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te Bis. "Naturalist on the Prowl"
tLfltic Animal Serv
ants Afraid of Him.
Pats arc c all aorta. One of the
most amusing- and attractive is de
scribed by Efca in his "Naturalist on
Jho PTOTT ! " This little animal was a
tenuxr , and "besides many gentle and
iarewine wayg , it seemed as if it
possessed certain sense of humor.
Says Ehx :
"I nae'dia take its soft hand and
examine its pretty nails. Each hand
&ad one long , sharp claw. Such a
purtous arrargement puzzled me , un
til one day a flea snowed me the use
! f that claw , ft bit the lemur under
* he ribfl. I expect the little beast had
reason to-ia ihankful that nature had
Apared one toe when it promoted It to
'iho order or four-handed animals.
' There never was a more charming
pet. He took life so gayly , and the
"intics were sooriginal. . When my man.
tot him- out of his cage in the morn
ing , hewould .ecamper straight to my
Bedroom , loofr round with large eyea
Brimming over with mild curiosity ,
and , Ibjhtly as a rubber ball , spring to
iny dressinglable , where he would ex
amine everything. Then he would
ottnd across the bed and land on my
houldera , fcaralle my ears gently , won-
what was in the hole , and
In Ills long tongue to find
That was beyond human endurance ,
and I would roll the little fellow into
? . ball , wind bis long , fully tail about
htm , and fling" him into the bed. He
Would be umround in a moment , and
Would skip Jiway to explore some
His hind legs being longer than his
Sore , he wallccdslowly , with his head
ilown ; but wbGn in a hurry he would
stand up and bound along like a kan
garoo , tan in the air , arms extended ,
fingers' spread , looking like nothing
one ever saw.
The servants regarded him as un
canny , and fled at his approach. He
would give chase , and there never
was finer spcri than to see the fat
butler in full flight up the long stair
way , with the gleeful little demon
after him , three stepa at a bound.
South' Companion .
indigestion , Gas , Heartburn or Dy
pepsla Relieved Five Minutes After
Taking a Little Diapv.poln.
Here Is a. harmless preparation
hlch surely will digest anything you
aat and overcome a sour , gassy or out-
bf-order stomach within five minutes.
If JTOUT meals don't fit comfortably ,
or what'joji eat lies like a lump of lead
tn your stomach , or if you have heart
burn , that Is a sign of Indigestion.
Get from pour Pharmacist a 50-cent
case of Pape's Diapepsln and take
'i dose Juat as soon as you can. There
wfll be no sour risings , no belching of
tindlgested food mixed with acid , no
jitomach gaa or heartburn , fullness or
foeavy feeling In the stomach , Nausea ,
bebilltatini : Headaches , DiEziness or
Intestinal griping. This will all go ,
pam-besdea , there will be no sour food
iettover In the stomach to poison your
breath -with nauseous odors.
Pape's Diapapsin Is a certain cure
Cor outof-ordSr stomachs , because It
akes hold of. your food and digests it
fust Che , sameas If your stomach
jeasnt there.
, Relief 'in five minutes from all stomach
ach misery \raltlng for you at any
drug store here In town.
. These large 50-cent cases of Pape's
piapepsin contain more than sufficient
to thoroughly cure almost any case of
Dyspepsia , Indigestion , Gastritis or
any -other stomach disorder.
Toilet Tabte Accessories at the Pres
ent Moment Are Costly but De
cidedly Smart.
All the toQet and dressing table
requisites are now found In fine ivory.
! Phe only "care needed is to rub off
lirtflx & fresh , soft cloth , occasionally
Using a rag moistened in alcohol if
ppots occur. These , too , are more
costly than : silver , but are considered
Very gmaxL
The backs are monogramed in
black , brown , and occasionally la
{ raised gold. Sometimes the sets are
known --with floral decorations , but
fehla ila oot so good style as is seen in
taaay of the Imitations.
White ceUnloid sets with a mono-
tjram In black , dark green , blue , or
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Tne searclier after novelty can have
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ttijuB gilt * old. Japanese lacauer , or
'Draade ' * c&l&a.
