Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, December 29, 1910, Image 8

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    I ,
Genera ! Merchandise , fiats , Caps , Boots
and Shoes , Notions and Furnishing
Goods. Flour and Feed. : = : : = : : = :
Wood Lake , , - Nebraska
< *
Livery , Feed and et
Sales Stable , *
Wood-Lake , Hebraska |
Special Attention to Hunting and Fishing Parties.
( Successor toV elker fc Lyons )
Wood Lake , Nebraska
Am still doing driving and freighting. Special attention "to hunting
and fishing parties.
( Successor to Ed Young. )
Full line of Groceries and Dry Goods ,
Millinery Goods and Ladies' Furnish
ings. Boots and Shoes. Hosiery.
Men's Clothing and Furnishings
Wood Lake = Nebraska.
Satisfaction guaranteed and prices reasonable. Thirty years ex'
perience in the Eastern stales. Will go to any part of the State.
Write me , or dates can be made at this office.
Box 826 Rosebud , South Dakota
Contest Notice.
D. S. Land Office. Uroken ! 5o\v ,
iscmt ) -r 19 1910. f
A "iiflicipnt contest aflidavit having been filed
in this ofik-e bjOfeoii J.pgijelt. conte.-faur , J
anainst Hem tead entry NO. 5121 , seri.j ] No. .
0231G , made October 20.1901 for ff.sectHui 21 ;
nwli , n ueU , sej iie } . so < - ion28 , unviibiiip 25.
ranue 28 , cth Piinejpul Meridiau , by Cora
BatioRfr , contestec , in which it is sillfjred
that Cora Eatlnger bn nier PSiabllshcM a
hena llde ro iaeuce upon said trict and has
wholly abandoned thj same for. a t-eriurt of mi n *
than six inomlis last jmsr and That said tracts
are not lesided upon , ciiltivat'-d , niv rm-cd or
grazed by said elaiinant as re-quirt d by law ,
and that all of raid failtiros exist at the present
tim .
Said parties are hereby norificd to anpear ,
respono and wlTer evidence touching saidalle a-
tion at 10 o'clock a. m on February 1. istll ,
before John A. McMillan. ee-rk ! of Hie district
court , at Tliejdford. is'e-l.ra ka , and fuiiil
hearing will be held at 10 o'clock K. m , i n Kel >
ruary 4,1911 before the Kegisrer and Receiver at'
the United States Lund uflice iu Jiiokeu Bow ,
The said contestant liavintr , ina proper alfi-
davit liled December in , isio. set forth lats
which show that a te-r due diligence personal
service of this nolice cannot be nude , it is
hereby ordered and directed that such notice be
given by due una'propcr publication.
Darius M. Ainsl ) rr > , Hecpiver.
Ilecord address or uilryaian , Thedfoni , Ne J.
51It E
Contest Notice.
U. S. Land Offlce , Broken Dow. Nebraska ,
November SD IOM.
A sufficient contest aflldavit huyiiit ; been lilrd
in this otMee by Assa G. MclJaniH. contestant ,
against homestead entry. > . 32 ! 8 , serial N'j
OJG04. mailf Jauiifirv C. Ii5 ! ( , for n } . nj sj sec-
lion 17 ; sJlsJ , Section 8 , 'i owiiblup 25 , Kauge 40.
Sixth Principal Meridian , by Jsseio K. Sheid-
on , conrebt"u , in whii-h it is alleged that Jessie
li. Sheldon has never mad * aii acinal ai'ii bona
tide residence upon said daim and has never
improved or cultivated tin * same as the law re
quires , and has abandoned the same ai.d lived
elsewheie for more than s x monlha la t ,
and all of said defects exist at tlie present uuiu.
Said parties are hereby notified to app ur
respoud and offer evidence touchiitir said allega
tion at 10o'clock a.m on January is , ll'll. tie-
fore the register anrt * receiver at the United
States l > aud Onjce in Hrokeu IJjw , Nebraska.
The saia contestant having , iu a proper artl J
davit filed > ov. 28.1010 , set foith lacts whim !
f-uow that after due diligence perj > oiwl
of this neitice ciin-not beuiadi * . it is herebv onior
ed and directed that s-ich notice be giv-n oy due
and proper publication.
48-4 Darius M. Amsberry , K-ceiver.
Kecord address of eutryman Hjannis , Neb.
