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Insurance Commissioner "Wm. H.
Hotchkiss of New York , chairman of
the executive committee of the Na
tional Convention of Insurance Com
missioners , prior to the last Head
Camp of the Modern Woodmen of
America , gave the following official
notice to that society :
"Pursuant to action of the national
convention of state insurance commis
sioners , at its adjourned session In
December last , I write you this ex
pression of views as to the necessity
of your order as well as all ot ! f '
fraternal benefit societies placing
itself on a firm foundation as to rates.
An Insurance society which in these
days does not recognize that the cost
of insurance is fixed by laws other
than man's laws namely , the laws of
nature or prescribes for its mem
bers either a fiat rate , irrespective of
the age of its members , or any other
rate that is not scientifically safe , is
deceiving both itself and its members
and approaching the time perhaps
slowly , but not the less surely
when it must fail and its contracts be
repudiated. The fraternal spirit is a
good thing ; but the rates and man
agement of fraternal societies must
aLe bo such that the beneficiaries of
tl 3 last member to die will receive
evcrv dollar that such member's cer-
tifica- - > calls for. "
State Insurance Commissioner
r..ern cf Y.'isconsfn has issued an of
ficial In' rvlew In which he says :
"Fraternal societies generally have
come to recognize that their business
must be conducted on a sound basis.
This means a re-rating for nearly ev
ery society , and members who do not
fully understand the situation are
often inclined to complain of in
creases in their rates. They should
understand that -with a re-rating on
a sound basis they have a much more
valuable insurance than before. All
are benefited by getting a permanent
insurance for what was uncertain be
fore. The Modern "Woodmen of Amer
ica , by reason of its long experience
with a large membership , is permitted
to make a rate upon its own experi
ence , which is even lower than that
based on the National Fraternal Con
gress table , \vhich new societies must
adopt. The cost of this insurance is
not a matter of mortality tables or
rates charged , but depends upon the
actual deaths in the society. A re-
rating merely means that each mem
ber shall pay his real share of that
cost. Members -who think of drop
ping their insurance will do "well to
take enough time to study the ques
tion before doing anything which may
"bring regret to both themselves and
their families. "
The Chicago Inter Ocean says :
"It is unpleasant for the members
of the Modern Woodmen Society to
have to pay more for their insurance ,
but let them think how much more un
pleasant it would be for those 5,000.-
000 women and children , or any of
them , to be deprived of that protec
tion because their hu = bands or fath
ers got angry. That Js what all Wood
men should think about. "
Troubles Laid to "In-Law. "
"The cause of more than half the
family scraps that are scrapped to a
finish , " says an exchange , "is the 'in-
law. ' A man or a woman marries
some one absolutely antagonistic to.
all the other members of the family ,
and then , putting this person on a ped
estal , demands that all shall do her
or his will. For the sake of courtesy ,
often a whole family will yield many
points , and gradually the 'in-law' be
comes more and more insistent , and
so things drift along , always the one
side giving in , until some straw , some
trifle , will prove the drop too much ,
and after that the fracas. With the j
\ air cleared , a beginning can be made j
over again on a basis of equal rights ,
or else all intercourse can cease.
Either way much has been gained. "
Important to Rflothers
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Signature of
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.Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
The Reason.
"You mark all your compositions
forte , " said the friend.
"Yes , " replied the composer. "They
wouldn't have any vogue among people
ple who live in flats if I had them
played softly. "
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When a young widow makes up her
mind to marry a bachelor he may pos
sibly escape by dying.
An optimist Is a man who knows
that his troubles might be worse.
photograph of the wreck of the Twentieth Century Limited , the most famous train in the world , in
which five cars plunged through the ice into the Hudson river , near Hyde Park , New York. No lives were
lost hut many passengers injured.
Reasons Why Mexican Is at War
With Madero.
Was Victim of the Diaz Tyranny
Became Agitator When His Prop
erty Was Confiscated and He
Had to Labor as Peon.
Cuernarvaca , Mex. "Zapata , the
bandit , " "Zapata , the liberator"
these are the two public estimates
placed upon the man who for more
than a year .has been carrying on a
continuous warfare against the con
stituted government in this part of
southern Mexico.
It Is distinctly a war of the classes.