Sack- selection is not for the aver-
agalrayer. asunless rare workmart-
amd corresponding cost are had.
are likely to be poor.
Not Seeking Trouble.
I shouM think it would be the bug.
of your fife trying to get up new
breusd-new Jokes , " said the sympar
saM the humorist , cheer
v * fe 6e feast of our troubles. "
He Wtesnft Afraid.
irelC * said the grocer to the
; 'itfrtitTli1TriT customer , as the argot
wxe warm , "don't get put but
. " anapped-tisr-cti *
. * al * * you csa't'put me out * '
i lATl I
Illustrations By
Copyright 1908 by The Bobbs-Morrili Company.
Thomas Ardmore. bored millionaire
find Henry Maine Griswold. professor ir
the University of Virginia , take trains
out of Atlanta. Griswold to his college
Ardmore in pursuit of a girl who hac
winked at him two days before , as theii
trains stood opposite each other. Gris
weld fs mistaken for Gov. Osborne ol
South Carolina , and is threatened will :
harm if he causes the arrest of Bill Ap-
pleweight. a border line desperado. He
goes to Columbia to warn the governor ,
and meets Barbara Osborne.
CHAPTER II. Continued.
"That is unfortunate. I stopped
here last night on purpose to see him ,
and now I fear that I must leave "
and he smiled the Griswold smile ,
which was one of the secrets of hig
popularity the university "I must
leave Columbia in a very few min
utes. "
"The office does not keep very early
hours , " remarked the girl , "but some
one will certainly be here in a mo
ment I am sorry you have had to
wait. "
"It was not I , " said Griswold. "who
so rudely shook the door. I beg that
you will acquit me of that violence. "
The girl did not , however , respond
to his smile. She poked the floor with
her parasol a moment , then raised
her head and asked :
"Who was it , if you please ? "
"A gentleman with a brown beard ,
a red necktie , and a bad disposition. "
"I thought as much , " she said , half
to herself , and her eyes were bent
again upon the point of her parasol ,
with which she was tracing a design
in the rug. She lifted her head with
the abruptness of quick decision , and
looked straight at Griswold. The
negress had withdrawn to the outer
door , by which she sat with sphinx-
like immovability.
"I am Miss Osborne. Gov. Osborne
is my father. Would you mind telling
me whether your business with my
father is "
She hesitated , and her eyes met
"Miss Osborne , as I have no ac
quaintances here , let me introduce
myself. My name is Griswold. My
home is Charlottesville. Pardon me ,
but you and I were fellow-passengers
from Atlanta yesterday evening. I
am unacquainted with your father ,
and I have no business with him ex
cept "
He was not yet clear in his mind
whether to tell her that her father's
life was threatened ; it did not seem
[ air to alarm her when he was power
less to help ; but as he weighed the
iiuestion the girl came out into the
reception-room and sat down near the
"Won't you have a seat , Mr. Gris-
nrold ? May I ask you again whether
JTOU know the gentleman who came
in here and beat the door awhile ago ? "
"I never saw him before in my life. "
"That is very we'll. And now , Mr.
jriswold , I am going 'to ask you to
: ell me , if you will , just what it Is
rou wish to say to my father. "
She was very earnest , and the re-
luest she made rang the least bit im
periously. She now held the white
> arasol across her "lap in the tight
jlasp of her white-gloved hands.
"My reason "for wishing to see your
ather Is , to warn him that if a crim-
nal named Appleweight is brought
mck from his hiding-place on the
tforth Carolina frontier , and tried for
lis crimes in South Carolina , the
jovernor of that state , your father ,
vill be made to suffer by Apple-
weight's friends. "
"That is what I thought , " said the
jirl , slowly nodding her head.
"And now , to be quite honest about
t , Miss Osborne , I must confess that
received this warning last night
rom a man who believed me to be
he governor. To tell the truth , I told
lim I was the governor ! "
The girl's eyes made a fresh inven-
ory of Griswold , then she laughed
or the first time a light laugh of
tonest mirth that would not be gain-
aid. Tile beautiful color deepened in
ter cheeks ; her eyes lighted merrily ,
, s though at the drollery of Griswold
tanding , so to speak , in loco parentis.
