Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, November 17, 1910, Image 7

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{ "stood Example of Scottish Humor In
Remark Made by Railroad
Scottish humor Is dry rather than
boisterous , and I always think there
is exquisite drollery in , the story of
the Stonehayen railway porter and the
Salvation Army "captain. " To catch
the hang of a little yarn readers must
remember that Stonehaven lies to the
south of jytwrdeeu. The London train
had drawn up at Stonehaven on ac
count -of a slight mishap a mile or two
ahead , and Andra , the old porter , had
got into conversation with a Salvation
Army officer who had popped his head
out of the compartment to ask the
reason for the delay.
'Aye ' , aye , " mused Andra , after giv
ing the desired information , "ye'll be
for Aiberdeen , I'm thinkin' ? "
Yes , my man , " was the reply ;
"I'm bound for Aberdeen a very
wicked place , I'm told ! "
What raicht ye be goln' to dae
here , sir , It It's as bad as a' that ? "
ked Andra , rather amused at the
visitor's words.
Ah , " was the pious answer , "I'm
going to drive the devil out of Aber
deen. "
Like lightning came from the old
porter the pawky retort :
See an' drive him north , chiel ;
jhaud him well to the north ! " E *
{ change.
Visitor Do you think that mosqui-
68 carry malaria ?
Farmer I dunne ; they never took
kny away from here.
No Indigestion , Gas , Sourness or Dya-
pepsia Five Minutes After Taking
a Little Diapepsin.
There should not be a case of indiges-
flon , dyspepsia or gastritis here if read
ers who are subject to Stomach trou
ble knew the tremendous anti-ferment
and digestive virtue contained In Dia
pepsin. This harmless preparation
. - * , will digest a heavy meal -without
v * -sJlie slightest fuss or discomfort , and
N , Relieve the sourest , acid stomach In
Vfi e minutes , besides overcoming all
Al , nauseous odors from the breath.
Ifyour stomach Is sour and full of
as , or your * food doesn't digest , and
your meal don't seem to fit , why not
get a 50-cent case of Pape's Diapepsin
from any druggist here in'town , and
make life Tvorth living. Absolute re
lief from Stomach misery and perfect
digestion of anything you eat is sure
to follow five minutes after , and be-
Bides , one fifty-cent case is sufficient
lo cure a whole family of such trouble.
Surely , a harmless , inexpensive
preparation like Pape's Diapepsin ,
which will always either at daytime
Dr during night , relieve your sick ,
tour , gassy , upset stomach and digest
your meals , is about as handy and val
uable a thing as you could have in tha
.Due of ihe-Producers.
"You should endeavor to do some
thing for the comfort of your fellowmen -
men , " said the philanthropist , "with-
out thought fTewafd. "
w "I dp. I buy umbrellas instead of
borrowing them. "
for Red , Weak , Weary , Watery Eye
- andGranulatedByelids. Murine Doesn't
Smart Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists
Sell Murine Eye Remedy , Liquid , 25c ,
SOc , $1.00. Murine Eye Salve in
'Aseptic Tubes , 25c , ? 1.00. Eye Booka
and Eye Advice Free by Mail.
Murine Eye Remedy Co. , Chicago.
In the Grand Stand.
Stella Do you understand base
ball ? "
Bella Perfectly ; but why does that
man run so hard with nobody after
" - " " r
filmK -
x ' Stiff . neck ! Doesn't amount to much ,
fbut , mighty .disagreeable. . You've no idea
r'how quietly a little Hamlins Wizard Oil
ivill lubricate the cords and -make you
" comfortable again.
4 , "I am greatly encouraged , " said a
; man today. "A good many people
( knocking- me lately ; that is a sign
X am amounting to something. "
' Constipation causes and seriously aggra-
rates many diseases. It is thoroughly cured
by Dr. Pierce's Pellets. Tiny sugar-coated
There are times when the still
- small voice of conscience seems
uy- Furs and Hides. Send for catalog 105.
jL W- Hide & Fur Co. , Minneapolis , "
J.--A itiboin-desJre , to get-even , li
( brought about man a man's down-
New Classification of Indians.
