Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, January 04, 1912, Image 7

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photograph shows the Sacred College of Cardinals in session at the time when Archbishops Farley , O'Con-
THIS and Falconio of America , and fifteen others were made princes of the church. The pope is seen seated
on his throne , and in the latticed gallery on the right is the famous choir of the Sistine chapel.
Briton Says American Upper
Class Petted Too Much.
Praises Southern Family Life Pride
in Maintaining Lineage Receives
Approval of Writer in Eng
lish Review.
London. The American society
woman is severely criticised by Filson
Young in an article on "American
Characteristics" in the. current Eng
lish Review ,
"She is as much pampered and pet
ted , " he says , "as the favorite of an
eastern harem. Her life , since most
American men are closely occupied
with business , is lived almost entire
ly among women. The American
favorites of the harems crowd to
gether in noisy restaurants in lunch
eon parties , chatting endless nonsense
at the top of their voices , this being
almost their sole distraction , poor
things , since for women , no more
.than for anyone else ( except for chil
dren and servants , who have the lib
erty to be insolent and inefficient ) , Is
there any true liberty in America.
"Just as the moment when women
In American society become mature
they cease to live and grow , and re
main half children , half dolls.
"Before marriage they can do as
they please ; after marriage they sur
render both individuality and liberty
of thought and movement. "
/ So much for the American woman
in society. On the subject of Amer-
'ican women in the family of the same
writer holds very different views. "If
one takes the family as the basis of
any state of community , " he says ,
"and judges it by its failure of success
In the communal purpose , then I think
without any doubt , one must admit
that family life is one of the very best
things in America.
"American families are singularly
united , and carry on into mature age
that unity and affection which , as a
rule , only last through the period of
"There is no pleasanter sight than
that of some well-to-do American fam
ily in a beautiful and spacious house
in one of the southern states , where
the patriarchal life goes on beyond
, the youth of the children , who , If they
marry , still keep the old home as their
center , and , instead of forsaking it ,
bring new sous and daughters into it ;
or , if they be unmarried , are com
rades and friends of their parents ,
whom , as old age steals on them like
sunset , the children , in their turn ,
cherish and care for as they them
selves were cherished.
"This is- the id-eal of family life ,
seldom realized anywhere , b.ut more
often now in America than anywhere
else. "
Nebraska Merchant Hid Gold and Sil
ver in His Store Recovered
When Building Is Razed.
Lexington , Neb. Willow Island.
Neb. , has the champion absentminded
man. While tearing down his old
store building after building a new
one , Neil McMullen , for thirty-five
years the principal merchant or Wil
low Island , found § 4,500 in gold and
silver that he had hidden at various
times and forgotten. McMullen is
eighty years old , 'but Is active In busi
ness. He is a bachelor.
Wolves Run Deer Into City.
Anaconda , Mich. Driven from the
hills by the deep snows and desperate
hunger , bands of timber wolves are
prowling on the outskirts of the city ,
A band of five wolves pursued a deer
into the heart of the city but were
put to flight by a night watchman.
Death Claims Two Oldest Colored
Women in Washington One 98 ,
the Other 92.
Washington. Two of the oldest col
ored residents of the capital have
been claimed by death recently , Mrs.
Mary J. Wayne , 98 years old , dy
ing at her home , 315 East Cap
ital street , and Mrs. Louisa Wright , 92
years old , dying recently at her home ,
918 Twentieth street Northwest.
The funeral of "Aunt Mary" Wayne ,
as she was known , was. held from Is
rael African Methodist. Episcopal
church , First and B streets , Southwest ,
the services being conducted by Rev.
R. K. Harris , pastor of the church ,
assisted by Rev. W. J. Howard and
Rev. W. H. Stevenson. Mrs. Wayne ,
who was the widow of Rev. L. H.
Wayne , who died in 1868 , was born
in 1813. Seven children 15 grandchil
dren and 10 great-grandchildren sur
vive her.
Arrangements were made to hold
the funeral of Mrs. Wright from the ,
1 < C1 gCSj3 K.