"I have my own confession to make.
heard what you said to that anan. I
ad gone to the rear platform to see
rhat was the matter. The stop there
a that preposterous place seemed iri-
erminable. You must have known
hat I listened. "
"I didn't suppose you heard what
bat man said to me or what I said
o him. I don't know how I came to
aim myself off as the governor I
m not in the habit of doing such
tilngs , bat it was due , I think , to the
ict that I had just been saying to a
rlend.of mine at Atlanta "
IHstresi-wa-gmi written in Miss
teborae's , Cmce.-'She had''paid little
heed to the latter half of Griswold's
recital , though she kept her eyes fixed
gravely upon him. In a moment the
gentleman in blue serge who had
manifested so much feeling over the
governor's absence strode again into
the room.
"Ah , Miss Osborne , so you are
back ! "
He bowed over "the girl's h.and with
a great deal of manner , then glanced
at once toward the door of the private
"Hasn't your father come in yet ?
I have been looking for him since
eight o'clock. "
"My father is not home yet , Mr.
Bosworth. "
"Not % ome ! Do you mean to say that
he won't be here to-day ? "
"I hardly expect him , " replied the
girl calmly. "Very likely he will be
at home to-night or in the morning. "
Griswold had walked away out of
hearing ; but he felt that the girl pur-
posedly raised * her voice so that he
might hear what she said.
" 1 must know where he is ; there's
an important matter waiting a very
serious matter it may prove for him
if he isn't here to-day to pass on it.
I must wire him at once. ' ' ,
"Very good. You had better do so ,
Mr. Bosworth. He's at the Peach
Tree ciub , Atlanta. "
"Atlanta ! Do you mean to say that
he isn't even in this state to-day ? "
. "No , Mr. Bosworth , and I advise you
to telegraph him immediately if your
business is so urgent. "
"It isn't my business , Barbara ; it's
the state's business ; it's your father's
business , and if he isn't here to at
tend to it by to-morrow at the latest ,
it will go hard with him. He has ene
mies who will construe his absence as
meaning "
He spoke rapidly , with rising anger ,
but some gesture from the girl arrest
ed him , and he turned frowningly to
see Griswold calmly intent upon an
engraving at the further end of the
room. The colored woman was dozing
in her chair. Before Bosworth could
resume , the girl spoke , her voice
again raised so that every word
reached Griswold.
"If you refer to the Appleweight
case , I must tell you , Mr. Bosworth ,
that I have all confidence that my fa
ther will act whenever he sees fit. "
"But the people "
"My father is not afraid of the people
ple , " said the girl quietly.
"But you don't understand , Barbara ,
how much is at stake here. If some
action isn't taken in that matter with-
"I Can Appeal to No One Here With
out the Risk of Newspaper Pub
licity. "
in 24 hours your father will be brand
ed as a coward by every newspaper in
the state. You seem to take it pretty
coolly , but it won't be a trifling mat
ter for him. "
"I believe , " replied the girl , rising ,
"that you have said all that I care
to hear from you now or at any fur
ther time , Mr. Bosworth , about this
or any other matter. "
"But , Barbara "
Miss Osborne turned her back and
walked to the window. Bosworth
stared a moment , then rushed angrily
from the room. Griswold abandoned
his study of the picture , and gravely
inclined his head as Bosworth passed.
Then he waited a minute. The girl
still stood at the window , and there
was , Griswold felt , something a little
forlorn in her figure. It was quite
time that he was off if he caught his
train for Richmond. He crossed the
room , and as he approached the win
dow Miss Osborne turned quickly.
"It was kind of you to wait. That
man is the state's attorney general.
You doubtless heard what he said to
me. "
"Yes , Miss Osborne , I could not
help hearing. I did not leave , because
I wished to say "
The associate professor of admiralty
in the department of law of the Uni
versity of Virginia hesitated and was
lost. Miss Osborne's eyes were brown ,
with that hint of bronze , in certain
lights , that is the distinctive posses
sion of the blessed. Health and spirit
spoke in her bright color. She was
tall and straight , and there was some
thing militant in her figure as she
faced Griswold.
