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reparing the
Eggs for
- / - / /
OME-MADE Easter eggs fre
quently fail in effect be
cause they are not properly
Look over each egg care
fully to see that it is not
cracked or all work is wasted , then
wash off with warm water to remove
Hoil. Put aside such eggs as are to
be boiled hard and colored and in a
separate mound put those with most
perfect surface for painting or other
decorations. Make very sure there is
no mixing , as a broken raw egg is not
Colored eggs can be made any tint
with special dyes , or if these are un
obtainable cheap ribbon can be boiled
in a little water and the boiled egg
submerged in it until the right tone
Is acquired.
The old-fashioned calico egg will be
pleasing to this generation of young
sters. Tie each egg in a piece of
cheap figured chintz of high color and
it will leave its design on the egg
when put in boiling water.
If you have nothing else for color-
'Ing ' boil the egg after tying up in the
red skins of onions.
Quaint designs can be boiled into
the egg by tracing figures on the shell
of the raw egg with a hard tallow can
dle to make a white surface , then col
or the rest of the egg in dyed water.
When eggs are to be painted for
, place cards or caricatures , they need
'more careful treatment. Wipe the
washed egg in powdered pumice to re
move gloss of shell and make painting
take better.
The blowing must be carefully done
or the shell will crack. Prick both
ends with a coarse needle. The hole
should be just large enough to per
mit the contents being expelled. Too
large an opening is disfiguring , besides
making a crack more probable.
Put the egg to the mouth and blow
gently at first , then hard and steadily
( until nothing more comes. Rinse with
warm v ater and blow out several
times again. Dry carefully so all wa
ter will run out.
To paint the egg trace the outlines
with a hard pencil , then color with
good water colors , as they dry most
quickly. If the egg is to be filled with
candy one hole may be made big
enough to hold tiny candied drops.
When the shell is filled paste the hole
with thin piper.
Any one can paint some sort efface
( face on an egg shell , and if further
decorations In the way of hat , hair , or
istock are ac.ded grest delight will be
A girl with artistic ability can make
'fascinating ' place cards from egg shells
! in the forms of rabbits , owls , pigs ,
cupid heads , old ladies , or gay belles.
.These . are pasted to flat cards on
which a name or Easter greeting is
written in gilt letters.
When the egg represents an entire
figure the feet are painted on the
card ; when only the head , it can be
set on a short tube to represent a
neck , and this can be draped with
'cioclc ' or collar.
Use a good glue in pasting the eggs
to the card , as paste or mucilage will
not hold well.
Great fun for an Easter party is to
supply the blank cards , blown egg
shells , scissors , paints , and colored pa
pers and set the guests to evolving
their own egg ornaments. Prizes can
'be offered for the most successful.
Madam Bucket-of-Water , wife of Big
Chief Standon-His-Head , has imported
from Paris her spring costume , con
sisting of a hand-made coffee sack and
a tube of ultra-marine blue from one
of the leading studios.
Miss Sun-in-Her-Eyes , the bewitch
ing daughter of Hog Bristle Pete , ap
peared in a new riding habit Tuesday.
It is made of a blanket from a Pull
man car , tied at the waist with barb-
Miss Moonlight-on-the-Mountain is
wearing a fetching headdress com
posed of the tail feathers of the chick
en that was mysteriously lost by one
of the palefaces last week.
The modistes are getting in their
spring stocks of paint. Economical
women are buying it by the gallon ,
but those who wish variety of cos
tume are taking several pint cans of
different colors.
, Among our young men much inter
est Is manifested in the new dancing
coat , consisting of a priming color of
yellow ocher , over which is applied
two coats of oxide of iron , with trim
mings of Nile green.
The new phosphorescent paint for
ghost-dance costumes is popular.
Glorious Easter Atmosphere.
Eternal life no longer signifies a
mere continuance of being , but a
noble expansion of human nature to
fit conditions which surround and sur
pass the boundaries of our little eartn-
} ly life. The Easter atmosphere Is one
jof faith , hope and charity , with sug-
igestions of a spring such as never yet
'bloomed ' upon earthly sol ! . -The
Christian Register.
Disk Found to Be Preferable to
the Moldboard.
/mplement Is Frequently Used for
Plowing Stubble Fields and Old
Land Generally Deep Tilling
Machine Introduced.
In humid areas about the only kind
of plow that is extensively used is
the inoldboard , but in dry areas that
does not hold good. The disk plow
has a place in these and the same is
true of the deep-tilling machine. The
moldboard plow is so well known and
also its specific uses , that they need
not be dwelt upon at this time.
