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idea ! Walter , True to the End , Had
Been Working Under Pretty
* "Heavy Handicap.
lie was an immaculate servant. To
watch him serve a salad was to watch
an artist at work. To hear his sub
dued accents was a lesson in the art
-of voice-production. He never slipped ,
ie never smiled , and his mutton-chop
whiskers marked him as one of the
old and fallMnl stock. But one eve
ning , to the surprise of his master , he
showed unaccountable signs of nerv
ousness. When the chicken came on ,
he confused it with the pheasant He
served everything in the wrong or
der , made blunder after blunder , and
put a final touch to his shame by up
setting the salt over the only super
stitious member of the party. Then ,
at last , when the ladies had retired to
the drawing room , he touched his mas
ter on the shoulder. "I beg your par
don , sirhe said in a respectful un
dertone , "but could you manage to
spare me now ? My house is on fire. "
"I wish to let you know of a couple
of recent cures which I have made
by the.use of the Cuticura Remedies.
Last August , Mr. of this city
came to my office , troubled with a
severe skin eruption. It was dermatitis
In Its worst form. It started with a
slight eruption and would affect most
parts of his body , thighs , elbows ,
chest , back and abdomen and would
terminate In little pustules. The Itch
ing and burning was dreadful and he
would almost tear his skin apart , try
ing to get relief. I recommended all
the various treatments I could think
of and he spent about fifteen dollars
on prescriptions , but nothing seemed
to help him.
"In the meantime my wife , who
was continually suffering with a alight
skin trouble and who had been try
ing different prescriptions and meth
ods with my assistance , told me she
was going to get some of the Cuticura
Remedies and give them a fair trial.
But as I did not know much about
Cuticura at that time I was doubtful
whether it would help her. Her skin
would thicken , break and bleed , es
pecially on the fingers , wrists and
arms. I could do nothing to relieve
her permanently. When she first ap
plied the warm baths of Cuticura
Soap and applications of Cuticura
Ointment she saw a decided Improve
ment and in a few days she was com
pletely cured.
"I lost no time In recommending
the Cuticura Remedies to Mr. ,
and this -was two months ago. I told
him to wash with warm baths of the
CSuticura Soap and to apply the Cuti
cura Ointment generously. Believe
me , from the very first day's use of
the Cuficura Remedies he was greatly
relieved and today he is completely
cured through their use. I have great
faith in the Cuticura Remedies and
ehall always have a good word for
them now tnat I am convinced of
their wonderful merits. " ( Signed ) B.
L. Whitehead , M. D.t 10S Dartmouth
St. , Boston , Mass. , July 22 , 1910.
Progress of Civilization.
Lady And did you make your con
gregation give up cannibalism ?
Missionary ( suppressing a grin )
Not quite ; but after "much trouble J
persuaded them to use knives an < ?
forks. The Throne.
Garfield Tea keeps the bodily machinery
in order ; tt regulates the digestive organs
and overcomes constipation.
It's easier to put up a bluff than
it is to put up the stuff.
By taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
The following letter from Mrs.
Orville Kock will prove how unwise
it is for women to submit to the
dangers of a surgical operation when
it may be avoided by taking Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
She \vas f our-weeks in the hospital
and came home suffering worse
tlian before.
Here is her o\vn statement.
Paw Paw , Mich. "Two years ago
1 suffered very severely \vith a dis
placement. I could
not be on my feet for
a long time. My
physician treated
me for seven months
without much relief
and at last sent mete
to Ann Arbor for
an operation. I was
there four weeksand
came home suffering
worse than before.
My mother advised
_ [ me to try Lydia
13. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ,
-and I did. Today I am well and strong
.and do all my own housework I owe
tny health to Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and advise my
friends "who are afflicted with any
-female complaint to try it. " Mrs.
ORVTLLE BOCK , E. E. Ko. 5 , Paw Paw ,
If you are ill do not drag along until
-an operation is necessary , out at once
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
For thirty years it has been the stan
dard remedy for women's ills , and has
positively restored the health of thou
sands of women. Why don't you try it ?
Road Building in Merrick.