"Mr. Griswold , I have no claim
whatever on your kindness , but I am
in very great distress. I don't see just
where I can turn for aid to any one
I know. But you as a stranger may
be able to help me if it isn't asking
too much but then I know it is ask
ing too much ! "
"Anything , anything whatever , "
urged Griswold kindly.
"Mr. Bosworth , the attorney general ,
warns me that if my father does not
use the power of the state to capture
this outlaw Appleweight , the results
will be disastrous. He says my fa
ther must act immediately. He de
manded his address , and , and I gave
It to him , " ' *
"But you must remember , Miss ' OB-
borne , that the attorney general prob
ably knows the intricacies of thii
case. He must have every reason foi
upholding your father ; in fact , it's hi ;
sworn duty to advise him in such mat
ters as this. ' *
"There's another side to that , Mr
Griswold , " and the girl's color deep
ened ; but she smiled and went on. H
was quite evident that she was ani
mated now by some purpose , and thai
she was resolved to avail herself ol
Griswold's proffered aid.
"This whole matter must be kepi
as quiet as possible. I can appeal tc
no one here without the risk of news
paper publicity which "would do mj
father very great injury. But if it is
not altogether too great a favor , Mr
Griswold , may I ask that you remair
here until tonight until my fathei
returns ? His secretary has been il ]
and is away from town. The other
clerks I sent away on purpose this
morning. Father had left his office
keys at home , and came in to see il
I could find the papers in the Apple-
weight case. They are there , and on
the top of the packet is a requisition
on the governor of North Carolina for
Appleweight's return. "
"Signed ? "
"Signed. I'm sure he had only de
ferred acting in the case until his re
turn , and he should have been baci
to-day. "
"But of course he will be back ; it
is inconceivable that he should ijjnore ,
must less evade , a duty as plain as
this the governor of a state it is
preposterous ! His business in At
lanta accounts for his absence. Gov.
Osborne undoubtedly knows what he
is about. "
"My father is not in Atlanta , Mr.
Griswold. He is not at the Peach Tree
club , and has not been. I have not
the slightest idea where my father
is ! "
The echoing whistle of the depart
ing Virginia express reached them
faintly as they stood facing each oth
er before the open window in the gov
ernor's reception room.
The Jug and Mr. Ardmore.
Mr. Thomas Ardmore of New York
and Ardsley , having seen his friend
Griswold depart , sought a book-shop
where , as in many other book-shops
throughout the United States , he kept
a standing order for any works touch
ing piracy , a subject , which , as al
ready hinted , had long afforded him
infinite diversion. He had several
hours to wait for his train to New
Orleans , and he was delighted to find
that the bookseller , whom he had
known only by correspondence , had
just procured for him , through the
dispersion of a Georgia planter's val
uable library , that exceedingly rare
narrative , "The Golden Galleons of the
Caribbean , " by Domingeuz y Pascual
a beautifully bound copy of the orig
inal Madrid edition.
With this volume under his arm
Ardmore returned to the hotel where
be was lodged and completed his ar
rangements for leaving. It should be
known that Mr. Thomas Ardmore
was a person of democratic tastes and
habits. In his New York house were
Lwo servants whose sole business it
was to keep himself and his wardrobe
presentable ; yet he preferred to travel
When he had finished packing his
trunk he went down to the dinner he
aad ordered to be in readiness at a
certain hour , at a certain table , care-
: ully chosen beforehand ; for Ardmore
was very exacting in such matters
md had an eye to the comforts of
ife , as he understood them.
As he crossed the hotel lobby on his
, vay to the restaurant he was accosted
jy a reporter for the Atlanta Palla-
lium , who began to question him
ouching various Ardmores who were
iust then filling rather more than
neir usual amount of space in the
lewspapers. Ardmore's family , with
.he single exception of his sister ,
Mrs. Atchison , bored him immensely.
Iisjtwo brothers and another sister ,
he duchess of Ballywinkle , kept the
amily name in display type a great
leal of the time , * and their perform-
inces had practically driven Thomas
Lrdmore from New York. The re-
Dorter was a well-mannered youth
md Ardmore shook his hand encour-
igingly. He was rather curious to
ee what new incident in the family
listory was to be the subject of in-
[ uisition , and the reporter immediate-
y set his mind at rest.
