Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, August 10, 1911, Image 8

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    1" " 751 " * ' < * ? * ' '
Short Orders of all Kinds , Day and Night
First = CIass Meals 25c.
iivery , Eeed and
Sales Stable , tWeed
Wood Lake , Nebraska j
* "
* * Special Attention to Hunting and Fishing Parties.
Valentine , Nebraska
Calls Answered at All Hours
Night Phone No , 74.
Quartered ns a Stnto Bank Chartered ns a National , . Ban !
June 1,1884. August 12,1002.
( Successor to Bank of Valentine. )
Valentine , - N Nebraska.
CAPITAL - $25.000 . A General Banking , ' Exchange
SURPLUS - 25.000
Collection Business
Uudivided Profits 4,000
. . . , . M. V. NICHOLSON , Cashier
J. T. May , Vice President. II. L.KUHN , Ass't Cashier
D. A. WHIPPLE , Propr
f Valentine Headquarters at the Chicago House
Rosebud " " " Rosebud Hotel
: Leave Valentine at 8 o'clock every morning ,
Sundays excepted.
Arrive at Kosebud at 2 o'clock p. in.
Leave Eosebud at 8 o'clock every morning ,
Sundays excepted.
Arrive at Yalentine at 2 o'clock p. m.
Dinner at Britt at 11 o'clock a. m.
Special attention to passengers , baggage and , * -
express or packages.
Leave orders at headquarters or at the Eed
Front store.
! ; i D. A. Whipple.
Dpaca :
With new prices , which are the lowest for
good business. My stock consists of Dry
Goods , Groceries , Shoes and 5 and 10 cent
bargains. You are invited to call and
make this your home store. Highest pric
es paid for produce. Come and get ac
2nd.Building South the Bank. Crookston , Neb.
Dr. D. W. Sumner
Bin I Hornby Building
Two 4-room houses for ; rent.
I. M. llice. tf
Fischer's Hardware sells bicyc
les and bicycle supplies of all
kinds. Repairing done promptly.
Sprains require careful treatment.
Keep quiet and apply Chamberlain's Lin
iment freely. It will remove the Bore-
ness and quickly restore the parts to a
healthy conditfpn * For sale by Chap
man the druggist.
Piano or Jones mowiegr ma
chines and rakes at reduced prices.
For sale by Frank Fischer. 27
Everybody who reads
magazines buys news
papers , but everybody
who reads newspapers
doesn't buy magazines.
Cstch the Drift ?
Here's the medium to
rcsch the people of
this community.
Death From rmaginatfon.
ITo\v faith may kill as well as on
Is shown by one of the cases uie
tloned by Dr. Charles Beinhardt
"Faith , Medicine and the Mind. "
convicted murderer had been liandi
over to the physiologists for the pi
pose of an experiment. He was to
that his hour had come and that
had been decided that ha should 1
bled to death. His eyes were bandage
and he was .pinioned , opportunity fir
having been given him to see tl
formicla * 's array of surgical instr
inents , the vessels to catch the blo <
and the other terror inspiring par
phernalia of the vivisector's liberator
A blunt instrument was now dra v
sharply across his throat and a strea
of warm water was made to trick
from his neck into a vessel below tl
operating table upon which he la
After awhile the sounds , which hr
previously baen continuous and nei
at hand , were gradually reduced uul
the patient , doubtless supposing thi
he was bleeding to death , gradual
lost consciousness , fainted and e
The Panama Hat.
A popular comedian at a Laml
club gambol in Xcw York told a pan
ma hat story.
"A yours clerk out my way. " 1
said , "gave bis gir * u present of
panama last year. -2ucn the day b
fore the Fourth he got a couple (
complimentaries for a picnic , clambal
and corn roast down the river , and t
wired the girl :
" ' 13 tornorrov
'Meet me at pier
morning at 7. Picnic. Bring panama
"The next morning as he stood o
pier 13 dreaming dreams of love , in
aginiug a long , sweet day of billin
and cooing , he saw his girl advancin
with her father and mother. He wa
terribly annoyed , and on the boat , a
Boon as he could get her alone , h
hissed :
" 'Wuat did you want to bring th
old folks for ? '
" 'Why , Will , you told me tosi )
said , and she showed him the tel <
gram , which the operator had made t
read :
" ' and . ' "
'Bring pa ma.
