Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, June 08, 1911, Image 3

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Kidney troubles are too serious t <
Slight ailments are oftei
forerunners o
dangerous kid
ney illness ant
should be treat
ed without de
Obadiah B
Crane , 222 Firs
Av. , Watertown
S.Dak.fsayB : "
was taken witl
rheumatic palm
and my left limt
Was almost paralyzed. I hobble *
around with a cane as weak as a child
I was afflicted with a bladder weak
ness and was compelled to arise sev
ral times during the night Shortly
after I commenced to use Doan's Kid
nely Pills , I could do work , that wai
before impossible. I am stronger ane
better than In years. "
Remember the name Doan's.
For sale by druggists and genera
storekeepers everywhere. Price 60c
Foster-Mllburn Co. , Buffalo , N. Y.
Dragging Their Hosiery.
Little Arlene was familiar with th <
appearance of the garden hose a
home , but when she observed a line 01
fire hose , with its great length anc
bulk lying serpent-like in the street
ahe immediately inquired what It was
Her mother replied that was firemen's
hose , and the child went on watching
the fire.
In the meantime two additional fin
companies dashed up , and these newlj
arrived fire fighters were carrying
their respective lines toward the burn
Ing building , when little Arlene splec
"Oh , mamma , ' " she cried , cranln ?
her neck out of the crowd , * ! er <
comes more firemen dragging theli
hosiery behind them ! " Lippincott's.
Properly Thankful.
Clark Howell of Atlanta tells ol
the sad case of an elderly darky lr
Georgia , charged with the theft 01
some chickens. The negro had the
misfortune to be defended by a young
and Inexperienced attorney , althougt
It is doubtful whether any one could
have secured his acquittal , the com
mission of the crime having beer
proved beyond all doubt The darkj
received a pretty severe sentence
"Thank yo' , sah , " said he cheerfully
addressing the judge when the sen
tence had been pronounced. "Dat'
mighty hard , sah , but It ain't any
thing what I expcted. I thought ,
sah , dat between my character and
dat speech of my lawyer dat yo'd
hang me , shore ! "
An Astonisned Boy.
In February of this year a Wlscon
sin farmer took his twelve-year-old boy
to a village for the first time , and
there the lad saw a train of cars. He
was so astonished at the sight that he
lost the power of speech for three
If that youngster Is ever taken to a
circus or a zoological garden he'll
surely be struck dumb for the rest of
his life. His father's farm must be
hidden away In a hole in the ground.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA , a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children , and see that It
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30'Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
So Familiar.
"Yes , " said Nagget , "a woman us
ually treats her husband as the average
treats brlc-a-brac. "
age servant - -
"Go ahead , " said the wise Mrs. Nag-
get ' 'What's the answer ? "
"Why , the more he's worth the
more she tries to break , him. "
In all its forms among all ages of horses ,
asrrell as dogs , cured and otnels in same
stable prevented from having the disease
Every bottle guaranteed. Over 600,000
bottles sold last year $ .59 and $1.00. Any
oed druggist , or send to manufacturers.
Agents wanted. Spohn Medical Co. , Spec.
Contagious Diseases. Goshen , Ind.
Getting On.
"Well , little boy , did you go to the
circus the other day ? "
"Yes'm. Pa wanted to go , so I haa
to go with him. "
Allen's Foot-Base , the Antiseptic powder for Tired ,
aching , swollen , nerrous feet. Gives rest and
comfort , Makeswalklngadellxht. Solderer/where.
25c. l > ont accept anj substitute. For FBlBH
( ample , address Allen 8. Olmsted , Lo Boy. N. T.
Whoever sincerely endeavors to do
all the good he can will probably do
much more than he Imagines or will
ever know. Bowdler.
Eye Salve In Aseptic Tabes
"Prevents Infection Marine Eye Salve
In Tubes for all Eye Ills. No Morphine.
Ask Druggists for New Size 25c. Val
uable Eye Book In Each Package.
It Is difficult to convince the head
of the house that two heads are bet
ter than one.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets , small , sugarcoated -
coated , easy to take as candy , regulate
and invigorate stomach , liver and bow-
els. Do not gripe.
And lota of people who think they
.have nothing but trouble don't know
what trouble really is.
