Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, April 13, 1911, Image 5

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    Toclh Preparation
Stops Tooth Decay
It cct fcto every uneven part of die
looth penetrates every crevice , inside
and outside the tool ! ) . .
Cavities unrcachable with powders are
quickly cleaned with MS" "
k agg\
* r *
Ai it carries the antiseptics to the very
place needed ihc unseen opening *
caused Ly the decay. SNSd k * x.
Packacea ore large * handy and eco
nomics. ! . All you have to do h iqueezt
out en your brush jutt what you want.
The illustration hews how its done.
The flavor is particularly pleasing.
Price , 25c.
A Safe ,
Simple System
The system of paying
by check was devised
hy all men- for any
man for yon. It is
suited to the need of
any business , either
large or small. It makes
no difference whether
we pay out $10 or $10000
a month. A checking
account will serve your
Pay by check , the
method puts system in
to your business and
gives you a record of
every transaction.
Plant the New
-Compass Cherry ,
a cross with the Sand Cherry
and old time hardy Minor Plum ,
hardy , prolific and good fruit. It
will grow where others will not.
Plant elm , Carolina poplar , sil
ver leaved maple. Plant them
close together and have shade all
the time from the start. When
elms need all the room cut out the
We have all varieties of trees ,
shrubs , roses , etc. , suitable for
Northwestern Nebraska.
T. W. CRAMER , Local Agent ,
Valentine , Nebr. .
Boyd Nurseries and Fruit
Farm ,
On C. & N. W. , 3 blks. east station
Ainsworth , - Nebraska
Loup Valley Hereford Ranch ,
Herd headed by S. G. Columbus 17'
No. 160050 , and Climax 2 , No. 289-
822 ; also , Melvin , No. 327072 , reg ,
Bulls for Sale at Ail Times ,
W. H. Stratton
Dealer in
General Merchandise
cor. Hall & Cath. Valentine , Nebr.
Office front room , second story ,
over T. C. Hornby's store , Main
street entrance.
- Valentine Nebraska
Dr. M. T. Meer ,
" " * Booms over Reel Front store
Valentine * Nebr ,
Seeds tliat always grow for sale
at Fischer's hardware. 10
Ed Cohota and Lee Stillwcll
are home from the university to
ppeml Easter vacation.
George .Hunter's baby is very
low w.ith scarlet f ever , and we
hear that Mrs. Lamoreaux's baby
has the fever now.
The Bounty commissionerc * arele
in town today hearing a petiuon
and remonstrance from Ivilgore
citizens for and against a saloon
For Sale : From 1 to 40 head of
horses ; from 1 to f of land , close
to town. Residence and lot.
H. H. Wakefleld , Crookston ,
Nebraska. 13
Ask to have .your contest notice
or legal notice printed in THE
your privilege to have it printed
where you will. ti !
Win. J > allard and son , Len ,
came in Tuesday night , the form
er from Morida and Len from
Iowa , where the7 had spent the
past two montha. They were met
here by Will and a Mr. Young.
David Havelia , father-in-law of
Mr. Wilber , living a few miles
north of Arabia , started from
Wilber's Sunday evening to go to
A. W. Peterson's , a few miles
northeast. Havelin is about 80
years old and walks very poorly.
The old man missed his way and
drifted on with the wind past
Peterson's and all night wandered
back and forth through the hills.
Monday , .about noon , the Irwin
boys found him wandering around
in the hills , 3 miles east of Forfc
Niobrara , and about all in. They
gave him food and drink and took
him home. A big crowd was out
hunting for him but had not
thought of looking so far north.
A number of Valentine people
scoured the sand hills all night
and others went out Monday morn
Ye editor and wife spent last
Saturday afternoon and evening
with Wood lake friends. Upon
our Visit Monday previous we for
got to mention playing several
games of checkers with our friend
Wash Honey and he closed winner
of the odd game in five or seven
games. He wasn't feeling very
well Saturday and we went up to
Dave Hanna's where we played
several games. Mr. Hanna thinks
he plays a better game in the fore
noon and allowed us to win , or
perhaps because we were visiting.