Iviio : : County. Hon. F. H. Abbott ,
assistant commissioner of Indian af
fairs , was in Niobrara consulting the
competency board regarding the Santee -
tee and Ponca Indians. This board ,
comprising Superintendent F. E. Mc-
Intyrc , Chief Clerk A. G. Pollock and
H. P. Marble , editor of the Humboldt
Leader , has decided to classify k e
Indians thus : First , all restrictions
removed as to his ability to manage
his estate , when found competent ;
second , those deemed capable of mak
ing their own leases and attending to
their own business to a limited extent ,
and third , those considered incompe
tent will have the same government
protection as heretolore. Commis
sioner Abbott is also considering the
advisability of bringing the trust
lands of the Indians under the Brown
law , which taxes them , but does not
serve as a lien on the lands. The
government will protect counties in
this wherever Indians have leased
lands and will hold the individual In
dian responsible pending the issuance
of his patent. _ "
Exhibits of the Schools.
Hall County. About a thousand
people called at the court house in
Grand Island Friday and almost as
many Saturday to witness the exhi
bits of the schools of the county in
connection with the boys' and girls'
clubs in corn , and potato growing and
domestic science contests. Most of
the prizes were won by the country
schools and St. Mary's % Catholic
school of that city. Some fine specl-
mens in , writing , drawing , map' mak
ing , corn growing , baking and fancy
work made of cornstalks , husks , ker
nels and other products were exhi
York County Boy Promoted.
York County. Lieutenant Com
mander Luther M. Overstreet , U. S.
N. , recently promoted , led the sixteen
battleships of the Atlantic fleet in
gunnery efficiency. ° He was ordnance
officer on the Delaware during the re
cent practice and served in a similar
capacity on the Vermont when it won
the trophy last year. Lieutenant Over-
street is a York county boy , living
near Arborville. He is a graduate of
the University of Nebraska.
Burglar Entered Skylight.
Seward County. A clever burglary
wa's pulled off in Seward , when Curry
Bros. ' clothing store was robbed of a
number of articles of merchandise.
The marauder ascended to the top of
the building by means of a ladder , re
moved a skylight and crawled in and
helped himself to the clothing. Sev
eral cravenette coats were stolen be
sides a number of other articles.
Farmer Has Close Call.
Gage County. James Fossenberger ,
a farmer living near Oketo , Kan. , was
struck by the northbound "Union Pa
cific motor car , as it was pulling into
Oketo , and barely escaped being
killed outright. The vehicle in which
he was riding , was wrecked andhe
was severely cut'and"bruised about
the body. It is thought he will re
Commission House Closed.
Johnson 'County. Tecumseh IS
without a commission house , for the
first time , in many months. Recently
the local shop was. sold by H. B.
Gooch & Co. , of Lincoln to the Lin
coln Commission Co. A controversy ,
concerning the salary of the local
agent , S. R. Murphy , came up and
Mr. Murphy has closed the office.
She Don't Like Nebraska.
Dawson County. Because his wife
refuses to make Nebraska her home ,
preferring Oklahoma , was the cause
of a divorce suit filed in district court
by Charles M. Whitehead. Mr. Whitehead -
head , in his petition for decree of < n-
vorce , sets forth tuat his wife has
been living in Oklahoma for ten years
and will not -live in this state.
Land Brings Big Price.
Richardson County. The bannei
deal in real 'estate for Richardson
county was made when Frank Wilson
sold his 160 acre farm , five miles
north of Humboldt , to Will Hews for
$170 per acre , or $27,200 for the place.
Mr. Wilson had owned the land for
more than thirty years and bought it
for $8.75 per acre.