Notice of Probate of Will
In the coun ty court of Cherry countNe
To all persons interested in. the estate , of
Margaret Hoist , deceased :
On reading the petition of Christian Hoist ,
praying that the instrument filed in
this court on the i3rd day of J ecemuer. 19 0 , '
and purporting to be the last will and testa
ment of the .said deceasedf may be proved
and allowed , and recorded as the last will
and testament of said deceased : that said
instrument be admitted to probate , and the
administration of said estate be granted to
himself as executor.
It is hereby ordered that all persons inter
ested in said matter , may. and do , appear at
the county court to be held in ana ipr sai 1
county , on the nth day of January , A. D. ,
1911 , at 10 o'clock , a. .show cause , if any
there be , why the prayeV of the petitioner
should not be granted , and that notice of the
idency of said petition and that the hear-
thereof be given lo all persons interested
-ut.4fd matter by publishing a copy of this
the Valentine Democrat , a weekly
order inthe _ . _ _ _ _ _ , _ , . " . .
> i.J J ; ! * * * * for * - } * * -m
wr printed in said county , three
.v -tftreks prior to said day of hearing ,
v i Witnew : $ & ftand and sea ) or said court
ISMIJ abjfti " ! m
" " '
\ . i" .
, . _ _ < CountyJudge.
Notice of Sale.
In the mnttcr of Sarah " \Voodson , deceased :
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance
of nn order of.T. J. flnrrington , judge ot the
dlbtrk't court of CJherry county , iniicle on
thy day of December , ] .il ( ) ; for the sale of
real Chtsito hereinatter described , there will
he sold on the eaht steps of the county court located in Valentine , Nebraska , on
the lih day of January , Jiill , at one oclock
] > . in. , at public vendn to the highest bidder
lor. cash , the following described real estate
to-wlt : Lot 18 , in block 5 , in the original
Village of Valentine , Nebraska. Said sale
to remain-open one hour.
Dated December 14 , 11)10.
19 :5 ( Signed ! P. AV. 0. LAAVSOX ,
Executor of Sarah " \Voodson , deceased.
O A. Ruby , attorney.
Contest Notice.
U. S"T Land Office , Broken Bow , Nebriski.
13eceial > er 3.1910.
A sufficient contfsfnffirlavit having been Hied
in this office hy Miichel n lliiili s , cm testant ,
uuaii'bC hon.esr ad entry .No. 71M. sprial No
037i5. made November 'J9 190" , lor all of Sec
tion 26i township 25 , raime9,6 IMS ! , by Fred
L. Alcliiva.conslee. . in which it , H alleged that
Paul L. AIcl ly < ih > s never tustubl'sh d a bona
tide ruhidfiifu on said hinri ; that li has nevet
placed any improvements on ; iil land : that lie
has never en tnalecl or graz ° tl said land , and in
no way lias h roinVne.i wirh tne homestead
lans to entitle him to hold said lai : < i. and that
thei-e conditiuns exist t-the present time.
Said parties aiv hereby notilied to appear , respond
spend , and offer evidence touching said alleg-
tion at 10 o'chtck n. in. , on January i > 0 , 1911 , oe-
fore the Kegisler and liecciver at the United
States land oince in Uioken J5ow , Nebraska.
IhuMiid contestant , having , in a proper afil-
davir , liled December 3 1910 , hot forth facts
which bhow thnt affcr < itie diliirence jiersonal
service of this notice cannot be is
heieby ordered aii l ttirccied thatstich notice
be t-iven by due and prope publication.
43 1 K Darius At. A-.nsberry. Kecoiver.
Itecoid address otentryaian Theufoid , fteb
Contest Notice.
T. S. Land Ollice , Broken Bow , Nebaask ,
Decembers , 19H ) .
A sifilcirnt contest afil avit having t een tiled
in this ' . -Itice by iiicliul S. ilugli < , contestant.
a---inat luiinestead entry No. 52 , serial No.
t-5U5. made DeccmtierlU , l.ioi. for ej , section
o'J , and V ot section 19 , township 25 , range 28
Oth 1' . Al . Meridian , by Geurge O. Coolbby ,
cuiHts'ce , in which it isa'legr-d that George 0.
Comsby lias never estab'sbed a oona fide resi-
< ie..oe on said and ; that he his never placed
any urprotemutit.son .said land ; that he bas
neveeirtivacert cr grazed said hud , and that
tlio-c coiiitili ns exist a1 tne pie > ent time.
Said psirt i-s arc hereby notified to ayuear. re-
sixmd and ofler evidence to-iching said allega
tion lit lo oVloukxi. m. , on .I nnary 20 , 1911. be
fore the M-gibter and receiver atllm Uuited
Srah's land onice in tlrokcn Bow , Mcbraska.