We went to the wrestling match
and it was estimated from the 90
paid admissions and
ladies and others present that'about 5t t
160 to 175 people were there , or
possibly more ( a number of Valen
tine people got left while waiting
for the freight ) . Dr. J. M Tische
is to be congratulated for arrang
ing this successful entertainment
for Woodlake people. I. M. Rice
was called upon to introduce the
wrestlers and Wm. Fugate , the
referee , who gave the audience a
little explanation of the rules of
wrestling. Bert Watts won the
first fall in 33 minutes and tn e
second in 17 minutes. The en-
thusiasra and interest ran high
at times and over half the audi
ence were on their feet and some
31stood on chairs or benches to see.
Cheering and applauding was vig
orous and spontaneous throughout
the wrestle , though orderly as a
speaking c.ontest. Preceding the
contest the House Orchestra of
Ainsworth gave several selections
and following , the chairs were
cleared away and the dance begun
in which the large hall was filled
wirh couples and the young folks
enjoyed a merry time. Dr. Tische
entertained the wrestlers to a lunch
at his home after the dance in
which Wm. Fugate , Ed Carter
and ye editor were invited to par
ticipate. Incidentally after the
wrestle , Bert Watts learned that
Jas. Motsick , a druggist of Ravenna -
venna , to whom his sister is mar-
aried/is a cousin of John Macek , <
though the names were spelled t
differently. Macek and Watts
had not met before Saturday eve-
For Constipation.
J _
A Medicine That Does Not
Cost Anything Unless
It Cures ,
The active medicinal ingredients
of Eexall Orderlies , which are odor
less , tasteless and colorless , is an
entire new discovery. Combined
with : other extremely valuable in
gredients , it forms a perfect bowel
regulator , intestinal invigorator and
strengthened Kexall Orderlies are
eaten . like candy aud are notable
for their agreeableness to the palate
and gentleness ot action. They do
not cause griping ory an disagreeable
able effect or inconvenience.
Unlike other preparations for a
like purpose , they do not create a
habit , but instead they overcome
the cause of babit acquired through
tfce use of ordinary laxatives , ca
thartics and harsh physic , and per
manently remove the cause of con
stipation , or irregular bewel action.
We will refund your money with
out argumant if they do not do as
we say they will. Two sizes , 25c
and lOc. Sold only at our store
The Eexall Store. Chapman , The
Jurisdiction A , in ( Session at Hasting * ,
Selects Officers and Managers.
Hastings , Neb. , April 12. The bien
nial convention of the head camp ol
the Woodmen of the World for juris
diction A , covering Nebraska , Soutli
Dakota and North Dakota , opened
with an attendance of over 200 dele
gates. Stale Manager Edward Walsh
of Omaha presided at the session ,
which was devoted entirely to the
election of officers , resulting as fol
lows :
E. R. Stiles , Omaha , head consul ;
John Kennedy , South Omaha , head ad
riser ; R. L. Rowe , Omatfa , head bank
er ; lj. H. Saunders , Verdigris , head
escort ; P. S. Bigelow , Blair , head
watchman ; Rev. T. D. Davis , Tecumseh -
seh , head sentry ; S. Goddard of Edge-
mont , S. D. , George Vavacek of Oma
ha , George Chrostoph of Norfolk and
C. L. Mather of Benson , head man
agers ; A. A. Grant , Yanktpn , S.D. .
delegate ; Fred Eymerf Lincoln , dele
gate at large.
For the next biennial convention
Columbus , Fremont , Grand Island and
Norfolk are most prominently men
One Hundred Head of Blooded Animate
Auctioned to Buyers of Four States.
Beatrice , Neb. , April 12. Nearly 100
head of well bred trotting horses were
sold here at public auction by Kilpat-
rick Bros. , the railroad contractors.
