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JL. 9
Volume 27 , Xo. 18 VALENTINE , NEBR. , THURSDAY , MAY 9 , 1912. per year.
We take considerable pleasure in calling at
tention to our complete stock of Mimsing
Union Suits lor ladies. We consider
ovrselves very fortunate in securing the ex-
elusive agency for these excellent garments.
While it is generally known that they are
very high class , it is not known by every
body that the prices are as low as ordinary
makes of underwear are sold for. We can
convince you.
If JS. Ji II
New uptodate line of Spring and Hummer Hats
on display for your inspection.
TifTOk F W F
iwa * IMB
. ' iLJJS-Ci-iiU
\f Ivlvfl iJ 2. i'f - - >
xj cAj A i iAAj A woxSsi uU5
: e Front Harclwa
Come and see our
It does not get dull , always stays
in adjustment.
Our stock of Garden Hose is all
new. Just received. No old stock
carried over. We are headquarters
for all Electric and Plumbing goods.
Red Front Hardware
Kcg gg t i M
Cottage Grove Restaurant
Edmund Gerber , Prop.
First Class Meals and Short Orders
Board by the day or week. Ticket good for twenty-
one meals $4.50. Come to the Cottage Grove
taurant for a "square meal. "
W. B. HOWE , Proprietor
Successor to John D. Eaton.
Electric Lights , Hot water Heat , Good Rooms and Beds , where you
can * , feel at home and be comfortabe while you remain.
"We invite old patrons and others to call and see us.
For Sale :
30,000 acres improved farm lands
in Eastern Norman county , the
garden spot of Northwestern Min
nesota , at from § 27 to § 50 per
acre. Particulars and photos of
buildings upon application.
Box 862 ,
Jg 6 La 9ueur $ Minn <
Do You Want a Bargain in
Town Property ?
1 have three properties that are
bargains and I am going to sell
them at a bargain to some one who
has a few hundred dollars laying
I want to build a good building
for a printing office and will sell
property cheap , to carrj7 out my
Come and see me on any kind
of a property deal. I want money
and I'll give big value for it.
I. M. RICE , '
Neb'r ,
Roan brothers were up from
Wood Lake Monday.
Lizzie Gassan visited in the
country a short time last week.
Judge Harrington and C. B.
Scott of O'Neill were in Valentine
Monday on legal business.
Work on Jack Dimbly's new
house is progressing rapidly.
Grant Boyer is doing the work.
John Harms and family came
in from their ranch Saturday and
visited ( Jhas. Gassan and family
several days.
A large number of friends of
Old Lady K > lly gathered in Val
entine Tuesday to attend her fun
eral which was held at the Catho
lic church , conducted by Rev.
Father Blaere.
Mat Jelly was in town Monday
for the first time since January.
He's been kept busy at home sell
ing seed corn , of which he had a
quantity , arid our home seed corn
grows better here than the late
corn raised in eastern and south
ern corn districts.
T. A Ooffey of Merrimnn and
Mr. Clabaugh have purchased a
big string of cattle from Richards
and Comstock at Ellsworth. These
rrt * from the oid Enlow ranch ,
and we hear that J A , Saults has
b > ught quite a lot of laud from
them , as well as Messrs. C. II.
Tully and Frank Cury. We hear
fiut. tip ! land sold at § 15 an aciv ,
wtiich is vpry reasonable , consid
ering the way hay has been selling.
The Imperial Guards Band
comes all the way from sunny
Italy for a ien week's engagement
with the RpcJpath-IIorner Chau-
tauquas in the territory between
the Missouri and the Rockies.
They sail from Italy this month.
Tue director of this band was at
one time the assistant director of
Creatore.'s band , and each one of
the men in the Imperial Guards
band has played at many a notable
sate occasion in their native land
Ir , is their first tour in America.
Andrew Morrissry is in Valentine -
tine this week on business and
visiting friends. lie won out for
the nomination for attorney gen
eral by nearly 2000 votes over W. ,
W. Terry of Beatrice , and as this .
part of the state has had no nomi
nation or represention for a num
ber of years , and in fact scarcely
has been recognized heretofore ,
WP believe Mr. Morrissay will run
well up with the democratic ticket
or better , and his candidacy will
help the ticket in the western part
of the state.
Frank Rrandall informs us that t
some one climbed up through 1
one of the manholes of the
power house of the city electric
plant and stole three belts. One
was the wide drive belt and the
other two were smaller. The
door is fastened with a spring
Io3k and easily opened from the
iaside so the thieves had no diffi-
cilty getting away with their
booty. Frank says he piled some
heavy stones on the manhole cov
ers and the next person will prob
ably be treated to a surprise if he
succeed in pushing one over.
We have a new 10x15 Chandler
& Price job press just installed
and our faithful 8x12 jobber had
to be moved out of the office to
make room. Therefore , the 8x12
brass arm Gordon is for sale.
We'll take § 40 for it f. o. b. Val
entine. We have done thoqsaflds
of dollars worth of work on it and
in fact it was our main job press
until now , when we felt able to
replace it with a new one to handle
our increased job business , which ,
with our big 13x19 jobber is all (
tvb havb room for in our
Fat Gatile Are Active and Steady
to Strong ,
Shscp and Lamb Receipts Light Mar.
ket Slow and Draggy Ewes and
Wethers Are Scarce Prices Decid
edly Lower Than a Week Ago.
