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Simian Protests Against Wear
ing Guard's Uniform.
vKeeper Baldy" Begins to Disrobe in
Tree as Big Crowd Follows and
Cheers Balked at Ana
conda and Pythons.
New York. Keeper Baldy Is the
newest name for Baldy , the smartest
ape in the zoological gardens in Bronx
park. This intelligent simian appeared
In the regulation keeper's uniform
cap , blue suit , white collar and shoes
the only departure being a large red
necktie , which flowed below his chin.
And everything fitted the ape , for his
suit was made to order by a well-
known clothing house on the same
model used for the regular attendants
In the park. A tailor made a special
trip to the park to take his measure ,
and the only trouble Baldy caused
was through his desire to investigate
the tape measure.
Baldy did not balk when Engelholm ,
his keeper , and Charles Snyder , who
Is In charge during Mr. Ditmars' ab
sence , were putting on the "glad
rags" ; that Is , he did not protest until
Snyder tried to put on his shoes. As
fast as one was slipped on he would
unfasten the other and send it sail
ing through the air , to the detriment
of numerous glass jars and window
panes. He pulled back again when
the white collar was adjusted about
his neck.
When all was ready for Baldy to be
escorted from his room In the private
house one last touch was given to his
toilet to make him a swell. His cap ,
bearing the gold letters "N. Y. Zoo
logical Society , " was set jauntily on
one side of his head , and then Snyder
and Engelholm essayed into the open
with the new keeper. Instantly a
crowd gathered , and Baldy had fully
a thousand persons following him
about the grounds while he was being
Introduced to the other Inmates. It
was the first time In the history of
V the zoo that an Inmate had ever paid
his respects to his neighbors.
All went well until Baldy became
frightened at the big anaconda and
the regal pythons In the reptile house.
He screeched and pulled so hard that
his hat fell off and his collar worked
Itself up to his eyes. He did not like
alligators , either , and was shortly tak
en out of , the house. Jhen he became
possessed of seven devils of mls-
hjeyousness , and with a sudden tug
he escaped from the fwo keepers ,
topped on to a fence and the next
minute had grabbed the lowest limb
of a small tree and swung himself up
to jt From his perch h | grimacingly
surveyed the crowd befow'
i All the coaxing of the keepers failed
to make the ape come down. They
were afraid his new tailormade suit
would be torn to pieces. Baldy took
off his hat and examined it closely. He
liked the gold lettering on it. Then
he gave It an awful bang on the tree
limb , and the keepers expected to see
Its crown drop out The large crowd
roared with delight Horrors ! Baldy
suddenly felt the desire to do one of
his giant swings on the tree limb.
"Good-by coat , " said Engelholm.
"Good-by , trousers , " said Snyder.
Baldy heaved one way and then an
other , kicked against the tree with
his new shoes and did such fptastic
stunts that the clothes were strained
to the utmost He unwittingly let one
leg hang down. Snyder grabbed it ,
and then Baldy came down with the
tug. He was brushed off , his suit was
examined to see If It had been torn
and he was led around to other cages.
He was captured none too soon , for he
was about to begin disrobing.
Leaving the crowd that had formed
behind him , the ape visited dozens of
the Inmates of the Zoo. He pulled the
tail of an aoudad , scolded In piercing
wails the bears as they lined up to
have a look at the unusual keeper ,
YORK. Sheik Hassan Ben Ali , an agent of the government ot
Morocco , reached this city the other day on the liner Olympic. He has
a couple of picturesque attendants with him and was himself habited in the
garb of the desert and was met at the pier by a representative of the Curtjs
aeroplane interests. For the sheik comes here to purchase two of the ma
chines. The Arab is somewhat reticent regarding the manner in which his
government proposes to use the biplanes , but admits that , for" scouting pur
poses in a level country like Morocco , they would be found superior to the
horse. So farewell , my Arab steed.
and finally was led back to the
monkey house and had a chance to
see his fellow primates.
There was not a monkey , large or
small , that did not come up to the
bars as Baldy paraded up and down
"They're Jealous , " said Snyder.
Mimi , one of Baldy's best friends In
the monkey house , and who dines with
him daily , showed fine scorn for the
ape in his clothes. Baldy called to
her from outside and she answered
back. Dr. Gardner should have been
there to Interpret it. Fred Engelholm
said that in her vernacular Mimi was
saying :
"You're a fine looking mutt ! What ? "
A few minutes later the ape was re
lieved of his keeper's uniform , and
was tickled to get rid of it.
Society Woman Saws Wood.
Great Barrington , Mass. Miss Isa
bel Curtis , a wealthy society woman ,
of Boston , who is staying at the Willis
Inn , Stockbridge , has sawed two cords
of wood in three weeks just for exer
cise. She chopped the wood In one
of the forests near Stockbridge last
winter. She says she can chop down
a tree as quickly as a man. Miss Cur
tis frequently takes long walks , going
from Lenox to Stockbridge and back
In a forenoon , a twelve-mile trip.