"The Tiger of Ayala , " as Zapata Is
called by his hundreds of admiring
followers , claims to be fighting for
the freedom ot the peon element and
the small property holders , who he
declares have long suffered from the
'tyrannical ' acts and policies of the
government. He also has personal
grievances and wrongs which be
wants to avenge.
Zapata is a product of the Diaz
rule. He was one of the victims of
'the ' system that oppressed many ot
the lower class all over the country
during the Diaz regime. It happened
in his case that there existed in him
an element of fighting power and re
lentless cruelty which marked him for
'the ' leadership of the people who had
suffered similar wrongs. lie is now
paying the government back tor the
injuries it did him.
In the days of Diaz men who did
not agree with the government were
quickly put where they could do no
harm. Zapata was arrested and sen
tenced to a long term of exile in the
hot lands of Quiutana Roo. It was to
that remote region that most of the
political prisoners were sent. Few ot
ithem survived their terms of exile.
But Zapata had a constitution of iron.
'Even in the distressing circumstances
under which he then labored he
planned the vengeance that he has
been inflicting on his oppressors for
the last twelve months. He lived
through his term of exile and returned
to his home in Ayala. The years
went by slowly and Zapata quietly
fomented a spirit of retaliation
against the government among the
people of his class. This was before
.Madero started his revolution , and it
is now known that even had the lat-
Hard as Iron Are the Timbers of Brit
ish Frigate Despite
Its Ags.
New York. Oaken timbers from the
old British warship , the Daedalus ,
have been brought to New York and
are being converted into paneling for
.the interior of the new home of Steph
en Carlton Clark at No. 42 East Sev
entieth street.
Though the vessel was built in 1769
and was In commission until two years
ago , the timbers are sound , and "hard
as iron. " < > At Eckeworth & Sons' yard
at Fifth and Lewis streets , where the
parts of the hull were taken from
the Atlantic transport liner Mesaba ,
it was found necessary to invent a spe
cial machine to pull the wrought iron
spikes from the wood. In the parts
of the keelson the bolts were one and
a quarter inches in circumference.
The timbers are being turned into
paneling at Sherwin & Berman's in
East One Hundred and Thirty-seventh
Street. The work will require four
months. The old oak panels will be
stained dark brown and will be given
a dull finish. They will be put in the
halls , stairs , library and dining room
of the Clark residence , under the di
rection of Architect Sterner. There
is to be a "gunboat room , " decorated ,
jit Is said , with some of the bolts and
nails of the Daedalus.
Stephen Carlton Clark is a son of
Alfred Corning Clark , whose widow
became the second wife of Bishop
Henry C. Potter. He Is a grandson of
Edward Clark , a partner of Isaac Sing
er In the sewing machine business.
ter not inaugurated his revolt against
the Diaz government Zapata would
have soon started one ot his own.
Zapata did not quit lighting when
the peace compact was signed be
tween Madero and the Diaz govern
ment. He had wrongs still to avenge ,
and the petty municipal and district
officers who had carried out the or
ders of the government were the spe
cial objects of his vengeance. He and
his men have shown special hatred
and cruelty toward the land owners
who dispossessed them of their small
Emiliano Zapata Is the hero of the
common people , not only of the states
that are now in actual revolt , but of
all portions of the country. The seeds
of revolt that have been sown by
Zapata are likely to continue to bear
fruit for years to come , unless the
government is able quickly to grant
the demands of the lower class tor a
division among them of the vast es
tates which have for the most part
been established by the merging ot
small properties taken either by force
or by semblance of law.
Zapata is a man of fine physique.
He was married only a few months
ago to a pretty mountain girl , and she
has been his constant companion ever
Young Clark in 1909 married Miss Su
san V. Hun , a daughter of Marcus Hun
of Albany , and he has a large fortune.
His family owns much land in the
upper West side. He is now in Eu
rope. His country home is at Coopers-
town , N. Y. , where he was elected to
the assembly.
Anonymous Donor Contributes to Audubon -
dubon Societies' Fund to Encour
age Children's Care.
New York. Five thousand dollars
was given to the National Association
of Audubon Societies to encourage
school children to welcome the birds
in the eastern and middle western sec
tions of the United States.
