Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, November 10, 1910, Image 9

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ler Terrible Experience Shows
How Peruna Should Be in Every
Home io Prevent Colds.
Mrs. C. S.
Eagre r s e r ,
1311 Wood
land Ave. ,
K a n s as
City , Mo. ,
writes :
"I feel It
a duty to
you and to
others that
may be af
flicted like
myself , to
speak for
"My trouble -
ble fl r s t
came after
la gr Ippe
eight or
nine years
ago , a gath
ering : in my
head and
neuralgia. I
suff e r e d
most all the
time. My
nose , ears
and eyes Mrs. C. S. Sagerser.
were badly
affected for
the last two years. I think from your
description of internal catarrh that I
must have had that also. I suffered
very severely.
' Nothing ever relieved me like Pe
runa. It keeps me from taking cold.
"With the exception' of some deaf
ness I am feeling perfectly cured. I
Bm forty-six years old.
"I feel that words are inadequate to
trpress my praise for Peruna. "
f- Catarrh in Bad Form.
Mrs. Jennie Darling , R. P. D. 1 ,
ISmyrna Mills , Maine , writes : "I was
unable to do my work for four years ,
B I had catarrh In a bad form. I
coughed Incessantly , and got so weak
a&d was confined to my bed.
"Peruna , came to my relief and by
faithfully using It , I am able to do my
< 7 Work. Peruna is the best medicine that
I ever took. "
WHAT ? .
"Weeks Why are you stopping ?
STou didn't run over that man.
Swiftly I know it. I just want to
see what ails the steering gear.
With a Sour Laugh ,
A Chicago editor has brought from
London an amusing story about Hum
phry Ward.
" 'Humphry Ward , " he said , was in
his bachelor days , a really well-known
art critic. But now !
"I met Humphry Ward at a dinner
In Soho , and he said to me , with a
sour laugh :
" 'When a girl wants to retire from
the world and be lost In oblivion , she
has to enter a nunnery. But a man ,
to achieve the same end , need only
marry a famous -woman. ' "
Appreciation of good accomplished
helps more than much advice on the
oed yet to be done.
Taking Tonics , and Built Up on
Right Food.
The mistake is frequently made 01
trying to build up a worn-out nervous
system on so-called tonics drugs.
New material from which to rebuild
wasted nerve cells is what should be
supplied , and this can be obtained
only from proper food.
"Two years ago I found myself on
the verge of a complete nervous col
lapse , due to overwork and study , and
to illness in the family , " writes a Wis
consin young mother.
"My friends became alarmed be
cause I grew pale and thin and could
not sleep nights. I took various tonics
prescribed -by physicians , but their
effects wore off shortly after I
stopped taking them. My food did
not seem to nourish me and I gained
no flesh nor blood.
"Reading of Grape-Nuts , I de
termined to stop the tonics and see
what a change of diet would do. I
ate Grape-Nuts four times a day ,
with cream and drank milk also , went
to bed early after eating a dish of
"In about two weeks I was sleeping
soundly. In a short time gained 20
pounds in weight and felt like ) a
different woman. My little daughter
whom I was obliged to keep out of
school last spring on account of
chronic catarrh has changed from a
thin , pale , nervous child to a rosy ,
healthy girl and has gone back to
-school this fall.
"Grape-Nuts and fresh air were the
only agents' used to accomplish the
happy results ? '
Read "The RoadtpWeUville / ' 'in
pkgs..j .tThere'B a Heason. " * - - _ C * - ' "
Crer read tfce fcov letter ? A i'eW
eayyeam. . freai time to. time.Tfcejr
E - cnuUae , fra , aai tell of
New Headpieces Have Discarded the
Suggestion of the Practical and
Offer no Protection What
ever From the Cold.
Winter hats , intended for evening
or other dressy wear , have discarded
the suggestion of the material. They
are strictly ornamental head-pieces
and take no notice of the element of
protection from the cold. Except for
the prevalent introduction of fur , and
the material of which the body of the
hat Is made , one might consider them
designed for summer wear.
