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Volume 27 , No. 10 VALENTINE , NEBE. , THURSDAY , APRIL 25 , 1912. § 1.,0 per year.
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This spring we arc showing1 , the largest and most
complete line of Oxfords ever offered in this city.
Blacks and Tans in the lace and button , from the
high heel and arch to the low heel and custom last.
A large variety of styles to select from. You are
sure to find what you want among this big assortment
Most of them $4.00 and $5.00
New uptodatp line of Spring and Hummer Hats
on display for your inspection.
\ \ J J -
Front Hardware Co.
„ . . , - . * *
We carry a fall line o !
li * . !
at foil- - Bg prices :
25- Watt i\Iadza Tungsten .50
40 " ii U .55
t ; ii U
HO iiU .75
" U U
100 1.10
150 " U U 1.65
250 " ii i : 2.30
We guarantee these lamps to be
Front Hardware Co.
Cottage Grove Restaurant
Edmund Gerber , Prop.
First Class Meals and Short Orders
Board by the day or week. Ticket good for twenty =
one meals $4.50. Come to the Cottage Grove Res =
taurant for a "square meal. "
. . .
p a. tr-j * Lmi jfET
We havii choice , early maturing- , carefully selected
Seed Corn for Sale
Grown at Brunswick , Xeb. Just what you want
for your territory. High germination. Limited
amount. Price $2.50 per bushel at Brunswick.
Order early before supply is exhausted. Sample
at McLeod's office , Valentine , Xeb. Address
IVIcCauii-Webster Elevator Company
W. W. CALKINS , Agent
Brunswick , ° Nebraska
W. B. HOVE , Proprietor
Successor to John D. Eaton.
Electric Light. * , Hot water LTt-at , Good Rooms and Beds , where YOU
* v
can feel at home and be comfortube while 3011 remain.
We hmte ulcl patrons and others to cull alid see iiA
Ira Spencer and A. C. Stevrarl
were in town Tuesday.
For Sie ! 100 feet of picket
fence , painted and in good con
dition. M. Cbristensen.
John Stetter installed a new
billiard table Tuesday. The
knights of the cue will rejoice.
Sylvester Ivoubidcaux brought
his wife down from Tripp cor.nt.y
to consult Valentine physicians.
Pete Simons sold his grey team
Monday to Clyde Kuskie forjOO. :
Lester Green , we hear , also sold
his team to one of the Grooms'
for $315
. * . _ '
! > ' t > > ] '
shop in ti-ie Urii.'ii .station
t to lose them.
A. 0. Coleraan was in town
Tuesday. He says there's plenty
of time to sow oats and wheat af
ter the winter snows cease and the
weeds have started to grow so as
to give the grain a fair chance.
Two loaded wagons pulled up
at the Chicago House Saturday
evening and proceeded to unhitch
without due reverence to the host.
Their lodging over Sunday of § 5
and § 8 , with a few extras , should
be a gentle reminder for quiet be
Wednesday , May 1 , the Wom
an's Improvement Club will serve
breakfast from 7 a. ra. till 1:30 : p.
m. , in the T. C Hornby store
building. Everybody turn out and
give the ladies of this town en
couragement in their efforts to
raise money to build their opera
A "flying machine" was unload
ed here last week , leastwise it wa' ?
so labeled. Drayman K-indall did
the unloading , and it was some
task , the machine weighing about
15 tons. After closer investiga
tion of the machine if proved to
be a 10 ft. ditcher , with which
John Bachelor intends to drain
the swamps on his home ranch.
C. A. Hamilton , the Omaha
Bee solicitior , was in Valentine
Wednesday taking orders for the
Bee and a half dozen olher ma
chines , giving away maps
a'id fountain pens. He
worked us. 'Bob Thompson and
J. W. jMeredith were in oar office
and he worked them too. Even
our faithful foreman did not es
cape. But they are all easy and
still believe they got their money's
worth. Come again , Bro. Hamil
Joe Boyer and Allen T. Forgy
bad a two days' trial of a land
case before Judge Quigley Tues
day and Wednesday. Judges
Elarrington and Walcott were at
torneys for Boyer , and Capt.
Fisher and Tucker for Forgy.
Boyer bought a quarter section of
[ and of A J. Anders about six
years ago and believed at that time
t'jat ' it lay in a valley , as did And-
rs who filed upon the land. A
government survey rbade by
Sweitzer and Tufts since the pur
chase ran the lines ; leaving a con
siderable portion of the valley out ,
and throwed this quarter partly in
the hills. Jn the meantime Forgy
aad filed on the land adjoining and
gets the valley according to the
survey as established. Boyer is
now trying to get the numbers of
his land to include the valley
whinh he and Anders thought it
covered. The case will go to the
general U. S. Jandoflice and will
be watched with interest. , Flovd *
Pool. Charles Long- , Tom Boyer ,
Jones Kirk , Enoch Anders and
Geo. F. Gruenig are witnesses
for Boyer , and A K Johnson , V.
S. Swan , John H Jacobson and
John Peterson for
Good Caiiie Connd Strong
Prices-Feeder Grades Lower.
Keen Demand for Sheep and Lambs
From Beth Packers and Feeder Buy
ers Nebraska Fed Mexican Lambs
Sell for $3.35 , a New High Figure
for the Year.
