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I. M. RICE - . Editor and Propr.
MarkZarr , Foreman.
A Weekly Newspaper published every Thurs
day at Valentine , Nebrsis. '
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Kntercd at the I'ostolJice at Valentine , Neb. ,
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class matter.
Thursday , April 13 , 1911.
, Dr. Hyde is to have a new trial.
The legislature adjourned Mon
Tom L. Johnson of Cleveland is
A. H. York succeeds T. W.
Williams of the Atkinson Graphic.
People keep dogs galore of ev
ery type excepting blood hounds ,
and they might be made very
( Ilushville Standard. )
. It is more than unlikely yea it
is absurd to assume that any sane
man could be found who would
willingly risk his own life in the
Mexican war now raging , who ,
having no interests of his own , but
simply to protect the investments
of some pompous millionaire while
at the same time the said "biz
bug" is basking in the sunshine of
safety , luxury and ease in his
gorgeously furnished'palace thous
ands of miles from the bloody bat
tle fields.
Did the ass-tute government
monkeys tLink for one moment
tLat the pretense of "army ma
neuvers" would be accepted by
the people as the real purpose of
massing the army and naval forces
in break-neck haste on the Texas
border ? It is too plain that the
move was dictated by the k"inter
ests" the "money power" in
whose interest it was made and
which power is daily becoming
more arrogant and domineering
Despotisms the same as trees grow
to.liuge propositions when allowed
.to do so.
- " The war cloud has appeared
again in the southern skies and
looks omnious and threatening.
There is-a cause for it of course.
The "interests" are in danger ,
and human blood must ba rnadii to
flow in rivulet"5 ? , if necessary , to
defend them. It is the "inter
ests" of the "poor"you know , as
it always has been , arid the "rich3-
man's blood must be poured out
freely to protect the said "inter
ests , " otherwise they would go
-down to qtrick destruction and
jp.uin'JChe "poor class" is always
making trouble of some kind , and
wliatjto do with them is now the
; \ 'main question.
What is called "American in-
, ' terests" are , or may be , endanger
ed in Mexico at the present time ,
but the American people at large ,
. properly considered , have'no in
terest in the said "interests. "
They are purely individual the
. . personal property interests of
- rich , raving speculators , exploit
ers and gamblers the class thai
j causes all wars in which the prop-
ertyless class fight and kill each
. ; for not their own but exclusively -
- . . ively- the rich man's pecuniary
benefit. _ How outrageously absurd -
. _ surd are such wars. And they
- > vill continue till the common people
ple take up and put a stop to them
. if they ever do.
Farmers Object to Nvsl Faring.
Norfolk , Vr. . . April 13 Tht- lulling
of many tinbnlrhe/l chick' us and h.iu-
dreds of hard shell crabs by the big
12-inch guns''ofthe "battleship New !
Hampshire , when they sunk the old
battleship Texasin Tangier sound ,
Chesapeake bay , during the naval ex
periments , has caused farmers and
cwb. packers of the eastern shore of
Virginia ami Maryland to protest
: > - " * Against further similar test ? .
w wwwwv rv v
( Special Correspondent )
That the doorkeeper of the house
of representatives has his thirteen
-year old daughter on ihe payroll as
"clerk to the doorkeeper" at a salary
of § 1200 a year , witli an extra
: month's pay , was one of the many
| unique discoveries made by Con
gressman A. Mitchell Palmer of
the Ways and Means committee
while investigating useless positions
on the house payroll.
Although the clerk's .document
room and all the offices therein was
abolished by statute in 1895 , the
salaries aggregating § 6,260 went
right on. The republican machine
needed tlie patronage , and why be
discouraged by a little thing like a
i statute !
Six useless but expensive house
committees will be abolished , saving
§ 12,000 a year.
| A saving of § 3,000 a year will be
, effected through dispensing with
the ervice of two attendants to the
old library spsice. These positions
' were created when tlie library was
i in the capitol. The library was removed -
! moved many years ago. Since then
the two attendants have had noth
ing to attend to but blank space.
It was an easy job.
J Two night watchmen charged to
I the folding room will be dropped.
