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I. P/J. Rice , Editor and Proprietor
MarkZsrr , Foreman
A Weekly Nc\vsjiup r jci'-I - vciThu < -
day at Valentin * , N
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Thursday , April 18 , 1912.
Champ Clark is Nebraska's first
choice for president. Will Bryan
now come ont for that splendid
Missourian and do all in his power
for him as a loyal delegate at large ,
or will he continue the "dog in
the manger" course ?
People who boast they don't
read the newspapers often find
themselves guessing at election re
sults if they pay any attention to
what's doing , and then in their
disappointment dive into the news
papers to learn how it was done.
Bryan is campaigning for Wil
son this week in Florida. Ife
seems determined in his eil'orts to
try to hold the presidential pos
sibilities of the democratic party
as nearly pqual as possible to aug
ment a light in the convention.
Perhaps he is looking for another
Did you notice the race Will
Maupin made without a dollar IL-
vestment. excepting to notify a
few of his friends that he was a
candidate for the office of railway
commissioner. Everybody likes
Maupin and his frank , honest way
of putting things before the pee
Champ CSark is perhaps the
most popular man in the demo
cratic party and could easily be
elected by the popular vote of-the
people. The present system of
voting by states might defeat him
if the republicans could unite upon
a strong man , but they are at
loggerheads also and have a worse
fight on their hands than we.
Bryan refused to announce his
favorite before the Nebraska pri
mary , but since Wilson's over
whelming defeat in this Mate ! JP
has gone to Florida to campaign
for Wilson , Why not take Ne
braska's choice , Mr. Bryan , and ,
work for Champ Clark or resign
as delegate at large ? We charge
bad faith in your Florida cam
paign for WiLon , and . \ou should
either resign or take the stump
for Nebraska's choice if you feel
called upon to speak.
Judson Harmon can carry Ohio
and New York , possibly Con
necticut , and New Jersey , Mary
land and Massachusetts. These
states , or a majority of them , are
necessary lo win the -election.
Who else can carry them in the
democratic party ? Possibly Champ
Clark can. He is a personal fav
orite with nearly everybody in
the middle west , but the eastern
democrat likes to vote for a man
near lo to them and Champ Clark
may be too far west to get suf
ficient votes to win.
It looks like Roosevelt was gc-
ing to sweep the country and
what will it mean ? What \ \ ill he
do as president the next four
years ? Will he be a dictator ?
Will he think as he stated in Eu
rope that more power should be
vested in tin president or ruler of
a country. What class of people
will vote for him and will he be
opposed by one candidate or four
to split up the vote and make his
election assured ? There are many
other question suggested but let
us attempt lo say a few words :
The third term \\ill stop many
votes. The Taft pie hunters will
fall over themselves to get into j
the band wagon and give T It. as
loyal support as they would give
Tai'l and probably proclaim Roosevelt
velt their first choice and beat the
v fc
fi ? ? *
,7 f * (
- -i i ' . ' . K ,
regulars at their own''game , but
there are a few republicans who
are not admirers of either Roosevelt
velt or Taffc and good intelligent
mon too who w-ili help to defpat
T. R. and he will go down in his
tory the victim of his own am
bitions , a sadder but wiser man.
The American people will shout
for Teddy now to defeat Taft but
not because they want him presi
dent again.
Alex Burr of Pullman was in
town this week. He is out for
Champ Clark and thinks he can
carry Buffalo Luke. AYe'll go
him one better that Champ Clark
can carry more states west of the
Ivlississipi than any other man.
We do not know if Mr. Clark can
carry enough of the eastern states
to win out. We like him in the
west but the west may not elect
whomsoever they may choose
without consulting those heavy
voting eastern states. If Judson
Harmon , or any other good demo
crat seems to be the general favor
ite The Valentine Democrat is
willing to abide by the majority
and fall in line. We do not think
we know better how to pick out
the best man for president than
the whole people , or the majority
of the democratic party , and do
not accuse everyone ,
our favorite , of Wai ! street con
nections. We want to suggest
that it would be better for our
party to let the people rule and
then abide cheerfully by the re
sult and be an asset to winning ,
rather than try to set our judg
ment up as knowing the only man
who should be nominated , and if
he is not nominated , to pout and
go away from home and refuse to
vote. We may not all have money
to go away from home. Some of
us will have to live here for
awhile awd we will have to sub
mit to some one being made presi-
denjb. If not our choice then we
may be wrong , or right , and the
great majority wrong. Let us
get ready to support Clark , if be
is the nominee , or some other man
whom the democratic convention
may nominate.
Here's a woman's stock
ing of quality azicl wear.
You arc proud of
once they grace your feet.