Union Stock Yards , Soith Omaha ,
April 23. Cattle receipts were moder
ate , about 4.500 head , and two days'
supply mils 2,500 snort of last .Uon-
day and ' 1 ue.saay. 'lone to the inai ct
was ncalthx , goneial demand good j
and prices .stead \ to btronjj i.or Lotn
beef steers and cow stiuf. Choice 1-
150-pound beeves brought $8.35 and
cho.ce lat hciicis sold ? s high as
$7.r 0. Veai oalves , bulls , stags , etc. ,
were also in active demand and strong-
cv. Business in Ftock cattle and feed
ing steers \vvs slow and prices lower
25@30c lower than a week or ten days
Quotations on cattle : Choice to
prime beeves , $7.90@S.40 ; good to
choice beeves , $7.30@7.S5 ; fair to good
beeves , $7.1jfZ7.50 ; common to fair
beeves , $0.00 7.00 ; good to choice
heileis , $ G.40 7.35 ; good to choice
cows , $3.75@G.75 ; fair to good grades ,
$4.SO@5.GO ; canncrs and cutters , $2.75
@ 4.50 ; veal calves , $4.00@ 7.25 ; bulls ,
stags , etc. , $ l.25@0.60 ; choice to prime
feeders , $6.30/7.00 ( ; good to choice
fc-edeis , $ ,1 S0 < 0 0.40 ; fair to good feed
ers , $ -3 25C.o.7-5 ( ; common to fair feed
ers , $4.40 5.20 ; stock cows and heif
ers , $4.00n 50.
\ heavy run of hogs was reported ,
nearly 18,000 head , and the market
\vr.s steady to a nickel lower than
.Monday. Demand from all sources was
good and the trade active at the de
cline. Tops brought $7.60 , as against
$7.90/on last Tuesday , and the bull :
of the trading was at $7.CO@7.50 , as
against $7.55@7.80 one week ago.
Only a light supply of sheep and
lambs showed up again today and un
der a keen demand from both local
and outside buyers the market was
active and strong all around. Choice
Mexican lamb ? made a new high mark
of $8.35. the highest since June , 1910.
Quotations on sheep and lambs
Lambs , good to choice , $7.90@S.3
lambs , fair to go'd , $7.50@7-90 : lamb
shorn. $ (575 ( v7.J0 ; iat shearing lamb
$7. 0(5 ( > S 00- yearlings , handy , $700
7.50 ; yearlings , heavy , $ G.50@7.00 ,
wethers , good to choice , $ G.50(5)6 ( ) 9"1 ;
wethers , fair to good , $6.15 @ 6.30 ;
ewes , good to choice , $5.S5@6.25 ;
ewes , fair to good , $5.25@5.So.
rses ! Horses !
Will sell one or twenty-five.
1C 2 Stees at Kennedy , Xobr.
c f fWi ? 7 A TOF
$ 200 $5.25@5.So.Y
will be paid for information that
w'il lead to the conviction of the
party or parties uho burned four
stacks of hay on the old Gulp
place , -i miles north and 1 miles
west of Sparks , Mebr. , on the Y
night of March 15 , 1912.
Jonx H. XEISS ,
14 : ± Valentino , Nebr.
For Sale :
30,000 acres improved farm lands
in Eastern Norman county , the
garden spot of Xorthwestern Min
nesota , at from § 27 to § 50 per
acre. Particulars and photos of
buildings upon application.
Box 862 ,
15 G Li SiiPtir , Minn.
St. Nicholas' Church.
Services will be held in * the
Catholic church as follows :
In Valentine on Sunday , April
1st Mass at S a. m.
2nd Mass at 10 a. m.
Benediction of the Blessed sac
rament after Mass.
Dedication of the now church
on Wednesday , May 8 , by Very
Rev. M. F. Cassidy of O'Neill.
Dedication services at 9:30 a. m.
Solemn high mass at 10. Dedication L
tion sermon by Kev. H. Loecker c. ,
Atkinsun. c.E
Everybody most cordially in
vited. S
L'e'O ; M : Blaerei Kectbr ;
We have employed } ir. S. YT. Cyphers ,
A First Class Tailor ,
of 25 years1 experience in tailoring
in the East , to assist us in our
c ;
and we are now prepared
to give our customers'
A Perfect Fit in Clothing *
Alterations in suitsor a
tailor made suit of any stylo.
Cleaning and Pressing Prompt =
ly Done on Short Notice.
W. Hoenig , Prop ,
S i
McQEER & CARROLL , Proprs.
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars I
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies : fc
f * * - $
Old Crowj Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook ,
Spring Hill , and 29xyear oid
and jas , E , Pepper , O. F. C. Taylor , g
These whiskies were purchased in bond
and came direct from the U. S. gov
ernment warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Un
excelled for family and medical use.
Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Brandies , Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinness's Extra Stout , < "
Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budwetser Beer ,
Valentine Nebraska
S iSg
Stetter & Tobien , Props.
All Kinds of Fresh |
and Halt Meats. . . .
Will buy your Cattle , Ho a ,
Poultry , Horses , Mules and
you have to sell.
vy vyvYVvyy > YY %
money close and the demand for loans about
three times as large as we can supply , it is nat
ural that , in case one of our regular depositors
needs an accommodation , lie should be favored
first his interests cared for.
Why not protect your future interests by
opening an account with us now the amount
of your first deposit is nor so material as the
fact that you become one of our customers.
Deposits Guaranteed
lpusits ia this batik are protect ] V > \ tb'j Depositors
d'unninU'o Fuud of tin1 Bute of K
v J
, oup Valley Hereford Ranch ,
Lerd headed by S. 0. Coiumbna 17
fo. 1GC050 , and Climax 2 , No. 289
22 ; also , Melvin , No. 327072 , ie-j
Bulls for Sak at Ail Times , -
" } Iy little son had a very severe colci.
I v.'as recommended f > try C