Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, November 24, 1910, Image 1

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1.1L Bice , Editor and Proprietor VALENTIXE , NEBB. , THURSDAY , XOYEMBEB 2 ± 1910.
McGEER & CARROLL , Proprs.
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies : \
Old Crow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook ,
Spring Hill , and 29yearxold
and Jas , E , Pepper , O , F. C , Taylor ,
These whiskies were purchased in bond
and came direct from the U. S. gov- '
eminent warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Un
excelled for family and medical use.
Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Brandies , Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinness's Extra Stout.
Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budweiser Beer ,
Valentine Nebraska &
Sr2 J&
i xrjtr ajr * itcH'J TL s + e-j\sr-
on't Faroe ! '
Has just received its stock of Fall and Winter
Goods'which will be sold at very low prices e
regardless of cost. Lay in your supply now.
I pay market price for Hides and Furs.
1 *
Go to the
Walther F. A. Meltendorff , Propr.
3 2C3
I Cigars , Tobaccos , Confectionery |
Hot and Cold- Lunches
\ Short Order Meals. Bakery Goods |
S52KKS2 SS3SSK52S Sar2K ,
D. A. WHIPPLE , Propr.
Valentine Headquarters at the Chicago House
Rosebud . " " " Rosebud Hotel
Leave" Valentine at 8 o'clock every morning ,
Sundays excepted.
. Arrive at Eosebud at 2 o'clock p. m.
Leave Eosebud at 8 o'clock every morning ,
Sundays excepted.
Arrive at Valentine at 2 o'clock p. m.
Dinner at Britt at 11 o'clock a. rn.
Special attention to passengers , baggage and
express or packages.
Leave orders at headquarters or at the Eed
Front store.
i. A
9 zTLa
* \
When you have a cold get a "bottle oi
Chamberlain's Cough Heinedy. It Tvill
soon fis you up all right and will -ward
Off any tendency toward pneumonia ,
remedy contains no opium or other-
narcotic and may he given as confidently
to a baby as an dult. Sold by Chap
When your feet are \vet and cold , and
your body chilled through and through
from exposure , take a big dose of Cham-
Lerlain's Cough Heinedy , bathe youz
feet in hot "water before going to bed ,
and you are almost certain to ward off a
severe cold. For sale by Chapman , .the
TaJk of the Town.
Four carloads of Posts , from lie
to 60c. Ludwig Lumber Co.
Fred Grace returned Saturday
night from a two week's visit with
a sister at Neligh.
Corn King Manure Spreaders.
Price $110. Will close out at $90.
Furnished rooms to rent by day
or week , Hot and cold water
baths included. Valentine House ,
John D. Eaton , Propr. 32tf
John Slonecker and family have
moved back to Valentine and John
has accepted a clerkship in the
grocery department of . the Red
W. B. Grace , for the past year
clerk in his father's hrtel , is now
working for the railroad company
in the freight and express depot
at Long Pine.
Martin Becker departed Monday
evening for a visit with his broth
er in Minnesota , and from there
may visit a sister in Ohio before
returning home.
It's too late to say so but we
forgot to mention that A. H.
Stees returned the day before
election from a visit with relatives
in St. Paul , Minn.
H. H. Wakefield of Crpokston
was in town Monday and informs
us that he purchased another
quarter section of land If miles
from his other place.
We want correspondents from
every important locality in the
country where news items will not
be duplicated. Send us the news
and subscriptions to the paper.
We want 200 more subscribers
which will make nearly 1200 copies
per week. Send us the news of
your locality.
T. W. Cramer reports the Wm.
Grooms sale last Tuesday a suc
cess. Everything sold and t he
auctioneer didn't try to stop the
bidding , but took off the lid and
cows went as high as § 62.00 , and
yearling heifers as high as $30.00.
The sale amounted to over § 2,000.
Max E. Viertel was clerk of the
sale in place of Haley.
Frank Carroll went back to
Iowa Sunday night to attend the
wedding of his sister , Miss Katie
Carroll , who was married Tues
day. Valentine people have kind
ly remembrances of Miss Carroll
and we join with friends here in
hearty congratulations and wish
her and the husband she has chos
en a prosperous and happy life's
Stinislaw Krajewski of ISTenzel
brought his son Edward to Valen
tine last Saturday to have his teeth
fixed by Dentist A'leer and called
at our office to say hello and tell
us that he had four cattle die in
the stalk field a few days ago ,
which is the first he ever lost in
that way and he has been here 22
years. He wants to warn people
who have stalk fields to keep the
cattle out , as he thinks there is
danger this year. If they must
turn into the stalks do not leave
them in over an hour a day.
We wish to call the attention of
our readers to the whole page ad
vertisement of the Red Front
Merc. Co. , on the fifth page of
this paper. This is perhaps the
largest , most complete and com
prehensive advertisement ever
printed in a local paper in this
city. The subject matter was ar
ranged by Mr. Fred A. Busse of
the dry goods department , whose
thorough acquaintance with this
line of goods and the shoe depart
ment assures the public of valu
able assistance in selecting what
they need. Mr. Busse has had 16
years experience in handling gen
eral merchandise , advertising and
window trimming. He was born
and received his education and
some of his experience in Chicago1 ,
but prefers the smaller towns to
the big city. His name and
initials are the same as the present
mayor of Chicago , bnt he assures
us that he is not the mayor ,
though by chance they bear the
same name. Mr. Busse's inten
tions will be to learn the wants of
the people of Valentine and sur
rounding country and to supply
them with all the latest , as well as
a complete line of staple dry goods ,
footwear and wearing apparel ;
School Notes. ,
Mabel Ricketts of Eli entered
the high school this week.