Union Stoc'k Yards , South Omaha ,
May 7. Thorc were about 4,000 cat-
Ue received today. Prices were steady
to a shade stronger. Choice 1,430-
I'Otind beeves brought $8.50 , as high
as anything of this weight has sold
this year , and mixed yearlings brought
$8.45 , which is the highest mark of the
season for this c'ass of stock. There
\vas a broad and active demand for
cows and heifers aud prices ruled
strong- . Veal calves are quoUibly
Ftrong. There is a good demand for
li'Jis , stags , etc. Demand for stoclc
cfcttlo and feeding steers was some
what Droader than it has been of late ,
and prices were strong to a shade
Quotations on cattle : Choice to
prime beeves , $8.10 @ 8.60 ; good to
choice beeves. S7.60@S.OO ; fair to good
beeves , $7.15 ( 7.50 ; common to fair
beeves , SG.25@7.00 ; good to choice
heifers. $0.75(77.50 ( ; good to choice !
cows , $ .3.75@G.75 ; fair to good grades ,
$5.00g,3.75 ( ; caliners and cutters , $3.00
@ 47.3 ; veal calves , $3.50@7.75 ; bulls , !
stags , etc. , $4.2506.00 ; choice to prime ]
feeders , $6.75@7.25 ; good to choice
feeders , $5.80a 6.50 ; fair to good feed
ers , $5.25675.75 ; common to fair feed-j
ers , $4.25@5.00 ; stock cows and heif
ers , $4.00(5)5.2. ( ) .
About lf-,7QO ! hogs arrived , and
prices ruled strong to a nickel high
er.k Smooth hogs with plenty of
weight made a top of $7.65 , as com
pared with Monday's top of $7.60 ,
while bulk landed within $7.40@7.55 ,
as against last Tuesday's bulk of $7.50
@ 7.70.
Receipts of sheep and lambs
amounted to about 2,000 head. Prices
are right around 50c under last week's
close. Attractive wooled lambs were
still quotable above $9.00. Shorn
tomlis sold from $8.20 downward.
Sheep were scarce and usually sold
first , moving in small bunches.
Quotations on sheep and lambs
Wooled : Lambs , good to choice , $0.00 !
$79.35 ; lambs , fair to good , $ < g > !
9.00 ; ewes , good to choice , $7.00(0)7.30 ( ) ; j
e\ves. fair to good , $6.50@7.00. Shorn :
lambs ] , good to choice. $8.00@8.25 ;
lambs 1 , fair to good , $7.50@8.00 ; year
lings. 1 $6.65 ( ft 7.25 : wethers , $5.S5g ( )
6.50 ( ; ewes , $ = 5.00 6.15. . . j
i i
Roya ! Neighbors Attention
On Wed , May 22 , there will be
held in the Fraternal hall at Valen
tine a county camp organization
for the purpose of fixing a perma
nent camp organization in and for
the camps of Cherry county.
A closed session beginning ftt
1:30 : p. m. sharp will be held dur
ing the afternoon.
In the evening there will be an
open session beginning at 7:30 : , at
which time we will have ' with us
the national lecturer , Mrs. Gron-
All Royal Neighbors of America
are requested to be present at both
will be paid for information that
will lead to the conviction of the
party or parties who burned four
stacks of hay on the old Gulp
place , 4 miles north and 1-V miles
west of Sparks , Nebr. , on the
night of March 15 , 1912 ,
Itt -i Valentine , Nebr.
I have just received a new and
most up to date French dry clean
ing machine. Am now ready and
prepared to do all kinds of clean
ing of ladies' and gent's wearing
apparel , such as coats , suits ,
dresses , waists and furs. A trial
will convince you of our superior
work. J. ABRAHAMS , Ladies' and
Gent's Tailor , Old Home Bakery
Building *
We have employed Mr. S. W. Cyphers ,
A" First Class Tailor ,
of 25 years' experience in tailoring1
in the East , to assist us in our
aud Aye are now prepared
to give our customers
A Perfect Fit in Clothing
Alterations in suits or a
tailor made suit of any style.
Cleaning and Pressing Prompt =
ly Done on Short Notice.
H. W. Hoenis : , Pr
j&v2 X2025QSQ9 & 2C ; 5&jrac
McGEER & CARROLL , Proprs.
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies :
Oid Crow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimcr ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook ,
Spring Kill , and 29 yearxoi
and Jas , E. .Pepper , O. F. C , Taylor ,
These whiskies were purchased in bond
and came direct from the U. 8. gov
ernment warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Un
excelled for family and medical use.
Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Brandies , Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinness's Extra Stout ,
Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budweiser Beer ,
Valentine Nebraska I
* 4 * 4 mK " < * . < & A1 - > i-i5-ri'v4. X vH-tf7t t *
S tetter & Tobien , Props. ,
All Kinds of Fresh I
fi' '
and Fait Meats. . . .
Will buy your Cattle , Hogs ,
Poultry , Horses , Mules and
anything" you have to sell.
Did you ever give thought to the fact that it is largely due
to the material aid and encouragement given by banks and
bankers that this is a country of h > raes and home owners ?
Do you realize that this aid and encouragement , which has
been such a help in making improvements and advancing property -
erty values , was possible only because many people deposited
in banks their surplus money , the money for which they had
no immediate use ?
Individually these accounts were small , collectively they
stand for the world's progress.
Identify yourself with the movement for making this a
better town , a better trading point and a more prosperous com
munity of home owners by opening an account with the
Deposits in this hank ai'p proto 't d by the Depositor's
Guarantee Fund of the tute of N
'AAAAA ' j AAA JLA. A. A/aJs A
Loup Valley Hereford Ranch ,
Berd headed by S. 0. Columbus 17
NTo. 160050 , and Climax 2 , No. 289
522 ; also , Melvin , No. 827072 , reg
Bulls for Sak at All Times ,
"ily little son had a very severe coM.
I was recommended to try Chamberlain's ,
Cough Hemedy , and before a small bottle
tle was finished he was as well as ever , "
writes Mrs.H. Silks , 20 Bowling Street ,
Sydney , Australia. This remedy fe for