'J he sad cont--tant having , in a proper affi
davit. liUd DeceiKiier 3 , J910.set foith facts
which show that aft r due diliuenctpersoaal
service o this nut ice can not be is
hereby ordered nd directed that -uch notice be
g've'j by une and p-oper pu lieulion.
4i4 > K Darius M. Amsbt ry , Ueceiver.
liecord addrententrmrtii Mrausville , ebr.
Every family has. need of a good , re
liable , liniment. For sprains , brtdses ,
soreness of tbe muscles and rheumatic
pains there is none better than Cham- '
berlain's. Sold by Chapman , the drug
Hist. /
Drir.iis Acid Vvhcn Refused a Dime.
'C ; . ar.a.Dc-c' , 2S. Penniless after he
hud squandered js last dollar in a
resort at SIS Cftpitol avemie , George
llcraniels cf Tl'unrmn , la. , killed hfm-
EcT ! by drinking carbolic acid whan
refused a dime to enable him to get
part way home.
Wood Lake Department
Locals or rending notices 5 cents per line each insertion. Display advertising
jp' 50 cents per inch per month each Issue ; $1.00 per inch per month double coluirn. - <
? .AAA AAjMJt&A&AA/tAM > *
Miss Lottie Grady left Saturday
morniDg for O'Neill.
Prin. Paine left Friday night
for Sinithville and other eastern
points. - V
John West is home from Oma
ha visiting his parents and many
Scott Bailey is greeting old ac
quaintances and visiting his sister ,
Mrs.W. . F. Parker.
Miss Birdie Fagg came down
from Valentine to spencl a week
at the Klingaman home.
Clyde Cunningham and Miss
Anderson of Ainsworth were mar
ried at Ainsworth Xmas eve-
Joe Waggoner is home from
York where hehas been attend
ing school to spend h'is vacation.
Miss Grace Waggoner is home
from her school at Sparks. Miss
Chloe is also home from her school.
Alfred Morris , jr. , and wife
spent Xmas at the home of Mrs.
Morris' parents , Jesse West and
Mrs. Milt Latta , Guy and Aun-
no spent Xmas here with relatives
and friends and returned home
J. B. Leader and Chester Em
ery spent Xmas at their homes ,
returning to their work the first
or the week.
Lou Kloppingvife and two
little daughters are here visiting
his brother , August , and many
friends who are glad to welcome
them back.
.Miss Kuth Kennicottcame home
from Crete , were she has been
attending college. Ruth was quite
ill of tonsilitis and went out to the
parental home to remain until she
is able to go back to school.
This new , ail-'round
Cleanser in-handy sift
er can , takes all the
hard work out of keep
ing things clean. It's
much quicker too.
els. . # < # ' >
& t
Pots , pans , kettles , wood
work , floors , shelves , painted
walls , windows , metals , cut
lery , in the bath room , pan
try , kitchen , in fact through
out the house.
Painted woodwork and
walls require care in cleaning
do it easily and safely with
Old Dutch Cleanser.
fhe ffiew Way
Sorinkle a very little Old
Dutch Cleanser on cloth or !
sponge , rub easily , rinse with
clean wetclpth and wipe dry.
No caustic "br rgid. Avoid ]
them. ( Nots\ rap powder )
"I had been troubled with c'qnstipa- '
tion for two years and tried all * ? f the
best physicians in Bristol , Tean.\cmd
they eonld do nothing for rue ,
Thos. S. Williams , Middleboro ,
"Two packages of Chamberlain's ! 8toia :
ach. and Liver Tablets cured me. " Fo :
& ! e by Cbapmtvn , thfc1
Millionaire's Daughter Spends Thou
sands on aShow String.
Horse racing may well be termec
the sport ot kings , and this is true in
more than one sense. It surely takes
a kingly purse to maintain a racin
stable , whether of runners or light
harness horses , but according to some
of the largest show exhibitors , both in
this country and across the water , the
most costly way to indulge one's love
tor a good horse is to equip uiid main
tain a big show stable and take it
around the circle of metropolitan
horse shows.
There is absolutely no equable re
muneration for the expense incurred
in riding a , hobby of this kind as the
ptemiums given , even at the largest
shows , would be wholly inadequate to
defray the outlay necessary for the
maintenance of a high class show
One of the largest and strongest
stables of show horses in the west is
owned by a woman , who directs the
care and management of the horses
and exhibits her own entries in the
ring. This remarkable young wom
an for she is both young and attract
ive is Miss Loula Long of Kansas
City , the daughter of a millionaire ,
and she spends her money with a lav
ish hand.