Merrick County. The two days'
good roads building jubilee was con
cluded last week and a stretch of
good road in Merrick county running
from east to west along the line of
the Union Pacific for forty miles is
about completed. The road officers In
the districts through which the road
passes had prepared the way for the
completion of the work by having all
the grades turned up and everything
ready for the volunteer workmen to
go ahead , putting on the surface and
the finishing touches. The principal
problem was to overcome the sandy
stretches and this was done by haul
ing muck and clay onto the sand and
mixing the two soils. The work was
under the direction of H. E. Glatfel-
ler , president of the association , and
Joe A. Hays , secretary , assisted by
district foreman.
Want Change of Venue. '
Gage County. A motion for a
change of venue was filed in the dis
trict court at Marysville , Kan. , by L.
W. Colby , attorney for Alexander
Menard , the Wymore farmer who is
charged with assisting in the robbery
of the Hanover , Kan. , bank last win
ter , but was denied. Menard's case
was continued to the next term of
court , and his bond was increased
from $2,000 to $2,500 , which he failed
to give. The case against Frank
Wheeler , who has been out on bond
of $2,000 , on a similar offense , was
ilso continued to the next term.
School for Deaf.
Douglas County. At the Omaha
School for the Deaf , during the last
two years 220 pupils were enrolled.
At present ninety-four boys and
eighty-four girls 178 in all are in at
tendance. One hundred and twelve
pupils have been enrolled since the
founding of the institution , and
eighty-eight of this number have grad
uated. Twenty-one were mutes.
Wants Tuberculosis Hospital.
Sheridan County. Hay Springs is
the latest applicant for the $40,000 tu
berculosis hospital which the board
of public lands and buildings is to
locate. Kimball , Lodge Pole and
North Platte are previous applicants.
The board will inspect the various
sites during early summer.
Railroad Building in Nebraska.
Scottsbluff County. J. R. Williams ,
who has the contract on the Gering
extension of the Union Pacific , will
have the grading from the river west
twenty-two miles , complete by June
15 , except the yards at Gering , which
will take him until July 1. Mr. Wil
liams will then take up the exten-
tion of the Callaway branch of the
Union Pacific as far west as Tryon.
Killed by Explosion.
Lincoln County. Engineer Warren
Kelly , Fireman Smith and Fred
Thompson , head breakman , were
killed when the engine on a freight-
train blew up a mile west of Birdwood
siding , the second station west of
North Platte.
Young Girl Suicides.
Polk County. Miss Zella Hollister ,
the 17-year-old daughter of George
Hollister. who has resided eight miles
southeast of Osceola for many years ,
committed suicide by taking strych
nine. She had been having some
words with her mother regarding a
young man with whom she had been
keeping company.
Squirrel Adopted by Cat.
Cass County. O. P. Monroe exhib
ited a cat acting as mother to a young
timber squirrel. The young squirrel
was found by boys and the squirrel
was taken to their home and placed
with the cat , which at once adoptee
Youthful Tlopers Captured.
Furnas County. Carrie Southworth ,
the who ' last
12-year-old girl ran'away
week with Louis Carrier of Cam
bridge , a boy of 17 , has been located
at Julesburg , Colo. , where the two
are being held by the sheriff. The
father of the Carier boy has started
to bring the truants home.
Bank Change at Hemingford.
Box Butte County. The controlling
interest in the Peoples bank at Hen-
ingford has been sold to Keith L.
Pierce , cashier of the First State
bank. L. Canfield of Bennett , Neb. , re
mains president and C. U. Canfield has
been appointed cashier.
Seward Woman Dies Suddenly.
Seward County. Mrs. Mable Bel-
den , wife of Dr. Roy Belden , died very
suddenly on the lawn of her home.
She leaves a babe 4 months old.
Earthquake at Tekamah.
Burt County. A slight earthquake
shock was felt at Tekamah and was
so pronounced that dishes rattled on
pantry shelves.
Killed by Wajer Crane.
Furnas County. As No. 6 was pull
ing into the yard at Oxford an uniden
tified man , supposed to be Charles F.
Winters , was knocked off the tender
of the engine by the water crane. He
died soon after the accident.
Chase Farmer Killed by Lightning.