Grace Fast of the Juniors is
spending her vacation at her home
near Johnstown.
Blanche and Ballard Hutchison
are enjoying turkey at home in
Key a Paha county.
County Supt , Mrs. Story , went
down to Lincoln Tuesday to at
tend the association.
Nearly all the out of town high
school students have gone home
this week to enjoy the annual fes
The sophomores gave a "Lady of
the Lake" program Tuesday af
ternoon which was highly appre
ciated. .
Misses Carlson and VanDriel of
the high school faculty are in Lin
coln attending the state teachers'
The new texts in physical geog-
raphyare fine and up to date. The
freshmen are getting a more thor
ough knowledge of the subject be
cause of them.
The air of thoughtfulness and
reflection that is so apparent about
every high school student this
week means that they are in the
midst of a rigid examination. But
thoroughness has been so char
acteristic of every study that fail
ures will be few.
The enrollment for this month
is as follows :
Miss Gordon's room 58
Miss Nelson's room. 53
Miss Driscoll's room ' . . . 49
iMiss Carroll's room 37
Mrs. Miller's room 42
High school 7o
A House Warming.
One of the most enjoyable socials
of the season occurred at the home
of Mrand Mrs. Chas. Faulhaber
on the evening of the llth of No
vember. It was in the form of a
real house warming , Mr. Faulhaber
having just completed a handsome
cement house , with all the modern
conveniences. The house contains
ten rooms and two halls , three
porches and a large busement , in
which is situated the furnace. The
house is lighted throughout with
gas.The evening was spent in dancing
and social conversation. Music was
furnished by Messrs. Pritchard ,
Farlow and Belsky. At , midnight
an excellent lunch was served , just
such a one as women such as the
estimable wife of Mr. Faulhaber
are able to prepa're. The lunch
consisted of ham and bread and
butter sandwiches , roast chicken ,
cheese , piclsles , various kinds of
cake , and coffee. The supper was
served on plates and was passed
time and again until the inner man
( and woman also ) was satisfied.
Dancing was again resumed and
contined into the wee'sma hours of
the morning , when all departed for
their respective homes , thanking
the host and hostess for one of the
pleaaantest times of their life , and
hoping soon they would give anoth
er. Sixty-five persons were present.
Presbyterian Church.
Sunday , Nov. 27 preaching
both morning and evening. AH
are cordially invited.
In Lumber we have the largest
stock and the lowest prices.
Two hard coal stoves for sale at
half-price , one § 25 and the other
$10. Don't need 'em.
tf I. M. EICE.
I wili be located here for some
time , and will buy all kinds of
horses , cattle and sheep. Call at
Fischer Hardware store ,
A car load of Weber wagons ,
must be sold at once.
1 am selling a big line of winter
goods at 10 to 20 per cent below
regular prices ; the same on canned
goods. I guarantee them equal to
any on the market. It will pay
you to come and try my store , to
sive 10 to 20 per cent on your
.purchases. MIKE ) AVIS' . 45 8
Now is The Time
to. look for a Xmas present for 70IDE *
wife , mother , sister or sweethearts
Nothing nicer for your mother tham aPiece \
Piece of Furniture or a nice Rug.
Your sister or sweetheart would appreciate a
nice Piece of Silverware or a Chafing Dish.
We also carry a full line of hardware. Bridge
Beach Ranges , Radiant Home Base Burners ,
Pumps and Well Material , and will figure with
you for Hot Water or Steam Heat. We have a
Plumber of 20 years' experience. All work guar
are Co.
> jI > 5ax
F you are looking for a new Suit or Over
< coat or anything in the line of Men's or
Boys' furnishings , don't forget to stop
I at the Fair. We have a complete line of
Men's , Boys' and Children's. Clothing and
* prices range from $1.75 to $28 per Suit.
1 Talk about Ladies' and Misses' Skirts.
Well , we have a new line and they are the
best in town. In Voiles , Panama and Ser
ges at $3.50 to $15 , also a large line of
Ladies' , Misses , Men's and Boys' Sweaters.
If you must Lave a tailor made suit ( for men or ladies )
remember we represent the Garden City Tailoring Co. , '
and there is no better tailoring house in Chicago. We
B guarantee a fit or no sale. Come in and look over e
line. No trouble to show goods at
Phone 145. H. W. HOENIG , Propr.
' 3SKSKS3& 3KS2 ' S2S23 S iSSe SS3e.
Chartered as a Stnte Ba-nk Oharterccl as n National Bank
June 1,1884. August J2,11KK.
( Successor to Bank of Valentine. )
Valentine , Nebraska.
CAPITAL - $25.000 A General -
SURPLUS - 25.000 Banking- , Exchange
Undivided Profits 4.000 and Collection Business : : : :
O. n. COKXELI , , President. M. V. NICHOLSON , On hler.
J. T. May , Vice President. Miss Gi'UX HOL-NIG , Ass > * t Ounliier.
We sell farming implements as well as other
merchandise at reasonable prices.
, Call and try us'
Stetter & Tobien , Props. ,
All Kinds of Fresh
' , and Fait Meats. . . .
Will buy your Cattle , Hogs ,
Poultry , Horses , Mules and
anything you have to sell.
We ! compound and dispense ouxiwri medicines. Office on 2nd floor ot ,
T.C.Hornby's. Phone 161 Valentine , Nebraska