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Abraham Kalinsky Helped to Burn
Moscow When Napoleon Marched
Upon City.
Baltimore , Md. Abraham Kalin
sky , one hundred and seventeen
years old , who helped burn Mos
cow when Napoleon marched up
on that city in 1S14 , and who was be
lieved to be the oldest man In the
world , died in the Hebrew Friendly
Inn and Aged People's Home , on Als-
quith street , late the other night. He
had been in the home only eight
days , having been taken there from a
squalid room on Albemarle street ,
where he had lived for years.
Infirm and feeble from age , he
nevertheless put up a vigorous re
sistance against his rescuers before
, he was carried from the place by
force. He had lived In the room so
long that he did not want to leave , but
the Hebrew Friendly Inn Society de
cided to care for him- , and he was ac
cordingly taken to the home on Ais-
quith street.
After being taken there he remained
in a semi-stupor until he died. Dr.
Morris Savage , the physician of the
home , attended him. His son , who is
-sixty-eight years old ; Morris Waxman ,
superintendent of the home , and Dr.
Savage were at his side when he died.
He was buried in Alount Carmel
ceremony. Services were conducted
by Rabbi Rosenthal of Low Street
Synagogue. Over 250 friends and rel
atives attended. Born in Kiev , Kalin
sky lived with his parents on a farm
until he entered the German army
Tinder General Bluciier and fought
aeainst Napoleon. After the wax he
settled down on a farm for a while ,
but after several of his children had
come to this country and written
home of their prosperity here he de
cided to come to' ' America and came
direct to this city , where he always
Thrice had he been married , his
last wife , who is eighty-four years old ,
surviving him. Also surviving him are
three children , twenty grandchildren ,
twenty-eight great-grandchildren , five
great-great-grandchildren and six
Decree Twelve Years Ago Property
Worth $400,000 Found in Man's
Name He Must Divide.
Seattle , Wash. Superior Judge
Boyd G. Tillman has issued r. decree
giving to Mrs. Sarah V. Phlpps title
to one-half of a $400,000 property in
Seattle owned by Luther E. Ptipps.
from whom she was divorced in Chicago
cage twelve years ago. Phipps was al
so ordered to give an accounting of
the property for the last twelve years.
Phipps' whereabouts are unknown.
Mrs. Phipps alleged that when she
obtained her divorce her husband set
tled wltli her for a few hundred dollars
lars , assuring her that he had little
Later she learned that h < j had prop
erty in Chicago worth $390,000 , and re
cently she discovered that he had val
uable property In Seattle , which he
had bought in 1896 , before their dl-
vore *
Metropolitan African Methodist Epis
copal church. M street between Fif
teenth and Sixteenths streets.
"Too Pretty for a Poor Man. "
San Francisco. A comely counten
ance of a wife Is too great a luxury
for a working man , William J. Gallag
her told Judge J. J. Van Nostrand In
the superior court the other day while
testifying in support of his complaint
for divorce from Mrs. Blanche Gal
"I could not afford to pay for the
motor cars 'which she thought her
good looks entitled her to be sup
plied , " said Gallagher. "She also
thought she should wear' clothes en
tirely too expensive for a man earn
ing only § 5 or $6 a day. I did the
best I could , but she was too pretty
for a poor man and became discon
tented. "
After listening to the husband's de
tailed recital of his wife's necessities ,
the court granted Gallagher's petition.
* * * rssssmsisr \ * s * > l
New York Medical Journal Declarer.
Cosmetics Help Miladi Keep
New York indorsement of miladi's
powder puff and rouge pot has come
from an unexpected source. A recent
issue of the New York Medical Jour
nal , the most staid professional period
ical of the physicians in the east , says : ,
"The use of face creams and make-ups
is universal and the moral aspect of
the question is becoming settled. Our ,
women now fearlessly and scientific
ally handle the complexion brush , the
face cream and the powder puff. i
"Why is the face of a country worn- !
an of 60 years faded and wrinkled ,
while the face of a city woman of the
same age frequently is smooth and
beautiful ? On account of protection
against the elements. "
It Charges Party of Four , _ Kills Dop
and Keeps Man en Limb All
Cumberland , Md. While trailing a
raccoon on Williams river , south of
Webster Springs , W. Va. , a party of
four with dogs routed a wild hog hav
ing tusks several Inches long.