The way they fit and the way
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Their dye is one of their superla
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richest chads of tan known to
hoclcry making. Dyed with Wun-
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Made for ail ages and
slzec , for \vomsn and
Four pairs to the box
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guarantee insures the
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need of darning for four
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1 i
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When * in need of
you art some-
ihi.'ig in this line
May 11 , 1932.
In What Way Has the Reading
Cin-le Work Been Helpful
to You ? - Grace Shebourn !
Book Review - Goldie Grooms
; The Home and the School From
the View Point of the Patron ,
- Mrs. McLean
The Home and the School From
the View Point of the Teacher -
er - Carrie Van Ostrand
The Truant - Ella Kennealey
Current Events May Peters
The Sprit of Literature -
Masie Smith
Value of Imagination
Mabel Shasp
Discussion - ( Hazel Carlson.
( Luela ] Andrews-
Miss Andrews closed a success
ful term of school in district 109
Friday. She returned to her home
near Valentine and has planned to
attend the junior normal.
Primary election was very quiet
though more interest was taken
than in former primaries. In
time , no doubt , it will fill the pur
pose for which it was intended.
Miss Stella Martin is visiting
her sister , Mrs. Stilwell. She
will return to her home in Cali
fornia in the near future.
Mesdaraes Yingst and Acord are
visiting at the Recce homes. They
arrived in time to attend the meet
ing of the club.
E. R. Stillwell is carrying the
mail from Simeon to Dewey Lake.
There was very little loss from
the storm. We now have an
abundance of moisture.
The first meeting of the ladies
club was held Monday , having
been adjourned from Saturday on
account of the storm. The time
was spent in sewing. We hope to
see the interest continue and feel
that such meetings would be bene
ficial to every neighborhood. The
ladies departed feeling that they
had had a splendid day , and are
looking forward to future meet
ings with pleasant anticipation.
Notice of Hearing on Pro
bate Without Ad
Grace Hetherington having filed
in my ofiice a duly verified petit-
tion alleging that Bert W , Heth
erington died intestate , possessed
of an equity in real estate in Cher
ry county , Nebraska , and that
said real estate was wholly exempt
from execution , attachment or
other mense process and not liable
for the debts of the deceased and
praying for the probate of the said
estate without administration :
Therefore all persons interested
in said matter will take notice that
a healing will be had upon said
petition at my office in Valentine.
Cherry county , Nebraska , on- Fri
day , May 8 , 19J 2 , at 1 o'clock p.
m. , at which time all persons in
terested in said estate may appear
and show cause , if any there be ,
why said estate should not be
probated without administration ,
and that notice thereof be given
by publication of same in the Val
entine Democrat for a period of
three successive weeks.
James C , Quigley ,
15 3 County Judge.
Walcott & Walcotr , attorneys.
Do You Want a Bargain in
Town Property ?
I have three properties that are
bargains and I am going to sell ,
them at a bargain to someone who
has a few hundred dollars laying
idle. -
I want to build a good building
for a printing office and will sell
property cheap , to carry out my
Come and see me on any kind
of a property deal. I want money
and I'll give big value for it.
I. M. RICE ,
Valentine , Nebr ,
The Effective Laxative
Tastes Like and is Eaten
Like Cand } ' .
In our experience in the hand
ling of drugs and medicines , we
believe we have never hid : exper
ience with any remedy that gave
such great satisfaction to our cus
tomers as Rexali Orderlies. This
remedy is not like any other laxa
tive or cathartic. It contains all
the good features of other laxa
tives , but none of their faults.
Our own faith in Rexali Order
lies is so strong that we oiler them
to you with our own positive per
sonal guarantee , that if they do
not thoroughly satisfy you , you
only need tell us and we will hand
back to you every penny you paid
us for them. Therefore , in trying
them upon our recommendation
you take no risk whatever.
Rexali Orderlies taste like acd
are eateii like candy. They do
not gript ? , cause nausea , excessive
looseness , or any other annoyance.
They act so easily that they may
be taken at any time , day or
night. They are particulary good
for children , aged , or delicate per
sons. They are put up in con
venient tablets in three-sizes of
packages. Prices , lOc. 25 , and 50c.
Remember , Rexali Remedies can
be obtained in this community
only at our store The Rexali
store. Chapman , The Druggist.
: Bf8 !
Longboat , Indian Runner ,
Who ( i/lav / Quit.
* V".VA ; : $ K
& b3
- . . - * * .
IS , ' -/lfil
i&MiHf j'&c'V' " ' . ! : - .
. . - ' ' - r/i . . . . . -.i
* '
' - ? ; -"Ji/a : & i.i. : :
! . rj .
- - - :
> ;
fe g8P 1 Ji. .
