Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, May 02, 1912, Image 8

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A Staemtent of Facts Backed by a
Strong Guarantee.
We guarantee immediate and
positive relief to all sufferers from
constipation. lu every case where
our remedy fails to do this we will
return the money paid us for it.
That's a frank statement of facts ,
and we want you to substantiate
them at our risk.
Rexall Orderlies are eaten just
like candy , and are particularly
prompt and aggreeable in action ,
may be taken at any time , day or
night ; do not cause diarrhoea ,
nausea , griping , excessive looseness ,
or other undesirable effects. They
have a very mild but positive action
upon the organs with which they
corne in contact , apparently acting
as a regulative tonic upon the re
laxed muscular coat of the bowel ,
thus overcoming weakness , and aid
ing to restore the bowels to more
vigorous and healthy activity.
Rexall Orderlies are unsurpass
able and ideal for the use of chil
dren , old folks and delicate persons.
AVe cannot too highly recommend
them to all sufferers from any form
of constipation and its attendant
evils. That's why we back our
faith in them with our promise of
money back if they do not give en
tire satisfaction. Three sizes : 12
tablets 10 cents , 36 tablets 25 cents
and 80 tablets 50 cents. Remem
ber , you can obtain Rexall Remedies
in Valentine only at our store The
Rexall Store. G. A. Chapman.
Here's an Offer You
Should Not Overlook.
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets reme
dy stomach troubles by aiding
nature to supply the elements the
absence of which in the gastric
juices causes indigestion and dys
pepsia. They aid the stomach to
digest food and to quickly convert
it into rich red blood and material
necessary for overcoming natural
body waste.
Carry a package of Rexall Dys
pepsia Tablets in your vest pocke
or keep them in your room. Take
one after each heavy meal and
prove our assertion that indiges
tion will not bother jon.
We know what Rexall Dyspep
sia Tablets are and what they will
do. We guarantee them to re
lieve indigestion and dyspepsia.
If they fail we will refund your
money. Three sizes : 25 cents.
50 cents and § 1.00. Remember ,
you can obtain Rexall Remedies
only at our store Tlie Rexall
Store. Chapman , The Druggist.
Will President Taft have the
nerve to veto the democratic bil !
to cut the tariff rate on wool ?
Schedule "K" places a rate cf
141 per cent on wool fabrics , 165
per cent on cheap blankets and
143 per cent on ilannel underwear.
An article worth § 5 seeking entr.\
into this market would be saddled
with a duty of § 7.05. Such rates
are stangering proof of the greed
of protectionists. They were n < , t
written into the law for the pur
pose of increasing the govern
ment's revenue , but were design
ed instead to increase the profit ?
of the wool manufacturers.
May II , 1912.
In AVhat Way Has the Reading
Circle Work Been Helpful
to You ? - Grace Shelbourn
Book Review Goldie Grooms
The Home and the School From
the View Point of the Patron ,
- Mrs. McLean
The Home and the School From
the View Point of the Teach
er - Carrie Van Ostrand
The Truant - Ella Kenneale.v
Current Events - May Pi tars
The Sprit of Litoratnre -
Value of Imagination
Mabel Shasp
Discu-sioi , \ { pj'j. , , An.ire" .
Roosevelt 338
Taft 113
LaFollette 117
Clark. 212
Wilson 122
Harmon 43
Brown . . . 341
Norris 181
Shallenbcrger 290
Thompson 59
Reed. . . . . . : 30
Reynolds 25-1
Ball 284
JBrewster 316
Aldrich -.395
Xewton M33
forehead 243
Metcalfc 141
Grant G. Martin 460
Morrisse Y 29T
Terry 78
- - - -
Kincaid 514
Taylor 176
Donoboe 110
Gandy 61
Morris 485
Harnan 316
The county nominees are :
For county attorney C. A.
Ruby , democrat ; E. D. Clarke ,
For county assessor W. E.
Haley , democrat ; YT. E. Keister ,
For county commissioner Alex
Kief , democrat ; John Adamson ,
For county surveyor Forest
CJOD , democrat ; Jack Juncd , re
A Crippled Mind.
Many strong minds , giant intel
lects , are held down and starved
out by crippled digestive power ,
dyspepsia and the poison absorbed
as a result of chronic constipation.
Ir your stomach lacks digestive
power the natural and simplest
thing to do is to put into it the
agent it lacks. Above all things
avoid strong drugs that paralize
and irritate the stomach and bow
els. A sound , healthy stomach
contains the same digestive agents
Spruce Pepsin tablets contain.