Start afresh this Spring cleanse and
-purify the system by a course of Garfield
Tea , Herb laxative and blood-purifier.
A halting speech may be the result
of a lame excuse.
Chew and smolco notaxed tobacco , cheap ana
Tjndoped. Meriwctbcr & Edwards , Claj-karUlo.Timn.
Wrath and wine unveil the heart ot.
ifriend to friend. Plutarch.
An Ordnance Department.
Acting under new regulations of th
war department , Adjutant Genera
Phelps has created an ordnance de
payment in the Nebraska nationa
guard. The work of the new deparl
ment has been done by officers in thi
adjutant general's department , bu
hereafter a separate department wil
be maintained. Major Louis H. Gage
assistant adjutant general , is detaile <
as chief ordnance officer , Captain Lei
C. Kesterson , Second infantry , an <
Captain Lincoln Riley , First infantry
are appointed ordnance officers and al
are detailed as inspectors of smal
arms practice Major Gage to th <
First brigade. Captain Riley to th <
First regiment and Captain Kestersoi
to the Second regiment.
New Course for Athletes.
State university athletes will find i
new course of study awaiting thei :
favor when they return to school nex
fall. All-year Athletic Coach E. O
Steihm has announced an innovatioi
in the form of a course on the theory
and practice of football. The cours (
will be conducted throughout both se
mesters of next year , including library
readings , class recitations and labora
tory work , the latter in the nature o
practical demonstrations on the ath
letic field. In return for the comple
tion of the course , the students ma ]
receive two hours' university credit
The course will correspond to tracl
Republican Committee to Meet.
Chairman Husenetter of the repub
lican state committee has issued i
call for a meeting of the state centra
committee Friday evening , June 9 , ai
8 o'clock for the purpose of appoint
ing delegates to the state convention
which will be held July 20. The com
mittee is required to apportion dele
gates on the basis of votes cast in the
last presidential election , but whethei
the convention will be a large one
with about 1,000 delegates as it was
last year , or a small one , such as was
held the year before , is within the discretion
cretion- the committee.
To Prosecute Bookkeeper.
Governor Aldrich has instructed At
torney General Martin to begin crim
inal proceedings against Thomas E
Stewart , formerly bookkeeper of the
state institute for feeble minded al
Beatrice , because of a shortage oi
$1,337 in the cash of the institutioE
as shown by the books kept by Mr
Stewart. It is said Mr. Stewart will
make the defense that he was- nol
alone in the custody of the cash ol
the institution and that others had
access to the money drawer.
Rural Life Commission Meets.
The rural life commission , appoint
ed by Governor Aldrich -after the pass
age of a resolution 'by the last legisla
ture , met in Lincoln and outlined its
work for the next year. The members
of the commission are L. C. Lawsou
of darks , chairman ; Dean Charles E
Bessey , G .T. Condra. J. W. Crabtree
W. S. Delano and F. G. Odell , all oi
Lincoln ; R. W. McGinnis of Fremont ,
J. D. Ream of Broken Bow , J. A. Ollis ,
jr. , of Ord , and J. S. Canaday of Min-
Big Egg Dealers Willing.
The big creamery and egg purchasing -
ing firms of Omaha have adopted res
olutions favoring the new rules pro
mulgated by Food Commissioner W ,
R. Jackson , which lay the burden ol
candling eggs upon the country deal
ers who buy direct from farmers. The
big firms which buy from the mer
chants are heartily in favor of this
Will File for Senator.
It is reported in Lincoln that Con
gressman George Norris will file as
a candidate for United States senator
in the 1912 primaries before June 1.
The senatorial primaries are April 19 ,
1912 , less than eleven months distant
The Friends in Council , one of the
women's culture clubs of Tecumseh.
has inaugurated a movement for the
securing of a hospital for Tecumseh.
Curtis has been selected as the loca
tion for the new agricultural school
to be established- southwestern Ne
braska under the provisions , of the
Eastman bill passed at the late ses
sion of the legislature.
Frank W. Booth of Washington , D.
C. , has been appointed superintendent
of the Nebraska school for deaf at
Omaha. Governor Aldrich made the
appointment and it will become effec
tive July 1. Superintendent Stewart ,
wbo has been holding over , will leave
'he institution at that time.
