slow in
Iveifipiiig wiui siuiii Niiniieiiui pains just sevete enough
to make one fcl tiiicomrortithle
ency tu sum cnSes ts to eiow woisc nud litiiitlv become c iionic
Like olhct blood diseases Ulieuiiiutisiit is often inherited and exposure to damp or cold waul of proper
food iiiMillicletit clothing or anything ealciilulrtl to impnii the health will fiequeiitly cause it to develop
in caily life but tuoie often not until middle ago or later In whatever fotin whethei acute or chronic
inllSj Rheumatism is Strictly a BSoad Disease
and no liniment or nlhei external tteatiiieut can teaih the tumble Nell In i te piepatationsof jtotnsli
and nietitiry and the vanous tniiuial salts which the tlocloti nlwns cute Rheumatism but
ruin the digestion nud bieak down the constitution
A letneily which builds up the gciiciat health and nt the same lime this the system of the poison in
the onl v safe and eei tain cute for khiimintisiii H H K nmdi of iniu lioilu ml unlril
solvent purifying propetties attacks the disease in tlie tight way ami in lie right place the blood nud quickly netitriiliai
the acid and dissolves all oisoiioiis deposits stimulates and leinfotces the ovetwotkeil woin otit oigans nud clems the system
u nu iiiiiiinmiy - - - emeu puiiiiaiientiy nmi llloiotllllynuu keepil
uie moon tu a pine iicauuy state
Mr J O Mitllrv lilW iMtiSttrrlliullntinpiills Iml for eighteen uiiiillHiiiitettitlr nflllrteil
with Itlieiiiiiiilivn he uiMiiimlilclu feci in iIicm lilimrlf DurlniM kiiIiI hliour wnn litmelri Mr luul
ttleil fifty two iii Hilttloiii Hint fllenil luul -Urn Mill wlllmnl llie sIIkIiIcsI teller A few of
S S 8 ciiteil liltu ictiiiiilieiitly niul lie Inn tievet luul it iheiiuinllc uU niiu c Thin wiih live enisiiii
We will send ftee out special hook on Klieninatisiii which should be in llie hands
of every suffcier fioin this toiluiing disease Out physician have niiiile blood anil -kill
diseases a life study ami will eive oii anv infoiuiatioii oi mlvire wanted so unir tlinn
fully und ftcely about your ease We make no ehnigc whatever for thin set vice Addicts SWIFT SPECIFIC CO Atlanta 6ft
lion tin norm Cntn Jt ICrorj tliln
Iur llifiiiH of Tliulr IIIkIiIm
The following Is a translation from
n letter written from Johannesburg
dated Oct 1 says the London Cluou
On Wednesday Mauser rifles wero
Hsu tinned over the whole country to
the burghers nud to those ultlauilern
who voluntarily enrolled themselves
upon which a general commanding
calling up followed There was a
tieiuendous panic In the town for It Ih
not so very traiKjtilllIng to see every
other man with a rltle on his shoulder
All huge shops were subsequently
closed iud nailed up with Iron ntiil
wood The hoises asses ami mules
were taken from llie carriages In llie
streets to be lined by the Hoops On
Friday only fioin here six trains with
troops lei I for Volksrusl I tlo not
think that here Is another country In
the whole woild where anything of the
kind is possible In LH hours the
burghers armed called up nmi trans
ported My landlord 1 hns left all In
his house as it was only asulug mo to
look a bit ufter ids tilings und has left
It Is a very Interesting sight nt tho
station and I have admired the Afil
can wives and girls for their admira
ble attitude No weeping or crying
nothing of that Do your duty then
a kiss a shake hands and the tiaiu
went off with husbands brothers fa
thers possibly not to return again
Those left behind flourished still a
long time with hats etc after tho
train above which the four colors of
the Hag unfolded themselves
Touching scenes took place Tliero
was old Kerreira with his live sons for
Instance he himself a Boer of the old
trekkers1 type and his sons all six feet
odd An old Boer finds ids sou of 15
years or thereabouts has stolen awny
nud has asked for a rifle from tho
veldkornet to Join the troops Tho
old man in the end approves Ids sons
desire Behave as a man Is Ills
word of leave Old and young rich
and poor without demurring withoU
discouragement all have Hocked to
gether at the first summons leaving all
behind because the country la in want
of them No glittering of epaulets or
buttons no music no bombast or
boast lug only calmness aud serious
ness In those resolute tawny headsl
England will never win
I was with an old German lady
whose heart so susceptible to love of
the native couinry grew too big Sho
could not help going along all the wag
ons to press the rough lists Will you
all come back Missus Is the re
ply we cannot positively promise you
this but we shall nevertheless try
It Is also a very pathetic sight to see
how great the love for their native
country Is with the Boors Four hun
dred were called up in quarter 2
