Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, April 04, 1912, Image 8

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I will offer for sale at my place 3 miles north and one-half mile east of
Commencing at 1 p. in. , the following property :
One mare colt , 2 years old in June , one 3-year-old gelding.
Two milch cows , one fresh with call by side ; 3 steers , coming two and three years old ; 1
; ifer , 2 fall calves.
1 buggy. 1 spring wagon , ! riding attachment 1 com harvester. 1 Chatham fanning mill , cleans
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ht * A P r Arf4l V w fe 14 * * * * " * * a * * * - " v + * * * mr * * t * r + * < 3k - a M * k a k < * - v r * p' * v * MC * i J
1 dozen chairs , household and kitchen utensils too numerous to mention
TERMS OF SALE ! Sums of $10 and under cash. On sums over $10 a credit of 12 months
time will be given on notes of approved security bearing 10 percent interest , or 5 percent discount for cash
Property must be settled for before being removed from the ground
COL. Q. E. TRACEWELL , Auctioneer. MAX E. VIERTEL , Clerk.
_ Nebraska housewives are sending us their favorite recipes , for our Great Pihe Cook Book
soon to be published. We want kuidtcds of recipes and for every accepted recipe we will pay Two Dollars
( $2.00) ) cash immediately upon rcceptance.
Book not cooking school recipes but trie kind tliat gt
maybe had handed down to them from their own mothers. Send in the recipes you feel are your best
recipes for any dish. We v , ant the best and we pay for them. Use
in all dishes which call for baking powder. There is no purer , Idler baking powder
made in the whole world , no matter what the price. And Health Club goes twice as far
as other baking powders. Use it in your baking and you will never go back to the trust
powders. Mealth Club sells for a cent an ounce , in lOc , 15c and 25c cans. Get r. can
at your grocer's , or some ether good grocer's , today , and when you send your recipes ,
It is worth your while , to send us your best recipes. Remember , we pay $2.00 for every
accepted recipe , publish it over the name of the contributor and send one special de luxe
copy of the book to every successful contributor. A regular edition copy of the book
will be mailed at once upon publication to c\cry one wl.o sends us a recipe. Send inyours.
LAYTON PURE FOOD CO. East St. Louis. 111.
Facts About Indigestion
and Its Relief That
Should Interest You
Although indigestion and dys
pepsia are so prevalent , most people
ple do not thorougly understand
their cause and cure. Iheieis no
reason why most peppb should not
eat anything < hey desire if they
will only chew it carefully and thor
oughly. Many actually staive
thepiFelves into sickness ? through
fear of eating eveiy good-looking ,
good-smelling , and good- tasting
food , because it does not agree with
The best thing to do is to fit
ourself to digest any food.
be'ieve ' we can relieve Dys-
so confident of
, tbis fact that we guarantee and
| promise to supply the medicine free
of all cost to everyone \vlio will use
it , who is not perfectly satisfied
with the results uhich it produces ,
j We exact no promises , and put no
j erse under any obligation \\hatever.
Sarcly , nothing , could be fairer.
\Ve are located right here nnd our
'reputation should be sufticieut as-
'ssiranco ' of the genuineness of our
offer ,
I \ \ e want everyone troubled with
indigestion or dyspepsia in any
form to come to our store and buy
a box of Eexall Dyspepsia Tablets.
! Take them home and give them a
; reasonable trial , according to di
rections. Then , if not satisiicd ,
come to us and get your money
' back. They are very pleasant to
take ; they aid to i > oothe the irrit
able stomach , to strengthen and in-
.ugorale the digestive organs- and
lo promote a healthy and natural
bowel action , thus leading to per
fect and healthy digestion and as-
I A 25c pakage of Eexall Dyspepsia
Tablets furnishes 15 days' treat
ment. In ordinary cases , this is
sufficient to produce a cure. In
more chronic casea longer treat
ment , of course , is necessary , and
depends upon the. severity of the
, trouhle. For such cases , we have
two laiger sizes which sell for 50c
and § 1.00. Eenicmber , you can
obtain Eexall Remedies only at our
store The Rexall Store. Chap
man , The Druggist.
Pay up now at 81-00 in advance , t
Send in a few dollars and we'll
credit .you 'up and send you a re
ceipt. Do this before May 1st to
secure the tlolJar rate in
Notice of Application for a License to
Sell Liquor.
Xotico is hereby < zivon that we
have filed with the Mau > r and
City Council of the City rf
Valentine , Nebraska , a petition ,
accompanied by a bond duly at
tested , said petition praying that
we be granted a license to sell
malt , spirituous \inousliquor- -
in block 5 , lot 25 , First Ward ,
in said City of Valentine. Cherr.\
county , Nebraska , for the yeai
ending May 1 , 1018.
Notice of Application for a License io
Seil Liquor.
Notice is hereby given that ]
have filed with the Mayor and
City Council of the City ol
Valentine , Nebraska , a petition ,
accompanied by a bond duly at
tested , said petition praying that
I be granted a license to je 1 malt ,
spirituous and vinous liquors in
block 12 , lot Second Ward , in
said City of Valentine , Cherry
county , Nebraska , for the yea )
ending May 1 , lJl-4.
