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Etitorical Sooitty
1. M. Kice , Editor and Proprietor VALENTINE , NEBR. , THURSDAY , DECEMBER 29 , 1910. Volume 25 , No. 51
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McGEER & CARROLL , Proprs.
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies :
Old Crow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook ,
Spring Kill. and 29 year/old
and Jas , E , Pepper , O. F , C. Taylor ,
These whiskies were purchased in bond
and came direct from the U. $ . gov
ernment warehouse. They are guaranteed -
anteed pure * and unadulterated. Unexcelled - x
excelled for family and medical use.
Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Brandies , Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinness's Extra Stout
Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budweiser Beer ,
Valentine * Nebraska y
? 3
rf *
All kinds of Merchandise. I can afford
to sell as low as anybody , I buy pro =
duce and pay market price for hides. - 3
Go to the
8e baioon .
/ Walther F. A. Meltendorff , Propr.
! 3
I Cigars , Tobaccos , . . Confectionery
Hot and Cold Lunches
I Short Order Meals. Bakery Goods
D. A. WHJPPLE , Propr.
Valentine Headquarters at the Chicago House
Rosebud " " " "Rosebud Hotel
Leave Yalentine at 8 o'clgck every morning ,
Sundays excepted.
Arrive at Rosebud at 2 o'clock p. in.
Leave Rosebud at 8 o'clock eVery morning ,
Sundays excepted.
' Arrive at Yalentine at 2 o'clock p. m.
' . Dinner at Britt at 11 o'clock a. in.
Special attention to passengers , baggage and
express or packages.
* Leave orders at headquarters or at tKe Red
- / Front store.
D. A. Whipple.
When you have a cold get a "bottle oi
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Itwill
soon fix you up all right and -will T-ard
off any tendency toward pneumonia.
This remedy contains no opium or other
narcotic and may he given as confidently
juo a.haby as to1 antadult * Sold hy Chap
"When 3our feet are wet and cold , and
your'hody chilled through and through
from exposure , take a hig dose of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy , bathe * youi
feet in hot water before going to bed ,
and you are almost certain to ward off a
severe cold. For sale by Chapman , the
Talk of the Town.
R. M. Faddis is home this week.
Oliver Walcott is home for the
Rock Springs coal at Fischer's
Hardware. 51
Am. Buckley is in town from
the reservation.
Miss Bessie Gaskill is home to
spend Christmas.
Good residence property for
sale. I. M. RICE. tf
Hans Ulrich has been in town
the past few weeks.
Bob Emery spent a couple of
days in town this week.
Ed Cohota * is home from the
university to spend a few days.
Miss Florence Hanna of Wood
Lake visited in Valentine Monday.
Miss Nellie Easley came up
from Ainsworth to visit friends
i |
this week. .
Apples , Saturday and Monday ,
§ 1.25 per bushel. Mike Davis ,
Valentine , Nebr :
In Lumber we have the largest
stock and the lowest prices.
John Simpson was in town the
past ' week , shaking hands
with old friends.
Miss Estella Nicholson came
home last Friday night from Lin
coln to spend Christmas , and re
turned Monday night.
Charles Brown is visiting in
town this week.He is teaching
school in the western part of the
county near King postoffice.
Lost On Nov. 29 , black cloth
cape , between Herman Tate's and
Wood lake. Finder return to
Wood lake postoffice and receive
Benjamin Mickey , Miss Hanna ,
John We < ? t and sister , Mrs. Leo
Morris , came up from Wood lake
to take in the Workmen dance and
visit friends in town.
Mrs. J. C. Quigley went down
o Wahoo to visit home-folks
Christmas , and the Judge thought
IB wouldn't be lonesome for a few
days but gave up and joined his
wife after a couple of lonesome
days at home.
Services will be held in St.
John's church on Sunday , Jan. 1 ,
as follows : Sunday school at 10
a. m. , celebration df the holy
; ucharist and sermon at 11. Ev-
insong at 7:30 p. m. Choir re-
icarsal Saturday evening at 7:30 :
D. m.
Miss Ethel Ebtes of Omaha
arae up Monday to visit her
ousin , Mrs. I. M. Rice. She
was fortunate in arriving in time
! or the A. O. U. W. dance , which
she says she saw in THE DEMO
CRAT of last week , and , taking
the morning train , arrived here at
7:17 : p. m.
Dick Zielian came in from
irand Junction , Colo. , Tuesday
vening and is visiting friends
around town. Mrs. Zielian came
isi week and will return after a
few days' "visit. Dick looks as
young as ten years ago * and the
people all know him here as he
lasn't changed.
Not much adoin' now-a-days ;
not much for. us to state. We
guess they're all at4iome these
da.ys , to eat and celebrate. These
Christmas times for news are dull ,
except to tell who's come , and
where they eat until they're full ,
and where somebody's gone. A
dance or two , a Christmas tree
we rack our brains to tell , is not
so easy , you'll agree , who's sick
and who is well. Then if somenoejwe
should forget , as oftentimes fwe
must ; they fail to think of our i-e-
gret , but think we've gone to rust.