Pennsylvania State Zoologist Believes
Story of Sweet-Toothed Reptile
Cases on Record.
Harrisburg , Pa. F"of. H. A. Sur
face , state economic zoologist , is
xnuch interested in a story that reach
ed him from Kennerdell , Venango
county , to the effect that three men
in cutting down a bee tree discov
ered in opening it-that a big blacksnake -
snake had invaded the bees' nest and
had devoured almost all the honey.
The bee hole was 40 feet from the
ground , and the men averred that
the snake , attracted by the honey ,
had climbed the tree , had its feast ,
and when discovered by the bees they
set upon him to drive him away , and
literally covered the snake when'
Professor Surface was asked if it
were possible for a black snake to
climb a tree to that height and if it
was ever known to eat honey.
"Yes , " said Professor Surface , "I
can fully believe that story , for I be
lieve that it ! possible that a blacksnake -
snake could climb a tree. Further
more , If there was a bees' nest in
that tree the snake could get into the
bee hole and eat the honey. I don't
believe , however , that it would eat
all the honey , for It would be cun
ning enough to know that by doing
so it would drive the bees away. As
to this particular snake being cov
ered with bees I think they were
wreaking their vengeance on it by
trying to sting it to death , which is
pretty difficult , for a blacksnake's
liide is pretty tough. I have known
of snakes that got into beehives and
were stung to death.
"As to the snakes' eating honey , I
have known that , too. The snake
finds the unsealed honey and sips it
out of the comb. There are a good
many records of snakes being found
in beehives ; but this is the first in
stance of one being found hunting
honey in a bee tree. "We know that
blacksnaltes climb trees , and it is
possible that this one got in the tree ,
and when the bees found it they turn
ed on the intruder. I have myself
seen bees turn on mice when they
Intruded in the hives , and sting them
to death , and I have seen the remains
of small snakes In beehives. Of
course , the snake does not bite Into
the comb , but sips the honey v/ith its
tongue , and in that way cleans out
the cells. "
Clothesline His Life Net.
New York. Christie Caron , three ,
stole from the side of his mother
while she was visiting in the apart
ments on the third floor of 2102 Third
avenue , climbed to the rear fire es
cape and dropped to the courtyard.
Mrs. Caron thought her son was
killed. Dr. Donnelly , who came from
Harlem hospital , said if Christie had a
scratch he couldn't find it
"Saved by that net of clotheslines , "
remarked the doctor. "He must have
hit a dozen on his dive to the pave
ment. "
Christie's mother carried him to
their home , 169 East One hundred and
Tenth street , where the family doctor
congratulated her.
London Laborer Is Marvel at Making
Beautiful Creations for Women
His Proudest Moment.
London. Two mill hand \vho is a
millioner and blousemaker in his
spare time has just come to light at
Preston. His name is John Jackson ,
and so succcessful has his millinery
been that he now wishes to give up
weaving for it. He has many orders ,
coming from as far as Canada.
At his home in Hammond street ,
Prestion , where he lives with his
mother and sisters , Jackson said that
his first millinery success was at a
local bazar.
"My heart is In making and- doing
up smart hats and blouses , " he said ,
"and I was delighted when I won a
prize for hat trimming at that ba
"My proudest moment was when
two bonnets and four hats of my own
trimming were worn at the wedding
of one of my sisters.
"I buy my own materials , flowers ,
ribbons , feathers , sprays , leaves , etc. ,
and I can usually estimate the cost
of trimming a hat to a farthing for a
customer. I study milliners' windows
dews for ideas. I just see what the
latest fashions are and copy or try
to improve them. "
Washington Rancher Will Again Start
on Search for Daughter He Lost
Over Six Years Ago.
Husum , Wash. To again search for
the body of his lost child in the wilds
of the Cascade mountains , 25 miles
northwest of here , is the intention of
Johnny Cayuse , an Indian rancher liv
ing four miles northwest of Husum.
Johnny reluctantly retold the story
of the sudden disappearance of his
daughter , Katie , six years ago , while
he with his family were camped near
the cave region west of Trout lake ,
during the huckleberry picking sea
son. Nearly a thousand Indians gath
er in that region every year to pick
berries and indulge in amusements.
It was after one of these festive oc
casions in August that the daughter of
Johnny disappeared as if swallowed
by the earth. Parties searched for
weeks for the lost , but no trace ot
her could be found. The supposition
was that the girl had been killed by
some wild animal or had fallen into
one of the caves. Another Indian su
perstition was that the girl was lured
by a monster of the lake to its watery
Another Fish Story.