York County Mortgage Record.
York * County.-r-The October mort
gage recordiis-as.follows : Farm mort
gages ; released two , amount $18,000 ;
"city mortgages , filed twenty-five ,
amount $18,000 ; city , released ten ,
amount $8,664chattel mortgages ,
filed twenty-five , amount $10,862 ; re
leased seven , amount $1,164.
Fire Destroyes Residence.
Red Willow County. The largt
brick residence of I. M. Smith of In-
dianola was gutted by fire. This was
one of the finest residences in the
clty. The loss is $5,000 and was in
sured for $2,600. Nothing of the con
tents was saved. The origin of ttie
fire is unknown. .
Sold at $108 Per Acre.
Otoe County. The farm of Jacot
Harmon's estate was soid at an exe
cutors sale for $17,200 or something
over $108 per acre. This is consider
ed a high price for the land.
Suicide Buried at Kearney.
Dawson County. The funeral ot
Frank M. Leake was held under the
auspices of the A. O. U. W. of Kear-
aey , ot which Mr. Leake was mem
ber. H& committeed suiciSe without
apparent reason. He was weir known
and respecte
' T
Mayonnaise Without an Egg Can Ba
Made With the Aid of the Fol
lowing Recipe.
Mayonnaise Without Egg. Pew pe'o
pie know one can make a perfect look
ing and perfect tasting stiff mayon
naise without an egg. Place a teaspoonful -
spoonful of plain mustard , mixed with
a few drops of cold water , in a small
bowl. - ' Add oil , not necessarily drop
by drop , but still rather slowly. Stir
vigorously all the while. As it thick
ens too much to handle comfortably ,
thin-with lemon juice or vinegar. A
little tarragon vinegar is always a
great addition to any salad. After
the mayonnaise is finished season ac
cording to taste and discretion. There
is hardly any limit to the quantity of
oil that may be used. Less or more
mustard may be used , but it must be
borne in mind that it is the made
mustard that holds the oil together. I
generally make a large quantity of
mayonnaise at once , using a dessert
spoonful of mustard * and as much oil
as I can afford enough for several
meals. It keeps most excellently in a
covered jar in a cool place.
New Salad. Cut off crusts of white
bread ( fresh ) , cut in diamond shape
and toast a light brown. On one-half
a piece grate the yolk of hard boiled
egg , on the other half white of egg
minced fine , and then place on the
slice a sardine ; on this lay three strips
of sweet green peppers , crossed , put
ting over the whole a nice mayonnaise
dressing ; the bread is then placed In
a nest of crisp lettuce leaves , and a
thin slice of lemon is placed on each
plate. This is a most appetizing way
of serving sardines. Try it
Philippine Salad. Cut tomatoes ,
large white onions , green and sweet
red peppers , also cucumbers , in very
thin slices , add a good French dress
ing and let the salad stand for an
hour at least on ice in a cool place.
Garnish with crisp lettuce leaves be
fore serving. This makes a pretty
dish if the different vegetables used
are laid in separate circles , alternate
ly. The seeds of the peppers must
be carefully removed before they are
sliced and the cucumbers peeled.
Banana Puffs.
Beat three eggs until light , add
three tablespoons of cold water , one
cup of sugar , one-half saltspoon of
salt and one cup of fiour sifted with
one teaspoon of baking powder , stir
In two bananas cut Into pieces , fill
well-buttered cups half full and steam
one hour. Serve with pineapple
Pineapple sauce. Put one cup of
sugar and three-fourths of a cup of
water in a saucepan , bring to a boil
ing point and thicken with two tea
spoons of' ' cornstarch made smooth in
a little cold wa er , remove from fire ,
cool a little , ' add one" cup of grated
pineapple , one tablespoon of lemon
juice and one-half cup of orange juice.
Stir wll andaserve.
Pineapple' Cream.