The donor , who prefers that his
name be kept secret , Is following the
example of Mrs- Russell Sage , who Is
giving $5,000 a year to the same soci
ety , to be used in promoting the study
of the feathered wanderers of the air
In the south.
It was announced at the offices of
the association that work would be be
gun at once. The idea will be carried
along In this part of the country on
somewhat different line than in the
south. In the winter the children of
the east and middle west will be en
couraged to put out boxes for the shel
ter of birds and to place food for
them on the window sills of their
With the coming of spring , Instruc
tion Is to be given as to the northward
Asheville ( N. C. ) Woman Purchases
Convicted Spouse's Services
for § 5QO a Month.
Asheville , N. C. Placing a much
higher value on his services than any
one else , Mrs. P. II. Trash hired her
husband from the board of county
commissioners for one month for
§ 500 , strictly cash in advance.
Trash , a man worth' $50,000 and
well connected , had been found guilty
of keeping liquor to sell to retailers
in his prohibition section and sen
tenced by Judge Long in superior
court to pay a fine of $2,000 , costs
amounting to $400 , and to be impris
oned in jail thirty days ; but upon
the tearful petition of the wife the
judge stipulated that if the county
commissioners chose to do so they
might hire the defendant for hid
trrm to the highest bidder , but not
less than $300.
The board decided to take the
money and in default of other bids
the defendant was struck oft to the
wife for $500 , which she promptly
Cat Cauces Big Fire.
South Norwalk , Conn. A cat rubbed
against a lamp in the home of Joseph
A. McElroy. The fire loss was $125-
000. A trunk containing $15,000
worth of jewels was rescued.
Government SendD $1.77 to lYHnne-
sotan Due Him Since Days of
the Civil War.
St. Paul , Minn. Another proof that
Uncle Sam is honest and will pay his
debts as soon as he can is on exhibi
tion at the office of Julius Schmahl ,
secretary of state , at the capitol. It
is a check for $1.77 , which was re
ceived by Charles A. Rose , document
clerk. Uncle Sam has been owing
Mr. Rose this money since 18G3 and
at last has got enough ahead to pay
the debt. In 1863 Mr. Rose was
transferred from one company of vol
unteers to another and at the time of
this transfer there was due him
$1.77. The amount was never paid
and Mr. Rose had even forgotten that
he had it coming until the check ar
rived yesterday.
Warren , Pa. Hiram Towsiey , of
Garfield , near here , has received a
check from the United States govern
ment for $105 , which was the balance
due him in prize money for services
rendered in , tre Civil war. Mr.
Towsiey was one of the crew of the
gunboat Connecticut. For valuable
cargo captured his share amounted to
$2,400 , of which. $105 had not been
paid , ouing to an oversight.
Strange Conditions Found in Human
Body by Doctors Operating
on a Farmer.
Lawrence , Ind. Three grains of
corn that had begun to sprout were
found in the appendix of James B.
Powell , a wealthy farmer , when he J
was operated upon for acute appendi ! i
citis. The appendix was 11 inches |
long. Powell had a habit , he said. I
of eating a few grains of corn-every j
time he fed his stock.
migration of the flying hosts. The association - j
sociation will expend the fund in send- j |
ig out plates , color prints and descrlp- j I
tions of the common varieties of birds , i '
directions for feeding them and how |
to place material at hand which they ,
may use in the building of nests. Two
field agents will also give lectures.
The giver of the fund is believed to
be a prominent citizen of Massachu
setts , who was asked a few days ago , i
while in this city , if he knew of any- j I
body who might contribute money to
start this new kind of bird study. Hot j
sent a check signed by himself , with a I <
letter , stating that the donor did not j
wish to have any public mention of his
New York Surgeon Astounds His
Colleagues by Unusual
New York. An assemblage of
physicians and surgeons , many of
them from other cities , was held
spellbound by an operation perform
ed by Dr. William C. Luslc A new
interior wall of gold wire was sup
plied for a distended aorta , the prin
cipal wall had been torn to such a
thinness that it threatened to burst
at each beat of $ e heart. It was
necessary to perform the operation to
pierce the wall of this artery. Had
the worn walls ripped or cracked un
der the pulsations of the heart while
the operation was in progress , the pa
tient's death would have been a mat
ter of moments. Under the condi
tions it was necessary to use only lo
cal anesthetics , and the patient was
conscious throughout. Henry E. Grif-
the patient , is 63 years old.