The horses ranged in price from $125
to ' $650. Ed' Malone of Omaha bought
six head , topping the market with
Mary Kingman at $ S50. John S. Wilkins -
kins \ (2:15 ( ) was sold to W. C. Hodgkin -
kin of Roca , N b. , for $280 and Con-
ners (2IT1was ( ) sold to Frank Howard
ard of Pawnee City for $270. Threa
hundred horsemen from Nebraska ,
Iowa I , Kansas 2nd Missouri attended
the sale.
Lancaster Court Decides Woman
Didn't Kill Husband.
Lincoln. April 10. Mrs. Lena M.
Lillie , convicted of the murder of her
Husband , Harvey Lillie , and later par
doned out of the penitentiary , won a
suit in the supreme -court against the
Modern Woodmen of America on a $3-
000 policy of insurance on the life of
her husband. , °
The district court of Lancaster
county decided that she did not kill
her husband and was entitled to the
insurance money. The supreme court
affirms that.decision.
Young Woman Takes Acid.
Yorlc. Neb. , April 32. In the York
city park Miss Anna Robinson of Ben
edict drank carbolic acid and died be
fore she could be rushed to a hospital.
She was the daughter of Horace Rob
inson , a prosperous farmer living neai
Benedict , and had just arrived in York
from her home. No reasons have been
found for the deed.
Sevvard Couple Is Acquitted.
Seward , Neb. , April 10. After being
out all night they jury in the case of
the state against David P. Dougherty
and Frances M. Young , uncle and
niece , tried on a statutory-charge , re
turned a verdict of not guilty. The
couple was brought back from Illinois
some months ago by Sheriff Gillan.
Grain Elevator is Burned.
Elkhorn , N b. , April 11. Fire which
threatened to wipe out the town de
stroyed Nolte's grain elevator with a
loss of $4,000. Sparks from the burning
building 1 were driven over the town by
the wind and several minor fires oc
curred. The citizens were put to tEir
utmost to save the town.
Old Crow , All Leading.
Hermitage Brands
and Bottled
Gruchen- Under the
heimer \ Supervision
Rye of the . t
Whiskeys. U. S. Gov.
We also handle the Budweiser Beer.
Badger Lake.
Tom Moore is erecting a house
on his homestead.
Dan Adamson vaccinated his
yearlings Saturday.
Cecil Barnes is trying his luck
at farming this spring.
George Ladely was a caller at
VVallingford's Tuesday.
J. D. Hackenberg is home again
after working for Mr. Simpson.
Dan Adamson and son Irwin
went to McCann the latter part of
last week.
Sam Lee , the worthy foreman
of the T 0 ranch , was a Valentine
caller recently.
Wilber Kirk went to the Nio-
brara after a load of posts last
week for Charles Bauersachs.
Charles Kime , having leased his
ranch for five years , has gone to
Hot Springs where he will make
his future home.
Quite a number of people are
out of tyay at this early date.
What would have been , the result
had the winter been bad ?
Houses on wheels are common
sights nowadays. Dan A damson
moved one recently and E. K.
Barnes is moving one this week.
Bud Lad ley is trying to rid the
Badger Lake ball diamond of cac
tus. It's quite a trying task-but
much appreciated by the players.
Mrs. A. J. Wallingford left for
Crawford last week to make that
her home. She has been in poor ,
health and it is thought a change '
will be beneficial.
The Badger Lake ball nine or
ganized last week , electing a cap-
tiiu and attending to other neces
sary duties. A dance is to be giv
en for their benefit ir the Badger
Lake "hall , " formerly the Zimmerman -
merman house , on April 21. Everybody -
erybody cordially inyited.
E. E. Barnps and wife received
a message Friday stating the. death
of Blanche Shermain , Mrs. Barnes'
neice. Blanche is the daughter
of Henry Sherman who used to
live in this vicinity until about a
year ago when he moved to Missouri -
souri Flats. She was well known
and much loved by all who knew i
her. The entire community ex
tend their deepest sympathy to
the bereaved family.