Rhinelander , . Wis. D. Satcher of
St. Charles , Minn. , who is spending his
vacation at Tomahawk Lake , caught a
22-pound muskellunge in an uusual
manner. He had hooked the big fish ,
and , being unable to haul it into the
boat , shot at it. The bullet cut the
line in two. Not desiring to lose the
giant fish , Batcher leaped into the wa
ter. Diving , h ! caught the line and
dragged the "muskie" to shore in
spite of its struggles. .
* iEN
HAUR'S the extra reverence In
wearln" sheen two sizes owcr
sma' ?
If. mayna be malr reverent , but It's
grand ; and you canna be balth grand and
Comfortable. j. M. Barrio.
So many palatable dishes can be
made from apples that one need have
no monotony in the use of this queen
of fruits.
When short of a variety in the vege
table line , did you ever take a few
tart apples , two or three onions and
a slice of good salt pork , and make
an appetizing dish which , if not very
digestible , is most savory ? Put the
pork , diced , into a frying pan , and
when a nice brown add the sliced
onions and apples , with a very little
water ; cook until tender , add a dash
of pepper , salt and a tablespoonful of
sugar , if the apples are very tart.
Apples put into a baking dish with
a little water , brown sugar and but
ter make delicious apple sauce when
Here Is a fine filling for sandwiches
or cakes , and the beauty of it is that
it is ready without any preparation.
For every pound of the fruit , peeled
and sliced , take twice its weight in
sugar , half a vcup of water and the
grated rind of a lemon. Cook slowly
three hours , until thick , then add the
juice of the lemon and cook fifteen
minutes longer , stirring continually to
avoid burning. Add chopped nut
meats and no richer filling could be
Brown Betty Is perhaps too well
known to repeat yet it Is a most
dainty dish. Put a layer of chopped
apples , brown sugar , cinnamon for
flavoring and a layer of bread crumbs
in a buttered dish ; repeat , adding the
crumbs , buttered by melting a tablespoonful -
spoonful of butter and stirring them In
it Moisten with water , and bake.
One charm of this pudding is that it
uses crumbs.
Another delicious cake filling Is
made from a cupful of grated apple
and the whites of two eggs ; flavor and
sweeten to taste. Whip until stiff arid
Apple dumpling Is never too old-
fashioned to be rejoiced In. Wrap the
short biscuit dough around a cored
apple and bake. Serve with cream
and sugar. This may be steamed as
A bird's nest pudding Is an easy des
sert to prepare. It is simply sliced ap
ple put into a deep dish and covered
with a batter and baked. When served
turn upside down , sugar and butter
the apple , dust with nutmeg and
CHANGE in childhood's
_ „ early day ,
No storm that raged , no thought thai
But leaves Its mark upon the clay
That slowly hardens Into man.
Webster 'defines hospitality as re
ceiving and entertaining strangers
with kindness. To most of us the
idea of hospitality begins and ends
with our friends , forgetting that the
good book tells us "be not forgetful
to entertain strangers ; or thereby
some have entertained angels una
wares. "
The more we give , the more we
have ; which may not mean of
worldly wealth , but It certainly is
true of true hospitality.
There always being two sides to a
question , the entertained as well as
the entertainer has requirements to
meet in order to make a visit enjoy
For the Hostess.
First , I shall invite my friend for a
certain defiaite time.
Second , I shall allow my guest to
have a little time to get acquainted
with her own personality , not wear
her out with entertainment
Third , I shall endeavor to serve
food that is both agreeable and diges
tible and not treat her Idiosyncra
sies as mere foibles.
For the Guest.
First , I shall announce the limit ol
my visit and not over-stay my time.
Second , I shall be on time for meals
and keep my belongings in my own
Third , I shall never allow my hos
tess to guess "that It doesn't run in
our family to like , cabbage. " I shall
eat what is set before me , or perish In
the attempt.
Fourth , I shall share In the dally du
ties of the household , the amount de
pending upon the number of maids
kept by my hostess. I can at least
care for my own room.
Fifth , I shall endeavor to prove to
my hostess that I came to see her ,
instead of the scenery.
Sixth , I shall on leaving make some
return for my entertainment , either an
invitation or gift , and shall be careful
to leave none of my personal effects
to be sent after me.
For those who Impose upon hospi
tality that Is another story.
All Over the Place.
"Why are gossips so often consid
ered authorities ? "
"Because whatever they say , goes. "
Social Distinction.
In some parts of the south the
darkies are still addicted to the old-
style country dance in a big hall , with
the fiddlers , banjoists and other mu
sicians on the platform at one end.
At one such dance held not long
ago in an Alabama town , when the
Qddlers had duly resined their bows
and taken their places on the plat
form the floor manager rose.