L M. Rice , | \
\ \ ,
Two four-room houses for rent
one with cellar , I. M" RICE. ti
W. H. Ross , one of the Rose
bud teachers , was in town yester
day. " *
All Gang Plows , Discs and Har
rows at cost and less.
A. L. Nicholson of Chadror
spent a few days in town this
week. x
Chris. Dittmerr , Wm. Riege
and Henry Porath werd in towr
Mrs. Alfred Morris of Wood
Lake visited in Valentine the
first of the week.
Col. Geo. 'Tracewell has re
turned from a ten days visit back
in Iowa araoug relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Headington
spent the holidays in town with
II. W. Hoenig and family.
E. C. Scovel and wife are visit
ing in town with their daughter ,
Mrs. Lockwood and family.
Miss Maggie Stetter is home to
spend vacation. She is one of the
teachers in the Kearney schools.
John West spent a few days in
town the fore part of the week.
John is located at Omaha and is
traveling for a local firm there.
Chester Wells came up from
Creighton university of Omaha
Friday morning to spend the
Christmas holidays with home-
folks and friends' .
A New Year's dance will be
given in Qnigley's hall Saturday
night , "New Year's Eve. " Danc-
jngwill start at 8:30. : Music by
Fischer's orchestra.
Miss Maude Ralya , who is attend
ing the Wesleyan university and
Claude , who attends Creighton
college of pharmacy , are home
spending the holidays.
A box of black and white cigars
fresh from Chapman's drug store
was our Christmas treat and
they're tuwiing to ashes , but we're
having the fun of lighting the
matches and-watching the beauti
ful rings of blue smoke.
Mrs. T. C. Hornby entertained
the vested choir of St. John's
shurch to a chafing dish party at
tier home Tuesday evening. Jig
saw puzzles and games occupied
, he young people during the eve-
ling and .a most enjoyable time
Evas spent by all.
Allan Gould spent Christmas in
Valentine visiting his mother and
) ld time friends. He returned to
Dmaha Monday evening to be in
attendance at a banquet given
.here Tuesday evening for com
mercial travelers. Alan is now
traveling salesman for the Ne-
Draska Electrical Co. of Omaha.
W. D.'Clarkson informs us that
.he ice on Lake Mrnnechaduza is
ibout 11 inches thick and ice cut
ting will not be delayed much ,
though , usually at this time of
rear , it has seemed to be much
solder. Perhaps it is our hot
water heating plant that has caused
us to think the weather was
F. J. Wiltse of Risebud was in
town last Thursday to meet his
brother , William C. , who brought
i car load of st , ff to go onto his
ranch , which' included farm im
plements , harness , wagons , a regis-
terecj' jenny and colt , and the
champion milch cow of Minnesota ,
sc/Mr. Wiltse says. He is going"
io try farming in this country as
be thinks land ought to be farmed
and is an enthusiastic stockman.
He is a great talker and runs an
advertisement in this paper as an
auctioneer. He has had consider
able experience in that line and
we believe he's wtfrth trying.
Way below freezing that's the weather
you can expect most any day from now on ,
It's high time for you to select your winter clothes.
While you are at It why not get the kind which
will give not only comfort but make you- glad to
wear them. We think we * have the right sort of
for inen and boys. Strictly high _ grade from start to
finish the best of Friend Made Garments and the
prices spell economy.
Will fit you out with one of these
ideal , stylish , perfect fitting garments.
Featuring Friend Made and Alma Mater Student Style
OLartercel as H Stnte Bank S Chartered as a National Bank
Junol , 12JSW ' .
F1fl & 3Sp IT H splTtHrllT H T TO II WW
IMsA N A1 llUi All BANK
- ( Successor to Bnnk of Valentine. ) ' -v \-k.
Yalentine , - Nebraska.
SURPLUS CAPITAL - - $25.000 25.000 A Greneral Banldng , Exchange
Uudividcd Profits 4,000 and Collection Business : : : :
3. H. CoiiXKiiij , President. M. V. NICHOLSON , ( J.'i&hiur.
J. T. M y , Vice President. Miss CI..KN HOEN-II ; , Ass't Cashier.
With the close of my most successful
business year , I wish to thank you one and
all for your kind patronage. Hoping that E
have merited a continuance of same and
wishing you all a Merry Christinas and a
prosperous and Happy New Year ,
I am yours respectfullj7 ,
& B
wE/ tu * (
We compound and dispense our own medicines. Office on 2nd Jloor ot
T. C. Hornby's. Phone 161. Valentine , Nebraska
All lands of wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizes
Kesidence and shop one block south of passenger depot.
Valentine , PHONE 72 , Nebraska
Keferences : My Many Customers.
Stetter & Tobien , Props.
All Kinds of Fresh
and Fait Meats. . . .
Will buy your Cattle , Hogs ,
Poultry , Horses , Mules and
anything you have to sell.