Whistler Before Whistler.
Mortimep ijenpes told the followini
story of Whistle'ryhp was to delive
An address one day to the , pcjety o
British Artists : "The master af lengt ]
entered , faultlessly dressed , walkiuj
with ft swinging , jaunty step , evidenj
ly quite doljghted with himself a.n <
the world in general. He passed 4ow ?
the gallery , ignoring the assemble !
members , and walked up to bis owi
picture. And there he stayed for quiti
fifteen minutes , regarding it with 5
SfttJ fied expression , stepping nov
backward. , pow forward , canting hi :
head a.nd dusting the surface of tin
glass with a silk pocj f handkerchief
We watched him open moused. § u $
denly he turned round , bpampd UPQJ
us and uttered but two words. =
'Bravo , Jimmy ! ' then took my ars
and hurried me out of the gallery
aJiDg volubly the while. "
King's Qjieer Present ' For a Queen.
la AH prowability'fhe king of Dnho
'n * present of pipes an j' Ipin
* , . ' -"rticd Buckingham pajnpe.
occasion , Z
iad publicly to accept
is embarrassing a nature , a.-
n 1S5G , when the king of Siam sent a
nission to England. On being present-
id to the queen , who received , tlieni
; eated on her throne and wearuig frej *
: rown , the envoys crawled from the
leers to her majesty's feet on their
lauds and knees and then each diesr a
> reseut from the folds of his robes.
Che first object placed in the queen's
lauds was a silver spittoon. London
Stagecoach of ths Twenties.
Brooks Bowman commenced running
n hourly stagecoach between Boston
ud Roxbury on March 1 , 1S2G. He
2ft the town house on Roxbury hill
very day in the week except the Sab-
iath at S , 10. 12. 2 , 4 and 0 o'clock and.
eturning. started from the Old goutU
hurch at 0. 11 , 3 , o and 7 o'clock.
'he fare was 12VL cents each way.
Her Good Advice.
They liad been courting for only
years when Silas spoke as follows ;
" T think you oughter give me jest
ne kiss , Sary , you know ; it's far bet-
ir to give than receive. "
"You don't say ? " said Sary coyly.
Then it seems to me some folk
tighter practice what they preach ! "
One little girl ? yas falling her moth-
r how another Httje girl \ dr.QSS.e ( }
. "Andwould
t a party. you belieya
. mamma , " slie concluded , "her slip-
ers were so tight 1 could see all the
Quckles on her toos. " Chicago News.
He Was
First Actress .You say you .are bard
r > . Isn't your husband playing this
: ason. then ? Second Actreess Yes.
2 is. That's just the trouble. First
. Why , what's he playing Hamlet ?
? cond A. No ; cards !
The Other Extreme ,
Parke Poor Pilter ! His wife Is a
lendthrifr. Is there anything worse ,
wonder , than a wife that's too ex-
avagant ? Tame Oh. yes ; one that's
o economical. Brooklyn Life.
i hn as a Rail.
"Is he as thin as I have heard ? " "
"He's thinner. Pay. when he tried
i n double breasted coat one row of.
ittons was up his back. " Exchange ,
There is nothing so easy but that it
'comes difficult when you do it with
luctance. Terence. - /
' " "
Liszt Fooled Them. ' * "
Wrapped in his dressing gown at
with feet incased in slippers , Frai
Liszt was sitting comfortably 01
evening in his armchair ready f
w.ork and inviting inspiration. On t !
floor above , in tha apartments of
banker , a noisy musical soiree was .
progress. Polonaises had succeed *
waltzes , and nocturnes had follow *
polonaises , when suddenly the door <
the salon opened , and Liszt entere
still wrapped in his dressing gow
The astonishment of the company me
be imagined. With slow steps Lis :
walked toward the piano , and tl
young bey pounder who was sittir
at it quickly left his place. Liszt sj
down at the Instrument , careless !
swept his fingers over the keys as
to prelude , and then suddenly he shi
down the cover and put the key i
his pocket. And immediately , wit
the same tranquil air with which I
had entered , he went out and returne
to his room , where he could work t
his ease.
Range of Rachel's Voice.