Chase County. Charles A. Mont
gomery was killed by lightning dur
ing a rain and electrical storm. He
was a prominent and well-to-do farm
er of the southwest part of the
Congressional Committee Has Brought
Forth Facts That Should Cause
Voters to Do More Than a
Little Thinking.
The congressional committee that
started an investigation of the United
States Steel corporation uncovered
"sensations" which have been matters
of public knowledge for ten years.
The fact that Carnegie received for
his Pittsburg plants $160,000,000 more
than he was willing to take a few
months before the trust was organized
received widespread publication at
the time.
As the investigation- proceeds the
committee doubtless will "discover"
also that other properties were turned
into the trust for millions upon mil
lions more than they were worth. Ref
erence to the plan of the organization
of the United States Steel corpora
tion will show that about $450,000,000
in United States Steel stock was giv
en in exchange for about $400,000,000
of capital of six large corporations
which had been organized a few years
previously , every one of which had
been created with a capitalization very
much in excess of the actual value of
its properties.
It was well known then that the
500 millions of United States Steel
corporation common stock and a con
siderable portion of the 500 millions of
preferred stock represented no tan
gible value in property.
With these facts well known , the
freedom of the United States Steel
corporation from congressional Inves
tigation and legal prosecution during
the past ten years is a mystery. An
explanation for it Is the policy of can
dor and publicity adopted by E. H.
Gary , the chairman of the executive
committee of the concern , early in its
career , and the efforts that have been
made to build up the properties of the
corporation so that they would more
nearly approximate the capitalization.
Several hundred millions of earnings
have been put into the new properties
and an enormous increase In the value
of the corporation's coal lands and
iron mines has occurred , so that the
actual value of the corporation's prop
erties is much closer to its capitaliza
tion today than ten years ago.
But the fact cannot be overlooked
that this result has been possible only
because the steel business has yield
ed excessive profits. The material
capitalization of the trust has necessi
tated an unfair tax on consumers of
iron and steel , to pay dividends and
Interest and to build up the value of
the properties.
Lumber and Reciprocity.
Scratch a Russian , said Napoleon ,
and find a Tartar. Scratch a "farm
er" opposed to reciprocity at Washing
ton nowadays and find the lumber
trust. The duties on lumber and wood
which we remit under the agreement
with Canada amounted last year to
$1,323,630. A combination In re
straint of trade , a monopolizer of mar
kets , a blacklister , an extortioner and
a conspirator , as this trust is de
scribed in the arraignment just filed
by Attorney General Wickersham , is
not going to surrender the advantage
which it derives from this unneces
sary tax except under compulsion. It
Is this forestaller and engrosser which
speaks through most of the "farmers"
who have been heard at Washington.
Commissioner of Corporations Smith
recently reported that 195 holders ,
most of them in combination , control
one-naif of all the privately owned
timber in the United States. It was
these gentlemen or their agents wheat
at an expense of $100,000 "put over"
Mr. Lorimer in Illinois. Are the oth
er senators who are trying to defeat
reciprocity doing their best to "put
one over" for the lumber trust ? New
York World.
Anybody Proud of the Senate ?
It may be wondered whether any
considerable element of the Republic
an party of the country feels any
sense of pride or satisfaction in the
present course of the majority in the
national senate.
Here is "the greatest deliberative
body in the world" fooling away its
time , obstructing legislation , defying
the advice and wishes of the presi
dent and doing nothing.
With promptitude and even enthusi
asm , the house of representatives has
attended to the matters covered by
the president's call for the extra ses
sion. It has gone further , in initiat
ing and carrying to completion the
consideration of matters and meas
ures for the good of the country.
But that senate , controlled by mem
bers of the party which elected the
president , persists in ignoring and
opposing the very matters for the con
sideration of which it was called to
Is anybody in all this wide republic
proud of that aggregation of alleged
statesmen ?
Work of Special Session.
There is every reason to believe
that the Canadian treaty will be
.passed before adjournment comes ,
and it seems no les certain that the
constitutional amendment for the di
rect election of senators will pass the
senate at this session. The enactment
> of two such measures as reciprocity
and the popular election of senators
will make the special session well
worth while , even If nothing more is
accomplished in the way of general
Attorney General Consistently Treats
Trust Lawbreakers as Favored
Class of Criminals.