State Fair Superintendents.
The following is a list of the super
intendents appointed for the 1912 Nebraska -
braska state fair : General , Wm. Fos
ter , Lincoln ; guards. C. J. Tracy , Lou ?
City ; transportation , L. L. Emerson.
Lincoln ; gates , George Jackson , Xel-
son ; Tickets , E. Z. Russell , Blair ;
amphitheatre , E. R. Purcell , Broken
Bow ; coliseum , Chas. Graff , Bancroft ;
auditorium , W. W. Cole , Neligh , and
W. Z. Taylor , Culbertson ; automobile
hall , C. H. Gustafson , Mead ; mercan
tile hall , Z. T. Leftwich , St. Paul ;
fruit , Clyde Barnard , Table Rock ;
floral , Louis Henderson , Omaha ; fish
exhibit , W. J. O'Brien , Gretna ; sani
tation , J. II. Taylor , Waterloo ; bands
and attractions , J. E. Ryan , Indianola ;
class "A , " horses , R. M. Wolcott , Pal
mer ; class "B , " cattle , E. R. Daniel-
son , Osceola ; class "C , " swine , L. W.
Leonard , Pawnee City ; class "D , ' '
sheep , W. C. Caley , Creighton ; class
"E , " poultry , A. H. Smith , Lincoln ;
class "F , " agricultural products , Wm.
James , Dorchester ; class "G , " dairy ,
Jacob Sass , Chalco ; class "H , " do
mestic products , Mrs. R. A. Maloney ,
Madison ; class "I , " bees and hpney ,
E. Whitcomb , Friend ; class "J , "
women's department , Mrs. C. L. Mans
field , Lincoln ; class "K , " fine arts ,
Mrs. Ross P. Curtice , Lincoln ; class
"L , " educational , Anna V. Day , Lin
coln ; class "M , " machinery , W. B.
Banning , Union ; class "Q , " specials ,
Chas. Mann. Chadron ; class "S , "
speed , Jos. Sheen , Lincoln ; class "S , "
speed clerk , K. V. Rieseu , Beatrice.
Accredited Nebraska High Schools.
High School Inspector A' A. Reid
has returned from the meeting of the
North Central Association of Colleges
and Secondary Schools , held at Chicago
cage , March 20 to 23. The following
Nebraska high schools were accred
ited by the association : Albion , Ash
land , Auburn , Aurora , Beatrice , Blair ,
Crete , David City , Doane college acad
emy , Falls City Fremont , Friend , Ge
neva , Grand Island , Hastings , Hast
ings college academy , Havelock , He
bron , Holdrege , Kearney , Lincoln , Mc-
Cook , Nebraska City , Nebraska mili
tary academy , Nebraska Wesleyan
academy , Norfolk , North Platte ,
Omaha , Pawnee City , Plattsmouth ,
Schuyler , Se.ward , South Omaha Su
perior , teachers' college high school ,
Tecumseh , University Place , Wahoo ,
Discipline to Be Enforced. I
The lax administration which has 1
| been prevalent at the state peniten-
1 tiary for several months , which was
1 either directly or indirectly responsi 1
, ble for the murder of four oHicials i
] there and the escape of the three con- i
| victs , is at an end , according to word J
given out there. After a conference '
i between the governor and the ne\\ly-
I appointed warden , Sam Melick. it was j
| announced that visitors' day at the [
| institution would be abolished ; that
j there would be a change in the per-
i sonnJ of the guards employed at the
prison and that a definite , determined
battle would be waged against the
dope traffic from now on.
Long List of Candidates.
The certificates which Secretary of '
State Wait will mail to county cleiks
contains all of the candidates of all
of the parties. The list was so long >
that the printer had to-print it in two '
sheets and paste them together , making - j
ing a total length of ninety-four
Congressman Maguire has written
Secretary Mellor of the state board
of agriculture that the bill to appro
priate $100.000 for each state fair for
a government building , the structure
to be used mostly for state fair ptir-
poses , will be taken up in committee ,
April 24. The bill was drawn by Mr.