Miss Long's horses , harness , ve
hides and appointments represent an
inveslnient of many thousands of dollars
lars and she spends thousands more
every year keeping her show string in
condition and in shipping to the var
ious shows around the country Last
summer she sent her famous horse , the
King , to the Olynipia show in London ,
where ho demonstrated that he had
quality enough to be returned a win
ner. Miss Long is an accomplished
horsewoman and whenever she enters
the ring she makes a dashing figure.
Miss Long and her stable of blua
ribbon winners will be a leading fea
ture at the coming horse show to b
hold in Denver by the Western Na
tional Livestock association during
the week of January if to 21. Horse
men from all over the west congregate
in Denver during that week and many
of the largest horse show exhibitors
from the east also put in an appear
ance. .
This year in addition to Miss Long
the stable ! ; of Augustus Busch , the
millionaire St. Louis brewer , Edward
H. "McLean of Washington , D. C. , a
young millionaire who has recently
broken into the horse show game ,
Judge. Wi.lliam IT. Moore , whose horses
won more ribbons in London this year
thnn those of any other American ex
hibitor , and George Pepper of Toron
to , will compete at the Denver show.
War Department Finding Difficulty in
Securing Right Kind of Horses.
The war department at Washington
is experiencing considerable diiliculty
during the past tow 3'ears in securing
the proper kind of horses for re
mounts lor the cavalry During the
past five years the .1 armors of the
country have bee'n going almost ex
clusively into the breed m. : ; of hcav >
draft horses and while there an- still
a number of good light stallions in
Sft vice , the demand for light harness
horses and saddle homes is i'ui in tx
cess of the demand !
The Moor war , the Spanish Ameri
can war and the Japan Russia strap
drew heavily upon the saddle horses
of the country and particularly in the
\vest Range st : > ckmeu took ad vantage
tago of tin : demand lo clean up the
Mjlit range stuck and today tlu : wo.-4
is producing bucly enough of the sad
die liorse to supply tin : demand lo :
rrneticallv nothing has been done to
interest tlio hoise breeders of the
country in the cavalry horse. F w
hi coders know just what is requited
of. a rnvalry or the < lass of n
nurse that is wanted for tii.-it purpose
. The Woshirn Slock Sio-.v !
at Denver has .in an cd to give the
cavalry horse a prominent phsco in the
big show to lie. held .January 1021 find
Secietary Dickinson uf the depart merit
( if war has issued an order lor a troop
of cavalry from Fort Russell lopattici
pa to This troop will bring down
to the Do.uvor show a bimr-h of typical
cavalry horses ; iml tiioy will bo put
through their drill in thn arena tn
show just what is requiiod of them
In addition to the cavnlry hoisos. a
number of officers will attend Hit
show with their chargers and will j
show the brooders the class of horsp
thev need and the kind of work'thoy (
are. expected to net-form A Rood cliarg-
er must be'i \ good jumper and one of
the features of the Denver show will , ,
be the jumping in the military fjos os ,
Tlio military feature of the horse
show at Madison Square last mouth
and also at the International show yt p
Chicago , attracted much interest and
should prove a most inte.testing and ,
Instructive feature at the big Denver
show in January. j.
1 ;
New Deputy Ptate Treasurer. ,
Berwyn , Neb. , Dec. § . Treasurer -
plpct Waiter Q' George announced tlio $ [
apjuiiniment of C. S. Mickey of Os- a
; eola as deputy treasurer. , I
Furniture and Paints and Oils , Cattfe
Undertaking Goods Dip , Stock Foods , etc.
Lumber , Machinery , Hardware - . * /
' ware , Harness , Saddles
Wagons , Buggies and a full line of Haying Tools , Windmills ,
Pumps , Pipe , etc. Full'stock of Posts and Barb Wire.
Wood Lake , - = Nebraska
ausen Co. ,
General Hardware ,
Wagons and
Machinery. . . .
A complete line of
Harness and Saddles
Household and Kitchen Furniture
Lumber and .Fence Posts
II. M. Faddis & Co
? os ifflce address Valentine or Ktmnedy.
* * < ' left
} j.- < - thigh
Horses branded
shoulder "
or thij'h
Some ' Some branded
brut dcd t on rijlit tni
"n left 5 or fchoulderl
shoulder ]
01 thteh J
P. H. Young.
Simeon. Nebr.