The disk plow consists of one or
inoie large disks set at an angle that
will turn over the furrow slice , but
less perfectly than the moldboard
plow. It has been found preferable
to the moldboard plow when under
the following conditions : (1) In
heavy clay soils that are hard to plow
and that are more or less liable to be
come sticky. (2) ( ) In plowing land
baked so hard with the sun that it is
difficult to keep the moldboard plow
in the soil. (3) In the first plowing
of sage brush land when the brush
is strong. (4) In plowing stony land
which could not be plowed with the
moldboard plow without much diffi
culty. The disk plow is frequently
used when plowing stubble land and
old land generally. It is lighter of
draft than the moldboard plow. It
does not bury grass or weeds so com
pletely as the latter.
The deep-tilling machine is a plow
with two disks. The one in front
cuts down to a certain depth and
turns the soil. The one in the rear
cuts down more deeply and turns
from a lower stratum , inverting It ,
in part at least , above the furrow
slice first inverted. Among the ad
vantages of this plow are the follow
ing : (1) ( It is light of draft rela
tively in proportion to the depth to
which it will plow. (2) ( It may be
used in plowing ground when it is so
dry that it could not be plowed with
the moldboard plow. (3) ) It makes it
possible to plow the soil to any rea
sonable depth. (4) ) It aids material
ly in pulverizing the soil which it
The deep-tilling machine is of too
recent introduction to justify saying
very much as to the exact place that
it will fill in the Milage of dry
areas. This much is certain , that it
will fill an important place. The fact
that it will enable the farmer to go
down deeply into the soil without too
great an expenditure of power is a
great consideration , as deep plowing
in dry areas is generally all-import
ant. But the ability to plow deeply
even in dry areas brings along with
it the temptation to deepen the area
that is cultivated at too rapid a rate.
Deep plowing should be cautiously
done. In some instances it does not
matter much how deeply the plow is
sent down , even at first. In other in
stances , to go down into the soil and
bring much unreduced earth up to
the surface would greatly hinder
growth. This plow renders excellent
service in killing quack grass. It
buries it so deeply that it has but
small chance of coming up again , pro
viding an occasional disking follows.
The only check on such deep plowing
when killing quack is the effect that
raw soil brought up from below may
have upon production. In humid
areas , where quack grass grows best ,
this machine ought to have a wide
use for this purpose alone.
One Invented by Montana Man Hav
ing Maximum Wind Pressure Sur
face Regulated Automatically.
In decribing a windmill invented by
C. F. Craddick of Butte , Mont. , the
Scientific American says :
The accompanying illustration
shows a side elevation of a windmill
constructed and arranged in accord
ance with the present invention. The
principal objects in view in this case
are : to provide a power head for a
windmill disposed and arranged as a
series of turbine-shape rotating mem
bers ; provides a power head having
a maximum wind pressure surface dis
posed in proper relation to the wind ,
and having the maximum of exposed
surface when disposed In angular re
lation to the wind ; and to provide
regulating means for automatically
varying the pressure under operative
Labor-SavIng Lift.
One of the big lifts on the farm la
the machine which elevates corn to
the crib. A wagon load dumped into
the box at one motion can be put Into
the crib In less time than three men
can shovel it
Monotony and Unattractiveness Re
moved by Diversity Animals Are
Essential Factor.
So far , the live stock fattening
problem has been discussed only
from the viewpoint of the dry farms
needs , but the question has also an
other side. Not only does the dry
farm need live stock , but the products
of dry farms are needed for live stock
fattening. Many dry farming sections
are in close proximity to great ranch
ing districts , which raise stock but
cannot produce forage to finish it for
In the past it has been often neces
sary to transport range cattle great
distances to feeding districts. If the
dry farms in the vicinity of these
ranches could supply the necessary
products , it would simplify consider
ably the problem of preparing for
market. This need of the products of
the dry farm is especially true , since
an increasing proportion of the
word's production of grain will be
necessary for human consumption.
Dry farms can be made more stable
financially and more certain of per
manence by the use of stock , and the
live stock fattening problem can be
simplified by dry farms. Let us now
inquire into the effect of this combi
nation on those who are to live on
these farms. The average dry farm
of the past has not been the most in
viting place in the world to live.
Meager accommodations both for man
and east have been the rule.
Under these conditions , life is
bound to have much of monotony and
but little of the diversity and attract
iveness which a farm home should
have. No great things can be expect
ed from a country life of this type. If
the dry farm is to be a desirable
place of residence , it must have intro
duced in its life all the diversity pos
sible. This diversity cannot well be
had without live stock of some kind.