Something like three years must
pass before the suit brought by At
torney General Wickersham against
the lumber trust can be finally set
tled in the court of last resort. When
the last word is uttered by the Su
preme court the lumber trust stock
may take a jump upward as Stand
ard Oil shares did on the curb when
the decision against it was an
nounced. And as in the Standard case
no individual personally guilty of the
crime alleged against the lumber
trust corporation will go to jail.
This Is making a joke of a criminal
statute strong enough to stop con
spiracies in restraint of trade when
honestly enforced. Mr. Wickersham's
Inexplicable refusal to indict the violators
lators and put them In jail brings the
Sherman law into further contempt
from the lawmakers. Every time
he files one of his puerile civil actions
for dissolution Wall street shakes its
sides with mirth. Injunctions against
such criminals are as ridiculously in
effective as injunctions would be
against counterfeiting and burglary.
The Sherman law is a panal statute ,
and only by enforcing 'its severest
penalties can any respect be gained
for it. When the attorney general
fails to prosecute criminals
by pro
ceeding personally against them he
violates the spirit of his oath of office :
It then becomes the duty of the
president of the United States to dis
miss him from office and appoint an
attorney general who will no longer
treat the trust lawbreakers as a
favored class of criminals.
Truth About the Steel Trust , Gigantic
"Confidence Game , " Is Being Re
vealed by Investigation.
When Mr. Stanley introduced his
resolution in the house of representa
tives , calling for an investigation of
the steel trust , there was no possi
bility of favorable consideration dur
ing that session of congress the
house was Republican.
When it became apparent that Dem
ocrats would dominate the houfce in
the present session , arguments loud
and long were made against the adop
tion of the resolution. It was held by
opponents of the Stanley measure that
it would be unjust , unfair and posi
tively unnecessary to have an investi
gation when the steel trust affairs
were pending in the courts.
But Mr. Stanley pushed the matter.
The resolution was adopted by the
Democratic house. The investigation
has begun.
It is intimated in some quarters that
John W. Gates , in his testimony be
fore the committee , has not "told all
he knows" about some of the deals
notably that in connection with the
Tennessee Coal and Iron company.
However , Mr. Gates has given the pub
lic some very Interesting reading.
Developments so far justify the ac
tion of Mr. Stanley in refusing to lay
aside or delay action in the matter.
The people will be afforded opportu
nity to know the inside workings of
one of the most gigantic confidence
games ever worked upon the nation.
Democratic Theories Confirmed.
Democratic contentions of 1910 are
very handsomely confirmed by
the events of the present spring and
summer. It was argued that , In spite
of the superficial danger of deadlock
involved in a situation where the
house of representatives was held by
one party and the presidency by an
other , the sequel would show that leg
islation of real merit , the reciprocity
treaty , for example , would experience
no difficulty In
receiving cheerful sup
port from both the executive and the
Subsequent history has confirmed
the soundness of this Democratic
view. The president and the house ,
under Its wise and able leadership ,
have worked together like a happy
family , and the more than friendly
relations between the White House
and Speaker Clark have presented the
country a most gratifying exhibit in
statesmanlike amity and patriotic co
operation to the common good.
Need an Andrew Jackson.
The protected manufacturer , of
course , desires to have the bars let
down , even if it affects the middle
class , who are the very backbone of
the republic. Some day they will rise
in their might and the protective tar
iff and the alien steamship influences
will be crushed. An Andrew Jackson
is needed.
Let the People Say So.
The United States senate's great
est exponent of the term "I object , "
Mr. Heyburn of Idaho , at a recent ses
sion declared "thepeople do not want
direct election of
United States sena
tors. " If so , why doesn't the gentle
man from Idaho cease his objecting
and allow "the people" to say so ?
Jingoism Runs Away With Him.
To provide a peaceful solution oi
questions respecting honor , independ
ence and integrity such questions as
courts settle for individuals is the
beneficent purpose of the arbitration
treaty. History proves the sensible
and honorable method proposed to be
quite feasible. Mr. Roosevelt's Inherent -
herent jingoism again runs away with
his judgment. New York World.