John H. Hall will take notice that on the
mil day of March , Hill , John II. Jaeobson. a
justice of the peace ol Cherry" county , Ne
braska , Issued an order of attachment for
the sum of S8-J.OO In an action pending before
him , wherein Henry J. Lowe is plnintifT and
John H. Hall is defendant , that propei t. or
the defendant , consisting or 1 Jenkins pun
sweep , one Dempster windmill , No. J ; on"
U. S. Steel water tank , sixty leet of two inch
gas pipe , one Moline two-row cultivator , 05
fence posts , two small Jmildings and scrap
lumber , one small barn 10x32 ft. , wire fenc
ing about TOO pounds , has-been attached un
der said order.
Said cause was continued to the 8th clay
of Mav , Hill , at 1 o'clock p. in.
H 14-15 Justice of the Pence.
40 head of horses , part broken ,
two or three good milch cows , one
farm ; also two or three houses and j j *
OrookstoGv IS Nebraska
D. A. WHIPPLE , Propr.
Valentine Headquarters at the Chicago House
Rosebud " " " Rosebud Hotel
Leave Valentine at 8 o'clock every morning ,
Sundays excepted.
Arrive at Eosebtid at 2 o'clock p. m.- ' "
Leave Rosebud at 8 o'clock every morning , *
Sundays excepted. - * ;
Arrive at Valentine at2 o'clock p. in.
Dinner at Britt at 11 o'clock a. m.
Special attention to passengers , baggage and
express or packages.
Leave orders at headquarters or at the Eed ,
Front store.
D. A. Whipple.
\so to the
Stock Exchange Saloon
Walther F. A. Meltendorff , Propr.
New Homestead Improvement.
Linroln , April 12. The first automo
bile shed ever listed on a homestead
proof in the TJnited States land com
missioner's o.Tice was filed by Karry
L. Dixon of Benlcelman. Dixon filed
on 320 acres of land near Benlcelman.
He lists his total improvements on the
homestead as 83,000.
Young Man Killed in Sand Pit Cave-In.
Hastings , Neb. , April 10. Frank
Hildebrand , aged twenty , perished in
a cave-in at the sand pits of the W.
H. Ferguson Sand company , near
Erickton , nine miles south of Hastings.
He was buried several feet deep and
died before rescuers could reach him.
Woodmen of World to
Hastings , Neb. , April 11. Several
Hastings , Xeb. , April 10. Several
hundred delegates and visitors are ex
pected tomorrow for the biennial con
vention of the Woodmen of the World
for the jurisdiction covering Nebraska
and North and South Dakota.
Broken I Bow Arson Case Postponed.
Broken Eow , Neb. , April 10. Judge
Hosteller 1 in the district court granted
a continuance in the case or Willis
Moore , who is charged with burning
the Custer county court house. The
case will come up at the next jury
term in September.
Delahunty Appointed Warden.
Lincoln. April 12. James Dela
hunty of Clay county was appointed
warden < of the penitentiary by Govern
or Aldrich. This is the office the sen
ate requested the executive to fill be
fore the legislature adjourned , but he
"When 3Tou have a cold get a bottle oi i
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Itvill
soon fix you. tip 'ill right and \ villware
off any tendency toward pneumonia.
This remedy contains no opium or other
narcotic and may be given as confidently
to a baby as to an adult. Sold by Chap
man , taa druggist * , -
. ova.
srq *
0o 'arernor ;
sjdnres aoj eir
QOiS 'spjo 00000
B nt Bipacloto eng : try * a3po
-.aiou2 [ jo piag j aaAa SJ9AOQ
90U98S3 pUB TUfd 6T&
sjsa A"irBm HT
-otp paSpuqBuu M.9
H3JLS93M iAIVmti3I/\l / \ 3 HI
will make you a tubular well
on short notice and guaran tee
satisfaction. - - . - - _ - - .
j Orpokston - Nebr.