Krugersdorp district nnd 070 present
ed themselves The commander tried
to refuse those 270 but theie was no
question of that In Maranburg lr0
were summoned and 800 appeared
Everybody Joins All from the highest
to the lowest rank are ready and full
of enthusiasm aud reliance in the Lord
Yesterday a clergyman asked me
whether he could not get a place to
preach to the Boers The trains with
troops were ready to stnrt but were
detained because the Natal line was
blocked up 1 gave him the shed nud
listened to the preaching In very good
Dutch he stirred the hearts of those
sturdy Boers their wives and children
aud a general sobbing was the conse
An Eye For nnnlnrn Only
A West Philadelphia woman says
the Philadelphia Hecord tells of an
Incident which she witnessed Illustra
tive of tho ignorance of many Immi
grants and the lack of iuterest which
they take In their surroundings
There is nu Italian who sells flow
ers In Market street near the city hall
he snys To my own knowledge ho
hns been there for live years perhaps
longer I was looking into a shop
window the other day when I noticed
n couple of women who wero evident
ly strangers In the city stop and speaU
to the Italian
What Is that large building
asked one pointing to the city hall
The Italian shook Ids head
Me no know ho said Mo sell
dn flower 10 centa da hunch
At this Juncture I stepped up and
volunteered the desired Information
But that fellow made me mail There
ho hail been standing day in and day
out for years right under tho shadow
of tho city hall aud actually didnt
know what building It wua
Tho Norfolk Bicycle Men Pioprlotots
Miiiiiifnelitrnrn IiiIiImth nmi Dnnlnrn in
Bicycles Sundries Parts nud Repairs
Anmiey fur Wiillliinii Miiimfiiiliulim V Oilrnl lllcjrlut llm IIiikhI Hlrniirtt
nmi l iiHtnnl lliijeln In tlm Wnrlil Wit iiImi IiiiimIIm llm Aeinn Woilil Tilliiiiut llnnlio
Sjiiiiiioiit Pultun nmi nm own uuiliii mtliui chain m i liit IiiIdhh ulilnli will lin lomwii an
tlii Ahliuiin SmmIiiIh
Wo do Ropairinj Promptly and Reasonable
-- 4tM tHfttMfMiitl
Daily News Job Department
Guaranteed Ohenpest nnd Best A Sj cilntivo oud timer and Futtonor
for Live Stock Prices 25 cent and rl c ills pi r piutiiig pound bugs t 50
K eps fowls lien t y Mines chicKf gifw Makis nuns lay Prevents
poultry Psoases Pio Vft dints tier iickngn
iorsnlv Sugar City Cereal Mills
Norfolk Nebraska
freuJnr and pamphlet fen JOS HAAS V S Indianapolis Ind
Any person who is sulTering wifli biickiiclie caused by
kidney trouble sleeplessness or a desire to urinate often dur
ing the night can be cured if they will use Cramers Kidney
Cure Kor urinary and bladder troubles it is without doubt
theaeino Kidney euro on the market If you have weak kid
neys commence taking it at once Nine tenths of female
troubles are traced to the kidneys It is pleasant to take It
brightens you up gives you ambition drives away that slug
gish feeling gives you strength and makes you feel like a
different person Te timonials from people who have used
Cramers Kidney and Liver Cure A
MlsCaie Wmi Had One
Omaha Iiiiin 10 IfiOO CrnninrCliiiiiilniil Co
Albany N V Inntlninmi Ynnr nmuiily fur
kiilniiy troiiMii with which I mifTnroil fur tttivitrnl
yiinrB Kiivninit such ritlim Unit I roll in ilutv
Iiuiiuil In nililroBH you thin luttnr to Hiiy lluit 1
do not think- tliuro Ih it iiuxlicliio tmliiy Unit
ilu 1 f lilti Irilu lt tit lslltwitu t
uitln ik ill frill I n i nrn w j
ctbu wan a hnl onii with mivurit imiint nt timiiH
ill litRi t linn ho iiiiicn iiiitininit unit i wiih iiiuiu
ciiiii imlloil In lay nwnkii iiltfhU HiidIiik your
ruiiiuuy mivuriipiHi itxiiiimiviiiy i wiih iiiiiuuihi u
i r - t r I r I
il It IIIM tun ijiijiii ii iuw miLLiiii i iii iikii
ill porfitct liuiilth nmi hitvit tu thiink your wiui
ilnrfiil rnnimly fur it I ninth rocoininnml it to
nu my iriuiiiiH iiavini uiik inn iriiiiini
IfuniMjclfnlly yoiirn
No Other so Onod
Mr HiiiicorU 2120 Hamilton h trout Oinnlin
itiiyit ho Iiub trlml nut it y nimudioa fur Mtlnoy
en rn hut until lit trloif Crninors hit fidli il tu
llud unn to kwi him nillnf tliit it f lor imiiiK
Criinitirtt ho fult HLo a now mini
It Made Mint a New Alan
lamiiri IticlinnUun jr rrinnocloil with tin
MirhiiriltMin DniK Co Oiimhu uulFnroil irrnutly
with kiilnny troulilu lln jikn thtiiiBittitlt of
othura after Utmix Cratnnr h in cnruil nmi a nnw
mini onni moro Hit in kIuiI t rorotitiiimiil tlii
hriitt riiiniHly tu MilTororH unci cannnt any too
much fur Cruinnrb
Invigorate the Wood
AldlANV N V Mnrih 12
Chimiidil Co Il hint limm on my mind to
timtify to thu Ixinulltri wh havit Ind frum tho into
of your uiiiiqiiiilliiil kiilnny nminily My fnthor
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