The hog charged the. party. It was
dark and the men being uiiArmeci.
ran back to camp , where one climbed
a tree.
A dog gave battle , which lasted fif
teen minutes. * At length the hog gave
the dog several rips with his tusks
and the dog fell dead.
The hunter remained treed all
Remarkably Sound Advice for the
'Woman Who Has Some Years
of Life to Her Credit.
The way to .ward off old age is not
to fear it , not to allow one's self to
be oppressed by the dread of advanc
ing years. Use only legitimate pre
ventives and avoid trying expermients
with preparations not indorsed by
physicians. Do not wear toilettes in
tended for young girls , they only add
years to the appearance. Keep up
your interest in the young , but do not
envy them. Retire with dignity from
the struggle , do not pose as your
daughter's rival. Above all , surround
your life with sweet , true affections
which prevent the heart from growing
bitter. Do not lose interest in the
growing events of the day ; do not fall
behind the times and do not harp on
other and better days. To those who
come to you for advice be always kind
and sympathetic. As you advancefn
years preserve carefully your personal
appearance , for once lost it may not
be regained , save by strenuous effort.
Your costumes should be simple and
unpretentious , yet graceful. These ,
rules , carefully and sensibly followed ,
will keep you young and attractive.
Exchange. |
"Eight years ago I got eczema all
over my hands. My fingers fairly bled
and it itched until it almost drove me
frantic. The eruption began with
itching under the skin. It spread fast
from between the fingers around the
nails and all over the whole hands. I
got a pair of rubber gloves in order to
wash dishes. Then it spread all over
the left side of my chest. A fine doc
tor treated the trouble two weeks , but
did me no good. I cried night and
day. Then I decided to try Cuticura
Soap and Ointment but without much
hope as I had gone so long. There
was a marked change the second day ,
and so on until I was entirely cured.
The Cuticura Soap we have always
kept in our home , and we decided
after that lesson that it is a cheap
soap in price and the very best in
quality. My husband'will use no other
soap in his shaving mug. " ( Signed )
Mrs. G. A. Selby , Redonda Beach ,
Cal. , Jan. 15 , 1911. Although Cuticura
Soap and Ointment are sold by drug
gists and dealers everywhere , a sam
ple of each , with 32-page book , will
be mailed free on application to
"Cuticura , " Dept. 24 K , Boston.
Feminine Rebuke.
The suffragette was conversing with
the eminent African traveler.
"And you don't believe in woman
suffrage ? " said the lady.
"No , madam , " the Hunter of big
game replied , "I believe that the femi
nine trails , gentle , humane , tender , fit
your sex for the home rather than for
the sterner duties of life or the possi
ble necessities of the state. "
"Yes , " the suffragette replied. "I
have heard those arguments before.
And now may I ask how you received
that deep scar on your cheek ? "
"It was given me by a lioness ,
madam. "
The suffragette smiled.
"Good for the lady lion , " she said.
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Nothing Much.
"I don't know whether I ought to
recognize him here in the city or not.
Our acquaintance at the seashore was
very slight. "
"You promised to marry him , did
you not ? "
"Yes ; but that was all. "
Modern Conditions.
"That speaker is laying down the
law in a very emphatic manner for a
candidate. "
"He ain't a candidate. He's the
voter. The candidates are in the audi
ence and he's telling them what
they've got to do. "
, "I fought yous said yous kin liclc
me wid yer hands tied behind yer
back ? "
"I I can ! I'm 3 just goin'now
to get a string to tie 'em ! "
Jones Admitted It.
Jones and Brown argued as they al
ways did when they had time enough.
They had dined together , and as Jones
lived at a distance and it was very
late Brown offered to put him up for
the night- .