State Fair Will Be Record Breaker
Secretary Mellor of the state board
of agriculture is of the opinion that if
the other departments of the state fair
show up as well as the speed depart
ment , the next fair will be a record-
breaker. In the early closing races
this year 233 horses have been named ,
while the highest number ever before
entered was 187. The increase is more
than 20 per cent over any previoui
Burglars are getting in their work
it Union.
"National Reserve Association" i
Cloak for National Bank ? Whole
Truth of the Matter Must Be
Made Public.
Many a good dinner has been eat
en In New York and elsewhere , inci
dentally to discuss Mr. Nelson W. Al
drlch's new financial plan. Every
thing on the bills of fare has beei
plain enough except the name of th (
dish which Mr. Aldrich himself ha ;
provided. He calls it a National Re
serve association. He emphatically
denies that it is a Central bank or i
bank of the United States.
The delicacy became popular a
financial banquets without delay , but
having a desire to oblige his friends
the great chef who first prepared ii
has encouraged other good-livers tt
suggest improvements This weight }
matter has been in progress for some
time , and now whenever men of monej
break bread with Mr .Aldrich various al
leged improvements are either adopt
ed. or rejected. So far as we have ob
served , however , nobody , even at the
foot of the table , has ventured tc
suggest that the thing he called bj
Its right name.
Some plain Americans have notec
the fact that on the menu cards of oui
up-to-date hotels very homely articles
ot diet are often hidden behinc
strange French or Italian phrases
There is reason to believe that if the
plain people of the United States are
ever to look with favor upon Mr
Aldrich's. triumph of cookery he will
have to tell them exactly what it is
They have a right to know anyway
but the Pure-Food law can be in
voked If necessary.
A great deal is to be said in favoi
of a Central bank. That such an In
stitution has many' advantages is
proved by the experience of other na
tions. Correctly managed , it pro
tecls credit , regulates circulation and
prevents or minimizes panics. Bad
ly managed , it may become corrupt ,
partial and tyrannous. In the control
of financial politicians and political
financiers it may arbitrarily dominate
commerce and Industry even govern
ment itself for selfish ends. We
have , had Central banks of the last de
scrlption. We have never had one oi
the first.
It is morally certain that no Cen
tral bank will ever be established In
this country under a misleading title ,
Historical , political and personal preju
dices against such an institution are
very strong. They can be removed
only by facts and argument presented
with the utmost candor. A good way
to begin this movement would be by
an honest avowal of its object. New
York World.
As Representative Hill says that
the farmer's free list bill will help the
trusts instead of harming them , doubt
less that is why those same trusts are
so vigorously opposed to it. They dis
semble beautifully.
Why Lower Duty on V/ool ?
Wool growing is an important in
dustry In this country only in those
states or territories where it would
flourish without any tariff , and It has
steadily receded in spite of the tariff
from the agricultural states. Among
documents on this subject is a report
on sheep and wool made about 15
years ago , by Mr. Dodge , who was
for many years statistician of the De
partment of Agriculture , and who is
as stiff a protectionist as any man
we know of.
The duty will have to be raised a
great deal more to make it profitable
to grow wool in the agricultural states
and If the price were much raised
the consumption would fall off and the
wool men would be no better off than
they are now. But there is money In
raising sheep for mutton , as there is
In raising steers for beef , though
steers cannot be shorn annually , and
for mutton considerable quantities of
sheep will be grown , their wool be
ing a by-product of the meat supply.
In portions of the country which are
not well adopted to agriculture sheep
will be raised whether there be a
on wool or not
Cabinet Appointments Seem to Shov
That He Knows Something of
the Game.
Exit Mr. Dickinson from the Taf
cabinet. Enter 'Mr. Stimson of Nev
Admirers of Mr. Taft have said h <
"is no politician. "
One of his pet projects has beer
to secure Republican aid In th <
south. Mr. Dickinson , a Tennessee
Democrat , was appointed secretarj
of war. Tennessee , so long hope anc
pride of the southern Democracy , no\\
has a Republican governor , and Luke
Lea is a senator from the state.
Tennessee Republicans are certait
to send a Taft delegation to the Re
publican National convention.
So far , so good in connection witl
Mr. Taft's plans In that section.