"Git yo' partners fo' de nex * dance ! "
he yelled. "All you ladies an' gennul-
mens dat wears shoes an' stockin's ,
take yo' places in de middle of de
room. All you ladies an' gennulmens
flat wears shoes an' no stockin's , take
you' place immejitly behin' dem. An'
yo' barefooted crwd , you jes' jig It
round in de corners. " Lippincott's
Coachman 'Had to Earn Bequest.
A quaint paragraph appears in the
will of Mrs. Julie Hall of Brighton ,
England. At the reading of the will
the other day it was found that she
had bequeathed 100 to her coach
man , provided he is in her service at
her death , and "if I do not die
through or from the effects of a car
riage accident when he is the driver. "
A cold on the chest weakens your lungs.
Tubercular Germs attack the weak spots.
Keen your lungs strong by curing colds
quickly with Hamlins Wizard Oil and you
Kill not get Consumption.
Do not yield to misfortunes , but
meet them with fortitude. yirgll.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation ' '
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
act surely and CARTERS
gently on the
liver. Cure ITTLE
Biliousness , IVER
ache ,
ness , and Indigestion. They do their duty.
Genuine must bear Signature
For the treatment of Chronic Ulrers , Hone
Dlcers.Scrof nlous Ulcers , Varicoaa Ulcers.In-
dolentDlceraaieronrlal Ulcer * , WhlteSwell-
ingr.Mllk Leg. Fever Sores , all old oreB.Very
successful. BymallCOcwnts. J.P.ALLKN
MEDICINE CO. , DepUA7. St. Paul , Minn.
land and watcrrlahts.Or
CAREY ACT to entry on Big We
River Project in SonUtorn
Idaho. 85 < XfiO an ncrolnu
annual installments. Ample watersnpply frnaran-
tecd. IDAHO IRRIGATION CO. , Richfield , Idaho.
W. N. U. , SIOUX CITY , NO. 37-1911.
For Infants and Children
Miiiiiiiimiinimiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nni ,
The Kind You Have
liHiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimiiniiuiuiiiiimiiiiiiiinii Always. Bought
AVegeteble Preparation for As
similating the Food andRegtila- Bears the
ling the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes DigfcsfioixCheerful-
ness and Rest.Conlains neither
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral
rifitd Sugar
\ Winkryrtin.
A perfect Remedy forConsHpa
lion , Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea ,
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish-
* . . _
IFacSimite Signature of
Si Thirty Years
Atbi irionths-old :
Guaranteed under the Foodai
Exact Copy of Wrapper. TMK ClltTAUH eOMMNT. MZVYONKVITT.
Is So/vay Coke ?
It is the heat element of a mixture of superior coals
carefully selected for coking qualities. The patented Solvay
process has removed every impurity , leaving practically
pure carbon a perfect feul for household use.
"Tho Fuel Without a Fault" -
' It can be used in any furnace , range , stove or grate
suitable for coal and does not burn out fire-pots or grates. It
is smokeless , sootless , clean and healthful leaves no ashes
to sift. It is cheaper than hard coal and goes farther.
2,000 dealers in ths Northwest sell Milwaukee Solvay
( Coke. Write us for folder and name of nearest dealer.j
Oolby-Abbot Building Milwaslf00 Wl8 +
. Responsible dealers wanted in every town.
* 2,50$3,00$3.50&4.00 SHOES
, , , , . .
W9MEN wear WJ-Dougla * stylish , perfect
fitting , easy walking boots , because they give
long wear , same as W.L.Douglas Men' * shoes.
The workmanship which has madeW. L.
Douglas shoes famous the world over is
maintained in every pair.
If I could take you into my large fa5ories
at Brockton , Mass. , and show you how
carefully W.L.Douglas shoes are made , you
would then understand why they are war
ranted to hold their shape , fit better and
wear longer than any other makefortheprice
CAUTION The Senulne ha-re W. "L. Douglas
vnwuun name and price stamped on bottom
If you cannot obtain W. L. Douglas shoes In'
your town , write for catalog. Shoes sent direct ONE PAIR of my BOYS' S2.82.5O or-
I Sr 1 ? to earerfa11 narEes prepaid. W.IS3.0O SHOES -will positively outwear
BOUGIES , 146 Spark St. , Brockton. Mass. TWO PATES ol ordinary boys' shoo *
70,000 additional acres now open for entry under the Gary Act , at Valier ,
Montana. Works are 90 per cent , completed and are constructed under the
supervision of the Carey Land Board. 40,000 acres irrigated In 1911. Rich
soil , no drouth , sure crops , abundant water , delightful climate. 60 bushels
wheat and 100 of oats per acre. Terms , 840450 per acre , 85.50 cash at time of
filing , balance In 14 yearly payments. We ask no one to file on these lands
without making a careful , personal Inspection. If you are interested write
for further information to CLINTON , HURTT & CO. , VALIER , MONTANA.