"Pardon me , Mr. Ardmore , but is It
rue that your sister , the duchess of
Jallywinkle , has separated from the
uke ? "
Ardmore hesitated and turned hie
ead cautiously.
The Esthetic Cat.
We do not wish to underestimate
tie fine qualities of affection , courage
nd sagacity , which are the dog's ,
ut neither do we like to see the wlde-
pread lack of appreciation for the
at's many admirable traits. Patience ,
ndurance , good judgment , self-con-
: ol , self-reliance , high spirits and in-
ustry many or all of these are pos-
essed by the average cat.
Under favorable conditions she will
Iso develop a strength of affectiom
ot devoid of demonstration that is
qua ! to the dog's.
The most esthetic souls of all time *
ave cherished the cat. Baudelaire ,
on Scheffel , Poe , De Musset , Henry
ving , and a host of other lovers of
ie beautiful come to mind in this
Dnnection. The silky feline , of pad-
ed footfall and mysterious wander-
igs , has ever appealed to the imagl-
ation , just as she has ever appealed
> the sense of domestic comfort.
Hypnotism fn Medicine.
Hypnotism.has ieen recognized by
i -medical profession since the U >
eoth centrrry.
Increase of Sanatoria and Hospital :
for Consumptives Is Most
The growth of tae crusade agalnsl
tuberculosis in the United States is
shown to good advantage in the twc
directories that have been issued bj
the National Association for the Studj
and Prevention of Tuberculosis and
the one in preparation. The first tu
beculosis directory published in 1904
by the tuberculosis committee of the
New York Charity Organization Socle
ty and the National Association listed
133 sanatoria and hospitals for con
sumptives in the United States , for
some of which preliminary provision
only has bean made. The combined
capacity of these institutions was
only 8,000 beds. Thirty-two special
dispensaries and thirty-nine anti-tu
berculosis organizations summed up
practically all of the fighting force
enumerated in the first directory.
The second .directory was prepared by
the National Association for the Study
and Prevention of Tuberculosis and
published under the auspices of the
Russell Sage Foundation in August ,
1908. This directory listed 240 sana
toria and hospitals , an increase of
107 from the former directory ; 158
dispensaries , an increase of 12G ; and
195 associations , an increase of 156.
The number of hospital beds listed
in 1908 was 14,014.
The new directory that will be is
sued soon , will list over 400 sanatoria
and hospitals with a bed capacity of
nearly 25,000 ; more than 300 special
tuberculosis dispensaries ; and fully
450 anti-tuberculosis associations and
committees. Since the first directory
was issued in 1904 , the increase in
the number of agencies fighting con
sumption aggregates nearly 500 per
The National Association for the
Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis
would like to get in touch with all
agencies engaged in the fight against
tuberculosis , in order that they may
be listed in the new directory.
The Test of Time.
Benjamin Hapgood Burt and U. S.
Epperson of Kansas City were motor
ing in Long Island the other day and
stopped at Evan's hotel in Douglaston.
They ordered large quantities of raw
oysters , some of which were thrown
aside by the oyster opener.
"How do you determine when an oy
ster Is bad ? " asked Mr. Epperson.
"You wait a short time and if you
have ptomaine poisoning the oysters
were bad , " said Mr. Burt. "If you are
not ill they were good. That's the
only safe way to tell good oysters
'rom bad ones. "
An Effort to Oblige.
"Mr. Lobrow does his best to be
agreeable , " said the sympathetic
young woman. "It's too bad that lie
has so little tact. "
"I understand that Miss Coddleyap
refuses to speak to him. He sent her
a box of candy and she fed it all to
her pet terrier. So he tried to be still
more kind and thoughtful and sent
lier a box of dog biscuit. "
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
DASTORIA , a safe and sure remedy for
tnfants and children , and see that it
Bears the
in Use For Over SO Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
The Preface of Trade.