Now support } s needed in New Yorli
for the Taft wing of the Republican
Mr. Dickinson steps down. Mr
Stimson has been regarded as a rep
resentative of the Roosevelt faction
He-was Roosevelt's candidate for the
governorship. Mr. Taft secures Stim
son's allegiance and that of Stimson's
friends by giving the defeated guber
natorial candidate a place in the cab
And yet , they say , "Taft is no pol
itician. "
Oliver's Inconsistent Consistency.
The reasons Senator Oliver of Penn
sylvania gives for opposing the pulp
and paper provision of the Canadian
agreement are like the weapon em
ployed by the butcher in a fight , who
grabbed the first thing he could get
his hands on , which , in the case of the
butcher , was a sausage.
Mr. Oliver points out that under the
provisions of the agreement only pulp
taken from private Canadian lands
and paper made from such pulp would
be admitted free because the agree
ment retains the duty on these arti
cles when they are subjected to a
Canadian export duty , and the crown
lands of the provinces are subjected
to such a duty.
The senator , therefore , puts himself
In the attitude of objecting to free
pulp and paper because it would not
be so free as it should be when , as
a matter of fact he does not want It
to be free at all. The probability
would be that with the proposed dis
crimination against the Canadian ex
port duty , that duty would be removed
from the crown lands under the oper
ation of the pending agreement.
But that Is just what the paper
trust does not want , and Senator Oli
ver knows it. Kansas City Star.
Lower Tariff Is the Demand.
The question for congress and we
commend it specially to the progres
sive Republicans Is whether it will
legislate in the Interest of the people
ple , or In the interest of those who
insist on their indefeasible right to
tax the people. The choice is one that
will have to be made some day , and it
might as well be made now. When
Jute goes on the free list , as we trust
It will , the men who make it will be
surprised and pained to find that they
are not ruined. The Democratic free
list , by all means , ought to be adopt
ed. The people voted for a lower tar
iff , and they ought to have it , and
have it promptly. The men who stand
In the way of their getting It will
have much to answer for. As for the
Republicans , we have only to say that
they ought to be glad , after all this
time , to have the chance to redeem
In part the pledges made by their
party In 1908.
Something of a Contrast.
The Democratic house of representa
tives is doing things. That body has
made the following record in a little
more than a month :
Passed the "farmers' free list" bill.
Cut off a lot of useless offices , result
ing in saving about $200,000 a year.
Approved the Canadian reciprocity
Adopted resolution In favor of pop
ular elections of United States sena
Passed the apportionment bill.
Passed the measure to provide .for
publicity of campaign expenses.
Meantime the Republican senate has
fooled away its time in a wrangle over
assignment of committee places and
begun plans for "hearings" on the
reciprocity matter !
Cost of Growing Wheat.
Statistics indicating the profit tha
can be made on the average farm i
Nebraska upon the wheat yield , hav
been prepared by Louis V. Guye i
connection with an estimate on th
present crop conditions. Mr. Guye i
deputy state labor commissioner.
"The cost on an average of produc
ing wheat is shown by the followlni
statistics. " He said :
"Cost of preparing ground per acre
$1.48 ; seed , $1.28 ; planting , 44 cents
harvesting , $1.22 ; preparing for mar
ket , $1.39 ; miscellaneous , includini
wear and tear to machinery , fertiliz
ing , etc. , 58 cents ; land rent , or in
terest on land values , $3.70 , makinj
a total cost per acre of $10.08 , this
including the pay for labor , seed , rent
interest , wear and tear on machinery
"The average yield Mras 18 % bush
els per acre , with an average marke
price of 88 cents per bushel , or $16.2 !
per acre , less the cost of production
$10.08 , leaving a net profit of $6.21
per acre , and this after all the ex
penses have been paid , which repre
sents the actual dividends on the in
vestments in wheat growing.
"The crop forecast , as shown bj
the reports to hand , are as follows :
"The May estimate of winter wheat
in acreage , is approximately 5 pel
cent greater than that of 1910 , and J
per cent less than the acreage sowi
last fall. This is a general average
as shown for the last five years. The
indicated yield is somewhat less thai
the May estimate of the last five years
owing to the backward dry , cole
spring weather.
"Rye shows the same average it
acreage and yield as that indicated
by winter wheat.
"The average condition of the haj
crop shows a slight decrease , especial
ly in the western portion , due to the
lateness of the season. "
Seward Farmer Missing.