"What Is the senate going to do ? "
inquires a contemporary. " That's just
what the senate would like to know
E MEASURE success bv accu
mulation. The measure 1 *
false. The true measure Is appreciation.
He who loves most has most.
When grease Is spilled on the kitch
en floor or table pour cold water over
It at once. This hardens the grease
before it can sink in , and much of it
can be scraped off.
Try ground caraway seed in cakes
and cookies. It is much better liked
than the whole seed.
Add a teaspoonful of turpentine to
the water in the boiler when boiling
clothes. It will whiten them.
When cutting fresh bread , dip the
knife in hot water.
When cutting fresh cake , use a fork
for cutting. This Is well to remember
when cutting hot ginger cake.
Put a little sand in the tall vases
to keep them from tipping over.
Scraped raw potato applied to a
burn will give quick relief.
Soak new brooms in strong salt
water before using. This toughens
them and they wear better.
Celery eaten freely is good to cure
When buying carpets for durability ,
choose those with small figures.
A brighter window will result if no
soap , but a few drops of kerosene , is
used in the water.
Torn-up bits of newspaper and soap
suds will clean the water bottle beau
Never use soap and water on var
nished surfaces.
Keep an apple in the cake box and
the cake will keep fresh much longer.
A piece of camphor kept with the
silver will keep it from tarnishing.
A little salt in the water will keep
flowers much longer.
A cure for hiccoughs is to take a
long breath and hold it as long as
A few drops of oil of lavender will
sweeten the air In a room and a little
sprinkled in the book cases before
they are shut up for the summer will
keep the books from molding.
Never bite thread with the teeth.
It injures the enamel.
Boiled flaxseed and lemon juice Is
excellent for a cough.
A little butter added to cake frost
ing improves it.
Never put any acid fruits Into tin
HEARTY welcome manifested -
ed in kindly and polite atten.
tions. will make a very plain meal mori
enjoyable than a banquet.
There are many confusing terms
used in cookery , many of them from
the French. The term saute means to
cook in a small amount of fat.
Soup bag is a most indefinable ex
pression , which means a bunch of
herbs and spices tied in a small piece
of cheese cloth and used to flavor
The following proportions may help :
Three cloves , six pepper corns , four
mustard seeds , three sprays of pars
ley , thyme and summer savory and a
fourth of a teaspoonful of celery seed
is a good amount for one bag.
Cafe noir is black coffee.
Au gratln is with browned crumbs.
Bisque Is either a soup made of
fish or tomato , which Is called a mock
bisque , or an ice cream to which ia
added chopped nuts.
A mousse is a frozen dessert that Is
thickened with gelafin.
A parfait Is thickened with eggs and
then molded to freeze.
A very easy and simple way oi
cleaning windows Is to moisten a little
whiting in water , rub it over the win
dow and allow it to dry. Then rub It
off and polish with a newspaper. This
leaves the glass clear and bright.
When butter gets strong , put a lit
tle into cold water to which a pinch
of soda has been added. Let it stand
two hours , then pour off the water.
The butter will be wonderfully sweet
Grass stains are easily removed if
they are well rubbed with lard before
putting them into the washing suds.
To remove the odor of onions from
the hands , wash them in water with a
little mustard.
White tissue paper makes most sat
isfactory dress shields and it may
be renewed daily at small expense.
Don't forget to try them , especially
when the dressmaker is fitting a gown
on a hot day.
Put anything washable that has
been stained with Ink at once into
milk. Rub the spot , and in a short
time it will be entirely removed.
Mr. Graytop.
"I try to keep young , " said Mr.
Graytop , "and I keep right on fancy
ing that I look so ; but every now and
then something happens that jars me.