Seventy-four policemen are on duty
at the capitol and unless the two
stalwart republican night watch
men watched the police , it is diffi
cult to understand how they put in
their time.
Here is another illustration of
wastefulness in running the govern
ment : Before the telephone .was
invented a telegraph wire was con
structed between ths capitol and
war department for quick communi
cation. Since the telephone has
come into existence it. has been
used exclusively. But the jobs of
i the two telegraphers remained. At
i last they are to be abolished , saving
§ 2,800 annually.
| "During tne Spanish war , " says
Mr Palmer , "somebody's triend told
somebody's cousin that" * somebody's
auut had heard someone say that a
plot was on foot to djnamite the
capitol. Thirty-eight extra police
men were added. They have re-
i mainecl ever since. "
The Palmer committee believes
the danger is now over , and will
have thirty-four policemen and one
lieutenant given a permanent leave
of absence , saving § 39,000 annually.
Betreuchrnent in the house alone
sums up as follows :
Saving under speaker § 2B20 00
Saving under clerk 3997000
Saving under sergeant
at arms " 47050 00
Saving under doorkeeper 31340 00
Saving through abolishing
extra month's pay 50000 00
Saving through abolishing
six useless committes 12000 00
Saving through abolishing
speaker's automobile 6000 00
Total annual saving § 188680 00
"Economy in public expense ,
that labor may be lightly burdened , "
has but just begun in Washington.
One department after another will
be taken up by the democrats , and
whenever they have the power , they
will abolish useless offices and sub
stitute a business administration
for was'efulness and extravagance.
An Unreported Speech.
Speaker Champ Clark made an
important speech recently that has
not as yet been printed in any news
paper. It was made in caucus , at
which no newspaper men were
present. It waF a private , heart-to-
heait talk between Clark and his
democratic party followers. Here is j
what Mr. Clark said in part , not for
the public , but for the ears of the
democratic members of congress :
"I congratulate Mr. Palmer and
his associates upon their retrench-1
tnent program. I congratulate them
ivith all my heart and strengthr
there is one way to economize , and
; hat is for each man of us to begin
jconomizing at home. To start .the ,
jail rolling I propose to do a little
jcononiizing on mown hook. I
im going f.o cut down my office
> taif. Then I shall go farther. I
nil poinp to save ihe rte.ople § 600J (
jy doiug away with , > lhe speaker's
* .
automobile. If I can not legally
get rid of it , I will run it into the
Potomac. The republicans will say
it is cheeseparing and peanut poli
tics , but the people have some
sens- ? , and thsy will know that if we
begin by giving up our own little
grafts that we will then be morally
fortified to go after the bigger ones.
And I don't care what the republi
cans say , I will co-operate with any
man in this house who can find a
place of sensible economy. I don't
care whether it is a little economy
or a big economy that is proposed ,
I will work with any member to
bring it about if it is a sensible
one. "
A Republican View.
"The legislative program outlined
by Speaker Clark will meet with
public approval. It is progressive
and only radical to those who hold
that legislation in the interest of
the general -public is radical and
should be opposed " Philadelphia
North American ( rep. ) .
Democrats Keep Promises.
The Maine legislature , democratic
in both branches , has just adjourn
ed , after a session lasting thirteen
\\eeks , during which every pledge
that had been made by the demo
crats in last fall's campaign was
substantially kept.
Crisis for Republican Progressives.
The extra sessioruof congress of
fers the progressive republicans of
the senate an apportunity to make
the mistake of their political lives.
If they oppose Canadian reciprocity
ifc will surely revise their popularity
downward. This is particularly
true as a nation-wide proposition.
The progressives can not now op
pose reciprocity on the ground that
it does not revise , the tariff down
ward on things the farmer must
buy , because bills will accompany
the reciprocity measure which will
revise the tariff downward on manu
factured articles.
Free !
Nowf " . " ' " >
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$1.50 EACH
If you are already a subscriber you
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for each name you send in at $1.50
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40 Acres of School Land
Half Mile West of Val
Who wants a nice home a good
easy living ? 40 acres , all in the
valley of the beautiful Minnecha-
duza , creek flowing through one
corner , soil rich and deep , shelter
ed by hills on the north and south.