Keeping in mind these various con
siderations , it becomes evident that
the successful dry farm of the future
will be one In which the live stock
interests will be combined with crop
production ; and it seems probable
that finishing for market will be one
of the phases of the live stock indus
try which will be most benefited by
the dry farm and from which the dry
farm will profit most.
Farmers of Western Kansas Plant
About Half of Their Milo and
Kafir Crop Quite Thinly.
One "form of insurance against
drought is used by some successful
farmers in western Kansas. They
plant about half of their niilo or kafir
crop quite thinly each year. If a fa
vorable season follows they get full
yields on the area planted at the nor
mal rate , and fair yields on the area
thinly planted. If the season is dry.
they get light yields or none on the
area normally planted , "but still get
a fair yield from the feeding grain
every year , with but a small loss in
total yield in the good seasons.
As a matter of fact , if a farmer
were to plant his entire area thinly
every year and thereby obtain fewer
bushels in a five-year period than he
would by normally planting , his thin
planting might still be the most prof
itable. Large yields in favorable sea
sons and poor yields or no yields at
all in unfavorable seasons mean sell
ing a surplus at a low price and buy
ing in times of scarcity at high
prices. A yield of one hundred bush
els per acre in five years at the rate
of 20 bushels per acre every year
might , therefore , be worth more to
the grower than 146 bushels in five
years , with a surplus in favorable sea
sons and a famine in the dry sea
Lack of attention to the teeth of the
horses often cause large holes to ap
pear in the oat bin without visible
A colt that is well summered and
grain fed before being weaned in the
fall suffers little setback when it is
Farmers with heavy steady work
now generally try to secure drafty
horses even when farm work is the
sole object.
Watch the bowels of both mare and
colt , and if there are any indications
of constipation give them more suc
culent food.
If the horses' legs begin to swell up
while confined in the stalls during
the winter , you will know it is due to
lack of exercise.
The good flat knee , the muscular
arms , the full muscular shoulders ,
the good hock , are all important
points In the horse.
Look well to the shoeing at this
time of the year , a few dollars spent
may save your horse a broken leg
and the killing of the animal.
Any work or exercise which pro
duces severe strain on the muscles ,
especially of the hindquarters , is li
able to cause abortion in mares.
Mares that are not heavy type nor
bred to draft stallions are preferred
by many for farm work , but not by
those who count on their colts to pay
their way at heavy work while grow
ing Into salable form.
i " '
Mrs. Longwed So you are going
away ?
Mrs. Younghousekeeper Yes. You
see , we discharged the cook , and she's
so cross about it that we've decided to
live somewhere else until she gets
good-natured or goes away herself.
"I suffered with eczema on my neck
for about six months , beginning by lit
tle pimples breaking out. I kept
scratching till the blood came. It kept
getting worse , I couldn't sleep nights
any more. It kept itching for about a
month , then I went to a doctor and
got some liquid to take. It seemed
as if I was going to get better. The
itching stopped for about three days ,
but when It started again , was even
worse than before. The eczema itched
so badly I couldn't stand it any more.
"I went to a doctor and he gave me
some medicine , but didn't do any good.
We have been having Cuticura Rem
edies in the house , so I decided to try
them. I had been using Cuticura
Soap , so I got me a box of Cuticura
Ointment , and washed off the affected
part with Cuticura Soap three times a
day , and then put the Cuticura Oint
ment on. The first day I put it on , it
relieved me of itching so I could sleep
all that night. It took about a week ,
then I could see the scab come off. I
kept the treatment up for three weeks ,
and my eczema was cured.
"My brother got his face burned
with gun-powder , and he used Cuticura
Soap and Ointment. The people all
thought he would have scars , but you
can't see that he ever had his face
burned. It was simply awful to look
at before the Cuticura Remedies
( Soap and Ointment ) cured it. "
( Signed ) Miss Elizabeth Gehrki , For
rest City , Ark. , Oct. 16 , 1910. Although
Cuticura Soap and Ointment are sold
by druggists and dealers everywhere ,
a sample of each , with 32-page book ,
will be mailed free on application to
"Cuticura , " Dept. L , Boston.
His Preference.
A distinguished eye surgeon tells a
good story of his hospital days. Three
other young , newly fledged oculists
and himself were chatting in their
quarters in the hospital when the con
versation turned , as was natural in
young men , upon the beauty of differ
ent colors of eyes. One championed
the superior brilliancy and sparkle of
the blue eye ; another the depth and
fire of the brown , while the third was
all for the clear , cool light of the
hazel. After they had exhausted their
eloquence , with the usual effect of con
firming themselves in their original
opinions , the fourth young sawbones
suddenly broke in :
"I don't care a hang about your blue
eyes , or your brown eyes , or your gray
eyes ! Just give me sore eyes and
plenty of 'em and I'll be happy ! "
All In the Same Boat.