A Prussian prince , a cousin of tl ]
German Emperor William I. , has Ie1
some curious notes upon Rachel , c
whom he was a sreat admirer.
have been qvTotad In n upo
11 : ? fn ouu jirljvra. Tlje prince etuc
icd isrr r'lomt'oij. frem p. musical stan (
point and took down notes of lie
voice as she delivered some of he
most effective speeches. He founc
for instance , that in a passage o
Racine's "Bajazet , " she went down t
F in the bass. In one of "Andre
maque" and another of f'Adrienne Le
couvreur" her voice * spoke a wor
on the upper E and uttered n cry 01
upper F sharps. Her speaking vote
thus had A compass of two octaves
But. AS A rule , ho observed tljat shi
used only seven nqtes , cqnsisting o
the first seven ascending notes froa
the bass of the scale of F sharp minor
but with the D sharpened.
Fruit and Old Age.
Physiologists clain ] that growth f ron
Infancy vto old ago is a process of gracj
ual ossification and ( hat the stiffnesi
of Ago Is oause(3 ( by fljo deposits of pal
carooua matter OF parthy salts. . Therg
fore a diet containing # large propqr.
tion of these salts , food rich In nitro
gen , such as the cereals , beans , peas
and meat. Increases the natural tend
ency to ossification , says Health. Fo :
this reason a diet made np largely q :
fruit , which contains a minimus
amount of this calcareous matter. , ji
scientifically pest adapted to persons \
advancing years. Largo caters add t (
thp liability pf pssific deposits fron ;
oyerwopkjng the .eliminating prg-aps b
nn escoss pf nutritive material unti
their healthful activity Js destroyed
and the whole system suffers in coijsp :
quence. Old age indicates less food
and a maximum amount of fruit as the
§ unken Clu'po Mark His Grave.
fJMicrp are many moniinaents tq
"father of flip British navy-- ' ' Sir Francis ' -
cis Drake , throughout flje > yprirt' . ljut
his "tomb" is in the great deep upa'n
which he made his everlasting fame.
He died Jan. 28. 1093. in his ship the
pefiance , near the town of Mornbru de
Pjes , West Indies , and in a leaden
epiljfj hjs body was lowered intq the
warps sofflp ix miles from ghqre. As
' '
n last honor { Q jijg } tivq 'pf his ship's ,
with all the prizes that wei'P iD't'il ?
Qeet t- the time , were sunk beside his
casket. At tLo time of his death the
urcat admiral was in his fiftieth year
of his physical and
a 4 fn {
. Since his death
iuteltectuai t ffffs.
Hie 'British na.vy a i ' ypf Jpeon with
out a ship bearing his
A Judae giftd SP Egg.
Judges on the bsne } } ayy been as-
sa HPd. A litigant onrc thrpw ; ii jegg
it the l&tp VfCfi Chancellor Malius ' fy
in English cort. ' \ip \ judpe'hnd th >
presence of mind to auclr jjjs head.
md at the same time he establishe4 ft
epntation as a humorist by remark-
ng that the present must have been
ntended for his brother. Bacon , the
c-'hancellor , who was sitting in an
-ia-i \ f u
J-ois ofTajfe. .
" "What we vant. " said the neae.e P O :
noter. "Jj a system that will permi.t
landid discussion tP take tlle Place of
ictual conflict/- '
"Don't you thinkiaqfiireJ / fji
vho was reading the sporting
that our professional pugilists
ome pretty near solving thp
em ? " London Opinion.
Transparent S It.
In tbe island of Santo Domingo there
? a reraarliable salt mountain a mass
jGe-y talJine salt nearly four miles
yog. .esticMite/i tp contain nearly 00-
OO.OCOtonsand jth.v Cjfygt Iized ) : salt
3 said to be so' clear thai .ineJiui
ized print can be read through a
Jpcjv a foot thick.
Poet AH my life seetued to go into
iat poem. I was perfectly exhausted
-hen I had finished writing it. Edi-
} v I can S3'rnpathize with you. I was
i exactly the same condition when 1
ad finished reading | f , "
"So you wish to marry an actress ? "
"Yes. I fell in love with her voice
[ ter hearing it in a phonograph. "
"Better go slow. You can buy the
jcord for 50 cents. " Louisville Coni i
fncoms end Outgo.