Shapes , save the day for brims still
droop In a becoming and sheltering
way. Velvets , nets and laces are
called Into use for the bulk of trim
mings stuffs , while ostrich plumes and
flowers add the finishing touches.
The hats shown here are types of
winter millinery In which laces are
used for decoration. Many dress hats
are made entirely of lace or not. In
these a band of fur about the crown ,
a flat bow of fur or borders of fur on
ribbon or silk drapery , give the touch
that speaks of winter.
In Fig. 1 a hat of heavy white satin
is overlaid with a coarse silk net and
lace of Russian mesh. It Is trimmed
with a collar of small ostrich tips ,
the sort known as "Heads. " In the
model they are white. This is not a
difficult hat to make and would be
pretty in colors with black lace over-
'lay. '
Fig. 2 shows a large hat of velvet ,
with an "aeroplane bow" of lace. In
this case it is a plaited fan with wire
supports. A velvet collar and a small
Alsatian bow at the front finish the
pretty mode. Light felt hats are ef
fective trimmed in this way.
In Fig. 3 a beautiful hat in shell-
pink corded silk is shown , with a dra
pery , of lace made of a circular piece
which Is tacked over the shape. Four
beautiful plumes are mounted at the
left side and are the same color as
the silk.
Various Attempts From Time to Time
to Banish or Supersede It
Have Failed.
From time to time attempts are
made to banish or supersede the wed
ding veil ; but , in spite of all objec
tions , it still persists in the favor of
the bride/ who is apt to be sentiment
al rather than reasonable. The way
of wearing it , however , has been
largely changed ; many brides now
wear the veil as a sort of cap , not
falling over the face at all , but fasten
ed back with a circlet of flowers. In
front it reaches only to the knees , but
In back to well below the ankles.
Tulle , except for those who have
rare and beautiful old lace , is succeed
ing lace in favor ; perhaps because
there is no danger of having part of
the design ornament one's nose or
eye ! A soft tulle veil , properly draped ,
fastened by invisible pearl-headed
pins and falling over a coronet of
jewels or of blossoms , is as pretty a
sight as any wedding guest could hope
to see.
Dress Trimming.
A * charming Paris model for an aft
ernoon gown was seen recently , which
depended for its adornment entirely
upon a sort of fagoting of self-mate
rial. The gown was a light fawn-
colored challls , and on tunic , under
skirt and girdle and down the front
of the blouse the material was slash
ed and reconnected by crossed inter i
sections of the challis , rolled tight in
to tubular pieces and sewed * to
straight bands so as to. give the ap
pearance of fagoting , or of catstltch.
TJie. sEme effept' haXjfceen' seen
silk , aid" itis , : ver iy oii > ii&er
thick * material , , ; tbo.9glivnptr,6itft d , to
fabrics very thin or dellcaie In ap
Cashmere fn Dull Shade of Tan Is Rec
ommended for Garment Shown
Here Is a pretty frock for a youn&
lady of eight summers or so. It is
made of cashmere in a dull shade of
tan and trimmed with embroidery In
self-tone , with a touch of red. The
front of the blouse is laid In a cen
ter box plait , with two tucks at each
side , the back has merely the two
tucks on either side of the closing.
The sleeves and blouse are in one ,
the band of embroidery which outlines
the neck extending over the shoulders ,
in a pointed tab. The skirt is the
conventional side-plaited affair , the
belt and ct 2a of the embroidery. The
hat worn is of soft tan felt , with trim
mings of dark red velvet ribbon.
Greatly Aids the Amateur Dressmaker
in Keeping Gores and
Plaits in Place.