This is an ideal place for garden
farming , fruit and chickens. Good
building location facing southeast ,
where stone chicken house can be
built in the hill with front on
level. 400 egg Cyphers' Incuba
tor at half price to go with this
deal. A bargain. Get. busy.
I. M. EICE , Valentine , Is'eb. 6 4
Combined cake , doughnut and
biscuit cutter , coffee strainer and
apple corer. In this combination
is one of the most useful kitchen
articles on the market , and it sells
at a price so low as to be within
bhe reach of/ every housekeeper.
Send for new illustrated catalog.
Address Haney Supply Co. , P. 0.
box 1007 , Alliance , Nebr ,
Dr. Rich Held Under Bond.
Grand Islnud , Neb. , April 12. Dr.
Max Li. Rich of this city is under ar
rest , and $2,000 bond to await prelim
inary hearing April 24 cm tht cbarg *
Df illegal practice. '
Wedding Beiis.
Miss Velma Viola "Viertel and
Charles Herbert Vanclon , both of
Crookston , Nebr. , wore united in
marriage Sunday evening , April
9 , 1911 , at six o'clock , at the home
of the bride's parents , Mr. and
Mrs. Max E. Vieriel of Crooks-
ton , by the Kev. W. VV. Wells of
Valentine , in the presence of only
the immediate relatives and
The ceremony was performed in
the parlor under a white wedding
bell with pink and white decora
tions and smilax.
Alfred Hawkins acted as grooms
man and Miss Gladys Viertel as
The bride wore a beautiful white
gown of Persian lawn hand em
broidered , a white veil festooned
with orange blossoms and carried
a boquet of roses , and the bride
groom was utiired in the conven
tional black.
After tin1 cprem n.v a sumptu
ous wedding IVast wt : served in
ttye dining room The table was-
decorated with pink and white
carnations and wreaths of smilax
from each corner to the ceiling
where they were fastened in place
by a wedding bell.
Many beautiful presents were
bestowed upon the bridal couple.
They departed on No. 2 , going ,
to Omaha , amidst showers of rice.
The bride's traveling dress was
a dark blue serge with hat to
Upon on their return they begin
housekeeping in their new home
in Crookston , beautifully furnish
ed throughout as a wedding pres
ent from the bride's father.
Leroy Brown and MissK. Mabel
Davis were married in St. John's
church in Valentine Thursday
evening , April 6 , 1911 , the Rev.
W. W. Wells officiating. They
will n.ake their. home on the
groom's homestead near Chester
Five Skyscrapers to
Replace Famous Hail ,
Largest In Bew York :
Five Skyscrapers Will Replace Hall at
Madison Square.
New York , April 12. It is reported
that a syndicate has obtained an op
tion on Madison Square Garden , the
largest assembly building in New
York , and that plans have been laid
for erecting on its site five mammoth
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago , April 11. Cattle Receipts ,
3,000 ; slow ; beeves-5.15@6.70 ;
ern steers , ? 4.80@5.75 * stockers and
feeders , S4.00 f5.70 : cows and heifers ,
$2.GO@5.SO" ; calves , $5.00@G.75. Hogs
Receipts , 14,000 : steady ; light , $6.25
@ 6.70 ; mixed , $ G.15@6.5o ; heavy , $5.85 | I
@G.40 ; rough , $5.S5@6.10 ; pigs , $8.10 i c
@G.70 ; bulk , $6-20@6.35. Sheep He1 '
ceipts , 1.4.00Q ; steady ; natives , $3.00' @ '
4.85 ; westerns , ? 3.15@5.00 ; yearlings , flv
Ahs&iutely Pure
skes Home Baking Easy
And makes the cake lighter , finer flavored ,
more sightly , and insures its
freedom from alum.
Royal Cook Book 800 Receipts Free. Send Name and Address.
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lines of
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We believe that there will be an advance
in the price of Lumber and advise our cus
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plete line of Posts7 Barb Wire and Staples
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You will save money and be assured of
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Notice of Probate of Will.
In the county court of Cherry county , Ne
State of Nebraska , {
Count- Cherry , t
To all persons interested in the estate of
Frank Cashell. deceased.