Seward County. Charles Ricenbaw
one of Seward county's most pros
perous farmers , is missing for several
days. He came to Seward on Memor
ial day and left his horse in a livery
barn. Since then nothing has been
seen of him.
Rock Island Case Delayed.
Lancaster County. The state rail
way commission held a session on the
hearing of the Rock Island engineers
who were attempting to show the
commission that its physical valua
tion of their property in the state was
too low. The matter was laid over
until September.
Sheriff Fuller Buried.
Pawnee County. The funeral of
Sheriff C. H. Fuller , who was fatally
shot by James Fielder , was held in
Pawnee City. The business houses
of the city closed during the services
and the funeral was largely attend
ed. Mr. Fuller leaves a wife , three
sons and a daughter.
G. A. R. Reunion at Pierce.
Pierce County. Pierce has secured
the north Nebraska G. A. R. reunion
this year , the committee named by
the association to locate the place of
holding it being unanimous in select
ing the city of Pierce. The dates are
July 11 to 14 , inclusive.
Five Young Wolves Captured.
Platte County. While Dr. Tobkin
was returning from a call he saw a
wolf with a litter of her young about
a mile east of Lindsay. Next morn
ing Dr. Tobkin , James Sweeney , Ed
ward Bowman and Joe Hoffman went
out loaded with guns , spades and
shovels. They got a shot at the old
wolf , but did not kill her , but they
found her lair and dug out five of the
young chicken thieves.
Miss Dean Dead.
Phelps County. Miss Grace Dean ot
Minden , who was badly burned by
steam in the Indianola wreck , died at
the hospital at Holdrege and the body
was taken by the parents , Mr. and
Mrs. W. R. Dean , to their home. Of
the other wreck victims being cared
for all are expected to recover , with
the possible exception of L. B. Thomas.
Nebraska Boy Wins Scholarship.
Lexington ( Mo. ) dispatch : The an
nual commencement of "Wentworth
Military academy was held Wednes
day. Among the graduates are C. W.
Duering , Wayne , Neb. ; T. S. Ferichs ,
Talmage , Neb. ; P. L. Stone , Neleigh ,
Neb. , and W. P. Burleson , Webster
City , la. Mr. Duering was awarded
the university scholarship prize.
Young Couple Elope.
Seward County. Carrie Southworth ,
12 years old , of Beaver City , and
Charles Currier , of Cambridge , 17
years old , it is believed , have eloped.
They were last seen together. It is
thought that thy drove away from
Cambridge together in a one-horse
Veterans Score McVecgh.
Buffalo County. In the state en
campment at Grand Island the Grand
Army of the Republic , in a series of
resolutions , strongly criticised Secre
tary of the Treasury McVeagh for his
recent utterances in a speech at Phil-
School Money on Hand.
The state treasurer has certified teState
State Superintendent Crabtree that
there is a total of $375,461.63 in the
temporary school fund to be appor
tioned among the different counties.
Old Hickory Smoked
Highest Quality
Finest Flavor
Try This Recipe
To the contents of
one medium size jar of
Libby's Sliced Dried Beef ,
add one tablespoonful of
butter , then sprinkle
with one tablespoonful
of flour and add one-half
cup of cream. Cook 5
minutes and serve on
Ask for Libby's in the
sealed glass jars.
At All Grocers
Libby , McNeill & Libby
Wise Do you see that striking look/
rag woman with the veil.
Howe Yes.
Wise Do you know why she wears
the veil ?
Howe No. Homely ?
Wise No ; she's afraid the sun
might blister the paint
Test of Social Standing.
Old Porkenlarrd Sh ! My wife has
a pearl necklace concealed In her
bonnet !
Customs Inspector Huh ?
Old Porkenlarrd Don't overlook It ,
that's all ! She wants to get her name
In the papers as a society leader !
Best in the World.
Maud What excuse have you for
doing such an unmaidenly thing as
proposing to Jack ?
Ethel The golden rule.
A Pleasure
when you have
with cream
A food with snap and
zest that wakes up the
Sprinkle crisp Post
Toasties over a saucer of
fresh strawberries , add some
cream and a little sugar-
"The Memory Lingers"
Sold by Grocers
Battle Creek , Mich.