The skirt strap , ambiguous as it
sounds , is no relation to the shawl-
strap ! It is simply the little stitched
strap -of self-fabric that holds the
pleats of the skirt in place. . You will
see it appearing on all the new mod
els for heavy cloth skirts ; for fash
ion has said , "Narrow ! " and narrow
it must be. There are usually two
straps on each side of the skirt , al
most meeting , and sewed on a little
below the knees. Sometimes , when
there is a pleated blouse ( and it is a
three-piece suit or a one-piece cos
tume ) the straps are repeated over
the pleats or , again , on the sleevs.
Certainly they are a boon to the
amateur dressmaker who finds trou
ble in keeping gores and pleats where
they should be ; they save labor after
ward in cleaning and pressing , and
they give a natty , tailored appearance
to the smart cloth gown.
Simplicity is Good Taste.
Think of the woman whose house ,
whose appearance , whose conversa
tion creates the best impression , and
you will realize that absolute simplic
ity is the secret.
Remember this when selecting your
clothes , decorating your house , also
when you meet strangers on your holi
Unfortunately simplicity is not al
ways cheap. You will often have to
pay more for the hat of simple lines ,
the frock of fine material and ex
quisitely simple design than you will
tor something more ornate and dash
ing. w < 2 . „ . . , * . - . .
r To Keep Needles.
A soda mint bottle , with a little
screw top , makes an excellent holder
for needles , to keep in the workbag.
[ t Is especially good for damp cli
mates , as the needles will not rust
[ t can be made a thing of beauty by
covering It with a bit of the material
af which the bag is made ( preferably
ailk , as this will work up better ) ; and
i workbag given for a present Is
Ioubly acceptable if some such little
thing as this is added to give a dis
tinctive touch.
To Keep Needles. .
A soda mint bottle , with a little
screw top , makes an excellent holder
or needles , to keep in the work-
ng. It is especially good for damp
slimates , s the needles will not rust ,
t can be made a thing of beauty by
: overing it with a bit of the material
> f which the bag is made ( preferably
ilk , as this will work up better ) , and
i workbag given for a present Is
Ioubly acceptable If some such little
hing as this is added to give a dis-
inctlve touch.
A Hand Bag Variant.
The girl who need not consider wear
Irst can indulge in some of the new
land bags in heavy watered silk , net
a a gold frame and finished with gold
assels at each corner.
Especially good looking Is a bag
f black watered all * , so set with a
aonogram. In gold In the left-hand
orner. ' - ' l , :
Velvet * fs : ' sometimes-'use < T-fof the'
g& but the moirs Is-newer and more
tylifih ; also does * not catch duet BO
Father ' ' Facetious
O'Leary's Rejoinder
to John Philpot Curran an Ex
ample of Real Wit.
One day the famous John Philpot
Curran , who was also very partial to
the said corned mutton , did me the
honor to meet him. To enjoy the so
ciety of such men was an intellectual
treat. They were great friends and
seemed to have a mutual respect for
each other's talent , and , as it may
easily be Imagined , O'Leary versus
Curran was no bad match.
One day after dinner Curran said to
him : "Reverend father , I wish you
were St. Peter. "
"And why , counselor , would you wish
that I were St. Peter ? " asked
"Because , reverend father , In that
case , " , said Curran , "you would have
the keys to heaven , and you could let
me in. "
"By my honor and conscience , coun
selor , " replied the divine , "it would be
better for you that I had the keys of
the other place , then I could let you
out. "
Curran enjoyed the joke , which he
admitted had a good deal of justice in
it. From Kelly's Remeniscences.
"Just about two years ago , some
form of humor appeared on my scalp.
The beginning was a slight itching but
It grew steadily worse until , when I
combed my hair , the scalp became
raw and the ends of the comb-teeth
would be wet with blood. Most of the
time there was an intolerable itching ,
In a painful , burning way , very much
as a bad , raw burn , If deep , will itch
and smart when first beginning to
heal. Combing my hair was positive
torture. My hair was long and tan
gled terribly because of the blood and
scabs. This continued growing worse
and over half my hair fell out. I was
in despair , really afraid of becoming
totally bald.