On the way home they fell to dis
cussing the strategy of the Civil war
as indicated by the campaigns * of Lee
and Grant. The topic was elastic
enough to keep them going for half
an hour , and reached its height as
they neared the Brown house.
Then Brown lost his temper.
"Jones , " said he , "if you don't admit
that Grant was a greater general than
Lee , you can't sleep here. "
It was then two o'clock in the morn
ing , and Jones was eight miles from
home. Chicago Post.
Her Career.
She You know Clara was ambi
tious to have a career.
Mamma And matrimony interferes
with a career ?
She Yes , but she made up her
mind that she doesn't want any ca
reer that matrimony interferes with.
Where Ignorance Is Bliss.
"Judging from the way Puffkins
walks , he seems to be well pleased
with himself. "
"Just so. And Puffkins never seems
to realize how much he stands alone
in that particular. "
Sore Throat is no trifling ailment. It
will sometimes carry infection to the en
tire system through the food you eat.
Hamlins Wizard Oil cures Sore Throat.
What has become of the old-fash
ioned man whose word was as good
as his bond ?
Yonrdruggist will retund money if PAZO OINT
MENT fails to cure any case of Itching , Blind ,
Bleeding or Protruding Piles in C to 14 days. 60c.
Reproaches are certainly an effec
tive cure for indifference ; but they
change it to anger rather than love.
Mrs. Wtaslow's Soothing' Syrup for Children
teething , softens the gums , reduces Inflamma
tion , allays pain , cures wind colic , 25c a bottle.
A woman falls in love gracefully ,
but a man usually stumbles into it.
Some society women are known by
what they waste their affections on.
Smokeless Odorless Clean Convenient
The Perfection Smokeless Ofl Heater warms up a room
in next to no rime. Always ready for use. Can be carried
easily to any room where extra warmth is needed.
A special automatic device makes it impossible to turn the
wick too high or too low. Safe in the hands of a child.
The Perfection burns nine hours on one filling glowing
heat from the minute it is lighted. Handsomely finished ;
drums of blue enamel or plain steel , with nickel trimmings.
Askyour dealer or writs for descriptive circular to any agency of
Standard Oil Company
( incorporated )
The expression occurs so many times in letters from
sick women , "I was completely discouraged. " And there
is always good reason for the discouragement. Years o
pain and suffering. Doctor after doctor tried in vain.
Medicines doing no lasting good. It is no wonder that
the woman feels discouraged.
Thousands o these weak and sick women have found
health and courage regained as the result of the use of
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
. Prescription.
It establishes regularity , heals inflammation and ulcera *
tion , and cures weakness.
Refuse substitutes offered by unscrupulous druggists
for this reliable remedy.
Sick women are invited to consult by letter , free. All correspondence
strictly private and sacredly confidential. Write' without fear and without
fee to World's Dispensary , R. V. Pierce , M. D. , Pres't , Buffalo , N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and invigorate stomach , liver and
bowels. Sugar-coated , tiny granules , easy to take as candy.
Rayo lamps and lanterns give
most light for the oil used.
The light is strong and steady. A Rayo never flickers.
Materials and workmanship are the best. Rayo lamps and
lanterns last.
Atk your dealer to sftotc you his line of Rayo lamps and lanterns , or tcrite for
\ illustrated booklets direct to any agency of
Standard Oil Company
_ _ _ _ _ _ ( Incornorated )
A Forbearing Friend.
"Benders , you were Intoxicated last
night. "
"Blbbles , I was nothing of the sort. "
"All right , old chap. Have your
way about it , but If I should tell you
what a sorry figure you presented ,
trapped in a revolving door , you
would hang your head in shame. "
Physical Proof.
"Mr. Jims , I saw your double on the
street today. "
"Impossible , madam. I'm a single
man. "
For health and energy eat it for
breakfast. Reduces cost of "living.
Free Silver Spoon in every package.
Ask your grocer for a package.
Makes for Happiness.
"Are they happily married ? "
"Very. His lodge night falls on her
literary club night. "
About one man in a hundred can
stand prosperity. The other ninety-
nine never have a chance to find out
whether they can or-not.