"I had a curious experience yester-
lay , " said Farmer Corntossel. "
"What was it ? "
"A stranger came along and told me
L funny story and jdidn't try to sell
ae anything. "
What Murine Eye Remedy Does to
he Eyes is to Refresh , Cleanse ,
Strengthen and Stimulate Healthful
Circulation , Promoting Normal Condi-
ions * Try Murine in your Eyes.
The Regular Fare.
"What makes you think that young
lan will be a success in society ? "
"The fact that he has such an ex-
raordinary appetite for tea and sal-
ds. "
Sore throat leads to Tonsilitis , Quinsy
nd Di hiiieria. Ilamlins Wizard Oil
sed as a gargle upon the first symptoms
f a sore throat will invariably prevent
II three of these dread diseases.
Can You Blame Him ?
"Pa , what does 'skeptical' mean ? "
"That describes a man's feelings
rhen a woman tells her age. "
Strong Winds and Sand Storms
luse granulation of the eyelids. PETTTFS
! YE SALVE soothes and quickly relieve ? .
.11 druggists or Howard Bro3.BuffaloX.Y. ,
There is no help for a man who is
oo lazy to work his friends.
Terrible Kidney Trouble Cured AfUr
Doctors Gave Up Hope.
Mrs. F. M. Hill , 188 W. 10th St ,
Waterloo , Iowa , says : "It makes me
shudder to think of my awful suffer
ing. I was languid and weak and ner-
er free from dull
pain hi my back.
My hands puffed and
my feet became so-
swollen I could not
wear my shoes. The
Lidney secretions
fere painful and
froquert in passage.
I gradually grew
weaker until the doctors gave up hope.
It was then I began with Doan's Kid
ney Pills and soon improved. Con
tinued use cured me. "
Remember the name Boan's.
For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Foster-Milburn Co. , Bnffald , N. Y.
There are lots of people who are
afraid to sit down at a table with 13 ,
but a hungry boy isn't cne of them.
Vegetable Compound
De Forest , "Wis.
"After an opera
tion four years ago
I had pains down
ward in both sidesj
backache , and a
weakness. The doc
tor wanted me to
have another opera
tion. ItookLydiaE-
Pinkham's vegeta
ble Compound and
I am entirely cured
of my troubles. " - l >
est , "Wisconsin.
Another Operation Avoided.
New Orleans , La. "For years I suf
fered from severe female troubles.
Finally I was confined to my bed and
the doctor said an operation was neces-
s.Try. I gave Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound a trial first , and
was saved from an operation. * * Mrs.
LILY PJEYKOUX , 1111 Kerlerec St. , ! New
Orleans , La.
Thirty years of unparalleled succesa
confirms the power of Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetaole Compound to cure
female diseases. The great volume ol
unsolicited testimony constantly pour
ing in proves conclusively that Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ia
a remarkable remedy for those dis
tressing feminine ills from which so
many women suffer.
If you Tvant special advice about
your case \vriteto Mrs. Pinkham ,
at ! Lynn , Mass. Her advice is
free , and always helpful ,
Vanishes Forever
' Prompt Relief Pemanent Cure
fail. Purely veget
able act turely CARTERS
but gently on
the liver. 1TTLE
Stop aftfiT 1VER
dinner PILLS.
cure indi
gestion ; Improve trio complexion brighter
the eyes. Small Pill , Saall Dose , S * fl Priwj
Genuine muubeax Signature
* * ;
> f continuous success. Printed matter sent
n plain envelope upon request. All coir
espondence strictly confidential.
Jor. Twenty-Fifth and Cass St. , OMAHA , JTEB.
Marseilles Corn Shelters
Ire the best for you to buy. 3Iade in all size * .
Ask your local Dealer or
stone or jjravel , black loam soil ,
Bellow clay sub-soil. I55perac-e. " Give fall descrip *
Many women suffer needlessly from girlhood to woman
hood and from motherhood to old age with backache ,
dizziness or headache. She becomes broken-down , sleep
less , nervous , irritable and feels tired from morning to
night. When pains and aches rack the womanly system at
frequent intervals , csk your neighbor about
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
This Prescription has , for over WO years , been
cnrin delicate , wesfc , painwrackcd women ,
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the privacy of their homes without their hav'
In& to submit to Indelicate questionings 2nd
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