My aunt has a beautiful parrot
which , like many others of its species ,
is addicted to profanity. To break
the bird of this habit , my aunt would
"duck" him in water every time he
would swear. On an April day he had
been profuse in profanity , and had re
ceived the accustomed ducking. Now ,
it happened that a brood of newly
hatched chickens had been drenched
In a shower of rain and auntie
brought them into the house and
placed them in the kitchen to dry , be
neath the parrot , who was drying his
feathers. He seemed much interested
and gazed intently at the little chicks
for some time , and then exclaimed :
"D n'd little fools ; been swear
ing , too. "
An Objection.
"He gave you some sound advice. "
"That's what he did. I would have
liked It better without so much
sound. "
Tour druggibt will retund money If PAZO OINT-
MKNT fails to euro any case of Itching , Blind ,
Blewlins or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days. We.
- The commanding intellect should
have the command and be king.
Sirs. Wrnslow's Soothing Syrup for Children
teething , softens the gums , reduces inflamma
tion , allays pain , cures wind colic. 25c a bcttla
A pretty girl never approves of men
who flirt with other girls.
"Pink Eye" ! Epidemic In the Spring.
Try Murine Eye Remedy for Reliable Relief.
What ought not to be done , do not
even think of doing. Epictetus.
Garfield Tea , the natural remedy for Con
stipation , can always be relied on.
Some of the charity that begins at
home isn't up to the standard.
Baking Economy.
By the use of perfect baking powder
the housewife can derive as much econ
omy as from any other article used la
baking and cooking. In selecting a bak
ing powder , therefore , care should be ex
ercised to purchase one that retains Its
original strength and always remains the
same , thus making the food sweet and
wholesome and producing sufficient leav
ening gas to make the baiting light.
Very little of this leavening gas is pro
duced by the cheap baking powders , mak
ing It necessary to use double the Quan
tity ordinarily required to secure good re
You cannot experiment every time you
make a cake or biscuits , or test the
strength of your baking powder to find
out how much of it you should usf : yet
with most baking powders you should do
this , for they are put together so care
lessly they are never uniform , the quality
and strength varying with each can pur
Calumet Baking Powder Is made of
chemically pure ingredients of tested
strength. Experienced chemists put It up.
The proportions of the different materials
remain always the same. Sealed in air
tight cans Calumet Baking Powder does
not alter in strength and Is not affected
by atmospheric changes.
In using Calumet you are bound to hare
uniform bread , cake or biscuits , as Calu
met does not contain any cheap , useless
or adulterating ingredients so commonly
used to increase the weight. Further , it
produces pure , wholesome food and Is a
baking powder of rare m rit ; therefore is
recommended by leading physicians and
chemists. It complies with al the pura
food laws , both STATE and NATIONAL , .
The goods are moderate In price , and any
lady purchasing Calumet from her gro
cer , if not satisfied with it can return It
and have her money refunded.
Such Is Life.
Dugan Oh my , oh my ! isn't Casey
put'n on g-rand airs wid his new auty-
mobile ? An' over in the ould counthry
I dare say he went barefutted.
Ryan Faith , not be his own ac
counts. He says he had a turnout
over there thot atthracted great at-
Dugan Av coorse ; an eviction al
ways does.
If You Are a Trifle Sensitive
About the size of your shoes , you can
wear a size smaller by shaking Allen's Foot *
Ease , the antiseptic powder , into them.
Just the thing for Dancing Parties and for
Breaking in rfew Shoes. Sample Free.
Address Allen S. Olmsted , Le Roy , N. Y.
Gerald What do you think of this
suit ?
Geraldine It is a regular sound of
The Paxton Toilet Co. of Boston ,
Mass. , will send a large trial box of
Paxtine Antiseptic , a delightful cleans
ing and germicidal toilet preparation ,
to any woman , free , upon request.
It might be well to remember that
every man you deal with is looking for
the best of It.
Pain In tbcbnckia
the kidneys' bitfnal
of distress. If this
timely warning la
ignored , there is
frnivo dunffor of
uropt > > * . gravol. nrlc
P9l3oiiingorBri < jhfs
When you bavo
ronson to suspect
your Idilneyts u o ti
special kidney medi-
Doan's Kidney
Pills relieve wt-ak ,
congested kidneys
euro backache reg
ulate the nrine.