Spruce Pepsin tablets will di
gest fermenting , decaying food
that lays like a lump in your
stomach. TVe have proved this
thousands of times or we would
not dare spend thousands of dollars
lars to prove it to every sufferer
from stomach trouble. We will
send you a trial box FREE.
Spruce Tablet Co. , Heron Lake ,
Minn. 50c. sixes can be had of G.
A. Chapman , Druggist , Valentine ,
and experience
iii the printing
When you are in need of some
thing in this line \
Mr. and Mrs. Miller have been
visiting near Ainsworth the past
week. Messrs. Bucy and Daniels
have been fencing.
C. L. Latta has all of the mater
ial , except finishing , hauled for
his new home.
J. E. Thackrey brought a load
for a new settler Friday.
T. W. Cramer and wife were
pleasant callers in our vicinity
last week ,
J. C. Reece % made a business
trip to Wood Lake Friday.
A program for a Sunday school
convention is being planned for
Simeon , May 12. There will be
an all day session , with a basket
dinner to break the monotony. All
are cordially invited.
Messrs. Hobbs and Young have
had lightning rods placed on their
homes. It is said to be impossible
for lightning to strike a home pro
tected in this way.
C. S. Reece is expecting a fine
black bull from the state farm.
He purchased him while attending
the meetings at Lincoln in Janu
ary.Rev. . Bebee was with us Sunday.
He gave an edcational address in
the interests of the university at
University Place.
H. F. Kime , our new merchant ,
is making arrangements for build
ing additions to the store and in
creasing the stock.
The ladies' club will meet at
Mrs. Carr's home next. An old
fashioned quilt is to receive the
attention of the ladies. While
they are in session the men folk
have planned a consolation meet
ing for Father Carr.
i"S. .
At Miles City , Montana , the
biggest range horse market on
earth , 2,000 head of horses wiJl be
sold at auction on May 27 , 28 , 29
and 30 , 1912.
We have all classes to select
from. The good big farm and
draft mares , broke and unbroke ;
in foal and some with colts by
side.Ve will have 150 big year
lings , 150 big boned two-year-olds ,
ten cars of Washington horses and
ponies , broke and unbroke , fat
and good sellers. You can buy
any kind you want here. You
can buy at auction or private sale.
You can buy singly or in pairs ,
one horse or a train load. You
can get the big strong boned
young horses here. William Hol
land of Waterloo , Iowa , will be
h ire with a car load of the best
draft stallions ever shipped to the
Don't forget the dates.
We will look for you.
Write or wire for information.
17-1 C. 13. INCH AM , Manager.
That we have every facility
for turning out neat print
ing of all kinds. Letter
heads , bill heads , office sta
tionery , etc. , furnished at
the lowest prices first
class work will permit.
ake an ! H C Engine
Home with You
TALK v/ith your local
dealer may open your
cys to gasoline engine
possibilities you never thought
of. For } rour own information
drop in and Gee him the next
time you are in tovn and talk
it over with him frankly. He'll
tell you the truth about I H C
engines and the chances are ,
he'll show you how you can't
afford to run your farm any
longer without one.
Gasoline Enines
are among the best labor-savers
and money-makers a farmer can
buy. The local dealer will tell
you why and give you facts and
figures to prove it. He will fell
you just what an I H C engine
will do for you and why it is
the best engine for 3'ou to buy ,
Learn from him what it means
to have a thoroughly tested
I H C engine and take one home
with you. Made in sizes 1 to
50-horse power.
International Harvester Company of America
( lin-urporated )
Chicago USA
! H C Service Bureau
The purpose of this Bureau is to furnish ,
free of charge to all , the best information
obtainable on better farming. If you have
any worthy questions concerning -soils ,
crops , land drainage , irrigation , fertili/ers.
etc. . make vonr inciuiries specific and tend
them to I H C Service Buieau , Harvester
Building. Chicago , US A
writes Mrs. L. R. Barker ,
of Bud , Ky. , "and can do
ali my housework. For
years I suffered with such
pains , I could scarcely
stand on my feet. After
three different doctors had
failed to help me , I gave
Cardui a trial. Now , I feel
like a new woman. "
58 155
M ?
The Woman's Tonic
A woman's health de
pends so much upon her
delicate organs , that the
least trouble there affects
her whole system. It is
the little things that count ,
in a woman's life and | |
health. If you suffer from H
any of the aches and
pains , due to womanly
weakness , take Cardui at
once , and avoid more seri
ous troubles. We urge H
you to try it. Begin today.