Beat the yolks of three eggs slight
ly , add the juice and grated rind ol
one lemon , a pinch of salt and half a
cupful of sugar. Let simmer on the
fire slowly , stirring all the time until
it thickens. Then remove and stir in
a cupful of canned pineapple grated
fine and one and a half tablespoonfuls
of gelatine which has previously been
soaked in half a cupful of cold water.
When the mixture begins to jell stir
in half a cupful of cream beaten to a
froth and the whites of the three
eggs also beaten stiff. Turn into a
mold and' chill thoroughly until time
to serve.
Clams Deliclously Deviled.
For a very delicious dish of deviled
clams prepare a cupful of chopped
clams and season them with cayenne ,
salt and juice of lemon. Mix them tea
a soft , batter-like consistency with
the yolks of two eggs and some pow
dered crackers. Put the mixture : into
little ramekins , broad-scalloped shells ,
or into tiny cups , spread the surface
with soTt butter and "bake Tintll well
browned. For a change the mixture
may be spread over crisp crackers and
then browned in the oven.
Molasses Muffins.
Quarter cupful of molasses , three
heaping teaspoonfuls of baking .pow
der , one-quarter teaspoonful of salt ,
'three eggs , one-half a cupful
of milk , one cupfulof flour
: and. three-fourths cupful of rye meal.
Mix and sift dry ingredients and re
maining ingredients ; beat well. Drop
' from a spoon into smoking hot fat tea
a golden color. Drain and serve.
Raisin Fudge.
Three cups brown sugar , three-
fourths cup milk , one-fourth cup co
coa. Stir constantly till it will form
a soft ball when dropped in cold wa
ter. Add a tiny bit of butter , one-
half teaspoon vanilla and one-third
cup of raisins , seeded and torn in two
To Revive Serge.
If a serge suit becomes a little
shiny , try sponging it with warm
vinegar , diluted with water , if the
vinegar is very strong. This is not a
permanent relief , but certainly will im
prove the apeparance of the garment
for a time.
Apple Pancake.
One cup flour , two teaspoons baking
powder , one-quarter teaspoon salt , two
eggs , .1 % cups finely chopped apples ,
milk to make a thin batter. Serve
with powdered sugar.
Filial Affection Lost Sight Of by the
Small but Enthusiastic Lover
of Football.
Among the spectators at a match
between the Blackburn Rovers and
the Olympic was a little lad about
nine years of age. Though the boy's
knowledge of the game may have
been limited , his notion of correct
play was extremely robust.
"Go It , 'Lympic , " he yelled. "Rush
'em off their pins. Clatter 'em. Jump
on their chests. Bowl 'em over. Good
for yer. Mow 'em down. Scatter 'em ,
'Lympic. "
When his parent neatly "grassed"
one of the opposing forwards , the
youngster expressed approval by
bawling , "Good fer yer , owd 'en , " add
ing proudly to the spectators , "Feyth-
er 'ad 'im sweet. "
"Yes , " said a hearer , "but he'll get
killed before the game's finished. "
"I don't care a carrot If he does , "
said the boy. London Tit-Bits.
Mrs. Ferndale We haven't any
eggs , but I can get some if you want
them very bad !
Summerbord Never mind , I don't
care for that kind.
"My little son , when about a year
and a half old , , began to have sores
come out on his face. I had a physi
cian treat him , but the sores grew
worse. Then they began to come out
on his arms , then on other parts of
his body , and then one came on his
chest , worse than the others. Then I
called another physician. Still he
grew worse. At the end of about a
year and a half of suffering he grew
so bad that I had to tie his hands in
cloths at night to keep him from
scratching the sores and tearing the
flesh. He got to be a mere skeleton ,
and was hardly able to .walk. . ,
"My aunt advised , me to try'Cuti- '
cura Soap and Cutlcura Ointment. I
sent to a drug store and got a cake of
Cuticura Soap and a box of the Oint
ment and followed directions. At the
end of two months the sores were all
well. He has never had any sores
of any kind since. I can sincerely say
that only for Cuticura my child would
have died. I used only one cake of
Cuticura Soap and about three b xes
of Ointment
"I am a nurse and my profession
brings me into many different fanv
Hies and it is always a pleasure for
me * to tell Tny story and recommend
Cuticura Remedies. Mrs. Egbert Shel
don , Litchfield , Conn , , Oct. 23 , 1909. "
His Specialty.