"Sometimes the pain was so great
that , when partially awake , I would
scratch the worst places so that my
finger-tips would be bloody. I could
not sleep well and , after being asleep
a short time , that awful stinging pain
would commence and then I would
wake up nearly wild with the torture
A neighbor said it must be salt rheum.
Having used Cuticura Soap merely as
a toilet eoap before , I now decided to
order a set * of the Cuticura Remedies
Cuticura Soap , Ointment and Pills.
I used them according to directions
for perhaps six weeks , then left off ,
as the disease seemed to be eradi
cated , but toward spring , eighteen
months ago , there was a slight re
turn of the scalp humor. I com
menced the Cuticura treatment at
once , so had very little trouble. On ,
my scalp I used about one half a cake
of Cuticura Soap and half a box of
Cuticura Ointment in all. The first
time I took six or seven bottles of Cu
ticura Pills and the last time three
bottles neither an. expensive or te
dious treatment. Since then I have
had no scalp trouble of any kind.
Standing up , with my hair unbound , it
comes to my knees and had it not been
for Cuticura I should doubtless be
wholly bald.
"This is a voluntary , unsolicited tes
timonial and I take pleasure in writing
It , hoping my experience may help
someone else. * Miss Lillian Brown ,
R.F.D.ILiberty , Me. , Oct 29 , 1909. "
f Too Free.
Seyniour What caused the Allcome
Life Insurance company to fail ?
Ashley It was altogether too free in
accepting risks. I don't believe it
would have even refused to insure the
life of a turkey the day before Thanks
. ED GEERS , "The grand old man , " he
is called for he is so honest handling
horses in races. He says : "I have used
years , always with best success. It is the
only remedy I know to cure all forms of
distemper and prevent horses in same sta
ble having the disease. " 50c and $1 a bet
tle. Air druggists , or manufacturers. Spohn
Medical Co. , Chemists , Goshen , Ind.
There is said to be a professor of
languages in an eastern college who
has mastered all the modern tongues
except His wife's. .
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
and invigorate stomach , liver and bowels.
Sugar-coated , tiny granules , easy to take
as candy.
All men are equal before the law ,
but some are more than equal to the
task of getting around it.
Buy Furs and Hides. Send for catalog 105.
N. W. Hide & Fur Co. . Minneapolis. Minn.
Women have been known to shake
hands for the purpose of trying to.
shake secrets out of each other.
Mrs. Yflnalows SoothingSyrup. .
Forchlldren teething , softens the gums , reduces I n-
pnrattrlnfl mllr * . 2&C4bt > ttt8.
The worst deadbeat is he who re
fuses to pay a debt of gratitude.
Ulcers.Scrof ulous Ulcers. Varicose Ulcers , ! n-
dolent Ulcers.Mercurlal UlcersWhlte Swell
FISTULA , Pay -when Curod.
AllBectal Diseases cured without -
out a surgical operation and
guaranteed to last a lifetime. No chloroform
or general anaesthetics used. Examination free.
DR. E. R. TARRY , 223 Bee Building , Omaha , Neb.
II afflicted with > T | MIMMMM' * CM * Wl * >
oreeyexusai I nORIpSOn $ fcyt Wtttl
to remember'
i you need a remedy
f r COUGHS and
The wonder of
ingpowders Cal
Wonderful in Its raising
powers its uniformity ,
its never failing results , its
Wonderful in its economy.
It costs less than the high-price
trust brandsi but it is worth as
much. It costs a trifle more than
the cheap and bi can kinds
it is worth more. But proves its
real economy in the baking : .
Use CALUMET the Modem
Baking Powder.
Received At all Grocers
World' * Pure
You Can Work Near a Window
in winter when you have a Perfeo
tion Oil Heater. It is a portable
radiator which can be moved td
any part of a room , or to any FOOIEJ ;
in a house. When you have a
smokiest and odbr&st
you do not have to work clbse to
stove , which is usually far from the
window. You can work where you'
wish , and be warm. You can work on
dull winter days in the fulf light near'
the window , without being chilled to ,
the bone.