You will look a good while before yoi
find a better medicine for coughs and
colds than Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. It not only givej 1'elief it cures
Try it when you have ; i cough or cold ,
and you are certain to be pleased with
the prompt cure which it will effect.
For sale by all dealers.
is to serve your needs.
It will help sell ycur
goods talk to the
people you want to
reach. An advertis&-
ment / * ; * / * pcf -
is a reieience guide
to those whose ' -vants
are worsli s.ajt'v"t
& & Cigars and
Soft Drinks
tM I
; @ "
Before buying an auto it will pay you to see the INTERNATIONAL /
' . , No Hill too Steep ? no Sand too Deep
" "
" " * tSt
Soldby D , McLeod
Guaranteeckby International Harvester Company
All kinds of wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizea
Kosidence and shop one block south of passenger depot.
Valentine , PHONE 72 Nebraska
References : My Many
e 30
Beginning Monday , March 18 v ;
From 10 to 40 per cent on
Winter Goods , Outing Flannels , Men's Fur
nishings , Calicoes , Percales , Ginghams ,
Underwear , Sweaters , Overshoes
3 General Merchandise , Flour , Feed , Grain
S 2nd Building- South the Bank. Crooks ton , Xeb.
S2KESSi22v2SS2 ! IS2
E. M. Faddis & Co
Postofllce address Valentine or Kennedy.
Some branded
on left
Horses branded
or thij'h
Some Some branded
Branded on n lit thi
n left or shoulder.
Ji tlubh
P. H. Young- .
rfiineon. Nobr.
Cattle branded
as cul on Mi side
Some Qyon 1
on loft jaw o
3 , , . - * nsj * & J * ' V horses.
on Gordow Cre < 'k north of Simeon ,
C. P. Jordan.
Hordes aud cattlt
same , \a cut. also
CJ BE J.J on righi
j hio.
\ Ranue on Oak and
Butte creeks.
A lil-erjil reward
for information
leading to detection
of rustlers of stock
earing .my of fhe e braurt" .
E. ! M. Ten-ill , Propr.
Brow nice , Xeo.
fattlP branded as
in cut on left
side. Some
brandPd K. T V
on left hip. Kange
on North Loup
river , two mil-s
of Brownlee
Xot Afraid
St Francis Mis
sion , Kosebud ,
S. D.
asm cut ; hoihes
same orilxl * on
k-ft thigh. Itanue
iH'twetMi hpnii
[ k' Jind Little
White n\er.
"Why Ho " * 4ao Late.
"What made you so lateV"
"I met Smitlison. "
" "Well , that is no why you
Enould be an hour late getting home t <
supper. "
"I know , but I askecl him how he was
'eeling , and he insisted on telling me
ibout his stomach trouble.1
"Did you tell him to take Chamber-
ain's Tablets ? "
"Sure , that is what he needs. " Sole
> y all dealers ;
Albert Whipple & Sons.
Kosttbud S , D.
Cattle branded
SOS on left side
OSO on rljrhtalde
Some cattle also
have a 4on neck
Some with A. on
left shoulder and
some branded
with two bars
Across hind qnar-
Cer.s. Some Texas
cattle branded w O on left aide and semen
n left side. C-0
Horses bnnded SOS on left hip. Some cattle
branded AW bar connected on both sidea and
left hip of horses
D. M. Sears.
Kennedy , Nebr.
Cattle branded
as on cut.Ieft side
Some on left hip.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Kange Square
Sawyer Bros.
Oasis ,
G. K. Sawver has
char-ire of the e
cattle. H raes
dor. Somel
left side.
same left thigh.
Kauge on Snake
river. I
Metzger Bros.
Kolfe Xebr
Cattle branded
anjwhere on left
Earmark , square
crop right ear.
Horses have
same brand on
ft thigh.
1 on ( Jordon and Snake Creeks.
A Reword oi $250 will be laid to any person for
I'lioiiiihtton leading to the arrest and final
com ictIon of any person or persons stealing
rstttipvirh aliovH brand.
! Pullman. Nebr I ;
Cattle branded JY
on rightside
Horses branded JY
on right shoulder
Keasouable reward
for any information
leading to tlie re
covery of cattle
strayed from my
Nebraska Land ana Feeding Co
Vill G. e CITS' , ck v p rha = n Taroiwn S.&T *
Postofllice and headquarters '
, El'sworth , Nebr.
Cattle branded oc
anj- part of auiroa !
the following
iir- *