"I hear that author friend of yours
is making a fine living by his pen. "
"Yes. He's . stopped writing and
gone to raising pigs. "
There are a good many heroes in
novels who couldn't earn a living in
real life.
Mrs. 'Wtasiow's Soothing Syrup.
Forchlldren teething , so ftens t ho gum B , reduces In-
Fortunate is the man - whowants
only what he can get.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ? We cam
furnish positive proof that it has made many remarkable
cures after all Bother means had failed.
Women who are suffering with some form ef female
illness should consider this.
As such evidence read these two unsolicited
letters. We guarantee they are genuine and honest statfr- ;
ments of facts.
Cresson , Pa. " Five years ago I had a "bad fall , and' hurt
myself inwardly. I uras tinder a doctor's care for nine weeto
and when I stopped I grew worse again. I sent for a bottle f
Ijydia E. Pinkham's "Vegetable Compound , took i $ as directed ,
and now I am a stout , hearty woman. " Mrs. EllaE , Alkey *
Cresson , Pa.
Baird , Wash. "A year ago I was sick with Kidney an *
bladder troubles and female weakness. The doctors gave me
up. All they could do was to just let me go as easily agpossiblte.
I was advised by friends to take Lydia E.Pinkhami Vegetable
Compound and Blood Purifier. I am completely cured of y
ills , and I am nearly sixty years old. " Mrs. Sdxali JLeighton *
Baird , Wash.
Evidence like the above is abundant showing that the
derangements of the female organism which breed all kinds
of miserable feelings and which ordinary practice does not
cure , are the very disorders that give way to Lydia E *
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Women who are afflicted with similar troubles , . after
reading two such letters as the above , should be encouraged
to try this wonderfully helpful remeay.
FOP SO years Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has been the standard remedy for
female ills. No sick woman does justice to
herself who will not try this famous medicine.
Made exclusively from roots and herbs , and
has thousands of cures to its credit.
. Pinkham invites all sick women
to write her for advice * She has
guided thousands to health free of charge.
Address Mrs Pinkham Mass
* , Lynn , *
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another pair , you will be more than pleased because the last w. - .
she OB.
ones \rore so well , and gare yon so much comfort. * * wt
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home. Saves from rusting ; Cancan
not break. Doe t gum or becomerancHL
Dealers Ernrwbere ( Incorporated ) ( Incorporated )
There are more opportunities than
there are young men to take advan
tage of them. James J. Hill.
Many a fellow marries because he
is too bashful to get out of it.
Faint ?
Have you weak heart , dizzy feelings , oppressed °
breathing after meals ? Or do you experience pain
over the heart , shortness of breath on going op-stairs
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Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
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come by this alterative extract of medicinal roots
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soft as a
black as a coal
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Standard Oil Company ( STANDARD OIL COMPANY
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, headache for the last twenty-five
never found any refief until
taking yonr Cascareta , . Since
begun takJugCMrtrrts Tit haa peref AB .
the headache ; They have entirely <
him. Cascarets do what you recomi
them to do. I wfll give you the prfvilj. . ,
ofusing his name. " E. M. ttickson ,
1120 Resiner St. , W. Indianapolis , lad * .
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By I. I. Moody , one o the Stale's early
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member -when you invest. They are free
write for them.
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to sell this fanons sew
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yonr locality. "So * lTe *
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chance. Writoicryro peeWB
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151 ( B. & )
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lyonrjnrention. Bre
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