Frost They saw Brown's income is
5,000 a year. Snow Yes. and $0.000
r it jroes for living expenses every
reive months. Harper's Bazar.
Midland " 40"
The automobile that will travel all directions
out of Valentine without fear of being sand or
hill bound. We invite everyone to inspect this
up = to = date car.
Simple in Design and Construction i
Oambly & Layport
Auto Dealers
Valentine , Nebraska
Cigars and
Soft Drinks
red ?
Every : le should be protected in a reliable company.
I repre il fcrje Columbia Five lusuranae Co. of Omaha and the Com-
njonwe j ! 'i of New York. Both of these companies are safe and sound.
For L'.f t isurance , the Merchants Life Insurance Go. of Burlington , la. ,
put out - policy that is hard to equal by other companies. Call me up ,
Phone 92 , and I will explain the advantages these companies offer.
J. W , SHEPARD , Agent. \
R K Faddis & Qo
Pfistofllce adJrpss ( Valen inp of Kennedy.
Seine brandei
? i 'pn left
t ? : tftigh
Horses bmnde (
Some branded
op ria it rhi
on left qr ihoujder.
P. . . H. , Young.
.4. f * t ? *
Cattle brjindeii
as cut on left side
Some Q.yon lefi
V horses.
JJapjrc qn GordpH pree north qf Sn\pon | \ ,
. S. Eowley.
Kemiedj , -
Same as cut on lelt
side and liip , nxid on
left shoiilderof horse
se ? . Alsofcv yj on
lefc sfdo'
Sf" k' on Ju-it
tie brand
ed ing pee ( either side up ) on
left side or hip. p on left Jaw and left shoulder
of horses. LU
LUQ on left hip of borsea.
on left jaw of horses
G. E. J.oriian.
' . . .
- ' > ' .i : :
Rosebud , S.D
Horses and cattle
same as cut ; also
CJ BE JJ on right
dnge on Oak and
' 5
A liberal re.war.d
for fpf | orraation
Ie4djngo Detection
oi ruMlloi'B ol stock
t > earingary of these brands.
K. M. Terrill , Prppr.
Brounlee , Xeo.
Cattle branded as
in cxt on left
side. Some
branded IL T V
On left hip. Ranse
on' Jofth :5J.oup
river. ' t\Vo rinles
west of ISrowuIee
it Francis Mis-
ton , ftosfcbud.
5. D.
Cattle branded
.sin cut ; horses
ame or .IKP on
eft thigh , .Kaiiqe
letween Sprinsj
! 'k nd Little
Vhite river.
Albert Whipple & Sons.
Rosebud S , D.
Cattle- branded
SOS on left side
OSU on rlghtsida
Some cattle also
have a 4on neck
Some with A on
left shoulder and
some branded ,
with two bars
Across bind qnar-
| ters. Some Texas
cattlFbnirided O ou left side and somej
oa lef f side.
Horses branded SOS pi ) leff hlo. Some'cattft
branded A.W bar connected OB both aidei and
left hip of
D , Mt
Kenpedy , Nehr. ,
Cattle branded
as on cut.Ieft side
Some on left hip.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Range Square
Nebraska I aqd and Feeding Oo.
3artlett Ktcharas Pres Will G Comstaok. V. P
Ghas 0 Jamison Hec&Troas
-S Cattle branded OB
any part of animal ;
also tha following
brands :
Vtanga osweei
Uo don on the FJC ,
o M. V.R. R. and
Hyannis on BT. ! . R.Il. in Northwestern Nebr.
BARTl.ETT KKiHAKDS. Ellsworth. .Nebr
Sawyer Bros.
Oasis , Nebr
G. K. Sawyer has
cbaree of thess
cattle. H rses
I > Son left shoul
der. Some'
left side.
same left thigh. .
uauge on
Cattle branded
anywhere on left
Earmark , square
crop right ear.
Horses have
same brand ont
; /t thigh.
Uanqe on fiordctf a'i)7iake
\ Reward of $250xvlii b < * ram r JGO fe
to tfe } aild' 1
conviction of any person 'or persons sfeallfl
' - w
ftmip with ahov ran
Cattle branded JJ
on right side
Horses branded JT
on right shoulder
Reasonable reward
for any InformatloB
leading to the re
covery of cattlt
strayed from mj
T i \r
Dealers- alentme