Mellor and introduced by Confess- j
man Maguire. It is believed it can
be passed at this session of congress.
F. C. Hannaford h-is been appointed - ,
pointed state bank examiner by the j
governor. Mr. Hannaford will take
the place of H. C. Nicholson , who has
been appointed special national bank
examiner. Mr. Hannaford is assistant
cashier of the First National bank of
Grand Island , and has had twenty-
five years' experience in banking.
C. W. Pool Files Withdrawal.
Charles W. Pool of Tecumseh , a can
didate for the deomcratic nomination
for governor , Thursday filed notice
of withdrawal with the secretary of
state. His action leaves the race for
the favor of the party between John
H. Morehead of Falls City and R. L.
Metcalfe of Lincoln.
C. F. Shaw , for twenty-five years a
prominent citizen of Norfolk , fell dead
while shoveling snow.
"Have all made nominations who
wish ? " asked Secretary of State Addison -
son Wait , Tuesday evening at 6
o'clock. "If so , I declare the nomina
tions closed ; prepare your ballots for
April 19. " The gavel then fell on
nominations under the state primary
law. It closed a long and grilling
siege in the office of the secretary of
state , where for months nomination
papers have been filed and recorded
when the papers were correct and re
turned to candidates or their friends
when incorrect , with letters of instruc
tions to make the wrong right.
isr'g .
jeaf Opportunity
Vriifwjitfor tno old farm to bccotno |
yourinlicritanre ? UeKlnnowtoj
prepare fur your future ;
dcncc. A Krrat
t.nity arralts you In
or Alberta , wlicm you
can secure s-Kreellomo-
stca-l or buy landatrcs-
scxiaulo prices.
not a yetr from now ,
when land will bo high
er. Tl.f profits secured
from tha abundant crop of
" \Vhoat , Outs ami Hurley ,
as well as cattle raising , are
cacslnp a steady advance In
price. Government returns saovr
that the number or settler.1 *
in Western Canada from
the U. S. ivan OO per c : it
in 3'JIO than tlio
previous year.
Sluny farmers Iiavo paid
for their land out of the
proceeds of ouo crop.
Free Homestead * of 10O
acres nnd pro-omptloiia of
1GO acr nt SS.OOaiificro.
Jb'lno cliiuato. prood iK-hoolH ,
excellent railway facilities ,
low freight rates ; oocl , wa
ter find lumber easily ob-
tuln ; < l.
For pamphlet "Last Best West , "
particulars us to suitable location
nnd low settlors' rate , apply to
Supt of Immigration , Ottawa ,
Can. , or to Canadian Gor't Agent.
LT. Holmes. 315 J boa St. . St. Pisl. Hlnu. I
J. H H Kijchin. ! Drwtr IST.HjlertowB. S. D.
Please rite to the agent nearest y ou j
Sioux Gity Eilrectosry
"Hub of the Northwest. "
can help you. Store buildings , churches , school \
houses and large rebidencefa erected every where.
In all Its branches modern methods. Express
paid one way on $3 orders. W. C. DAVENPORT
CO. , Both Phones 2677,417 Douglas St. . Sioux
Ycunp people to Study
Gregg Shorthand , Tele
graphy and Bookkeep
ing. Individual Instruc
tions. It will pay you to write for booklet.
AKRON MILLING CO. , Sioux City , la.
Stack Covers , etc. TENTS TO RENT
G. E. Martin Co.,307 Jackson St. , Siouz Cityla.
Soda Fountains and supplies. We sell them.
Ghesterman Co. , Depi. F , Sioux City , la ,
Suits cleaned and pressed for Cfr'S AA
Express paid one uay. J5 J. . 'L-U' ' '
419 6th & 515 W 7th , Sicux Cfy , Sa.
All indications arc that tiit price of Hat r ill
continue Inch , lionco a prof iho ! en p to prf in tlrs
year. Wcoffir M oUforsowing at 4'i.ji ) jwrhiishH ic
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NOTICE. Order by Mai ! , Telephone 01
ercnants umy
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Sechi c Light
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The kind with the
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Crowns 85.00 ; Bridge
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Painless Extraction.
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Best equipped Dental Offices in Sioux City.