Mrs. J. F. Daniels , of
Sip , Ky. , writes : "I was
so sick for 3 or 4 years ,
I had to hire my work
done , most of the time.
I had given up hope. When
I began to take Cardui , I
knew , right away , it was
helping me. Now , I am
better than ever before in
my life , and Cardui did it. "
The Woman's Tonic
Cardui has helped thous
ands of weak , tired , worn-
out women , back to health.
It has a gentle , tonic ac
tion on the womanly sys
tem. It goes to the cause
of the trouble. It helps , it
helps quickly , surely , safe
ly. It has helped others.
Why not you ? It will.
Try it. Get a bottle today !
If in need of wind mills or wa
ter tanks call on E. Breuklanclcr
N one better made. 42-tf
L AiiutjjLLiAftb hHi
1 ! Cigars and
Soft Drinks
iSSlSTT.1 *
. . .
r II III I M I I I II B I Fa gTjir.gaa. u ujLJn - anrg E3B M
Before buying an auto it will pay you to see the INTER *
No Hill too Steep ; no Sand too Deep
Sold by
Guaranteed by International Harvester Company
All kinds of wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizes
Rc-idence and shop one block south of passenger depot.
Valentine , PHONE 72 Nebraska
References : My Many
Beginning Monday , March 18
From 10 to 40 per cent on
Winter Goods , Outing Flannels , Men's Fur
nishings , Calicoes , Percales , Ginghams ,
Underwear , Sweaters , Overshoes
A iv M. * 4 jt. A. A 1 c * *
e ± 1 Ji % s. x y o
* *
General Merchandise , hlour , Feed , Grain
t *
5 2nd Building South the Bank. Crookston , ltd )
s sss z
K. M. Faddis & Co
Po.stofllce address Viileatme or Kennedy.
Some br.imlyd
on left
or tbij'h
Semen Sonic branded
on rifslit tlngli
n left or n
> t ll
P. H. Young.
Simoon. Xebr.
Cattle branded
as cut on left side
Some Qyon I
U ) | nnlflff jawr.
J A < V horat-b.
ou Gordn ? Crenk north of Simeon ,
C. P. Jordan.
Hordes and cattle
same as cat : also
CJ K f.I on n \ \ \
Range on Oak ani
But creeks
A illegal reward
f o r informatlo ! >
leadiouto detection
ofvstlers of
E. M. Terrill , Propr.
Ui onlee , Xeo.
Cattle branded a
in c-.t on left
side. So in e
branded H. T 1
on left hip. Hange
on Not th Loup
liver , two mil s
west of
Xot Vfraid
t Francis .
iion. Kosebud.
< . 1) .
ti in cut :
-tme < > r oa
-ft : high , itanse
-t ween > pr 114
k' and Little
x bit
* t.y He "Was Liiite.
"What made yon eo late ? "
' I met Sinithson. "
"Well , that is no reaion .vhj you
-aould be an hour late getting home tc
sapper. "
"i kno , but I asked him how he was
"ecling , and he insisted on telling rn5
ibout his stomach trouble. "
"Did you tell him to take Chamber-
ain's Tablets ? "
"Sure , that is what he needs. " Sold
Albert Whipplc & Sons.
Koaebud 8. D.
Cattle branded
SOS on left side
OSO on rtehtslde
Some cattle also
have a , 4on neck
Some with A. on
left ahonlder and
some branded
with two bars
across hind qnar-
ters. Some Texas
cattle branded a O ou left side and somef
n leftside.
Horses branded SOS on left hip. Some'cattfe
branded AW bar connected on both sides and
left hip of hoi M.'S
D. M. Scars.
Keuuedy , Nebr.
Cattle branded
RSOII cut.left side
Some on left hip.
Hones same on
left shoulder.
Range Square
Sawyer Brog.
Oasis , Xebr
(1. K. Sa\\Ter lias
rliar e of these
cattle. II rsfa
! ! ! on left shoul
left bide.
< ; ame left thigh.
Range on Snake
Metzger Bros.
Kolfe Ncbr
Cattle branded
aii > u here on left
Earmark , square
crop i ight ear.
Horses have
"aine braud on
eft thigh.
fce on Gordon and Snake Creeks.
A Reward of $250 v\ili be f aid to any person for
information leading to the arrest and final
conviction of anv person or persons stealing
\\ith abovbrand. .
J. A. Yaryan.
Pullman , Nebr
Cattle branded JY
on right Hide
Horses branded JY
on right shoulder
Reasonable reward
for any Information
leading to the re
covery of cattle
strayed from my
Nebraska Land and Feeding Co.
Will G. tcusvck.v T Chat C lamison 8.&T.
Postofflice and head narteri , Ellsworth , Xebr.
Cattle branded oo
any part of animal
also the followlns
brands :
horses branded ti
B !