The Perfection Oil Heater quickly ; '
gives heat , and with one filling of the
font burns steadily for nine hours , without smoke or smelt Ac
indicator always shows the amount of oil in the font * The filler-
cap , put in like a cork in a bottle , is attached by a chain. This
heater has a cool handle and a damper top.
The Perfection Oil Heater has an aotomatic-lockfn
flame spreader , which prevents the wick from being turned
high enough to smoke , and is easy to remove and drop back , so
the wick can be quickly cleaned. The burner body or gallery *
cannot become wedged and can be unscrewed in an Instant for
rewicking. ' The Perfection Oil Heater is finished in japan : or' '
nickel , is strong , durable , well-made , built for service , and yetj ;
light and ornamental.
Dealers Everywhere , tf not at yours , write for dtscripibt cfrtttta ?
to the nearest agency of the
Standard Oil Company
( Incorpormtad )
$3 $3Ji & 5S4 SHOES .WOMEN MEN
BOYS- SHOES , $2.0O , $2.5O & $3.00. BEST IN THE WORLD.
W. L , Dounla * $3.OO , $3.BOand $4.OOhoe9
are positively the bcmt matt * anef mosf popular -
ular ahomm for thm prlcm In America , and are
th * momt uconomlcal mJioma for you to buy.
Do yon realize that my shoes have been the standard for over \
30 years , that I make and eel ] more 83.0O , 83.50 and S4.OO
shoes than any other manufacturer in the U.S. , and that DOL-
LAJl FOB DOLT , All , I GUARANTEE MY SHOES to hold their
shape , look and fit betterand wear longer than any other S3.0O ,
83.50 or 84.0O shoes you can buy ? Quality conntK. It has {
made my shoes THE I.EADERS OF THE WORLD.
Yon-will be pleased -when you buy ray shoes because of the
fit and appearance , and tvhen It comes time for yon to purchase -
chase another pair , yon trill be more than pleased because
the last ones -wore go well , and cave yon so much comfort. Skae Ce.
If your dealer cannot supply yon with W. L. Douglas 8bo s , write for M I1 Order Cataloc.
IV. JA 3 > OCCULiA . 145 Mjparfc Street. .Brocktam ,
EUREKA Will Harness Keep Your
soft as a glove
HARNESS tough as a wire
black as a coal
S M by D Jcr * EV rywk r
( Incorporated ) ( Incorporated )
No. 94 Single Bnggy Harness with
Double Neck and Hip Strap
Nic. I. R. or Brass Trimmed. This i s a bargain
not to be overlooked. Special at $13.30.
Send for our free Harness Catalog.
Ill Pearl S tree I Sioaz City , Iowa
an Ideal Christmas gift , must bo
brought by some one In every
locality to bis neighbors. U be
man who applies quickly will
navemonopoly olflnld and.a
' high commission. Write lor
\pro8pectns to
Ia3 ( B.S. ) illli AIM
Slow death and awful suffering
follows neglect of bowels. Co * *
stipation kills more people thaai.
consumption. It needs a cirrii
and there is one medicine 4
all the world that cures it *
Cascarets 10c. box week1 * Cret-
mcnt. All drueirists. Blzzztt seBee
in tie -world million boxes a mcuOu-
vievni of i
ing cities
other points of interest. Send coin or stamp * ;
ClartonHaste&McNaIrl3C.,321Broadwar.XewY ! rtL
, , . ooBr
reference * Best
W. N. U. , SIOUX CITY , NO. 46-1910 *
, te specially selected for any need in :
home. ' Saves tbols.f rent rusting ; Can can
not break. .Does not gum or become rancid.
--"Standard Oil Comj ny . STANDARD OIL COMPAMY
Oncorporated ) ' ( lucoriH-.ratcd }