Good proof in the
Dr. H. Green , 215
"Every Picture N. 9th Street , North
Tells a Story" Yakima/Wash.hays :
"I have used Doan's
Kidney Pills in my
practice for yi > ars and they have pivon
satisfaction , I have taken Doan's Kidney
Pilia personally and pronounce them the
best remedy I bavo prescribed in my long
career as a physician and surgeon.11
' 'Semy-Mayde" Garments for Children
'Seruy-Mayde" means jjarments cut and ready
10 sew , including : all trimmings and bindings
A Good Living from the Start , -with
an ever-Increasing and permanent patronage.
Dresses for children are needed to-day , tomorrow
row , every day. "Semj-Mayde" dresses are ex
actly what mothers need and want. We want
you to tell your neighbors the facts , show the
and take orders for " "
goods , "Semy-Mayda"
garments. No capital or Investment required ,
clean , enjoyable , profitable , employment for
spare time or all the time. Write for full details.
Used in French
Hospitals with
Send adcJreH envelope for FKCE bnokl.t to DR. I.K CLERG
is guaranteed to euro Joint
disease , blood poison und
leakann of the navel In
colts > . 13 per box. Wrlto
for testimonials and de
scription of the disease. T. B. Bowman , Boone , Neb.
never sticks
to tbo Iron.
W. N. U. , SIOUX CITY , NO. 14-1912.
If the blood is poor and filled with the
poisons from diseased kidneys or inac
tive liver , the heart is not only starved
but poisoned as well. There are many
conditions due to impure blood such
as dropsy , fainting spells , nervous debil
ity or the many scrofulous conditions ,
ulcers , "fever sores , " while swellings ,
etc. All can be overcome and cured by
olden Medical Discovery
This supplies pure blood by aiding digestion , increasing assimilation
and imparting tone to the whole circulatory system. It's a heart tonic
and a great deal more , having an alterative action on the liver and
kidneys , it helps to eliminate the poisons from the blood.
To enrich the blood and increase the red blood corpuscles , thereby
feeding the nerves on rich red blood and doing away with nervous irri
tability , take Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and dp not permit
a dishonest dealer to insult your intelligence with the "just as good
kind. " The "Discovery" has 40 years of cures behind it and contains
no alcohol or narcotics. Ingredients plainly printed on wrapper.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser is sent free on receipt of
stcmps to pay expense of wrapping and mailing only. Send 31 one-cent
stamps for the French cloth-bound book. Address : Dr. R. V. Pierce , Buffalo , N.Y.
52,2B S2,5Q $3QQ S3,50 $400 & $5.
For ® 3EN , WOMEN and BOYS
give W.L. Douglas shoes a trial. W. L.
Douglas name stamped on a shoe guar
antees superior quality and more value
for the money than other makes. His
name and price stamped on the bottom
protects the wearer against high prices
and inferior shoes. Insist upon having
the genuine W. L. Douglas shoes. Take
S1O SUOStltute. If ypnr dealer rannot supply"W.l-Donglas
shoes , write W.UDonRlas , Brockton , Mass , for catalog. Shoes sent
everywhere delivery charges prepaid. Fast Color 21'jeleta twetZ.
The best dressing you can. find for wounds , bites
of insects , abrasions , etc.
The Carbolic Acid helps to prevent infection : the
"Vaseline" cleanses and soothes.
Especially valuable where there are children.
For sale everywhere in handv glass bottles. Be sure you get
"Vaseline. "
Our various ' 'Vaseline" preparations make up a complete medicine
chest that should be In every home. Write for free booklet telling all
about them. Address Dept. K.
Chesebrough Manufacturing Company
17 State Street ( Consolidated ) New York
A Perfect Imitation of Oak for Floors
and Interior Finish
Hade of materials as durable as iron and pat up in rolls at
a moderate price.
Takes the place of unsanitary" carpets makes
housework a pleasure. May be used around the
edge of large rugs and for wainscoting. /
Durable , Sanitary , Inexpensive
Put up in rolls 38 inches wide sold by the yard.
Ask your dealer for Gal-va-nite Flooring or send
for samples and Illustrated Booklet.
St. Paul Omaha Chicago Kansas City St.Loul3
Colormoregoodsbrighterand faster colors than any otherdye. OnelOc package colors all fibers. Theydyei ether dye. You can
dye any garment without ripping apart. Write for free booklet How to Dye , Bleach and Mix 6k > ra. MONROE DRUG COMPANY , Qnlncy , III.
ItUS Ifc