Cattle branded
as cut on lef c side
Rome QYon lelt
on left Jaw of
V horses.
Range on Gordon Cre k north of Simeon ,
N. S. Eowley.
Kenned j , -
Same as cut on left ,
sid and hip , and on
lofl shouldPT of her
ses. AlsogSt3 011
left bide
* ' X f n 'eit
Some rat-St.
tie bnna-r ! < ked
- -
ed ingpes ( either side up ) on
left side or hip. p on left jaw and left shoulder
of horses , m
mQ on left hip of horses.
on left jaw of horses
C. P. Jordan.
Roaebud , SD
Horses and cattle
ao cut ; also
CJ BE JJ on right
Range on Oak and
Butte creeks.
A liberal reward
for information
leading to detection
: 2 of rustlers of stock
Bearing-.ny of thf > anbrands.
Pv. M. Ten-ill , Propr.
Brownlee , Neo.
Cattle branded as
in c-t on left
side. Some
branded Ii T Y
on loft hip. Range
on North Loop
river , two miles
west of Brewulee
John Kills Plenty
* t Francis Mis
sion , Kosebud.
5. D.
rattle branded
is in cut ; horses
same or .H\l > on
eft thigh. Itance
M t ween Spring
7k and Little
iVhite river.
Lad ) Keenan Takes Firct Money.
Friend , Neb.v 2S. Lady Kee-
nai : . entered by J. L. Keenan of this
: ity , won first money in the state
-aces , finshed here , ancl"May Baile } * ,
j\vned by Page & Nosher of this city ,
r/as the runner-up , while Sea Breeze ,
> tvncd by Coates & Gabriel of Exeter ,
ind Oklahoma Girl , owned by Wilson
i Sloan of Hildreth , divided first and
iocond money in the consolation
Minister Robbed While He Preaches.
0naha , Dec. 27. While the Rev.
German Wegner , pastor of tl"i Ger-
tian Evangelical church , was Beadi
ng at his church , with his family in
he congregation contentedly listen-j
ng , burglars bvoke into the parson-j
.ge , two blocks' away , and ransacked |
he house. The thieves took only a'
ozen silver spoons , a fur overcoat ,
nd a number of minor articles.
Albert Whipple & Sons.
Kosebud S , D.
Cattle branded
80S on lelt side
OSO on riehtslda
S OS Some cattle also
have a 4on neck
Some with A on
left shonlder and
.some branded
with two bars
norossblnd qnar-
Jters. Home Texas
cattle branded ea O 011 left side and some ;
on left side.
Horses branded SOS on left hip. Some cattle
branded AW bar connected on both'sides and
loft hip of horses
J ) . M. Sears.
Kennedy , Nebr ?
Cattle branded
asoncutleft side
Some on left hip.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Eange Square
Nebraska Land and Feeding Co.
3artletfc Eichards Pres Will G Comstoclf V P
Chas C Jamison Sec&Treas '
Cattle branded on
any part of animal :
also the following
brands :
horses branded the
Bange betweea
Gordon on the FE.
Hyannis on B & M. R.R. in Northwestern Nehr
Sawyer Bros.
Oasis , Nebr
G. K. Sawver has
charge of these
cattle. H rses
I > on leftshotil.
der. Some
left side.
same left thigh ,
on Snake
Metzger Bros.
Itolfe N'ebr
Cattle branded
anywiiere on left
side. \ \
Earmark , square
crop right ear.
Horses have
? ame brand on
eft thigh.
- - tr. i a i B
Range on Gordon and Snake Creeks.
A Reward of S2SO win be paid to any person for
information leading to the arrest and final
conviction of any person or. persons stealing
with a > ow hmml.
J. A. aryan.
Cattle branded JY
on rightside
Horses branded JY
on right shoulder
Reasonable reward
for any Information
leading to the rr-
covery of cattle
strayed from my
Objection tc the Corr.plair.t Is Made by
Counsel for the Chief.
Omaha , Dec. 28. Formal objections
the complaint against Chief of Po
lice John J. Donahue , charging failure
to enforce the 8 o'clock
closing Inl
and laws against gambling
and other
vices , were made by W. J. Connell
Donahue's attorney , when former
Judge Robert E. Evans of Dakota City
opened his special court.
Referee Evans said he
would , not \
rule on Donahue's objections to the
complaint and to the taking of testi
mony. _ \
"Testimony will be taken subject to
the objections. They , together
the testimony , will b submitted to
supreme court after this hearin
* 13
finished , " said Referee Evans.