. . : .
Sa\u-'A3 ! -
! i
& 1- : . " ;
-f :
? te J ®
' ? : ? J y/V ; # - :
> - : - :
\ >
Photo by American Tress Association. i
According to bis inon intimate
'riemls. Turn Longboat , tbe famous Ju e
lian distant e niuiu-r of Canada , is to
otirc from iho game shortly. Itepcrt *
ias it that his legs have at last iV
roue back on him aul that he is V
ired of the game. During the past six t
roars Longboat has won many races 11
it distances from five miles up to the 11c
'till Marathon distance. 2G miles 3S3 c
; ards , iirst when tin amateur aud later n
vhile a professional. The Indian may w
je offered a position as coach of one of
lie schools in Canada. c
Over tiIi tin
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laid Heads Not Wanted
Baldness is Too Generally
Considered a Sign of
Advanced Age.
A. bald-headed person does not
have an equal chance with one
blessed with : i healthy head of
hair , because baldness is too gen
erally accepted as an indication of
age. Many large corporations
have established an age limit , and'
refuse to take men over 35 years
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Probably 65 per cent of bald-
headed people may regain a good
head of healthy hair if they will
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offer. We have a remedy that we
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the hair are entirely deid , their
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grow new hair , we will return
every cent paid us for the remedy
for the mere asking. There is no
formality expected , and we exact
no obligation from the user whatever - i
We are established right here in
Valentine i , and make thi.s offer
with a ru' ! understanding that
business success entirely depends i
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Notice to Creditors.
Tur. STATK OF NKIIKASKA i In the County -
CHKiurv COUMTV. ) 8S Court.
In the matter of tiie estate of Alansou
I'alwsr , deceased :
To tr.r Ci editors of saiJ Kstnte :
You are hereinnotified. . That 1 will sit at the
Coi nty Court Uooin in Valentine in said conmy
on the nth diy ot May , 191L' ,
to receive aim examine all claims apaiiiHt
said estate with a \ u w to their aujnstincnt and
allowance. The time limited for the presenta
tion of claims aguiiist said estate is six months
from the llth iay of Nov. . A. D. 1911 , and th
| time limited for payment of d uts is cue year
' from said llth day ot Mtiy .1911.
Witness my h.uid and seal of said county court
- " this 17th dav of Audi. A. I ) . 1912.
H4 Couuty Judge.
Notice of Probate of Will
in the coun ty court ot Clurry county , Ne
' braska.
To all persons interested in the estate of t
i CVcelisi WVis'iloydereased :
On reading the petition of Herman ( J. Wels-
! llo praMim that the instrument tiled in /
thi.s court on the . .th day of April. 1912 ,
and purporting to he the last will and testament -
ment of the said deceased , may be proved
I and allowed , and recorded as the last vill
and testament ot said deceased : that said
J instrument be admitted to probate , and the
administration of said estate be granted to
j U M ruf A\Vi.sllo # . as administrator.
It is hereby ordered that all persons interested -
j ested in said matter , may. ami do. appear at
the countv court to be held in and lo.r said
[ county , on the tth dav " of May A. D. .
IH12. at 10 o'clock , a. in. , to"show cause , if anv
there be. why the pra\-er ot the petitioner
should not tie granted' and that notice of the
pendency ot said petition and that the hearing -
ing thereof be given to all persons interested
in said matter by publisning a copy of this
order in the Vah mine Democrat. " a weekly
newspaper printed in said count- , for three
successive weeks prior to said day of hearing.
Witness ray hand and seal or said court
[ Sealj this 17th dav of April A. D. . 1912.
l3 l County Judge.
Notice of Hearing.
To all persons interested in the estate of Jos
eph SNaefcr , derea-ien :
Yon and each of you : i-f hereby notified that
on the 10th dav of pril. 191W. . K Haley fi'ed a
ptition m the Couutj Court of Chi r y County.
Nebraska | ryi { j tii-1 administration in the
above estate b dispensed with and that the
I'n-bate Co'.rr i-ia-ea Final Icrenaming the
heirs . t tlie < I that said petition will
i e lietird in theConntv Cunrt room in Val-ntine
in said County on the 4th day of May , 1912. at
the hour ot jo o'l < ick a. m.
It is furtlK-r ordered that notice of said
hearing he ivn all persons , interested in
said estate by tlu > publication of this notice
for three .successive weeks in the Valentine
Democrat , a newspaper printed , published
and circulated in said county.
Dated this iOth day of April , 1912.
J A M K.S C. Q. r i f ; I.KT ,
rsKAi. ] H-.T fouiity Judge ,
liy fc. . D Clarke , Attorney for petitioner.
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