"Only this morning as I was walk
ing along the street a sweet little
child ran up to me and said :
" 'Are you grandpa ? '
"This , you see , was the comment
of a quite unprejudiced observer ;
and it is things like this that jar
that more than jar that jolt me. "
A trial package of Munyon's Paw Paw
Pills will be sent free to anyone on re
quest. Address Professor Munyon , 53d &
Jefferson Sts. , Philadelphia , Pa. If you are
in need of medical advice , dc not fail to
write Professor Munyon. Your communi
cation will be treated in strict confidence ,
and your case will be diagnosed as care
fully as though you had a personal inter
Munyon's Paw Paw Pills are unlike
all other laxatives or cathartics. They
coax the liver into activity by gentle
methods. They do not scour , they do
not gripe , they do not weaken , but they
do start all the secretions of the liver
and stomach in a way that soon puts
these organs in a healthy condition and
corrects constipation. In my opinion
constipation is responsible for most ail
ments. There are 26 feet of human
bowels , which ia really a sewer pipe.
When this pipe becomes clogged the
whole system becomes poisoned , caus
ing biliousness , indigestion and impure
blood , which often produce rheumatism
and kidney ailments. No woman who
Buffers with constipation or any liver
ailment can expect to have a clear
complexion or enjoy good health. If
I had my way I would prohibit the sale
of nine-tenths of the cathartics that are
now being sold for the reason that they
soon destroy the lining of the stomach ,
setting up serious forms of indigestion ,
and so paralyze the bowels that they re
fuse to act unless forced by strong
Munyon's Paw Paw Pills are a tonic
to the stomach , liver and nerves. They
invigorate instead of weaken ; they en
rich the blood instead of impoverish
it ; they enable the stomach to get all
the nourishment from food that is put
into it.
These pills contain no calomel , no
dope ; they are soothing , healing and
stimulating. They school the bowels
to act without physic.
Regular size bottle , containing 45 pills ,
25 cents. Munyon's Laboratory , 53d &
Jefferson Sts. . Philadelphia.
Should Report Tuberculosis Cases.
The National Association for the
Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis
says that the first requisite for a com
prehensive campaign for the elimina
tion of tuberculosis in a state or city
is well-enforced law requiring that
every living case of tuberculosis be re
ported to the health authorities. Such
reporting Is now required by law or
health regulation in 25 states , while
in 28 states and territories no provi
sion whatever Is made for keeping rec
ord of cases of this infectious disease.
Several cities in non-registration
states , as for instance , Chicago , Cleve
land , St. Louis and New Orleans , have
local ordinances requiring that tuber
culosis be reported. In all , there are
about 100 cities In the United States
which have ordinances of this nature.
Before taking the bull by the horns
you should complete satisfactory ar
rangements for letting go at the psy
chological moment.
Constipation causes and seriously aggra
vates many diseases. It is thoroughly cured
by Dr. Pierce'a Pellets. Tiny sugar-coated
It's difficult for people to generate
advice that is foolproof.
Garfield Tea overcomes constipation ,
sick-headache and bilious attacks.
Charity is too often charily dis-
"No Athlete can do himself justice if his
feet hurt. Many thousands are using daily ,
abroad and in this country , Allen's Foot-
Ease , the antiseptic powder to be shaken
into the shoes. All the prominent Golfers
and Tennis Players at Augusta , Pinehnrst
and Palm Beach got much satisfaction
from its use this Spring. It gives a restfulness -
fulness and a springy feeling that makes
you forget you have feet. Allen's Foot-
Ease is the greatest comfort discovery of
the age and so easy to use. It prevents
soreness , blisters or puffing and gives rest
from tired , tender or swollen feet. Seven
teen years before the public , over 30,000
testimonials. Don't go on your vacation
without a package of Allen's Foot-Ease.
Sold everywhere , 25c. Don't accept any
substitute. Sample sent FREE. Address ,
Allen S. Olmsted. Le Eoy , "N" . Y.
DAIQY Fl V III ! 1 FP pi = r str. . t.
Al J I L I lILLLitnwta a < t kUI HI
Iliei. Neat , clam ,
ornamental. ccnyen-
MM * . Ckn.'tssllle
tip OTCT.will not so U
or Injure anything.
Guaranteed e&ect *
sent prepaid for 2Ce.
ISO BaKalblr * .
Brvoklya , 5.T.
Eslibllstei 30 Yean
Floral ambltms and cat flowers for all
occasion * SIOUX CITY , IOWA
W. N. U.-i SIOUX CITY , NO. 24-1911.