You need expect no quarter from
the footpad until you give up your
last cent.
Knees Became Stiff
Five Years of Severe Rheumatism
The cure of Henry J. Goldstein. 14
Barton Street , Boston , Mass. , is another
victory for Hood's Sarsaparilla. This great
medicine has succeeded in many cases
where others have utterly failed. Mr.
Goldstein says : "I suffered from rheuma
tism five years , it kept me from business
and caused excruciating pain. My knees
would become as stiff as steel. I tried j
many medicines without relief , then took'
Hood's Sarsaparilla , soon felt much better ,
and now consider myself entirely cured.
I recommend Hood's. "
Get it today in usual liquid form or.
chocolated tablets called Sarsatabs.
You Can Save Money by buying
direct from factory at manufacturers prices , fralghl
prepaid , to your nearest railroad town. 103 square
feet to thk roll GUARANTEED.
nail * and cement included ready to lay. WRITE
TODAY for free samples and prices that will convince.
BUCK ROOFING CO. , Dept. 21 , St. Louis , Mo ,
Cut butchers bills In two. Order early.
FISH Fish better than OTcr. Promptshlpment.
100 ib. sack FatFrozen Split Rock If errinir
$3.25. SCA.NDIA FIS1I COMPANY , Uulntb , SJnm.
WatsonE.Colemnn.Wasl >
PATENTS Ington.D.C. Hooks free. High-
cat references. Best result * .
Sioux City Directory
D11 PTI IH E ? CURED in a few days
IIII1 I UH U without a surgical oper
ation. No pay until cured. Write to
Swanson's Factory Rebuilts
2 year-Iron-clad guarantee. Remington. 835 ,
L. C. Smith & 5 , Underwood $45 , Smith Premier
$35. A large stock to select from. Shipped
anywhere on approval. B. F. SWANSON
COMPANY. Department D , Sioux City , Iowa.
Fresh Gut Flowers & Floral Emblems
NOTICE. Order by Mail , Telephone or
Is a heavy yield , but that's what John Kennedy of
Edmonton , Alberta , Western Canada , pot , from 40
acres of Spring Wbeatln 1310 Kcporta
from other districts in that prov
ince shoTred other excel
lent results such as 1-
000 bushels of wheat
! from 120 acres , or 331-3
bu. pcracre. 25.30and 40
bushelyiclds were num
erous. As high as 132
bushels of oats to the
aero werothrcshed from
Alberta fields in 1910.
The Silver Cup
at the recent Spokane
Falrvras awarded to the
Alberta Governmcntfor
its exhibit of grainsgrasses and
vegetables. Keports of excellent
yields for 1'JIO come also from
Saskatchewan and Manitoba in
Western Canada.
Free homesteads of 16O
acres , and adjoining pre
emptions of 1GO acres ( at
S3 per acre ) are to l o had
ill the choicest districts.
Schools convenient , cll-
mate excellent , soil the
very best , railways close at
band , building ? lumber
cheap , fuel easy to get and
reasonable In price , -water
easily procured , mixed
farm in j a , success.
Write as to bestplaco for set
tlement , settlers' low ralltvay
rates , descriptive illnstratcd
"Last Best West' ( sent free on
application ) and other informa
tion , to Sup't of Immigration ,
OUatra , Can.ortotho Canadian
Government Agent. _ _ ( GS )
E T. Boise. 315 Jacfaca SL , SL Past. Hlaa.
J. H. tUdadilan , Drawer ISJ.Wztertoa. 5.2.
Please write to theagentaeareftyoa
of this paper desiring to buy any
thing advertised in its columns should
insist upon having what they ask for ,
refusing ail substitutes or imitations.
W. N. U. , SIOUX CITY , NO. 1-1912.
ColormoreBOodabrighterandfastercolorsthananyotherdye. One lOc package colors all fibers. TheydyeincoldwateTbetterthananyotlierdyc Youcac.
dye any garment without ripping apart. Write for free booklet How to Dye. Bleach and Mix Colors , MONROE DRUG COMPANY , Qulncy , m.