On reading the petition of Gee Capler ,
praving that the instrument liled in this
court on the 12th day of April. 1911. and
purporting to be the last will and testament
of the said deceased , may be proved and al
lowed , and rec9rded as the last will and
testament of said deceased : that said instru
ment be admitted to probate , and the ad
ministration of said estate be granted to
Bruce II. Hewett as administrator with will
It is hereby ordered that all persons inter
ested in said matter , in ay and do. appear at
the countv court to be held in and tor said
county , on the 28th clay of April. A. D. .
1911. at 10 o'clock a. m. . to show cause , if anv
there be , why the prayer of the petitioner
should not be granted , and that notice of the
pendency of said petition and that the hear
ing thereof be given to all persons interested
in said matter by publishing a copy of this
order in the Valentine Democrat a weekly
newspaper printed in said count- ' , for three
successive weeks prior to said day'of hearing.
Witness mv hand , and seal of said court ,
[ SEAL ] this "loth day of April , A. D. , 1911.
l4-i : JAMBS C. QUIULEY , Countv Judge.
? . H. O'Rourk. attornev
Rats Run Ramcant , Spreading Terror
Over the British Isfcs.
London , April 11. Menaces to the
safety of England continue to multi
ply. The German p-jril is always pres-
3nt ; the free trade threat against the
integrity of the empire is an old
'riend : socialist spoliation of tan clouds
.he future , and recently the country
ms heard much about the white bread
The latest source of perturbation is
; he discovery in England that "the
jalance of nature has besn upset , " and
: hat innumerable evils are expected
o flow from this dislocation. So many
f the natural enemies of rats have
jeen destroyed that the long-tailed ter-
ors are rampant in every direction
md the Associated Chambers of Com-
nerce are advancing in a solid pha-
anx against the rodents.
"Incredible though it seems , " says
ecretary Matthews of this organiza-
ion , "the country suffers from rats to
he extent of $75,000,000 annually ;
Jor is the plague of rates the only
ign of the disturbed balance of na-
ure. The buard of agriculture has
rdered a general attack on the mi-
rant pigeons , which are descending
y hundreds -and destroying whole
fever fields in various parts of En-
md. Rooks , larks and starlings , some
, 'orkins' place and some in anther - i
ther , have more than decimated thej
fields. " _ . , .
It Grows Hair ,
Here Are Facts We Want You
To Prove at Our Risk ,
Marvelous as it may seem , Bex-
all ' ,93" Hair Tonic Las grown hair
on Leads tLat were once bald. Of
course , in none of these cases were
tLe Lair roots dead , nor Lad tLe
scalp taken on a glazed , sLiny ap
Bexall " 93" Hair Tonic acts
scientifically , destroying tLe germs
which are usually responsible for
baldness. It penetrates to the
roots of tLe Lair , stimulating and
nourishing tLem. It is a most
pleasant toilet necessity , it is deli
cately perfumed , and will not gum
or permanently stain tLe Lair.
We want you to get a bottle of
Eexall " 93" Hair- Tonic and use it
as directed. If it does not relieve
scalp irritation , remove dandruff ,
prevent tLe Lair from falling out
and promote an increased growtL
of Lair , and in every way give en
tire satisfaction , simply come back
and tell us , and witL6ut question or
formality we will Land back to you
every penny you paid us for it.
Two sizes , 50c and § 1.00. Sold
only at our store TLe itexall Store.
Chapman , TLe Druggist.
Cattle and Hogs Show a Decline ,
While Sheep Are Steady.
South Omaha , April 11. Cattle
Receipts , 6,556 ; ICc lower ; beef steers ,
25.25@G.20 ; cov/s and heifers , $4-25@
5.35 ; stockers and feeders , $5.00@
5.25 ; calves , $4.00 @ 7.50. " Hogs Re-
reipts , 13,500 ; lOc lower ; bulk of
sales , $5.SO@5.90 ; butchers , $5.85 ©
5.90 ; light , 3G.-OQ--6.10 ] heavy ,
5.75. Sheep Receipts , -5,520" ; steady ;
swes , $4.25@4.70 ; wethers , ? 4.50@
1.85 ; lambs ; ?